The 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Freelancing

David Rodriguez, Enthusiastic Video Production Freelancer

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    • Course Intro

    • Course Purpose

    • 1- You'll never feel you're ready enough

    • Exercise 1

    • 2- Clearly define the product or service you're going to sell

    • Exercise 2

    • 3- Know your Finances

    • Exercise 3

    • 4- Freelancing is like running a small business.

    • Exercise 4

    • 5- You'll have to deal directly with clients

    • Exercise 5

    • 6- Unusual worktimes

    • 7- Freelancing requires investment

    • Exercise 7

    • 8- Don't put all your eggs in one basket

    • Exercise 8

    • 9- You'll never get your money on time

    • Exercise 9

    • 10- Driven but not stubborn

    • Wrap Up

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About This Class

Are you thinking on taking the freelance route? This course is perfect for you!. You know, becoming a freelancer is a decision that will completely change your life and havingĀ proper information is key, specially at the beginning. Still remember when I started I had no clue on what was I supposed to do, little less was I aware of the challenges I would be facing andĀ as a consequence I made all sort of mistakes that pushed me to limit of thinking is this was actually the path I should follow. Luckily for me, I was able to overcome all those issues and became a successful freelancer.

I don't want you to suffer as much as I did and that's the reason why I have created this course, so that you are aware of the problems you'll most likely be facing and put action plans in place to prevent them or correct them. Also, this will give you a glimpse on what it takes to be a freelancer so that you can make an informed decision on whether this is the correct path for you or not.

These are The 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Freelancing:

  1. You'll never feel you're ready enough.
  2. Clearly define the product or service you're going to sell.
  3. Know your finances.
  4. Freelancing is like running a small business.
  5. You'll have to deal directly with clients.
  6. Unusual worktimes.
  7. Freelancing requires investment.
  8. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  9. You'll never get your money on time.
  10. Driven but not stubborn.

I truly hope this information is usefull to you.



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It's a great course, that gives you a lot of advices of becoming a freelancer, that comes handy at any time, even if you're a freelancer a long time ago. the course tells you the truth about being a freelancer, all the dificults that you'll face, but also, gives you all the information that you need to face it. Super recommended
Really great course if you're just starting out!
Chris Cambell

Communications Specialist

Excellent advice, especially the part on "How to price your services." I had to smile though at "Careful, you may not be paid for days!". If you're talking DAYS, you're lucky, weeks is more likely. For very small projects, in particular if it's for a new or private customer, I would recommend asking for (partial) payment upfront. Another way to weed out the bad customers ;-)





David Rodriguez

Enthusiastic Video Production Freelancer

Hello, I'm David and I've been a video production freelancer for over 7 years.

Though I'm a professional Industrial Designer my passion for movies and animation took me to the U.S where I graduated from The Digital Animation and Visual Effects School (DAVE School) at Universal Studios Orlando. Ever since then I've been working in a wide variety range of projects, from feature lenght films to corporate animated videos.

I'm lucky to say that I have had the chance to work for some ...

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