Thai for beginners, the simplest ways to learn Thai. | Phantira Waranukrohchok | Skillshare

Thai for beginners, the simplest ways to learn Thai.

Phantira Waranukrohchok

Thai for beginners, the simplest ways to learn Thai.

Phantira Waranukrohchok

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9 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Introduction to Thai Language: Beginner Level 1

    • 2. Lesson 1: Introduce Yourself

    • 3. Lesson 2: Take a Taxi

    • 4. Lesson 3: Order Food

    • 5. Lesson 4: Being Sick

    • 6. Lesson 5: Go Places

    • 7. Lesson 6: Go Shopping

    • 8. Lesson 7: Tell Time

    • 9. Lesson 8: Book A Hotel Room

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About This Class

The course covers all useful phrases to help you start having a conversation with Thai natives. You can start speaking Thai in a week!

The lessons will help guide you through all the essential phrases and sentences and help you:

  • Learn how to perfect your tones;
  • Learn hundreds of phrases and sentences;
  • Learn the beauty of Thai language; and
  • Follow easy steps.

This course begins with the fundamentals of Thai language so you are aware of what to expect and any difficulties you may have along the learning journey. You don't need to know any grammatical rules because there are no rules!

This course has 3 lessons which allow you to practice everyday phrases and sentences so that you can have a conversation with the locals in a week. At the same time, you'll learn some of the vocabularies without having to memorize it.

Come have fun learning Thai with me and you’ll learn that speaking Thai is very easy.

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1. Introduction to Thai Language: Beginner Level 1: Hello, everyone. My name is Jim. I am a tiny tiff and I have been an English teacher for almost 10 years. I have a master degree in education and technology from University College, London, The United Kingdom. Welcome everyone to this course learn tied the simplest ways. In this introduction, I would go through things you need to know before you start learning Thai. In this course, I would introduce you to the Thai language. Some difficulties you need to be aware off and the concepts are speaking Thai sickling. I would teach you how to perfect your tones when we go through each phrase or sentence After you have learned time with me, you can start speaking time in a matter of hours. These sentences and phrases in this course can be heard in everyday life. So you can start responding to a tie native to have a conversation right away. And in this course, I also include at fun projects for you to do and share among your fellow learners so you can get to know each other and share your practices at progress. But you may ask why I need to learn Thai. If you're planning to move to Thailand for work, study or traveling, or you an investor being interested in starting a business in Thailand. Learning Thai would help you so much because you may have heard that not all ties can speak English. So if you can communicate in Thai, things will go more smoothly. Or if you're none of those what you want to add another phone language to your skin set. This course is just for you. The last possible reason is you may have Thai friends or you may be 1/2 time, but you cannot speak Thai or you have a type person in your family. Speaking time could certainly bring you closer. Tooth Um, before we done right into the first lesson, learning about useful phrases. Oh, you have to know first is the difficulties you may have. First tie language has five tones, which is quite difficult if you haven't heard of them before, or you cannot distinguish differences among them. Secondly, there are 44 alphabets in the Thai language. If you want to start reading tie, it would be quite difficult. So I would suggest that we should start with learning speaking first before you start reading it. The last thing is that ties speak differently. In each context. We have proper language manner towards who we talked to. Moreover, each person speaks differently. So the faces that you learn missile different, but another person speaks it. So you have to be aware of that. However, these difficulties shouldn't stop you from learning Thai, because the good thing is there's no tense anti language in Thai. You can just add one word or two words, and then you can have passed tens past perfect, tense press and perfect, tense future tense you name it. We don't have to change the verbs all switching things around. Let's start with the tones. There are five tons anti language that you should know. First, you should first start with the mid tone, which is the flat one in red color. You can see that you don't have to raise your voice or going down. This is the tone you should start with. The second tone is the low tone. You can start practicing this low 10 by first, beginning with the mid tone and then trying to lower it down so that you have it. The 3rd 1 is the falling tone. It means that you have to go up and then you come down within one word. The next one, I think, is the easiest one because it's the high tone. You could make the high tone by starting with the mid turn and raise the tone like your tune up and EMP, and the last tone is the rising tone. This one is quite challenging because you start with a midtown, go down for a bent and then quickly writes at the end off the word. So let's hear the example off the five tones that you should be aware off when you practice your speaking. The symbols on each ball represents its tone. If the tone is not correct, it could mean another word, and it's sometimes create misunderstanding. So the first example that I would show you with all the different tones start with the single word. Let's hear it together. I was speak slowly and you can jump into practice it after you hear my voice. Uh uh. God, God, let's hear it one more time. Go. Uh, God go. God! Another thing that you can take a peek now just to get the idea of how we write in Thai SP's alphabets. I wouldn't go through all of them in this course, but this is what you can, trying to learn them in the reading course. The picture shows the sequence of flow 44 letters. Can you believe that even sometimes we, the native speakers, cannot rearrange off the alphabets in the correct order, so it's quite challenging, even for us. But if you want to start practicing reading tie, this is something that you should aim to ace first and the last difficulty that you should be a rare off as the trickiness Thai language is so slippery in this case, I mean, you can say one thing in mating different ways. For example, the pro now I for the subject. In English, you have, I write, but in tie you can go so many different ways. For instance, it can be shun cool poem the Sun, so poem it's for male speakers. Ambition is from female speakers, so you have to learn which one goes within each context. The 2nd 1 is Theo endings. We distinguish the speakers on the usage for each gender. So for the question, the female speakers would add at the end off the question. While the male speakers can go with crap for the statement or negative sentences, the female speakers have to say ka at the end off the sentence, while the male speakers can still use the same work Crump. So it's quite challenging for the female learners. The last one is the sentence structures because Thai people do not include subjects or objects every time they speak. So it's quite complicated for Westerners when they're trying to understand what they say. So you have to know which one they're dropping, whether it's the subject of the object within the sentence. So, for example, with the sentence Have you got it? We may say half you got blank or blank have got for the direct translation because we assume that the listener would know what it is. So in Thai, we would say Diamond Young, all the second sentence. Where you going today? It can be one need by 90 or by night when me which both of them makes sense to us so we can move things around and that's no specified grew to arrange your sentence. So what do you think about the things you know about Ty. Is this stopping you or is it encouraging you to continue learning? Trust me, Thai language is not that hard. If you practice it frequently enough and you are determined to perfect your language skews . If you're ready to continue the next lesson, I'm recover. How to introduce yourself, including saying your name, age, country of origin, your occupation and your Hopis. See you in the next lesson by 2. Lesson 1: Introduce Yourself: Hello wrote Come back to lesson one In this lesson I would teach you how you can introduce yourself in Thai So let's begin. You may want to start by saying your name so the word name in Thai is shoot. If you want to ask What is your name you can say Couldn't you awry? Let's hear it one more time Conte awry So now it's your turn. Try Or if someone asked you what is your name? You would hear country or dry as well. If you want to greet the person you talk to you can say hello in Thai Is so what d If you're a male speaker, you can add crop at the end so it would be so What d crap. But if you're a female speaker, you have to say Kat in this case, so it would be so What? Deka So now let's repeat it. So what? He crap for male speakers and so what? Deka for female speakers if you want to reply to the question that you have heard earlier, so when you reply is no, you can say my name is blank, right? So in Thai for male speakers you can say poem, shoe and then followed by your name. If you're a female speaker, you can say Chanchu, So let's hear it. One more time for male speakers. Home shoot and for female speakers. Chanchu. And if you want to ask others, name Tom Shouk on June, you can ask. So what about yours? For male speakers, you can say now cool A crop. Let's hear one more time Local A crap for female speakers You can say local like, huh? One more time. La kulak, huh? So it's not that hard to ask for the name right? Let's move on to telling your age. If you want to tell your age in Thai, you can say Well, are you when someone asks you, How old are you for male speakers, you can reply, poem you and then add your age. For female speakers, you can say shun, are you and then add your age. So in this case, all you need to know is how to count the number in Thai. Right? Let's go to the next light so you know how to count the number in Thai. The numbers entire recall. Go away. Let's hear one more time numbers. The one leg. So let's begin from 1 to 10 in this slide. Number one noon. Number two. Song number three some number four C number five. Huh? Number six Hope number seven Did it number eight, but number nine go and number 10 Sick. So I will call from 1 to 10 without saying English. Let's hear it carefully. Noone song. Sam. See? Huh? Hope that bad guy house seat. Do you want to try? Let me hear you say. Or if you challenge yourself, you want to go quicker, you can say new song, Sam. See? Have hoped it back. Galaxy. You can practice this to make it more fun. If you are older than 10 off course, you have to know the numbers from 20 to 100. Right? So in this slide I would go through the way to count the number in tens number intense in tires. Late last sleep. Let's start with 20. 20 is you see 30 some see 40 cc 50 Hassi 60 Hope sleep 70 death sleep 80 Bad sleep. 90 can see 100 noone, Roy. So let's hear one more time. 20. You see 30 sound see 40 cc 50 has he 60 Hoax 70 Death State, 80 as C 90 galaxy and 100 noon, Roy. So when you want to come by the tens on the digits, you can begin with the tens. For example, you want to say 22 you can say Niecy for 20 and song for two. So altogether 22 is needs its own. However, those an exception in this case, if you want to say any tense with the ditch one, the number one will be changed into it. Not noon. So, for example, you say 71 in Thai, it would be it instead off disip noon. So now you can tell your age and the number in Thai. Thirdly, if you want to say where you're from, you can tell your country off origin or in Thai is but at Ted. So the question where you from in Thai is Koopmans Acti? 90. Let's hear one more time could Monza 1990? I am sure you would get asked quite a lot. So when you reply or tall, you can say for male speakers Pope Monta and then add the name off the country for female speakers, you can say shame on top and then add the name off the country. Let's hear one more time for male speakers. Pull my top and then add your country For female speakers, you can say Shan mata and then add the name of your country. So all you need right now is the name of your country of origin. Let's move on to the next line. So you know how to say your country in Thai country is butthead, right? There are two kinds off pronunciations. In this case, the 1st 1 is you changed the words and the pronunciation. The second cases we use the similar words, but we saved in mid tones. So let's hear it. For example, if you're from the U. S. A. You have to say 10 miles up America. So U s A is a merry guy. England is Oh, great England. Angry China Dean China Dean Korea Golly Korea goalie on the last example Japan people with So let's hear the similar worst that we used what we pronounce it in mid tones and quite slower than the English version. For example, Canada would be Canada, Canada, Mexico, entire e se Mexico, Mexico, New Zealand in Tyreese a New Zealand, New Zealand, Malaysia, we say Malaysia, Malaysia. For Singapore, we say sing couple, sing couple and the last one is Australia in Tyree, say Australia, Australia. It's not that hard. Right? So now you can tell where you from to your tie friends. The last topic in this lesson is your hobbies. How bees in Thai is not a deer? A not a beauty. So if someone asked you, what do you like to do in your free time? You may hear well, I want chopped home awry. Well, I one chopped him awry. So if your friends ask you what you like to do in your free time so you can answer to that question with these words, the list off the hobbies or entire we say Sheena Drake que non of your grade. If you like to play football, you can say baby born state born. If you like to read a book, you can say I know Sue anong food. If you like to go to a mall, you can say Byham Byham. If he always meet with friends, you can say though preven so prevent or if you like to watch a movie, you can say dune A do now, so less continue. I have more words for you know what continued in Thai. We say no. No. So if dining out is your thing, you can say getting cow getting cow. If you like to go to a gym, you can say by Len um, Beilin Hume. But if you like to go for a run, you can say by wing by doing, If you like to take a walk, you can say, though Len don't lend. But if you like to go to a park, you can say by so one by so one. So let's continue. Do yoga. Is Len your heart, Len, Your heart and the last Hubby then you can say, is to play games. If you want to say that in Tyree, say Len Game. So if you would like to ask the same question back, but you don't want to repeat the sentence, you can ask questions or Tom come Tom in Thai, such as So what about you, entire? We say La Kula Lau Kula. This question can be used in other contexts as well. Another question you can ask is so what do you like to do? Anti. We say lo Kula shall come awry. La Kula shop home awry. So this is it. For the first question, I hope you would record your voice and send it to me so I can hear you practice. And maybe I can comment on your pronunciation A swell. So keep practicing and if you're ready, you can move on to 3. Lesson 2: Take a Taxi: Hello and welcome back to lesson to in this lesson I was teaching how you can negotiate with the taxi when you want to take a taxi to go somewhere around Bangkok. So taxi in English entirely would pronounce it a little bit differently. Like this Texi. Let's hear one more time. Taxi. So the pronunciation is slower and a bit longer. When you hill a taxi, you can start your conversation with So what be? And don't forget the endings that we have learned before crop and car. So the male speakers can say so what he crap and the female speakers can say So what becomes So the word Hello is so what d wants you finish saying Hi. You can start asking Can you take me to? And then you add your point off destination Can you take me to in Thai, we say by blank my so, for example, if you want to go to a rental Mandarin hotel type people know it as Orient Pen. So the way we pronounced the word or rental is different. So if you say Oriental Hotel, the taxi driver wouldn't understand. So you have to say already and then and in this case, I would add the word over and then into the blank. So in English, you would ask, Can you take me to a rental? Mandarin Hotel? In time, we say by order and then my by Oregon, then my Or if you want to go to Khao San Road, you can say by a cows on my by cows. Odd my If you want to tell the driver the name off the road, the what road in Thai is unknown can own, because sometimes you can only tell the name off the road for the taxi driver to take you there. So, for example, if you want to say it's on blank road, you can say you teed had known in Thai. You teach had known, and then you add the name off the road. You can see the parenthesis that I put in the sentence. It means that you can skip the words in the parenthesis is so you can either say U T and then add the name off the road. Or you can say you'd have known and then the name off the road. Or you can just say you'll and then the name off the road. So let's go back, to be example, off Khao San Road, you can say Utd Unknown Kawasan. That's the first example. The second example is ut Kawasan, and the third example is you cows on. So as you can see, Thai language is quite flexible. If you want a guy in a taxi driver with the point off interest, you can tell him or her it isn ear and then you add something. For example, a non zero and groom. So if you want to say it is near their own grown road, you can say my new glide, their own groom when you plying their own groom or it's the same rule, you can delete Munn from this sentence. So it is you flying heroin groom. You blind their own groom next meter taxis in Thailand. Half the meter, however, is not every single time that the driver would use the meter right. The word meter in Thai. It is pronounced as Meet the meet the If you want to tell you a taxi driver to use the meter, you can ask, Can you use the meter for most for male speakers, you can say got me. Totally Crap. Goat meat though. Do it Crap for female speakers, you can say Got me a car. Got meter, Erica. But if your taxi driver refuses to use the meter, you can tell him or her. I'm not going anymore. In Thai, you can say my pile out my pile out. Sometimes the taxi driver doesn't know the way or doesn't know how to use the GPS. So if you know the way or untie it iss fruit hung road hung. You can ask the taxi driver whether he or she knows the way before you hop into the cap. So if you want to ask, do you know the way for male speakers? You can say through town my crap through town. My crap female speakers would say brought home make, huh Prudhomme make, huh? The response from the taxi driver could be Yes, I do or no, I don't. So if he or she says yes, I do it is true. Or if this no, I don't hear she would say my rule. So let's continue. The word continue is all. If you remember this from the first lesson, sometimes the taxi driver might take you out off the root. You can race the issue by saying this is not the way this is not the way in Thai is my side hung me. My site hung me. If you know the way or you're checking the GPS, you can race the issue with this term. If you arrive at your destination and you on your taxi driver to pull over here, pull over here in Thai is don't throw me. Don't throw me if you have to pay the fare according to dim eater and the taxi driver says , I don't have the change which occurs quite normally. He or she would say, I don't have the change, right in Thai. It is Paul may be found. Horn, pull Mamie. Thank on and again you see the parentheses so it could be my me bank on my meat lung. Colon, ask. The driver drops the subject off the sentence or the shortest version is Lamy. Tone my meat on you Drop the subject and the what language is money. My knee tone is the most common phrase that you could hear. And if you want to tell you a driver to keep the change in Thai, you can say my dunked on my thong tone. If you want to start a conversation with your driver during your ride, you can mention about the traffic jam. The traffic gem in Thai is rotate if you want to stress that the traffic is terrible, terrible traffic and tie is rotate my brought, my and if you want to ask the taxi driver to make an adjustment to the A. C. A. C is not working so well in Thai is a Ron air on. You can ask your driver to lower the temperature, so the question can you lower? The temperature in Thai for male speakers is rang and like shop spring and like stop for female speakers, you can say during an icon, bring an ICA. So this is all the phrases and sentences you can use when you hail Cap in Bangkok, and you can make sure that you drive or use the meter, so enjoy these phrases. If you have a chance to use thumb in Thailand and see you in the next lesson, 4. Lesson 3: Order Food: Hi. Welcome back to the course tie for beginners, the practical speaking guidelines level one. And in this leson, we will learn about how to order Thai food, either at a time restaurant in your area or ordering food in Thailand. So let's get on into the lesson before we get to know some off the useful phrases. Let's make sure that you understand different types of restaurant in Thailand. First, the general term restaurant and tie is Rana Han Grand Ahan. But we have different types of restaurants because we love food so much. So let's see the first type off three restaurants, which is made to order for this type of restaurant. Recall it ran a hand Samsung. Secondly, would you walk along the street? You might see the trade restaurant, which means the restaurant would prepare all the food for you, Joe Order. And they would put each order on top of rights for this kind of restaurant. Recall it, Ron. Talking Iran Cho gang and the last type is the one on the sidewalk footpath at the walking street or night markets. So for this, recall it, Iran can't how Ron can town. So once you're at the restaurant, you can greet the waiter by saying Hello. Let's review the phrase Hello once again in order to say hello. You say so what? They crap for males. And so what? Dick are for females because you don't need to reserve the table beforehand. Once you're at the restaurant, you can tell the waiter a table for blank, please in Tyree, say blank corn crop or blank corn cob. So in the blank you can at any number of your company. However, do you still remember how to say numbers in Thai? Let's practice such one more time numbers or two away the way. One No to song. Three. Psalm four c five, Hat six. Hope seven said eight. Bad nine. Go and 10 sick. Once you have your table, you can take a look at the main new before you order. Luckily, we also say may new, but in a flatter tone like this may new may know if you would like to ask for the main You you can say, Can 1/2 may new please. Or, in Thai calm a new Nike are or calm a new Nike crap. If you would like to take some time to think about your order. You can tell the waiter Let me browse through first or entire e se. Call do May new gone crap or call domain Hogan Calf. Once you're ready to order or sung Han sell a gun, you can tell the waiter can 1/2 a dish off blank, please, or entire e se? How blank. Don new crop or car, depending on your gender so you can insert the name off the dish in the blank and the word done. New means one dish. If you would like more than one dish, you can say kind of have to ditch is off blank or in Thai. How blank songs on crap or ka, depending on your gender. And again, you can change the number in the blue color according to your need, because we have different types of food In this lesson, I would introduce you to noodle or great deal. Great deal. These are the main dishes off noodles that you can order at any restaurant. For example, noodle with no soup recall. Great deal. Hang quite feel hang noodle with soup, we say Great! The onem great Theo Nam for noodle with pink sauce, we say Great deal. Yenta foal, Kuwaiti oun, Ta foal! Or, in short, we say your duffel without the word great deal. Fish ball is Lucien Blah. Look shin block. And for the pork ball, we say, Look shin more Lucien more. And Thai food is well known for its spices, so the worst spicy is head head. If you don't want you food to be cooked with a lot of chilies, you can say Call my pet crop or call my pet ka, which means can you not make it spicy? But if you would like to try spicy food for a bit, you can tell the waiter I'll Pettitte deal our PETN it deal. Which means can you make it spicy for a bit after you order some food? Sometimes you have to ask for more things for your table. If you would like to ask for something, you can say Cole blank. No, I crap or called blank, knowing cop, which means can 1/2 blank please. You can replace the blank with these examples. The 1st 1 is num king or ice, because this hunt, so you might want to drink your water with ice or your glasses are out off ice, and you can ask for more off it. If you would like to add more people to your table, you can ask for more empty glass or a cup, which is called gal Plow. Gail Plow. You can season your dish according to your taste by using condiments on the table, but if you don't find any condiments, you can ask for it. Condiments is called Crume Broom Creating Room. There are many types of condiments, so I would like to go through these with you guys. The 1st 1 is fish sauce with chili or now blackberry chili sauce is sauce. Plea sauce, please. Sweet chili sauce is non Tim Guy Nam Tim Guy. The 4th 1 is fish sauce with sugar and chili flakes. Re usually eat this with Nissan Food, which is called Numb Tim Towel Nam Tim Tell the next one is Sergey Sauce, which we call Suki Sauce, but in a flatter tone or Nam team Suki, Non team Sochi. The word non teams. Okay, it's more common, and the last one is seafood sauce or numb Tim Seafood. Now Tim Seafood. If you would like more chairs being added to your table in case your friend arrives late. You can ask for a chair, which is called Go E Go Easy. Moreover, the what straw is Lord Lord and a spoon and a for IQ. Our code Sean, some John some to make your eating experience more fulfilling. You can use chopsticks for noodles, chopsticks in tire. Recall them G up the G up. And if you have been to Thailand or any tie restaurants, you might have seen the pink napkins entire recall T two, even though it doesn't have to be pink, but it used to be provided everywhere. When you're eating at a restaurant anyway, let's move on to the thing. You can ask for more for your table. You can also ask for more plate of rice or cowbell out on noon. Cal pullouts on New Done New means one dish. If you would like to have brown rice, you can say Cal cologne instead off Koplow for the sticky rice, you can say Count neo count Nhial. If you were at Ronco Gang and you would like to have the food separately, you can either say how Ben got cow our Ben got cow or how blank toy noon our blank toy noon so you can have us mobile off blank separately, your dining experience at a Thai restaurant or in Thailand would not be complete without paying for your food. So if you want to say check, please, you can say kept. Tanguay crap kept Bangui car or kept annoyed crop kept on Millie car. You can either pick doi or noi in this case. If you have to ask for the total sum off your food, you can say Tell more towel dry Tom Moore towel dry, Which means how much is everything if you're not sure. Rather, the restaurant would take your created card. You can ask die but by my die. But by my sometimes the restaurant would allow you to pay separately. If you have a lot of friends at the table so you can ask, Can we split the bill or yet side? I'm I dat side, I my. Before we finish this lesson, I would like to ask some off raises for you to practice. The 1st 1 is if you're eating fish and the fish bone stuck, you can say gun planted coal gone block big coal to let your friends know, or if you need some help before you order the dish with any fish in it, you can make sure that you can enjoy the eating experience by asking black on your my black on your mind. Which means is it a bony fish? If you would like to make a comment on your fish dish, this dish has officious mill or entirely, say Minkow Minkow. The last question that might be useful for you is to ask whether the restaurant provides life music performance to ask that you can say we don't restart my meade on three sort My. Which means is there life music? Thank you for learning how to order Thai food with me in this lesson. If you would like to ask me for more information about the faces or sentences in this lesson, you can contact me through my Facebook page, which is Well, why wept dot facebook dot com slash al ve center. Thank you and see you in the next lesson by 5. Lesson 4: Being Sick: Welcome to the lesson of this course. Today we are going to learn about how to tell others when you are sick or if you have to go to hospital, are claiming YOU or in Thailand. This lesson would be very important for you if you are sick while traveling in Thailand or if you live in Thailand for awhile. So the first word that you should know is the word hospital. Or in Thai, recall Rome he abandoned. We also say the shorter version of the word as. Let's hear it one more time. At home. He abandoned for the longer version and for the short-term version, it is rho ban. If you would like to say that you are sick, ill, or unwell, you can say Chen boy or Chad mice the by. So you can choose either one of them. So let's say it one more time. Chan or Zen my sub i. Next, the word sickness or illness is boy in tie. If you need to alert someone that you're not failing, okay. You can say, excuse me, which is Cortana crop or CTO NACA in Thai. As you remember, crop is for guys and cat is her girls and tell the person that you are sick as in shun away or Chiang Mai sub i crap or Shen boy or Chan my sub I. If you need to go to the hospital. You can say by Romania ban. Or for the shorter version, bio-diesel as the phrase goes to the hospital. So in the full sentence, if you say I have to go to a hospital, you can say Shen Dao Ban. When you arrive at the hospital, normally the information culture would ask you about your patient's profile, whether you have been to the hospital before. So the patient's profile in Thai is what our WACC poop away. Poof away. The question the staff, as you would be G half a patient's profile here, which is me per watt TV, my car or me but I watched TV, my crap. And you can answer. Yes, I do or No, I don't, as in me or might need crap. And cat, if you would like to be pro-life. After that, you have to go to a department that says your sickness, which is the word panic in type or the word department. If you need to ask for the direction to that department, you can say by panic, dot-dot-dot, young nine crap. Or by Panera dot, dot, dot, again Nikon. So you can fill in the blank for the word department that you need to go to. Normally, people would tell you either to go straight or turn left or turn right. So the work goes straight, is thrown by. So let's hear it one more time. Thrown by. For the word turn left is Leo Stein. Leo psi. And to turn right is Leo. Leo. When you are in the doctor's office, you have to explain the condition of your sickness. This light will tell you how to say the part of the body in Thai. The first is arm, which is can. Can. Next is the width lag, which is car. Car. Chest is 00. Finger is new. New. For the genital area. It is a why you're paid. Uh, why your web page? Foot is tau. Tau. And the last word is n0, which is Cao. Cao. So after you learn about the parts of the body, you can tell your condition or the work done. In tie. You can start the sentence with I have, and then you can choose whether to describe your sickness as the ache or the pane for the word egg is. What? For example, you can say a stomach ache is in what tone? Or a headache as well. What one? And the back ache is black lung. However, if you have the pain in your body, the word Pain is dip. Dip. So let's review this page one more time so you can start the sentence by saying Chun and then choose the condition or what, or jet or egg or pain in this case. Or if you would like to be more specific, it would be the name of the disease. The word DCS is rho. Rho. So these are the common diseases, are symptoms for which people would go to the hospital. The first word is blue, which is kind of what? Y_0. Y_1. Yeah. The second most common disease is diarrhea, which is Tom CR towns CIA in Thai. The next one is allergies. You can say Ben Poole pad or just Pune pad. That's fine as well. Next is the code. You can say then what then what? The next symptom is migraine. We also say the same word in Thai as my grain. My grain or you can add, but what one migraine in the front as well. The last one is a Vivre which is Fen Kai Shi Ben. After the consultation with the doctor, you have to proceed to the cashier to pay for your hospital fees and medicine. So that expense is cash I, xy, xy or xy. You can ask how much it costs by saying that cap or paradox at Howard I. And if you would like to pay by credit card, you can ask Zai Di Minecraft or zai do I bought Crazy Diamond car? If you don't want to go to the hospital, you can also seek help from the pharmacy. So when you are at the pharmacy section, the word pill is ya in Thai. When you would like to ask about the instructions of how to take the pills, you can say thanking Jamil, right. Crap. Or thanking Jamil, right? To ask for when do I take the pills? Sometimes you can reject the prescription. If you already have the certain fields at your house. You can say my LEI Ni Di my crop or my LEI need I mica, which means cannot take this pill. Before we finish the lesson. There are some more words that you should know. So the first word is a nurse, which is next is the word staff, which is sound. Sound. Tea. If you don't want to go to a hospital, you can go to a pharmacy store instead, which is called run, where you can buy some medicines. The final word is over the culture pills, which are called yada. Yada. So this is it for this lesson about being sick. Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next lesson. Bye-bye. 6. Lesson 5: Go Places: Welcome to Unit five of this course, the practical speaking guy. For beginners. In this unit, we will take a look at some of the words that will be useful when you would like to talk about places. The most common word that you would hear about this topic is to go on a trip, to go on vacation or travel time. People would say all the phrases the same, which is by T0. By T. However, if you take a day off from work, we would use a different word which is passed on. Pop it on. If you travel by plane or you have to go on a plane to board a plane, we would always use the same word, which is conclusion being concrete ion beam. You can also drop the word been out of the context as well. Sometimes you have to sit by the window or near the aisle. The word window is not there. And the wood I0 is town don't. Tango and acetone is her walk. If you go to the beach or the sea, we sometimes use different words for each location. So the first word is a beach, which is ha, ha. But for the wedge C, we would say, tell me, if you sunbathe. We say Dad. Dad. If you swim in the sea, we would call it led. Timeline has a lot of islands. What Island is God? God. If you go to the waterfall, we call it 00, which is also a name of a noodle. Normally, you would hear the words slippery a lot when you go to the waterfall. The what slippery in Thai we say Loon. Because people would warn you about slippery rocks. They would say a rock is caught him. Next is the forest. Recall it. If you go on a hike in the forest, we call this activity for a campaign. We will say either Ben or non Ben. Ben is attempt. Moreover, if you go to a mountain or a hill, we would say by 2k Tau, by poor cow. The activity of hiking on a mountain is by tau. By tau. If you have to climb a mountain, we would say being Carl Beam cow. Because B is to climb. Another famous location in Thailand is a floating market. Though we're floating market is if you row a boat in a body of water, we would say high order PI. So it can be in a river or a lake. But if you take a cruise or go and increase, we would say when you take a ferry across river banks or Islands, we would call this activity couldn't couldn't come far. Sometimes in patsy, yeah, I'll catch you can run a speed boat or other types of boat. We can say chowder, which means to rent a boat. On this page, I would teach you how to say different types of destinations in Thailand. So the first word is Temple, which is what? What? Next is the market inside? It is the law. By law. In some provinces, you can go to the walking street, such as in Shanghai, or by which is called turn-on condone. Tenon condoned. As you remember doing is to walk. A store is called for a cafe. In Thailand we call it cafe car. Even though it is the same word, we pronounce it differently. The last location is arise for you. You can either say or for the shorter version as both words are understandable. Instead of going on an adventure, you can relax at a hotel. The hotel is grown Graham. Graham, laying down by the pool, recall non-linear, non-linear or non tool. Non shoe. If you take a rest, we would say, ha, ha. If you exercise or gum lung guy. Oh gum lung guy. By going to a park for a run, we will say by doing the what at a park or in a park is t sub one. So the whole thing can be fine wing TC1, but you can also drop the width t. So NSL. Go jogging, we can say by viewing your Jaap, by doing ya, ya, or by ringed, by wind Jascha, as though we're chat is slow. So let's take a look at some easy sentences that you can use when you would like to talk about your travel. The first sentence is, I am going to, and then you can add the location of your destination. You can say, Chin's up by. And then you can fill in the blank with the words that I talked to earlier. If you go on a road trip, you can say senza Cup brought by, SAMHSA Cup brought by. Because copper is to drive. If you would like to invite your friends or coworkers to join you in the trip. You can ask by by Eureka and mine, then you can add crops, alka. If you want to be more polite. As I said earlier, in other lessons, crop is hurt guys and girls. If you want to ask your friends whether going to, you can say couldn't sup by TOT, couldn't codes up a TO teeny. But again, you can drop the tea. So it would be Kuhn's up ITO nine. For the duration of the trip, you can ask by non-tone ie, to ask how long is your trip. And if you want to wish your friends and family to have a wonderful trip, you can say TO hasten opener. To hasten opener. And then you can either add crop of car at the end of the sentence to be more polite. If you would like to ask more information about the trip by asking who would join the trip. You can say couldn't bike up crying. Could bike up crying. But if your friend or coworker has already come back from the trip, you can ask whether their enjoyed the trip and whether they would have any recommendations. If you would like to ask about the favorite spot, you can say concerti 90. So concerti 90 suit. And you can ask whether or not you're French would recommend a place by asking Cohen by my crab or corn by May car. Again, you can also add a drop the wheat crop or car. And the word mine and mine would be the same in this case. So I hope this lesson would help you if you want to go on a trip in Thailand. Thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next video. Live or die. 7. Lesson 6: Go Shopping: Welcome to lesson six of this course. Today, we are going to learn about some words and sentences that would help you enjoy your shopping experience in Thailand. The first word is shopping. In time, we use the same word, might pronounce it Elizabeth differently, which is shopping. Shopping. There are many types of places where you can go shopping here in Thailand. The first one is a market. We say a lot. A lot. The next one is the most popular one, which is a shopping mall. We call a short as Han. I wouldn't recommend you to say the whole word, which is hangs up passing car, because we don't normally say it. Another unique place to go shopping is a wet market. We call it the last. So the last thought. And the last type of market is the night market. There are two ways to say this, which is either a lot along coup in the law or the law. The law. If we talk about opening hours, we're talking about Rayleigh. Beam will be. If you would like to ask about the opening our, you can ask for the chemo. But on the contrary, if you want to ask about the closing hour, you can say b. B. Sometimes they don't open on schedule because it depends on the owner of the shop. You can ask whether or not they close on certain days as n, you'd 1.9.1, 1.9.1. So that you can check before you go to the market or go shopping there. When you want to buy something, we call the action Sue. When you are at a market shop or store, the sales assistant or the owner might greet you differently depending on the formality of each location. So the first one, when they want to ask you what you want to buy, they can say, couldn't just CRI, cadenza, CRI, but sometimes they dropped the word Kuhn. Next, if the owner is a local Persian or you are frequent customer, the question might be shorter and less polite as in our ID, our ID, but sometimes the owner might drop the weight d as well. So please don't feel offended by the friendliness of the owner. And the final version is rough or rough RID cap, which is a bit more formal. When you want to describe the price, which is it can either be expensive or pan in Thai. And the width cheap is too. Too. If you would like to express your interest in buying the product, what you would like to send a signal to the seller that you're not okay with a price. You can say, I want to buy it or yak, die, or yaks. And then you add at the end of the sentence. So in this case, you can either pick the verb die or sue. Then you can follow with this sentence that path by path by which means. But this is too expensive. Once you signaled that you're not happy with the price, you can negotiate the price or bargain. The word bargain is the ha, ha, ha. So the most common question that you want to ask the seller at a market is either Can you give me a discount or do you have a discount? You can say latino di Miami or low to high annoyed. I might depending on which version you like of the what my or my suggests a question. If you want to be more polite, you can add for females or crop for males at the end of the question. Also, if the seller is kind, sometimes he or she can give you more of the products if it's not already packaged. Or sometimes you can ask her free products. So you can say, hey, you know, he died. Or tab, I know today my car all clap at the end of the question. But again, you can decide whether or not you want to be polite in this case or not. So I would suggest you to try this question. So maybe you can get more products for free. If you are looking at rather sharp and would like to ask the seller at a market which one is the best selling product you can ask? And nine, Heidi. Heidi. This is to help you decide what to buy it as a souvenir for your friends at home. If you want to buy things on a discount. You can also ask and Nairobi and nylon band. But again, you can drop the price out of the question so that you can save money before starting bargaining. The price. When you have finished browsing around, you can pay. They would pay is xy, dy. And most of the time if you go to a market or a Wet Market, the cellulose only accept cash. So cash in Thai is none, thought. None. So if you're not sure where the cashier is, you can ask dying 99, which means Do I pay? Before you pay, you can ask if it is a cash only store by asking psi doing, so tau, xy doing and so Town and draw. And then you can add crop at the end of the question. Next is the word credit card. It is easy to say, so it would be bad. But if you wish to pay by credit card, you can ask xy or xy doi by TIME0 and then you can add all crop at the end of the question. But please be aware that sometimes you have to pay for the credit card fee if you choose this method. So you should ask before paying by saying chart but my or shot but my, and then you can add crap to be more polite at the end of the question. In a large department store, you can have a membership card which allows you to collect points or use the points in your credit card for discounts. So that would point is command can then you can ask shy cannot die Miami or shy guy Miami to check whether you can use your points for discounts. But if you're not sure when your points are expired, you can ask, can then mod r, you can then mode so that you don't lose your opportunity of using your points. Also in a big department store, you can have your gift wrapped, especially during festive seasons. So to wrap a gift, it is Hong Kong, Kwan Ha Hong. So you can ask the cashier whether or not they provide the service by saying Hall Hall or Hall Hall one night. But sometimes it is not free if your purchase is lower than a certain amount. So you can ask how free money or how free money to check whether it's free before asking them to do it for you. Even though returning your purchase is not common in Thailand, you can do so at some department stores or shops. To return an item is Cun Kong. Kong. When you pay at the cashier, you can ask the staff whether or not you can return your purchase by asking couldn't Cong Di Yi or couldn't Cong Di mine. Most of the time, that limits your return within seven days with the attack on. But to make sure that it is, you can ask clean coal NIH pie, Nike E1 to EN Cong Di pi, Nike one. Some stores provide credit or refund your money. If you want your money back, you can ask. So dying and could mine or the dining and food money, getting store credit is not common here. If you own a business or a taxpayer in Thailand, you can have your text document or by Comcast passing, by Km got passing. When purchasing a product, you can use your tax documents to deduct your income tax. So you can ask whether or not the store can provide you the document. The question you can use is by combat diamond or of bigamy dye mine. You can see that we dropped the word policy, which is tax in this case and is still understandable. So at the cashier, they cannot produce the document, so you have to go somewhere else to get it. So you can ask, by all Vikram got thrown by my throne. If you want to be more polite, again, you can add all crop at the end of the question. Finally, if you are a tourist in Thailand, you can have a tax refund, which is Cun policy and policy. Before you make a purchase, you can ask call Kuhn Pasi diamond or call couldn't pass the dye mine to see whether you can get a tax refund from the store. To make sure that you receive your tax back. You have to ask the staff wear to collect your tax refund. And the question for that is di policy Qun Ti Nei Di policy Qun Ti Ye. And the final question to use in this lesson is, how much I get the tax refund back to make sure that you know the exact amount to get. You can ask the bypass. He couldn't tolerate NIH policy, couldn't towel guy. So I hope this is useful for all my students. Have fun shopping in Thailand. And I will see you in the next lesson. Bye. 8. Lesson 7: Tell Time: Welcome to the seventh lesson of this course, practical LTI Lessons for beginners. Today, they're going to learn about how to tell time. Before we go to all the phrases and how to tell time, I would like to help you remember how to tell numbers in Thai because it's all about numbers when you tell time. The first number is men. Number two is song. Number three is Sam. Next is number four, which is C. Number five is number six is whole. Number seven is tip. Number eight is bad. Number nine is Gao. Number ten is a 11 is eight. And the last 112 is six song. I would like to make it easier for you by using only 12 hours system. After you learn all the 12th numbers, we can move on to some of the phrases that we use to tell time. The first question is, what time is it? In time? We say d mu, d mu l. Common answers could be, I don't know. I don't have a watch or let me check. So let's begin with the first one. I don't know which is chug chug Majuro. The second answer is, I don't have a watch. So you can say Finally, when you want to check your time before giving the answer, you can say color, do Gone, Gone, or check back. Check back. The second one would be more common with teenagers. However, if you know the time or you have a watch, you can give the exact time. So you can reply the question. In English when we tell time, we begin the answer with. So in Thai we say our N0. So the blank is how to read the time which I'm about to guide you so you can feel it in. So before we go to how to tell time, we should know the word time first. It is where law we Law. In the Thai language, we divide 24 hours in four main sections, calling each section differently. So it's quite complicated compared to the way you tell time in English. The first section is from 01:00 AM to 05:00 AM. The second section will start from 06:00 AM to 11:00 AM. For this one, I will stick to the contemporary time telling because there are two ways for this. But I will not teach you the way that the elderly used to tell time because it's no longer common. The third section is from 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM, And the last one is from 07:00 PM to 11:00 PM. So let's start with the first section, which is from 01:00 AM to 05:00 AM. During this time, we call the the and then we add the number after the would be. For example, 2m is the song. The song. Let's move on to the second section, which begins from 06:00 AM to 11 AM. During this time, we use the word moan Shao. Shao. However, the number would start first and then we follow the number with the word mon Chao, such as 09:00 AM is Gamow Shao. So this can be a bit confusing given that the time period moves its location. Thirdly, the time in this period is from 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM. During this section of time, we would use the word bye. Bye. There are two ways to say 01:00 PM, which is by more, by more or by nu. By nu. But the rest would be to buy and the number. Lastly, the time during 07:00 PM to 11:00 PM, we say tomb. So seven PM would be the start of this period. This is why we start counting from number one again, even though it's already seven PM. So together, 07:00 PM is noon. And then we would count from number 125. This is why sometimes Thai people are confused when they speak English. Next is the worried about noon and midnight. For noon we say T01. T01. And for Midnight it is Tn Tn Kuhn. If you notice, I skip 5PM 6PM from the third time period of the day because we don't say the word bye for these two hours. But we say mon yen yen. So 5PM becomes hormone yen and 06:00 PM is ammonia. And so if you use the web by for two hours, it will be a bit awkward. Now that we know how to read the hour of the clock, let's move on to the minute or 19 in Thai. It is quite simple when you tell the minute of the time because we just add the number after the hour than you just learned. So for example, if you say 07:15 AM, it would be set. So for the WordNet t after that would subpoena can be dropped for 12:45 PM. It can be ten cc per tank, CZ. And in this case you will see that we don't say T11 CSU because we dropped the one from the time description. Next, 220 PM would be by song EC, by Sony. And the last one is 930 PM. For this one, there are two ways to tell time. The first one is sound tomb croon. It is more common to say crew for 30 minutes. However, you can still say some 2m C if you want. So now you can tell time in time, no matter what time it is during the day or night. Let's take a look at some of the useful words and phrases that you can use regarding time. The first word is alarm clock. We call this oligopoly, Malika blue. If you want someone to set the alarm for you, you can say, look. After that. You can add the word hi, knowing to show politeness because high noise means please. So the whole thing would be, hey, knowing and not knowing, as in pretty set the alarm for me. Next is the most common word that you will hear, which is Hurry up. In Thai, resale. Even though Thai people don't really respect time and punctuality, you can tell the person you are talking with to not be laid by saying, yeah. Yeah. Shanna. However, if you know that you are going to be late for sure, you can say it's up by Sina, sapped by Sina. And if you want to say that you finished doing something just in time, you can say tan, tan way la e. Let's move on to the final slide of this lesson. If you would like to suggest that it's dark, you can say mood. Mood Lao. If someone does something all the time, you can say a lot, really, a lot re law to tell that it happens all the time. I know that in English. You say, oh clock to tell time. In Tiwi sometimes skip this one. But if you want to use this, you can tell the time. And then after that, you can add more drone. Throne. Oh, do what? At the end. But the what non-legal would be formally used in a government setting. Next, the word tree time is way law. May 1 allow one. And if you want to talk about something in the past, you can start a sentence with the phrase a, D. A D. On the other hand, if it is in the future, you can say caught. Caught. Thank you so much for watching this lesson with me. I hope that this is useful for you when you talk about time. And I will see you in the next video. Bye-bye. 9. Lesson 8: Book A Hotel Room: Welcome to lesson eight of this course, tie for beginners, the practical speaking guide. Today we are going to learn about how to book a hotel room. Because I know it is quite common for foreigners to come and visit Thailand for the trip. Let's start with the first word that is the most important for this lesson. The word is Hotel, which is rome. Graham. Graham. For this lesson, I have divided the conversation into two parts. The first part would be when you call the receptionist to made a booking over the phone. And the second part would be when you talk to your friends about your upcoming trip. So in the first part, I will let you imagine that you call the hotel to ask for information before you make a booking. The first question you can ask when you call the hotel is whether you call the right number. So you can say wrong Graham, dot-dot-dot my crop or car. So let's hear it one more time. Shining Ron Graham, dot-dot-dot my crop, or depending on the gender of the speaker. So again, crop is for males and females. The possible answer you can hear in return is either yes or no, which is or my Shi'i. Next, you can express your reason for calling the hotel by saying you want to book a room. You can either go with the male version or the female version. So the male version goes like this poem. Song Hong pop craft, palm Yan Jiang Hong pack crop. While the female version is Shun Yao Jiang Hong PPACA. Xiang Yan Jiang Hong pack car. If you would like to include the information about how many nights in your sentence, you can choose this one instead of the previous sentence. So you can say Hong pack some blank Kuhn crop for the male version and for the female version is Shen Yan Hong pack some drop blank coup in car. In this example, you can fill in the blank with the number of nights that you would like to stay. So if you forget the way to say numbers in tie, you can return to the first lesson of my course. Next, you can ask about the types of room that they provide by saying, MY Hong BATNA, me Hong bab name by the receptionist will answer you like this. Around me home. Bab dot, dot, dot. So in the blank, you can hear either the word the lax, suite or superior, or whatever term that they use. After that, you can ask about the cost to per night of the hotel room that you choose. You can ask crop or to law. And again, you can choose either crop for your gender. The answer, the receptionist will say will be blank, the acumen crop or blank document. For this one, it will be the number that may be in the hundreds of thousands in the blank. If you're traveling with your family, maybe you would like to bring the kids with you. You can ask how many guests can be in the room by saying pack di, di, di, di cone. And the hotel staff will tell you blank cone. Again in the blank would be the number in Thai. Next, if the provided beds are not enough, you can ask for an extra badge. You can say call the insulin. The insulin. And the answer from the receptionist can be either yes or no, which is die or may die. The last question on this page is whether or not the hotel provides room service. You can ask me room, so we'd mining MY room. So we mine. You can notice that we say room service, just like in English, but with a different pronunciation. Moving on to this page, we will go deeper into more complex situations. The first question you can ask is whether or not they provide laundry service. You can ask me but me began soft power money. In this case, the answer could be either me for yes and lay me for no. Some places allow you to bring your pets to the hotel with you. So you can ask LSAT liang bai Dima. L sub Liang by dy Murray. The staff will let you know whether it is a yes or no by saying die or may die. If you are travelling on public transportation and you would like to book the chateaux service in advance. You can ask, rather they provide the service to and from the airport by asking me Lord love song by SNR, been Miney, mean load lump-sum, bison and been mine. And again, because the question has the word have, the answer would be either me for yes or Mamie for known. But if you rent your car for your trip and you're worried about parking, you can ask whether the hotel provides parking for free by asking the adroit female. Female. In this case, the answer would be yes or no, which is chai or mine. And if you would like to ask whether they have the parking spot on site, you can ask me, Teton wrote many meetings. And in this case, because the question contains the word have, the answer would be me for yes or Mamie for no. However, if they don't have a parking lot, you can ask where to park your car for the night by asking, dont draw Tina. Tina, most of the time the answer would be on the road, which is dot, dot count unknown, dot dot count unknown. Moreover, if you go to a beach side hotel, you can ask whether the hotel is really close to the beach. The question in Thai is, you Glycine? I had my you glide psi hat my and if you want to be sure that the price that you pay includes breakfast, you can ask. For both questions on this page, the answer would be yes or no, which is shy or lying. After you are done booking a hotel room, you can take a look at the facility. At the hotel. So the word facility is seeing a monoid Kwanza doo-wop. Singer, annoy Kwame said doo-wop. I know it is quite long for this word, but practice makes perfect. Most of the hotels have a pool which is white, wine, and a fitness and the spot. For both words, we use the same word as in English, but with a different pronunciation like this. Fit net, fishnet. And another one is sub sub bar. So in the second part of this lesson, I will give you some of the ideas when you're discussing your trip with your friends regarding the hotel topic. The first question you often hear is where we'll use stay. So your friends can ask you like this. Cadenza bypass P90. Kuhn's up, aipac teeny-tiny. So you can answer. I will stay at blah, blah, blah. As in poem or shun. So by POC TO don't RAM, and then you add the name of your hotel. Again, please choose the correct gender for your liking. Next, Normally friends who asked you how many nodes you will be there. So the question you friend will use is a hockey coup in crop or Papi couldn't come. And you can answer the number and the width. Kuhn, for example, for two nights, it would be sung Kuhn. On the contrary, if you are talking about the hotel, you would like to have more information from your friends. You can ask whether he or she has been there before. So you get some of the recommendations. You can ask, can call it by Pacto Meenie Miney. Couldn't code by pack teeny mine. The answer from your friend could be for yes and maker you for no. Next, you can ask your friend to review the experience at a hotel by asking him or her whether it was a nice experience, by asking chop my shop money, which means did you like it? And after that, you can ask whether he or she, we recommend this hotel to you by asking codename teeny teeny mine. In return, your friend can answer for yes or my N for No. Because in this case, it's not technically shy or my shy for the answer, so it can be various. Lastly, you friend can say or add information just like the hotel was clean by saying wrong grams. And I hope you found this lesson useful. Don't forget to practice with any of your Thai friends. Or you can try calling some hotels to see whether you can use the sentences or phrases in real life. And let me know how it goes. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye.