The 4 Core Crochet Stitches, for the Left Handed Crocheter : A Beginners Crochet Class | Flavia Wolfe | Skillshare

The 4 Core Crochet Stitches, for the Left Handed Crocheter : A Beginners Crochet Class

Flavia Wolfe, A Happy Creative

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16 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. 4ccs intro with stop motion video

    • 2. Projects for this class

    • 3. What our the 4 core crochet stitches

    • 4. Some Things To Know

    • 5. Gathering supplies

    • 6. Slip Knot and Chain (LH)

    • 7. Single Crochet (LH)

    • 8. Double Crochet (LH)

    • 9. Half Double Crochet (LH)

    • 10. QL yarn color and the pattern

    • 11. Tips 1 End and Begin (LH)

    • 12. Tips 2 new yarn or change color (LH)

    • 13. Tips 3 and 4 (LH)

    • 14. Adding Tassels (LH)

    • 15. Finishing Your Project sewing in the tails (LH)

    • 16. Final Thoughts


Project Description

The Wonderful Washcloths and Winter Scarf

  I am truly excited to start this class with you and to see what you have created. These projects are created to help you get comfortable crocheting and with these core stitches that you see, one or more of, in every pattern as you continue your crochet journey. I will have all of of the patterns attached as a pdf file for you want to download. I did not go over reading a pattern in this class because I want you to get comfortable creating each of the 4 Core Crochet stitches. If you want to print out the pattern and follow along with the class you will be able to get a basic understanding of how to use a written pattern. I will be going over this in the next class, as we continue in the wonderful world of crochet. Let's get started...

Projects :

  For this class we will have 2 main projects, the Wonderful Washcloth and a the Winter Scarf using all 4 of the Core Crochet stitches. I will also include the information you will need if you want to make a washcloth using only one of the Core Crochet stitches.

Supplies :

  • Medium (4) / Worsted weight yarn. Suggested yarn for the washcloth is 'Sugar N Cream',  and for the scarf is Lion Brand Vanna's Choice - 1 skein/ball per project.
  • Scissors or clippers
  • a crochet hook. Size H for the washcloth and Size J for the scarf
  • a pencil
  • optional - locking stitch markers


  • The first assignment is to start crocheting... get your yarn & hook and start making something.
  • Once you have something on your hook, take a picture of it (or a selfie with it) and upload it on here under class projects. *everytime you add a new photo it will be under the same class project, you will click to 'edit your project' for this class and add any new photos, or thoughts on your progress.
  • Go to the Community section of this class and see what others are talking about, ask any question you may have or answer a question if you'd like to help your fellow crocheter. 
  • Finally finish your project(s) and post it for us to see. If you can, please include the yarn maker and color , and what size hook you used.

Final Thoughts:

I hope that this class have helped you along in your crochet journey, and that is has inspired you to learn more and grow in you ablilities as a crocheter. If you are interested I have set up a facebook group called "The Crochet Club" ( click here), the goal is for this to help us all connect with other crochet enthusiast, whether you are a beginner or expert. Happy Crocheting!

other resources:

a guide to yarn weights  by the crafty yarn council

a 21 page Standards and Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting pdf by the crafty yarn council

Student Projects

Flavia Wolfe