The 7 Habits Simplified So You Can Get Started And Get Motivated To Take Action!

Billy Wigley, Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT), MOS Excel Expert

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5 Videos (11m)
    • Be Proactive And Begin With The End In Mind

    • Prioritize, Think Win-Win!

    • Listen, Synergize And Keep On Learning!

    • Keep Your Dream Alive

    • BONUS - You Can't Ever Just Give Up!


About This Class



Have you ever heard of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey? You may have, and like me, you wanted to learn more about them so you went to a bookstore. You looked at the book and thought, "That's a really long book! I'm never going to get through it!"

You know they are important habits, and you want to learn them but what's the easiest way to start?

Get started with this class! I started learning them by buying a calendar that broke the book down into daily bite-sized explanations. Then I started applying them. After a while the 7 Habits become part of who you are. Then you share them with everybody you know.

In this class I make it super easy to get started learning the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The moment you start applying the 7 Habits you will begin a positive transformation in your life.

Your life is your project, get started once you complete this class. Remember, you have me to keep encouraging you.


Don't Get Mad...Get Skills!






Billy Wigley

Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT), MOS Excel Expert

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Billy Wigley is a Microsoft Office Expert in Excel. He actively travels throughout the USA, and other countries leading public seminars teaching Excel skills. In just five years, he has personally trained more than 45,000 professionals in over 100 cities. Wigley also consults with emergent business owners on their plans and projects to ensure success. With over 25 years of leadership experience, and from having resided in various cities worldwide, Wigley is w...

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