Thanos vs Deadpool Vol 4 Thanos Armor - Zbrush course- 3D Diorama | Mauricio García Arias | Skillshare

Thanos vs Deadpool Vol 4 Thanos Armor - Zbrush course- 3D Diorama

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

Thanos vs Deadpool Vol 4 Thanos Armor - Zbrush course- 3D Diorama

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

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36 Lessons (10h 37m)
    • 1. ThVsDp Vol 4 02 Waistcoat Split Parts 01

    • 2. ThVsDp Vol 4 03 Waistcoat Split Parts 02

    • 3. ThVsDp Vol 4 04 Waistcoat Chest Cover 01

    • 4. ThVsDp Vol 4 05 Waistcoat Chest Cover 02

    • 5. ThVsDp Vol 4 06 Waistcoat Chest Cover 03

    • 6. ThVsDp Vol 4 07 Waistcoat Chest Cover 04

    • 7. ThVsDp Vol 4 08 Waistcoat Oblique Cover

    • 8. ThVsDp Vol 4 09 Waistcoat Neck Cover 01

    • 9. ThVsDp Vol 4 10 Waistcoat Neck Cover 02

    • 10. ThVsDp Vol 4 11 Waistcoat Scapula 01

    • 11. ThVsDp Vol 4 12 Waistcoat Scapula 02

    • 12. ThVsDp Vol 4 13 Waistcoat Scapula 03

    • 13. ThVsDp Vol 4 14 Waistcoat Neck 01

    • 14. ThVsDp Vol 4 15 Waistcoat Neck 02

    • 15. ThVsDp Vol 4 16 Waistcoat Pants

    • 16. ThVsDp Vol 4 17 Belt Plate 01

    • 17. ThVsDp Vol 4 18 Belt Plate 02

    • 18. ThVsDp Vol 4 19 Belt Plate 03

    • 19. ThVsDp Vol 4 20 Belt Adjust

    • 20. ThVsDp Vol 4 21 Boot Plate 01

    • 21. ThVsDp Vol 4 22 Boot Plate 02

    • 22. ThVsDp Vol 4 23 Boot Plate 03

    • 23. ThVsDp Vol 4 24 Boot Plate 04

    • 24. ThVsDp Vol 4 25 Boot Plate 05

    • 25. ThVsDp Vol 4 26 Boot Plate 06

    • 26. ThVsDp Vol 4 27 Boots Mirror 01

    • 27. ThVsDp Vol 4 28 Boots Mirror 02

    • 28. ThVsDp Vol 4 29 Gauntlet Plate 01

    • 29. ThVsDp Vol 4 30 Gauntlet Plate Details

    • 30. ThVsDp Vol 4 31 Gauntlet Plate 02

    • 31. ThVsDp Vol 4 32 Gauntlet Plate 03 and 04

    • 32. ThVsDp Vol 4 33 Gauntlet Plate 04 Details

    • 33. ThVsDp Vol 4 34 Gauntlet Plate 04 Details 02

    • 34. ThVsDp Vol 4 35 Gauntlet Plate 05

    • 35. ThVsDp Vol 4 36 Gauntlet Plate 06

    • 36. ThVsDp Vol 4 37 Gauntlet Plate 07 and Final Render

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Thanos vs Deadpool Vol 4 Thanos Armor - Zbrush course- 3D Diorama



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Mauricio García Arias

CG Teacher


Hello, I'm Mauricio.

My passion is to develop and direct high-quality Digital Animation projects and teach others how to achieve the same results. After writing and directing multiple short films and co-producing with Korea, USA, Mexico and Colombia the 1st 3D and 4D Latin American Animated Feature "Jungle Shuffle" and working on projects for brands like Disney, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Nokia, Adobe ... among others. Gathering more than 13 years in the industry, I decided to dedicate myself 100% to teach others everything I've learned, not only at a professional but also at a business level. There are already more than 2,000 people that I have trained and advised hand in hand with my talented work team in more than 60 countries. I want to give you the route and the tools to get you int... See full profile

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1. ThVsDp Vol 4 02 Waistcoat Split Parts 01: Well, welcome to this fierce class of the first volume about Venice versus that full in this case , that Hannah Street. So the first step is start to split the layers off the day. Always coat just for a start to deliver a big piece. As you can see here, I I organize the subtitles and I will hide the pool their sub jewels off venison one sound and the dead will props are subtitles in the other. And then I activate this arrow here. So from this I wrote to the other there are five sec chul's. From this arrow to nothing will be nine some tools. And if I create another arrow here, it will be to sip tools. So Dad tells me to create, like, folders off sub tools. So in this case, I will hide the completed apple. So it ihsaa if your weight to organized our sub tools Well, here with red venison, we will go to do references and will will select the props that we need by pressing control . If I maximize the pure. If on the first that we're going to create is the base layer off the list, you will be like a normal way, Scott. But we will cover it. Well, plates, I want to check here on pure if different shapes or versions about this are more so, the friends that I want to create is the base off the waistcoat D base off the arm or and here in the bag there is like a cover for a years built. No, I'll press if shift f for visualize the police groups. I want to hide this arm here, Sell, press cultural shift and click it for a make Is your the selection of the sensual press control and I will start to paint the must. Well, where my motive, um shift f for unable the whole groups. End of the glorious of trouble for you. You could disable by you soon Acero here and the program will hide the holy paint the color of the model. I will insulate the model here on solo and here in the bag it falls. So I will select jest of it. And I will check on the reference if there is some kind off shape that I have to care about . Um, well, so God the reverence and I will press here duplicate. Andi, I will hide. Oh, it doesn't matter. We have been able to salute Andi. I will press the lower I went to a split the musket points. So, as you know, the program doesn't know low me to do that. If I have subdivisions here on geometry and then I will press here on this plate mask points be a this plan to mash well like it. So I'll go here, and I will polish data use in Syria. Measure Sarah, measure here. I will leave it on five. I just want to know what happened. And there is a Children I used to make her own. The duchess. And this on here on edge loops, Gruebel apps. I don't press it before because look here, Fierst. It makes so around the edges. And I don't like it on the second. It makes flat diminish. This flood part here doesn't matter so much because the muscles unit to a set of muscles. But here I don't like it so much, so I will control CM. Then I will go to Sarah measure and leave it to someone for create bigger Pollan's when the police are very big day group loops work better. It looks very also more polish here. We forgot a problem or Novak on and I don't select this part here. I'll deal it diminish and I will go back to the first mission. As you can see here, the on selected part college presidents played most points on first I will check it. There is, um, troubles or mistakes on the mish you're for. Check the things fluster I'll go to display properties and here I can see the but sites of the mish. I'm here during the trouble, so I will check if there s another a kind of trouble here. Here are a deception on display properties. It helped me a lot. Her check the mistakes in the mission. We need to be careful in that because sometimes you work a complete today in one piece and you've got these kind of troubles or problems. So you need to take care about ad and be careful with your model. I'll go here. Come full. I will attend you for last. So tonight I want to check if there is something un selected on the model and I will use sir measure again on this model. I will ease it in one because the result is pretty similar. And will I'll take heaven. Ah, Phillip Butte. So l go to group lips. It is so dare I all go to Rachel over and grab loops. Adoration here. It has a lot of options. So here it saves four loops. I will move it to one Done group lips. And here it Absolutely one pulling on. And the other option is bullish. Bullish ISS the option. Dad removes a little bit off details. Something for then my prayers. Grab loops. I will try to change the bullish option. Um, here. I don't see to change. Oh, there is the other polish here. Probably it is. I will move it here. I don't feel that it applies to my model. It will be probably because they have a low quantity off balloons. Bigger Pollan's. I don't think that it's the polygons. It should work with every kind of mish. So this much here is credible. I feel it. Will we? We could use another Sarah measure and Danglard loves and down Sarah measure. Dingle looks for it, giving the more precision to to pulling us But here I feel it will. I think Dad a week can work with this. I will visualize the complete mash. So for this a waistcoat. I will rename it the 912 here on Deformation. I will use in flight now by, isn't it move Tool. I will move this down because I want to have the classic mesh. Remember dad into process for a G V day details. It is when we're going to polish in and take care about diminish. So for now. And Philip Doyle for ah, classic shape of a sick for. And we will make the same process for lateral plates and the upper plate. And when we've got the passage shape off every piece, we will give it the details and we will give it to details one by one. So I hope you like it. Welcome to the first class and see you next class 2. ThVsDp Vol 4 03 Waistcoat Split Parts 02: Well, welcome. And we are going to exploit the parts that we need, Like the plates over there. Waistcoat. We will create this part of her here. This room large. It is like the base of the other plates we could display. Did ride from the base model from the mesh that is behind this. I will hide. Dismiss here, and I'll go to the first mash and nail pressed control. See? And now I will in selected by Dragon on the campus using control shift F for Haida Fully groups and I will proceed to paint biasing the mask option the consul option. It goes down here on the brick thrills. Then it's a circle here and that to start to cover here on the edge. We are looking for very general forms here in the back. Duris like a plate on the new reverence there is. It goes down here like a babe. Um, here it is like a cover of Florida babies. I think there is something like that, Like the forum off. Just part. I like it. So I will go to us, plead to Muscat points and will slicked that tool, and we will repeat the process. So serum my share And remember, Dad that we have disinformation one, It will give us some or a basic shape. I breast serum OSHA again. And now I will select the option group loops first I will press shift F because here it is creating four bullet herbs and I don't need that. I will move this to one I want to like off Let him form your thought. Lapresse serum measure again. I like it more like this. So I will base allies everything. And now we will go to the formacion. And here on inflate I feel it fine Later with ah extrude Dad, we're going to do Ada will give us ah, more creative form. And now I will extrude gyp plates, for example these and is other part here It goes over here and den in the back and then goes down here. This part could be part of the waste code we could live in like that But this part here iss exploited so we could extracted my using the waistcoat. I don't like this part, so I will rename it us neck cover on this case will select the old Amish and will press control. See on control on Dr on the campus for high damask shift f for hide puller frame and again we will create this form. This pieces were interesting because it is ah symmetrical form. The pieces on days are buyer asymmetrical That here we need to give it that Simon Perfect Montali. Practically It's in our eyes. Ah for create dad. It will take a lot of time but we will try to do it. Fost and I will show you how to do it very fast. Be careful because sometimes you press currents will in click and eight a small damask. So be careful with data wouldn't need Ah smoldered lask And now I will I feel it well and I will select a under part. He doesn't have to stay together but it is is here to me The idea here is create a very basic mash so you don't have to give you the details House I told you so many times. Perfect. I will split them Musket points will go to the mish and then repeated the process Syrah Mission RL one again, Sir Mischer, I want ah run the form so in this case, we don't need so much details because the place here are very simple. Here are some off the details about finest will be cover by Dan or more. But then I don't Me, It's ah vory essential part off the modeling. So you don't matter so much if you have Ah, ready? Good. And under Meade, the mother and I will apply. Ah, group loops on zero. Uh, I will moved a group lopes to one because this musket parts I needed more a polish it and we will rename this part hus shoulder cover. Well, so here, if I'm going some fast I appreciate that you pause the video because some off the team's here. We already said we already know about it. So I need Teoh. You stuff the video and try to follow the steps that I already teat very fast. Now we'll go to the Basque mish for split departs, so I'll press, control, sleep and drug the mosque for un Selected the part. Then we will say to reference on wheels played to form. And then we will do it. Ah, extrude And that details there we could use under their technique But just when we have the basic form, the basic shape on this case, this place here, we could do it. No old press comes a lift has we can see here. This part goes today. Oh, bird Part off their ways, Coach on it down, diagonal and then go back again. Andi from the back either. Looks like straight here so literally it will be frightened his own. And it goes to the corner and dangle back. So we will create that shape. Overy Basic shape. Nothing weird, Kate. It could be. I will hide the arm and now we will move. It is a straight and we will do the same to the other side. We could say that we will create this PS and then duplicated because it is aware a simple piece and for the flakes off the over part of the body, we could do the same has duplicated bod. I think that is more difficult because sometimes some pieces doesn't have the form that I need in 90 to fix it, and it took a lot of time. So I think it is better. And this year to create the what pieces from zero I preferred Ah did the business. But sometimes we had to recreate the piece from zero. I just did that. When it is necessary, it is really necessary. I prefer id eat. Did pieces from every case their way to define the mosque. ISS press control out, click over the musk and l press displayed mascot points. I checked the mash and I feel a girl so I will proceed to make the serum. It's your process. Always. The server measure is, um five. So I will move it to one and I will do it a couple of times. And now we will go to Group Ellipse And here in Penelope's so will traded zero just for see what happened Now I don't like it. It feels so weird. You don't give it detail, so I will move it to one and we will rename it Haas lateral covers. Now I will be civilized Everything in I will see the original and hide the other model for the split departs. So this mish call a has bennis money. Cute too, is the measure that we're using for the split. And I want to visualize this part here or where the waistcoat. So I'll go to the formation and go to inflate on this. Same for this other plates. Here. Go to Yemen Tree. Oh, excuse me. It isn't human. Tree is here on de formacion. Un inflate. The question here is that this character has a lot of little flakes for the composition of the arm. Or And I tried to create a less plates. That is possible. So well, we have the basic plates here. I hope you like it. We will give it details the next class. So see you next class. 3. ThVsDp Vol 4 04 Waistcoat Chest Cover 01: Well, welcome to this class For this class we are going to give it to details to do waistcoat to the classic shape off D are more so for Dad. I will hide almost everything here We will click this arrow here and I will press shift Click on this I I click day I again for abyssal life status of tool and they'll select two dead body Do dismiss Khera Dad Managed doesn't have subdivisions so it is the split mish So what we're going to do? We will change The name has split knish Ah fill it will. So ah, here I will select the waistcoat Well, the Fierst, the education It goes around the chest and around the complete shoulder. So I'm sorry. So let's start to give it to details to diminish for a make it closer to our reference. So we will go slow disbelieving. Here it is. Oh, well, why isn't chief if we could see what happened here later we will delete dad belittles for no other mother. I just want to give dill vacation to a warmish. So the suite is very tight. So in the real life, this part here it's impossible, But it could be because this character ihsaa coming character. In this case, the education here is pretty well. It covers the shoulder Onda Big portion off the pectoral old press control w Because they want to try something for fix this detail here. Okay, I think we will give it time for a polish that sones that were of sons because there is more dumb ones own. That is weird. So I will insulate this piece here in the chest. I will smarted just first say what happened? I will try something here. I will use the outer groups so it will be probably different. Vicious. Oh, the yard. Basically what happened here is like some kind of extrude owned pulling als. Alan, try using polar groups just for say what happened here on that toe loop pulling groups here the tool just flat hooligans and dad assumed what I want. I'll go to display property is, um double sided. Just were so happen. And I will smote this song here on this case. The trouble is that there are some mullions on the wrong position, so I will see if I could fix it from the bottom I press shift and click. I think it works. It looks like there exists another pulling on the friend of days. So in this case, I could house their record and fix It didn't continue like nothing happened. So this kind of troubles is important because I can show you how to resolve it on for this pulling on. I will try to press shift and click just for a May. Get a marriage to the sore phase. I'll hide at the back apart. L a press controlled e for a give it out subdivision and l hide against, um, here. I'm just trying to resolve this problem. Um, for this kind of things wanted to phoned up Practical solution. I will try us in serum measure Gold price or a measure because the sort of measure modifies the mish. Found that apology if I use Dynamic is cool. Probably cop the holes and I don't want that The serum a serum five has you can see here the problem disappear so it is through Matures up. Very good option for a fixed this kind of troubles. Now I will go back to one on Sarah Moshe again. If sometimes you think that feels a lot of retail? Remember, Dad, we can project all the pieces so there is no problem if you if I told you that give it all subdivision level later we could project the complete model and the tool that we're using and recover details that we need well here into this mish I will do. Ah, five Serie musher. Then I will extrude dad Mish for create volume. So now at this point, we could go to Dio brush see modeler here with a mouse over Ah, polio nor on edge No duh point Just over two Full legal and I'll press space. Then I go to extrude and select all college girls. Now it feels like a late and all press control shift and click over the yellow part and I will Limbert dat selection for hide the yellow part and I will press del Haydn Remember human tree and modified apology and Dad l a was to give it a thickness to our plate and we deleted the yellow part for it. Make the Meesh is here to handle And for this size off our project I want to check so way need this part when it the thickness here when it to see the yellow part. So for now I will not delayed it. Well, I will visualize it probably wanted I'm inflating this part. The ghost. So I will. Small dears area the over part here doesn't need so much details. Blood. I want to prepared mish for the other props and the other some tools. I will check here on the reference eight most have on edge for it created edge I need here under the shoulder. Ah, look So here on the edges I don't need triangles. This part here a could a j right. Ah trouble. What I want to do is go to see modeler. There is a load of waste to do Is this is very the tile it form to do it? I don't want to do it like that. But I would show you How does it work? I will select here the palladium and if you see it there Asan Orange Line Dad orange the line. Tell me where I will extrude dot full legal And then I go very republican and here I select pull a loop and it will slugged a complete. Lope off. Polygons! It works! There is a the formation here. So it differs this check. Diminish. I will correct that on my case. I will press H for Did move. Brush. So that's the way to Great. Ah, very polish it for me. I just use them stand, are in clay, build up and that soul. But ah, lot of people ask me how do I get Ah, very polish and mold ill. So I show you how that's the way you say M C role earlier in this case is what I'm going to do is select a si model eruption again. I'll go to point on Danley Press space Anel Select Move Brush radios. It will move on. Lee Teoh points inside their radio soft brush I could rece ice of rush by here on the campus pressing space bar. Okay, You like it So I will start to fruit. All select here in the polling on and probably here on the height off the extraction. Now I press shift f and press control d comfortable the again. This is the edge, Dad. We need independence if we start to think what we need But here I feel it will Now I'll go to move for a pullout. Disputes here. Sorry about the trouble, Dad. I have on this class on the next class we will give it more details. Us. You know it. We will give you the details today offs and add some pieces. See you next class. 4. ThVsDp Vol 4 05 Waistcoat Chest Cover 02: Well, I know it's code. We are going to create this Linus here. So house, I told you we are working on speed modeling and I will start here by given definition to this round song here for a start to split this part of the order So dearest a waste for it is one way is used standard for create the definition off days It I will enable the Simon tree my years and next and here own stroke the lacy radius You you could fry the distance, Dad, You feel comfortable with it which this stones is important. One day assistance here to here on this line defines dem it'll off The pectoral on this part will get covert And from this half I will take the distance from here to here. If we don't know that we could waste time trying to get Ah very good distance. This song here is the son Dad, we need So Daryl will the line hear them? Thinks much about the position. We just need to add definition toe our edge. This exercise for the sculpture doing the things a symmetrical It's something very poor turned very interesting because you learn a lot about your model Will Here on the reference it comes here at the corner. It goes down of it. It could we define this zone here. Here. I will look for the references. Uh, guys, I'm sorry. Some watch the record or tool that I use for record my classes doesn't work. When I used the pure fo full screen and I hope you understand what is happening here, I'm so sorry. The references are under on the don't lot folder or on the support material because I don't know what happened here. I don't know why the program doesn't recognize the pure f on full screen. And here I explain the tools and this pleaded parts that I am going to create. But if you can follow the curse, follow this, William, Just side by side with me without seat do references that I am looking forward, it will be amazing. And anyway, I will try to edit this video for make myself clear about the images that I am using for the references here on this line. This kind of distortion I could fix it with a serum assure glad the race. Ah, earlier stage where did that. So I just will add a sub divisional level. - Remember that. Here we are working on the speed modeling. So there is just ah, classic shape we need to make over. I understand basic shapes here . I will try to define more the edge here on the brown plate. I'll go again to a stroke, and I will enable the lacy right use in the 19 is fine. If it is difficult for you create. Ah, straight lane. You could use the lacy miles on. Ah, hi, Gher level. As you can see. Here I go very slow. What I'm trying to great here is something like a kind of clothes. Dad comes from here and finish here well, here for ah, the people who loves the perfection. Police don't get him out of me. Because here I'm just trying house. I told you so many times the speed modeling. I'm trying to create this mortal very fast. So this kindof character devote Carter's with the arm or with a sweet with with every prop with the gun with the sword, we could create it on one week. Al Press Comfrel s for ah site. My work owned here. I want to great in line on the chest. I want to do it is use the technique that I show you before other way to do that IHS Theorist created line using them Sunder. - And here if I want to create a line close to the last one die, I already did. I just need to click on other part and start You'll draw because sometimes it continue a D end off the last line now isn't standard. Try to remember the size of the brush that you used for the say wings or the seams for the clothes because sometimes you would just leave You work there And you spent time trying to gas what kind off brush you use or the size of Doug brush. So remember it or try to take a note off that well, so that is that technique that I use for gave ah, definition off the scenes to the clutch. So I will do the same for this part here. Remember the distance here I've got to check the distance by use and developed so that element dough evocation of that it will be 1/2. So my huff will be here and here Wanna work the spitballing? The most important thing for giving day sensation that we want is dad the character Have the complete are more He doesn't let her The distance between it isn't Wharton but not so much. The important is Dad Day Element. It's there because if we create something with a lot of details here for example Venice and we don't create the gauntlet, it will not have any sense. So remember the piss need to be there, but we don't need it. Perfect. Here I explain again something about the reference. But I know you will not understand anything because the record program is very bulleted. So I'm sorry so much I promise you that I will insert here in this video some image for give you the reference Dad I'm talking about I'm sorry. So imagine how I told you. Please try to motile cyber side Would me? Because at the end of this class way should have this same result. I will use them Stander here. I need this or on the back on the half off the bark. Remember dad were using ah, brush size off 10 for that kind of shapes from here to here. The distance. I need to move it down a little bit So in the middle of this distance. But I think I needed more in the center here. I'm trying to adduce the distance because the reference ihsaa Venice realistic. In here I am creating a comic Fanis. So my tennis has white back and for decoration. I need to modify into Sweet has you can see here on the left side it is like a longer distance. But the position will justify that kind off de formacion because we have tension and the arm in the movement. Well, I will stop here the next class We'll finished their ways Coat lines. I hope you like it and see you next class. 5. ThVsDp Vol 4 06 Waistcoat Chest Cover 03: Okay, so I will find this plate here by using dumb standard. Under isn't stand guard on the seven size. Probably so decides will not be the same for you and for me, because probably your mortal could be done to mine. So pay attention to the size of your brush. But basically I'll pass again because I want to give it, like a second level of detail self resolution to this mish on their part of Fila Will. We didn't need it. End a complete four here. The difficult part of this curse iss trying Teoh, remove the need off, give you details to the model. Because, for example, if a client asks you for ah model and he give you probably 10 days or two weeks so there will wait two weeks for ah, two characters fighting. So you need to practice this technique for finishing immortal for the client at the time that they need it. So if it acclaimed one something with more details, you will tell them like and I need a month and 1/2 the claim Dill. No, Dad, there will be to want because the correction that you need to do on the presentation for the other clients. So in this case, if we don't have so much time went into keep over need off details away and start to use more general forms on Dhere, I want to add some material to the edge. I want to give it more definition. So I will use clay build up under by isn't the resolution. I will erase some off the lines. So that's the reason way out. Always use Ah, Lower subdivision label and then I'll start to go up on the subdivisions. We need more material here, so shift D and I will give it the material use in my brush. Then I will start to smooth from this subdivision. And gradually I will go up in the subdivision level has you can see here the plate feels more straight. That plate had a like some kind of whole, and we feel it. So with that kind of details helpless to give it more realism to our peace our model I'll go to the references and check the plates. Haas, I told you to live last class. I'm sorry so much about this. I don't know why happened this with the record program. He doesn't record the full screen pure. If so, I will leave you on the image here on the side of the video for a show. You what I'm talking about El Prez Control s here. I saved a whole time my models because sometimes the quick safe did for a determinate it quick safe by here own. See brush e. I don't trust on that. So you could use it. But for me, it's better for me work press control, as Director Lee will . So I will try to create an edge here. It is very complex the kind of clothes that we're creating here even for this big modeling . But it is interesting for me, so I think it will be amazing. Trying to create the complete are more weed dot kind of plates. Also late. A couple of views here because those views give me the information that I need for back. I'm sorry, guys. I will give you the references here on this side of the video. I will create the built for a Give me a reference from this two lines. So we will split displayed in five. 12345 the tree will be like here. So that's the length off our plate. So from the edge girls straight to here. So I can say that it comes from here in this case for us ISS more important, a distance down the vacation because our model is, um different application that the reference So that's the reason why probably here and by using them stand there always start to defined up late. Ah, I will move it. I will defer. Mated because the lattice signals Doris is very weak. - Why I am modelling this so weird Because I need to de Formacion here for it. Keep the form on the position off my model here . I made a mistake because I don't have the need to go so fast. - Very important here is about this. Seems here. We didn't need to smooth the seam. I feel it will because the reference um I will leave you here on the side of the video Dame age. I'm sorry. So much I will create. Here are Kable off. Lines were important for the plate the size of the plate. - Very important here. If you want to create this model for trade impression you need to exaggerate more the details because sometimes on day impression and the program that they use for printed you will lose some details. It looks like I go so far, we just lying here. But the truth here is that the poster of our character is different, so dabs will create more attention on debt. And what I'm looking for here is that lines go to the pectoral. So I was paying attention to the distance of two pectorals. The other line doesn't matter so much because I just need the white using the big throw on a pay attention to the point where the line ins annoyance them muscles for me. A guide for the disposition off this plates. And I ask the connections off their muscles for dad disposition. I'll detect the distance here, and I will create a core of here Now for a dent, I will use them Stun dart and I will move this to seven. I will live it better on 10. A lot of war volume here on the sown very slowly. Now this part here here I don't like it. I just want the bully among one side and for finish. I will add this line here. So here we've got the details for the waistcoat. We will odd more plates for Give it there, Ellison, that we're looking for and just fold here for the clothes sensation. So the next class, we will give you details to the shoulder. This part there on the shoulder just for organized the aspect off the waste coach here. I hope you like it. I'm sorry. Able damages. See you next class. 6. ThVsDp Vol 4 07 Waistcoat Chest Cover 04: welcome to this class. And now I start here showing you the references about the details of the shoulder. But as I told you, the program that I use for record the screen doesn't record the pure f on full screen. So I will leave you the in majors that we are going to use Haas on a reference for created the parts that were going to work on this class And here did a sign that I bake from my references Hade some kind off trucks around the shoulder sewn. So I was start to created this brush IHS named Haas Layer. It could be useful. Well, here will go dio shouldered plate I will created here in the other Priss Hold on sketches. I will give it more intensity. Well, I like it, but I want a soft edge. So I will move here for her shift. I like it so I will give it war intensity. And here in stroke I once more control owned this lines and you assume old we could leave it like that and then smooth Adi end. I'll press shift and moved it See in density on the other way to do that IHS go up. Ah, subdivision level and smooth of it. And there it is. We're finished up, so it could be a solution l press control D So now we have two million a bulletins. So be careful if you're a computer isn't the best Much inferred if we will optimize surveyed the resources that we have Well here I've got out of trouble because I have ah, and naval option here it generates very he VR chips so he'd record the window story. So the control see history end every serve tool hod Why don't do it? Story so And the program saved that kind off information So there are chips are very heavy I want to change it So I'll go to preferences all ago here on no history Then we will uncheck enable saving And immediately we will go to configuration and store Come feed So the program will remember direction Dad, we changed and always will start without configuration I will save it So Dad that achieve waas for 100 50 m d and I will save it again. So now aids 65 minus So that will help you to give your hard disk clear and with a space for day. Other models When I got a lot of subdivision and I use this mood brush, it is like, harder to erase de lines here because they have Ah, very big piece here. I need to you vacate a big piece here. I will leave this pace clear, so I will create the trucks to the front and here in the black. Now, at this point, just pressing old and I will create into trucks. Remember a keep on mine the distance between the trucks and here I feel it will. So I did front. There are seven trucks. 06 There are six trucks. - Andi . I will start here to create dot trucks. This later tool is very useful for what we are doing here. - Well so own. Create the other tracks. I will use control. Choose like the sown Dad. I will affect if you need help with your stroke. You could press comfortable, dangles stroke and enabled the lacy mouth. But remember, press council when you do that Oh, a smoother of in the mosque I will press credential and dealt for removing the mask. So it is technique here It is a technique Dad I couldn't use before for creatives lines. - Well , I like it. So our press control click for Imbert the mosque and I will go to information and look urine inflate. I will use negative inflate Onda And now a little soft dear just I'll go to a lower subdivision level and will who days a little beat out. And and now we've got a level of detail that we need. And now I will duplicate this mash and I will be flies that I want that soup tools that I need and I will give it out serum measure to dis mish the time that you spend here waiting the surma share the pens completely own your computer Sometimes here I just spend 30 seconds and it on other computer. I spend five seconds so our workflow will be duplicate and project the sub tools because we don't need Ah he be our chief. I am here in the serum measure waistcoat. I will give it a couple off subdivisions. Then I will press project all and I will repeat the process. As you can see here the quantity off fully als Dad Delicious. Have we will tried by 500 Chelsom and I will predict all here on my case. I don't like it. It feels like a sol. So I will leave the original version. I will not delayed it. So we will delete the Syrian mature version because, hero we needed pulling groups. So when I used a Sure make sure I don't keep the bullet groups and it could be a trouble in the future. So I will keep my old version off in a waistcoat and later we will check some kind of ways to make it more. A small mission to reduce the quantity of polio is that we have. I'm sorry about it. The references. I don't know what happened and I will try to record the next videos without using their full screen pure. If so, I'm sorry about that, Dad was the class of the waistcoat and the details about it. I hope you like it and see you next class 7. ThVsDp Vol 4 08 Waistcoat Oblique Cover : so we will start to move. Did pieces. We will give it details tool by a sub tool. And I was start by the Kober off the oblique and here on display properties I will press Devil Side now and secure. We will be flies, the body and the waistcoat. I want to see the number off subdivisions on this mess year Have a lot of pull eels and I want to hand lead more fast and Maurice here So I will do it. A serum assure on zero going free. - And the hearing problem is that we don't have Simon three. I want to base allies dis Pollan's control shift ELT And then I drive on the campus this kind of troubles for fix it later we'll take us a lot of time. So it's better do it now and this match iss more. I'm on a devil. So here I got ah, straightly Just moving something. And that triangle here I will dilated and you're on the superior part. I prefer delete this line and it feels more published. I want to hide this coordinator here. I don't like it and l go to geometry Onda. They'll hide And so now we have ah more unmanageable Mish and El Prez Group Ellipse. I want to see if their group lips give me details on there. Just I only did, but I want to see what happened. Well, here I like it Really like of a lot e the creates Ah, edge here that I could use later and and now I will extrude this plate here so I'll go to similar dilator way advocated the miles over the bullet, Um, press space and select old volatiles. And if you have problems with this probably like the polling knows Go fire there Eller roofs in a stronger way. You could have used serum measure again. I endured a complete wait to hear because they want to advocate the match first. Remember? Dad displayed here comes over this zone. - This line here it will be a trouble for the subdivisions, so I will delayed it Here . The hard work is a dist. This plate to the surface. When you use the transparency tool you need to keep enable Daigle's because it will help. You just licked a mish that is inside of the order. - We will say sometime here on this plate, remember? Tried to keep the distance. Try to mortal with me. Has you can see here is is here to work with a locally mish. Because if we have here are a lot of bulletins. No one could fix that barred flip late. - Well , so the same there waited on the side. You will do it on the other side, not see her homework. If you wanted you code pals the video and fix that part and continue with me. Be careful here. Probably here. We've got a very ticks. A point without you vacation A way to fix this isn't Sarah Moshe, but I could probably lose the shape that I already get. So probably I am using an option. Dad doesn't work here. I will try the serum measure because it modifies the topology of the mation. So it could delayed some hooligans and it could give me Ah, clear piece. And now I just need that the restriction works now it works. I will smooth a beat. This board I will press control de for add some subdivisions level Andi, if you want it, I will press control, see before the destruction and try to us pleat dio their plate. I'll go to the last version off this and I will select displayed Then I go to subdue tool and breast split musket points and and now own displayed. I killed give it us of division and start to give it dear details So the first could be the edge I don't want to great a corner here so I will just leave the edge flow We deal their forms on this part I will create Ah on angle Ah, more defining car in there I'll go to the high just subdivision and is dumb Standard struggle 90 and shift F four Naval live holy ribs I will add a subdivision level and make a small this size of my brush. Onda, proceed to create this seem so go very slow. If we wanted, you could stop. - I will try to do this part very fast because the troubles that we have I think that is very important to result that because that could happen to you. So I will resolve it Now we'll show you and I will show you how to fix that trouble. I'm not here. We've got ah shape like this it Ihsaa plate With this kind of shape, eat, rotates and followed the form. In essence, this is the plate and for result. With the last situation here I need ah detail here. So here in Peter, if I will show you so remember that my pure office booked So I will upend on image here on the side What I am talking about I will polish the other parts. I will Limbert and adjust And you seem play buildup. I will add so much Ariel. So this is the class. I like the shape that we get. Remember that the troubles I need to resolve it. I hope you like it and see you next class. 8. ThVsDp Vol 4 09 Waistcoat Neck Cover 01: Okay, let's continue. I will start by crate the chest plates. I will hide the things that I don't want to work. I will delete the split mash because it has for 100,000 polygons. So it is too he be. And if I want displayed Maura Mission s I just duplicated septal number one and verities the Fierst iss the form here at the front I will start to use the move Brash For this we will worry about the front part later we will give you the details to the back part here. I feel something weird so I will insulate this piece. I think that there are some politicals I will press shift if there are some spread politicals l breast control shift click here So I hide everything in There are just dot points here control shift and drag and either willing Bert the selection and I will oppress They'll hide in the less class I told you that you will fix the other of lick part You will give a deformed Don waas your homework. I already did If someone asked me What about that part dot part wasa homework? Well I mean you probably are already working on your home. But you know what I mean? I lived a part of you. So here I feel like this mission. Ah, it is so hard to work because the quantity of polio so I will try to delete the political is manually using the C modeler and then searchable biasing ult. I will Fleek every loop and I will delayed it. House, I told you a complex mash. It is just a problem. So I will try to lo there resolution. Literally. I will try to move this part for a distant as you can see here. When you got Ah lower resolution of polygons, you could move. Diminish is here. It works a lot for this kind of business. - I will add a couple off subdivisions and I will start to select distance here. I will give it more resolution we need. Here are very good resolution for this and I will start to select this sewn that I want to leet I legged the selection. One way to do this is yes, the option extract. But I don't like it so much so I will use the split Upshur I will duplicate this part here and I will deal it. The lower subdivision level here duplicate. I will hide the order. Mish and I will press the lower and hear us play basket points. You'll remember this process then, Sarah measure, remember due process and on the information panel, we will in flat here a bit. I feel that that are here is weird. It could be because the server Mischer So I will use this or miss your own free here I feel it better. So I will go to information. Then we will press girl bloops for a self did just on In this case I will press alot for abyssal eyes diminish I will do Ah, another serum measure. I hope it works. You're a blips but here just one. So in this case, if we use that sir measure it could be a better result because we already have the smooth that just by the group lips I repeat this process sometimes but here on this thing apart, the thickness off this part could be dangerous. We could lose that part. Something that we can do here for fix it is go to see modeler And here on the edge Presence paste and go to move IOD is the size of my brush in the start to move that songs Oh here The program doesn't the low me to move Dio And just so I will try another way I don't know what happened here The pullup should select this other at here So I will make this part here wider And I will try to adjust the mish mentally using the move brush. I will try to mosque this so I will use C one dealer here on move agile of complete And I will mask everything that I don't want to move And we will try to keep disowns separated. - Well so here live God to form Remember dot is very important to have this forum Fierst, I will show you Hero decided the video reference the river is that I am using for this. There are some distance and edges that I want to keep what I want to Great here is some space. That's the reason why I try to keep this part very wide. Here on the Polian, Simo Tiller and fruit help Williams. Perfect. So I will press shift f and now We've got the first plate here for a dad. We will make a selection and you will create the other part dealer plate. Dad will weigh your homework because another, a class for the same thing doesn't have any sense. So I hope you like it and see you next class. 9. ThVsDp Vol 4 10 Waistcoat Neck Cover 02: Well, welcome. So here I just know some parts. I want to show you a way to create the big myself displayed. And I will use every measure just on one before make more money, devil diminish. I will go to the same older brush and I will strewed here on a low billions. Then I will check the forms and now I'll go here on the side and by using c modeler I was like the polio with the orange line and I want to extruded pull against but not completed model. I just wanted to extrude the edge so I'll go to extraordinary pull a loop. Now I go over the political would ah orange line on this direction and I proceeded to extrude It will generate an edge along the surface And I won't show you here on the reverence the edge that I need to create. So it helped me a lot. You save a lot of time all select Davidge and repeat the process. Pull a loop And now we've got the extraction would just two moves. We've got a lot of work here. I will oppress control D those kind of plates We could do. It isn't assignment free, probably because this plate doesn't move so much. I was worried about that because we're using ah, comic proportions so the parts could defer, mate. But here, those are plates that could work bias and assignment tree. I will go to the lowest subdivision level. I want to check something so I will use the mo brush. Don't worry about the size over the plates here on the patrols, because here with God, um, or a closer poster So it could change the size off the plates that we're using here in a chest So the proportion of our character will give us the size of the are more so the worry . If it'll looks like the reference And now I will create the details on the chest. We could eat. Do it on, pretty max. But I'm here to show you how to use this program. So we will try to do this on, say, brush. So by using the lie smiles on the mosque, brush will a star to draw the basic shape off the chest details. So our press control d it will give us to millions off polygons. And now we've got. Ah, good resolution for Creator Musk. This is my note for for it create these shapes. I am here. I go so fast in a little sometime. I need to go slow. I think what I'm doing. - So did he tell over this part will depend off the mosque resolution. This lying Go up to here until more time. Your expend on the creation of the peace dip is will look a better. - Um , here it works. So it's more important. Finish the complete instructor. The complete model that just finished. Ah, perfect little peas. I go fast in this kind of process because I need Ah, small class for you and for me. You you could get bored with the same piece. Florida attorney minutes. So I tried to go fast. - I don't like this one here, so I will try to yields the lasso tool. Sometimes I create a masked by using more done one strokes because if I had to window the thing that I did, I will not lose so much. Work on debt here in Foca will enable dill life. Mouse does the moment Take your time for a creator. Good must sometimes for create a good mask. You need a high resolution on the mash for sharp damask. I will press control, ill and click control. Click Foreign Bird Emma's We will check Dodge. Everything is in order. I will try to things I will use inflate on information. I feel it world there so we don't need the other solution. Excuse me Here. I made a mistake. Probably here by control. And click it, Willis moated and we will try to keep the resolution. Andi, at this under three d print here this form is pretty good because went into exaggerate the forms. So this form here is pretty good. I will control Click it for ah, soft damask. And then I use inflate so it will help to keep the resolution on the edges. I like it. So there is the fares late of the test. So you're a hum lyric. Try to create this shape on the other plate on the other side of the plate. Yes, in the same process that I teach you here and try to keep this Simon tree because this piece is symmetrical. See you next class 10. ThVsDp Vol 4 11 Waistcoat Scapula 01 : Well, welcome to this class on this class. We will work on the shoulders cover I create the order detail here on the chest plate. Remember that you have homework about the creation of this piece. Well, so after that, I create details on the other part of the plate I'll just discovered here. What I do here is go to the lowest resolution level and with, ah, big brush with a big move brush, I move it in a distant If we move it U s in the hi gher sub divisional level, it could be a trouble because will change the shapes inside of the model. All movies for and then was start to mortal Here. I will delete this shaved this up tool. I will take here on the reference here. I check on the reference off the pier if reference Haas, I told you on the a literal classes I have trouble with the pure. If on the program that I use for record so I will leave the images. I would I don't know where I will bought it. I will put it here on the side where it's my mouth and I hope you understand the shapes. What I am creating here by using the reference on the purists. I'm sorry so much about that. I will move this part here for harmonize with deal there apart here display Tous straight. - I will. It makes to reference because we don't get the reference from De Bock I will press control D oh well already got this subdivision So I will just press d and with a mask I will start to select later When I extrude this form I will create an angle here something very fast because we really is there a measure so we don't need so much details on the mish. Okay. And here in the back I will select it better. Fost Probably the shape will change. I will create a shape But I think that this ice will change later. The blades here will ago to here then I need to form here ago up on up again. But I will read it. I will just try to create a basic shape. Well, in this point, you know I will duplicated based mash Then I will del lower Andi spleen. Well, so here we've got the basic form and I will start by you saying Sarah measure. Now we have God. Ah, pretty good mission. So we will start to move it till we get a foreign with more detail. Haas, I told you this part goes straight and it's aligned with disorder shape Later , I've got to adjust this plate just for a movie over de older here. I like it. This same idea. Other site All praise contre les Remember savior work. If you've got troubles by moving diminished, you could use Sarah Maixner. Sometimes the program spleen diminishes Very weird. I don't understand why it feels like like a cell. I will not give it details un Try Teoh use sitter measure. I'll press group loose The group loops eats my problem because it makes everything more rounded. And here we have on error because we have some spree dipole Ian's. So I'll press shift f and I will our two group pulling her up and out to group soil Press control shift click here in the other. So I hide the big malicious and the points that sprint points are totally insulate and I'll Imbert a selection control shaved and right on the compass and I will press Del Haydn for a delayed out trouble Fall against Then I do again. Ah, Sir Mischer, Because I want Ah, simple mesh. Ah, well moving in here. So those plates here are very straight. So there you're very basic. We just need to create day shape. - If I soft here, I will lose dead Just so the fierst IHS extraordinary ation here over irritable legal space war extrude old billions And I will try to keep the angles So I will use an itch. I will add an interlude on this point on this other l a press control d I will show you what happened. So here would did just We keep dangle. We will protect this edge to on here and one here. And we determinate the core of off dad angle. So in the sun's dad, we need to keep the angles. We will add some ed just like here, for example, the same for this corner. I will create a mask on this point because I want to move this points here and I will insert the it just that I need to keep my angles. Al Breast control. Deanna will show you here using Schiff f and here a week of dangles. So the next class, we will added details on the engraving over the plate. Remember this technique for a keep your angles and I will leave this class here. See you next class. 11. ThVsDp Vol 4 12 Waistcoat Scapula 02: Well, let's continue with this class here I am checking the forms that we need For now. I think we need untangle here and we will create something cold hard. Sir Face has. You can see here on the your model. We've got some hard sir faces. Yes, and ah, basic topology here. Oh, we got a lot of bulletins. That's blood because I can't handle it. - If you see the reference, my plates are smaller because I need to exaggerate the forums we need to keep. The peace is with mortal story. So there's a fight and we need to feel the force. So that's the reason why I keep this pieces very small. And if held me to exaggerate to the muscles for now, Will Prez Bill Heidger and I will start to add some just here for Akiba dangles. - I will insulate apiece and move closer. I need to see here. How do I make this more simple? And I tried to get ah square for him. I don't like the disposition of the bullet holes here. This mission is the trouble because I tried to keep the angle here, but in the other side, he'd generates something very weird for now. Dis mish ihsaa problem. Something that I can do very fast. Iss yes seem a little er and on the very ticks on the points all press speech. So I will select one point, then other and it will fuse Developed two points here One click here to so I delete deadline Second, I will click here on here. I'm trying to fix it. Baddest pretty hard because I used so much three D marks. I'll try select disbeliever here and press delete and proceeded to delete this bulletins like they are the problem. Good. Now I will delete this other poll eels here now I will create some lines here for well d olders all breast insert. Well, now we will use teach here in the very ticks. Click here and here and I try to create more organized mish on that measure. Disposition will help me to create the loops The edge ellipse that I want for a keep my angles the same Would this other side shifty, Better cultural See for delete dad subdivisions levels and I will try to create the same form on the other side. It is ah manual process. Sometimes I think that is morph lost use in the the credible Legit. But I do it in some cases and I lose a lot of time. So I don't know if it's better use the Red Apology or Sarah Moshe on project on some plates I will show you how to use the irritable orgy and you will beak which kind of process you like. - I will start to control the mission s and make war straight this lines. And now we will check on the other places the angles that we need to keep remember, odd on edge, either side and on edge at the other. We want to keep this edge. So we will add Allege look here and the niche Lubin side El Prez Control de for a chick, This core nurse. - Well , for in this class I will fix this edge here It is the same problem that we have before I need to relate some parts another I know there. So I will stay here a couple of minutes. I think that is fine. I'll press control Deon, move this itch shift f for enable the bully frame. Well, so how do I make this shapes softer. I could polish with the H polish brush. This process is variously to do here on C brush bod on three D max, I recommend you see the curses off treaty Max Andaya because there we teach you how to create a harsher face. Because a lot off artists used pretty max or Maya or lender. I don't know. They use it for created the hearts or faces on the model Andi Organic Modeling Day work here on C brush or in wood books because ISS is here to handle that kind of work. Currency brush is easier to create or getting model. But I wanna teach you see brush because the three D max laces caused probably $7000. And this three Borussia laces it is 7000. Probably so for ah, biggest studio, it ihsaa productivity decision because you save a lot of time by using the two programs. But if you only want to work with some brush here, I teach you. How do I wrestled this kind of troubles? Well, in the next class, we will create some plates and details for a finish with the sown off this Capitola for finishing this protection off the trapezius and for create other plates. See you next class 12. ThVsDp Vol 4 13 Waistcoat Scapula 03: Well, welcome to this class Today I will create the desk couple oblique. First I will select this beast and I will try to make it longer and move it to the center. - I will great a selection bias in the mosque Control insulate and I will start to draw the form that I need. On this case, that proportion will not be the same, but it will work. So I will duplicate this part Del lower split mascot points and I'll delete this other mash and I will proceed to do the surgery measure and the complete process that I show you. - I need this part Worth street One option here is great. This form this thinner for making cleaner. It will be probably the same paralysis. Dad, we is in the chest plates here on this principle pressed. See modeler. I go to through and help Williams. I'll go here on the side and press the space bar and select fully loop and extrude the edge . It will help me to quit days. Other reform and will has you can see here. Oh, we've got this to bulletins Very close. So are so close. Dad, if I press control de it Willis mortar deformed that I create, but I want to control that smooth. I want to control that shape. I wouldn't start to out some edges for keep dis forms. I'll dress control, do you? I feel it. Well, we could use this technique on this piece shift if I like it. Soul start to moment our breast solo and the press f for Find the dismal I press old click for recent er duh gizmo on the object. And here I want to recites the PS. I want to make it the longer so I'll go to the profile and try to adjust the access off the gizmo with the access that I want to rece ice here on the reference, I think I needed more being there. I don't like it here because I'll lose Ah, the curve. Defend over the peace So I will try to insert the Pearson immortal here in transparency, I enable the ghost try to moment dubious looks. Very theme because it's inside a model, but anyone will know about it. Onley. You only know So it's a secret else like this based on the chest, and they'll try to move it inside for a make it feel Make dispensation dot is on there the other I like it. They like a little out of this mortal. So I'll move this piece here. - I will not give it so much details because the time I will show you the reference for these Leight's first I will use them standard Gonna roll, See control de I will add resolution we could use standard I don't want to do this but it could be a solution for this because I want to add volume to the edge. Has you can see here this motiveless pretty fast Someone could say Dad, it doesn't have the equality but remember that it is ah, speed belittling. So it is pretty well for b ah spin bowling Because we want Ah, pretty good And fuss bristled. So did details Doesn't matter so much. L use them standard and I will create this lines here later the color will give it so much details will make it feel better. I will add some gold here. When we had the materials, it will look better so Euro homework is duplicate this piece. Make it up, Meurer, Adjust it and give it to details. Practically. You have to create the other side of this piece. I'll create this place with Eldrick Court. See you next class. 13. ThVsDp Vol 4 14 Waistcoat Neck 01: well continue. We will create the late over the neck. Well, I did my homework and the blanket displease and give it some details for a creative part. I think we could move the tennis head. So first I will hide everything. Biasing shift and click D I I will hide the other pieces. I just need the eyes on the body. What I want to do here is create some space for the neck. The reference that I use then this has ah very long neck. So if we moved ahead, we will not affect the character so much. First, select this place and control Click for a mask it and the same for days of their peace for years the gets more option and move the complete sub jewels and everything we did a mask will move in this case they had on the ice. The character doesn't change so much. But it will give us a space for a create deplete over the neck. - Uh , the end of this sculpture. When we finish it, we will make a process off details for it. I will create the neck by isn't ah see a sphere? I will insert one sees fear Deng, Go to topology, edit topology and we will start to create in the neck. I wanted to visualize some subtitles. This piece is because it will help me to advocate this piece. I will hide ahead. Just a moment. I checked the size of my brush and try to create this form. Murray Foolish. - Now I press Q here on draw. It will change direction here. W que early it changed option on Go, Children. I'll go to this point, impress cube, and I start to create the neck. Excuse me, I will try to make ID longer del. You select this point here. Thank you. And continue. I press a for basil. I's a mission. So it looks were because the program tried to use dynamics unit all breast again for go back to my first base. And here in adopt that if scheme in this case is isn't dine emissions, I move it to Cyril on density. I will move it to zero to Al breast A for abysmal ice. And then I go to make adaptive skin here on sexual. And then I will insert it. I will hide a CIA sphere press shift F and liars and move. I will start to adjust the form that I want here . The plate will probably create some pressure on the neck. It will be amazing if we greet this pressure. It's very easy to control of dis mish. - This part of the Nike is very long on the movie. Itwas long to so I don't think it will change the perception off our character. I'll go to the sea modeler brush and with the option extrude all polygons, we will have some thickness here. I will add a loop here but fears I will check if it is too wide and now a passing move. I will check the distance. Andi start to adjust De model. - I will add a subdivision and here the Addis it rounded. So I will go to see more Diller and at some loops for a keep dangle Sunday it just that I need and with five subdivisions, I think that is well. - I will add a couple of lines that I see on ah reference image. I will leave this image here. I will insulate this piece and probably I will use them. Standard are the layer brush will be better for this. I'll go to throw ginned. I will enable the lazy mouth Remember that we have it done. 90 the same density here on 35 and using old for Ah, make it better this line for making polish. I will add a sub divisional level by isn't move. I will adjust the bases. This plate of the neg goes over the order. For me, it is just just this plate over the neck and that will Riel. I hope you like it and see you next cloth. 14. ThVsDp Vol 4 15 Waistcoat Neck 02: Well, I will let just really fost displayed shifty. I'll try to make more flat and a central part Mary Easy. I will. He is movin h bullish. I will try to move this plate closer to the neck. - I'll move Dad pieces to the sore face. - God at the end of celebrities we've got to give it a thickness to this plate. - The neck looks pretty good for me. Displayed is amazing. Later we will fuse ahead on the body. We will give it a detail here like a net. So I will. The Blake a displayed transparency and I will go with blood works and I'm move it. So here we've got the basic form off this and I need it more at the right for Dad. I will deal lower and it will delete the the where is subdivision level. I will go to geometry Then they lower and I will select the bullet holes that I don't need by using contra allowed on shift and press. They'll hide in now. I will use lasso one must on. We'll move this to decide. So there we have a dead a dead we need There is fine. I will invert the mask and adjust the other side here in the neck. I will go to the subdivision. Number two under start to move. I will enable the transparency for a pullout. This edge when it to align this forms. Uh, just here I'll move this piece more to the neck, closer to the neck. Transparency, the distortion dare dot would not happen because this is a kind of middle. So it will be weird if our middle has that kind of information. All breast salute. And I made a mistake here for a controlled adage. I need to add some holy loops, but I don't hate it. - There is fine. I will disabled a transparency and try to see the complete group off pieces here. That is so round I will. A shifty Onda will move this corner. I don't know what happened. Oh, it's because I don't have the gust. Well, I will add. Is this for a line to displayed? I tried to align this boat plates here. The much haas possible. - I will go up Ah subdivision for ah cedar result And I will correct this part here. I needed more aligned with the others I will leave this class here. I feel in the will. Sorry if I don't talk to Marsh, but it's too hard for me. Try to speak in mortal. Well, so did so. See you next class. 15. ThVsDp Vol 4 16 Waistcoat Pants: well here we will resolve the pants, the belt and the boots. For that we will select this stone. It will give me a space for work. Select this mish and then select. We will duplicate it, select the complete sewn of the pants, then the lower and thus plead basket points. Now I'll delete the other mission that I use for his plea. Depends Then here on information and inflate, I insulate my pants dot sounds weird and I tried to delete the polio Is that I don't need Remember, I will hide, belittles and then I press they'll hide in here. I will duplicate it and make us every measure for have a clear mish I disabled celo. Then shift click on the I am visualized the other part of depends I duplicated. Then I press serum usher the serum measure, adjust a lot off billions and help us to create a more manageable mish. I will add a couple of submissions and I will project delayed the older version and I breast group looks just one time. Curable loops would just one Look. I don't like the No, I will not apply. Dad, it isn't necessary. I will add another subdivision on Go to the lower subdivision level Probably does. Because here we can see the billions. I will start to grate some fold using a standard and enabled always mouse here in a stroke On this Mort de begin in and the end of the stroke, I will add a bit of material here I go to Ah, hike subdivision level and I will see how it looks. It looks pretty fine. If you want to use Lacey Miles, you could do it by delacey radios. You will know it to one or a zero. Here we will greet a fold goes down, then go up. We need a big folds because we need the bleakness off. Depends if we use a big folds that it will be something like letter texture. But if we use a small folds, it will feel like a seal or some kind off being clothed. And here I create some folds that I already know. But if you want to give it more realism to this, you could use a reference off a bludgeon Some folks year I could create here. Ah, small, full looks perfect . Here I will create a small folds for a given day. Sensation off sanction. All those folks help us to pull apart the skin and the pence. And here in the knee we could use small folds. Onda, remember, two years the gold rush at the beginning of two fold and at the end of the fold we will use layer and create the first line. It is like the edge of depends. - Now we will create this form. It goes, don't Here. I'll move this very slow. I want to keep the details of defaults. Um, you know the reference. I will get the reference on this side. There is another line. I will try to draw it. Remember, Maria slowed for keep the folds perfect. And now I will create Ah in her line and I watch some reference. And I think we could create this. I will navigate it here on the side of the screen and finally with group create on here on this side. I'll create a couple. Oefelein's here on the front and the last one, you could make it this with more detail some time. Remember Dad, I tried to do this very fast because the time on the class. Well, so does the end of this class. Ah, you will create the other three lines and the other class will continue with the bailed. I hope you like it and see you next class. 16. ThVsDp Vol 4 17 Belt Plate 01: Well, hello Now in this class of us watching the character, I fill it ability, like it a lot the sweet. We will proceed with the Veldt so I will hide it. That boom. I will hide everything except a test. The body depends. And a poll, I guess, on the lateral parts, the other away for create this kind of plates is the same that I used for the neck. It is like pulling on by bulletin creation. I know some markets that he is Freddie Mac's or my ever grading this kind of business. They get up better wrestled than working here on C brush. But I'm here to teach you how to use a brush. So and I want to do that. Issues see a sphere. But if you want to create a hard surface peas for trading screened, you need to use three D max or Maya because those programs are more operated with that kind of fours. So let's do this here, insert. I will insert Ah, see a sphere and we will create the basic mash apology, edit topology, and we're start to create the form of the built that's right to create big polygons for this. Like if we were working on the low resolution level for this, I used a transparency and I enable the ghost and breast. Okay, so it will show me the mission that I am creating here. This is a written apology process. Here I am. Trying to create a new piece isn't bad. That is the process that I told you I have a problem with dad cause I give it so much details and try to UK the polygons exactly where I needed. So why you lose so much time trying to do these? It is a good process for our vic best because it's very easy to handle here. On the reference, I see the size of the bills and I think it got a plate here. I was tragic grade dis bailed, but it has so much details, so I just will suggest it with some kind of stroke. I don't know broadly. I use them standard and I will move this boat points. Be careful with the belt. It could be on the chest so we don't want to. That all pressed w for a selection and you for create and select health here and then on the other part, I want to see the back how it looks. Sometimes they try to leave some details for later. But here because we've got ah, baby, a low resolution mission. We will try to create the most. A corrected version off the reference, talking about it the size on the position because on the Eiger resolution level, we need the details and keep the shape. Yeah, but if I tried to move something in a hunger subdivision level, I could create a travel or a problem. We did. Bigness and hate of the built here on adaptive skin. I will move dynamics to zero here to one, and I will press make it up that they've scheme and it creates ASAP Chul. So I'll go to use a tool insert. I selected belt here. Then I'll go to the formacion on inflate for a bleidt out of it. So when I'm press control, D belt will not cover. Well, the body later we could adjusted manually. Here I enabled, is transparency. I press shift f or visualized the politicals because they want to press control. D I want to keep this angles. This shapes and remember the same process. Go to seem a little there and include some loops between just that. I need to keep Palabras control d and now I feel it will. I like it so I will select a move brush. I will move the mish with the sub divisional level later. I will delayed it for make a extraction for a love like you do in the first. No, I will stay in the second subdivision level for Just see how Demisch works. I s h polish for creating a flood in part Here. Move again. Remember it not move so much developed because when it to put it on their other parts here comes out here on the middle. We could see it built and a part of the jacket. We'll go over it. Try to keep that in mind for the position. And you vacation of devote. You're every little will. Remember, dog, we don't have the same belt. How's the reference? Because the stripped around the proportion is different. So I will stop this glass here. Well, we could do the other seven then stop. I won't go to the lowest of division and hero Press little Heidger. Then I select See modeler and we'll add a thickness over the 1,000,000,000 extrude opal eagles And I have the thickness. So here, if we breast culturally, we have ah pretty good willed. It is a vase for some plates. I will Indo dissection. I don't want a sub divisional level. I hope you like it and see Annex class. 17. ThVsDp Vol 4 18 Belt Plate 02 : Okay, I will try to create the details some lines in the belt and I will keep the technique that is created Lines very fost Well, I will create here a transparency. I will create external line So I will insert some edge some extra loops here. - So we will create the details by using the C modeler on the extraction It good effects much diminished for now, I will adjust the hide off the rails. I will not give you the details to the parts that I know that will recover it. I will create a carving for add the details for did at I will go to see my old dinner and I will extrude his own. But I will use the pullup option. I will try heater on a little part Shift F control D control de again and just want to see what happened. Controversy. And for now I will try to insert some lines for a keep DEA Def I'm now we've got the carving here on the other plates. We could do do it using extrude and create Ah friction Here I did awesome chick. So shift F control de control de again and I think it works. I feel it good. And what I will do here is control. See, Shift F and I will try to control this own Buy us a move. We doubt make a big distortion. I will create another line here. I will add more sub divisional levels. And for now we could stop using this. And we'll the Lord, um, for a creative volume do they want I will use the later brush here in a stroke. I will enable they'll at least mouse. I will use 90 well out of some seeing density I will move the size here to 10 is fine. - Remember , Dude is for is low and we could use dumb stander very carefully just for at some definition to death. Late. L great this part here first because I need some reference for understand hell with works. So I will rename. This has bailed number one and I'll go to insert And we will work with the basic mission that we already have. And we will go to deformation and implant. I want to know if we could have used a smash for it. No repeated the same process with this. This fear. So we will deal it some fully Guns and rece Isom things and we could have information that we want Perfect Did save me a lot of time and I will start to defined height, sell, select similar and hearing sing modeler over the political I will select the deal adoption and single boldly And that will clear the bulletins that I don't need And yes and move I will start to adduce this plate l breast Council asked for a state my work for keep my for my will press similar to learn inserted until appear What I want here as by isn't the move Tool added volume to that sone and they'll do the same on the other side This result depend off the shape that we got I will try to whether fair So I want to see what happens if I press control g Well we need to keep the line down here I was first press extrude four out of thickness and I will have some edge loops for a keep the angles that I want control de Okay just one lift from the place comes down a straight I will start to create a debt line. He has to move. Comfrel d comfrel Diegan. I have feeling good bias and h polish. I tried to keep the curve on the surface. Well, look Sold for just class. The next class we will add Teoh order line on the belt and will add another plate. The lines on some plates and details. Remember that. See you next class. 18. ThVsDp Vol 4 19 Belt Plate 03: well has You can see here we could recycle this plate so we will rename. It has bailed zero to and I will duplicate and El Prez move. I don't sit against more here, so I will press f It's down there. I'll press old in this house or Nagy smoke and we move it down and irritated for I just it Alvarez, Chef Andi and I will delete the Heidger subdivision level here. Del Heidger. I will hide the tools that I don't need because I just need to build for now. It's right to clean this seem talking about cleaning. I think we need to delete this hands because the size of the our chief. Remember? Dad, we need it low. Remember here to transparency. And remember, have the ghost active. I will show you hear the reference for day vacation of the plates. - Here I will hide this illegals because we don't need it. Portis, shape. Be careful with the motile behind this and the whole press. They'll hide in here on geometry and they'll hiding later. We will reveal this bull eagles here, so don't worry about it. I use here. Ah, very big brush Because If I You saw a small one, I could defer mate So much Dis plate hospital use a brush is a program for organic shapes. So it is kind of hard Try to create Ah, hard surface here. That's the reason why the other worth artist years pretty backs are a Maya Moore or blame their I don't know what kind of programs there are, but there is a looked. I will move this down. I'll make more sharpened this edge here. And I could delete this other edge because it is easier to village one and then inserted again. I will do it is on the other side. I was check if we need to make this part wide than the other, I'll check here because it looks like extraction here because I'm trying to delete this edge and it doesn't alone Me. Um I don't like this trouble here. It could generate Ah, horrible mish. Later, I will select a pulling on and the I will look it from inside this mish have extortion. I don't know why you're when happened. This here there is like a double line. Be careful because sometimes when you use the similar This simulator is very sensible. So you will probably create something like this on extraction. Dad, we don't have Oh are another kind of edge or Ah, error ladies. So I will go to see modeler and delete this couple of edges and you will learn how to find his mistakes. This troubles here because sometimes you can find it. But it is just experience. Well, I wouldn't try something. I will here by using similar, I will insert it and I will add a divisional level for it. See what happened. So I will do it. Control de, I will move Diminish. I will enable the transparency and we will try to be vacated. I think that transparency will be a tool here. It will help later. I will flood in this. But first I need to adduce this part well. So it's Faneuil's Listen have ah simple build. Hey, use developed I looking good. I will check this on here and what I'm going to do now is delete No winter. I will use move by using Ault and move. You could pull out the things but here isn't necessary. I guess I can do it from here I will add another subdivision Control D Alvarez, a bullish for a because I want to polish disc curves on finally go to the first sub divisional level and here in geometry I will deal. Hi Gher. Now, by using C modeler, I will slick DEA just and I will select the option breach So fierce will select one edge then the other. It could be difficult the first time. So chick, if the edges white I want to know Where am I? Here. Well, like through diminished I will try to see again Cultural See on there this finally I will use insert on the this and I'll add some ed this year It's on lines where you keep the angles and l brands Control D And now we have the plate borough Probably here we have a trouble. We will use a thick brush and enable their transparency. We have this trouble because I guess it is because we deleted the subdivisions. I will check the other pieces. I dried tomato lead very fast, but I'm do my best for the details in the shape. I like it there in here for a finishing developed I will go to the zone. And why use into the later brush? I will go to Teoh size number 10 and I will create this shape. I guess my brush iss to be well. I will leave you this for you. This will be your homework. You will add a subdivision and try to create this line. They will leave you to reference here on the screen on try to create is before the next class. So I hope you like it and see you next class. 19. ThVsDp Vol 4 20 Belt Adjust: we'll look into new in this class. I simply here are created this line and I will use marriage undeveloped on the plates for it converted on a single mish well. And what I want to do is I want to move it on their displayed. Be careful because on the measures that I use for the belt, I have the same number off sub divisional level waas six. Because the merge because I need to keep the subdivision level on the model I need the same forties. Aaliyah's move. I'm trying to move. It is built in undecided we needed on their display. Eight. I try, but I don't want it through a diminish so much because this plate will move to. So I will go to a lower subdivision and now Leah's mo brush and this other to transparency, then shifty. - Well , now I'll go to Dio to ah hike So divisional level broadly to fight well apart important here is that I need displayed standing out D belt on here. It will be difficult because this play Dessau simulation I will do the next I'll move here . We could select pence and love it too, enabled the transparency and moment for a display eight We go to the lower subdivision and race transparency. And by using damn standard, I will create a stroke. A shape on the part that I need under l disabled. Is Simon Tree Well, I feel it. Fine, Philip. Good. Now I will mask this part on Try to move here in the meal. The waistcoat. - I'm here. I give you an idea to pull loudest basis on this side. I like it it to keep the line. But here on the other, I think that it's spend Oh, check will happen. Probably I accept you ready with them Standard. We could do here. Just we could move it, Chef De. And it's more of it. And basing standard, I pull out this edge I'll go to Ah hi Gher sub divisional level. I will enable the stroke for Have more control or dis. - I will disable the transparency. So now we give me Ah more a clear idea. By using the move tool on the transparency, I will try to pull out this plate for creating the impression that is over it. I will try to define Dad edge by use. Um stander for and continue with the seam. No, I will use them standard. And I'll move Dane density because it need to continue here. - I like it. I will check the seams off the teacher too. Here in the middle. Later, we will just this other mish and other seem here and I will use the standard for think this part. We will stop this class year and the next class we will start with the boots You could, Jake. Our render here at their own table has I show you perfect. I like it a lot here. I found a mistake. They're on their helpful still there. Stand a shapes, either Give us ah, more a clear idea about it. Forms about objects that we're using the gas on the model. You see, it's something. Ah, why don't the other models great. So you're in their help for you to understand that it makes great some tools. So see you next class 20. ThVsDp Vol 4 21 Boot Plate 01: welcome to this class and continue with the boots. Ah, something that I consider right here. ISS your light Move this and another light. I click it and it will enable another light. This light is under here either Worst like a feel light And the older I will advocate it up here. So we will select a second light and we will click over it. So in that moment it's like disappear. But it's behind. It's behind. Don't worry. So if I move it here to the edge, you could see delight. I will move the intensity to one. Probably more. I will movie too intensity to And the other light It's Ah green light. It is for split. The character from Divac grown. I want to help us to understand the shapes. I will disable and they will enable it. So you can see it. Help me to see other shapes here on the bicep. When I activated, we could see the shape here on the face. Andi, I will show you to reference that I will use. We will try to create a base plate and then deal their plates. So I was like the basic shape the basic measure L high Dis Now we've got for a subdivisions. I will duplicate it and they'll lower El Prez Solo and I will start to select what I need on this mission. I will displayed and create everything on this boot. Then I will duplicate it. We will just create one, but and duplicate Meurer and educate on the other feet. All use control out foreign. Select the songs that I don't need and by using control I start to draw the form of the plate. - I like it. I will go to sexual animus, played musket points and here we've got the basic shape of the boot. Remember? Duplicated the basic mash before split it musket points I will rename. It has boot number one well pressed solo M shift colleague on a boot for a select a soup too. I will delete the boat number two first try to organize the shape of a reboot. I will base allies the mish and tried to give it this shape. The basic shape dead we need to hear the sport has there are to be active, so I will enable it. I will serve. Measure this because the quantity of poll eagles know something low me to move it well. So I will visualize this mood, hide the other and do less here. A measure only in this case there is ah, one here for a creator. Various small hooligans now in German Tree Edge Loop and Laura Blue. We will add a couple of subdivisions and its allies The first board mash and project. - I will go down a subdivision and bio someday. Move, Tool. I want to see the knee, how it lutes And by using clay build up I will try to move it forward and we need to grade this shape. I remembered a basic shape something close but not perfect. I'm trying to generate a new angle here. - The folds doesn't matter to me. I will go to the basic mash and I will hide it for make easier my work devote again. I will try to allow this part here. Remember that it ihsaa speed school. We need to advance something that we can do here. Us a thing this to his book. Now we've got the basic shape so all oppressed they'll hide in Well now here we could added thickness at the end because you could add so much billions. You know, I will do it. I will add the thickness. Oh, go to geometry and they'll Heidger will go to see more dolar and at the thickness. Well, the question here if we could create a clear mish after give it its weakness, cetera mission again. It's better proceeded like this. And later we will at the thickness bias in the fruit. Similar tool because this is ah, irregular mish. So we could have some troubles allowed. The first subdivision and manually by isn't a move tool. I will flat the souls. Careful when did said this year. Old press control shift click. Okay, we've got another question here. That is what happened with this mash and how many troubles we have. Nathan looks like it's only this. I'll go to this first subdivision level in rest del Haydn, then go to the other level of subdivision here. I did like that because probably we lose somebody tales. But here it doesn't matter. We don't need Did he? Does We need to basic shape. I will show you fewer the reference in the pure. If we need more details but I don't want to advance. If I don't have this part here Flat, let me see here the reverence and let me see what? When did to do here? - Well , for a creative next year we will use a must. Well, if we create a mask here and it looks like a sow, it will be probably need more subdivision. Well, the mask, it's the choice. We could create a negative zone. Well, it doesn't mean negative. It is like an in grave. We will stop the class here. Onda. Next class. We will add these detail. See you next class. 21. ThVsDp Vol 4 22 Boot Plate 02: well going to this class and we will continue with displayed. This is a good technique because really fast. Hello? You to see to details on the character UN for a client you could do, you could create immersion offer days would last details on my case We are creating ah, video game Guardians Destiny and we're creating cinematics year, seven days kind of mortals. I expend probably two days in the creation off a model. Visually, it looks pretty good, but it doesn't have so much details. Sometimes you need to understand how your character works. So this is ah, is he way to understand that you could take five hours on the easy creation off corrector? - I will move far just for a see how it looks. I could use the RGB probably a red or brown color. The color isn't letter. I just need a guide. So I'll go here on RGB until right to determinate the point. Where do I need this forms? The question here if we have the distance, the good distance. Well, so here, if I've got the reference, it will go down here on probably start more wide bend down here. I'll go to a stroke and enabled a lazy mouse here when you did thinner, Alice could some details the set off of some details, so I dont needed now I could draw. Remember that I have the already be active. I just need to understand. Or agos the bottom. Ember damask Empoli She if I nated I see this pretty good. Now here on deformation inflate uncreative set off here. Um, pull out this corner here I will add a subdivision. And this morning Well, now we have the fierce partial off displayed by Isn't h bullish? I could flat the service. - This brush on this thing, a rash. I don't have so much control on it. We could check another options here in a stroke. It could be helpful. I I don't really know. Remember that? Is this big modeling? So when it just to suggest the forms and when it just suggest Dad, this plate here is flat. We could use them. Stand there. Here we could generate here are kind off it. It is creating. Ah, weird. And it isn't what I'm looking for. I don't know why it creates something. Ideas. It is where the Because I am Milson cult and ah don Standard brush and it doesn't work. I will have the worry about this right now. We will resold this later. All breast shift d I will create a form here. We could Yes. Initially a mask. I will go. Ah, subdivision level I breast l l'm here on the alpha section. We're looking for this alpha allergic. What happened? I'm cured. The sides don't worry about the smooth and we will included later. What? I'm looking here. A straight to give day aspect off belt got comes from the back For now, this is more about patients for have Ah, pretty good model. - Remember it when we grade Ah, sweet The risible sweet We use dumb stunned on the edge and then in the order I s motivated in layers in Asia bullish for ah, smooth this or face and try to create this cooler of I'm here. We've got a shape. The next step is odd for him to the boot We could create a shoe sole. Remember? Died on the first pulling off this curse. We create a basic boot. It doesn't have a soul, but here with late got bored with more details. So we need to create a soul. I will. Imbert and I will select. Move. I go aware this option by using melt and move it down. It is the way to extrude Iris. Ice it and then I use Move Oh, now lower resolution and try to move the boot for so which is the sort of face here is rounded Well, we will stop here step by step. We will have some shapes and forms. We could have this boot completely. Only one hour if we want. Ah, hike resolution for the good. We could spend three days on it. So don't sell for dis class. I hope you like it and see you next class. 22. ThVsDp Vol 4 23 Boot Plate 03: well, welcome to this class and we will start to create a shape of the boot. I'll go to Ah, lower subdivision and started with more brush. I will move this stone. I'm great. This song here more straight. It's rounded on this own. But disorder is straight. - I had a subdivision and use a polish for a flat surface. We will. You're right. The form of the soul defined this line because we need to visualize clearly. Dis mish this sure soul. - We will generate a form like days the style and that will give us the idea of the shoe sole print all breast control. See and go to Ah Heidger sub divisional level. Now I am in the fort subdivision. I will test this. Remember that it is speed modeling, so we will suggest the forms and nothing else. By using the old I create a sharpen it years old to define the just. I would move far there and try to keep the orientation of the lines. This part is Mason because we could create the lines very fast and easily. So those are is the shapes that looks pretty good. - Well , on a model we will look see this part. But I want to practice the speed boiling on this kind of shapes. We will create his other soul. It falls here. I like degrade. This isn't stroke Now this soul comes up here and down here. That's so listen so straight. We will adjust it. I will change here to lasso under bison. Will we move it backwards? It doesn't comes straight. It is diagonal ad material in this mood antigen. When I want to keep their just, I just use clay either. No, if they are to be. And I want to give D's at here, I just use clay because it creates. Ah, very clear Egx. I like it. How it looks ends smooth here in the middle. If we want something better, we could years h polish for now. I will not give it so much details because I want to think. Dad, we have limited time to great death because sometimes that's the truth. That could be a real situation with our client. So we need to school very fast. - I want to take the issue polish bad. It is so intense. I like it. I liked extractor. We already have it and we will create later the plates here on the reference we have boots and we will create a place that we need. Where we create this shape, I will show you on the side of the screen. - I could try to create it. Straight lines it isn't. Ah, good idea. Try to mix the reference. You need to focus on one reference and then we'll stop because if you try to have so much reference that you will makes it and your work will take a lot of time because every version off everybody is different. We need very clean lines here. As you can see here, I selected a big brush for Mark. More groove right here because we need to understand that under it is But there is a body. Then I use a stunner, moved a and density and activated stroke for understand. That is the zone where the blue closest the next class we will in this and at some plates for your next class 23. ThVsDp Vol 4 24 Boot Plate 04: Well, let's continue. I will select the layer brush. I will go to the tiger subdivision level and bias and adult. I start to mark. I will use the normal stroke for this. I'll take if I can use some stunned. They're here. - Well , this part will be convert so either matters so much. I will go to layer again then them standard un dia Just den bracing old I tried to Adam William or create Ah sharp edge Will elected Lee Oregon. We will enable their lacy mouth. And by use and old we create Ford Cavities gear and the same idea other side. I tried to mark the sown off the laces. - Okay , Like it? I want to try something here on the shoe sole and I will create some lines. They're not so much details here We are just looking forward to shape. Ah, shape that like us. - I'm here by using old. We create ah curve and mold Liam here like a curved edge. And I will remark this line. I will leave life in miles. Bias in god pressure poor create us thrown line. Forgive the sensation that there are two different materials. If we don't want to affect this part. We could use a must Then use a foolish well I like. And I will try to add a couple of plates here I will. A subdivision six. I will show you the reference. I will educate that here on the side of this cream we will create this boot de plates off the food. We will create it by the first plate. Did play that is closer to the feet? We will start by this. So I duplicate. Then I del Lower and proceeded to create the selection here or create the seam. I will select weird control and freehand well, I will do something. Give me a second here because here the program is selecting the inner part of the boot. So I will press control shift and click it for a high disbarred shift f And we could a star to select right now And I start to determinate the sown that I want to obstruct on behind. We will believe there's some here. I like it. So presence pleat here split musket points. I visualize the whole mish and and I split the mascot pines eyes selected you plate for now . It looks good to me. M Percy too. Use serum measure on it. - Okay , I'll we'll change the color to White here. We will use again. Sarah. Measure. I think that is fine. So I will go to Etch a loop and group loops. There is really bullish for this. So we will delete the the other match. The 1st 1 that I use for splittist. No, you know, I will just selected impress control, See, Because we could use Flores pleat the other plates. Then I go to the new wish and go to information and inflate. And then we use more for a destination for a creative sage. I will use a technique that I think I already years on this course. I go very fast here because the my 90 IES create a class only on 20 minutes. Because it could be so. He, before the student stay here out free hours, creating something. So that's the reason why we split it on 20 minutes here. Probably because this part is very close. It feels so short. So I will check. So I think that this form will follow this older. So I think I need this for more. Open it. It's better now and we will do the same polish in the back part. We dio literal on small torches with them a brush for UK diminish. Now we go to a similar and extrude all polygons. Then over a political we pressed Bowler Loop get closer to his own a small Pulip and then other and press control Deion, we have D h that we need. See you next class. 24. ThVsDp Vol 4 25 Boot Plate 05: well in this class we will proceed to create Ah, back plate and some lines in the boot. And finally, we will add some little plates around the feet I will create is by a simply way I will use the C sphere insert See his fearing I will move it because on this part I like it. I'll go to topology in any topology and use que for draw. We will create a very big pulling us. Remember that here. We just need the basic shape. - This technique is called red Apology. We use it for draw over a mish. But here we're trying to create a new mission. Usually we use the red apology for trays the high resolution model to ah, lower resolution model. And then we use the normals under details from the High Poly. Today low, poorly. I will select, move and check the back part. - I delayed two points Bias, um draw and old. Now I really is for you. Vacate this point. - I like this side. The other side is so forward. I need that around the central Seoul al years A for basil ice. The measure that I create here press again and then go to adaptive skin. Move here. See Rodeina mish density one. Then make up that if skin Then I breast insert and selected a scheme I hide Ah sees fear Now in this case, they will use deformation for bullet out. I will have some holy loops in the edge for a keep deformed. Because when I add us of divisional level, I could lose dad work and I don't want it. So I will try to keep the size on the form. With this I pressed control de for his life and check if I lose some shapes. I like it so I will use h polish Now I go to the lower subdivision Impress deal Heidger. And then I use C modeler and extraordinary form. No, I like it. I will breast comfortable d and shift. As for business life Summation control de again and I will press a foolish for polish disown here and eels move for a pullout to plate. I will enable the transparency and the ghost here we could del Heidger Onda. We will extrude the edge here. Um sorry, Dill Hunger and we will extrude ds polygons. But for Dad I will mosque the songs that I don't want to torch and throw it again. C'mon, earlier extrude Holy Luke I will move far there and see here I will mask the follicles that I don't want to extrude. I want to say what happened if I add ah subdivision shift F Well, this is the shape. But I want to say if we could use the small brush for polish this own because it helps us to get more details on the edge on that detail. It's very difficult to great way to other technique who has tried to pull out of this. I will add the lines for now. I don't add the folds because I need to duplicate this. Would that line go around the feet that are five lines? I will create a 1st 1 So here on the front, we need the size of the line. Various rule. Ah, a couple off subdivisions. - The world looks so rigid, but when we had the folks, it will add some kind off. Natural ality now does second line. We need that lines very close, one to the other. Here I'll lose some distance. Last try more A slow Now in this other plate, I will add a couple of subdivisions. But here on subdue Ally will look for the quantity off hooligans there is fine. So I will add another seven division. Well, perfect for day. Last step. I will use ah bucks for this. Ah three d Cube here for visualize the polygons. There are a concentric and this part is well So I will use here initialize and change all of these 24 m press, Quick Cube. And with this we will create a plate very thing for creative laces. So the next class we'll add more laces to this boot, Dan. We will duplicate it and we will create Want lead. See you next class. 25. ThVsDp Vol 4 26 Boot Plate 06: here. I will start to create some strokes here just for the basic shape. For now, creativeness lines here help us to understand later how to add the color for the speed school. This is a kind of detail that you include very fast. We don't need to create a plate to complete plate. We just suggested, like fast sketch over two piece. I will use Kleber laugh Arad material and the same for the other side and enabled his transparency. And we've got to form here. I use move for Make this closer to the center. I will organize this plate. I had a subdivision level and we will use move and the start to Bendis. We need our own any shape and I will add ah sphere and will create the buttons on the side. - Something very fast. A press control de again and used, um standard. And here I will suggest the tension here or under standard. This clothes has leather. That's fine. Another subdivision level and I will fuse. This piece is here. The idea lease tried to marriage the soup tools with the same number of bulletins or similar for Dad. I will try to use Siri measure on this plate. The main idea is a simple mesh. Something like this. Now I will add a subdivision and now a on the second subdivision level, I will press the lower and it will show me more bully girls with the same size. I'm drink here to have the same quantity of illegals in the border pieces. Also, Leg displayed it with this subdivision level and it has four subdivision level and I will do the same. I will have the force of the visions to the violence for merge the business. We need the same number off subdivisions in a remission that we're going to marriage. So our press merge down here and again for a few said with the other sphere Onda we could edit the subdivision, the quality of the mish. That is what I want Now I will advocate this. I will always use moving Ah, big size brush Schiff D for making this year to move and I will try to move it closer to the vote. I will duplicate it Perfect . I duplicate and you vacate the business and I'll press here all high here. The boot looks really good here on the reverence. I'm looking for something that showed me decide of displayed. It looks very simple. I will move here. I will use them or brush because this part is inside the other mesh. Take your time for a dusa paces we could use. Ah, blade of peace. I can't understand the plate. It could be a middle plate. It will be probably more a symbol. Done. This I will delayed. See a sphere. And in Sarah duck you and you pick a dick. You it iss just a cube holding this business of the boot. We could edit of it the leather and try to fused devoted pieces with some kind of folds. I will duplicate it again. It is just a simple cube, but it will adus detail to the boot because this q interact with the boat visas, the sole of the shoe and the letter over it. - I don't like this Q I will use another. I will delayed it and insert a new cube. I will insert the plane and you're in geometry. Reckon instruct subdivisions. I will click it a couple of times and I keep the subdivisions here. Here. Dale Heidger I only need one pulling. Um And here old Brazil hiding No, I will keep dealing Napoleon's and I will use mirror for Move this part here it is more like this. So I will press, see modeler and add some Edgell. Oops Coric. Keep the shapes and the edges. And finally I will extorted rece. Ice it on removed the Simon three. I will you vacated here on the Bach. Bart, I want to see what happened here. I will use move. I think that this plate will look better outlying with this lines on again on the back plate. I will press G. There is like a whole here, so I will use clay build up and using them. Stander. I will mark some lines. I will just one really great a hole. Here it ihsaa. It's a way to create a detail here. Now we got boot. I will select a wide color. I will active Argov on feel object. Now there we have our boot. So here for creating another boot. I will merge all the pieces off the boot and and make a mirror. When we merged this there will be ah, plates that have different sub divisional level. So it will be a trouble. I will delete Deace. Okay, I will lead disorder Anel Press Control s the first plate Hoste six subdivisions, the other five and other four. We need the same number off subdivisions for allow us to handle the mashing Ah, low sub divisional level. Well, I will stop this class here and then the next class We will finish this boot and we will start. We don't want lit. I hope you like it and see you next class. 26. ThVsDp Vol 4 27 Boots Mirror 01: Well, the nexus create other boot. I will try to duplicate this. I don't know because it was trouble in the interior. See Brush. I don't know if pixel logic resolved this, but I don't think so. But I will try it anyway. I will hide everything and I will be supplies only the elements off the boot. And I will use merge. Visible on the program will create another tool with the plates and everything that we have on the view port. I select again the mash and I will press insert. Let me try it. Something I don't need to marriage days I will select the boot. Doug, We merge here on the sub jewels and I will press mirror here. Deformation and mirror. Now we have the right wood. I will rename it Sub tool on rename. Right boot. Another press split Two parts. It will s pleat the plates. The under subtitles that we have a new boot and I will marriage the common elements like this Two elements here merge down this to cube side. We have here for example, the fears that we have here. Be careful with this process because you can't Endo the marriage. I'll press shift f for the fuse parks. I need to see it. I will rename this house fears. I just need to simplify Dis mish. I will press control s and I will use mirror here. I will. Lily, that's Abdul. And we could say that we have less business. And for this I will shift. Click this I and duplicate all the business and I will make it a serum measure. And we will use the serum measure on one we need are very low level of illegals here. So what happened here? If I use the mirror and weld, it doesn't below me because I have so divisional level and I have to remove it for years the mirror and world. And it asked me for use the first option, but that option always generate some trouble for me. I add a couple off subdivisions and press project old now I disabled the boat and see what happened. I don't like the results, so I will use comfortable Z. I'll go back to the several measure and try to project this from here without in a subdivision level for try to project from the first mission that we have. It will probably result with this problem from here. We could see if we have Ah, error from the fierce mortal comes road. See again and I will try another option on alternative. Here is tried. Teoh, move that belittles Munna Lee al Breast Control Diegan and project old on this point would 500 towels. Son, I guess we have the detail that we need on the other measure we have to millions of illegals. If we wanted, we could leave this model like that and we could delete the high resolution boot. I will do it because I need ah light project again this option. Siri, measure the point off. This is try to get Ah, simple mish on this plate again. I will duplicated here. I will show you the complete process of this. It could be kind of tired duties, but if we got ah, error or ah, trouble here, I could result bit own one video. - I activated original version and add two subdivisions. I'm project. We've got a very similar result and lighter result. So I always delete Dale original mission. Now do less alone. I'll implicated and I will save my work all press control d a couple of times and predicted I will delayed Teoh Hubie mortal. And in this case, I will press all low and those Liga original mish I will upend the panels here to the boot so I'll select a boot and breast upend. Oh, excuse me happened. No insert on select Banos money, Jim. I will mask Panis and will select one boot. I'll select the gizmo, move and move with baskets. Soup tools Now I moved here and rotated all to click on this wooden For a you get on the center of the mish. We need to rotate this boot and one by it once a tool and on each sexual I will adjust manually without that much So Marshall Warmish something that we can do here. It will not damage Soma's your mish. I will you get in, try to fix this part because is very complex. I will stop here. I will finish this process in the other class. So I hope you like it and see you next class 27. ThVsDp Vol 4 28 Boots Mirror 02: Well so much. Then show here. I need to move the complete partier called a complete pieces. I will select each one of the business and I will the mask it. So here I will move this piece from the uncle to down. It's one of the sub jewels. So I don't want to move this piece here. I will be. So I said it just for a safe. I did will control Klingons. Soft the mask and l A press. Hello. I need everything on the low resolution all press control click again. Because this mission have a lot of resolution. More Dundee Olders now displayed its dis plates. I need to move it so I don't musket. I don't ask the parts that I need to move on this part. Al, just select this up here on the last one, I will mask the complete soup tool. Now I go to the superior Sexual en el press rotate Ah UK to Gizmondo Uncle. That's the place where defeated rotates it. Generate error. Cell press countries see twice and created again. I don't know what happened here. It is usually a problem on the document Document New document. I don't care about it. I will remove the pro and I is h D options here and press create Well, no create Noah rece ice. Then I try to create my model again. And now in this musket piece, I'll press again. Rotate and check. Where is the ankle for rotated? L know. Elective the multiple sexual for the movement. Careful with the space here and I start to educate defeat. I will hide about it and I will see the boot. We don't have so much trouble here. I will remove the mask under sub tools. Be careful with deception control and drag on the campus for removed the mask and we will check displayed here. - And Manuel, they will start to move each one of the pieces. Well, Duracell way to do this. We need to move, devote to the other money kill So I will delete this money came here here because I need to keep the resolution. Tests of divisions levels on the boot. All select Fanis Money team. And here we've got the boot. We will merge the pieces off the order boot just for a keep the rifle association. Very simple. - We will add a subdivision Infuse this three business I will marriage down Ah, played here on the buck so there is more simple. This place will be left boot. Sometimes you're left would number tree and now we just only have three elements and we have the complete food. And now we will insert the right wood also like the body and I will hide defeat. I moved to dismiss Here I go back to write woods and press insert and I insert a piece that I said like before, Go back to reboot, select a older plate moving back here insert and I answered, displayed. It looks hard, but it is just go in order. Insert coach of the basis Move down here insert Bring here to business I select this insert a new ticket here Gillespie's And now I've got a complete boot And now, on general terms, we've got ah, China's with boots and at the end we will add the folds to the waistcoat. More affords to the woods and we'll add some natural iti to this piece. All those fools are for Give it more detail. I'm feeling good. Hope you like it and see you next class 28. ThVsDp Vol 4 29 Gauntlet Plate 01: Well, let's continue. We will create now Dio gauntlet for now for day one flit we will just created We will not give it so much details We will abort the details on the other volume but we will give you the details. Ah, the nails on the others. Onda will grade a want let and we finish with this for days. For Tebow Liam, we will use desperate modeling If someone need to know or want to know something about the horse her face, we will create a curse for the harsher faces. Practically we will did is perfect for that kind of model we will go to Ah, perfection level. We go very crazy on it because we create every scratch and every fold and even, uh, the fingerprints. But for now we will keep it the speed modelling technique or create very good US cultures in ah, short lapse of time, we will split the forms of the wonderful it very fast. Where will he is this played option I will duplicate giggle over. I'll go to the hunger subdivision level in press the lower Remember this process. The complex part here is that we don't have the Simon tree. But something that could be used on our favor is that we're using a spit modeling. A long time will be here for Remember you. That's where he is. An ass but modelling technique for now. No question is the shape is that it isn't. I need to add something. I need to remove something and you're on sub jewels. Displayed mascot points and they proceed to simplify this mission. I only is Syria measure. Remember this process I will use Ah, very low resolution. Cyril 0.5 Doug s Mm. Grilled loops. I want Ah, very simple mission. So I will use a similar measure. 00 0.1. Probably egg and grub lips. I will use the serum measure again. Now we will go very slow here trying to get the shape we could use for days. The red apology technique that I show you my partner's? Yes, it a lot. They use Ah see a sphere to do this. - I like the shape. So we will use. See modeler, extrude Help billions! And we've got here. The first plate something that we can do here is include out bully loop here Extrude and Empoli look, it will help us. When we had a subdivision level, I will add another subdivision here. I got four subdivision levels. Remember that I will use the the brushes Basic brushes. It is a spit modeling, so I will use them. Standard enclave. A lap probably I used layer. And by isn't them standard. I will create a line here. I really is a stroke and add a sub divisional level. Well, in this case, I want to create on a negative zone. So I'll press control The mosque will allow us to create very interesting details. - When I grade a mosque, I identify some places are some sones that are different, like Overy Irregular for for example here doing for your part The shape is good but this part here is so far. I will try to move it for creating monaural Simon Tree and I will start to find this control out for defined the mosque. Also later, as small brush and I will wrest control out, we will polish diminish here And then we pressed Inflate, Remember, we are working on this big modeling on the color volume. We will find some mistake. Some troubles. We will fix it. But for now, we are just modelling days. Very fought. I will use them. Stunned er and enabled a lazy mouse. - A lot of subdivision, Percy. The effect of the dumbest underbrush. Okay, try to grade one line out of time because of you on Dodie action. You will not lose so much work. I'll go to a lower resolution and news move on this part for a distant all years of stones art for a great this point. And here on the stroke option, I will use drug. We will use this all for I removed. A are to be, um house. You can see here their point just moves. Probably would more in density. Now at this point, a little chicken. It could be a kind of peace like that. Here. Here another. Now I believe free hunt and remove the Alfa for continue my work. Although seems we could work it with layer first, I will create this edge. As you can see here, this is very irregular. So don't worry about it. I'll go here on like Suraj is and I will move this ice. I'll select here The basic material number two because it looks better a delight and will help us to identify dead here. I don't need to stroke with this lice mouse. It could be short. We will create its Munna Lee. Don't worry about it at the end, it will Looks pretty good. Well, I will stop this classic here on the next class. We'll finish displayed. See you next class. 29. ThVsDp Vol 4 30 Gauntlet Plate Details: welcome to you. I want to add more volume to the plates because if I want to flatten or move it, I will have Ah ineligible mish. I will activate a stroke. The lazy most onda for yonder in density. I'll try to create every line just in one stroke. I will enable this C ad and enable they are to be I will paint here for some kind of guide - That trade is cooked This speed of school it is the same has the to t It's the same. Has the Judy speak paint? We will try to create something very basic and very fast Under today it is just on a lotion The creation of the objects There are just little car Laura spots that give us a sensation often object I'm for days Treaty is the same. Use very simple lines or create a sensation of the middle Here on this gaze I will enable they are to be and I will use the C ad. We could start without first line up here. This laces snap I will remove it because sometimes it just move back The stroke the brush here I will try to create the outline by using just one stroke. It iss like, uh, kind off ride here. So there is one stroke, the other and the other We've got one here. We could use the irregular forms from the reverence. - Then when we had the texture, it will Looks pretty good with, ah, beautiful decoration. - The other side is just a mirror. So it's is here to me, house. I told you, Create one stroke at the time. It's better because sometimes you have to know the action. If you want to polish this piece a little more, you could use more time on it. In this case, I don't recommend that. No, he drone color. I enabled. They are to be. I move it to white and feel object que on our TV and density. I will went to 100. We could use the h bullish for this Ada Looks like welding here. I just notice about it. It looks pretty good and we've got the first plate. It works for me. I will smooth this part. I'll go to list under Ah there, Export. Look for d l followed that. I want it could be there. And now we've got a piece with the engraving with ah, very good paint. It will Looks very, very good. I like it. A load of this work. I hope you like this class and see you next class. 30. ThVsDp Vol 4 31 Gauntlet Plate 02: well here we will be fertilized a hand a moment We will extract the other section So Al breast control C and conference on drug on the campus for removing mask I will enable the transparency here for the selection of the other plate Anel press control and start to selected a basic shape off displayed. I will show you our reference of the inner part off the gauntlet with ah small brush. I will not be given so much details. I just tried to create Ah similar distance. I just need the distance for now. I don't matter. The shape first the distance and then the shape here I will show you to refer himself displayed I'm sorry so much I guess that the problem that I have with the pure if is they always some top It goes nowhere. The record program so I don't know how to resolve it is for now this part we will not see disbar truly, but with say a little bit I remembered that we have the first going through death pool. So if we see our little piece, we need to model everything Well, so here I split mascot points hide this enabled is transparency. Remember serum Ishara? I will use it on 0.1. I wanted very basic shift f for a say that bully Ali is Sarah. Measure again and then we'll start to grate a basic shape. Something like this. Obviously we could use the controversy with the mosque. I just want to use the inflate for a Pull it out of it. Alvarez shift. And if for a see what happened and I will use h foolish for polish dis parts. Mbai isn't we could pull it out and then I will extraordinaire see modeler Extra Odle polygons by isn't move. I will generate this corner here. - Here . We've got a travel with this belligerence. I thought that the serum measure will resolve this. I will move closer here I'll go to Teoh two displayed under here and El Prez Bill Heidger. I'll excuse me here on topology, geometry and Del Haydn and I will use control shift out and will hide his base here and very carefully owned the older So cool On the other bullet group, I will do the same. I waited. It is will be probably used our two groups, But I don't want to use that because it could create troubles with the holy groups that I have here and I want to give it Now we have displayed l press control de again and I also start to grate some lines here. L press comfrel d a game and create on engrave here. Here I lose the Kerner later I will do it again. Now I will use them Standard enabled a stroke and use old all moved a density dio anyone and decides to seven I'll start to create these three lines and elder the same of the other side Remember, don't worry about the details. I will create a thinner line here because it looks like we slice the peace. Finally, I will go to a lower subdivision and then start tube allowed this sewn because I lose that form I'll go. Ah Hi Gher Subdivision President de Well, finally our press shift D And by using clever lab, I will laugh some volume. If we do this on this resolution, we will keep the details on the others. We will keep the older subdivisions various mood I s moated and I will use h polish if we give it a good he used to the O h polish. It will work now. These are phrase look very equal. So I will do the same out the other side. Um I will lose a small brush on the years in age polish. I will define this edge. - We could suggest this edge some parts Think about the bottles that this one let have. So it's normal that we have some bands and dense on it will I like it. I will stop here. We will add another plate and more details on the next class. Help you like it and see you next class. 31. ThVsDp Vol 4 32 Gauntlet Plate 03 and 04: So let's going to you. We will create more plates So it is one lit Have Ah inner plate on inner part. I will show you our reference for debt. I will show you that the reference that I am using for it And you will model with me Well , so will agree. I displayed our own day arm. Remember that we don't need Ah very high level of detail is ah speed school speed modeling What we do here? Very simple. We'll select the sones also like the split mesh the mesh that we're using for us Play the parts El Prez come for a shift click and Heidi Finger. If I is shift f you could see that bullet groups only the low me to hide So moved in That's fine. I will splayed mask it points I'll hide their hand and will lead the hooligans that I don't need. I will use a remission on this Cyril 0.1. That's the thing that I need. So we need to simplify too mish. We could use here on information The polish if they help us to greed. Ah, detail it a mish I'll select See modeler. Well, this Bs, I think for me it's various integrated on pretty max. But I wouldn't try to wrestled days here on C brush. We could wrestle the own the called our currents and the color volume. I'll go to see my old owner over the bullet on and extrude poli loop and create an edge. I need a bigger shift f and we've got here. Ah, simple plate. We could it's plea deal there under the same way. I'll go to the split mash, then control See Tim control and drag for removed the mask it goes over displayed here I will hide the fingers and I will You vacated here practically under the other plate. - It will look over a part of this finger. That's well I will check here on solo for a polish. The mask All polish here online. You two great occurred here Perfect on the superior part. We could make it straight. - Well , perfect! Then I split musket points here. The serum Isha is very weird because I go here on holiday trips out your groups shift F because there are some hooligans kind of world. I will try to result This I'll go to edge a loop and just Well, look, then I press Sarah measure again. Now it looks better. I will check if we have some screed. Barrett ticks here. All control shift. Click on the central part. I'll go to modified apology. Del Haydn. Now we've got ah, pretty good plate here. - I will sharpen this corner. - I try to keep the soles off the knuckles. I will use H bullish for flood in this zone. And finally I'll go to a similar and I will fruit everything. We will create the edge, so I'll go over it. And so, like that bully loop option and we pull out this edge. Alvarez Schiff, F and I will add a couple of subdivisions on drone C two days plate. I will enable the selection. I am. Visualize a hand. I enabled it. Transparency and the solo. At this point with God two plates. I will enable the transparency. Select this plate and move it down of it. I need to educate that vote plates here on this case, this one goes over the other on Duin it to resolve how to do this. I'll go to the lower sub divisional level. Andi, move it is up works. I looked good. I will remember this. Transparency impress all high on this plate works pretty good. We could include the tennis elements all Polish days detail here just for finished the class I don't use inflate. So there is a little parts that goes true. The others This plate needs to cover more surface El Prez Shifty under bias and move brush . We will adjust it for you Gated under the other plate. Well, see you next class for continue with the details of the big plate. I hope you understand. And my apologies about a pure if and nothing else. See annex class. 32. ThVsDp Vol 4 33 Gauntlet Plate 04 Details: welcome to this class and I will show you how to add day detail, son. One plate here we will select this plate duplicated and we will split the parks from this plate I will rename. This has late four and if late for sleet whole breast bill our for a split apart So I will create a shape over the knuckle. I will try to muscat this for created shape. It is some kind off rectangular shape. - We need to have Currence with the Saif of the base plate when it to administrate that space because the center line will come here It could be here. The central late will be very big. I will not that split it from here. I just want to see the size en Duin into great here some details so I'll try to make this plate longer. I'll go here on lessons. Select all this own Well now I'll go to a split mask It points on We've got the shapes way will do the cleaning process bias in the centre measure and the group loops I will use move for a just this shapes if I use here the serum usher There is fine. I will try to extrude up late. Very mean. I'll go to similar and selected option old pulling ALS because this plate ist very theme. It's selected things on there it is. So we will fix that all insulated stool. One way to do that issues out to groups. I'll go to pull groups our two groups and start to hide the things that I don't want here. We checked the model on down. We press del Haydn. I enable this solo Well, no, I knew to solo here, so I'll go to see modeler. I move closer, select a pullup option and I will do a small extraction on the edges. And in another going out here solo shift, F m press controlled. And now we have the base of the gym's. And later we need day under. So that damn enemy delay it's more rounded. But we could select something off this one of this and delegated I will implicate a subdued to complete sexual. Then I'll select a bar that I need and I will try to deal hiding. I don't know what could happen here. Well, there. Ah, sore face. Keep the sighs. I like it usually aid damage of Read the sort of phrase and l breath shifty and use Move for create around it for me And I will sell aggressed by control shift and click it using. Move the them over for the gizmo and it will mask the other polygons. The other political What I will do here as by assumed move tool. Well, we could use standard and try to us cult Something big here for the creation of this place . When you're dead. So I will use them a brush and then I will irritate it. Perfect. I will allow this and I will base allies This blade rece I said unable to transparency and we will Who did hate and we're start to let up this we could obligated and money early we could for a size this place for a distant I just Yes, move and tried to have currents with this Your face Well , we've got this piece now. Defense of the center we could I will show you a way for creatives plate. We could insert cylinder Well, first I will delete displayed and then Sir Decile Inder, I will do here something very fast. I disabled the perspective and this lions off the cylinder Don't help us So much ends for fix that I will go here too. Rain initialized. Oh, breast or forum floor M breads Quick cylinder! I just want to see what happened. Oil I don't like it. Sold more days to Sikhs Here six ending Quick cylinder. I need a hi Gher number of polygons. It is this because I want to great a plate here. But I don't know if it will work. Give me a second here because there is Ah Vertex. The measure would have some troubles. I will recover this would the mask and I will inverted. I will rece ice it and then I create the edge here, then rotated and recites it Well, I will related to the other side. And then Rhys ice it here. I'm trying to create on edge. Now I am mosque I'll go to similar And in Saturday next year m rest old click and it starts this leg This Mulligans well, they have a problem and that is the time. Well, the next class will try to give it more details to this plate. Perfect! Then I go to extrude in single bully for external ladies. I used l click and extruded of it And now we have Did you tastier Well, we will stop here and will continue next class for add more details 33. ThVsDp Vol 4 34 Gauntlet Plate 04 Details 02: Well, let's continue with this piece. There is a lot of ways for greatest. I will go over this own and I will extruded on fully loop Well, for this size, I probably wouldn't Dittemore wide displayed. I will do this again. It's true to pull you again Inside I will delete this line. We are here on the edge on insert single look and I use cult on clicked it line Well, I could delete this. I would like students again for creative thinner part and I will use move where it is So there I'll go over an it press the space bar and select Move Infinite radios Edgett loop complete and move it down. And I hold shift for keep the movement Fred, there is fine. I will move with this too. I will tried. Probably use control in Bird Es W Onda. Move it. And there it is. Select disorder ends a movement, other rece ices and order. What I wanna do is be careful here because I can't press control d because I could have shrivels. And that isn't the form that I want. We could use the edge on the angles, but I don't want to do that. It could be a sole complex. Aaliyah's Shift f Contra lower shift and use the rectangle option and hide Aldous Bulletins . And on this point I use will hide him. We could selected with old using the same old owner we could simply put two miles over Did pull a gun on delete and click it. I don't use measures here. I just want to create a solution. Are getting closer to the form that I'm trying to greet. Imbert. All the sown, um breast control D control de again. Let's see what happened. L press shift f It got a lot of detail. I want to say if it alone Me too. It's moated. I think that it work. I will try Teoh Soft the complete peace. And here I am trying Teoh, experiment with this. I'll try to grow to mask um trying Thio More resolution. Two days. So grow must remember. Dad, this is on experiment And now why it's more Did I like it? So I will, in selected and resize it. Careful here, old click here for straight and this part. And then I organized this because it is a mobile And now I've got ah very similar form. So I will you vacated. - If you want to learn how to use this kind of follicles, we have ah, curse off treating Max and my effort. This what? Well, I like it there. So I was like, this other plate all press shift d and is the mo brush for Try to give it a face on his own . I definitely have to do the same process on the other plate. Well, now very fast. I don't proceed to our details to display it. Remember Is the later brush I like it. So I will use Ah, small brush. I will let us in division for ad war solution to this line. Remember, Dad? Later we will polish desert freeze and I'll do the same when the other side. But I want to our details I want to improve this piece. - I will enable the less mouse just for add some manually tales. Now I move here is an h polish for well that points If you want Thio more details, you could use them. Stun third on defining war and I want to Ah, important elements year. Sally is the transparency. I used them standard with lazy mouse for dad details. We could add some screws. I will change this for drug dot I enable little I smiles and seeing density. I'm over 2 50 Um, Percy dead. It one here and here. It is so big. So how move these 23 are for. - Well , your homework will re add more details to disown. It is practically the same dad we do with the first plates. I great. Ah fussed version of this. You don't necessarily need to have the plates. Every plate you could just sketch on this. And now we have ah, very good version of the template. And I will add atmosphere for Dad, I believe is insert resize it. UNMOVIC is from day, but angles Well, I could just tried to make it longer. Underst are too you vacated on the first school to riotous you vacate the fingers dance. I don't create the middle Jim Dip lick eight. The dam is sore undid so it will not feet here. Remember that here we don't create Ah completely free kal plate. It is just something very close to it. So the James will not feed Well, we duplicate to James that we want. I will just be vacated fingers and say your next class 34. ThVsDp Vol 4 35 Gauntlet Plate 05: We will continue with the plates. We've got a lot of late. Skier all select this part here. Bias and mosque. I breast shift f here. Sure, it's fine. I will use this plate. I will press control. See? Unmask it. Go to the new layer. And as you can see here I have the globe without the knuckles. He had happened to you and you don't know how to result this I move over the Nichols part. I go here on the endo and well with forward and it's fix it else like this part of the moment. And I will shake which parts we could has played on this. Um perfect. I'll go to split a mascot points then press control. See, I am mask it. And then on this other layer I move it for the last one. I will select the finger here. I like it. So I Willis pleaded mascot points. I will check how it looks. I will enable the solo a moment un proceed to fix this plate. Remember I will use serum Usher Gribble lives on one. Siri, make sure again Shift f And that fixed some troubles. Dad, we're over here and they'll hide in now I will define. Did just I will use h polish on flat in this zone. I tried to create this on the fast way Tried Teoh Challenge trying to create this late own five minutes Our list See modeler and an extra little polygons. Aunt created edge by your simple a loop. - Perfect . I will breast shift F and tried to move it. I will rescind through this and checked Ah, you vacation for a duplicated I will you vacate this more to the car in there. And the and 30. Or I will try to move it but works. Andi isn't Ah, move, Tool start to you became a disip it. - So what we do here is duplicate dis plates and a different it is this duplicate and move. There it is. I will press shift f end to start to make it simple. - And now I will start to create it because dotage is always there. I will add for a subdivision. Levels for create one is here in the center, - in bird mask a small did, um whereas in flight are we could use move At this point, we've got Ah, this torsion on the mention. So I will add us of divisional level Onda. We will create a their layer. Well, let's see the glow here Now this late is the back plate. It goes under the order Smaller Dad comes over the jump. Well, finally, Dad, last peace. - It is like a triangle on like a shape. Ladies, I don't know what happened here with a mask. I will select it again. Palabras Control s with other name. When we've got this kind of troubles, save your work and try to create a new file because you could loose if you override the work that you did before. I will use the lacy miles for the mask we could. He is h polish for flat. Some shapes we could He hasn owned the car. Never for the find it perfect. Now I will use them standard It is incredible because without makes so much effort we create out better shape. Done Deal the reverent well. Ah, Gorilla Smoot. I tried to grade another gym. I will stop this class here. How do you like it? And see you next class 35. ThVsDp Vol 4 36 Gauntlet Plate 06: well in this class, we will advance with with the other plates. There is a lot of flights on this. We just need to create the plates and you vacated on the fingers. I didn't do anything amazing on this. I just tried to care about the shape. And if the measure goes through the other well, I don't have this finger complete for the other a class. I will fix it. And the last is that here we have a selection. I will generate to it. Ah, it on the knuckles. Some kind of plates, I think is that and we have finished the globe allowed details, but he crossed. I will abounds with this plate serum I share own 0.2. Another four fixed the errors. Old click and dial Haydn here on geometry. Dill hiding. Now we will use move. - I will leave information and inflate Well, we could have used move, but I don't think Dad works so I will just extra dis plate. Dad Could be you know Now I'll breast solo shift f for a suitable little's and then I will use move No, I will select. See modeler and I will extruded but only toe loop something where it is happening here. I don't know what happened with the sea version. This I will press Simon tree and then I will use the edge loop and has you can see here the program doesn't understand the political and the excludable eagles here. I don't know what is going on. I don't know what happened. Eat It creates cell loop going to deodorize side. In this case, I would try to years Gribble of zone one and then I will try to extrude all politicals. Now I'll use pull a loop and now with works, uh, for this I will add a couple of subdivisions and I press shift f m Finally I check that any measure Go Trudy odor here When I rotate the canvas and everything disappear it iss Ah, problem on the software. You could reinitiated and they will work. We could reckon feet, Dad, um preferences. But I don't do that, so it feels weird. Well, I will enable the transparency and we'll check if dis mash goes through the odors. Well, now we have displayed I will proceed with the base so I will select this sewn and I will slugged it. I will. Years strict. Well, no. I will use split basket fines. I will delete the other mish and I will hide a hand or hide a hand. I will enable this arrow because if I click it, it will hide everything on there. D Arrow and I will press Siri measure for make a flat surface. I will not have so much of details. I just want this more rounded. We need ah shorter distance between this place. And finally I will miss allies Deadpool for a see what happened with displayed this part. So we will not say so much about displayed. But I show you how to create on engrave here. So it worded. Um de information. I will. He is polish for a smooth is of it. I'll go to a two loops were bloops own one for a small Dace again. And finally I will miss allies Deadpool for a tick which parts we could see on the gauntlet . L breast comes Will s because I do know it is important, Onda. I will first click here in the r o for C day complete Lundell it. I'm here again. They are out for a CD. A complete soup tools I will hide to hand. I want Teoh. See the one flit. Well, I like it. I will hide everything. Then I will press through. Allah belittles and them through. I want to be Sele's The complete hunt A little bit. See it? A composition here does to give me a few seconds here and on this hand. I need Ah sewn off the fingers here. But we don't see therefore arm, so I could litigate it. Select original hand. I'll go to the lowest subdivision level and I will use the lasso for high debt part because I want Teoh deleted. Well there, I like it. Saul Prison, Haydn. I'll go to geometry and it'll hide in. When I delayed the hooligans on the lower subdivision level, when I go to to ah high were solution level, I could lose some details. I will shift, click and shift click again for high, that ripping I will miss a lays a hand and a complete gauntlet Univ. Elissa Low and I could see they want lit and hence l press shift f for show you and then here a colorful We needed on Fort and we will press project. Oh, just for recover some details on this case. The other globe, it is irrelevant. I select a longer glove. I'm president and here we have God Forearm! Here it generates were poorly. Go El Prez Solo, I will check if I could. Really? That this dad will be perfect. OlPerez they'll hide in. I will create our simple edge here. I don't need to create some kind of wealth. Points I go to extrude fully impressed Schiff f for visualize it Control the shift. F Ali. Is them stunned there First, I will select a song here, some kind off line this Etch year and the same of the other site shift d smote it control de smooth it and go up subdivision land. It's motive for erase this. I will select its head and try to add it. More volume. We could use standard on a big brush. I will Lismore it of it. There we have Ah, small William. But by isn't a mask it helped us to create on evolution. Um, this volume, the finger here us moated And there we have it. I will do the same on the inner part here. We don't need Ah, regular floor. I will enable this and breast cultural d add a subdivision for add more resolution and try to create Ah, flat apart here. So I will use h bullish for define in this zone And again here on the front we could add some medal sensation by year's Indus Lines. If you see that the lines work, you will not smoot it. And now I like it. So we couldn't leave this like that and see you next class. 36. ThVsDp Vol 4 37 Gauntlet Plate 07 and Final Render: Well, um, for finish this class, I want to check our one to show you here on the reference, I will add an image here because I'm still have troubles with the pure. If, for example, some and graves that we have it is a plate on some reference. And, um, some scriptures and then the movie it is up late too. Although something here I will include included a complete hand. I'll press the r o for missile life now all select another hide a missile ice And now I can see everything. If I'm over the subtitle, it doesn't work. But if I select another suitable empress it it will work well. A nuptial here could be duplicated days layer niblick eight and we will indicated on the lateral part. So if we don't have time, it could be ah, great to solution. I will pull it out and you've a gated. - I will adopt it through I do add up did on a lower resolution because you could raised a engraved dad. We have El Presidente transparency for a modified this part. All delayed death edge and I will add some subdivisions. Some resolution for say, how it looks if this model if I want to three d print on this model, it will be bitter creative plate done. Just a sketch in it. Move this at this on say, British. It's pretty bad. I don't like it. I'll add some resolution and moved his other part. And there it is our plate. So I don't move this because it goes through the older mish. We could move this up and we will resolve this. I don't create dip plates that we will. Let's see because that will El prez Shifty we've got here. Ah, pretty good Sweet. We create very fast the shapes, two forms Basically we email laid the basis we don't have Ah, very police result House. I don't leave if I want to create are very detailed sculpture. This will be different steps. For example leave client I don't know Ah size Cheryl studio. We could use his mortal for talk. We decline of all day of shapes the probe sub do you have and then start to add more details to every piece. But here we've got something very interesting on this case on digital schoolteacher. With this level, it works pretty good. So don't worry about it. There would be, ah, detail layer on the final curse Own double K's world. Start to include Baines and wrinkles. Organized a hand we will add detailed to each soup Jewel. We will add more details on the folds on every clo did adopt we have. So this is just ah first step like the first stage off this sculpture without more. Thank you for your attention. Thank you for reach this point. I recommend to you go to define als. Do the final bowl, Liam for a start to breakfast are your own structure. Well, nothing else. So you in the next. William, thank you so much.