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The A Blues Scale Across the Fret-Board

teacher avatar Rey More, Beginner to Pro Guitar Lessons

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Intro to the A Blues Scale

    • 2. A Blues Scale Across Fretboard (Modes) 1a

    • 3. A blues Scale Modes United 1b

    • 4. A Blues Scale 3 Octaves + 1c

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About This Class

This new class reviews the A Blues Scale across the fret-board starting on a different note of the scale each tome(mode form). Buy the Complete Book of Blues Scales for Guitar at this link

Meet Your Teacher

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Rey More

Beginner to Pro Guitar Lessons


Hello, I'm Rey More (aka Remo Moretto). I'm a professional musician ( song writer, guitarist and singer)

I have been teaching guitar for more than 35 years and am an RGT registered guitar Tutor ( RGT is the registry of guitar tutors at the London Collage of Music UK).

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1. Intro to the A Blues Scale: and hello, everybody. It's Rehm Or And I am Argenti Reddit, guitar student here to present to you my new class, the a blue scale across the fretboard. So in full forms, we're gonna break up the scale and move for him in degrees if you want to call it that way . But even motives, the correct workers won't means degree. OK, so we just take it up in more for breaking a Donald across the fretboard, and that will be putting it together, building from one more to the other and finally will be doing a three octave plus scale with the A bruise. I am our GT registered guitar tutor. I have been teaching for more than 30 years. I've been played also for 30 years. I'm home based in Toronto. Oh, and for those of you for who were watching this for the first time, if you click on the link below that takes it to this class here, you'll have received 23 months of premium membership of skill share. Afterwards, you'll have to start paying, but it's basically about $16 a month when you can follow any class any premium class, not just my classes, but any improvement class on skin on skill share, it's all you have to do is click on the link to fall in my class, and you can follow in the other class. Other other guitar, these There's other things to do there from not just with music, but any category you're looking for is on skill share. What's fundamental. You're not just gonna be following my class, but this one class we could fall. Any of my other blue scale classes or any of my other classes have a beginning to pro guitar class starting from zero to pro level. Okay, that's already started the second part of that class there, I'll be adding more lessons on the second part. For those who want to start from the beginning, I learned how to read music. It's all of this is based on learning how to read music. Also, you'll have things like with scale here with the blue scale. You also have the tab form. I'll be giving you the music and the tabs that you can download from myself from my page on skill share, and you can be able to follow the that you can be able to follow what I'm teaching on the video. That's about it. Just click the link with down below, go directly to my page and sign up afterwards. You have two months to decide if you want to continue or not. It's not. It's not obligatory to continue, but if you do, you have to start paying Okay, so we'll see you right away in the next video. If you sign up, of course, on the skill share take way. 2. A Blues Scale Across Fretboard (Modes) 1a: Okay, here we go. We're gonna start off right away. So we're doing the a blue scale. The formula for the A blue scale is taking in from the major from the aim is going to be taking the first, the flat, third, the fourth, the flat, fifth, the fifth and the flat seventh off the scale. So first note would be a flat 30 c. The fourth is Dean flat. With this even glance way have the fifth of me. Okay? And then G natural is the flat seventh. Okay, so one flat. 34 flat. 55 flat set. With this form of here, we're gonna be going all across the fretboard addition. We're gonna be 1/5 position of the guitars. Let me My first finger will be on the fifth. Fret. OK, Fifth position means that that's where your first finger is. So all the other figures and consequence are covering for friends. So the second finger is gonna be on the sixth Fret. Okay. The third finger on the seventh threat and the fourth thing around the eighth fret. So that's what I mean. If you download in the project section the music, you'll have the music and the tabs indicate everything for you. So we'll start off right away. Six straight, fifth position. We have one form. Then on the 5th 3123 On the fourth string 13 on the third string. 134 On the second string 14 and then one of the first. Then we'll go backwards for one on the second four. Free one on the 3rd 31 on the fourth. Okay, 321 on the fifth and 41 on the sixth straight. So I'm gonna play that for you. Way, way. Move to the next position, which is C So I'm gonna slide up to the APIs is with our first finger. I want to go one free form on the six string. Then we're gonna move back one position on the fifth string. OK, so we're going back to seven. Positioning go Run for 14 on the fourth straight. 123 on the third string to four is gonna be on the second string and two on the first. Okay, then we go backwards for two on the 2nd 3 to 1 on the third, full one on the fourth for one of the fifth. Go back to the eighth position of the sex ago. 431 I'll play that for you. Not a lot of people when they get here to the first rate before they want to three. And then they moved back to a 2131 When you're moving around the friend. Well, that's okay. Figuring optional. But if you're gonna stay in one position that I recommend, just do this. The finger I just gave you. OK, our next. Okay, so we have the next one will be D. Okay, we're gonna move up on the six drinks, so we're always using six thing as a base here. Okay, so 66 string And what? 10th position. OK, I'm gonna go 123 on the 63 on the fifth. 134 on the fourth and we're back to the ninth position. 14 on the third. Okay, The second business will go back to test 14 and then one okay. On the first. And we'll back on the second story for one. Okay, then. On the first available back tonight, position for one. Okay. Then we'll go back to the next race. That's 431 We're gonna be back in 10 position. Okay, 31 on the fifth. That was the fourth. This is the 5th 31 and 3 to 1 on the six. So I play that for you. Now, our next one is the same thing. It's just that we're going to be doing starting off with our second finger instead of references. The same. Figure it so stool three on the 613 on the fifth. Then we'll go once before on the fourth. Go back, one fret. So ninth position 14 on the third. Go back. Forward one position 14 on the 2nd 1 to on the for straight will go backwards. Bond for one on the second for one of the third. But we moved to ninth position and then we're back to the camp position for everyone on the fourth string and three. But on the 5th 32 on the six. So I'll play that for you way. Even here, we could be doing the same. Figuring were not, but I'm gonna show you anyway. Just played one time, starting off with the third finger, okay? we're gonna start with our first finger. So we're 12 friends. I'm gonna go. Wanna four, OK. 14123 So, 14 of the 611 of 1 to 3 on the 4th 13 on the third to four is on the second, and then we're back. One, France 11. Threat 12 will have a position. 12 with first, then one. Go back to the 12th position on the second street. 4 to 331 on the 3rd 3 to 1 on the fourth. Okay, for one on the 54 1 on the six. Play that for you. The reason why I show you this fingering also because when we put them together will go up for we're gonna be connected. So it's always better with your first finger, and we'll do that with the rest of. But you have to know both fingers. But once you've learned the 1st 1 starting off with a D. It's the same thing with the E just starting for the third. So those three scale three moles are in the same position. Now the e can also be played in first position. But what We're using open strings also, so I'll just play running over sooner. 03 0301 to 02134 And that zero The first straight. Okay, so I just read the number, the figures for you. But I write Read also that these things for you. So six straight 03 15 03 Forcing 012 Third string. Zero to second straight. 134 and then zero on the 1st 431 on the second. Okay, to zero. It's going to be the third straight to 10 on the fourth. Okay, 30 on the fifth at 30 on the six. I'll play that for you. Our last one is starting off with the G in third position on the six tricks that would have won three on the 63134 on the fifth straight. OK, we have 14 on the thirsty, but we've moved to second position. Okay, 14 on the third straight. And then 234 on the second string and to also on the first train. Okay, so then we'll go backwards. 432 on the 2nd 1 on the third for one on the fourth and 431 win in the third position on the fifth. At that 31 on the sixth. I'll play that for you. That's it. We'll move to the next class next video next in the next video. So this is all one class, but the street fits will be three videos for this is the first. What would be putting them together, moving from one to the other, Okay. 3. A blues Scale Modes United 1b: thing. - Welcome back to the next video. This was the A bruise more across the board. Okay, so we're putting all the single forms together in this video. Okay, so let's start off right away. We're gonna be in the sixth position on the sixth strength work, putting together what we just did in the previous video. We went from one to the other, displayed it for you. Now we're gonna I'm gonna break it down for you. So 14 on the sixth straight. Okay. Sick fifth position. OK, so Fred came 14123 on the fifth straight, 13 on the 4th 1 on the third. Slide to the seventh position on the third with a plate, of course to 3 to 4 on the second string and two of the first for two on the second. Strength 321 is going to be on the third string. Full. One is on the fourth string, for one is on the fifth. String them. Where to go to eighth position for 31 on the sixth. So they moved up. One fret to finish on the six. Write. Then we're gonna slide to the 10th position One with the first plate. Of course. Once in 313 on the 5th 134 on the fourth. Moved back one position 14 on the third. So we moved tonight. Okay, Now we're back to that 14 off the e second string and the one on the first. And we're gonna at two. And then go back. One full, one of the second for one on the third. But moving into ninth position now would have moved back to 10. Position for 31 Okay, four straight. 31 on the fifth straight and 32 on the States were to stop off. What do we're gonna start with? Three They want on the fifth and slide 12 position. Okay. With your first finger played, of course, For 123 on before. Straight 13 off the third. String to four on the second straight. Now on the first ring, a little back. One fret. One and two. Okay, so I'm the 11th position. Have wanted to other first rate and one and go slide backwards one. So we're moved to tax again. Okay. For one of the second for one on the third, but we moved to ninth position. Now we're gonna back that position for 31 They have 31 on the fifth. At 3 to 1 on the 6th 23 again. 13 Okay, on the 5th 134 on the 4th 14 on the third. But we moved to ninth position. Back to 10th position. Wander on the second string four and then one on the first. Now we're going to slide to the A position. Wanna with your first finger? 31 on the second. That too. One slight. Back one to the seven. Position with your first finger on the third straight, one for one on the fourth. Okay. Before one other fifth. Now we're back to a position of the sixth and go 431 And they were to slide to fifth position on your first boat. Crews, sort of course. 14123 On the 5th 13 on the 4th 134 on the 3rd 14 on the second and one on the first. Okay, so now we're gonna move. Slide from the from the fifth. Fret to the third. Go back. One. Okay. Now we have 3 to 2. So three on the second straight to of the second slide back. One more friend of second with tool. And for 1/3 for one of the fourth. Moved back to the third position for 31 of the fifth free run of the six, and then open the string of over 100. Different position three. So zero freezer green on the 5th 01 is going to be all the fourth. Okay, 01 So moved to second position on the 3rd 4 Now, here you do. 2231 or 41231 So, whatever you like. Okay. So 14 to slide forward to 31 Then we'll go back on this scale, your three to slide back to one. France for 141431 We moved back to third position on the fifth string and 31 of the six. I'll just show you that again. So right or my first slide? Whatever you preferred with Black into fifth position on 4123 Other 5th 13 Other 4th 134 on the 3rd 1 floor on the 2nd 1 on the first, them back for one for 31 33 1 on the 43 21 on the 5th 1 off the 60. We'll play one more time for you. - That's it. We put them together. The next video, we're putting them into a three octave plus. So we're going with the whole scale. Three office forward backwards And just that little bit in the back. Also all it wants give okay. 4. A Blues Scale 3 Octaves + 1c: - Okay , Now he's played it for you. We're gonna put them all together in the three off the scale as reactive plasters. Well, 43 office and then back with that little beast that we have in the back, Remember? Even here, it's like regular melon moles you could stop off in any of those positions. Play one of the goals that you've already learned. This is just putting them together all in one scale, just to give you the exercise to move around on the fretboard. So 63 fifth position for his figure. One on this slide to the eighth position. 134 that we have one on the fifth string. Okay? And we're decide. Okay, so way move back. Seven. Position with a slide to the 10 with the first finger. Three. Okay, then. One on the four string slide to the 12. 123 Okay, then we're gonna have Okay. 123 together. Have one. On the third string slide to the fourth youth. 14 So third straight to sue. Three. So 2 to 1 more frat forward there. So we went to 50. Position my first rings on the 50 right three, then one. Now I'm sliding to the 17th. You don't have to. You just put your finger there. But I'm doing that because we can add the mold there. Right? So 11 never go back to the 51 three to to back one frat. So on the second straight, 3 to 2. Back one France. So they were in fourth with 13 position. Sorry. It's my 14th position. OK, for one. Back to the 12 friend on the first ring. 3 to 1 on the fourth, into the 10th position on the four straight. Okay, silly sliding backwards. 31 on the fifth string and you're sliding to the south position. They 41 Position before 31 of the six and go back to the fifth position one. You have 4123 on the 5th 3 on a 4134 On the 3rd 14 on the 2nd 1 on the fifth. Position one one. We have three to slide back. One to second position. Okay. Before one. So second position. Zero open in the first position. Free to 10 on the fourth day. This brings 306 drink is 30 again. 301 of a free on the 5th 012 on the 4th 0 Well, your hand into second position 14 on the third straight. That, too, on the second string. So you're still in second position? Slide forward to the surfaces with 22231 And that slide in the fifth position for one for 31 332141 Just with that first morning. Okay, I just showed that little piece of first. Same thing that I did over here, right? It says that missing strings of the back to go further back to finish the scale. I just played off one more time. We've completed the eight moves scale. I am giving you specifications with a certain finger re. If you find a work around it and you want to try a different fingering try. That's the whole thing about the idea about doing these scales give you the specific needs to start doing it. Then you experiment and find other movements that you could do one other strings Instead, I like using the lead with the first fingerling instead of sliding with my fourth I really don't like sliding forward with my fourth likes language for with my first. Um, so you'll see me do that a lot, huh? But like I said, you could work on it by yourself and see if you can find other figuring for yourself. That's what That's the whole thing about playing guitarist. Finding a comfortable situation for yourself when you're playing, obviously taking consideration that you're using four fingers all the time. Okay, I don't like using stretches. I'm very off. I do when I need them but really need them. But I don't like scales with stretches. I prefer moving my hand anyway. You take your time when you study these things and we'll see you on the next blue scale or another class that I will be put a publishing. Remember, I also have the beginning broke guitar lesson. So take a look at those also for those who wanted there, not also reuse it. If you don't read museum, just using the tabs with these lessons here, I can start a beginner for us just to learn how to read the notes while you're playing specific things, and you'll learn some simple tools. Also play like a globally, will you? Things would be a second beginning guitar lessons to But anyway, we'll see how the next last Take care. Have a great week, Day, whatever it is for you.