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21 Videos (1h 36m)
    • Welcome!

    • Why Thai reflexology?

    • No Thai Stick? No Worries...Let's Head To The Kitchen

    • A lecture for the doubters out there

    • Holding The Stick

    • The Anatomy Of The Hand

    • Why hand reflexology?

    • The Reflex Zones And Charts-The Chart We Will Be Using And Why?

    • What Is Reflexology? What Do We Know About It?

    • The Reflex Zones On The Hand

    • Some important factors-scents

    • Other important factors to consider

    • Treating someone from both directions

    • Doing a Thai hand reflexology treatment on your self

    • Practice time! Here we do the other hand

    • Getting feedback-choosing the right person

    • Doing a Thai hand reflexology treatment on someone else

    • Different reactions-what they may mean

    • What is going on when we find a sensitive point

    • How to do traditional reflexology to add in to the treatment

    • Finale (1)


About This Class

Learn Thai hand reflexology massage to treat your friends, family, partner or your massage clients. It is easy, simple and a joy to do. You will have them begging for more!

There is a very good reason that Thai foot reflexologists are employed in the best spas throughout the world-the Thai foot reflexology treatments are simply world class!

"I've been doing traditional reflexology for 19 years as a massage professional and wanted to compare Thai reflexology with what I'd learned. Mark's course is excellent, both for the professional practitioner and for a person interested in offering a session to friends and family. His explanations are clear, as are the video shots of the work. He's enthusiastic about Thai reflexology and offers helpful explanations of what the practitioner is doing and why. I also appreciate that he's teaching this course without a teleprompter. The "pointers" included about setting up a favorable environment for the client are also excellent, as are the explanations on body mechanics (how to use the body without wearing yourself out), useful tools, and the way the Thai practice reflexology." K.M.  5 STARS

Mark studied traditional reflexology but then studied the Thai reflexology system and saw that not only was their system way more complete but it also made more sense as a form of treatment over traditional reflexology.

Now, for the first time on Udemy, you can learn this unique system of treating the hands which in turn is treating the whole body.

By taking this online Thai hand reflexology massage course you will :

  • increase your client base in your massage clinic or spa by offering something many other places do not offer. There are very few people offering Thai foot reflexology massage outside of Thailand. 
  • You will be able to use Thai hand reflexology on yourself, your friends, your partner or your family and have them begging for you to continue.They will absolutely love this form of hand reflexology massage!
  • You will not get tired doing Thai hand reflexology because you do not overuse their thumbs like it is taught in the traditional hand reflexology system so you will not get injured.
  • You will learn about the energy lines, acupuncture points to stimulate and how to stimulate the specific reflex points.

In this Thai hand reflexology massage course, Mark guides you step by step through the movements, techniques, mobilizations, reflex points and energy lines. He explains why, when it comes to hand reflexology, the Thai hand reflexology system is second to none.

Thai hand reflexology massage has been performed in Thailand for thousands of years as a complete holistic treatment for body, mind, and spirit. It is seen as a way to remain healthy and not simply an indulgence. 

If you are already treating people with traditional reflexology as a massage therapist or would just like to offer hand reflexology to your clients then I urge you to try this course. 

This will be a fabulous treatment that you can offer your clients and have them begging for more!





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Mark Perren-Jones

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Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, ...

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