The 4 Core Crochet Stitches, for the Left Handed Crocheter : A Beginners Crochet Class

Flavia Wolfe, A Happy Creative

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16 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. 4ccs intro with stop motion video

    • 2. Projects for this class

    • 3. What our the 4 core crochet stitches

    • 4. Some Things To Know

    • 5. Gathering supplies

    • 6. Slip Knot and Chain (LH)

    • 7. Single Crochet (LH)

    • 8. Double Crochet (LH)

    • 9. Half Double Crochet (LH)

    • 10. QL yarn color and the pattern

    • 11. Tips 1 End and Begin (LH)

    • 12. Tips 2 new yarn or change color (LH)

    • 13. Tips 3 and 4 (LH)

    • 14. Adding Tassels (LH)

    • 15. Finishing Your Project sewing in the tails (LH)

    • 16. Final Thoughts


About This Class


      I am a left-handed crocheter and found that most tutorials and lessons are taught for people who are right-handed. So when I created my first class on Skillshare I did it with the right handed viewer in mind, but with the intent of publishing a left handed course as well. I think that is is easier to learn something new when you are able to follow along. I hope you enjoy learning to crochet with me! 

This is a Beginners level crochet class, but is also great for anyone who wants to review skills or restart crocheting. We will make a washcloth and scarf using the 4 Core Crochet Stitches : Chain, Single crochet, Double Crochet and the Half-Double Crochet.

We will go over different yarn and needle options, getting started with the slipknot and how to finish your project. I will have lots of examples to see along the way.

There are two patterns to choose from, make one or both using the 4 stitches we have learned. I made the pattern instructions simple so that you can focus on learning to use the yarn and hook to create the projects. 

I look forward to seeing all your washcloths and scarves, so please post pictures of your works in progress and final product.

After you post your first picture, you will have to click on 'edit you project' to add more. Let's get started!