The 12 Principles of Animation with Toon Boom Harmony: Pt. 1 - Squash & Stretch | April Newton | Skillshare

The 12 Principles of Animation with Toon Boom Harmony: Pt. 1 - Squash & Stretch

April Newton, 2D/3D Enthusiast, Graphic Designer

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8 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction

    • What Is Squash & Stretch

    • Getting Started In Toon Boom Harmony

    • Creating Ball & Path

    • Setting Pegs, Pivots & Exposures

    • Setting Keyframes with Tweening

    • Adding Squash & Stretch

    • Rendering Your Animation (Updated)


About This Class


In 1981, two amazing Disney animators (Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston), coined the "12 Principles of Animation" to teach future artists the tools needed for creation of a successful animation. These ideals combined the illusions of character movement with an understanding of the Laws of Physics. Understanding the principles of animation can be vital to many career industries.

This is the first class in my twelve part series that will teach you all of these principles by utilizing the Toon Boom Harmony software. In this first lesson, we will cover the primary and most important of the The 12 Principles of Animation - Squash and Stretch. You will have you first bouncing ball animation created upon completion of these lessons.

Although this class is meant for beginners, even advanced or professional users can utilize this class as a refresher course. 

What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding the ideals of the Squash and Stretch principle relative to animated objects which change shape (get longer or flatter) to emphasize the object's mass, speed, momentum, and weight.
  • Introduction to the User Interface in Toon Boom Harmony (Premium).
  • Introduction to the Inbetweening or tweening style of animation.
  • Creation of your very first bouncing ball animation in Toon Boom Harmony!





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April Newton

2D/3D Enthusiast, Graphic Designer

Good Day All!

My name is April Newton and I am a mother of two and Insurance Auditor by day. At night I stare with glazed eyes within the glowing hypnosis of my computer welding my Wacom pen and learning the techniques garnered by my 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Senseis.

I am a 2D/3D Enthusiast who is a master of none but lover of all things art related. In my younger years, I journeyed to Los Angeles on a three-year expedition. During this time, I stumbled upon the dojo of A...

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