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The 6 Golden Rules To Increase Sales In E-Commerce

teacher avatar Daniela Andrea Guasti, The best way to a great day is to learn

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Landing Approach

    • 3. Lighting Speed

    • 4. Seller Vs Boreaucrat

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About This Class

If you could give some advice to improve results in e-commerce, what would it be?

What is the most important thing to achieve success with and online store?

In this class, I will teach you the 6 golden rules to increase your sales in e-commerce and have success with your online store

See you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniela Andrea Guasti

The best way to a great day is to learn


Hello Friends,

My name is Daniela A. Guasti, I have a dregree in turism and I?m from Buenos Aires, Argentine.

I like to learn new things everyday because I think that knowledge is the foundation to have a happy and meaningful life. And so, I also like to spread my knowledge with other people, in order to motivate and help everyone I can.

You can contact me or message me if you have any doubt with my classes. I?ll be glad to help you always.

Have fun learning!


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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to my new class. The six Golden Rules to increase sales in e covers. So if you could get some of guys to progresses, any commerce, what would it be? What is the most important thing to achieve sexes with a non lines tour in this class? I would did you the six Calderwood's to increase your sales incomers and have success with your alling store. Okay. Soto a run in the class. He the blue button below the video on seeing say thank you. 2. The Landing Approach: Okay. Hello and welcome to my class. So let's start with the first rule and that is optimize probe pace with aligning approach. So what is a landing approach? You have to do? Our landing base that is the airbase on. Is that this? Especially in this thing for the user to convert like by or register in your website when lending on it. OK, when also clicking for another location, it's in the mission off the broke Basch is precisely to get commercial. You need to the sun, you're broke paces. I think they were learning patients are not as catalogue tokens. Do not assume that your customer comes to the brogue grossing your word side with previous informations, they will often do so directly for a certain shine or from an advertisement link. Also, do not relay in the user's memory. The information there really cons is what you can see at the point where you come, Bert on not on basis. Okay, sorry or not ambitious. And you always say that you have seen before or we'll see later. Okay. The product patient and should be able to do all the cells work on its own with its own strength. The landing approach also involves obsessively studying the behavior off your users when they visit their website. Do not stop tasting different options until you get a probe patient that really cells. It has been shown that small changes such as changing the position, color or size off the by boat bottom and can have a personal effects on the commercial rate off a product patient. So to strictly stick to a true landing approach, you must also consider the following tips First under no circumstances include unnecessary testimony that take the user off the product page or the shopping cart. Also, if you want to display additional information and you have no choice but to do so, a treaty used a moral window or a drop them that shows that information without taking the user toe, another location or some. Imagine you have a customer in a department store queen to pay. Would it take him out of his tail and take the broke from his hands, Togo and teach him something else. If in the physical world this would be a mistake in the village Tory environment, it is even more so. Remember that any commerce. You will always be a click away from losing a sale. So you have to be very careful. Okay. Okay. So these were self for this video. I'll see you in the next. 3. Lighting Speed: Okay, welcome again to this. Give you so in another rule is to tear fast and communicate as lighting. And this means that M one think on delay in one pace response may mean a 7% reduction in commercials. Despite the broadband connections on the technician. Technological improvements available today I can say that 11 we can say so that 11% off cart abandonment are you two there slowly off the web. So on average, every new pieces only gives you 7 to 10 seconds before deciding if you are in the right place or if you want to live the website Impossible never return again. Have you ever considered how European consumes that time? How much do you have to wait? What is the first thing you see on what is more important? That's your clean? Have trying to see the first in person you want to come be to convey. Never forget that it's not just about getting your worst side loaded fast, but also about common Keeton fast. You probably understand now where the leading e commerce website tend to be clean. I have a minimalist designs. There is a great debate about these, but must suggestion is to give up or the protagonist to the product on dispense to death. All off the super firs if superfluous information. Awesome. Never as for more than one piece of data. And remember that one field a is thousands off less customers experience. Heshan has told me for years that this is same an instant not only to, but may even fall short. So do not ask your client for a single piece off information that is not totally and absolutely necessary. Also, explain your customer. Why you need to know the data you are asking on also. Oh, sorry. A try to intensely focus your communication If it stays off saying fill this form you say, Where do you send your order? Okay, your missus will be interpreted at what you release part off the service as not on, not a another case requests for more that Okay, am use trafficked in a reason. Tools toe fill the desert with people. If you put in the middle of the desert, you have to get a very good reason to people to go and listen to you, okay? And what you have to do And it's the theories off desk to take customers to your story. Okay, in a website, I m so a complete A collection off traffic generating tools have to include this one's OK. The 1st 1 is marketing contain that is to attract your aliens a offering contents of value . Okay, lady, is to get customers to come to you on their own initiative. Instead, off running you be handing draw them with valuable and useful content that is directly related to your activity or niche. If you do it right, your customers will not only come but even share those content with other people. Increasing your reach Fated content marketing is articulated with a repository off content that will normally be a block or several blocks on a strategy off the Foshan interaction in social networks. So about interesting in social networks. Okay, they say that social networks do not sell, but those who Sadie's have not understood anything. Okay about this social networks are not the best where you sell, but this year that since traffic to the site where you sell, so you have to manage your social networks by sharing in the value on always having your sights set on sending traffic to your website. Most companies manage their friends book if it took account. If they were, a watertight compartment didn't end a place where things are done that start in in within the social network taking So you talking with the plane is not the goal of being socialise words, but one of its many benefits. It's good, but it's not the only thing or them or the most important thing. You have to create a community Denham eyes eat and put it out towards your website, the place where you can convert. Okay. Also, you can advertise in social networks, other tasting off Facebook things to the incredible possibilities off documentation that it offers you, he said. Told that you should at least try once trying does not mean doing it wrong. Once I'm blaming the social network for poor results either place at this on error approach or even better, you can relate expert professionals who can help you get good results quickly. Then you have the CEO. You're not really a position in in certain chains that he see you has AC importance, but it turned out to obsessives on it. This importance is gradually being reduced at the use of social network increases. Okay, then you have seen stands for payments positioning in thirties in shines. Since you can use paper click on decide how much you spend. You can make campaigns to your measure whatever the scale off your business. If you do well, the results can be surprising enemy. Yet you also have a feel it marketing. And I think it marketing policies off paying a commission to other websites for the sales you get with the visit that I write from them. For these, they're very popular platforms. Such a fun knocks on trade double Dubler among orders. Okay, although you can also make a feel it by negotiation directly with bloggers in your sector. On Leslie, you have partnership. Amen. Etain sexist Come from a partnership with another company or companies with interest on our shared on sin Urges can be generated a sense. Full e commerce entrepreneur is always open to networking. Okay, it's very important. Okay, this was so for this video. See you in the next. Unless one Thank you 4. Seller Vs Boreaucrat: Okay, so let's continue. It's very important also to manage the cashier process as a sailor and not as a bureaucrat . The drop haute great that he's the percentage of people who start the purchase process on live without completing it. It's a need my for all e commerce companies. It has been shown that an in effect on effective way, but to really use it is to simplify the registration and payment process to the maximum extent possible. Do not force your customers to go through a Siri's off stations to finish the process. In each of them, you run the risk of losing them. Many entrepreneurs would game off pervading incidence at to the process validations warning awkward questions on other disrupted elements that frightened millions. If you're not willing to accept the operational and customer service challenges in karent in commerce, Notre Mattison will do the work for you. The best advice I can give you about check out processes is these a Ask for all the information on one page and make the next week go directly to the payment guideway. Okay, unless you have tow, optimize your website on your contest and unguarded for machines on people. This is made by various in strategies and tools. Okay, The most important. Once you have to have him, you have to have in mind. East are sorry. Google Webmaster tools decide. Might a site map off the website? Fellow robots also off the website the Torshin tame the long tail started She that are long tail keywords and the local approach the optimization off titles optimization off descriptions. We are optimization in much leveling on dissemination in social networks. On the most important story off all is the content. You have to show valuable content. Okay. Terrible content. Okay, well, so this was all for this website on tours. If you don't know what it means Tried toe june to contact someone a thangka. Have you with this? Okay, a So he was all for the class. I hope you like it. And please ask me any questions If you have some doubts A I'm I'll be I'm here to help you with everything you don't understand. Okay, So he as the brush it off the glass I want you to share with us. Which of their rules we have seen you think is the most important unuseful. Okay, on the way. Also, if you want, you can also upload a Nimitz of your landing base. So this was all for the class A. Please leave a review and check out my other classes on. Thanks you. Thank you very much for watching. And that s I always say, Keep learning. Keep growing. Okay. Thank you. And see you in my next class.