The 90 Day Plan to Achieve Your Business Goals | Pauline Bright | Skillshare

The 90 Day Plan to Achieve Your Business Goals

Pauline Bright, Business Coach and Mentor for Creators

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7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction to class

    • 2. Video 2 Why a 90 Day Plan

    • 3. Getting started

    • 4. Choosing a Theme

    • 5. Keeping it simple

    • 6. Using the 90 Day Plan template

    • 7. Final thoughts and tips

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About This Class

Get the important things done in your business in the next 90 Days.

The 90 Day Plan is a great productivity tool for new business owners as well as established business owners.

This class is made for people who would like to get more focused and organised to achieve their goals in a specific time, with the minimum of procrastination.

You'll decide on a Theme for the next 12 months then break that down into specific goals and action items to work on steadily over 90 days without getting off-track or into overwhelm. 

The class will help you recognize the difference between goals and strategies and help you identify 3 key goals that will help your business take a leap forward. 






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Pauline Bright

Business Coach and Mentor for Creators

Hello, I'm Pauline.

The thread running through my life and work is Creativity. I started out as a graphic designer, working in advertising and quickly discovered that I wanted to be my own boss so I started on my journey of entrepreneurship.

I've had 11 businesses in various forms; as a freelance designer I loved working in advertising agencies, designing projects for magazines, art paper manufacturers and printers. Many of my designs have appeared in Australian-based internatio...

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