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The 12 Universal Laws Masterclass

Erica Russo, Intuitive Life & Business Mentor

The 12 Universal Laws Masterclass

Erica Russo, Intuitive Life & Business Mentor

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14 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Intro12universallaws

    • 2. Lawone

    • 3. Lawtwo

    • 4. Lawthree

    • 5. Lawfour

    • 6. Lawfive

    • 7. Lawsix

    • 8. Lawseven

    • 9. Laweight

    • 10. Lawnine

    • 11. Lawten

    • 12. Laweleven

    • 13. Lawtwelve

    • 14. CONCLUSION

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About This Class

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to manifest the life of their dreams and others struggle to make ends meet and to stay positive? It is because one has understood the laws that govern our entire universe and use them to create a life beyond their wildest imagination.


There is religious, politics, and belief systems that make our world a very diverse place to live. Yet, there are 12 abslute laws that every person in the solar system is obligated to live under. These are the 12 Universal Laws.


This course will go through each of these 12 laws and bring a basic understanding of how they work in your life.



  1. The Law of Divine Onesness

  2. The Law of Vibration

  3. The Law of Action

  4. The Law of Correspondence

  5. The Law of Cause and Effect

  6. The Law of Compensation

  7. The Law of Attraction

  8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

  9. The Law of Relativity

  10. The Law of Polarity

  11. The Law of Rhythm

  12. The Law of Gender

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Erica Russo

Intuitive Life & Business Mentor


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1. Intro12universallaws: welcome to the 12 Universal Laws Master Class, this class I'm really super excited to be doing because I think it's really important for not just you guys, but for everyone to have a basic understanding of the 12 universal laws that govern our universe. So in this course, I'm going to go over each of these 12 universal laws, and I'm going to attempt to explain these laws to you in a way that you can understand and grasp them and then bring them into your own life. So as I go, you're going to start seeing more possibility. Andi, you're going to start understanding why things are the way they are. When I started learning about the universal laws, I just kind of sat there with my jaw dropped because everything started to make sense. So we're gonna go ahead and just dive right into each law. And what exactly those laws dio I will see you in law one 2. Lawone: The first universal law is the universal law of divine oneness. This law states that everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone else. This states that what we think, say do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us. This is the law that is equivalent to the Bible statement in John 15 5 where Jesus states I am the vine. You are the branches. If you abide in me, I will abide in you. Without me, you are nothing. This states that indeed we as humans are part of her larger entity. Without each part of this entity, nothing can exist. So in other words, the whole is the sum of its parts. You know, some people will use this as this term as synergy, which is defined as the outcome of a collective energy. And the point is, there is a collective energy, life force or whatever you wanna call it. We cannot achieve anything on our own, and it's a virtually impossible Teoh think otherwise. So someone I will give you an idea. Right? So let's think of Ah, this is a great example. So someone will give you an idea. Someone directed you to a certain place, even a certain Web page. Maybe that had the opportunity. You were looking for even an individually owned businesses. The owner got the idea, the financial backing or direction from someone else, no matter how elusive that someone else. Maybe this is even pointed out in the Bible when God told married couples to separate from their families and become one. We are all one, and we all have that those same desires and dreams. And we all want peace and to be able to love our families and to be ableto live without hate or anger. This this may not seem like like it with all the terrorist organizations out there right now. But think about it. Even they want freedom toe worship their God and to believe in their religion, freedom to be in their homes with their families. They want to see a better world. So when this law states that we all say we all that okay, when this law states that all that we say dio and believe will have a corresponding effect on others on the universe around us, it is saying that as a collective what we think If we think the world is going to hell in a handbasket, then that is eventually what will happen if we go out every day and spread hate and the same to our Children, our neighbors, our families. Hate will be the ultimate outcome, kind of like a mob mentality, right? So when we all believe that one group of people or a place is bad for whatever reason, that person or place will become bad. When you tell someone all of their lives that they don't matter or that they're not loved or you call them names, this will imprint on their minds, and those things are ultimately what they will become. So it's really super important to understand how connected we all are, and this is the law that governs that. 3. Lawtwo: law to is the law of vibration. This is the law that even though it has always been around, I mean it is a universal law. It is just now starting to become much more popular and well known. Those that have studied the concept of these laws have known that this is a really thing all along. So simply put, everything in the universe moves or vibrates and travels in a circular pattern. The same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires and wills. In the eighth, Eric worlds, each sound thing and even thought has its own vibrational frequency. This is the law that comes into play when you walk into a room and you get like a weird vibe because this is a frequency that is put forth by someone or a group of someone's in that room. You are able to sense this because of the law of vibration. This is also a vital part of the law of Vibration, which we will discuss in a later chapter. Not acknowledging this law is also one of the reasons why the law of attraction seems to not work for many people so the tour vital to one another. So the law of attraction in the law vibration go hand in hand and cannot be utilized without the recognition of each other. So if something irritates you or upsets you, you have to let it go. The best way to do this is to be thankful or to express gratitude and move on in order for the law vibration To begin to work, you have to set your emotions and your thoughts on what it is you want to achieve, and you have to align your energies to your desired results. In order to do this, you must be able to distinguish the negative from the positive and use on Lee the positive . The law vibration is also so call our is called our intuition. It is the sense of the direction something is going or needs to go when you get in, tune with and align yourself. Under this principle, you will begin to realize where to go and where to avoid who to be around and who not to be around. You will also begin to use the same principle that drives the birds toe, leave a specific area at a certain time of the year and for whales to migrate at certain times as well. It is the vibrations that they intuitively recognise and follow just in their cases. It is the vibration of the earth's magnetic force. It is still the same concept that we use with our own intuition as human beings. So it's a fully harnessed this law and use it to your advantage. You must handout vibrations of your own toe, attract what you are seeking. So you must learn to carry and put forth on Lee positive vibration. So say you want to be a millionaire. You need to be. Before you can become a millionaire, you need to be an energetic match of a millionaire. So if you do not do this, if you don't meet the energetic frequency or vibration of what it is you would like to achieve, you're not gonna get it. So if you do not allow doubt or uncertainty to begin to creep in, you will quickly realize that you are getting bad results. So, as I said before, our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions carry their own vibration. So you always want to be mindful of what you are thinking and how you are spending your energy and time, so you need to do whatever it is necessary to keep those things in agreement with your goals, so you must act as if you already have it. That's the key to manifestation is acting like you already have what it is you want to achieve. So in the Bible, this is worded as the verse that states, if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can tell that mountain to move and it will move. And that is from Matthew, 17 20. And Jesus is telling his disciples to believe and as if it has already happened and it will . So that is the law of vibration. 4. Lawthree: law. Three of the universal laws is the law of action, and this is very simply putting your thoughts in two actions as powerful as the universe is and it is very powerful, we cannot just sit there and not do anything in orderto achieve our goals. If you want money, you have to go get it. Whether that be by going out and actively looking for a job or showing up at the job, we already have to get that raise we're needing or wanting. This is putting your face into action and learning to surrender. This is, as in the last example, you actually have to tell the mountain to move. So if you want to see a happier world, you actually have to go out and be happy. And if you want a kinder world, you need to be kind to people. This is kind of the same concept of the law vibration, but whereas in this case of vibration, which is our thoughts, feelings and emotions, this is the actual doing aspect of it. So if you want a stronger relationship, then you have to be the one to show love, compassion and understanding verse. If you are a naturally grumpy person or one who grapes without everything. Then you have to change your actions to reflect what it is you want. You gotta love more, smile more, Say hello, more offer, helping hand and in case of money, if you want to do it by working from home and being able to make your money that way, then you need to actually find an opportunity. And if you are truly in alignment with your wants and needs, you will intuitively be drawn to the program or method you will need to achieve your dreams . So, however, you have to make the first step towards actually helping the universe manifest, your dreams will come to you. This is not a popular law, and most people, because it's not popular, don't understand it and don't do it. So a lot of people will know about the law of attraction and they might know about the law vibration. But they don't understand that Law three, which is the law of Action, goes with both of those laws. So in the case of your emotions, you have to learn to control them. It is proven not just by science but by basic human reaction. If you are angry, then you're going to act out in anger. If you are sad, you will base your actions off of that sadness that you're feeling. It is to be noted that if any negative emotion presents itself in your life than a positive emotion, you may need to look into the ways of balancing yourself toe Overcome those negative emotions. The type of ongoing negativity will block you at all points in your manifestation process, so your vibrations and your sense of connection and your actions are causing a chain reaction that will block what it is you are trying to achieve. There are a ton of alternatives available that will help you raise your vibrations and get you out of that negative thought process. So you have aroma therapy, and medication is so powerful and yoga and mindful practices, and this is going to allow you to not only raise your vibration with the look, you know, law number two, which is the law of vibration. But it's actually going to help you with the law of action as well, as well as the law of attraction that we will be talking about shortly 5. Lawfour: law. Four of the universal laws is the law of correspondence. This is the law that states that for everything in the corporeal world, there is a corresponding or same thing in the physical world. The physical world reflects what we say and think. In other words, if you feel and sink love, then love will be reflected in your concrete reality. Those people that want to see a positive change in their life have to make positive thought changes. If you want more peace, you have to think and feel more peaceful. As a society, we tend to focus on the negative in the world, since that is what's shoved into our face on a daily basis from our news broadcasts and newspapers. Social media, Andi, all of that stuff. So if you really think about it, a new story on a natural disaster or a murder, or is going to get much more air time than a story about a neighborhood that set up a yard sale to help a local church. When you look at your Twitter feed or your Facebook feed, what do you see? Do you see more tweets on a political scandal or do you see the organization that is trying to raise money for the homeless when you pick up your newspaper, what's on the front page? Even when you turn on your newest primetime drama, it is most likely a crime show. Or it is a show that shows roommates or friends or colleagues pitted against each other. And with so much toxicity and drama this even though maybe a sad reality, it is still a very real reality that we deal with on an everyday basis. There are countries that are tourney apart or in the midst of a national tragedy of some sort. But what you don't see is the organizations that are there to lend a helping hand and are working around the clock to train he'll the region in some way. This is the truth of any society, honestly. So, therefore, since that is really all that we see in the repeated daily basis than this is the reality that we have been adjusted to, and this is the side of the law of correspondence that manifest itself in our daily lives. So this is as above so below. This is where we have to become vigilant and our own thoughts in our own lives. In our own emotions, we cannot play into society's negativity. So you really have to watch and and really take note of what you are consuming on social media on the news in your email subscriptions. So if we allow ourselves to become bombarded with all of this negative energy, then we become the negative energy and we block our vibrational alignment and the sense of oneness that we begin to act negatively and ultimately plock out the universe that is so, so strongly trying to give us what we want. So really, the love correspondence is really teaching us to be mindful of what we are attaching ourselves to what we are consuming as faras media and social media is concerned. Andi, This is also I feel for me personally. I think the law of correspondence is another law that doesn't get enough attention because this is a super important thing to understand. You can think positive thoughts, and you can really work hard and be great at the law of attraction in the law vibration. But if you're consuming all this negative content and allowing yourself to lower the vibration that you are working so hard to keep high, it's going to lower your vibration. Hence the law of vibration 6. Lawfive: The Fifth Law of the 12 Universal Laws of the Universe is the law of cause and effect. And this is the law that governs that no matter what discipline we follow, whether it be Christianity or Hinduism or anything else, one teaching is constant. And this is the teaching that nothing happens outside of a grand design. Whether we believe that this is the design of God or whether we believe in science or a new age train of thought. This is the law that states that very thing. And in the Christian version it is. You reap what you sow. If you have a field and you Onley plant thorny poisonous plants, then that is what you will be returned. Or if you do wrong to someone, then you will have something wrong done to you. This is this. This is the law. That is what you put into the world is what you are going to get out. So physicists described this as every action has an equal and opposite reaction, kind of like the question that happens when an irresistible cannibal hits and immovable post. If you put he on something than it will ultimately get hot. This is the line of thinking that this law follows, So New Age thinkers are more likely to call this the law of karmic return. The truth of it all of this every thought, word and action has a reaction or consequence attached to it. Nothing happens by chance. Our thoughts, words and physical actions will result in a certain outcome, depending on what those thoughts, words or actions are. So if they are negative, then you're gonna get negative. If they're positive in peaceful, then you will get positive and peaceful things. Most people question if actual thoughts and words or actions. The answer to that is, yes, it is, by definition, we actually, whether it be consciously or subconsciously act upon thoughts and words and to even have a thought of deep, subconscious region or trigger causes that thought than our thoughts become our words. We have toe actually put forth and actual moving energy for words to come out of our mouths , and our words become our actions, and in turn, our actions become our habits or our lifestyles. If someone tells you that you aren't worth anything or that you are less or no good, then that is what you will act upon a reactor. Believe it or not, success is a habit or I'm sorry. Believe it or not, success is a habit or lifestyle. How many people do you know that are successful and do the same things in their lives the same way they did before they were successful? Not many, if any at all. So this is why we have to be sure that our thoughts, words and actions are in this in the correct alignment with what we're trying to achieve, a manifest in line with our desires. So to sum this up, we have to achieve and maintain a sense of oneness with the world and people around us, so we can be sure that we're putting out the correct vibration. Then we have to act upon what it is we're seeking. We have to assure that whatever it is we're seeking has an achievable outcome in our physical world, and we have to be sure that her actions and our thoughts and our deeds are in line with the desired outcome, so that we are putting out what we want in return, and this is going to move us to our next universal law. 7. Lawsix: the six law of the 12 Universal laws is the law of compensation. This is where we actually start to see the culmination or results of the previous laws that we already went through. This is where we begin to see the rewards such as money and peace and love and inheritance and friendships or blessings that we have aligned ourselves with. This is also where we see the consequences of any negative thought, actions, words or energies that we align ourselves with or put forth. So while this is certainly not the most important of the universal laws, it is the one we see in our physical everyday life. In the things that we obtain either material or immaterial, this is usually where people give up. So it is at this point that people see negative results and say that these universal laws are completely false or a scam. And in the worst case scenarios, this is where people lose all hope and decide that the universe is against them and that there is no reason to strive for anything better. When we are in this reality, this law has to comment to play yet another law that I will discuss later in the course is actually enforce, and they are sometimes mistaken as interchangeable, which is completely wrong. So if you think you are at this point, then you either are seeing negative results or or you're just not seeing the compensation of your hard work. You need to go back and re establish yourself and recognise which of the previous laws you are not in agreement or alignment with and changed to make yourself in agreement or alignment with those forces. So if you need to realize that you are not at this point yet, at least not in the way you think or you feel you should be and you need to think about the law, we will discuss Ah in in the ninth Law so you could see it for what it ISS. But nobody said that the results would be instant. This is another thing that we have to remember. I mean, chances are the most that most of your life you have been seriously out of line with the laws and the universe as a whole, as well as actively resisting what has been set forth in the grand design. So since most of these laws and the actions required to align yourselves with them are mostly learned actions than it will take some time to unlearn what we think we know and relearn what we need to begin turning things around in our favor. This is going to take time, and this is where learning to have faith and surrender comes into play. So just like it took you time toe, learn how to walk, talk and co exist. And it even took you some time to learn what you learned in school. Because all in all the universe and space and time and energy are infinite, and time is not actually defined. Wikipedia defines time as time is the indefinite continued process of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present of future. So our concept of time is really just a method we used to measure the space between certain events. Actual time is indefinite and never ending, so to avoid getting into a discussion of quantum in theory related theoretical site physics , what we need to understand is that on the grand scale of themes, the grand design is what we consider to be forever, or at least a really long time is not really all that long. And if that doesn't help, then you have to fall back to the old saying Patience is a virtue. However, in today's fast paced world, we have developed a sense of urgency or need for immediate gratification. And when we are seeing so much of our media and the information that we consume, you know, having all these fast results, that's basically what our minds want to see, and what we want is fast results. So however, you need to keep in mind that the collective is much bigger than the individual. So just hang in there, just keep yourself in alignment and you will see results. 8. Lawseven: So these seven law of the universal laws is none other than the law of attraction. And this is the law that seems to have the most attention, even though e I don't really understand why. Because the fact is is that you just can't pick and choose which laws to acknowledge and which ones to not acknowledge because they all work is a collective whole. So just like in the justice system, you can't decide to rob a bank and not kill anyone and expect to not have consequences. Just because you didn't act on one and you do did act on the other. Maybe that was about example, but you catch my drift. So this law demonstrates how we create the things in the events and the people that come into our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions produce energies, which in turn attract like energies. In other words, negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. When referencing this particular law, people usually interpret it as you know, we think positively about something we want. Then it will happen well, this is partially right and partially wrong all at the same time. Ah, lot of things have to come into play. So ah, lot of the time we hear when someone is teaching someone to use this law in their favor is if you visualize it over and over again, that it will come to you. Well, how that is right is yes. You have to keep your goal firmly fixed in your mind, and you have to do it with positive reinforcement. Reinforcement such as this is mine, and you need to keep a visual of that goal in your mind at all times. However, it is present in your life. So this could mean that if you want a new house, then you have to keep a picture of that house in your mind right down to every minor detail and including the color of the carpet you want. If you want money than yes, you have to keep some sort of visual off that in your mind, whether it is literally stacks of money or a visual of what you would like in your bank account toe look like you also have to positively and reinforce that somehow in your mind, all of this is already yours. Affirmations are just repeating to yourself over and over again. Or write it down on an index card where you can pull it out and look at it several times a day. These affirmations, or whatever it is, need to be spoken out loud because remember, God spoke the universe into existence. However, as I said before, you have to remember that this is not the Onley universal law. You will have to mind and maintain a sense of oneness with the people and the world around you. Because we really are all connected, you will have to fill yourself with positive vibrations in orderto align yourself with the universe. Since all things move in a circular pattern and have a vibrational frequency all on its own , you will have to take some sort of action to achieve your goals. You will have to show up for work or apply to those jobs or start your own business. If you want the vibrational harmony with the universe and your desires, you'll have to be intuitively drawn to someone or something. But it will be on you toe act on that. If you want good, you have to put forth good because what exists in the physical world also exists in the corporeal world. You have to make sure that whatever action thought words or words that drive you, they are the right ones so that you see the rewards and not the consequences. You know, we also have to recognize and realize that any part for the positive or towards your goal is preferable to no change or bad change. So no matter how subtle the change is, look for it and recognize it and stay vigilant and on your path. These will come into play on our absolutely vital to the rewards that you want to manifest as the sum of all the parts they are the law of attraction. 9. Laweight: the Eighth Law of the 12 Universal Laws of the Universe is the law of perpetual trans mutation of energy. Okay, I know most of you just listened to me. Say that and you're like, what? You probably even words like shaking your head. But once we really break it down into smaller parts, the some of the whole, so to speak, it's going to be a lot easier for you to understand this law and how it coincides with all the other laws of the universe. So with the word perpetual means constant or never ending. And the word trans mutation means the ongoing process of changing one thing into another. And then we discussed energy earlier. But just to recap and maybe clarify a little better, everything is made of energy. Everything in our universe is made up of energy from the bed that you're sleeping on to you , to your dog, to the tree in your backyard. Everything is energy. So an object or objects which can be transformed into something else. So now that we all got that out of the way, this law states that everyone has within them the power to change the conditions of their lives. When you are in tune with the higher, more powerful vibrations, they will consume the lower ones, making them obsolete, the lower ones being the negative vibrations you omit and that are omitted around you so you can change your energy and your vibrations by understanding these laws and applying them to your daily life. In other words, you have the perpetual, the ongoing or the never ending power to transform, which is trans mutate. The energies within you therefore changing the energies and vibrations around you to attract what it is you are seeing aching or that you desire when you transform to the higher energies and vibrations. When you align yourself with the positive and the good, that is what will begin to consume and become you. And that will overpower any negative that you have in your thoughts, your words and your actions. Please know that this definitely takes time and ah, lot of unlearning and relearning. This is the outcome of perseverance and aligning yourself with the universe. This law is what's going to affect the change in your life that you want 10. Lawnine: law Number nine is the law of relativity. This is the kind of sucky law that everyone hates, but unfortunately it's a universal law. So it is what it is. But this is the law that states that everyone will receive a set of problems, tests or initiations or lessons for the purpose of strengthening character, of producing a light within. If we look at each of these as a learning experience and managed to stay connected to our very spirit or our soul and heart and proceed to find a way to solve the problem in a positive manner, while at the same time being grateful for the lesson and the capacity to solve it and then solve it each time our inner strength, our character, our soul, our light will manage to raise to the next vibrational level. So this is also the law that states we have to keep things in perspective, no matter how hard our life is. Someone, somewhere, has it. Ah, lot worse. When we burn the casserole, someone has nothing to eat. When we have a flat tire, there's someone out there that has no car. When our kids are acting up apparent somewhere just lost their child. This is keeping things in perspective. This process helps us to be more grateful and positive, therefore helping to attract what it is we are seeking. This is what I was talking about and said earlier, If you are not seeing the results you are looking for, it may not be that it is not going to happen or that these laws are not going or happening for you. It's most likely that this law is in play. So if you have a problem, it is simply a test to move you to a higher frequency and keeping that problem problem Scuse me in its proper perspective and proceeding to solve it is really only a test. And yes, it is extremely frustrating and can drive you crazy at times. But it is necessary. You must come into tune with the physical and the non physical world around you and sometimes putting you in a position to reevaluate your circumstances and try something different is necessary for the grand design. So we must recognize that these tests are lessons for being just that tests or lessons. Okay, they are not setbacks, and they are definitely not failures. They are not signs that the universe is against you, or that you will never achieve what it is you are working towards. It simply means that in some aspect some area you are weak and you need to strengthen it through the solving of a situation or a problem. You must learn something new. Therefore you are now strengthened in that area, and you can now move up in vibration and closer to your goal, so be thankful for and go forth and solve it and just become a bit greater or stronger than you previously were. 11. Lawten: okay. The 10th law of the 12 Universal Laws is the law of polarity. Just is the love correspondent states that everything in the physical world has a corresponding process in the non physical world, The law of polarity states that everything also has an opposite. So for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So every positive thought has a negative thought, and every negative thought has a positive word. And every positive action has a negative action. This convey incorporated into what you are trying to achieve by realizing when you have a negative thought, you need to stop the negative thought and instead concentrate on the positive thought because it does exist. So this is put into place so that for every disaster we have, we have a rebuilding for every life that is unjustly taken. We have a system in place to punish that action. For every terminal illness we have, we have someone out there searching for a cure. Essentially one cannot exist without the other. This is kind of the thought. This is kind of the thought behind. Why do bad things or negative things happen to good people? So mastering this process is what will bring everything about that is supposed to come about this kind. This kind of states that if you don't like the way you feel or the direction your life is going, don't complain about it. Instead, just do something about it. However, you need to make sure that what you are doing about it is something positive and not negative. Remember the law of cause and effect. So this law can ultimately define how well you have learned the lessons in your life and what direction you want your life to take. So really, the law polarity is you thinking when you have that negative thought and you're on that negative, you know, thought train, switch it. That's the law of polarity. So if you're thinking about oh, I hate my job, you know, I need more money. Think, switch that thought to There's a job out there for me that I'm gonna love or I have all of my basic necessities taking care of with this salary. That's the law polarity 12. Laweleven: the 11th Law of the 12 Universal Laws of the Universe is the law of rhythm. And this is the law that states that everything vibrates. Air moves to certain rhythms. This is what establishes the seasons, the phases of the moon, stages of development as well as all the patterns that are present in our lives. This is essentially the natural order of things. There are 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year, regardless of what is going on in your daily life. So these things do not change. This is absolute. This is the natural order of things. This is the regularity of the universe. This is perpetual. So when you realize that everything runs on this rhythm every vibration in the universe, every molecule of energy every second of time you will realize that this too shall pass. This is kind of like don't sweat the small stuff. This is the law that basically says, you know, like hey, chill out. Stop stressing out because in the grand scheme of things, this problem is minuscule. So since everything is modified in divine by vibration and energy, it is therefore by definition, essential part of this rhythm and is essential to the continuing cycle of life. If you are having a bad day is regulated by a vibration, be it good or bad and it is still regulated by vibration and energy. So this is when you recognize this bad day as a learning experience. Concentrate on the opposite of whatever it is you're trying to determine your bad day, change your perception and make it a good day and allow it to be a part of the positive rhythm. So when you realize that this bad day is the outcome of an hour of this whole 24 hour day of this week or a week of this year when you realize that this is not gonna last forever. And this hour is only part of the 24 hours of this day and at the end of this 24 hour period, this day is gonna end and a new ones going to begin. This is the law of rhythm. So it is. Then you must take action toe, align yourself with the vibrations that you seek an act in different way and move on to achieve what it is you are trying to achieve. It's a lesson. So be grateful. You are stronger than you were one minute before and the event happened and try something different and move toward a different outcome. This is the natural order of the universe. It is what it is. 13. Lawtwelve: Okay, We are at the last law of the 12 Universal Laws of the Universe. And the 12th Law is the law of gender. So this law is both really super simple, but also very complicated. So I like to call this kind of law simply complex and in nature. This law manifests as sex. So the male plans to see the female fertilizes the seed and nurtures that until it comes into fruition. And then both have some part in the ongoing development in existence of that seed, so one cannot exist without the other. This is the yin and yang of the universe. This law is where creation and life exists and thrive. One is light and the other is energy, and both are necessary for existence and of itself. So without the masculine, the actual planting of the seed of creation or life, you will not have anything to fertilize, nurture, or bring into being so on the other side of that, if you have the ability to nurture, fertilize or manifests. But you don't have the seed or the beginning of anything than nothing exists. So the masculine the yang must embrace the female, which is the yen and the female yen must accept the masculine yang if these things do not happen than the natural order of things cannot exist and therefore cannot be carried out. As I said, both are necessary for anything to exist in space, time or existence. But this is the ultimate Suplee Supreme Law in the beginning, on the end, and each of these has a specific purpose to ensure the outcome of the grand design, and they must be acknowledged and embraced for anything to manifest. 14. CONCLUSION: congratulations. You made it through all the 12 universal laws. You know, I know. For some of you, this may be super repetitive, but if you really sit down and think about it and study it, you will realize that each of these laws are slightly different. Yet they're kind of all the same. And because essentially the universe is just that which is always changing, but above it is all the same. And it changes as in as more people become aware that these laws actually exist in the hair absolute, the sense of divine oneness will become more prevalent. And the universe, because of the added strength and oneness, will become stronger and emits stronger vibrations and energies. And these laws will become more intense and will quickly begin to manifest the actual desires so that the final outcome can be achieved for the greater good, so to speak. So as we become more aware of these universal laws, we need to utilize them in our own individual daily lives. The collective will become one person, one vibrational, energetic field, and it will become so much stronger. And as more people embrace this, the world is going to change. We're gonna see less violence and death and fewer disasters and trata gee, tragedy and all the bad will begin to shift to the good until the outcome of unenlightened peaceful, loving collective is achieved. I'm This is just a basic overview of all these laws. So the truth is that there is more and more being discovered every day. But you could study this subject for years and always learn something new. I hope you take the time and energy toe, learn about these laws and to actually bring them into your life because it has changed mine dramatically. And I hope it does the same for you. So thank you so much for being a part of this course. I hope that you guys really consume this information and bringing into your everyday life because you're going to see such powerful changes. And I just wish you guys all the best and thank you. Thank you again. And yeah, God, Guys, this was probably one of my favorite courses because I love learning about this stuff. But you guys, it's a pleasure. And I will see you in one of my other courses.