The A-Z Of Creating Believable Fictional Characters | Barry McDonald | Skillshare

The A-Z Of Creating Believable Fictional Characters

Barry McDonald, Always here to help.

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About This Class

Want To Know How To Create Characters That Are So Real That You Can Almost Reach Out And Touch Their Hand?

Inside my course you’ll discover…

- A little-known way to take an established character and instantly run with it.

- Revealed: How a simple question on “----“ will reveal a world of ideas you can use to not only build your character but use it against them in your story-line!

- What a popular podcast trio do to create their characters in a flash

- Why there's so much more to choosing a name than you think – and how to create your character using just their name!

- How jargon can make a big difference to your character – and how much you should use.

- No more guesswork! You’ll get instant access to my best ways to show growth and transformation in your character.

And so much more.

Your characters deserve to be better, not just for you but also your readers. Take that first step today with the "A-Z of Creating Fictional Characters."

I'll see you inside...

- You’ll also find out how to quickly recognize and avoid bad character creation!





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Barry McDonald

Always here to help.

Guardian of four kids, a wife, two dogs and a goldfish, Barry spends most of days stuck in front of his laptop, either writing fiction or creating content for you lovely peop....sorry...gotta another idea that would make a great video for you...

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