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The 6 Figure Freelancer - Brought to you by


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11 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Who is this class for

    • 2. What you will learn

    • 3. How do you make money freelancing

    • 4. Learn the powerful aggregated listening technique

    • 5. How to win new clients on Upwork

    • 6. How to create an impressive profile ranked on Upwork

    • 7. How to have your clients schedule time with you

    • 8. How to bid on jobs and get a response

    • 9. How to not have to negotiate price

    • 10. How to retain clients longer

    • 11. Benefits video


About This Class

Get paid big bucks freelancing on Upwork - Learn to run your own home business with expert web marketer Mike Volkin (who is actually on the homepage of Upwork)

This class is an hour long snippet from the full course at Freelancer Masterclass.


Do you have a side hustle making you a bit of money? Do you want to do it full-time? If so, this course will help. Freelancing is a great way to make a living doing what you love on your own schedule right out of your home. Taught by the renown entrepreneur coach Mike Volkin, this course will walk you through, step-by-step how to become a high paying freelancer on Upwork.


Get paid what you deserve, work your own hours and have clients coming to you!

Mr. Volkin is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold 4 companies of his own.  He will show you how to find, close and retain clients on Upwork in the most automatic way possible. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection and his advice to become a high paying freelancer.


1. Who is this class for: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the six figure freelancer course I am Mike Vulcan. I'm going to show you my method on how to attract and close clients. I call it a new method because I'm always refining my processes in measuring each step of the way. What I'm going to show you here today is the method that I use to attract and close clients as a freelancer. Now, this classes for those with skill and expertise. If you've been doing this for seven years, 10 years, 15 years freelancing, that is totally fine. You are gonna walk away with this class with some extra knowledge and things that you can apply today to help your business to streamline your business, to bring in more revenue, to save money and time. And also, if you're just getting started, maybe you're just freelancing to supplement income. Maybe you don't even know what the freelance yet. Maybe you're doing a career change and you want to become a designer in your marketer now or vice versa. Whatever the case, you are gonna walk away with the enormous value out of this class. So I have over 15 years of marketing knowledge I'm a processes guy. I'm a strategy guy. I'm gonna show you step by step on how I generate revenue freelancing in the easiest and most automatic way possible. There's lots of ways to generate revenue freelancing. There's tons of money out there. There's tons of clients out there. Now is the greatest time in the history of mankind to be freelancing. We have so much technology to do remote work to meet people remotely. Teoh get opportunities email directly to you. I'm going to show you all of that, Okay? But there is a way to do it the easy way, and there's a way to do it the hard way. I'm gonna show you the easiest, most automatic way possible with mashing by mashing up various tools and resource is that I've used to really save a lot of time and money 2. What you will learn: so be prepared. Get something to write with. By the end of this class, you will know how to never run out of potential clients. Using my aggregated listening technique, you're going to know how to win new clients on sites like up work. There are lots of sites that I use but up work. Everybody seems to want to know about up work because they're the big £800 gorilla in the room. So I will talk and address specifically about up work on this training class. I'm gonna show you how to not have to negotiate. Your price is a big, big problem. That up work has is that Ah, lot of the clients are always just looking for the fastest in the cheapest resource sites like Fiverr. Okay, sites like freelancer sites like guru dot com. You're probably familiar with all of those all of those air about negotiating your prices, but it doesn't have to be that way. I'm gonna show you how to avoid that. And I'm also going to show you how to retain clients longer. The hardest part about freelancing is getting the clients Retaining them is easy. If you're good at what you do. And really, um, those are the best clients to work with because you will be able to drop clients on work with the ones that you like to work with the best. So as you have a full pipeline of clients that, you know, we're gonna call and know we're gonna retain a good contract with you. It'll be easy to ramp up your business and retain the clients that you want. So I'm gonna show you how to do that today. And yes, I do talk fast because I like to keep these short. And, um, I like to I'm energetic and I like to be passionate, like to be energetic in my presentation, so you might have to watch it again. And that's perfectly fine. I'm gonna show you how to make generating real and lasting revenue as easy as possible for you. If you were to take away everything from this class in a one sentence, this would be it 3. How do you make money freelancing : Now, how do you make money freelancing this one sentence if you take nothing away, print out to slide hanging on the wall. Your clients must believe that the price you are offering them is less than the value they will get out of your services. It's that simple. No matter what you're offering, no matter how quick you're offering it, no matter what, men are your offering it. If your prospects or clients believe that the price you're offering them is less than the value they will get out of your services than they will retain you as a client or as a freelancer, I should say you retain them as a client. Now, I can't count how many times people have come to me and saying, Mike, you've helped me to x my business three x, my business or even mawr. Okay, it can happen. The problem with freelancers is they don't put any processes in place. I would ask maybe 10 freelancers casually at parties, families and friends. Lots of people freelancing that now. Okay, um, you know, what do you do to get work? Oh, I don't know. People just call me or I might be on up work or I might be on freelancer. I might be on fiber and people reach out to me. OK, That is not how you generate a business. You can get a decent amount of work doing that. But that will be a side job at best. Inconsistent At best. I'm going to show you how to put processes in place without having to sell yourself without having to negotiate prices That will two x three x or even more your revenue. OK, so these strategies don't require to be known. You don't have to have a large list. Yeah, I do have a large list of people I can go to, um and you will, too, if you follow these processes in place. But I didn't start out that way. I possibly start out where you're at right now where you don't know exactly. Ah, the processes that you use to put consistent marketing procedures in place to put yourself out there to beat your competition and not have to know about negotiating prices. It's OK. Um, these strategies don't require any of that. So who am I? Why are you listening to me? While I've built and sold. Three companies have written five books. One bestseller, I've Had Tons and tons of media appearances over 80 have lost track on a certified narrow marketing specialist. That's the cognitive responses to marketing stimuli. I know what people respond to. I measure what people respond to, um, and I just based on what they do and don't respond to that's called neuro marketing. I'm a lead generation of marketing communications experts. So all of these all this experience that's kind of mashed up my life. Over the years, my neural marketing, my lead generation, my marketing communication all of that has made me uniquely qualified to really teach this course to you and provide this value to you. You might be asked yourself, Mike, are you teaching this It won't I be competition to you? Heck, no. The freelancing business is a multi $1,000,000,000 a year business. I am literally turning down clients every week because I know exactly who I want to work with and exactly who I do my best work for. And there's tons and tons of money out there to be made. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you are a marketing strategist like me trying to get, um, work. The exact clients like me. I'll teaching my processes in my strategy because they're so much out there that there's no reason to keep it to myself. OK? And if I can help other people out there not have to go to a cubicle every day and don't have time a boss every day, all that stuff, that's to me. Honestly, it's like a prison having to get dressed every day and slacks. I mean, right now I'm wearing you can't see me. I'm wearing shorts and no socks. I'm in my bare feet right now in my house. Hang out with my dog. This is what I want to do with my life. Okay? This is I cannot stand working in a cubicle, and ah, and reporting to people that have to be honest with you, less experience that make kind of silly decisions. Sometimes that that's like a prison to me. All right. I love freelancing. I love consulting. I love working with clients and doing whatever I want. I love working, waking up and working with six different clients and five different industries. That's great to me, Okay? And I want the same for you. If that's what you want in life. You know, as a final disclosure, I might give some illustrations on scripts on way I do things and response rates on what I get. Those won't be the response rates that you get. Everybody is different. Every is gonna tweak the scripts that I give them for their own purposes and make them worse. Unfortunately. Okay, keep in mind. I'm a marketing communications expert. I'm a neuro marketing specials. I know exactly what people respond to try to stay as close as possible to the scripts that I give you. Okay, so in full disclosure, these examples are for illustrative purposes only. 4. Learn the powerful aggregated listening technique: So right now I'm gonna show you the aggregated listening technique, and this is a technique that will allow you to never have to miss an opportunity. So let's break away and show you, Ah, video on exactly how I go about my aggregated listening technique. All right. Hey, guys, I'm excited to show you about the aggregated listening technique that I've used to get just countless opportunities and most importantly, the opportunities come to you. You don't have to go searching them. You have to go checking websites. Ah, I notice. I'm calling them opportunities because they're cold. At this point, they don't. These people who write these opportunities don't know that you exist once they do when they're interested in you, that's when they become leads. But for right now, you'll see that I'm in my Gmail account and you'll see that I've set up a folder called Opportunities and you'll see that Ah, there's 4066 opportunities in here. Ah, since I set this up a few months ago. But every day you know this this folder updates in real time, and I'll get anywhere from 40 to 60 maybe even sometimes 100 plus opportunities and one day And if you set it up correctly, um, about 35 to 45% of what comes in your opportunities folders should be something you're you should be bidding on. And if it's anything less than that, um, then you need to refine your opportunities. But I'm gonna show you how to get these opportunities to come in and ah, and funnel right into your Gmail account. The first thing you don't want to do is set up a Gmail account if you don't have it already , and then you're gonna want to go to this gear icon over here and click settings. And in the settings you'll see a labels tab going and click labels, and you'll be able to create a new label here and just label that opportunities. OK, now, once you once you do that, you'll see it appear in the right hand side over here called opportunities. And the next thing I want you to do is I want you to go into the filters and blocked email addresses, and I want you to scroll down to the point where it says create a new filter and let me just get the email address for you here. We're going to start off with our first filter. Um, and I want you to apply this email address. It's called Busy Bee at blawg trotter dot com. And let me just going to spell that out. I'm gonna click, create new filter and anything from God. And just look at my screen here. Uh, let me just get rid of this open parentheses. Anything from busy bee at blawg Trotter at spelled blog t r o t t r dot com I have some people email me saying it's not working. That's because they put the e before they are here and it's not blocked. Trotter is blogged. Trotter just t r o t t r dot com So you can create a filter with a surgeon. Anything in this filter will go straight to, um, your opportunities folder. So we could do that by just keeping this in the from line and then click create filter with this search, and then you click the apply this label button, and you're going to select the opportunities, um, option, the one that you just set up. Okay. And then you just simply click create filter. Now, any time that email letters emails you, it's gonna go straight into your Opportunities folder. Okay? Now that we got that other way and you can add more email addresses later to go into that Opportunities folder, I'll show you that more in detail. But blawg Trotter is gonna be the main one because a lot of you, especially ones that are starting out, want to get work on up work. It seems like the lowest hanging fruit. Since they have a lot of jobs. I'm gonna show you how to bring in opportunity straight from up work into your opportunities folder. So ah, And then I'll show you what block Trotter is all about right now, you have no idea. And that's totally normal. Okay, but it's a free service. Okay, So what you want to do is you want to log into up work and you want to do a search. So you're going to go? Um, it's gonna basically it should be your start page, but if not use going to the find, work over here on the top, and then you can also do an advanced search. Now, you should know at this point what type of work you're looking for. So in my case, I'm looking for marketing jobs. You might be a designer looking for design jobs. You might be a code or looking first. You know, python scripting jobs, Whatever the case is, you can do all sorts of stuff here. You can exclude words. You can include multiple words. You can include exact phrases if you like, or you can search specific skills. But really, Ah, if you want to get an overall feel for opportunities that come in and then refine it later , just do any of these words right here. And I just do like, marketing And then also put in the word digital because I also do digital consulting. Okay. And then I click search, and I'm gonna click. Cancel now, because I already have. See all these. Um, these searches have already done well, every time a search result comes up, you're going to get this more options in the center, you're gonna click the little three dashes by the more options you're going to see a drop down link. Okay? You're gonna want to click the r s s. Now, this is what populates um, the results automatically. So any time anything that meets this criteria, um, somebody post a job on marketing or digital without me having to manually search it's gonna populate in this RSS feed. Okay, so I'm just gonna go ahead and click RSS And don't worry about all this gobbledygook here. You don't need to know that. You just need to know to grab the feed on the top, you're gonna go ahead and click it and click control A. If you're on a PC command A If you're on a Mac and just make sure that the entire everything here is highlight at the top and then you're just gonna copy it, you could need to right click and go to copy. Or if you're like me, you just do the shortcuts on the keyboard you can click control. See, now, from this, you can just go ahead and open up a Blawg trotter account by going to blawg. Trotter dot com is totally free. And once you do that, this will be your your home page. Okay. And as you can see, I've already filled it in just kind of preparing for this class here. Um, let me just go ahead and delete all this. But what you're going to see is a Your Honor, this is blocked. Charter is basically an RSS to push service. You basically put your rss feeds in here, and it will push it out to your email address, which is that busy bee email were just referring to. Okay, so we're going to take this RSS feed on the top, and we're gonna paste it. And then where it's gonna ask you Well, how often do you want these to be emailed to you? I always say, real time. If you just don't want to be the type of person toe c e mails as they come in. Some people just like to stay focused. Um, go ahead and select something different. But I'll tell you, the early bird really does get the warm. I can't tell you how many times have one consulting contracts simply because I'm the first person respond. That seems qualified. Okay. Many people don't go through the full ah interview process. They just seem OK. First person. You look qualified. Your sound great. Your friendly. You wrote in full sentences. And you clearly speak the native language. I'm gonna go and hire you, so I would suggest doing it real time. And you can also select. Also send me a one time email containing all items currently available on this feed. And that is on Lee. If you have not gone gone through the results, let me just hit back. You have not gone to the results and responded any. So usually I don't do that because by the time I do a search here, I'll go through the results to see if they're accurate. Um, but you can if you want to. It doesn't hurt, and then you just click Feed me. Okay. Now you shouldn't have to do anything else after that, because we've already set up our Gmail filters and they're routing to the correct prop properties in the ah folders. So it's going to the correct opportunities folder here, and that's how you set up a job feed. Now the great thing about this is you get set up dozens and dozens of job feeds. I mean, look how many I have here. I'm a tennis player. So anything related to tennis, Whether it's marketing or not, I want to know about it because many people who are building tennis websites later need marketing. So we'll keep an eye out for that. I'll just introduce myself, Um, anybody who needs content strategy in North America keeping out that. So just think about all the keywords that the jobs that you really want, the people who make your ideal client think about those words and you might see that some of them are inaccurate or maybe not as accurate as you like. So just go ahead and just create a new search. Ah, you just go into block, Trotter and and let me just click back to my subscription. Here. You see all these feeds I have coming in real time. You just find the one you want, just delete it and then just refine it here and just grab the new RSS feed. It's pretty simple. So I've gotten the job feeds pretty down nicely to the point where I know that if they come in, about 1/3 of them are going to apply to me, and that's pretty much as you can get it. Anything more than that and you're missing out on opportunities. To be honest with you, I've actually had them tighter. Where I was actually bidding on almost everything I got in. But I also realized that I was missing out on a lot too. So, um, that's how you set up. Ah, little bit of that's called aggregated listening technique that I kind of invented or kind of put a procedure around. It certainly didn't invent RSS heat, but there's more that you can do than just up work. Okay, You might check up work every day manually. I just saved you some time, but there are way more other ways to get, um, RSS feed. You can go to all sorts of different freelancer sites, like freelancer dot com and guru and set up set up feeds and alerts that way. But I create a little word document here for us. Let me make this little bigger. Okay, so we just talked about up work. You can also go to indeed, and you can search telecommute jobs or part time jobs. You can goto working nomads, which is basically a website that on Lee has telecommute jobs. You just set up on alert and you have whatever email once you see an email, come in like an alert from working nomads. Just note the email address and then just create the filter and Gmail like I just showed you. So you go to settings. Okay, so let's just say the working nomads email is Ah, you know, alerts at working nomads dot com You just create a new filter. Ah, and from, um, alert at working nomads dot com. You know, whatever it is, create a filter, apply it to the opportunities and bam, you're done. So now that out. Now those leads, they're going also into the opportunities foolish. That's that's how that works. So you can also do working no magic do linked in job alerts. Okay, um, Lincoln has a lot of great jobs, especially if you're in a heavy, heavily populated area because their geographic, um so you can't usually search more than 30 or 50 miles out from the house. But, you know, if you could set up, lengthen job alerts and have them fed into your Opportunities folder, you could go to flex jobs dot com. Those are mostly jobs that are, um, telecommute remote. Sometimes they're usually, you know, third shifts middle of the knights, but ah, flicks jobs is good. Ah does have a paid option. I think they're almost all paid now. It's like six bucks a month, but it's worth it. You can go to skip the dr dot com. There's a telecommute just basically search for telecommute websites. I'm just giving you the ones that I use that I know have alerts that I can feed into my opportunities tab. And you could also do Google Alerts, which monitors all sorts of Web pages. Um, I I have a Google alert set up for the quote, the exact phrase. Ah, looking for a marketing consultant. You'll never know who's posting something like that on their website or made a comment on a website. Ah, and then I'll just, you know, look at, see if it's an opportunity. Um, so those are just a few. There's you can triple this if you wanted to, but those who refuse to know that I use that I know have been quality leads that come right into my Opportunities folder. So, just by this process of loan, I've saved you at least 45 minutes to an hour a day of just mindlessly searching for various jobs in the Internet. And now the jobs are coming to you and you can read them on your phone If you want on your desktop and they in a day or night doesn't matter. They're all coming to you. So I just saved you a ton of time. I hope you employ this aggregated listening technique. It is a really timesaver thanks very much. 5. How to win new clients on Upwork: Okay. I hope you found that helpful now. I also promised you was gonna show you about up work up work. Should be when you're starting at least a small part of your business. Too many people rely too heavily on up work because it's easy, right? There's jobs literally coming to you. Ah, you're being invited to jobs if you do your profile, right. But I want to show you how to win new clients and up works. And that seems to be the £800 gorilla in the room. So I'm gonna show you a little bit about my success and up work. I get responses on 46% of the jobs that I apply for, and I measure this all the time. Um, and I went about 14%. Now, that's pretty good, considering that most people who post jobs and up work, I think the latest stats were 66% of the jobs that are posted on up work go unhygienic. Four meaning people will post jobs, and then they won't hire an up work. So that number is built into that. So if I were to know what number what jobs weren't actually filled. It would actually go up, but for the jobs that I apply for actually win 14% of them. So if you do it right, you won't need to haggle over Price. I'm going to show you the techniques that I use to do that as well to show value to the client. So let me go ahead and show you a process of filling out your profile and applying for jobs on up work to get the most. The best response is that in the most responses, So here we go. All right, So let me show you how to win new jobs on up work. Now I just wanted and search my inbox for invitation to interview. And as you can see, I've been invited since ah, ones the first date here. Hold on. It looks like I think was in March. Um, 170 different interviews since March 9th. OK, so as you can see, I've been invited to 170 different projects on up work. That means people are seeking out my profile and inviting me literally asking for me to be bid on their project. That is the goal and up work. And I want to show you in my course how to really understand. Ah, the algorithms that up work goes by and how to be selected a top of search results for your industry. And ah, and as you could see, I'm kind of proving it here by and how, you know, let's see, I calculate the days here from March 9th 2 Today is 153 days. So I get invited, um, over one a day to projects that meet my criteria. And let me tell you, micro tears pre strict. I mean, I don't even come. I don't even bid on projects less than $2000 and almost always have to be recurring. So I do get invited. I am a top of search engines for a lot of marking related searches, and I'm gonna show you a little bit about the tricks of the trade, but I want you to do two things. First number one. I want you to download quick text paste, and there's a lot of websites. Um, if you just go ahead and just push, put quick text pace paste. Sorry into Google. You will. Ah, get, like CNN and all these other places that will allow you to download it. It's a free download. And what quick text based looks like is this little icon right here. And this allows you to paste quick, um, items that that you might type often on your computer and for one example, is bidding on job letters that I'm about to show you. So go ahead. And it's really easy to use this. I don't need to go through a class and showing how to use this. Ah, but all you do is you would type it in this box like you're writing an email or something, and then you just assign a keyboard shortcut to it. So for this particular one eyed left, windows key and then you write. So any time I hit left, Windows key and you it's going to spit out this text right here, and this is the text I use to bid on up work jobs. So go ahead and download that. So you have to keep typing the same things over and over again when you're bidding on jobs 6. How to create an impressive profile ranked on Upwork: Now let me show you some tricks about up work. First and foremost up work will rank your profile, hire them or completed. It is filled out. So the first thing I want you to dio is I want you to think of a really good headline now. You're not in this alone. I'm gonna You know, at the end of this course, if you still need help feeling us out, I'm gonna help you fill out a really eye catching title. I'm gonna help you with your grammar and the way things should be structured on your profile. So I need you to get started, though. And do this your best effort first. There's a particular structure. I've been through at least 30 iterations of this profile, and this is the one where I started getting lots and lots of interviews. First and foremost, you need a project title that fits your ideal client and what you're looking for. So for me, I am a marketing strategist. I do high end marketing. You're not gonna catch me doing social media or or doing ah filling out mail chimp profiles or setting up accounts at ah drip marketing companies. You're going to see me doing high level strategy work. OK, so that market strategist title is in the title of my profile now very, very important. You need a video. I don't care what your video, how the quality of it. Of course, the better it is, the more you're representing yourself. But get something up there because just having a video is going to rank you higher. Now I have done lots and lots of searches on up work on myself through various marketing terms, pretending like I'm a client and to see how many people have videos in their profile. Over half of all the people in the top 10 of search results from the search of that. I've done have videos, so if you do not have a video, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. All you have to do is put a video on YouTube, go into your profile and just click the add video and just link it. And now my video is something very, very simple. It's just a simple, just me sitting in front of Ah, you know, my office desk. Just talking about what I like to dio 30 seconds long This is where I've been. This is what I like to do. Here is my face. Here's the way I dress. Please hire me. Write your address. Professional. Gonna get some good lighting. It could be done on a GoPro. That video that you saw is just I just shot this on my iPhone. Okay, It's really simple. Now, if you want to come office, someone that's going to be building more than 60 or $100 an hour like I do, you probably gonna want to avoid. I've seen some whole layers vetoes an upward where people are in front of like, doro doorways with cracked walls, you know, And just obviously it looks terrible in the background just to put it nicely. Okay, You want to get a nice background going? Ah, and if you don't have one, just get a green screen. If you pick up some fabric at ah Jo Ann Fabrics or any kind of fabric store and just put a green screen and just hire somebody on fiber dot com to go in and ah, and make a background for you. But anyway, you should be able to find a nice to two or three square foot area in your house where you can do this. A nice background. So let's talk about the rest of this profile. First of all, don't mess around with your reviews. Your reviews are everything. It's usually the first thing that people search for, um when looking at profiles of Skip right down to the reviews. In fact, everybody who has ever hired me for a job. I asked them, What did you think of my profile? And the first thing they almost all of them mentions are You have great reviews, okay? They don't mention how anything you know about my skill sets or what I mentioned or in particular appear, and I wanna go over this in a second. But look at all my reviews. If somebody gives you a 4 to 5 review, ask him to either take it down or what you could do to make it five star. Okay, um, some of these no feedback given. That's fine. Um, these some of these are still in progress, but all these reviews here five stars have never gotten anything less than a five star because frankly, if I feel that I've done anything less than stellar service, which is rare. I will. I won't even ask him to put something on up work so you can see all these five star reviews here. Some of these air thousands and thousands of dollars. Okay, so always, um, try to beef up your reviews with if you have a very satisfied client, don't be afraid to ask him to post a review on up work, okay? And stay on him. A lot of people don't care about reviews, but if you stay on him ah, you should be ableto get that review. Now, let's talk about obviously, uh, first of all, up work gives you several keywords to select during a profile. You always want to max it out with is much as possible. Okay, even if you don't feel that you're the best at something. Like, for example, Kickstarter, I've only done three or five Kickstarter project that wouldn't consider myself an expert. But I put that on there because I needed some more to fill up. You want to Ah, up work offers 10 projects or 10 keywords, so you're gonna want to fill them all up. Okay, Now, the top of your profile in the overview section should be a bulleted list of 3 to 5 items. Now what's the significance of 3 to 5? Well, think about it like TV shows your favorite TV shows like Seinfeld or Friends or King of Queens on my personal favorite, right. You always see 3 to 5 main characters, and the reason for that is because the human mind really can't digest more than 3 to 5 things at one time. Okay, this is part of my neuro psychology, my neuro marketing coming out and how the brain processes information. Put 3 to 5 bullet points of your accomplishments and or, if you don't have any accomplishments, your ideal work that you would like to do at the top. So if they get nothing out of this, you have to assume that people are going to be skimming through your profile to get nothing at this. They're going to see the the bullet points of the top. What are they gonna want to take away from your profile more than anything else? If you could boil it down to 3 to 5 bullet points, what would that be? Put that at the top Now the strike. The structure of this is your next, um, next section is what you've done now. Ah, lot of you. Any are brand new to freelancing. That's fine. If you haven't done anything, then you're gonna want to skip this section. But this is really a front. What you want to do is put what you've accomplished in terms of the work that you like to do. A lot of people have accomplished things that they don't like to do, and they're trying to shift careers or something. Then don't put that because you don't want that type of work. The up work algorithm will actually search these keywords in here to rank you higher for various searches. So you only want to put on your profile, which the work that you actually want to attract. Okay, so for me, I love working with startups and mid market leaders. Those they're making one million to 10 million. Ok, um, so some of my accomplishments include, and you just write them again. Bullet point for format. Your writing. This is if you're writing a pack it for a package design. Okay. If you know anything about, you know, product packaging, you want to write it like you have 3 to 5 seconds to impress somebody and to understand the product that you are. OK, so you talk a little bit about yourself in the first person. So I have this. I have that. I see a lot of profiles are writing. You know, Mr Smith has done this or that. So impersonal. Write something very personable. Like you're speaking to someone in about your skill sets to the like they're in the room with you. Okay. Now you want to do a bolted section on skill sets. Notice how there's very little sentences here. Okay, Just a little bit about if I were to give an elevator pitch of somebody I just met at a party asked me what I do for a living. I would, ah, put those in full sentences. But my skill sets and my accomplishments, all that stuff is bullet formatted. So what I did in my top skill sets is the top work that I'm looking for. Okay? I love strategy, and I love coaching. Um, I probably love coaching more than strategies. Probably switch these, but anyway, these are the type of skill sets that I like to do in the order in which I like to do them . Okay, Um, after that, you're gonna want to put some of your own testimonials. I see a lot of people put these, and they sound really fake. If you don't have any testimonials, that's fine. Always ask a client after you work with them. Um, in fact, these testimony was one of these. This 1st 1 right here came because offered a free work just cause I wanted to testimonial. Okay, So I gave her, like, 10 hours of free work, actually coaching advice, and she came in and give me a great testimony in exchange for that. Totally worth it. Okay, so get 3 to 5 testimonies and put him in quote format and make them real. Please don't make them fake. Everything you want to do is should be portrayed as honestly. It's a number one quality should have is a freelancer. Okay, So go ahead and build yourself a great profile using those techniques 7. How to have your clients schedule time with you: The other thing I want to show you is a sign of for a company called Callin DLLee cal unde dot l y dot com. Now what you can do with this is you'll be given a link to where people can sign up to do with what's called a discovery call with you So accountably is freed. I do have the upgraded, um, platform well worth it. It's like six or $8 a month, and it has a bunch of extra features that will make your life so much more easier. But what cowardly does is once you get a response from someone who's interested in a job that you bid on, you could just write back and say, Please schedule some time on my calendar. In fact, look at my quick test text Pace control. See right here. Please put a time on my calendar with my calendar link. So if you'll see that, let me just show you my calendar language quick, and I won't spend too much time in this, and some of you may be familiar with Calendar Lee callen li dot com You can see right here they can block a 15 minute time and me 30 minute time and 60 minute time. Now, don't worry. They can't see what's on your calendar case. Let me just click 30 minutes. All they do is they select the day it adjusted of time zone that their browser is in. So if you're on Eastern and they're in Pacific time, don't worry about it. It says right here times on Pacific time, because that's where my browser is right now. And it just shows that you're not available during certain times. It won't even show it won't even come up here is an option. So it won't say that you've got a dinner with Larry at three or you're gonna go play tennis at seven. I don't say any of that. It just shows the available times. So then they can. The user can just click it and just confirm it, and then they'll get an email notice that says that you've got that. You know Mike Vulcan is gonna call you at this time or they'll call where you call them or whatever is really easy to set up 20 minutes. If this is probably the best marking tool I use, it saves me so much time is what time are you available? I'm not available at that time. Oh, what time do you have available? You know, back and forth Garbage with Cal ending with calendar Ling and scheduling different things. Waste of time. Just use calendar. Totally worth it. 8. How to bid on jobs and get a response: bidding on job letters. Now there's a specific sequence to getting the job right. Bidding a job, I win, you know? Well, over 15 I'd say, Well, over 10%. I think the exact figures 14%. When I just did my analysis, I looked at my numbers at all the jobs that bid on how much actually win was about 14%. That's pretty dang high, considering most people who post jobs and up work, most of them don't even go through the hiring someone. And then most people who reach out to you don't wind up hiring someone either. So if you consider the actual people have hired jobs that you've been on, I would say it's probably double if not triple the 14% number. So the first party you're bidding on job letters when you find a job that you're interested in and you want a bid on him, that's what you're going to use. Quick text pace for is just too easily pay something. But the big problem that freelancers doing up workers they just paste the same thing over and over again is totally impersonal. And I did that for many, many, many months before I realized that doing just one custom sentence increased my response rate three and and 1/2 percent three and almost 250%. My response is skyrocket, and I measure this every month. I'll measure all the email responses I'll get. And I constantly constantly test every aspect of bringing in opportunities of bidding on job letters, my response rate, my higher rate so I can always be winning and improving myself. Okay, so the numbers I'm giving you are riel. And the reason why I'm telling you that there's things should be structured in the way they are is because I have measured the heck out of everything. Okay, so the first sentence when your bid on jobs is a custom sentence that specifically references their project. The first thing you want to do is you want to compliment them, and I'm giving you a script here for what works. OK, Hi. Great job with your job description. Many people don't take the time to write specific tasks. Okay, that's kind of generic, but it also complements them. I I use this a lot, but I don't use it for people who don't write specific tasks okay. I looked into your drone business. This is for a particular aviation drone company. I've just been on. I looked into your drone business a bit, and I have some comments for you to increase conversions. Now, why am I not pacing those comments right here? One? Because I want them to write me back. So I know who they are, because once they write you back, you know who they are. And you get much more information about them. You can friend them on LinkedIn. You can do whatever you want to further conversation with them in up work chat rooms. Okay. But without their response, you don't know who you're writing to. Okay, so you're giving them a little bit of curiosity here, but you're also personalizing it a little bit that you've looked into who they are. Okay. Now, the next part is you want to tell them exactly who you are and who you have helped. This is important for you. Not so much for them. But it's important for you because you don't want to further communication communicate with them. If they are not who you are looking for, Who is your ideal client? if you don't know who that is, stop everything right now and write down who your ideal client is who you want to work with . So you tell them who you are. I'm a chief marketing officer. I built and sold three companies of my own. I have worked with large companies managing teams of multi $1,000,000 budgets as well. A startups, in fact, over the past decade have helped over 70 startups building implement marketing strategies. You may not have these credentials. Most people don't. That's perfectly OK, But take the structure of the sentence and tell people exactly who you are to get them to think. Hey, this is who I'd like to work with. This fits in night criteria. Okay? Now the next section should appeal to their needs and their pain points. You should tell them the work that you like to do that provides commonality into what they're asking. This is where you referenced their job that they posted. Okay, I understand the position you're in again. I am appealing to their pain point I get You guys are looking for someone. I get it. You need someone immediately. I get it. You know whatever they're putting in their job description read it because they often are stating their job. Uh, they're often stating their pain points. I just had to fire somebody. I hear that all the time because the last guy I didn't meet my expectations or I need somebody urgently. Somebody left me without information that I need. Whatever that is. Reference that here referenced their pain points right here. I understand the position you're in. I'm a fractional remote seem. Oh, for this particular job this person was needing. Ah, marketing leader. They had to mid level marketers with no leadership. Hey, I understand the position. You don't want to have to lead a market department. You have other jobs that you need to do running the company. You're the president. I get it. I am a fractional CMO remote CMO. I work with companies that need full time marking leaders. So all I did is I'm referencing their pain point here and telling him that's what I do. It can't get any simpler, but you're personalizing this for them. This whole process, you know this is standard. Okay, Right here. This is standard right here. This whole process, you're just customizing this in this should take you less than two minutes to do. OK, the last section is just to keep it sort of polite, but you want to leave a cliffhanger. Okay. Do you have time for call tomorrow outright? Asked them. This is a huge no go. A lot of free lunches. Do not ask for time. I can't begin to tell you how many people just right back saying Yeah, I got time tomorrow. I'll talk to you for 15 minutes. Okay. Getting them on the phone is crucial, K because a lot of these jobs, you're going to get 15. 20 sometimes even 50. If you're in Web development, you're gonna have 50 plus people you're competing with for every job. Do you have time for call tomorrow? Very simple. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Thanks for your time. Okay. That's how your job letter should be structured. I have tried this 1000 different ways from Sunday. This is the one that gets me the most responses. I hope you enjoy this. Please, please play this again. And just really think about structuring your job letter and your profile the way that I suggest it will save you so much. Trial and error in the future. Best of luck. 9. How to not have to negotiate price: I hope you enjoyed that video on up work. There's a lot more to be learned on up work, but actually get you a very, very good start. Let's talk about negotiations not having to negotiate prices. I can't tell you how many times freelancers asked me is probably the number one question is , you know, hey, I'm always getting asked to lower my price. Can I go any lower? Um, I want to show you some how to not have to negotiate your prices. In fact, you can actually raise your prices and not have to negotiate prices. So tip number one always negotiate via video, if possible. Now, I don't measure this anymore. I used to measure this until it was pretty consistent, but I actually closed 13 times more deals than when I negotiate. Or I'm sorry when I talk on video versus talk about prices via email and on the phone. Okay, I put the word negotiate here, but because there's a lot more to negotiate on a contract and then just price. But if you're doing this via video via Skype, go to meeting, which is also good, but expensive. There are lots of ways to reach people face to face, even if you're not in the same room with them. If you do this via video, you are 13 times more likely to close a deal than if you were to do it on online. Okay, So always offer to negotiate via video if possibly get that personable person ability aspect to it. Tip number two to not have to negotiate prices be prepared. I can't tell you how many times when I'm hiring freelancers, which I do all the time on a daily basis almost, Um, where people are just not prepared. They don't know who they are. I'm sorry. They don't know who I am. They don't know the company. I work with types of clients I work with, and I can be easily found by Googling my name like Vulcan online tons and tons of things pop up. Five minutes worth of research could help you out so much. Be prepared. You want to come with certain scripted lines that you always say, Say my rates are in lying with other experts in my experience. Another thing you should be prepared for. It's to know your prospects. Pain points before you meet with them, go through the job description and understand why they are looking to hire freelancers. Did they just fire somebody? Are they a start up? And they need someone now to fill a position. Um, a pain point is the reason why they are posting the, um, job description. Okay, so understand that. And when you're talking about prices, you could go back and say, Listen, I can identify, for example, if you're a design expert, OK, listen, I've looked into your website. I know that style that you're going out. Maybe you want to design a website that has a steampunk, um, look and feel to it, or a modern look and feel to it. Um, whatever the case, listen, here's some examples of some design work that I've done that right in line that I think would be great for your style of your company or brand of your company. Just understand the prospects, pain points and what they like. Maybe what they've hired, who they've hired in the past and their weaknesses. You can find a lot online. People will spill their guts to you if you just ask them If the job description isn't that clear. So be prepared with some scripted lines on how you can quote unquote defend your prices. But if the value that you perceived up into the point where you're talking to them is great , you will have to do very little of this by the time you get in a call. But you should be prepared to have a couple of scripted lines to quote unquote defend your prices. I don't defend my prices at all anymore because I'm so good at this point in terms of providing value to the point where, when I get them on the phone or get them on Skype on a video call, they're not question my prices, Okay. In fact, they see value in it, and, um, and I command thee my own prices. In fact, sometimes I'll bid on up work on jobs that are $150 an hour or more, and I'll closing at $300 an hour, even upwards of closed deals for $600 an hour. Okay, so you can do that, but you have to get good at preceding value up to that point. So tip number three on how not to negotiate prices prices in the only negotiable aspect. Understand that there are other aspects that are important to the client so that the speed of tat and taxes, turnaround time, so many people, part of their pain points will be I need this fast. Okay? You have to show them that you can provide that value for fast turnaround time. A lot of people that work in agencies can't provide that turnaround time. Agencies aren't known as someone who have quick turnaround times. You got to do various in processing. You gotta sign separate contracts. A lot of time agencies will outsource, and they don't know how quick they could do a turn around. As a freelancer, you have that flexibility so you can use that. Hey, listen, this is my price. But if you want this fast, you want this done. Now you want this done quickly within your desired time frame. I can do that for you. Ah, and sometimes many times. Actually, price is not the main point of concern for that particular prospect. And the speed at which you work is something you can always say perceived back to value. Okay. So prices in the only negotiable aspect here. Speed at what you work hourly, folks. Hourly is a terrible measurement of output. Now, I know you can just tell by the speed at which I'm talking. I'm a very fast worker. Okay? I work on average about 2.2 times faster than the average marketer. Okay, when somebody needs some kind of foundational strategy, Doctor, when somebody did something executed online, like a drip campaign. When somebody needs a series of email communications built out, I can build that about 2.2 times faster. So what I do is I tell the prospect. Listen, on average, I work about 2.2 times faster. So does that mean I should be building myself two times the normal rate? So my rate right now is 1 50 Does that mean that you'll pay me $300? No. I'm building you at this rate because I know that this is a value I can bring to you. So if you work faster, then the average person in your industry then be sure to say that and be sure to tell them that. Listen. Our lease, A terrible measurement of output. Okay? This is where you want to bring value may be bidding on the actual entire project and not on a value basis. If you do work faster than the average person. Tip number four. Don't walk away from an ideal client over price. Now here's the an actual statistic, and this isn't something that I made up this was. I wish I could reference this. I looked at a study. Um, this was done, I think, was a government study. But this is a long study. Over many years, it's 20 times more likely that people will pay you again if they like your work in the first place. So put it. In this context, it's 20 times more likely that you can retain a client than to get a new client. So is imperative that you retain the client in any way possible because it's 20 times easier for you to get repeat business out of them. You ever to sign up for a platform? Maybe a SAS platform, like a software as a service, is what it's called, and they give you like a little freebie snippet of seven days for free, so you can just kind of get it, and you can understand the value that that particular service has to you. And then they charge you. That's a huge way to get business, because people are 20 times more likely to pay for it if they like the value of that. Okay, so understand that getting a client is 20 times harder than retaining a client. So don't walk away from a client that meet your ideal criteria that you know, could do well over price. Now, does that mean you have to negotiate down in price? And no, because what you're gonna be doing later, you can offer them a free be a free, our free free project. A quick one if it means just a couple hours of work. But when you retain them later, you're gonna build them up in pricing to make up for that free work. Okay, so that's the way that works. Tip number five. Show your value. Okay. Always give similar work examples I have seen so many times people freelancers haggling over over me and you know, prices in a big concern me. If you can show value, then I will never ask you to justify your prices. But there are so many examples where I turned down people and they'll come back to me later , after I hired somebody else. Oh, here's something I did that was extremely similar to what you're looking for. I'm like, I would have love for you to tell me this, so I would know it before I hired. Okay, So this has to go back with their earlier tip and doing your research. Understand similar work examples that you can give to the prospect to show that value upfront cause similar work experience is a monster way too close. Mawr deals of to convert more prospects into clients. The better job you do, explaining how you can help the client means less negotiating. So if you're taking notes, take that down. The better job you do explaining how you could help the client means less negotiating that you need to do. Okay. Tip number six, Show off your goods. OK? Do you have reviews? You can show off. Always bring that up. I have number of five stars reviews. You saw it on that upward video. I just did. OK, if you have reviews that are similar to the client that you're talking to or prospect. At this point, they're not paid paying customers yet, so they're not considered clients. If you have reviews for similar companies or similar people that you can show the prospect . Hey, listen, this company or this piece these people gave me five star review, and this is in the same industry. Is you show that off. Do you have, Ah, high job completion status. You know, one up work, you can show that you have a 90% job completion of satisfactory jobs that you've taken on and completed. You have excellent test scores. Not really. A big, um, I've never really had a lot of client are sorry. Prospects asked me about my test scores. That's very, very rare. But for some people, that could be big in some industries. Do you have a 90% or higher test score for marketing or design or WordPress or whatever the client is interested in? Go ahead and show that off because up work has those tests. Okay, 10. How to retain clients longer: Now let's talk about how to retain clients longer. The bottom line is there's two things here. If they like you, Number one, they'll be retained longer clients and number two. If your work is valuable, those are the two main things. All other things being aside, they fit into those two buckets if they like you. And if your work is valuable, they were remain your clients or return later. A lot of times, people just have one off projects, and that's fine. But they're always gonna return later. I'd say almost 35 to 40% of my business are just projects on by project basis, and they just come back to me a month later or two months later with another multi $1000 project that they'll have for me. Happens all the time. They just call me out of the blue because I'm there, go to marketing guy now because number one they like me number to. My work is valuable. So let's talk about how to get them to like you and how to get them to show that your work is valuable. Um, number one. If they like you be punctual for all meetings that is so key. Respect other people's time. Time is a one resource that you cannot get back no matter how much you try. And if you stand people up and this goes for me If you're working for me as a freelancer and you are not punctual Goodbye all right. I do not tolerate unp unction people even if you're five minutes late. By the time I joined a meeting and I'm almost always early you should be there now. Why am I such a stickler? Because I want you to respect me in my time because I want you to understand the value of time. Okay, I cannot stand. That is my biggest pet peeve. My number one pet peeve is unp unctuous people, especially if you're working for may. Ok, I am the most flexible, honest, non micromanaging guy. But if you are not punctual, I will not give you a second chance and I've heard it all. Oh, I'm got stuck in traffic. I'm, you know, should have taken a day off because I had a family emergency. I don't know how many family emergencies I've dealt with. You can send me an email 10 minutes before the meeting and say, You're gonna be late, all right, that's fine. But be punctual number to be responsive. If somebody sends you an email, you should be responsive to the point where you can send them an email back within that day , I get hundreds of emails a day, all right. There should be no excuse why you go more than a day without responding to an email. And if you can't re answer the email, maybe it's a long one that requires a lengthy response. Just respond back and say, Listen, I got it and I'll respond later. This requires me to respond with more thought. I want to chew on this for a little bit. Just respond back to know that you got it. Number three or letter C. In this case, communicate well articulate goals. I left out the close parentheses there on CND, but anyway communicate well articulate goals. You want to always show people what your end result is, and show them that you're striving for the same goals that they are. Show them that you're on the same team as a marketer. I'm always analyzing goals to make sure I'm bringing in the right traffic, and I'm converting right for the clients. If you have the same goals of the client, you're on their team and you're showing value and they're showing you're showing that you're somebody that you can work with now go above and beyond, throwing a freebie task every now and then. That's perfectly fine. It's all about, you know, build that into your hourly fear your project, fi, knowing that you're gonna throw in about 5 to 10% extra for freebies. Okay, go above and beyond. That's the way the client will like you. Another one to show they like you is compliment them whenever possible. Hey, if someone is good and managing, they don't micromanage you. Maybe they give you clear communication. Maybe they're always punctual, you know, Just throw them. Hey, Ah, Couple of you know, I want to tell you I'm always appreciative of clients who are on time for meetings. I really like that. You know, I really like the way you give me direction. And you don't, um, you know, try to micromanage me. I just wanted to say it's not too common, and I do appreciate that. Throw them just a random complement, and you can mix it in with your existing emails that goes a long way and make a genuine don't make it something standard. But if you generally appreciate your clients for something, then be sure to tell them that whenever possible. Okay, and probably the biggest out of all. This, other than being punctual, is being a good listener. Nothing can replace being a good listener. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have to repeat myself as a client over and over again to freelancers. Be a good listener. Take notes. Um, record meetings. Always tell the client when you're recording meetings so you don't have to repeat yourself . Repeating yourself is very frustrating. You don't have to go over objectives again. You don't have toe say people's names over again. And their job titles always be a good listener and a big part of that and it's easier said than done, because it's so easy now, just a pick up your phone and check Instagram while you're on a meeting right or Facebook or whatever you're into. A big part of that is just taking out all those distractions when you're in a meeting with a client. Shut your phone down, shut your email down and just listen. Take notes. Anything that could be useful in the way I like to look at it is take notes in a meeting, as if you're trying to explain the meeting to somebody else. You can always look back at that meeting later. Okay, right it in bullet point format. The notes that come out of the meeting and then what I like to do is I like to always recap the meeting and bullet point format and then send it over to client. Hey, here's the meeting notes. Did I miss anything important? So the second part is of how to retaining clients longer is making sure your work is as valuable as possible. And there's some very important steps. This a We just talked about this. This applies also to being likable. Be a good listener, like I said, taking notes, sending those meeting notes to the clients, understanding the goals, the objectives, everybody who's involved in the team, making sure you don't overstep your bounds. Um, making sure you're not working in somebody else's tasks. Okay, that happens all the time. Um, especially If you're working with various teams, be a very good listener. The second part of that is reporting stats that saved time or money. Value is all about time and money, folks. Everything really comes down to saving time or making money. We're saving money. So if your work whether you're in marketing design, you know, whatever your industry is, you are saving that time that client time and money. And if you can report that in anyways also called a k p I key performance indicator, anything that you can do that can indicate to the client that you're saving time and money creates value. So think about when you take on a project. How can I save time, save money or make money to my client? And then how can I report that? Okay, I use a dashboard called Saif C Y F E. And I can build in real time reporting for just about anything I'm doing with. A client can see that in real time, and it's like $19 a month. It's super cheap, and I can't tell you how awesome that tool is and how much it brings value to my clients and I could do a whole class in this. I might even do a whole class in this called managing up. Okay, So managing up is the process of managing yourself to the point where you're not asking your clients every single thing. Ah, I get rid of freelancers all the time because of this, because they don't have a manage up. They asked me every little thing. They send me 20 emails a day on little things here and there. And one technique of managing up is aggregating your questions. If you don't need to know the answers of the question right now, then don't send me that email right now. Um, I'll get six emails within an hour from this one freelancer I'm working with and I'll be just respond back among listen, is there any way you can aggregate this email? Because managing up a large part of that is understanding and respecting the clients work day, um, and not bothering them too much, but providing that balance where you're providing the value without bothering them. Um ah, large part of that is also let's say they give you a task and this just happened me yesterday, and this is the reason why I'm bringing us up. I gave a freelancer a task and they came back to me with full understanding the project. I asked if there's anything else they need to know. They said no. I'm ready to go. Oh, by the way, they came back to me an hour later. The user name and password doesn't work. OK? Yeah, my fault. I gave him the wrong password. But when I asked him if there was anything else they should know, they should have checked all the information they gave me. That's a part of managing up. OK, so then I had to. I was mobile, so I didn't have actually the password. I had to go home from where I was at because I was gonna be there for the next four hours. I had to go home from where I was at, just to get the password to give to them so they could finish up. That task for the day would have really loved for them to check all the information I gave them first. Before they confirmed to me that everything was good. That's just a part of managing up. Okay, It's an art form. But there's also various tips and tactics that you can do, and that is a huge way of creating value for your client is being able to manage up. 11. Benefits video: Hi, guys. Mike Vulcan here, lead instructor at Freelancer Masterclass. And I'm gonna quickly show you the benefits of being a student at Freelancer Masterclass. You could learn in a few weeks what it took me and other top instructors years to master. Eliminate guesswork and fast track your results. Think about how much better your life would be, getting the income you deserve and working the hours you want. I'm telling you from experience, there's nothing more satisfying than living life on your own terms. Your desire might be to travel more or work from home or make more money or work whatever hours you choose. 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