The 1 Week Song Challenge - Memorise songs and lyrics with ease in 5 days. | Jayne C Norrie Vocal Coach | Skillshare

The 1 Week Song Challenge - Memorise songs and lyrics with ease in 5 days.

Jayne C Norrie Vocal Coach, Vocal Coach, Choir Master, Entrepreneur

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6 Videos (2h 52m)
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    • Day 1 Preparation

    • Day 2 Adding your Melody

    • Day 3 - Adding your Melody

    • Day 4 Memorisation

    • Day 5 Putting it all in place


About This Class


Are you trying to learn a bunch of songs, but you struggle to know them inside out?

Singers are expected to have all of the their songs completely memorised.  

But it is really difficult.

Especially if no-one has ever shown you how to do it!

Join The 1 Week Song Challenge and we will empower you.  

Over the course of 5 days we will take you over our entire course, with 2 days left over for you to perfect what you're doing and upload the results.

From sourcing a song that's right for you, right through to performing your song.

We have a 25-point plan with Worksheets.  

It goes into minute detail.

It covers my entire strategy I use to memorise songs.  Now you can use it too.

A few months ago I had to memorise 2 hours worth of brand new songs in a week, and I did it!  

This system has worked well for me for the past 7 years of my full-time career.





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Jayne C Norrie Vocal Coach

Vocal Coach, Choir Master, Entrepreneur

Hi Skillshare

I'm a professional Singing Teacher in Aberdeen, UK.

I'm an entrepreneur, mum to my cute fur baby Chico.  I'm on first-name terms with the baristas at my local Starbucks.

For the last 9 years I have run the Forte Music School which I grew from teaching in my bedroom to doing 3 minute pitches in front of HRH Prince Andrew.

There are many pictures that are more fancy than this, but I think this feels the most like the natural me - with Chico behind ...

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