The 7 most important On Page SEO Ranking Factors For 2020 | Emerson Tarley Ierardi | Skillshare

The 7 most important On Page SEO Ranking Factors For 2020

Emerson Tarley Ierardi, Your next door SEO expert

The 7 most important On Page SEO Ranking Factors For 2020

Emerson Tarley Ierardi, Your next door SEO expert

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7 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction to On-Page SEO

    • 2. Lesson 1 - Article Formatting 101

    • 3. Lesson 2 - H1, H2, H3 Titles

    • 4. Lesson 3 - Image Optimization

    • 5. Lesson 4 - Internal & External Link

    • 6. Lesson 5 - Meta Title & Meta Description

    • 7. Lesson 6 - Permalink

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About This Class

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This class was created to help every website owners to optimize the pages of their site.

Inside the training, you will learn how to correctly format an article, how to change the Meta Title and the Meta Description, how to create a Silo structure and much more.

To attend the class you don't need any SEO knowledge because I'll teach you everything you need to know in a simple and easy to understand way.

Meet Your Teacher

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Emerson Tarley Ierardi

Your next door SEO expert



my name is Emerson and in the past two years I have been working non-stop in the SEO industry learning and witnessing all the changes that happened, now I want to share everything that I know with everybody who wants to learn about SEO.

That's why all my classes are designed for beginners but also an experienced webmaster may learn something new and interesting from them.

If you have any questions or need help with something feel free to send me a message and I'll try to reply to you as soon as I can, if instead, you want to work directly with me send me an email explaining your problem and if  we are a good fit I'll gladly work with you.

[email protected]


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1. Introduction to On-Page SEO: Hi, guys. My name is Emerson and I want to welcome you inside this class on on page X. You so first of all, let's see what this on page issue. So on Page Isha is the process off optimizing the pages off your website with the gold off getting iron Google ranking. So basically, every time you are modifying page on your website with the goal off get the ire Google rankings and also more organic traffic. We're basically doing on Page a CEO. Now let's see which are the main on page elements. So which are the elements on your page that the most influence your Google rankings? Now we have a Chuan a true and H free title Perma link images, external link, internal ink for marking meta title and meta description. Now, don't worry if maybe you don't know how to optimize some off those elements. Or maybe you don't even know what some of those elements are because in the next lesson, I will show you exactly how to optimize each one off these elements, and I will also show you some tips and tricks to get faster and better. Google rankings Now, before going to the next lesson. Please check out my other courses. In fact, I ever courses on keyword research on on page A CEO and on technical issue. And if you want to work with me on your website, feel free to send me an email toe. Emerson that year are the at Gmail that come. And if you are a good feet and I can help you, I will gladly do so. So for this first lesson for this first introductory lesson is everything. See you in the next one where we will start toe optimize the homepage elements off our website. 2. Lesson 1 - Article Formatting 101: Hi guys. Seems this is the first, less some off the course. I decided to create these overview so you can see everything that is necessary to have our correctly formatted and optimized article. So first before the article should be around 1200 between 1,202,000 words. Now, if you want to know more about how toe understand how long your article should be and how to analyze your competition, give a look at my lesson on keyword research because there I go more in depth or how to analyze your competition and how toe create your strategy, then your software. One title, one H one title and between four and eight to some beddings. Eight. True now don't worry, because there is another life, son inside the course where a go much deeper in how to use H one n a. True also about images you have to have between free and 12 images. And there is unless in when I show you how to optimize your images, then you have to have between one and free relevant internal link and between one and free relevant external link. Also for internal and external telling. There is really in that lesson when I also sure we do some little tips that will definitely help you with your rankings. And then you have to wear one table of contents in one bullet. Least now, in this lesson, I will show you how to create a table of contents and a bullet least the for your article. Okay, so these part off the process is them Now, first of four. Let's go on our website For the table of content, we will need to download our plug ins so simply go here on plug ins and other new. Okay, so the plug in is called the easy table off content. And it's this one. You have to install it and then activate. Okay, Now, once the plug in is activated, we have to go on sightings, table of contents. And here we can modify deciding. So, for example, we can enable the table of contents for posts and pages. I also would like toa at the outgoing certain posters. So every posted will publish. We'll have the table of contents. You can choose the position before the first sighting. The first riding after the first sighting. I will say before is good. Then you can choose Went to show the table of contents for So for example, if there are true or more adding the table of content will appear. OK, then we can choose how toe name the table of contents and you can also choose if the user can toggle the visibility. Okay, now here you can just the appearance. You can change the color so it matches the team off your off, your website and the advance a sighting. You you don't need toe change anything. They are okay so we can click. Save changes. Now let's go on one off our poster. Compare, for example, this one about the freelancer. As you can see inside these polls, there are one true and free a true title. And there are 68 free title. Okay, so they all will appear inside our table of condoms. Now, if you scroll down, you can see here You also have order other settings for the table of contents. For example, you can decide to disable the table of counter for the specific poster on you cash, or you can choose which adding you want to show inside the post. Okay, Now let me also are the bullet least okay, a number, at least in this case. So for example, we can say my fray. Avery, The city are okay. Cities. Okay, then what we simply have to do is click here. We can choose on bullet, at least or number. At least in this case, I will choose number. At least then I will say for the imposed Angelus, New York and wrong. Okay, so now our post is both a table of contents in a number released. Now, let me click on update. Let me show you how the page appears. Now you can see once I open the page, there is my table of contents just before the first. Adding, as you can see now, I cannot. I can click on each one off those headings, toe navigate to them, for example. I want to know why we get here and here we have. And as you can see, we also have a number, at least. Okay. So for these lessons on article for month in 11 is everything. Not the We learn how to create a table of content and a bullet At least And in the next video are we go matching that on each one off those topic. Okay, so see you in the next lesson. 3. Lesson 2 - H1, H2, H3 Titles: Hi, guys. Welcome to these new lesson today we're gonna talk about each one a true and H free title. Okay, this is a really simple topic, but it's something that you must know perfectly how to use because it can make or break the results off your website. So first of all, let's start with the H one title. So if you're using war press, OK, these is where you will put your H one title. Okay, Disease, the, um the space where we have to put your h one title. What does it means? It means that when you're when you're typing here in the in the article space, never at the another h one. Okay, because these we will we get in, we get Google in confusion. Google will no longer know what is most relevant to your page. If these first each one or the second h h one. Okay, so if you're using war press never had a niche one inside this part off the article because you already done it here. Ok, so this is the first thing now about eight shoe tighter H title are really important because they basically divide your article okay, and make it more easy to read the for the user. Since Google give really important toe H two title where, while crawling your page inside the age True title. You should put some ls I okay? L s I Latin semantic indexing. Those are we can call the secondary key worth relevant to the main one. Okay, So for example, we far if our main key work is get clients as a freelancer inside our inside our HQ title, we should put secondary key were relevant to the main one. Okay, so in this case, I put it, find the best client for the freelancer business. Okay, so something similar. Now, if you want to know more about hell, Asai and how to find them without any difficulty, please check out my lesson on keyword research. Okay? My class on cable research, because there I go much deeper on how to find the l s. I Okay, So, disease, the H two on other things never put the things like, for example, conclusion or the conclusion, or in the end, as a true title. Okay, Never do that because you are simply losing space. Because the Google as I told you always read the your H two title to understand better the topic off your article. So if one off the H two title is in conclusion, you know you are you're simply losing space and you're losing on opportunity to give Google more information about your Iraq tickle. Okay about your website. So never used those words. Now what about the H free title? As you can see here, H free title You don't need toe put the l A sigh inside your H one title. It's not mandatory. Usually I like to use h free tighter for Aziz in this case, you know, toe divided the to create like subleased. Okay, As you can see here we have our at least all off the things that you could go toe get more clients. So this is something good to do. Or, for example, if I If I'm doing an article like the five Best Razor under $100 for example, while I'm writing the article inside the article, I will write the the model off the razor is an H free. For example, I say disease the top the best five rather under 100 is the title off my, uh, off my article. Then, for example, I may have a niche true title called The Best Raza tested by our expert team. Okay, so disease on each troop. Okay, So, for example, this is the title of my article. This is the age to title inside my article. Okay. And under these while I'm, you know, describing and reviewing the best razor. I mean, for example, this is Ah, Razor, the Felix want you free. Phillips want you free for baby disease? The name off razor. I will put these as on h free. Okay. And then here I will write the you know, the review off the Phillips. Okay, So disease are pretty easy. Article structure. OK. And so this is how you use a true h it. Sorry. Each one. A shoe and h free inside your article. So remember, each one is the title of your article, so you have to put it here and never are than h one in the poster section. Then you have a true those are really important because they divide your article. They make it easier for the reader toe, you know, to really toe understand it. But they also give information to Google about the topic off your article and off your website. OK, so use them carefully and always put the inside them. Ls Iook latin semantic indexing and then Indian. We have eight free, which are really useful. For example, in a review post toe Ah, write the name off the product or a Z. You can see in this case to create, you know, to create least give more structure to your post. Okay, So for these lessons about H one a true and H free is everything and see you in the next one. 4. Lesson 3 - Image Optimization: Hi guys. Work on toe These new lesson on how toe optimize the images on your website. So this lesson is ah really important. Because once you start running your website, you start posting new block post. You will not. Is that basically you need the At least I will say free images for every block post that he published, so is really important to know how to optimize them to get the best results. So first of all, let me show you a useful against that you may want to download because it will optimized automatically all the images on your website and the plugging is called short peaks of images. Okay, so this is the name. Basically, you have to download it simply searching his name on the you know, the Blufgan marketplace. Then once you have downloaded and east al it, you simply have toe activate it and, uh, it will automatically optimize all the images that are on the website at the moment. And then every time you are a new images, hey will optimize it automatically. Okay, so this is really important because these will make your page faster to load, OK, and even faster page will decrease the bounce, Traitor! And these will help you with the ranking. Okay, Now let me show you what you have to do. Toe a new Imagine when you uploaded to your website. So first of all, we go there on media at the new and now let's do it. So, first of all, we have to select the images. So for them poor, we choose these one. Okay. Really important. First. Awful. Before uploading the images, be sure to change the name off the file. Okay, So for example, these images about building so I may change the name off the image toe, I mean building. Okay, so my image name is relevant. Then I upload it my website and I have to edit it. So the title, the name off the fine, dizzying building is okay, then we have twat on alternative text that this is really, really important because Google read is that data. So usually people write our keyword are relevant keywords. You could you call right here is our alternative text both analysis I or your main keywords . Okay. You you can choose. So is automatic text Putin Ellis, I or the main keywords and then add a caption you may find You may say, Come on, it's not useful to add a caption. Well, they have done some studies, and they've seen that the caption is Read that 300 times more offense than the actual text around the images. Okay, so people usually read the caption more than the text before and after the images. Okay, so, for example, is a caption we could say, Um um link true relevant websites and get the ah, are you, um, ranking and more traffic, for example, This is the caption off our images. Here we have the alternative tax. The description is you can also leave it empty and then we can update our image. Okay, so now we have a perfectly optimized images uploaded to a website because we have a relevant file name. We have an alternative text which is start getting analysts. I in the monkey were, and we also have a relevant caption. So if people want toe know more about these images, they have all the useful information. Now, the last thing that we have to do is simply toe out these images toe un existing poster. Okay, So, for example, let's take these boster. Now, if I I want to add my images here, I simply have to These, then are the media. We select the images that we are previously optimized. And here we have our images inside the post. Now we can choose the position we can make it bigger if I can give you a tip. Always put your images, um, center it or on the right in this way. Okay, because putting images, um, in this way break the reader flow. OK, they've seen that people obviously people read from left to right. So is more not Toronto have the text on the left and then on the right and images relevant to the text. Okay, So if you have to choose a layout usually disease the one that is performing better tax on the left, images on the right. Or maybe if you want, you can see people. The the image in the center. Okay, so this is how you optimize the UN images, get the best results. As we said before, remember, put the right relevant file name, then Arden LSC analysis I or the main key work toe the alternative text and then at a relevant caption. Okay. And don't forget to download the play Ginza to, um the forget. Download the plug ins short peaks of images toe recites all your images and load your page faster. Okay, so for these lesson about image, optimization is everything. See you in the next one. 5. Lesson 4 - Internal & External Link: Hi, guys. Welcome to this new lesson Today we're gonna talk about Internet an external link. So this is something really important because, as you probably know, links are really strong seniors in the ice off Google related toe ranking. So today I'll show you how to do internally and externally. So let's start with intermodal link, also called inbound Link basically is when you're linking from one off your pages toe another pages inside your website. So let me give you are really fast example. Let's say we have these articles and we want to link toe another page inside our website. We simply wto underline the uncle taxed. Okay, The uncle text is basically the words that will be the portal to the link. We will say Okay, so simple. We underlying the war. Then we click here, insert link, we click on link option and then here we can see all the pages inside our website. So, for example, I want to leak to my home page. Okay, I see, like known patient. Then I click juggling. Now, As you can see, we have just created an internal ing. So why this is really important Because using internal link. You can create silos. Now let me show you what I mean. So, for example, disease are silo. So let's say that we write an article on diet for woman. As you can see, this is a body or had a key work because it's there are only three words. So this key were probably as I competition and also high volume what we could do to increase the our ranking is created. Relevant article. As you can see, we create another article diet for woman over 50 died for pregnant woman that for woman in menopause, bodybuilding light for warmer. And then inside those articles, we link back to our main article diet for woman. Okay, As you can see, each one of those super article linked back to the main article and from the main article, we link back toe those articles. Okay, So in this way, we allow the Jewish to flow in all those articles and these will increase. Sorry. And these will increase Not only Okay, sorry. And these will increase not only the ranking off your main article, but also the ranking off the support one. Okay, So internal linking is really useful to create these type of structure. And let me give you also another tips. Let's say, for example, that we write it on article on is we say before died for woman, okay? And our article rancor on the second page. Okay, Frank, on second page. Now, if you want to get a little bump in the ranking, what we could say is, for example, find another article inside our block. Our blogged, for example. Diet tips for woman. Okay, so this is another article inside the hour website. Possibly This article should also have some traffic. Okay, Some organic traffic. And then what we do is from these leaked from these article we link back, we link back to these one, died for woman, okay? And is uncle text we used diet for woman. Okay, is the anchor text Okay, so basically, inside these article die tips for woman, we create a link, and the uncle text saw the worst that we're gonna use. As you know, access to the page will be our focus. Keyword. Okay, this is a little tips to get a little bumpy ranking. So maybe if you're on the second page and you know you want to get on the first page and you are not able to get the links from other pages. You can try these little tips. Okay, so this is everything for Internet link. Now let's talk about external link. So external ing are really useful because they increased the the authority off your website when you use them to link toe order authoritative website, for example. If you want. If I create, if I underline clients and then I link back toe w w Wikipedia dot com disease are really authoritative website. And so also our our main website. We get some off the authority. Okay. So usually you could you could use free Internal Inc and free external link maximum in each one off your article. Okay. There is, to be honest, the reason to limit to the internal link. But more link you put inside the article, the less powerful they began. Ok, now, another little tips I want to give you about the external link is that sometimes maybe you write the an article and then you want to put on affiliate link. Okay, so you want to link to one affiliate offer and if you create a normal ink like this one, you will also give some of your Jewish We could say your power also toe that affiliate offers and it is not necessary. So you want to use the no follow option. Okay, so you create an external link with no follow option. And so you won't transfer your Jewish toe that page. Let me show you how you can do it. So let's say that we created these links to Wiki baby. Okay? And we don't want to give our our Jewish our power Wikipedia. So what we can do is go there on Textor. Okay? We seem left to find the our link in this case charities. Okay, clients, As you can see, then what we have to do is simply if I put these things well equals, no follow, okay? And it it now these linker will be a no for rolling, and it won't transfer Jewess toe that page. Okay, so for these lesson about internal and external link is everything. Now you know how to use link properly and how to boost your ranking pretty easily. Ah, so for these lessons, everything. See you in the next one 6. Lesson 5 - Meta Title & Meta Description: Hi, guys. Welcome toe these new lesson where we're gonna learn how to optimize the meta title and the meta description off your website. So first of four, let's see what is our meta title and what is a meta description? Basically, when you type something war, for example here I type to get clients as a full answer. You can see this is the Serb. Okay, the search in enjoying result page and here you can see disease the first results. So this one is the meta title. OK, why these one is the meta description. So those are really important because they both give information toe Google about what is, um, about the topic off our paid Plus, they also give the same information toe the reader. Okay, so the user and so it's really important to create a good made a title and a good meta description so we can increase our click toe through rate. And as you probably know, more people click on our results. The more it get, it goes higher on the syrup. Okay, because Google say this is probably a good website. People are clicking it, people are visiting. So let's put it our year. Okay, so I mean, a good, uh, made a title and a good meta description is really important. Now I'll show you how to create those for your website. So first of all, we have to download the Blufgan, okay. And these will make everything easier. So we go on plug ins at the new, and the plug in that we're going to use is really famous. And it's called, um, Yost s CEO. Okay, so this is this one. We simply have to install it. Okay. And then activate. Okay, so we are plugging. Is this tallit and activated? Now, let's simply goto our poster. Okay? Let's think the this poster, and as you can see at the end off the page, we have the option to modify our snippet. Okay, So we can create a meta title, which is this one? We cannot make a description. We can also change this lug. Okay, In this case, as a slug, we could use our Perma link, OK? And this is really important because I want to show you this. For example, in this case, as you can see these results, the meta title okay, is the same as the title on the page. Okay, so meta title entitle are the same. Why, for example, here these other website, As you can see, the meta title is how to be out to become a dog cat or other pets. Okay, whine, If you click, you will see that the title off the page is choosing a pet. Okay. And also the Perma link is choosing a pet. Okay, So s standing. Just you will have the option to have a a title and a different meta title. Okay? And this is really important, because usually my rule is ah, my focus. Key work. Okay, I usually put my focus keyword or my pair mulling. Okay, So for example, we have get client as a freelance. Okay, so this is disease in my, um, Mikey were OK. Now, once I put it the key work in the Perma link, I also put the same key war or in the meta title or in the title. OK, on the one I don't want to over optimize. Okay, So for example, get client is a freelancer. I've put it the the key work in my title. Okay, So disease, the actual title that people will see once they land on the page. So are we use on L s I, which is similar Keywords are related key work. It might meta title. For example, I will say, Ah, how to land. New Jobson is uh ah newbie freelancer. Okay, As you can see now, my meta title is these How to land your jobs is a new before lancer and the efficacy it's related toe How to get client is a freelancer. Get client is a freelancer. Okay, So as you can see I in my meta title, I used something similar to my focus keep. And also, in my meta description, I could say discover how you can get the one new Brian's every day. As uh huh. You will be freelancer. We have no reviews. X be experience, for example, Knowledge. Okay. For example, this could be my meta description. Okay. How clean your drops is. A newbie for lines discover are you can get when your clients every day is a new freelancer with no previous experience and knowledge. Okay, I think that disease are I made the title and description. They get good city air. You know because the reader is like, Oh, yes, I'm a freelancer. I want to get any clients. OK, so as you can see, we can use the meta title in the meta description, not only toe, you know, toe put more keywords and to give more seniors toe Google. But we can also use it toe increase the city area. No way we can create a bit off our Clickbait titles, you know, to get more click for from the user. Okay, so for these lesson about meta title and meta description is everything Aziz, you can see it's something pretty straightforward. You simply have to download the plug ins you Estacio Then you would be ableto modifying your meta title meta description. Ah, remember, toe put your focus key war only in the in the Perma link and in the meta title or in the title off Kind on other optimized your article right, A compelling meta description toe get click. You know, toe to make the reader Coolio's toe know more about your article and the basically that's it. Okay, so for this lesson a metal vitamin A description is everything. See you in the next one 7. Lesson 6 - Permalink: Hi, guys. So in this lesson, we're gonna see how to optimize the permanent link. So first of all, what is Perma link? Basically, a Perma link is, um all the information that are written after the u R l So let me show you in this example . We have the euro, As you can see is this one. And it tends at dot com. While the Perma link is everything the series after usually when you start your first website, if you go there on settings and then Permal Inca, you will see that you will have the setting on plane. Okay? And this isn't really good to optimize our family and get the best results. We have to choose the option post name. Okay, so once we do post name, we can do save changes. And now, if we go back to ah, our poster as we have seen before. Okay, Now the Perma link is different And why this is important, because we we'll use our Perma link toe. Tell Google exactly which is the key word that we're trying to target. For example, in this case, we are we're targeting the keyword get clients as a freelancer. Okay, so our permitting in our family, we will simply put our You were okay. And now, as you can see, we have our u r l Okay. The route You are well, and then the permitting is our focus. Keyword. Okay, So, disease, how you optimize your Perma link? I like to use these, uh, this far matter and then put the article inside the categories. OK, so it's really everything is in order. And also, Google can crawl our website easily. Okay? I like toe only use the focus, keyword or the Perma link, and then I add the category year. Okay, so my permitting is really clean. Okay, so for these lesson about Perma link is everything. As you can see, it was pretty easy. So see you in the next one.