The 5 mother sauces every cook should know. | Thomas P. | Skillshare

The 5 mother sauces every cook should know.

Thomas P., Back to Basics

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7 Videos (45m)
    • Intro 5 Mother Sauces

    • Bechamel

    • Sauce Veloute

    • Sauce Espagnole

    • Tomato Sauce

    • Mayonnaise

    • Now go and Change the World


About This Class

The 5 mother sauces, may seem intimidating, but mother sauces will nurture your kitchen confidence. With a few simple ingredients (mostly flour, butter, and a liquid) and a couple easy techniques, these five sauces, all equally important to your cooking repertoire, serve as the starting point for a slew of other classics. Once you get the feel for these sauces, you’ll be able to whisk them up whenever you want to get fancy. And soon enough, you'll feel confident enough to break tradition and take that Mother Sauce somewhere she’s never gone before. Here you will see what you need to know about the building blocks of sauces:





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Thomas P.

Back to Basics

My name is Thomas, I'm German and work as a culinary instructor here in the Philippines. Here I like to share and forward my more than 40 years of experience to students who are interested in the fundamentals in culinary knife skills and may can not afford a culinary education.

I'm still an active culinary instructor at one of the best culinary schools in the Philippines. More than 500 students graduated in culinary arts and working now all over the world. I love to forward my educati...

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