The #1 Way to Overcome Writer's Block | Ken Wells | Skillshare
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6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Why Should I Take This Class?

    • 2. Understanding the Best Brain States for Producing Creativity

    • 3. How to Overcome Writer's Block...The Right Way

    • 4. How to Complete the Class Project

    • 5. How to Leave a Review for This Class

    • 6. Conclusion and Next Steps


About This Class

You're sitting there...staring at a blank sheet....trying to come up with the right words to begin...

...deleting...erasing...backspace backspace backspace

It's frustrating because you know that other times, the words just flow, as if by magic...

I'm not going to tell you that this class is going to solve all your creativity problems and that you'll never experience writer's block or creative block again.

What I will tell you is once you understand the mechanics of how the creative process works as well as how we get blocked, you'll find yourself having a lot of more control over your creative states of mind as well as a way to more predictably produce your best quality creative work.

Although this class is primarily for writers of all kinds (book writers, content creators, bloggers, copywriters, infopreneurs), it will also help you become overcome creative block of any kind.

In this class you will learn:

  • The Cause of Writer's Block and How to Avoid It in The First Place
  • The Easiest Way to Become More Creative
  • How to Quickly Get Unstuck From Problems
  • The Gateway to the Source of All Creativity
  • How to Overcome Writer's Block Quickly

So, go ahead and enroll now so that you can experience deeper creative inspiration, much more of the time.





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Ken Wells

Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach

Ken Wells is an internationally sought after speaker, teacher and coach.  He is the author of 20+ courses and coaching programs on topics such as meditation, personal transformation, online course creation & marketing mindfulness and spirituality.  

To learn more about the "Academy of Self-Mastery" and be notified of free webinars and other events - Click Here

40,400+ students in 168 countries are currently enrolled in his programs.

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