The 7 Basics of a Beautiful Business Learned with 7 Painful Failures as an Entrepreneur Online!

Jerry Banfield, Gaming, Music, and Teaching!

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17 Videos (1h 17m)
    • Enroll in the 7 basics of a beautiful business online Jan 26 2017

    • Number 1 Focus on giving first

    • Number 2 Daily growth adds up fast

    • Number 3 Avoid tricks and gimmicks

    • Number 4 Forget the competition

    • Number 5 Failure will take you to the next level

    • Number 6 Be transparent and only work with others that show you the inside free

    • Number 7 Have fun and love what you do

    • How am I applying these 7 basics today a month later

    • 1 month review of principle 1 giving first

    • 1 month review of principle 2 daily growth

    • 1 month review of principle 3 avoiding tricks

    • 1 month review of prinicple 4 forgetting the competition

    • 1 month review of principle 5 failure to the next level

    • 1 month review of principle 6 be transparent

    • 1 month review of principle 7 love what I do

    • Would you help me teach this class by sharing your experience in a class project


About This Class

Watch this video class to learn the 7 ways I have discovered through painful failures as an entrepreneur online to build a beautiful business AND to see how I am doing one month after I made the class at actually applying what I teach to my business!  Here are the principles!

  1. Focus on giving first.
  2. A little growth daily adds up to a lot.
  3. Avoid gimmicks: simple business consistent value.
  4. Forget competition: achieve daily goals.
  5. Failure is a step to the next level!
  6. Be transparent.
  7. Have fun loving what you do!

After I review the principles, one month later I then added new videos showing how I am doing applying these in my business today.  I hope to continue adding new reviews to make this class even better for you to show how I apply these principles over time to continue making a great business!

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Very cool idea ! love Jerry's style. i'm really enjoy & appreciate what you do. Honest, fun, and insightful. i've learned a lot from you. thank you for awesome work!
Confession! I endorse and support 100%
Great and wonderful insights into how to do your business. I really appreciate that Jerry is sharing all this knowledge.
Marian Heddesheimer

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Jerry Banfield

Gaming, Music, and Teaching!

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