The 7 Basics of a Beautiful Business Learned with 7 Painful Failures as an Entrepreneur Online! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

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The 7 Basics of a Beautiful Business Learned with 7 Painful Failures as an Entrepreneur Online!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Enroll in the 7 basics of a beautiful business online Jan 26 2017

    • 2. Number 1 Focus on giving first

    • 3. Number 2 Daily growth adds up fast

    • 4. Number 3 Avoid tricks and gimmicks

    • 5. Number 4 Forget the competition

    • 6. Number 5 Failure will take you to the next level

    • 7. Number 6 Be transparent and only work with others that show you the inside free

    • 8. Number 7 Have fun and love what you do

    • 9. How am I applying these 7 basics today a month later

    • 10. 1 month review of principle 1 giving first

    • 11. 1 month review of principle 2 daily growth

    • 12. 1 month review of principle 3 avoiding tricks

    • 13. 1 month review of prinicple 4 forgetting the competition

    • 14. 1 month review of principle 5 failure to the next level

    • 15. 1 month review of principle 6 be transparent

    • 16. 1 month review of principle 7 love what I do

    • 17. Would you help me teach this class by sharing your experience in a class project

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About This Class

Watch this video class to learn the 7 ways I have discovered through painful failures as an entrepreneur online to build a beautiful business AND to see how I am doing one month after I made the class at actually applying what I teach to my business!  Here are the principles!

  1. Focus on giving first.
  2. A little growth daily adds up to a lot.
  3. Avoid gimmicks: simple business consistent value.
  4. Forget competition: achieve daily goals.
  5. Failure is a step to the next level!
  6. Be transparent.
  7. Have fun loving what you do!

After I review the principles, one month later I then added new videos showing how I am doing applying these in my business today.  I hope to continue adding new reviews to make this class even better for you to show how I apply these principles over time to continue making a great business!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in the 7 basics of a beautiful business online Jan 26 2017: Welcome to the seven basics of building a beautiful business online here with me. Jerry Banfield. I'm grateful to have a self sustaining business today that allows me to essentially play around in my bedroom doing stuff like presenting a power point here on skill share with you today. I've learned most of these things, not by doing it right, but by doing it wrong. I've done my business wrong in five years, almost every single way you can do it. I've got seven principles I think you'll love in this course that will help you to do your business online, right? To do it successfully, to do it in a way that self sustaining so you you can just keep doing it as long as you want to. I'm very grateful that opportunity today and what I'm going to give you is an update. So I originally recorded this course about a month ago. The 1st 7 lectures or so of it showing you these principles and what I'm going to do after that is update you A month later. I'm actually applying these things in my business because it doesn't matter if I can talk a good game it matters if I'm doing what I say, I'm doing so after showing you the principles, I'll show you. Ah, month later. How I'm doing, I'll give you updated progress reports on that. So, would you enroll in this class today? If you want to have, Ah, beautiful business online that allows you to do the work you love every day. 2. Number 1 Focus on giving first: the number one key toe. Having a beautiful business online is to focus on what you're giving first. That means that's what I'm doing right here. I'm focusing on giving you something. That is what I hope, extremely useful. I'm focused on giving you something that I hope will help you. That's what I'm focused on. Is the giving what am I doing? I'm standing here teaching this on Facebook and YouTube live. I'm recording it for skill share. I'm giving you the best experience in the shortest amount of time that I can think of that might help you. Now, this is a direct opposite off focusing on how much I will make now most of the 1st 3 years of my business online. And I'm lucky I even have a business after as much as I focused on How much will I make? My focus? All the time for the 1st 3 years of my business was how much money will I make? How much respect will I get? How goodwill my business look And when you focus completely on what you get, you often don't give hardly anything. What I do today is I focus relentlessly on the giving, and I trust that what I give I will receive when I help and make a big difference in your life in your business, you will find a way to pay me. You won't find a way to make sure that you keep me here to help you. And if I'm not being helpful anymore, then you'll go somewhere else. So this helps me a lot. Focus on the power of giving first. If you're trying to make classes for skill, Sheriff, you're trying to make music, focus on the music. You're making focus on the classes you're making. If you're trying to be of service to clients, focus on the service to the client instead of focusing on How much is that client going to pay me? How much money am I going to make off this? You do need to make money, but that's a secondary concern. The giving is primary. So I appreciate you getting started with this with me. And I'm excited to share the next six of these with you. 3. Number 2 Daily growth adds up fast: number two If you want to have a beautiful business online, understand the power of daily growth, adding up fast, this is in direct contrast to an emphasis on scaling. Well, I see and have been obsessed for most of my business with scaling, scaling, scaling. How do I scale my business? How do I go from $10 a month to 100 to 1000 to 1,110,000? How do I scale that? I want a scale, scale, scale, and usually scaling is based on instant gratification. I want to do something today that will instantly scale and be up to the next level tomorrow or the next week, and what often gets lost is the power of daily growth. For example, in investing, you don't need to make huge returns investing to make a lot of money. You need your money to consistently make a little bit more money each year, and it will add up to a lot very quickly. This is the power of compounding. What I'm going to do is show you an example of this using the calculator right now, so you might think that a little bit of growth isn't a big deal. So when I started my business, I had a very hard time even making $100 in my business. And then I didn't want to make 200. I wanted to go straight to 1000 and as soon as I had made 1000 and one month, I wanted to go to 10,000. And as soon as I made 10,000 month, I wanted to get up to 25,000 and up to 100,000. And I've had months where I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. Now where I've earned 80 $90,000 in one month and you know what I've learned. Stop scaling. Stop going after that huge growth and start doing consistent growth. For example, my business in the last few months has made about five. Let's call it $5000 profit as slightly more than that. Let's call it $5000 in profit. Now you might think, Well, you want to aim for $10,000 on my paid $10,000 a month. See how fast again it that well, that actually doesn't work Very good, because often what I need to do to hit $10,000 a month is go to 6000. 24001st. So what I've been tempted to do and messed my business up a lot is tried to jump straight from 5 to 10 without taking the steps in between. And that often involves taking and doing things that end up later, causing problems like, for example, all the things I did to get my you. To me. Sales up to 80 90 1001 102 100,000 month. Those things ended up bringing the whole system crashing down and what you don't want to do in your businesses, bring the whole system down. Now, while if you're making music AARP production, you're doing theater opera than yes, you might want to bring the house down then. But for your business, you don't want to bring the house down. How do I know? I've brought the house down a bunch of times? I've had some amazing things set up and brought the house down repeatedly. So let's look at a simple example of how daily growth matters. So what? I try and do all my businesses add a little bit of value every day to make some slight improvements every day. So for simplicity, let's call this a 1% improvement or growth in my business on a daily basis. For example, I believe doing this tutorial videos worth about $1000 for my business, based on the data I've had before over the last several years. So I try and do one of these every day, even though I don't get the $1000 right away. Over time, it snowballs. And the more these I have, the more it snowballs. So check this out. You might not think. Well, Jerry, Sure, I'll make my can. I'll ask you a simple question. If you have a business, can you make it 1% better every day? Can you add 1% to it? Just fix or improve a little bit on your business every single day? You might say, Well, that stinks is going to take forever to get to a good income. So let me show you what it looks like for me to make a 1% improvement on my business every day. So let's look at that in my profit, so I'll go $5000 we're gonna multiply by one point. 01 That's a 1% addition to my business. So when I multiply that, that's 5000 and $50. So the point is today, can I do some work that will give me a 1% business improvement? So you might think, OK, that's not worth very much. So I'll do that the next day and it's up to, Ah, $100. It's up to $5100. Do that for a week at 12345 and now I've made a noticeable improvement to my business in just a week. I've almost improved it close to 10% so let's do that for another week. 1234567 In two weeks. I've now got my business up on a 10% improvement, and every day I just try and make a little 1% improvement. So let's go two more weeks. 123456789 10 11 12 13 14. Now look how much faster this is getting bigger and this is called the power of compounding , consistently adding value and improving your business or whatever you want to do in life. 1% each day adds massive value over the long term, gigantic value over the long term. This is 28 days of 1% per day improvement, and that's an additional $1500 a month. And that's about what my December profit is. After making 5000 for several months in a row, I focused on this month to make some consistent 1% improvements to my existing business. And now I've got around $6000 in profit this month and then. So let's look at this over another 30 days. The reason I suggest this is because looking at going from 5000 to 10,000 month from 500 to 1000 a month from 10,000 to 20,000 these seem like big goals. But if you look at it, make a 1% improvement to your business every day, that doesn't seem like much, does it? You could change a couple of pages on your website, throw up another video course or something, and there that's a 1% improvement to your existing business. So let's look at this over another. Let's put 30 days on this 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15. And let's just count 15 again. 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 There, and in two months, the growth is up to $8900 a month in profit, again, with a really simple daily objective to just keep compounding on the 1%. See what happens when you make a 1% improvement one day and you make a 1% improvement on that 1% improvement from the day before. And you keep doing that over and over. It adds up fast. So this way, in just two months, you don't. I don't have to take any big step in my business. I keep making little improvements, and the numbers add up ridiculously fast. And then I don't set any more of these goals. I don't set a goal that I need to get to 10,000 month or 20,000 month. I set a goal toe, improve my business 1% every day, toe make a little adjustment every day to my business. That helps make it better. So let's do 30 more days of this on. I'll just approximate well there. That whole example goes down for you. Approximate so I'll just keep going forward. Look, look how fast One day at a time. The income continues to grow. When you do this, you see these 1% changes keep adding up faster and faster and faster now. And before you know what's happened, your income has went from 5000 month or for me. This is what I expect in my business. My income doesn't have to. I don't have to set big income goals. I keep making a 1% improvement to my business every day. And look how fast the income goes up. This is just one day at a time here, and you see, after doing this for months, the income is approaching and exceeding than $100,000. Ah, month. And that's within a year. And that's just making little 1% improvements to your business. Now the problem is, if you do this a different way and you try and take giant leaps forward, what will happen? You will do a bunch one day, you'll get disappointed and you won't make any improvement in your business for a month. How do I know? I've done it so many times, so many different ways. And I am excited to share even more about this with you to show you some of these other things that when you put all of these things together, you make an amazing business online. And the bigger you make your business, the more a little bit of difference adds up. So see a 1% growth. Ah, 1% improvement. When you're at 100,000 month in a very short time, you're over 200,000 month. So even if you're just starting and you just making your 1st $100 a month, you can do the same thing, and all of these same processes get rolling. Now, of course, the less you've got going, the faster you can make improvements. So if you're making $100 a month, you can probably make something. If you're making $100 a month, I'd have to say you could probably multiply that you could probably make a 5% improvement on your business every day at $100 a month, and within a month or two you should be able to be $1000 or so ah month, making 5% improvements. So I hope this is useful for you. I hope explaining and showing you how fast a little bit of daily growth adds up will give you a simple way to aim for consistent progress and improvement each day rather than aiming for big goals and objectives. 4. Number 3 Avoid tricks and gimmicks: number three. I think this is number three. You up. Number three. Avoid tricks. And I just got face planted yesterday. This is a most recent painful failure I just face planted yesterday in the middle of my live stream doing tricks. And I've learned the hard way by messing my business up with gimmicks and tricks. So many different times. Stop tricking trick in ain't easy. It looks easy, but it's not by tricks, I mean gimmicks. I mean little cheap strategies. Instead of doing tricks, you want to focus on just giving good value every day. Focus on having a simple, consistent business instead of tricking. So I'll give you an example of tricking what I did yesterday. I offered to give my Xbox and PlayStation away on my YouTube channel and my Facebook Livestream and I made this big deal out of it. And then I asked people to go sign up on Patri on. So in the process of doing that, I was kind of trying to do a little gimmick that if you go, I'll give you $10 in Bitcoin. If you agree to sign up on Patron and if you're on patron, then I'll give you my Xbox or by PlayStation. Well, the problem with doing tricks is usually you're not the first person to have thought of that little gimmick. And if you're not the first person to have thought of it, you usually aren't going to get to go through with it very long without getting in trouble . And then if you saw that last example, making little 1% improvements to your business adds upto a lot. The problem is, if you start tricking and gaming and doing a bunch of gimmicks, then what you'll do is these things will run into problems and then your business. Instead of compounding 1% every day, you'll do things like you'll go forward way too fast and then your business will reset to zero or it'll go down like what I did on you to me. I did a bunch of gimmicks and tricks on you to me and it got me toe one of the very top Corson you to me and then what happened? Eventually it removed all my gimmicks and tricks, frustrated and annoyed so many people that they then removed me completely from you to me. If the main thing with your business is you don't want to die, you don't want to go out of business. And that's what happens to most businesses. So I've learned the hard way, and this is the most recent lesson I just learned the hard way. Don't fool around with gimmicks and tricks in your business. Just do good work and keep doing good work. And this is so hard for me because I'm always trying to be tricking. I'm always trying to launch some new gimmick to give me an edge, and this goes straight into the next point. And now I've learned Don't fool around with a bunch of giveaways. I'm doing some premium giveaways once a month on skill share, and that's that's something that the skill share website itself is already doing. So if there's a website you're working on and they're doing something, then I would say that's not a trick. The skill share official. How to teach. They give out gift cards. They do things that then aren't a trick on YouTube. YouTube has rules. Oh, so you might wonder how to have this painful failure. Well, I learned yesterday, thanks to the comments on my livestream. I learned that you can't give away an Xbox or PlayStation as a reward. You can't give away anything on YouTube without taking the time to set up official contest rules and to make all those rules explicitly clear in your channel in your give away. And I didn't take time to do that. So I deleted the video, and I also learned on Patri in. You're not allowed to give things away as a chance reward because Patron then is concerned that their service will be considered a lottery, in which case they would have a bunch of rules they would have to conform to, which would ruin their service. So they don't allow you to offer a reward that that then has a chance or a giveaway component attached to it. So I'm grateful for Scott. Duffy shared yesterday that my giveaway was against the patron terms, and I think Joel shared that I needed to modify my give way to make it fully compliant with the YouTube terms. So the problem is when you introduce tricks, your interest and gimmicks, you're introducing all these things that try and give your business an artificial advantage , which often then produces a bubble. Even if things do well, they grow too fast and go out of control and everything crashes. So I'm grateful that I've learned it. Stop messing around with tricks, gimmicks trick and ain't easy. And if other people get tricks toe work in their business, that's okay. It doesn't mean I have to do it. In my business, I'd prefer to just provide consistent value on a daily basis and not have all the headaches and hassle that comes with all these tricks. So if you want the give boys now I'm on Lee, doing them in skill share premium courses on my skill share account because that's already what skill share does. And I'm grateful for all the learning I've had that's allowed me to really take this point home, stop tricking and just keep doing good work. 5. Number 4 Forget the competition: number four for having a beautiful business online. Forget the competition. I used to sit there and search if I had a page. For example, one of my first pages I had was for buying Facebook likes, and I would sit there and Google buy Facebook likes every day and check where my websites position was versus where everyone else's website position on YouTube. I used to sit there and Google my position on my videos. Where's my Facebook ads? Video. Where's Where's my YouTube video? Where's Where's this hacking video? I used to sit there, and Google and YouTube search and go on, suggested videos and spend time. I used to literally stock my competitors. I usedto stock their keywords. I even followed bad advice from one of the best selling YouTube courses on you. To me, which now is no longer on, you know, me as the instructor either left or got banned, perhaps, is I did the advice in the YouTube course, said Toe. Go grab your competitors keywords, and you could put those on your video to get more suggested views. That advice was actually in violation of the YouTube terms for community guidelines about tag spamming, and that actually ruined the traffic on one of my videos. I did that exact strategy on a video that was already getting lots of views, and I literally shot my own video in the gut and took half of its traffic off as soon as I made that change. When you focus on the competition or whoever you imagine to be the competition, you're wasting your valuable time and energy just like I've done so many times on things that aren't worth your time. It's not worth your time to be stalking and creeping on your competitors. Or if this is a very good thing for dating to don't worry about the competition. You do a good job being good friend. Love someone and you'll find a relationship soon enough, as long as you have some healthy barriers and boundaries for yourself. I am grateful that Aria have learned to do this. Finally, in my business to stop thinking about the competition. I like what Eminem says in his one of his songs, he says. I got to go back and listen to my old records so I can keep up with my competition, and that's how I look at it, what I do, I said, a simple daily goal, and it adds up to massive results. I try and make one podcast today, one skill share class a day and then put one of those videos up somewhere on YouTube and Facebook. So I basically try and make a video each day, and I try and make a podcast episode each day. And that's what I focus on because if I'm taking time to look at your new tube channel, but I'm not there to learn about what you have to teach, I'm there to compare you with me. Then I lose all my happiness that way. You know, if you watched no. A J four for 456 I think his name is on YouTube. I've washed a bunch of his tutorial videos on gaming, and, you know, at one point I was literally I had almost 100,000 subscribers. I was sitting there looking at his channel, and he has 2.5 1,000,000 there something. Last time I checked and I was sitting there feeling like I was No. One and nothing on YouTube, which is completely disrespecting everyone who does watch my videos on YouTube and everywhere else. All the people thank me for the work I do online in looking at the competition. It doesn't bring you any joy. They say comparison is the thief of happiness, and that's true. If you want what someone else has, all you need to do is do what they do, learn about what they do and do what they dio. And today I realize I don't want what other people have. I want to do a good job with what I have. If I want a Lamborghini, all I need to do is do a good job with what I have, and I will get one someday. I don't need to covet someone else's Lamborghini and try and put them down and call them names in order to feel better about me not having one. I enjoy driving the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota RAV four that my wife and I have for our family. I enjoy driving those, and if I'm willing to do the work to get a Lamborghini, I'll get one. If I'm not alright or if I don't want it, which I don't want a Lamborghini now, so I'm not interested in doing the work toe have one either. So the point is, forget about the competition. If you're on skill share and you're looking through courses and you're trying to teach courses, forget about looking at what all these other instructors air doing. Do you do what you're doing and learn? And this way, I don't have any competition. If I'm coming over to watch your courses, I'm trying to learn from what you're doing. I'm not trying to compare and size up. Well, you've got more of this than me, but you have less of that than me. This makes you better than me in this way. But not is good in another way. If I'm here watching your YouTube videos, if I'm watching and reading your book like when I'm reading Tony Robbins book right now, I'm a learning from him. What do you have to teach me if I'm watching your classes? What do you have to teach me? If I'm watching your videos? What do you have to teach me? I don't waste time now on the competition. I instead focus just on doing a good job of what I have. I set simple daily goals each day to help me use what I have effectively 6. Number 5 Failure will take you to the next level: if you want to reach the next level in your business. The Fifth Way to build a beautiful businesses to understand failure is how you reach the next level failure and doing it wrong or the lessons you need to take things to the next level. Why, If you're just doing everything right, you'll go to the next level automatically. If you're stuck it something, there's some kind of failure that needs to be processed and moved through. For example, when I got banned from teaching on you to me in 2016 which I say causes December 29 2016. But you'll probably watched this in 2017 when I got banned from you to me in 2016. That was a massive failure. I lost 95% of my income overnight, and yet that failure freed me up to go to the next level. I now no longer have to depend on you to me. I now Mabel to do things like I think someday my patron page will be a $1,000,000 a month will come in on my patron page. Now that probably is would not have been possible for me on, you know me. And I think my YouTube channel. Someday we'll have a 1,000,000 plus people that are watching every single day on it. And that probably wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't been banned on you. To me, I think, on skill share of 100 plus 4000 followers on skill share someday, based on doing good work today and repeating that over and over again. And what I've learned is that I am able. I've had so many people asked, Jury, how do I get to the next level of my business or jury? You're successful. What did you do? I've taken a lot of steps forward in my business by messing things up. I've messed so many things up. And Anthony Robbins said the same thing in his book, he said, When he talks to people about their idea of success, he says the difference usually between someone you think is successful in an area and someone who's not is that the person you think is successful has failed way more times like Thomas Edison, saying every failure that he had making a light bulb was a good lesson in what not to do, and eventually he was able to make a light bulb because he figured out every way to not make one. That Onley leaves the one way to make one. I've tried so many different things in my business that I've realized that failure is how you take a step to the next level, that if you are unwilling to fail, you're also unwilling to go to the next level. If you're unwilling to make mistakes, look stupid, mess things up, then you're not going to get toe whatever next level you're trying to go to. And at the same time, it's nice to just be comfortable where your ad and go forward sometimes without messing things up. So I'm grateful that I've learned today that if I want to reach the next level, I have to be willing to fail. It's just like with my daughter. She is a year and four months old, and she's walking really well today. Do you know why? Because she's willing to fall down. She's fell down so many times walking. She's fell. She's bumped her head so many times, slipped fell on the floor. Randon of the wall tripped over things. Hundreds of times. Already she learns toe walk because she's willing to fail at walking. If you want to make a great business online, or if you want to do great with dating, I have a lot of people that are, say, while you're so lucky, have a wonderful marriage in this wonderful wife. Do you know, many times I messed up dating hundreds, if not thousands of times. I messed up. I dated online for seven or eight years, mostly on, but occasionally I have a girlfriend and take my profile down. I dated mostly online for eight or so years before I met my wife. It was brutal. I went on almost every kind of bad date you could imagine. And finally you might say it's worked out. Everything passes, so any relationship that will pass eventually. But I'm grateful today, have a wonderful wife and family, and I screwed it up so many times before you might say I got it right. If you look at me and my friends out of all the friends I know I've messed dating up more than probably more than all of my friends combined. If you share stories about dating and the same thing with my business. Most people I've ran into of my business for every two failure stories they have, I have 10. Well, you I did this niche wrong. That didn't work. I've done 20 niches, if not 50 or 100. I fail quickly and move forward, which is nice. So I appreciate you watching this, and I hope you're enjoying this today. 7. Number 6 Be transparent and only work with others that show you the inside free: number six for having a beautiful business online. Be transparent. If I could say the biggest thing I've done right. My business is to be transparent. Being transparent means to show what you're doing. Show everything you're doing. Ah, lot of P entrepreneurs and clients, customers, friends I've worked with. The transparency thing is a single most difficult for them. When I say something like, I want to see what you're doing Show everyone Well, I can't show anyone. They're going to steal my business idea why I can't just do that. Then I won't be able to make any money. The single biggest positive feedback I've got consistently is people say, Jerry, thank you for just being honest. Thank you for just showing me what you're doing. Being transparent means Look, I show you my whole business system. I'm showing you the inside of my business system. There's nothing mysterious. There's nothing hidden. There is no secret you have to get. If you watched the videos on my channel on my YouTube channel, you take the class on my skill share. You wash my Facebook videos, you'll find you'll see inside everything I'm doing. And not only that, you'll see the evolution of my business over the last two years. You can literally learn skills worth hundreds of dollars an hour by just watching and looking through the thousands of videos I've done online in the last two or three years, and I'm grateful that I learned to be transparent from others. I learned the best businesses. The ones I really liked entrusted were transparent. They would show me the inside of what they were doing. The opposite of this may be more easier to realize. Avoid working with anyone that's not transparent. If you won't tell me what you're doing, I don't up front. I don't want to go deeper into your process. So this means, for example, if I land on your squeeze page and it says, Give me your email and I'll show you what you do to do to get what I get. My answer is no, I don't want to give you my email before you show me the inside of what you're doing. I want to see everything you're doing right up front before I make any decision to work with you at all. That's how I work online. And how did that I learned that well, when I started trying to work online and make some money using some out of the box methods , what happened to me? I got into some survey program where they took my money and gave me access to a website full of what appeared to be just useless junk. Ah, Philly. It links. Basically, I got a refund and what did I do? I joined a multi level marketing program selling products, and no one would tell me how much money they were making. I asked the guy to levels above me in the pyramid scheme. I said, How much money are you making? Because, hey, if I'm going to take this seriously, I want to know how much money you're making. I've made $250,000 in profit with my business online this year. I made 70 something 1000 the year before. I made 30 something 1000 year before I lost 30 or 40 plus 1000. In the 1st 2 years of my business online, I'm willing to tell you the income and the expenses. I'll tell you exactly what I spend money on. A swell I literally do an income report every month, showing the inside of my business income and expenses. That's transparency. What isn't Transparency is requiring people to give you more and more before you show them anything valuable. This is a great opportunity today to be transparent, because most people that are working online are not transparent right now, they're afraid to show you what they're doing. They're not comfortable showing you the money they're making. They want to lure you into their system with your email and then with paying for a lower price products. Sign up for a subscription before you get access to the rial information. There are some of these systems you can literally spend hundreds of thousands of dollars before you would be able to actually see the inside of what they were doing, at which point you might realize, Oh my God, I see what they're doing now that they took $100,000 for me. They're just taking other people's money. I say Avoid working with anyone who won't show you what they're doing completely. Avoid working with companies who make things mysterious. This is the Internet of YouTube and Facebook. There's no reason someone can't quickly show you in a video. The inside of what they're doing. You want to know what I'm doing? I'm using Microsoft Power point right here. I got some images off of Can vote with one time use license I through these things together really quickly. I'm recording and live streaming this with wire cast on YouTube and Facebook, and I'm putting it on skill shares a free course which then I have referral links that I can get $10 if I get a premium referral and then whenever you're a premium student, every minute you watch on my skill share starting in 2017 should make me between five and 10 cents per minute that you actually watch. So that's what I'm doing. And I also have YouTube as there in about $1500 a month. I don't make anything off of Facebook. You can see my patriot has. What I love about Patron is the transparency it offers. You can see exactly how much money I'm making on Patron every month, and that's a beautiful thing. So transparency is one of the most powerful things you can introduce into your business today because it's based on trust is based on faith. It took me a lot of faith to show my very best strategies. I started doing transparency after seeing how much I liked it. When other people did it with me. I showed the inside of a system I was using to make lots of money by its selling Facebook likes at a guaranteed rate and then delivering them with Facebook ads. People were paying me hundreds of dollars to do that, and then I was When I showed everyone how I did it, there was a really positive response. But then no one wanted to order that service from me anymore now that they understood how worked. So if you have the choice show, people ought to do something for themselves instead of trying to get them to spend money with you instead. So that's what I try and do. I try and show you how to do things yourself, and then I trust that you will give me the help I need to keep being here with you each day 8. Number 7 Have fun and love what you do: finally, the number seven way to have a beautiful business, have fun and love what you do now. This might sound like one of those Bs motivational things. This, to me is one of the most difficult things I have consistently seen for other people. And I've made this mistake several times in my business. People I clients, customers, friends, all kinds of people if I had to isolate one thing. But they struggle with its having fun and loving what they dio, because the freedom of having your own business allows you to craft and create your own world. And most of us do better with the coloring book or weaken color in between the lines. Most of us aren't even programmed to understand what wonderful fund work sounds like. I'm here. I love doing this. I have massive passion for it. I love giving you tools and strategies that air help for potentially helpful for you. Based on what's been helpful for me now, this is really tricky working online, especially because there's so many things you can dio. It's really easy to get sucked into doing things as a means to an end where all the joy is taken out of it, and all the work turns into doing things as a means to get something. For example, I've seen so many entrepreneurs working online. They're working really hard at something they don't enjoy. They're working really hard to impress people or to get more views. If you look at the you tube, so many things aircraft ID on YouTube to be to just get views. Even the guys at the very top, they're making millions of dollars. You would think while they could just put out whatever they want, right, they're making enough money. A lot of the guys that very top are working really hard to get every view possible. They're all using. What they're doing is a means to an end, essentially to grind and crank out the most money that most viewers and most subscribers to stay number one. Instead of just having fun and loving what you do now, I'll explain to you my most recent painful failure in this regard. You take a look on my YouTube channel and guess what. I was making a bunch of videos about League of legends. In March 2016 I hired a coach who was a former professional player who told me exactly what I needed to do a better player, he said. If you want to be a great league of legends player, you need to play at least three games a day. You need to practice farming for 10 minutes before you play the games, and then you just keep doing that on a daily basis, get help, read guides, get a coach, learn out of play better, and you will become a great league of legends player that way. And you know what I said. I don't want to do 10 minutes of farming beforehand. That's boring. I don't want to play three games that day. That's too much time. And I don't want to play normal games before I play ranked. And guess what? I quit playing league of legends after that, until the video with him went viral. And then I felt like I had to follow up with that. I felt like I had to make more videos. I had to capitalize on this opportunity, and my friends said, and we're telling each other. They said They said Wise Jerry, doing this league of legends thing. He's just trying to get views. He's not even good at the game, and it's not that he couldn't be good at the game. He doesn't enjoy playing it now. The more freedom you have, the more freedom you have to make really big mistakes in this specific method. I've have a friend that I've worked with. I've done some videos with him, Jordan and so many of the times he has gotten himself. He's talked himself into doing these things he doesn't enjoy now. They lots of times have great potential there, great ideas. But the fact is he doesn't have fun actually doing them. And the amazing awareness I've seen develop in Jordan recently is he's conscious now off. Rather, he actually wants to do that. He realizes there's all kinds of things he can do to make money online. There's all kinds of ways he could. Growing scale is business, but which one does he actually enjoy doing? What activity does he really want to have fun and enjoy contributing to every day? And I've just had a glorious time messing this up with League of legends. I did so Maney videos and I didn't enjoy making somebody else videos. I only enjoyed the games mostly when I won, and I hated losing a hated doing things wrong. And my wife kept saying, Why do you keep playing League of Legends? You said you were going to stop playing it. You don't look like you have fun playing league of legends And what are you doing? You're playing more league of Legends and I finally got it. I said, Wow, I'm doing something. That's not fun. Why do I keep doing that? So I'm grateful today I've failed and mess things up so much that I hope I have a message to share here that useful today. If you're watching this on skill share, I'm very grateful you're here. And I appreciate your time and I hope to continue learning and teaching with you on skill share because I have fun. I love making these courses and you can tell 9. How am I applying these 7 basics today a month later: thank you very much for watching. Now you've seen the 1st 7 steps and the question you might have this point. OK, Gerry, how are you applying these in your own business today? It's a month later. Since you filmed this, it's a month later. Since you've talked about it, show me what you've done with the steps in your business. To me, that's the most powerful statement of teaching. It's not about anyone can tell you anyone can tell you all kinds of different things. But how many people will show you? Show you what it looks like? So it's time for me. This is really helpful for me to to stay accountable, because this helps me compare with what I'm teaching, what I'm sharing versus what I'm actually doing. So I think you'll love this section of the course where I go back through and look at how I'm applying each of these seven things in my business today. 10. 1 month review of principle 1 giving first: here we go in order. So number one is focused on giving first. So what have I done in the months since I've made this one of my doing today in my business , to practice these principles that I'm sharing here with you. So let's go take a look at that. So let me tab over to Chrome. Let me show you what I'm doing today to practice what I've told you about it. I'm going to put a little u R l on here as well, in case you want to see the girl yourself. So since I made this presentation, I've made the best free offer I've ever made before. So since I made this presentation, I have set up a page on my website with the U R l that you can see and look what I'm doing on it. I'm giving free coupons away not only to all of my own courses, but giving away coupons. I've collaborated with other instructors to give coupons of ways. Well, now look at this page. I have premium links. If you already have a skill share premium, would you please just use the premium links? Because it doesn't cost you anything extra doing role in the course anyway. And as I explain on here, I actually get 5 to 10 cents a minute that you watch on the class. If your premium member, unless you use a free link. So what I've got here, I've got coupons toe all my courses up. So if you're not a skill share premium member, you have the ability to enroll. Any person in the world just needs to sign up with skill share, and they can enrol in my class is totally for free. So I've put a free coupon, every single one of my skill share classes up here, all of them. So this allows people whose payment methods won't work with skill share. People have no money to spend. I'm giving all of my course the way you might think. Oh, you You made all these. You work so hard on these year, there's thousands of video on these. How are you just going to give all of these away? Well, I'm very grateful that I've taken seriously what I've told you here. Focus on giving first, which is the best. How much will I make or how much will I give. And I hope that in this offer here, I hope that I'm doing a good job focusing on how much I will give. I hope that I'm doing Ah, good job effectively giving away all of my courses because I want to give the very most I can and giving all of my course away for free. That's the most I can give. What more can I do? I give you all of my courses away. See, the nice thing is, it doesn't cost me anything to give all my course away for free. Unless theoretically premium member just tries to troll me using the free links, then sure, it might cost a little bit. But the point is, I trust the premium members to use the premium links, which will then make me money. But I'm also getting a bunch of people enrolling for free in the classes who are just getting all of the information without having to give me anything. So I'm grateful that to me this is the best I've done on this since in the last month between the time I filmed this and now a month later, this is the best I've done in improving my business. And I'm This is what helped me to become one of the top teachers on you to me is that I did the same thing. I gave away all my courses for free. That difference is at some point I stopped. I realized I was losing about 50% of my potential sales, and I stopped giving away my courses for free. Now I resumed giving them away for free again a year later when all the sales dropped and went down. So I'm learning to consistently focus on giving. So I'm planning on keeping this courses page up indefinitely. Toe always make my courses available completely for free on skill share and to make them for free as much as possible on YouTube. And that I trust when I focus on how much I'm giving what I make will continue to go up. When I focused on what I was giving on you to me, my income went up and up and up. And guess what? When I stopped giving away free coupons just a year later, they banned me from the website. Is that coincidence? I don't know. When I focus on how much I'm giving. I tend to get the most back. So I'm very grateful to have such amazing progress to share on this here alone and now will go through and continue to review the other steps here with you. 11. 1 month review of principle 2 daily growth: number two daily growth adds up fast. How'm I doing with my patients on daily growth versus getting impatient? So with my daily growth adding up fast often I've got impatience in my business, and I've demanded this rapid growth all the time. So how am I doing in my patients with just accepting and being excited about daily growth? So I think one area I'm doing good with this on is on patri on. So my patron initially got this rapid growth as I launched it and put it out there for the first time. And people following me just jumped on board and gave a very enthusiastic response, which I'm very grateful for. So the 1st 2 months it went up like 1000 plus a month. Well, now, this month it's went up about 200 something a month. So I think I'm doing really good realizing that if this goes up a couple 100 every month, if it goes up a little bit every day, that will be an absolute miracle for my business that by the end of 2000 and 17 I should easily be in a position to be doing 10,000 plus a month on Patri in. And meanwhile, I don't need any miracle growth formula is just another person joining the Facebook group on a daily basis. I'll show you the patron like we haven't seen it 1000 times are ready. Another person joining my partner level each month. Another person scheduling a one I'm going call. I don't need a lot of fantastic growth to very quickly get some amazing results. So I'm doing good with my patients a lot of times in my business and scenarios like where the growth slows down. I've got up, I've got impatient. I've got upset. I've done stupid things to try and increase the growth of it. So I'm doing very good on this today and on my skill share now. The one thing you really want to see is how these things combine. So as I told you about the power of doing the daily growth, adding up fast one of the really nice things that happens with that is, if you give generously, it helps push your daily growth a lot more, so you'll notice once I released this free offer. So I put my I started this free page on Thursday the 19th so you can see on Thursday after that the follow up from having this free page and continuing to do some more work on skill share each day's can, quickly adding up to more minutes watched. Not just that, but I'm building mawr and more premium referrals out. I've got 45 premium referrals this month, which is double what I've gotten any other month. So the daily growth combined, especially with this first step, I'm having great patients with this. I realized that right now skill share is not providing a full time income or anything. In fact, last month the payment was like six or 700 so pied comparison. I'm selling like 6 to 10,000 month on my website. So compared to that in considering I'm going all in on skill share, there might be room for impatience. However, I'm focusing on this daily growth. Just get things to consistently grow every day, get that number of active students to go up a little bit or stay consistent each day. You see as soon as I released this free offer, the number of active students has been consistently going up a little bit growing each day than first. There were tons of enrollments and the enrollments are up every single day to so this I'm doing really good on this. I'm doing good, being patient with the daily growth, realizing that I already have the self sustaining business. Everything's going great in it. Just because there were points, I made more money at other points. In my business, I'm actually building things that are better, more sustainable and more consistent than I've ever done before. So I'm very grateful for this. I'm grateful to have a chance to review this today with you. And I'm grateful to report that I'm doing good on this now. I haven't even looked into the other five yet. So maybe one of these I have back slid on. We'll see. 12. 1 month review of principle 3 avoiding tricks: number three avoid tricks. This has been one of the most destructive parts of my business is the tricks I've done the gimmicks, the little things like I did recently trying to do giveaways and manipulate things. And now I'm grateful. Avoiding tricks means to stop trying to manipulate people into doing what I want to just stick with giving genuine value and then avoid trying to trick people with gimmicks or other things that are genuinely designed to manipulate them into doing what I want. So I think I've been doing very good on this this month because I don't think I've introduced any new tricks in the last month over my business. I have consistently done one trick after another, and over the last month I've just stuck with making some videos and trying to help his many people's. I can trying this year as much experience as possible, and I've been avoiding introducing tricks. Now is it a trick to take my audio book that I narrated and render it into a skill share? Of course I mean, it depends on your definition. I wrote that That's my I took the times all these hours to narrate it. Why not render it and put it up on skill share? So it's a fine line between what's a trick and what is an innovation. I think that's an innovation and get my audiobooks available on skill share. I think it be a trick if I tried to do something like circumvent audibles, exclusivity agreement and sell the book on my website. I think it be a trick to try and do a lot of the things like give ways and gimmicks I've done before and I have been doing a couple of giveaways in my skill share classes, and I think that's a good contacts to do a giveaway in because these air people given back to me. And to me, tricks often get done inconsistently. So there's one trick one day there's another trick another day, so I think I'm doing pretty good on this. However, I'm going to make sure to keep this in mind because I have a tendency to try and introduce new tricks all the time. And what sneaky is a trick will come up as a seemingly good idea. The giveaways thing in my mind came up as Oh, this looks like a good idea to give back to people what really was a trick. And to me, one of the big things with a trick versus an innovation, a trick ends up requiring a lot of annoying work. The giveaways ended up producing more work for me than they produced. Good for anyone else. They ended up producing people, someone yelling at me at the end of one of my videos one day that I was a scam artist. You're a scam artist, or you scammed me. You said you'd give me a card, but you didn't give me a card. And then a minute later, they say, 00 I'm sorry. You're it. Actually, it worked. Never mind. I take back what I said. Tricks tend to produce a lot of negative feedback like that. So it seems like I'm getting less negative feedback like that. I did disable my monetization on my YouTube channel since I made this. And that might even count is a trick, because I did it in response to negative feedback. And a lot of people said, No, don't take your ads off. That's one of the only ways I can help you make money and so I might have even doing things . Sometimes it seems like they're nice when it's removing my ability. My business needs money to survive. So you might even say trying to take my YouTube ads off was a PR trick or public relations trick. So maybe in that context, I did execute a trick to try and make myself look better instead of just keeping the ads on and trusting that people know how to work with, um So what? Maybe I did do that trick, and I have room for improvement here. So I will keep a look out and watch for the and ask. Is this a trick or is this a true innovation that will help everyone? So thank you for experiencing this with me. I hope this is useful for you. 13. 1 month review of prinicple 4 forgetting the competition: number four. Forget the competition. Have I been doing on this? Ah, lot of times of my business. I've gotten to a lot of trouble. I've gotten into doing stupid things that I shouldn't have done to try and compete with people. I've wasted a ton of time and energy trying to compete with people, literally doing things like taking another videos, keywords and putting them on my own video, which then destroyed the traffic I was getting on my video. It's a home I doing with forgetting the competition. I think I'm doing really well with this and you'll notice it's tough when yourself appraising. There's always this tendency that comes in that says, I want to do better than other people and I want to do better than myself. So how am I doing with that? Well, I can see that my behaviors. I think I'm doing pretty good with that on skill share, because I've realised that just harmlessly searching. A couple of times I just searched for things like AdWords of Facebook things I've Corson and then as soon as I see my course isn't ranking up of the top, I'd start getting that tendency to compete. Well, one thing I've found that's effective to do it starts searching for Jerry Banfield. I started searching for Jerry Banfield on skill share because that allows me to just see how my own courses are essentially competing against each other. So this allows me now to just kind of look, And I got a look at my own course is to make sure I keep up with the competition, so to speak, S Oh, I like that M and M as aligned. I gotta go back and listen to my old CDs to make sure I keep up with the competition. And that's what I'm doing now is I'm looking at the other course I made in seeing. How are my new courses ranking against my existing courses? Because if I can see that, for example, this course the seven basics of a beautiful business, this course is doing really well relative to why other courses. It's one of the top ranking courses out of my 66 courses. In results here, that is one of my top ranking courses. So what I've started doing is looking at my courses, and when you search for now, sure, the results may come up differently, but theoretically view Search for jury Banfield It should allow me to just essentially compete with myself. So I look around and see how are my course is doing where they ranking relatively. And then instead of getting all obsessed with ranking against other people, I start just looking in, trying to learn. So, looking at some of water, my lowest ranking courses here, the water, some of the courses that when you search for Jerry Banfield, it's just way down on the bottom there, not ranking I now. Sure, some of them are new, but then others off them, you know, it doesn't even necessarily make any sense. So I've been doing good and I've been learning from it so you can learn some of the same things I see. While the courses that are at the top here, these tend to be some with the most students, so I'm starting to learn to that, and I'm practicing. Just search for a stop, even looking. Don't even look around and see one other people's courses are doing, and I looked some at other patron pages to learn and try and learn from their rewards. but I think I did good with not trying to compete. I don't need to be the number one guy in patron today. All I need is toe keep working on improving my business every day and then doing things like this putting this free offer up there. This allows me to do something where there's no competition. This is by far the best free offer I've ever seen by, like, 100 times. So in not even thinking about competing and just focusing, I'm seeing that I have a lot of energy freed up that I don't seemingly get drawn into competing by accident by just looking for my own courses. So I'm really excited about this innovation I've made to stop accidentally competing and just start searching from my own courses. So I don't accidentally get drawn into competing with others. So I'm happy to report I'm doing very good on this. Ah, Month later of staying out of competition 14. 1 month review of principle 5 failure to the next level: number five failure equals the next level. How am I doing on that This month? I am happy to report that I'm willing to keep failing. I'm willing to keep learning one of the painful failures I had more than a month ago. I think before I made this was I submitted my Twitter account for verification. Now I already have my Facebook and YouTube accounts verified for YouTube. You have to have 100,000 subscribers or go to their YouTube in person events and you can get it done there or and on Facebook. I just submitted my page and they verified it. I have two million likes, so I guess that was good enough for them now on Twitter. I submitted my count for verification and they rejected it and they didn't even tell me what I could do better. They didn't suggest any improvements. They just flat out said no. And thankfully, you submit once a month to get verified again. So today I'm willing to fail and get to the next level. I'm willing to mess things up and realize that these air my opportunities for growth let me show you I had a great painful failure with on the dash form. So let me go over and I'll show you the dash form over here. Where is this dash? Central will take a look at that. Let me show you a painful failure. I just experience. So let's look at these budget proposals and we'll scroll down here now. The 1st 1 I made is not even up there. But here's the 2nd 1 I made. So let's look at this. I made a proposal. I asked for 49 dash per month and this proposal got voted down 161? Yes to 346. No, now that's a huge improvement over my previous efforts to get a proposal funded. So that is an But still this was a painful failure and I did one right before this. That was also very painful. I did one asking for much more money and it got almost completely rejected. Something like 50 to 500 or something that it was. It got voted down law. So now and these proposals cost five dash to make, which is something like 60 or $70. So I've spent $140 and I've spent hours of my time to get told no twice. So these were too painful farriers I experienced because I got so excited about them. I was so happy. I'm like, All right, I've made something that's really good. I have a dash master node. So I'm a part of the community. I get to vote. I voted yes. On this. I'm one of the yes votes. So I'm a part of this community as well as an investor. And then it was painful. I got so excited to see all of the potential and all that I could do for the community and then the watch. A bunch of haters come in on my last proposal, and then it was initially going to get voted. Yes, and the haters all came in and it then got voted No, very can completely. And I didn't stop. A week later, I made another proposal, and while this one got voted, no, it didn't get voted No, nearly as bad. So no, I can probably take this and put it in a slightly different for my and then I might have a chance of getting a Yes. So what? I ask is, Am I willing to fail today? Am I willing to mess things up and try and learn something and reach the next level? I think this would be a great point to teach about to show how I'm able to ask for Dash and get essentially. This is like grant money that's being given out by an online currency similar to Bitcoin. So this is a great thing to teach. That's a great thing for me to take a shadow. That's a great thing for me to try and learn and participate in, especially since I'm an investor in this community. This is the kind of thing that got me into being an investor in this community. So I'm very happy to report that over the last month since I made this presentation, I've been willing to fail. You might think I could just play it safe. At this point. I could just sit there and make online courses and not do anything else, not try and learn anything new. Just simply, I've got probably 20 years of things already that I could just sit there and teach. You might think I could just play it safe now not try and not fail anything new and just make new skill. Share class every day. And I'd have enough income at this rate, Thanks to your generosity to probably work the rest of my life, you might think there's no need for me to go through here and fail like this. Well, I'm grateful. I feel it's very important in the business to be willing to fail. So I'm grateful to see that I've been willing to fail. And I'm still willing if l'm going to do another dash proposal soon and see if I get a yes answer on this. So thank you for reviewing this for me. I hope that this is being helpful for you. 15. 1 month review of principle 6 be transparent: Here's my one month review on being transparent, which is principle six. How am I being transparent in my business? And how am I communicating and working with others who are transparent? So, of course, my default response is Well, I'm sure I'm doing really good on that. And how am I doing about avoiding working with anyone that's not transparent? How am I doing about presenting my business honestly and openly and completely to the world , while one area of improvement I see is that I have not went through and done my December 2000 and 16 income report yet, I feel that's a very valuable part of mine transparency, and I have not went through and presented that income report yet. So there's an area of improvement that's an area of being transparent. I haven't taken the time to do yet. At the same time, what I'm doing right now, I feel, is outstanding work on being transparent because after teaching something, I'm coming back reviewing honestly how I'm doing and then presenting that here to you. So I think this exact work I'm doing today is very good work on being transparent. I think that in my explanations of the free courses. I think I've done really good, for example, in my free courses offering in my videos and adds, I presented. I've tried to say as many times as is relevant. Hey, if you sign up for skill share premium, I get paid every minute you watch and I get a $10 referral bonus. So I know that I really appreciate when other people disclose things like that, because it might motivate me to do it so that they will get that bonus or might motivate me to avoid that person. I was signing up for working with a health insurance lady one day with my wife and daughter and she we realized we forgot our daughters information at home, and the lady was just desperate for us to come back. And I wish she would have just said Why? Why is she desperate for us to come back? Is she getting a commission each time she signs us up? If she signs us up for health insurance like if she was just their toe work, why would she care if we went home and finish the process without her online? I realized that if she would have just been explicit and said, Hey, look, I've spent 30 minutes working with you today. Love to help you finish the sign up because I get $100. If you complete this process with me or I get 200 or what? You know, I get 50. If she would have been explicit about the exact money she was making, that might have motivated me to say, You know why you're You're right. I'd like to help you Or I would have been in a position and then just say, while I appreciate you sharing that, I would rather just finish the sign up process online. And I thank you for your time today. And, you know, maybe I would have son psych here. Here's $20 as a thank you for your time, something like that. So I think if all of us are transparent about the money we're making about the relationships we have in our life, I think it promotes a much better life because you get into things that are sleazy, slimy scam. You get in the things because of the lack of transparency. So I think I'm doing really good with presenting a business system out in the open, showing exactly where I make money in that business system. And I think I'm doing good in reviewing that with you right here. Now, however, I see the chance to do even more by making sure I go through and keep doing those income reports each month so that I also in presenting the inside of my business consistently on YouTube. So thank you very much for watching this. I hope this insight into being transparent is helpful for you, and I hope this insight about avoiding working with anyone who's not transparent is helps you to be guided into the right positions in your business. 16. 1 month review of principle 7 love what I do: number seven have fun and love what you do. I think I've been doing really good on this in some ways, and I think in other ways some of my biggest areas of improvement are in this area. So I since I did this I cut playing video games. I noticed that playing video games is one of the parts of my life and on my business, and I was having the least fun doing, and I've replaced that now is something that playing music brings me a lot of fun and energy and joy, and I've just been challenged recently in my music. I realized that there's this little background noise, this little kind of Homa that goes on in my FL studio recordings, and now I have been struggling to figure out how to remove that. So there's an opportunity when you love what you do. This is an excitement. This is a challenge. Okay, I'll figure out how to do this, and then I can help other people with them. Well, when you don't love what you do, this is a drag. This is an annoyance. This is unfair. So in my business, one of the biggest areas of improvement I see is that I'm often I'm pushing, relentless and pushing, pushing, pushing. Let me get more videos out. Let me get things done. Let me just push, push, push as fast as possible and some days I'm wore out and stressed out by the end of the day because I work seven days a week, I don't. I work seven days a week and then some days I work like all day. I barely take it enough time for my family for having some fun with removing video games. I've also removed some of the playtime's some of the fun in my life, so there's a great opportunity for me to learn and consciously make sure I'm playing consciously Make sure I'm dancing around with my daughter and having fun with her consciously be aware that playing music is a good way for me to have fun consciously try and be silly, because with cutting out video games, I've had a lot more time and energy to get into doing more and more of these teaching videos to make my classes on skill share much better to go back and do things like turn this what was originally a free class. Turn it into a premium class, add these new videos to it that aren't available somewhere else. At the same time, it gets tricky to not use. What I do is a means to an end. To not use my teaching is simply a way to pay off my debt and to build a stronger financial future. But to really enjoy everything that I'm doing today in the middle of my business, to really enjoy my life and my opportunities today to just fully love what I do and embrace enjoying and loving what I do and to have excitement, every aspect of my business. So if ill after looking through the seven things I think having fun and loving what I do is one of the biggest opportunities I have for improvement. This is when one of the biggest areas I've been challenged in is to just have fun and level I do, instead of getting into fear and anxiety and stress about what I do. And instead of wondering if I'm good enough every day to just play around these things to submit a dash proposal on its and not not get so frustrated upset, but to just have some fun with it to play around with it, because getting frustrated upset is what happens when you're not having fun when you're not loving. What you do when you are using what you do is a means to get to some other kind of end. Then that takes the fun out. So if I'm just playing around having fun, look, I'm to just throw this dash proposal out, see if they accept it. I'm just going to throw my Twitter verification request. Don't see if they accept it. If they don't, so what? I'll try again. I'm just gonna throw this skill share class out there, see if people like it. If they don't, that's fine. I'll try again. If they dio, that's wonderful is well, so I'm very grateful you've spent this time with me today. I hope this class is helpful for you to continue building a beautiful business online today 17. Would you help me teach this class by sharing your experience in a class project: thank you very much for getting to the end of this class. Would you help me teach this class by sharing what you learned out of it and what you did when you go through and make a class project in here? That is one of the most powerful ways you can assist in teaching the class and making class project is easy. Just take a screenshot off something You did something you learned and to type out a few lines really quick and that then will give you the ability to help teach the class. I know some of the best learning I've done is seeing inside of a class what other people have said about the class and other people have done because often an instructor like me might go on for five or 10 hours about something. And then often a student who will put something in that they learned to ask a question, will help me then to process what I've learned that helped me to apply what I've learned. So would you help me teach this class by making a class project and sharing that with the other students? If you've enjoyed this class, would you please take the time to leave a review. When I learned even one thing in any skill share class I take, I go immediately hit that review button and I write a public review real quick, saying, Look, I've watched this. This is what I learned. I'm grateful this class is up there because it taught me something that was useful for me. Today, when you leave a review that will help other people find this class as you did, it will help other people sort through and see well, which plasterwork taking what is not. So would you. I have learned it's a in having a business and loving what I do. It takes a willingness for me toe ask to ask for the help I need, so I'm asking for the help you need. And whatever you do, I love you the way I'll keep making these videos online. Keep updating my classes. Keep making new skill share classes because I want you to have the best chance to have the life of your dreams today. And I think one of the easiest ways to get into that is transforming your work. Building a business online because Then you get the freedom to craft the rest of your life . My dogs are very happy. You've watched the class also. Or maybe they're just happy. The mailman's arrived. So thank you very much for watching this class. I hope you've enjoyed it. I hope to see you again in another class soon.