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Thai for Beginners and Travelers

teacher avatar Chinese Polly, Languages with Polly

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Optional: Thai Alphabet

    • 3. Optional: Thai Number

    • 4. Lesson 1: Hello

    • 5. Lesson 2: What is your name?

    • 6. Lesson 3: How Thai people call each other?

    • 7. Lesson 4: How old are you?

    • 8. Lesson 5: Where are you from?

    • 9. Lesson 6: Nice to meet you!

    • 10. Lesson 7: How are you?

    • 11. Lesson 8: Thank you

    • 12. Lesson 9: Sorry

    • 13. Lesson 10: In the restaurant

    • 14. Lesson 11: Shopping in Thailand

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About This Class

This class mainly focuses on Thai language for practical usage, such as having a conversation with Thai people and traveling in Thailand. This class is made for beginners who has/ doesn't have any background knowledge in Thai but interested, you'll learn how to greet in Thai and some essential vocabularies for traveling in Thailand, and at the end you'll learn Thai alphabet, which is necessary if you want to learn how to read and write

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chinese Polly

Languages with Polly


Hey guys, I'm Polly. I am fluent in Thai, English and Chinese, and my passion is to share them with you :)

Thanks for following and watching my videos, it means a lot, I really appreciate it.

Facts about me:

-Native Thai Speaker

-Been speaking English and Chinese since 3 years old

-Growing up multi-lingual & multi-cultural

-Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand

-Bachelor's degree from a Top University in Beijing, China (World Top 30)

-Master's degree at a Top University in Europe (World Top 50)

-Passed HSK 6 and the highest level of HSKK with high score

-Online/Offline Chinese, English and Math tutor for 8 years domestically and internationally.

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1. Course Introduction: so it deka. Hey, ice, Welcome to my shadow Itzler anti with Polly. And today I'm going to talk about my course tie for beginners. And let's see what we're gonna learn from discourse in case you want to know who my aunt. Why'd you have to learn with me? You know, I'm just gonna be 100% on this with you. I'm neither an expert. Neural languished T shirt. But But when I was a six grader, I took the national test and I scored a second highest in the country in Thai language. And then again when I was 18 the last year in high school, I took the admission test. And again, I only scored second highest. And I don't know why. Maybe it just meant to be well back to the topic. My name is Polly. I'm a tie Native Speaker Boehner and rest in Bangkok, Thailand. So, Norris, you learn to standard accent. And why do you have to learn with me even doing not a teacher? My no lesson ties do more than good enough to taste you how to make a conversation with Thai people. So no worries. And I've been living abroad for seven years. So I guess I'm fine with both English and tight and also in fluent in Chinese. If by editions is so my other course now one of the most important things who can take this course? Well, I have to be really clear about that. This course it's made for beginners with no background, no legend, tight aunt or the beginners with some basic no, listen tight because even though you know something, but you're not going to know everything I'm talking about, so feel free to join the most important thing that you want to know. What will we get from discourse? First thing. First, you learn how to greet people in Thai how to say hello, how just how you doing and how to reply Georgia's questions. Secondly, you learn how to start a basic conversation with type people like asking about themselves and their family, asking their age or a weather from and many more apart from Dutch. You would learn some essential phrases to use while traveling in Thailand. And why is that even necessary? Well, we only have one officer languish in Thailand, wishes tie, and the majority of people in Thailand cannot speak English that well, even though they can understand partly off what you're saying in Bangkok or some other touristic places might not be a big problem, but says better to learn sometime before going there to travel. And so people are very nice and kind in general. And I would really appreciate your learning type even though you can only speak a little tight Still, they're gonna be like, Oh my God, your taste so good. And lastly you learn Thai alphabet. Wish Israel important. If you want to learn how to write in Thai how couldn't hear Upshaw home? Thanks washing my video. If you're interested in joining my course, please Too afraid to do so. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the next lesson. So bye for now. Have a nice day. 2. Optional: Thai Alphabet: So today we can learn Thai alphabet, the axon HAI, prevention that pn insight we have for deferred and sodas in total. That sounds a lot right? But actually, several of the consumers are pronounced the same way as the others. And some of them, we already don't use it anymore. So maybe it's not that a lot. But let's begin. Go guy. Ok. I call call call, coin, call, HON. And call and call coin. Other letters that we don't use anymore. Cholera than shushing, shushing charge Han saw so so so your your door shut the upper. But that Todd had taught Han polynominal tunnel mantle. Paul put how tabu tau nor name known in part who taught home. Todd home, known, known Bob. Bob Amory, Pune plume, PAN. Pan. For fun. For fun. Poisson, how? Poisson? Pao. Mamma. Mamma, yada, yada, yada, yada. Rolling rolling wall when well, when sauce I saw salon solder C sorry, C. Saas. Saas. Or he. He law to law. Law to law. Ha ha, no, who? Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. Entirely. We have 32 sounds are virus and total. Let's begin. E. E. If you notice. First discharge sound and then long sound, short sound, long sound. So NTIA, we haven't vows were the chart sound and long sound. Let's continue. At an IEP. Or 000. And then these are a bit special. Lu, Lu. It looks like a lot, but the reality is we don't really use them all. Some of them we barely use in our life ever. Just like Or like Lu, Lu We also barely use it. So I think no nature worries too much. When they, when they you when they you in tight. We have five tones, but only four of them has a symbol. So the first sound is salmon. Salmon. Salmon. So no need for a symbol. And here it is. Toh, toh 33. That the law is sometimes the word with my a, my, a minus sound. It in my whole my TO. Sometimes also doesn't sound like tow. And this one is my theory, my theory. My three. Okay. And minds at the minds at the alphabet would be a little more complicated. We separate axon. Axon is like the characters or the letters with the neutral tone. And epsilon su exon two. Exon Sue is like the letters with high pitch and axon. Axon. It's like something with a low pitch. But here also separate One more round exon Tom cool, axon tom Cool. Cool means pair. So is like some of these can match with some of these. So like it's a mesh between the high pitch and low pitch. But here is axon Tom deal. Axon Tom deal is something that cannot find a match. Okay, let's start with exon by exon clang. Why is called axon plan because it can use our five tones. In axon clan consists of Go guy, go guy. So it's, and so it's an da-da, da-da, da-da-da. Though she'd say both those sounds like dog. Okay. And here thought tau, tau and tau, but that both of them sounds and can hear. Bob a, my baba can then Bob blah, blah, blah. And here. Okay. Epsilon su consists of call chi, call high and Paul Kuwait. Call caught. Both of them sounds call, call. Okay. And here, charging, shushing. And then taut, taut, taut, taut, Han. Both of them sounds tall. Tall. In here. Paul, uhm, Paul Pune, Paul Pune. And here for SaaS. Saas. Saas. So risky. Sorry, see axon Tom cool consists of coca. Call cone, cholera can call, call clone. All of them sounds call. And it's a mash of Paul. Okay. You see a different color. Okay, next one shows. And both of them sounds shaw. So it's a match of show. See a different shape and show. Okay. The next one. Turn on when total punishment whole top would, how would how all of them sound? And it's the mesh. And then pan, paul pan, somehow, somehow both of them sound. Pol. Pol wishes to mesh. So Paul and Paul, okay, the next one, for fun. For fun. It sounds. So it meshes with 444. And here. So, so, so, so sounds saw, wish meshes, saw, saw, and saw. Okay. And the last one, horn of buh. Buh sounds. How? So? It meshes with Ha, ha, ha, ha. And here, axon time DO consists of long, long, long. It sounds a little harvests like when you pronounce n and g together in English. And then your end. Yo Yap. Yap. Both of them sound y'all. Y'all. And here. No, no. No, no. And no name. No name. Both of them sound no. Here. Wall when wall, when Wall When it sounds wall. In here. Mama. Moment. It sounds just like the him in English. And here is sounds just like the are in Spanish. And here, La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la. Both of them. Sound. Law. Law means example. So this how we formed a word. We first have the consonance and then vowel. And the tone might, it might hold, my three might set. So all the symbols, the symbols my a is like this, my a, and then this is my whole, This is my three. And this is Mars at the y. Okay? Usually you would put the tone on top, but the concern and not the vowel, okay? But sometimes when the vowel is on top of the concern and you can put the symbol on top of it, for example. And this is salmon. So still. And then with my with my toe then is with my three then is the mindset, the wideness guy. So, so God guy is axon clang with the neutral tones. That's how it can use all the symbols. In. Paul chi is exon, so high pitch. Let's see how it goes. And so and that's, so if you notice. Sounds the same tone S in the west Sound. And as a DIV frame between exon one and exon zoom. And then, and sound the same tone, right? And then also sounds the same. That same tone. In here. Paul ply is epsilon thumb. Call. C is totally different. With my eighth. Here. Sounds like with call high, but with my tool, say is like it complements each other and caught with different symbol. And here are cells like the same tone, but different symbol c. This one use my toe, but this one use mid-30s. And then see call pi doesn't have my three and minds at the why? Why? Because already sound like my three and ha already sound like mind-set the law. Okay. And what does it mean with the match? That's why is called exon Tom cool. Because it meshes with axons, uhm, the high pitch. Okay? And here, remember we have devolves with long sound and short sound. So when we formed the word long sound and sure, Sal would be a little different. Solids is exon Clang again. So, so It's that, that actually it can also be with minds at the Y. But I never ever really see anybody using that word in real life. So I just ignore it because it's pointless to learn the thing that you're never going to use in your life, right? So it's already salad in God. And God sounds the same tone. And dot does Sounds like the same tone with God. And then that also sounds like the same tone with that. And then this thing, you don't have to remember that because we're never going to use it, ever. End here. Saw SEWA is exon soul, high pitch. So saw PSAT. Sat. Sat. Okay. And here. No, no, no, no, no is exon thumb low pitch. No. Not okay. That's it. And does differ say called Quintin. Thanks for watching my video. And I hope this video doesn't scare you away, right? So see you next time. Have fun. I say bye. 3. Optional: Thai Number: So today we're gonna learn Tai number or lyric high means tiny numbers. We have a different way of writing numbers. So from 0 to ten. So full moon saw Sam, see, hope to see you again. Soon. Moon. Sam, C had hope. See, if you notice, SIP is like moon. And soon. So just like the normal way we write 10, then you have 1011 then is going to be 111212, just like normal. Let's go again one more time. Soon. Song. See, hope to see in destined for today. Thanks for watching my videos, and I hope to see you again on my next lesson. Have fun. I say bye. 4. Lesson 1: Hello: Lesson one. How to say hello in Thai. First, I have to be clear about one thing. Anti male and female. Speak a little differently for meal. At the end of a sentence, you have to add the word cup club come up. But if you're a female at the end of a sentence, you have to add a word. Kat co car, The word crap and car don't really have specific meaning, but it just something to add any enough a sentence to make it polite. Okay. And a word. Hello? Is so what D So what D So what d Okay, if you're a male, you can say so. What? The crop. So a de crap. So a de crap. Okay, if you're a female, you can see So what d a car? So what? The car. So what be car? And usually when people say so what, you come up or so what? Peacock. They would put their hands together like in this emoji. But both of them are your hands, not the high fight. So you have to put your hands together and they lower your head a little to show some courtesy. And that's how it works in Thailand. Well, the worst Saudi has been created and used for the first time in 1933. Yeah, if you might wonder, what is this parcel pause saw is Buddhist era in Thailand was still used Buddhist era So it's year 25 76. We also have our anti number look totally different from the normal number, right? Some facts about a word. So what d the worst? What The was first introduced in 1933 by Praia over K syllabus on off Chulalongkorn University or Chulalongkorn Mahama et al A, which is the best university in Thailand, located in Bangkok near sea on and word So I d is derived from the Sanskrit word stress t wish me is well being and entire languish there actually a lot of words derived from Pali and Sanskrit language. So if you know one of the two or both of them, you will be able to understand some Thai part of it. But not a lot. But to some extent a lot of words are firm based on Pali and Sanskrit way. So you might be able to understand some off the words Hakan Teardrop show. Thanks. Washing my video Every Enjoy my listen. And I'm looking forward to seeing you on my next. Listen. Bye for now. Have a nice day. 5. Lesson 2: What is your name?: listen to My name is not numb. Thought in net numb Throw in net. Non thought A means self introduction. Chanchu Parlayed car Chanchu Parlay car or the Shannxi Opelika dish on ship Harley car. It means mining, Miss Polly. And in the picture, that's me. Here again. If you're a male, you can say poem, shoe, poem, shoe poem, shoot full about your name and then crap. Then it means mining. Missed something. For example, if your name is John, you can say poem shoots on crap home shoots on crap. Palm shoots on crap. You should, my wonder wise Dawn. Biggest in Tyler, English. There is no concern and close to deejay in English. So if you say Don, do you understand correctly? What's your name? But if you say John actually is so, so fine, not a big problem. Yeah, And if you're a female, you can say Chanchu chahn shoe Shan shoe or the Chanchu This hand shoe bichon shoe for by your name and then car, for example. Shan shoots any for car Shan shirts and a for a car. Shannon shoots any for car, or you can say the Shan shuaa raka dish. Anshu are dish anshu, Laura The word shun and decision are no much different. There are both first personal pronoun for a female, but the work vision is more formal and a bit oh, school already. And the word poem comb is the first personal pronoun for a male and a word shoot shoe means name since you're already learn how to say hello and how to say your name. So if you're a male, you can say the host intense. So what? The crap poem shoe followed by your name and then clap, for example. So what? The crap poem should on crap. So what? The crap poem shoots on crap amaze Hello minimus drawn. And if you're a female, you can say so what be Kat Chanchu full about your name and then car, for example. So a deka Shannxi ive car So what do you huh? Shannxi If car it means Hello. My name is if some fixed about ty names. If you happen to know someone from Thailand, you might have noticed that tie names are quite long. It's like when we have to fill in the box there is no enough space to fail the whole thing in. So if you say a very long name on the list, you can assume that it might be tight. And maybe that's why every type person has a nickname just like Polly Dust. My nickname you're pregnant could be literally anything from animals, fruits, places and so on. Like some of the common nickname blah, blah. Wish Me Is Fitch or Song. So which means orange. Some of the parents also named their gets with the country names like Ty Zupan and But I see you. And that's how we pronounced, by the way. And that's weird, I knew. But that's how we do it. Usually you can only call each other by nickname. Otherwise, it's weird. If someone's calling her phoning, it might be your T shirt professor or when your parents are mad at you, don't call your phoning. Then you know this is not normal or in a formal situation, or when you contact the bank or police stations and places like that, the officer will also call your full names because they don't really know you, and some nickname might be like the same as others. So yeah, at that kind of situation that would call. You're funny. How could tear up? Shalom. Thanks for watching my video. I never see you again on my next lesson. Haven't I say bye? 6. Lesson 3: How Thai people call each other?: Listen three how Thai people call each other. Well, talent is the society of seniority, and people are very family oriented. So you will be called one another is actually the name off the family members based on their age. For example, if you meet someone younger than you even though you don't know the name, you can just call them. No, no, no wish means younger brother or younger sister. But if you know their name, you can say no Full about a name. For example. If you're loaded and me, you can call me Know Polly No Polly. Okay. And some other example? No. So I not I Joyce Also girl's name in Thailand. And no fun, no fun. Also the girl's name. If you meet someone a bit loaded in, you know, a lot more than 15 or 20 years you can call them P peas. P It means at a brother or a sister. And if you know their name, you can say p followed by the name. And then it means like bro sis, for example. If it voted in you, you can call me people leave people e So it's like sis Polly, things like that be some peace on. So, miss. Also the common name. It's the girl's name. It means a wrench. P man P man man is like a typical Thai guys nickname. And then people people also the guys seem if you miss someone younger than your parents but all ready to go to BP, you can call them now. No, no. And the word not. I mean, it's like your mom's younger brother or sister. And the word uh uh uh means your desk. Younger brother or sister. So if you know their name, you can say not fall about the name or, uh, followed by the name. It's not that different. If you're going to call it a stranger. So you can use both, not or eyes depend on you. So, for example, not them. Not him, Dennis. Actually the name of women, But actually it could be both. So if a person called, not them, it could really be both Nah. Okay. No. Okay. Usually the name K would be a guy. None. And none in no, no, it's the girl's name. Atthe Oy Oy. The name Oy. It's the guy's name At whom at two. Who actually is. Two guys name now. It's getting a bit more complicated if you meet someone loaded in your debt. But he's male. You have to call him Loon. Loon. Loon. Wish me his uncle who is loaded in your dad. And if you know the name you say Loom fellow by the name, for example, known Salam? No, sir. So it's somebody that voted in your dad and name is so And he's a guy off course. Lambiel, Lambiel lose high looms high and the name shy actually shine Mies Male. So that's a typical guys nickname. Lewd, Same lu. Same. So if you made a woman who has voted on your mom, you didn't call her Wow means aunt, that is older than your mom. So if you know the name because say bah followed by the name, for example, But, hell, but they'll So Joe is the name of that woman who's older than your mom. And, of course, is a woman by mail Balm in and out may actually means cat. That's also a common name. That's Oy, but oy. But, um but, um, how can tear up Shalom. Thanks for washing my video. Ever see him again on my next lesson? Haven't I say bye 7. Lesson 4: How old are you?: listen for How old are you? How to say, How old are you? Insight? Well, if you're a male, you just say, Who are you? Tell right crap. Who are you? Tell right crap, kun, are you tell right crap over. You tell right crap are you would hold right? Hop in short. And if you're a female, you to see who I would. How, right? Huh? Who are you tell, right, huh? Could you tell? Right? Huh? Or you, Tarek? Huh? I would, however, like hot. In short, the word kun coun coun means you in a very formal and polite away. The word toe toe toe means you in general. And a word. Ah, You'll, uh you Ah, you means h and work. How are I? How right Power dry means how much for harmony and a word tower is really important when you go to travel in Thailand. When you gonna go and buy something, you can ask them towel dry. How right? Didn't mean how much. Well, before it can answer that question, you have to learn how to count in tight. Well, it boil it door leg means numbers. So let's begin. No. So some see. Ha ho! Is it bad? Go see again. New song Psalm See? Huh? Who said but go sip? Have you ever wonder why type people always type 555 former five Now, I guess you know why. Because five we pronounce it s ha. So if you see five of five, then is a laughing sound. Ha! That's it. And then how do you count after 10? Actually, it's just 10. And then the number again from 1 to 9. But there is the exception wishes sip at, sip it and then 21 is using it. Use it. And then how about 31? Just guess that's right. Some zip it, Sam. Sip it. Okay, there. Let's come back here. 12 sip soul sips along okay? And then sips I'm sips. Arm sip. See? Sip. See Sip. Ha! Sip! Huh? Sip whole sipo. Sip that. Sip that. Sit bad. Sit bad sick cow. Citgo. You see you sleep use of us also another exception. But after you use it, 30 is some See? So it just the first digit and then the work sit. So cc has he? Hosea did a sip. Pass it, Gosse. See this very simple then how to say 57? Do you know how that's correct? How? Septic house. It's it then. How about 76? The asteroid disciple? This support Then how about 81? That's correct. Bassett it, Basset it. Okay, 100 is no Roy New Marai. New dry. And then after 100 users saying grow I followed by all the numbers that you have here. Okay. And then 1000 iss move pun new pon new pon And then 10,000 this new moon no moon no would. And then 100,000 new san doing san New sign and then were milling Glad new lad Milan. Ok, and then zero iss soon. Soon. So So now I guess You know your h already. So how to say I am something years wrote? Well, if you're a male, you can say poem You full about your age and then be crap home. Are you so about your age and then be crap. And if you're a female, you can say Can you so by your age be car shun you full by your age and then be car Or you can say the shun Are you full about your age and then be car dish on. Are you full by your age and then big ha. Okay. For example, if you're 20 years old, you can see whom you used to be. Crap whom you used to be. Crap whom you use. It be corrupt. It means you're 20 and you're a guy. Then how about a female 31 years old? How to say that? Show you something? It be, huh? Should I use something big, Huh? Shon, are you something? It be her. Then how about you are you tell right, huh? And that's it for today called Frontier of Shonka. That's washing my video. But one thing I have to tell you, in case you wonder how it's segment of phonetic writing worse in Thai language. Unfortunately, there is no single rule or centers to write it down in English. Even in Thailand, people are still going to write the same tie words differently in English, based on what they think is the best or closest sounds of the English word. But the truth is, we're photo for consumers and tie 30 vowels and still five terms, so I guess it might not be possible to find except phonetic writing that make it sounds exactly the same but no worries at and will learn the Thai alphabet together anyway, haven't I say bye? 8. Lesson 5: Where are you from?: Lesson five. Where are you from? How to ask? Which country are you from? Well, if your meal you can say cool much. Ah, protect right crop. Who much? A protect right? Crap. Kumar Protect right. Crap. Or if you're a female, you can say Kumar chap, protect our A car. Who murdered Brodhead? Erica couldn't tap protect America. The word ma ma means come. And the word job, uh means from. So my job much means come from. And the word bro Ted, pretend Brodhead means country. And the word are I are I awry. Means what? And this word is really often used to be able to answer that question. You have to learn how to say your country name in Thai, but luckily, most of the country names to remain the same ass in English, only some of them a bit different, but still quite similar. So let's take a look first. Lester with Thailand, how to say Thailand. Remember, the work brought Ted, but not Ted. If a chunk of our country, we have to put the word but at Ted first every time. So Thailand iss brought head high, but I tie bright hair tie OK, and then neighbor country Brad hit lower. But here's how, but at hit loud, this allows but entire just allow without it s okay. Another neighbor Mama! Mama! Mama! Guess where it is? Yes. Myanmar. Okay, the next one. Camp OSHA Come Holusha gun. Portia, that's Cambodia. Okay, here to Europe. Throat. Okay, Throat. Okay, Brought. Okay. Where is it? Quite office, though. This particle. Okay, now to South America, Cuba, Cuba, Cuba. No. So much different. Is it okay? This one is quite big. Different though unclear un create angry. And does England okay, The next one also Europe Foreign C. Ferrand said for an answer. Thus France okay at its neighbor. Your money, Your money? Yeah, Germany. And thus Germany. Okay, Back to Asia. Cowley, Cowley goalie. And that's Korea. Usually when people say dolly were directly refer to South Korea. But if you really want to be sure, you can see goalie by goalie by and work by means south. So if you want to talk about North Korea, you can say golly new uh Collina and a word nu Uh, Mies North. Okay. No. Then this neighbor you born, you born, you're born. That's Japan Okay, The next one Africa Die Africa, Barry Africa by. And that's pretty obvious to work by means South show itself Africa. And don't worry if I didn't mention your country name, you can't just leave to common down below. And then I will reply you. So no worries. Now it's time. John started. Question. If you're a male, you can say poem arts are cracked head followed by the country. And then crap. Pull matter brat here for about a country and then crap. And if you're female, you can see Chan murder pretty a full by your country. And then car Shan Maja brought here followed by the country and then car or dish on Matt Opera tear followed by the country and then carp dish on march a protected full over the country and then car. Or you can just say my kids are protected and then your country and then crap or cat in church. So, for example, pull Maja pressure on Crete. Crap. Who? Mont apprehend concrete crap. Poor Marge operated on great crab. It means I come from England and in this case is a guy who say's this. Okay, so if you're a woman and then comes from France. You can say Shan minds operate head Ferrand said car Shan Mars operative Foran said car Or are you going to say might after a careful around ST car or even my attack foot on safe car ? In short, if you're interested, I want to ask Thai people wish province are you from? Well, if you're a male, you could ask Kumano attacked on what I write crap Kumano attacked in what I write crap coun my tractor. What crap! But if you're a female, you could ask Cool my doctor What? Arikat Kumar? Doctor What? Kumar Jackson, What a car! And please note if you're a female. When you asked a question the word that you put a the end is Kat kinda with a really high pitch car. But when you asked her a question or just a normal sentence, you just say cop, huh? Car in a lower tone because here with a question, it just kat car. Okay, But when you answer the question is cop car with the tone you can see on a neck speech. Okay. And word down a lot. Done. What somewhat Muse province and the practice Turn has 77 provinces in total. Now I'm just going to show you the list of the province's entire landed are frequently mentioned. But first lister, with the capital groomed, hair groomed hair, groomed him and does Bangkok with a full name groomed hair, Muhanna con groomed, had behind a caught on groomed hair behind a con and a word Muhanna corn means big city. OK, and the province next to bank up is known Tabori known Tabori Noone Tabori. Okay, now to the north she young my she young my she young my And then she and dry she and dry she and dry okay too Northeast, or we call Nissan. You saw Okay, No, we have con again corn again Hong Geun and bourree Lam Boring Aram Budiriro Um Okay And hear what famous dough kind snobbery Kanchanaburi can't snobbery. It has to ram way of death from the world war. So actually I think many a few my effort of it already And this one also quite famous. Sean Berry, Sean Berry, Sean Berry. It's the place where Petagna is located. So I guess you already know where it is. Okay. And pull, get pull get pull, get busy island in the south. And if you already went to Thailand, you might have seen, like day road it ps you and then k e t for some reason. But duality is you pronounce it as pool git. Pull, Get pull, get okay. And this one Grabby, grabby, grabby. Also beautiful island. If you want to tell them. Wish proven is you come from You can also see Pull mount after and what follow but approvals and then crap. If you're a male, of course. Pull Mata From what? And then you're Provance clap or poem attack and then your province Crap. In short, if you're a female, you gonna stay Shine my doctor. On what? And then your province car Sean, My doctor. On what? Your purpose And then ka or the shot mAj Act on what? You're a province and then ka dish and my doctor on what the purpose And then ka or, in short, Chen or Ishaan monitor Provance and then ka, remember what it just to you if you asked a question, you should say ka at the end of a sentence. But if you answer the question, it should be ka Did you say the tone here? A both car. So just remember when you answer your say ka But when you ask, you say car cod and cod is thoroughly different thing. OK? For example, pull marriage act On what? Groomed hair crap. Pulmoddai Atom What groomed hair crap Pulmoddai Act on what? Groomed hair crap it miss? I come from Bangkok. That's the guy was talking okay. Or if you're a woman from New York, you can say Shannon Maddock, New York are Scheinman Zach, New York are And I would just say New York, New York. But it is just saying New York. So it's up to you, Sean. Much of New York are okay, And that's it for today called Quinton Arraf Shonka. Thanks for watching my video. And I have to see you again on my next lesson. By 9. Lesson 6: Nice to meet you!: Lesson six. Nice to meet you. After introducing yourself to each other, you might want to say nice to meet you. How to say Nice to meet you in Thai. Well, if your mail, you could say you needed I wrote that crap. Indeed. TEDA roots are crap. Indeed. He that I wrote that crap. And if you're a female, you can see indeed. Here I wrote Xhaka. Indeed he did. Rutaca in the roots are car do word Indy Indy. Indy means pleasure. Earth glad And a word through its up krusa Fruits up means to know. So you need to lie. Rosa means pleasure to meet you. Or glad to meet you. That's it for today. Cocoa interruption car face, Fela Schumer Video. And I hope to see you get on my next lesson. Haven't I say bye? 10. Lesson 7: How are you?: lesson seven Hari you how you ask How are you in Thai? Well, if you're a guy, even say quince. Obaidi my crap quints. Obaidi My crap Coun sobriety my crap. If you're a woman, you could see coun sobriety. My car Quince. Obaidi, my car Quinn. Sobriety Micah or somebody My crap and somebody My car. In short, the word said by so by miss comfortable and the word D de miss good. So how chancer debt. If you're good, you can see somebody crap or somebody car. So by the corrupt or somebody car according to your gender, then it means I am good If you're so so not a good look at that and say Tamada, Tamada Hamada crap or cop based on your gender or men, then London London Crap or cock based on your gender. If you're not that good, you can say my hardy crap. My Heidi crap. My Heidi crap. If you're a guy, of course. And if you're a lady, you can see Mike Ardika my whole idea car. Okay, that's it for today. Called Quinn. Teardrop Chunka Face washing my video and I ever see you again on my next lesson. Haven't I say bye 11. Lesson 8: Thank you: lesson eight. Thank you. How to safe, angel and tight. Well, if you're a guy, even say cop couldn't crap called coon crap. Cop couldn't crap. If you are a woman, you can say hop coun carr carb coun carr cop couldn't car did not to say thank you so much if you're a guy, even say cop couldn't my crop cop Kumar crap. Kakuma crap. And if you're a woman, you can say called harpoon marca, harpoon marca And the word ma No, ma means so much. Very If someone safe. Thank you. How can you reply to that? Well, there are at least three ways to respond to that. The 1st 1 is if you're a guy, you can say you d crap indie crap. Indeed. Crop. And if you're a woman, you say IndyCar Indy car unique. Ah, it means my pleasure. Or you can say my pen Very crap. My pen drive crap. My pen dry crap for male and my pendrick. Ah, my pen. Drive a car. My pen Drive a car For a female, it means no problem. Or you can also say my dung crane trying crap my tongue cranes I crap my Mom cleans I crap for meal and my tongue cranes. I car my dog grains like her. My dog grains. I come for a female and a word. Grains. I is a little complicated. It's like when you bother someone if you a little beauty and site and a little afraid to bother them. That what Grant I is so we don't great. I crap or my dog grains. I have means like you don't have to feel guilty or you don't have to be afraid to bother me because I'm really willing to help. That's what it is. And that's it for today. Cobb County Rupture YMCA, Thanks to Russian video, and I have a see you again on my next lesson. Have a nice day. Bye. 12. Lesson 9: Sorry: Listen nine. Sorry How to say, sir. In tight. Well, there are two simple ways to do so the first way is caught hold. So if you're a guy, you can say hard Hold crap Court! Hold crap! Hold hold! Crap it! If you're a lady, you can say caught Hold car called hold car Lord Hood car They noticed Say, I'm really sorry if you're a guy you just say caught hard thinking crap called whole Tingting crap card harting thing crap! But if you're a woman, you can say court Harting thing her call it heart sinking car court holding think are Duterte Tingting Tingting means really Or if for riel so hard ho Tingting crap or caught her thinking hot means really sorry When someone says sorry to you you can reply them My pen Dry crap My pen Dry crap My pen that I crap if you're a guy of course. And if you're a woman, you can say my bender Ikat, my friend Reicher, my pen breaker. It means it doesn't matter where it never mind. So if you forgive them, you say my pen dry crap or my pen drive a car. That's it for today. Carpinteria, CA face for washing Montevideo And I will see you again on my next lesson. Have a nice day. Bye. 13. Lesson 10: In the restaurant: listen to restaurant that? Uh huh. Ron? Uh huh. Lester with learning some new words. The 1st 1 Sandra up Thondup means welcome. Do you remember the word Indy in the wish means pleasure on my pleasure Show Gindi thunder up with Mieze Welcome or my pleasure to welcome you. For example, If you go to the restaurant when you walk in the weather or the rapturous would say you need don drop the 2nd 1 De de g means how much or how many The 3rd 1 corn, corn, corn means people, humans or a person and also can be a classifier for people. Another similar word, ton pun ton, is a classifier for people s Whoa, but it's more a firm on polite. So if you want to ask how many people you can say you corn or D 10 if you want to be more polite, of course, and the other ways T t t. When you're eating in a restaurant, the word tea is a classifier for people or dishes. But only in this case, for example, the weather or the restaurants can also ask you g t crap or g t ca. It's like how many people. Next word, um So, um, song means to reserve and then churned Hung me shown how me showing how many means this rate police and then grass a crew across a cruel across a crew. Actually, the correct way to pronounce this word is Rossa crew. But most people would say Raza crew Okay, it means Wait a moment for a moment, please. Let's try conversation. Restaurant. Just remember, what is a set indeed. Don drop. You know, the Thanh Drop means welcome or it's my pleasure to welcome you. So when you walk into the restaurant sweater was say, you need down drop crap and what dress was say indeed on drop car And then they would ask how many people if it's sweater, he was say he'd hung crap or t t crab or decoding crap. But it is the waitress she would ask He'd had a car or GT car or G corn car. Oh, the same meaning Okay, and then your answer could be the number and then corn or a ton or tea or whatever you prefer. But I personally prefer to work corn and then clap or car based on your gender So I'm a female and I want to say one person. So I would say new corn car Noone corn car. Do you remember how to count? If you don, you can skip back to my previous listen chiller and had to come first. Okay, then how about you song on crap or song? Concha? Okay. And then do what you're owed. A waitress would ask you, Did you reserve or did you book nights on why my club or knights on White Micah and the word my my is the correct way to pronounce that word. But most people would pronounce It s my my So you're more likely to hear. And I don't want my crap or no, I don't white my car, okay? And then your answer could be long white crap or it's on like our It means I did book or I did reserve. But if you did not, you can say my dates on white crap or my diets all like, ah, and then if you're on a serious song, white clap or don't white car, the letter or the wet dress was, say, shown Tommy crop or show and Hung Nikka, which means this way, please. So you just follow them to the table. But if your answer is my dates on way crap or my dates on like huh then the weather or the waitress was, say, draws a crooner crap or draws a crooner Wish me is police where the moment for a moment, please. And the word suck crew suck Crew is the correct way to pronounce that word. But again, you're more likely to hear it is set some crew. So most people would say draws a cruel draws a crooner club or cross a croon a car. So it may is please wait or please way for a moment. And that's how Thai people pronounce the word sometime. It's not 100% correct. Let's learn some more words. The 1st 1 get up frappe means to receive the 2nd 1 man or may know and dustman you The 3rd 1 Sung sung means to order the 4th 1 Oh oh means to want couldn't do crown do cream Doom means beverage like Nam plow number plow Nam plow means drinking water Go, go go means glass or it can also be a classifier. For example, If I want to say I want a glass of water. I can say Shannon owner, clown and girl or onem plow New girl In short, if you want it in bottle, you can say court quart court, for example Oh Nam plowed in court Oh, none plan in court means I want a bottle of border The next one Grab pong Grab on grab Pong means can or a classifier For example Alcorcon and Groupon our corpsman Groupon I want a can of coke. Another one toy Twi toy means cup, for example. If you want to say I want a cup of coffee and coffee and tie is d'affaires cough Ah, gaffe. So I can say Alka fan and toy out Goffin and toy means I want a cup of coffee And the last word here Pum come palm means at or extra for example how palm means I won more or I won some extra crown Do Crim Doom Crown Doom! All of them are Crim Doom Beverage. Let's start with this one. It could be tea or coffee. T is Shah she, uh uh And coffee is Dafa God for, uh, Gulf Air show She, uh or the fair tea, coffee, and then here it could be Why, or alcohol. So wine anti We just say why? Like why? Why, why? And then for alcohol was say, Lau. Wow. Wow. Okay. And then something into can it could be cool, Pepsi surprise or Fanta. And that's how we pronounce the word in Thai on this kind of glass, it could be champagne. So we also say Champagne, champagne, a little different champagne. Okay. All right. No, um some. Now I'm some or injures or now a warden. Now I'm warden man on moon Grape juice are No. I am a proud number. Prow. Nama prow means coconut teachers and number Now number now, now Manno Lemonade and no supper road. No supper road. Now I'm Sapporo. Pineapple juice. So, actually do word now means water or anything. Liquid. So usually when we Sager's we say now, followed by the fruit. Now let's learn how daughter drop already club or grab a Raidi car. The word wrap means to receive. So what do you want to receive? What do you want to get or what do you wanna have? Basically, it means what do you want to order once you already sit down at a table. Director would hand you the menu and say may know crap may know crap service, like here's to menu. And then he would ask Sung Lee, my club or song. Let me crap sanlih May Club. It means, are you ready to order now you want to order now and as a customer, if you're a female U se ka if you want to order now. But if you are not ready, you can say young car young, huh? Or young crap young crap to work. Young means not yet. Okay, so if you say young crap or young car and then they're going to go back and then you can get at them or call them any time you want to order. Okay, let's assume that you're ready to order now so you can say car and then oh, followed by the food You want to order? I've engine number. Let's assume that we only want one. So you can say Oh, and then the food 90 car. Oh, the food 90 car. Okay, Wish ways. I want one off something to foods you wanna order. Okay. After that, the weather would want to ask, What do you want to drink? Wrapped random already. Crap. Rap crew. Random already Crap. So you can say Oh, and then to beverage fall about a number and then the classifier off the thing you want to order. For example, Onem plowed and go onem plowed and girl means I want a glass of water. Lau Khamis and then Loca Lau co called new court car lococo open court car means and then a bottle of coke. So oh Nam plowed in girl local Copeland court car a glass of water and a bottle of coke And then the wetter would ask like Is there anything you want more? Or is there anything else you want? He would say rob awry palm my crap or grab a ripened it My crap toward pum means at or extract. Remember, If you don't want anything else, you can say Micah, My Huh? My copy is no. It was still wants something more than that. You can say none o derwart. None numbness like then I want something else, right. Then how? And then followed by the food or drink or whatever. And then Palm e and then the number lessons. So miss one noone t car. So then how something pump it minty car. It means then I want something one more. Okay. For example, I was say none. How cool Pump it been p a car. It means then I want one more coke. Now let's take a look at a structure. You have the word how and then the food that you want to order. And then remember that you want to order and then t crap or cock. It means I want something. Like how many dishes off the food that you want or how and then beverage and then the number. And then dow, if you want in glass or court if you want in bottle or Groupon can right and then clap or ka that was time to learn some wherever caps do So remember Ron Ah Han mused restaurant toward Iran means store and ah Han means food. So the store that sells food in this restaurant Ah han Uh huh Ah han means food. If you want to say Thai food, you can say Ah, hand high. Ah, hand high. Ah ha. And high, for example, Sometime sometime is a anti This is sometime. Prepare area. Sell it. I don't know if you ever tried that before, but this is the sometime I made. Doesn't look good. Well, I put papaya, carrots, tomatoes and agreement thing, and then some bit of peanuts. And then green line fist stars. He actually not? Yeah, not that much. Just that. And if you're interested, you can come in down below. And I can also open my Thai food course for you. Oh, so this one slap move. Lovely lab move. Lab boys like spicy. Mince pork. So this also lab move that I made you put Mince pork, shallots and some peppermint. And then a little fish stores and green line chili powder. So, basically Thai food. It's more like a bit spicy, sour and salty at the same time. Okay, The next word Lao Gao loca loco means, and then the word pit pit head means spicy. And if you're a Westerner, actually we call Westerner for wrong for on. Actually, it's not dresses or any kind of word like that. I think the word Ferrand is derived from the word foreign. So basically every foreigner we would call them Ferrand. So usually forum cannot eat spicy that much. So when you gonna go to a restaurant and order, you can say my pit my pit Then they know Do you don't want spicy? You cannot be spicy. Okay? And here you have to verb and then die my or die My divert di money, It means can you do something? For example, Tom Pit die my pan pit die money The word todd is to eat, but in a very polite way. So actually, you can just say getting pet by my didn't hit by my skin is more in general and more common for it. So both are correct, but more formal and less firm. So Pam pit die my or getting pet by my means Candy spicy If you cannot you say my die my die If you can you can say die Okay, Di clap or daikon The next one sigh Sigh sigh means to put something in For example, like when you're cooking, you just sigh Something in a pot or death a mean it is to wear the clothes. Okay, the next one, please. Three means chile or pepper. So in typhoon to put a lot of chili. So the action off putting to silly in we say Sai plea sai Please sai, please. And then the word met met met. It's a classifier for something small, like Shelley or medicine or some other small things. Like the seeds or yeah, So if you say you want three pepper issue can say our prick som it or site click submit Sigh pricks Admit if you can really even love spicy than sai pricks, Amit. Now let's continue with the conversation. If you are not ready to all the back, then now it's time for you to call them to take orders. Shanahan Crap or Santa Hanka means ordered food. If you notice that the wetter or the what trust issue younger than you, you can say non crap Santa hand crap. But if they're older than you, you can say P crap Santa hand club. The similarity in Thai society is pretty complicated, so please be careful if they're younger. You say known crap. If they are owed us a p clap, OK, and then let's assume that the waitress is walking to you and then she said, Rob already car wrap your I D card, which means? What are you going to take? What do you want to take? Assume that you want one sometime and then while at me. So you say how sometime noon Laka la moon crap. How sometime, loon, Look our lab mooning crap. If you notice you can ignore it. A word T which is the classifier. You can't just put the food and then the number Just like some time and then noon. If you want to, you can say sometime song or if you want three, you can see some time Sign. OK, so here I was sometime new mocha latte mooning crap and then the waitress would ask you tamp it. Die, Micah or pan pit Dammika, which means can be spicy. Usually do westerners for what we call for. Um, it's not the racist word. So for, um, actually is derived from the word foreign. I think that's what I think. So we would called western or any other foreigners for, um, most fuel in Thailand would assume that foreign cannot eat that much spicy. So we would ask you first, tamp it die, Micah or Pampa Dammika. But if you can, you can say that crap di crap. But if you cannot, you can say my die crab, My diet crap. If you can do address gonna continue cyp Ricky Metka Sigh pregame ed car. Which means, like, how maney peppers do you want me to put in Unless assumed that you want three? So you say samad crap some mid club, Then how about 10? Do you still remember? Sit med crap Sip met crap. But having might be too much, I think maybe three is quite enough. But if you cannot really spicy, I would recommend to start with one or none. Okay. And then to a trust you gonna continue wrapped random already. Car Rob Crillon, Duma. Radhika. Which means what do you want to drink? And then you say, now I'm something Dell Crap. Now some new tail crab, which means one or injures. If you notice here, you can also ignored word. How so? Basically, just the food or his drink. And then the number, and then the classified her. Now I'm something Dale crap or you can even say now something crap enticed. Very flexible, You can say Oh, no, I'm something they'll crap or now I'm something. Dell crab or on I'm some noon crap or even now, some crap and dusted for today. Call Conte Rap Shonka. Thanks washing. And I hope to see you again on my next video. Haven't I say bye? 14. Lesson 11: Shopping in Thailand: Listen 11 shopping in Thailand. How just, what is this anti NICU, NICU, NICU, followed by crab? Or remember, when it comes to question, if you're a female, you should say, instead of car. So NICU, ICA or NICU, crap. What is this? Well, you can replace the word with none. So as noncount Nan Qu. What is that? The word Ni. Ni means this end. None. None means dat. Coup. Cu is the verb to be, is m, r, ri. Ri is what? When you're going shopping and talent, how just for the price? You can ask. But I've had held followed by crab or based on your genders, like always crab. Or how much does it cost? Or you can simply just ask powder, right? Crab, or how much. The word means price and tau xy. Tau xy means how much in some extra words that you should know. Lan means money. So if you don't have one, you cannot buy anything. And but, but is the Thai currency. But when you're a tourist, nobody would ever expect you to know every word. So you can just say, I want this one. How to say that? Our, a need, a need a need crop or our Anika. It means i one, this one. You can also substitute a word E10 with an N. Then is our, and then and then crop or a nunca. I want that one. The word is a verb means to want. Une. Uni means this one. And then a none means dad one. How to say cheap or expensive? Sheep is 222. Exclusivist pen. Pen. Pen. Or you can also say that I've had to had to, And then it means shape price and cap-M La Pen, Ms. high price are expensive price. If his pen, you can also ask for load. Load. Load means sale or a price decreased. So you could ask, not graph how annoyed I am a lot graph Hanoi. Remember my, but most people are still going to say my. So you can ask, lot rock Hanoi die my, or lot of Hanoi may crab. Or local law, Hanoi dynamic car. Can you decrease the price a bit? The word noise means a bit early, please. At the end of a sentence, like can you do something, please? Means can or to be able to. And that's it for today. Call Qun Ti eruption YMCA. Thanks for watching my videos. And I hope you already know how to bargain the price already. And then you can go shopping alone in Thailand right now. So see you again on my next lesson. Half an eye, say bye.