The #1 LinkedIn Marketing & Sales Lead Generation Blueprint | Juan Galvan | Skillshare

The #1 LinkedIn Marketing & Sales Lead Generation Blueprint

Juan Galvan, Tech Entrepreneur | Marketer

The #1 LinkedIn Marketing & Sales Lead Generation Blueprint

Juan Galvan, Tech Entrepreneur | Marketer

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8 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Linkedin Sales Video Intro

    • 2. Introduction to Linkedin

    • 3. Linkedin Platform Walkthrough

    • 4. Linkedin Marketing Solutions

    • 5. How To Create Linkedin Company Pages

    • 6. Linkedin Groups

    • 7. How To Create a Killer Profile that Converts

    • 8. How To Create a Headline That Get’s You Noticed

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About This Class

If you're a Business Owner, Consultant, Coach, Entrepreneur or Executive that's struggling to get more leads and sales then this course is for you!

Discover how to easily start generating leads on demand with this simple 3-Step LinkedIn Sales Funnel Blueprint!

This step-by-step training course will take you by the hand and teach you how to build a profitable LinkedIn network of highly targeted prospects. Armed with the knowledge found in this simple to follow course you will be able to easily generate more leads and sales for your business.

Meet Your Teacher

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Juan Galvan

Tech Entrepreneur | Marketer


Hi I'm Juan. I've been an entrepreneur since grade school. My background is in the tech space from Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Web Development to Programming. I believe in continuous education with the best of a University Degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods. I look forward to helping you expand your skillsets.

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1. Linkedin Sales Video Intro: welcome to the number one Lincoln Marketing and Sales Lead Generation blueprint. Now, if you're a business owner, consultant, coach, entrepreneur or executive that's struggling to get leads and sales on the Lincoln platform , then this course is for you. In this course, you're gonna learn how to easily start generating leads with my simple three step lengthen lead generation system. You're also gonna learn how to create a killer profile that generates leads on demand and how to create a headline that gets you noticed and how to write a compelling profile summary. And then we're gonna walk through the entire length in lead generation system where we have a three step sales funnel and we have a indirect method and extend my direct method that I'm gonna share with you. And then we're gonna walk through the entire length and self Navigator tool, which allows you to increase the number of connections, the number of messages, and really help you maximize your prospecting. And then I'm gonna show you how to get instant credibility, how to get free leads sent to your inbox from lengthen and the magic sales formula. So I see you on the other side 2. Introduction to Linkedin: Welcome to the Lengthen Blueprints introduction. My name is Juan, and I'm gonna walk you through some facts and some stats here from the lengthened platforms that are going to give you an idea as far as how powerful link then is for yourself for your business, for whatever it is you trying to accomplish on the platform. So let's go ahead and jump right into this. The first thing here is that Lincoln is the world's largest business professional. Social network has over 500 million members. This is essentially like having on online networking platform event that is going on 24 7 Just think about all those different types of networking events that go on the meet ups Chamber of Commerce being I groups right. This is essentially all of those put together, but in an online fashion right online form where you can easily connect with many different people in your industry, different potential prospects. So the thing here on lengthen is that people are on the platform to connect with other professionals that may directly or indirectly play a factor in the professional business dealing. So if you think about it and there's people that are on lengthen their there because you want to make sure that they're either looking for another job or their, you know, simply there, just a network and mingle with other individuals. And then there's those that are on there to actually try to get new prospects, new customers in their pipeline. And I'm gonna show you a way to set up your profile eso that you are attracting people to you. People are actually reaching out to you and actually trying to find out how you can help them. The next thing is, I want to share with you some stats. So lengthen is the number one channel that B two B marketers used to distribute content. So let's see that you are a company. Maybe you're a consultant that works with business owners, right? Well, the best way for you to get in front of your target market, and often times it's even the executive folks. So, like the sea level folks, the VP's. Those types of individuals are on lengthen all the time, and they're consuming content on there, always essentially on. They're trying to learn more about marketing about different things in there. Particular area, right in their particular niche. Now. The next thing here is that lengthen makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to be to be websites and blog's. That means that there's a lot of content that's being shared on lengthen. That's driving people from that piece of content to an actual website so that individual can learn more about that. Particular businesses, product or service so highly highly advise that you be utilizing LinkedIn to its full potential. And I'm going to share with you a lot of different tools, tips, strategies in this course, so you can accomplish just that. So the next fact here that I want to share with you is that 45% of lengthen article readers are up a level positions I like. I was mentioning the managers of VP directors sea level. Now I actually have clients that utilized lengthen to generate more leads in sales in the utilize some of my systems to generate those lead opportunities, and their particular client base is typically the C level execs, the directors of VP's so their particular targets on lengthen is perfect, right, because those are the individuals that they can put out content to easily engaged with and know that those individuals are most likely going to be on the platform, actually engaging, connecting and having conversations. So how can you use lengthen? Well, you can use the lengthen and a variety of different ways. One of the first ways that you can use lengthen is to hire some of the best top talent. You can easily put out a job there through your business page, accompany page and attract some top tier talent. The next way that you can actually use lengthen is Teoh easily be able to reach out to your potential customers s so that you can further develop your brand, increased visibility and make new business connections possible. This is the whole branding element, and as I mentioned, I'm gonna walk you through a lot of different tools, tips, tricks, strategies that you can use to have conversations developed, that report and chemistry in connection with your prospects, and you can use lengthen as a selling tool. This is the number one way that I like to use lengthen. I know that people that are on lengthen, as I mentioned, are there to, you know, essentially want to do business. They're open because if they're on, lengthen their on there because they want to network with other people and they want to stay active in there, career their job or, you know, whatever that may be so lengthen can increase your business potential by providing you with a platform that is designed to drive selling efforts with real time sales intelligence. This is a tool called thesis Ailes Navigator, which we're going to go through later on in this course. But there's a lot of tools out there that Lincoln provides to help you and aiding in your prospecting your cells on and all those things that you do to make sure that you're going out there and getting new business, new connections and growing your business. So some of the other ways that you can use lengthen is by creating shareable content that's going to add value to your prospects, right? So this could be a simple as creating different articles on your subject matter that relate to your prospects that add value. For example, if you have like a marketing agency, your marketing consultant, you've been create content that is centered around your particular industries, faras like s CEO. Facebook ads Google ads and create guides and, essentially, how twos toe. Help your prospect right? Get a better understanding of those platforms. So then, by you doing that, you're providing value. Your building trust credibility report with those prospects, so lengthen offers multiple ways to feed content to its users. A zai mentioned the whole articles you can post like slide shares. Also in like the slight share tool that they have is, well, ah, different business presentations, block posts, infographics webinars, podcast videos. So just think about Lengthen again is like that online networking platform that's really similar to like Facebook, right? But with Facebook, I mean, you have, like, a completely different type of individual that's on the platform with lengthen. It's more of like older individual sea levels that are really engaged on the platform, so it's a different kind of audience. But if you're in the B two B space and lengthen is your best bet that your best tool and also when you have, like different tools like the Lincoln Snails Navigator, you can use that to actually reach out to prospects and actually research your competition . But they're not only that use the different tools to release. Set yourself apart from your competition by really optimizing your platform so that it stands out. It tells people exactly what you do, how you can help them. You have a lot of content on there. It's really positioned yourself so that you are the expert you're seeing is that credible, authoritative expert, and people will want to start reaching out to you and learning more about your product or service. So that's it for this one here. We'll go ahead and see you on the next one. 3. Linkedin Platform Walkthrough: All right. So I'm gonna go ahead and walk you through the lengthen platform. Just a nice and simple kind of walk through here just to give you an idea as faras how everything looks where everything's at and, you know, be able to give you some insight here as to what we can do here. So let's go ahead and jump right in here. Now, as you can see here, there's these different tabs up here, there's home, which is here. You have my network, but you can click on and you have people event are either connected with you or potential people. That may be good connections for you here. Some suggestions as well. And then you have people that have sent invitations to you. Now I'm gonna have an entire section in this course of how to properly do outreach through the three steps sales funnel have two different methods. I have an indirect and a semi direct method, and these guys here they have a pretty good idea. Like, this guy here has a really good headline. I help companies deliver data driven sales. But a lot of these guys in here, their problem is that they're coming after right out of the gate and trying to sell okay on . And that's one of the biggest problems that I've seen in a lot of different our reaches out . People are just kind of like a, uh this is what I do. This is my product service do you want to buy? And that's not the right way to go about it. So I have an entire process. But I just wanted to quickly go over that. Ah, here. You can look at different jobs that see if you've posted jobs or, you know, for whatever reason, you may be looking for a job. But most likely, this course is for those that are business owners, coaches, consultants, freelancers, anybody trying to, you know, maybe even executives looking to generate more leads in sales for their business so you can look at salaries here. You can look at all your different messages. I'm not gonna pull it up here because I have a lot of private messages. All right, so this is your news feed on lengthen, and it's essentially kind of like the Facebook news feed where you have your news here in the middle, you have different information as faras groups. Maybe some news, maybe some ads over here on the right hand side and then information regarding your connections groups, different businesses you have over here on the left hand side. Now, as you can see here, you have the ability to share a post. Let's say, if you wanted to add a post here, just like on Facebook, you want to share some information about your business about, you know, maybe you're somewhere across the world doing business, you know, whatever that may be, right. You want to make this post here relevant to your business in some way. There's not gonna be an opportunity for you, I guess, to come in here and post personal things about your personal life. I know what Facebook it can get quite interesting because you'll have people posting about all kinds of stuff in their personal life that oftentimes they should not be posting. They should keep private, but that's just how it goes with Facebook on lengthen. You want to make sure that sure as professional as possible, you're being respectful. You're not trying to cause any kind of hate any drama, right? I mean, It's different if you're trying to, maybe have, like, a post that maybe a little bit controversial, that can get some engagement, but nothing where your posting personal things that is going on with your life because this is just not the right place for it. You know, it's just if you want to do that, go on Facebook with lengthen. That's not the play. So you want to add an image here and one at a video here, you can add a file. I'm not gonna post anything here. I don't want to post it, but it's super simple. I mean, literally. It's just like Facebook where you talk. Hey, my name is Juan. How is everyone right? I'm not gonna post is I'm just going to show you here. You can put Hashtags. You can make this available to anyone connections just to certain groups that you're familiar with you there or you're connected with eso. Very simple and easy there. I'm gonna discard this, but really, you could just start seeing different posting here in the post that I have noticed that have gotten the best type of engagement are videos. So, like this one here, um or like you know, some like this one I hear is Well, s o. I mean, this is just like Facebook highly recommend you take a look at this here, you're going to see different groups that you're part of a different pages that you have, um, and essentially everything that you have faras a connection. People who have seen your profile. So right here you can go. Who's viewed your profile. Now you can Onley see a certain number of individuals on. Then after that, you need to actually pay for the premium to be able to see the people that have actually viewed your profile. So let's see if we can click on that so we can see here unlocked the rest of the list with Premium. And I'm not going to do that. But you can just see here your profile visits every day. And if you have the premium version, they have several different levels, and I'm gonna walk through the premium tools in another video. But they have a lot of different levels here. But if you want to unlock who has seen your profile, then you can do that through the different tools. So the other area that I want to show you Here is the work on and you have a narrow here that down arrow Click on that and it'll pop this up here on the right hand side. Sidebar here. And it allow you to look at the different products that lengthen high. So the lengthen learning insights. If you want to post a job you wanna advertise the group's pro finder now pro Finder is actually a really good source that we're gonna go through in another part of this course where you can actually get free lead sent to your inbox of your potential prospects customers, clients that are actually in need of your services on there looking to get quote. So we're gonna walk through that another video. But this here is a fantastic tool. But you can come down here and see the business services telling solution sale solutions. Ah, and then easily create a company page here. So remember, whenever you want to access this sidebar here, simply go up here to work, and you're gonna be able to see this year on the right hand side. Then you can go to your settings and privacy here. Okay, So this is where you can change up your settings here so that if you want to make sure that you know, your whole profile doesn't get notified if you update something, you can do that here. So edit your profile. Choose how your profile piers. You can change that. We can see here. If you want to change this, let me just go back here. But you can change it. How it looks on the profile settings Who can see your email. Let's say, if you want people to not be able to have access to your email, you can change that. Who can see your connections? Let's say for whatever reason, you want to keep your connections. Private viewers of this profile also viewed. If you want to include yourself on that as well, you can do that. Or, if you want to change that, to know who can see your last name, let's say for whatever reason, you want to keep privacy. Uh, and you don't wanna be putting your information out there. You can just literally hide your last name. I wouldn't recommend that, because with lengthen your trying to be as transparent Ah, and you're trying to network with other people, right? So it wouldn't make very much sense for you to hide that information. So representing your organizations and interest, Um, you know, I would obviously keep that profile Visibility off lengthened, Yes. Choose whether work experience description. Keep that on how others see your lengthen activity, profile viewing options. You can change this to either a full profile or private mode activity managing your active status. You want to change this If you want to share your different things that are going on as far as like, your education changes anniversaries, what not? If you want to notify your network of this, you can change this to Yes, I put No, um, if you want to get notified, I'm actually going to change this to know, because I don't really, you know, doesn't really matter to me. As far as that information mentions or tags by others. Yes, it's kind of just like Facebook when you get tagged on a post or whatever, So manage your data and activity. Um, you want to change that, and if you want to download your data all your connections, you can download them here manage. You can discover your profile from your email address. Okay, manage shipping the stuff of your profile from your phone number, Sink contacts, calendar. Uh, and a lot of this different information here, which really isn't gonna be the most relevant. If you want to hide some of your followers, you wanna blocks and people, but not really necessary down here, job seeking preferences unless you're actually looking for a job. So that's for the privacy settings. You go to the count. This is the email address. You wanna have a believe your main email, and then you also wanna have, like, a backup email as well Your phone numbers. It's important to have anemia that you check often because when you're utilizing the three steps sales funnel process that I have in here, you're gonna be getting notifications with people messaging you back contacting you, so it's important you get notified as quickly as possible and then respond to them accordingly. Different phone number. So you wanna have Obviously, if you want to change your password, if you will want to show kind of where you signed in as far as your I P. If you wanna have your two step verification and then your site preferences. Here. Profile photos also play videos, subscriptions and payments. This is for if you are going to be using one of the page services like lengthen sales advocator. Okay, And here is some more information here. If you wanted to emerge a lengthen accounts. Now, from what I understand, you cannot have more than one. Lengthen accounts lengthen profile. If you do have two of them, they can literally just closed down one of the accounts without even telling you. And they don't have to transfer any information. It's against their policy. So make sure that you just have one linked in profile. Okay, here, if you want to close it for whatever reason, okay, and that's really it for that. Let's go check out some ads. Um, and you could put some general information here as far as the as the demographics and how you want that to be shown and seen and then communication receive via lengthen Web app email received to your primary email. Push right as far as you receiving messages and you know all your different connections and everything's faras the experience within that. So I highly recommend you take a look at this a little bit further in detail and a lot more in depth. If you're gonna be coming in here and messing with this because you want to make sure that you're utilizing linked into its full potential, you're getting the right notifications. You're putting your profile out there so that you're letting people know that. Hey, I'm open to connecting. I'm open to networking, engaging, having conversations with people, right? And you want to be able to do that appropriately on you. Want to get the right notifications. And, you know, if it makes sense, you want toe potentially. Use the sales navigator, which I'm gonna walk you through how to set that up and how to use that. So that's it for this video here. As far as the eye lengthen walked through, I will see you guys in the next one. Thanks 4. Linkedin Marketing Solutions: All right, So now we're here on the lengthen marketing solutions where we can create paid ads to get in front of our target prospect. So coming down here, we can see some metrics here, generate leads, Dr Website traffic and build brand awareness. So here's giving us some examples as faras the types of ads that we can run looks like as of today. Well, this is 17 2610 million profiles. Four out of five members drive business decision number one platform for Ali Generation. Establish your brand with a free lengthen page. So there's typically when you're doing pay, that's oftentimes it's going to be through the lengthen page. That's why they I believe they've done like a complete revamp of the business pages so that they look really nice with the high end, and they provide a lot of branding. So if you haven't created a lengthen company page there, make sure you get that set up on and then you have the different types of ads you have sponsored content and it shows you kind of where this is going to be sponsored in male. You have text ads on that you can see the metrics in your campaigns. Grow your business with lengthen marking solutions created ad. So let's go up here and we can see the types of advertising that they have. So they have, ah, sponsored content sponsored in male video ads, text ads, dynamic ads. And we'll just take a brief look at these here. So the native advertising So these are gonna be most likely in the newsfeed, right? This is just like if you're familiar with Facebook ads, it's going to be right in the news feed, and it's gonna show that it is sponsored. So here we can see when I hear, learn how toe understand the values of your customers by improving your workflow. So a great kind of August messaging that you can have for your market is kind of how twos or learn how to. And I don't really know how stringent lengthen is with their advertising and their ads faras the copy and the messaging, but I'm sure they're not going to allow ah spammy type of contents of ad. So I remember that this is a B two B platform and you want to be its professional as possible and you want to make sure that you're talking to your target audience and you're not just trying to sell them stuff. You're trying to provide value, engage with them. Okay, so that's how that looks there. He sponsored in males. This is I don't like the used to be honest with you, because it for me it just looks blatantly like a advertisement. And somebody is trying to selling something, because any time that I've gotten these in my inbox somebody trying to sell me something Hey, uh, you know, we do this, we do that, you know? How would you like to do this? Do that. And I'm like men. Like, what about building their relationship? That's why my strategy, my three step sales funnel is really the difference maker really differentiates between a lot of people out there that are just trying to push a product, pushes service and be to sales e. The key would lengthen is you want to be like, just having a conversation. It's almost like we're looking for a date, right? We're looking for somebody of the opposite sex, and we're looking to have a quick conversation with them. We're looking to find out a little bit more about them to see if there's any chemistry there. See that any opportunity for us to, you know, potentially partner together. And I just don't like these because they come across very silty. So the video ads these are great. Obviously, video is just massively increasing as's faras that the popularity And, you know, people obviously would rather watch a video than actually read content. And it's very easy to create videos now and to get people highly engaged. S o. I don't know the success of this, but I know that video, obviously, on any platform, any where you can see with YouTube being massive video ads definitely work to get people's attention. And then here you can look at the reporting and look at the r A. Y in the metrics. Eso Let's go to the text ads here. Now these are looks like they're going to be where he's gonna be. I think these air, like, right above like your profile. So let me even go back over here. And I think these are Let me go home here, Okay, So think these air like the text that's right in here looking for UX designers. I believe these are the ones here. They don't have any kind of images. It's kind of like a PPC like Google pay per click Google AdWords familiar with that? Where you don't have any images is just literally This is the ad. This is a call to action. Click here. Okay, so let's go back over here and then Ah, so the dynamic ad. So these looks like these are gonna be on the right hand side. Okay, so let's see if I have any of those. Um, so I don't have any here but there to be gonna be on the right hand side. Looks like it create a dynamic ad. Okay. Okay, so I see that there. So it's going to be on the right hand side to be clean this little box right there for the dynamic ads. Again, these the pricing. From what I understand, I haven't ran ads on the length and platform, but im extremely familiar with paid advertising because, you know, I run a lot of campaigns for clients and Facebook on the Google AdWords platform. And so the biggest thing here is that I've noticed in from what people have told me that lengthen advertising theatrics are a little bit more expensive than the other platforms. But if you're running ads on lengthen your clients, your customers are typically going to be worth more on, and they're going to be longer sales cycles. But the actual cost. It's gonna be very minimal in the, you know, in the long run, because the deal sizes are most likely going to be larger, right? Because you're talking with large organizations. You got executives VP CEO, C level executive folks that are going to be your target market, and often times you're gonna be for larger organizations. Eso the carousel ads just like, you know, having a different care. Sell different products. If maybe you have a product that you're looking to promote, maybe a service, you can show different results here that people have got again. If you're familiar with the Facebook ads, this is pretty similar to the Facebook ads where it's showing up on the news feed and then the display ads. There's gonna be right here in the right hand side as well on, and then the looks like this is something new here. Lengthen, elevate content marketing strategy. So I'm not familiar with this. Looks like this is a type of content marketing strategy that a lot of organizations are implementing again. I'm not familiar with the whole advertising side of lengthen. I'm just walking you through the different choices here, and the different opportunities, as I mentioned is quite expensive. But I believe as lengthen gets a lot more intelligent with their data to get a lot more information back from its users, they're gonna be lowering the cost. But because there's not very many people using it, you know there's there's a lot of demand for the price because people are willing to pay high dollar amounts for ads because they know that if they close the deal, it's most likely going to be, you know, 40 50. Even in the six figures. Because if somebody is paying for ads on link, then they're mostly going to be a medium sized company to fortune, you know, 100 or Fortune 500 company, right? So I highly recommend you take a look at the length and marketing solutions here on your own. If you want to dig into this a little bit deeper, but that's it for this video here, and we'll sing on the next one, makes 5. How To Create Linkedin Company Pages: All right, so let's go over the company pages here on lengthen. So they just change this up here not too long ago. Ah, and they completely kind of redesigned the whole entire lengthen pages section here. But I want to go ahead and walk you through how to create one here and, um, bear with me because it's been a while since I created one of these. Because it just recently changed. It's like I mentioned, but, uh, let's go ahead and get this rolling here. So let's go to with ABC Corporation, okay? And then ABC let's go a B c D corporation. And then the website here would be https four slash that we w a B c D corporation. Okay, and then here you have a page preview. We don't need that yet. So dot com company details that you would select whatever, uh, industry you're in here. So let's say we're in marketing advertising that see where this is that here. Right there. Company size. If you want to. 01 I like to always put to attend for the most part there depending. Obviously, if I have more than 10 employees, I'm gonna put more. Uh, you're most likely going to be a privately held company, and then you want upload a local there and then you go there and you go to create page. Now, I'm not going to do that because I already have a page that I wanna show you. But that's essentially how simple it is to create a page. So here we are on one of my brands here as far as the security leads on them. And now, like I said, they just changed. It's up here, and the whole entire format of this company page is different than when I initially set this up. So let's see if we can look at this as a member. Okay, so this is how it looks like. Okay, if you are a member, But what you can do is you can add a cover here, and this is the dimensions one at a tagline. Here we are, the number one security. Ah, leads company in the market. Right? And it's going to save. Ah, right here, Boehm. Fantastic. So that's good there and see how that looks. We're the number one. Security needs company in the market, right? Nice. And simple. Okay, great on. And then here is where If you wanna have a post, there's a lot of companies out there that are larger and maybe if you're even ah, smaller organization. Remember, you're like a software company or some sort of company that where it makes sense for you to have different updates, different content being posted. Let's even go here and look at, like, just a nice and simple example here. Microsoft, right? They have a lot of different updates. Ah, lot of different videos. So they're staying consistent with their content so that people are noticing and seeing that Hey, this business is legit. They are serious about their online presence there making posts, right? They have updates. And this often makes sense. If you're really looking to build that long term brand so highly recommend that if you're going to utilize, you know, different updates here that you get a automated tool to do this for you because of your creating this content every single day by yourself and you creating it from scratch. I mean, you're gonna be utilizing a lot of time that could be used trying to get more clients right , trying to get more customers, so there's different tools out there that can actually help you go out and find different content that is relevant to your specific niche. So ah, good example of this would be like, Let's say, que I think this is the content curation on autopilot. So this is a fantastic tool here, and I think it's like $10 a month, so $0 per month and in $19 per month, very inexpensive. But what this does is it actually allows you to like typing a search filter of, let's say, digital marketing or consulting or manufacturing whatever that may be right. And it will pull up a series of websites and content pieces that have been created all across the Web. And you can have a go out on autopilot with a auto posting tools such as, like, buffer or who'd sweets. And I'll just briefly show you those as well. Eso This is Neil Patel. He's a huge content marketing expert. He talks about Q being the tool for you by putting your social media content curation autopilot. You'll have more time for other areas of your business. So, like I said, they essentially provide you with different topics, content pieces that you can just literally grab and auto posts on all your different platforms. So let's say like buffer. So buffer is, ah, tool here that you used to essentially curate the content and the auto, post it onto your different platforms. So let's say that you wanted to go to Q. And you wanted to find interesting articles, interesting pieces of content, right that you wanted to share not only with your actual breeders, your subscribers, your connections, whatever that may be on, like Facebook instagram all these different places, but on lengthen because you can post different updates on your personal profile, right with like updates and then also on your business a page for updates as well. You can have those pushed out to those particular areas so that people are seeing that you're consistent with your posting your active, and you're looking to engage with other so highly recommend that if you're going to be creating a business page and you want to stay active on lengthen, you know, the more that you can post here. I haven't posted anything here because it's, you know, lengthen isn't my number one source of client attraction on the company pages. These are just kind of, like little brands that I have on the side to test that kind of, you know, find out in the marketplace If if a market is saturated enough for me to come in there and take a piece of the pie on and then if I find that it's a good market to go after, then I'll, you know, go for on with the brand everything. So I highly recommend that you come in here, play with this the stool here as faras the company page creation at all the information that you need there, Here, you can edit this right overview locations, Hashtags, all this stuff and, you know, look at the buffer tool and the Q tool as well. So that's it for this video. We'll see you guys in the next one. Thanks 6. Linkedin Groups: All right, so here we are on the lengthen groups. Now the group's is a great place for you to join other individuals that have similar interested as you. Or they may be potential prospects, potential customers that you can essentially engage with connect with on where you can also join these groups to come in and, you know, add some value on and be able to connect and engage with your target market. So here we're going to easily get to the Lengthen Group section by going to the work down arrow here and going to the groups and you'll go here and then you're going to see the ones that you've requested in your occurring groups that you're part of right here. You can easily create a group here, but I'm gonna show you how to find kind of relevant groups. Eso Let's go to requests and it's go to discover. And then this is going to show us essentially all the different types of groups. Looks like we have 1,783,416 current groups, and you can essentially look at different groups to join for me. I'm in the digital marketing space and the problem with, like a lot of these digital marketing groups on that I've come across that I joined and then left is that a lot of these folks in here are coming across Spammy. They're just trying to promote products and services and, you know, it's just it's really saturated and a lot of people don't really know what they're doing. You get a lot of newbies in here so it can get, you know, quite filled up with spam, you know, quite easily. So depending on the market, the urine, there's going to be a group for you. Let's say you're in a group for, like, consulting. Um, we can select that. So let's go to consulting and then we can find a group here that is for consulting. So Strategy Consulting Network. This may be a potential group here that you don't want to join its even pull this up here on environmental consulting professionals. Ah, financial Executive Way forward Business Consulting Here. This may be another potential group that you'd want to join consulting contract freelance jobs. Maybe another one here here is Well ah. Okay. So this one has 58,000 members. Let's go strategy Consulting their work. 164,000 members. Let's see about this group here now one of the great things about groups, and these are super simple to create. Let's even go back over here. Um, let's go to groups and let me go over here and we can create a new group right here, literally. Just create a name about the group Group rules standard, and you're good to go now. One of the great things about the group's here is that you can have, like, links in here to your website or maybe toe like a sales funnel, or like a automated webinar, or to like an often page to collect email information. And then all of your members you can actually outreach to them by sending them emails. So you have a lot of capabilities and features that you can use to your advantage once you have people and your group, because you could market to them. You can Onley select certain people that join these groups right and that people are coming in there trying to spam. You can kick them out. So you're essentially controlling this entire group right, and you can use it to post valuable content to your market, to your potential customer base and build relationships that way and position yourself as that authoritative figure in your marketplace. So that's it for this video, and we'll see you guys in the next one, Thanks. 7. How To Create a Killer Profile that Converts: All right, So let's talk about the Lincoln profile optimization strategy. So here's the thing. Most people are not interested in reading an online version of your resume because oftentimes what happens is that once you actually create a lengthen profiling, you put your job. If you've never created a profile, it's gonna have, like, your title, like CEO or founder or whatever. And then you're gonna have, like, your summary there, essentially stating your accomplishments as a resume. People don't really want to just read an online version of your resume. What they do want to know is who you are, what product or service you can provide them and how you can help them achieve their goals right? Get them a desired outcome. And in this particular video, I'm going to show you how to create a lengthen profile. I will get you noticed and get you to increase your lead flow off prospects that are actually interested in speaking with you engaging with you and actually potentially doing business with you. So the first thing that you want to do is you wanna have a professional photo head shot. You want to make sure that it looks something like this. You don't wanna have you hanging out at the club, right? The bar. You don't wanna have it so that you have a lot of stuff in your background. You don't wanna have it so that it doesn't look professional. And I can even go over here real quick to show you mine. Uh, let's go to just go right here. It's gonna be profile. And this is essentially my photo here, right? I mean, it's super simple, right? You can see the background is blue. It's actually the ocean on. And it's just a simple headshot. Okay? And this is how you want it to look because it's very professional. There's not anything in the background, and it's, you know, it's not distracting in any way, so let's go back. Okay, so the profile, headshot want to make sure this professional I would even pay for this to get set up for you. You know, pay for some photos because it's going to pay off in the long run. People are going to treat you as a professional right, and show you that respect when you present yourself that way. Okay, so then you want to create a custom profile banner and you can easily create thes through can vote for free. As you can see with mine. Let me go over here mind Super simple mind just says, Ready to take your business to the next level? Then I have a nice image in the background, but you can make these, ah, lot more nicer if you want. I just like mine because it's nice and simple. Straight to the point, I wouldn't make it to kind of out there where it's kind of distracting. You just want to make it so that it catches people's eyes. Uh, and you know, lets them know that you're serious and your professional about your profile on Lincoln. So make sure that you have a professional banner there at stating maybe a punch line or headline of what you do again. You don't want it to be super distracting. Just want to make it so that it stands out 8. How To Create a Headline That Get’s You Noticed: All right, So now let's talk about creating a benefit driven, outcome driven headline. This is one of the most important pieces of your profile because it tells individuals when they land on your profile, what exactly do you do? How you can help them, right? The outcome that you generate for them because nobody really cares about your accomplishments. You know what you've done. Hey, I'm the CEO here. I'm the CEO. They're all they care about is the fact that you are a individual that can help them right , accomplish whatever goal that they may have or whatever problem they may have that you can help them solve them or help them generate more leads and sales, whatever that may be. Right. So, automatically, Lincoln's gonna populate your title If you're the CEO or founder of X Y Z company. You do not want to have that unless you're looking for like a job, but still would not recommend having a simple default headline there so you can go ahead and change your headline to highlight your specialty. Like I mentioned where you're speaking directly to your target audience. So this is an example here of a headline that tells people exactly what this particular individual does. So I help entrepreneurs grow their business. Uh, excuse me. I help entrepreneurs and their businesses obtained the financing they need to grow. So that is a perfect example of people landing on this particular profile and then them knowing exactly what this individual does and how it can help them. Now, I would even take this a bit further, so I would say something along the lines of I help X y Z people accomplished X Y Z goal through X y Z mechanism. Okay, so the first part is what you do. I help X y Z people write your particular market accomplish X y and z right? What do you help them accomplish? Lose weight, make more money, close more sales, more leads and then your 3rd 1 would be the actual mechanism. How you go about accomplishing that. But this is kind of more of an example here for you tohave But those three key elements there are gonna help your profile really stand out