The 7 steps to create a professional Website by using WordPress | Andra Botean | Skillshare

The 7 steps to create a professional Website by using WordPress

Andra Botean

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7 Videos (37m)
    • Hosting: free, paid, shared, dedicated, VPS

    • Wordpress Dashboard Walkthrough

    • Navigational Elements

    • WP-themes: free vs. paid

    • Widget areas

    • Plugins

    • Writing a new post


About This Class


  • You will learn the basic steps on how to create a Website
  • You will understand how WordPress works
  • You will learn how to write your first post


  • Motivation for working on your first website
  • No coding required
  • Suitable for beginners

  Target Group:

  • Future Bloggers
  • People who want to be visible online, to have their own Website


WordPress is one of the easiest modalities on how to create a professional website with no coding knowledge. This course will show you the basic steps so that you can just set up a Website using WordPress according to your imagination and needs. Discover the main tools of WordPress and learn to play with them, until you are content with the result you see.


In this course you will learn about...

  • Hosting: free, paid, shared, dedicated, VPS
  • WordPress Dashboard Walkthrough
  • Navigational Elements
  • Wordpress Themes
  • Widget Areas
  • Plugins
  • How to create your first post


In less than an hour you will learn how to set your first Website online.

Ready for your first online platform? Then subscribe for this course and let`s start...






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My name is Andra Botean and I am a work and organizational psychologist. I offer coaching, consulting and trainings and in my work I like to be close to people`s needs and wishes. For this reason I follow in my interviews with people from the health sector to find out as much as possible about their current situation and problems they are confronted with at workplace. I like to be surrounded by people and to stay in touch with them.

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