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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Welcome to my course!

    • 2. The Therapeutic Environment

    • 3. The Thai Massage Futon

    • 4. Thai Massage Clothing

    • 5. Thai Massage Hygiene

    • 6. Let's get started

    • 7. The Leg Sequence

    • 8. The Side Transition

    • 9. The Side Sequence

    • 10. The side sequence reversed

    • 11. The arms

    • 12. The arms reversed

    • 13. The transition to a seated position

    • 14. The seated transition reversed

    • 15. The Seated Sequence

    • 16. Laying down

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About This Class

"Excellent course on Thai massage. Front, side and back sequences covered. Sequences demonstrated on both left and right sides of the body. The narration during the demonstration. Additional three-part video at the end of the complete sequence for practice. Good course to get up to speed quickly on how to do Thai massage." D.G. 5 STARS

This is not your normal Thai massage course!

This is not a northern style Thai massage course nor is it the southern Wat Pho style of Thai massage.

Instead, it is a unique blend of Thai massage styles utilizing what Mark considers are the best of the best massage techniques in Thai massage.

In this online massage course, Mark guides you step by step to show you from the basic massage techniques to advanced on how to give your massage clients an incredible Thai massage experience. 

Mark's spa had the first 100 out of 100 reviews on Tripadvisor ALL 5 STAR! A feat never been done before by a spa. They were also shortlisted this year for the 2017 Spa & Wellness awards for the Americas.

When it comes to a massage clinic or spa, your best asset is your massage. Without an incredible Thai massage sequence, it will be very difficult to have a thriving practice. This course will give you the massage skills set to give your clients an amazing Thai massage experience each and every time!

Mark designed this Thai massage sequence after spending years of doing Thai massage and finding out what he thought were the best and favorite techniques over the thousands of hours of Thai massage that he had performed.

It doesn't matter whether you have done Thai massage before or have no experience at all. Mark guides you step by step and shows you not only what his 25 years of experience have helped him, but also he shows you the ways to avoid the mistakes that he has made along the way.

Enroll now and start doing Thai massages Today!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my course!: Hi, My name's Mark Parent Jones and welcome to the award winning Isla. Very spire Time massage cause you're gonna learn this course like no other time massage, DVD or course on the market. This completely different time aside. Of course, the reason I say that is this is accumulation off 25 plus years of me doing Thai massage. It's not strictly a Southern what post style, nor is it the Northern Chiang Mai style. What I've done is blended what I consider, and my clients have considered the best of the best techniques and were put into a 90 minute time massage. We're going to go through everything from the start to the finish from everything about set up techniques, how to use your body correctly. We're gonna go through things like the center lines, which Chinese medicine more like meridians, will go through everything about this show you how to do a fantastic time massage each and every time, so let's get started 2. The Therapeutic Environment: Okay, so let's get started on the course now. We want to get you set up properly for your room. You want to have a nice environment, therapeutic environment. Now when you want to set up, by the way, in Thailand, if you get a message in Thailand, they'll have TV's blaring radios. They'll be in a big room, will be lined up beside each other. The women will be talking to each other, so it's hardly what we consider just so serene, peaceful environment. But that's what you want for your clients here. Of course, if you used to massage, this is no different entire massage, which means you want nice soft lighting. So make sure, especially when a person is lying on their back. You don't have overhead lights that brighten gonna be shining in their eyes. So when it comes to lighting, it's really nice to have lamps around. So keeps a nice soft lighting field. Because remember, when your clients come in to see you, everything is about it. First impressions, so you want tohave. This is a place where a person can just relax, and immediately, even before they're massaged through their little sanctuary for their massage where they can just relax and be at peace with the world. So what you would do? Nice stuff, lighting and also music they are. Music is one of those things that it's one of those things you want to have a bit of a play around with, because what you don't want to do is be strictly like, for example, Buddhist chanting that might drive someone crazy. Likewise, classical music. Someone might love that. The next person might head it, so you need to. It's nice to have just rainforests and water, um, waterfall type things, that sort of thing. So it's nothing is too much, if you like in your face when it comes. Teoh with the music, keep it so it's down low, but it gives us nice background field. Okay, nothing is too overwhelming for the client to the senses. You can also do things like have a roam a 30 essential oils again. Make sure if you're going to use, say, an oil burner. It's not too potent. It's not too overbearing, but some people will. It will drive them nuts, but they have something that's the smell is overpowering, so keep it again in the background so nothing is gonna overwhelm someone. Senses. Okay, so you place smelling nice. It's a little Well, you've got lovely music if it is a nice place. So when the person comes in, they merely start to feel they're in a relaxed atmosphere. So that's the broom that you want to try and get for yourself. So that person could have a wonderful experience as soon as they entered the door. 3. The Thai Massage Futon: All right. So you have your room. You've got your client in there. What you gonna do before you have your your type? Massive set up is make sure you've got a nice time. Met, which means never met. That I have here is, um, two inch high density foam. It's a nice what? I found it. One inches is not dense enough on it. Could be hard when you have to turn the person over. Speak of the person bit thin on their bony prominence is on their bodies. Their knees consider start to hit on the floor. So two inches high density foam. I found a really good density and thickness What I did with the firm that I've covered it. I've got a nice covering and put it Velcro at the bottom so you can wash it easily enough. And then what I'll do. I'll put a sheet or something over here because, of course, with Thai massage, your fully clothed and there's no use of oils so but putting a shape still because it might be perspiration from the client, that sort of thing. So just having a sheet or something over the top of your men. We just keep it that much cleaner. You also want to have a pillow for their head When they lie down. I prefer a nice flat pillow. You don't want a pillow that you're too big, too, especially if someone's you don't get the head crushed too far forward. So a nice, flat, soft pillow and the other thing with the size of your foot on you want the food on big enough that you're met where you could be on the Met the whole time. A swell as the client, because it's very uncomfortable if you're on there lying on the Met, and it's not enough space for you when you get down to your knees and you're under the hard floor. Now, if that is the case, what I've had to use in the past is make sure you have a couple of cushions or pillows. Clothes handy. So so you're not having a knees on the hard floor and make it comfortable for yourself is the more comfortable you are? The better is for both you and your client. So that's what you need when you're looking to buy a time Matt or foot on 4. Thai Massage Clothing: you now have your room ready. The lighting's dim. Nice music. Maybe some nice aromatherapy oils. Your mets down your pillows. You've got everything ready now when your client comes in, you obviously wanted before they booked your thymus. Sarge is make sure that you've told them to wear loose, comfortable clothing, because if you're not already aware, a Thai massage requires stretching. It's quite often called Thai Yoga massage. It's basically doing yoga on that person. Facilitated stretching, if you will. So you is the practitioner. Want to wear loose, comfortable clothing for yourself? It's something that you could move around in. And also you want your client aware something. Lose something you would wear at a yoga classes. Basically way. I describe it to it to a client, so it's important when you're interviewing the crying to find out if they have any pre existing conditions. Do they have any, for example, need problems? Do they have any particular chronic issues? You need to find these out and you wanna work with the client. So if someone's had a hip replacement, you got obviously take it a lot easier and you don't want to do any, is the old Hippocratic oath do no harm. So if you're not sure, don't do it. Okay? The age of the clients also important. If you've got a 19 year old person that's fit, then you can take him to the stretches on do different types of stretches. More advanced stretches, Perhaps So if you got an elderly person, you're going to take it, tape it off a little bit, use less pressure, just feel through them. We're going to go through this, but just feel through the stretches, the joint mobilizations. So back it often when you get to know each client more and more. What you're going to find is you get to know their bodies. Now the other thing is, always ask the person before you start. If the pressure is too much or not enough, just let me know, OK? You can also generally see their face while you're doing the work on their legs. You could watch their faces. You do palm presses, thumb presses on, but if they start agreement, you know you're probably a little bit firms just back it off a little bit, but you can feel the muscles tighten up, so there's an important things. Facts with age, any pre existing conditions, um, working precious in regards to each person for persons stiff, you might be out of feel the muscles that they start to tighten up again. We'll go through that later in the course, so it would just be aware. Don't try and do anything too fancy, too advanced for person and actually hurt them. So it's really important that just stick on the more conservative side until you get to know that person. Then you can start Teoh include some more advanced stretches, advanced moves and deeper pressures. 5. Thai Massage Hygiene: I don't have a quick word about personal hygiene. Now, obviously, with time massage, you're very close to the person you believed up against them. You'll be using your feet sometimes up into their armpits, atyou put on stretches on the arms. So the last thing a client wants is a smelly practitioner. So if you have you wanna wash your feet before hand every before every message of the hands and feet, especially feet that lasting your client wants is they can smell smelly feet or if you have body odor, so this is a you could do the best massage in the world. But if you smell, that person is not coming back to see you. And that's all they're going to remember is the way you smell. So take him out. Make sure that you start us. By the way, that does not mean that you use cologne that's overpowering or perfumes that people might find offensive. You might think the perfume is absolutely delightful, but certain clients find offensive. So, like with the lighting, the music, the surroundings, the environment, keep everything subtle, so you're not gonna tip someone over the edge, so to speak. Okay, so nice and clean. Clean environment, clean room, clean sheets, clean pillows, plain body 6. Let's get started: In case you just start with the message sequence, you can see Ryan. You do a couple butterfly stroke from the lower legs. Live attraction. You spread the legs apart. Just just enough to get his body. They were. His legs are in. Which there, in between the ankles now just gently leaning on the inner part of the ankle course, nothing to firm you can see. The way he's just doing this is slowly down, slowly up. So what's happening here is Ryan's getting used to her body, and she gets used to his type. So you really just introducing um himself to the client there, and she gets a feel of what's going on. Now it's doing one ankle after the other. It's just gently. This is just gently rotating the hips. You can see that once against slow in onto the foot, slow off. No jacket movement. He's rocking from side to side. Now you she's gonna start to palm, walk up the lower leg, and again he's using his body weight. As you can see, it's really diagnosed technique here, circles around the knees again, you seem just using his body weight. Leaning under the client your cities straight down straight through the wrist, there's you're getting really nice technique. There's no jagged movements. So the clients already feels comfortable and confident in his technique. Because if you come into too hard, fast, little hurt the client and that tents off, this really is a nice way to introduce the plan to your message technique. The museum walking side decide. Just rocking forward, pressing down on both the and already inclined by this stage, is feeling very confident. You technique very comfortable. It's a great way to start the Thai massage a little bit of attraction and slowly off. 7. The Leg Sequence: Now I'm going to start the legs sequence here. That's when moving along, spending the slightly coming an anchor that ankle in with your names. There, you see, he just Jenny tracks just pulling on the hip joint. Okay, the hands here into locked is your clasping as the sky and just doing circles. Senator Beth. Three. Different? Sure. Who did you work? The thigh muscle again? You see Ryan's lower back. It's nice and straight. This is really important as a therapist that you've got good posture yourself and you can see his whole body is moving. It's not work through the arms, these lanes back and pulled on that really lovely stretch here through the front of the hip . Now what he's doing coming in on the car, grabbing the coffee, you know, and grasping at the car. You just got soft fingers and then just laying backwards again. Again. It's a really lovely lateral stretch for medial stretch on the car, and here's your other side of that. You can see from Miss Side. Here's your lateral side as he grabs. It's a nice special stretch for the car as well. Again, you say it's just leaning forward, leaning back. He showed it down. Knows he comes in here. You got both thumbs put pressed together, and he's pushing in towards the hamstrings of the back of the thigh. There he's working for the hamstring, really loosening up these legs. So not sing butterflies. Drugs. Now, once again, just a big attraction. There. You could see everything has the same rhythm. It's lovely and relaxing. Now, as he brings up the the leg, you say he's got one hand on the knee and doing helicopter turns. So what on the foot one on the name Your left Time, as you can see, is on the name right on the hill and then locks it into the front of his here and just stresses gently and again. As I said before, there's no fast moving. You could see it. Hazing controls a therapist, and the client is really comfortable because there's no jagged feeling of the massages. He's not out of balance, so they can really trust the therapist. This is really important, especially someone's getting their limbs and stretched about Ryan's using treated from techniques. The first technique, he just had his hands just on the leg and then the 2nd 3rd repetition. He put his other hand on her opposite side of the front of her hip there. So once again, you consume these transitions coming in here. His toes were pointing outwards towards the camera here, not in words. And again, it's a balance between just putting his foot there. Now what you watch this move locks that for him inside the knee. Locks it in there, and now we get working with her. That hamstring area, it's really feels fantastic. You can't see it from this angle, but Ryan's right hand is on her right ankle, So I left ankle ankle further from the screen. So is holding on to that. You see his hands on her right ankle on this side. I'm just working through there. But now, using both state, so again his right as it's out of you. But his right hand is on her ankle on the other side there, keeping it stable. You could see there's no movement through that leg of her is very little, which is what you want there. Now, the whole time you're doing this mess, really analyzing the person's body house differ. They have flexible they are and every kinds going to be different, of course. So you're really listening to their body once again, it's working through there, a little bit of stretch on the foot there. One of things you need to be aware of when you're holding that foot is just make sure you're not pinching the skin, so it's It's really important that you're aware of that as well. Now what he's doing here, he's got is her foot on his chest on just leaning inwards. And this would give me a car stretch Really nice little way to stretch the car again. As you can see, he's taking care of his body. It's a rhythmical sequence, a little bit of a stretch through there and gently place the foot down once against a nice traction and leaning down, opening up those hips again. - Now I have you to repeat it, or that again on the on the opposite side. Getting are still a bit of traction there, in front of the hip circles of the thing is interlocked. Pressure on this stroke is really through the heel of the hand, using the whole hand. Of course, it's not pinching into fingers. Now you see it as we've started this sequence on a clause lying on the ground facing up, Sometimes therapists will have that will start with the sequence of the person sitting down with the legs crossed. Optically don't like this because I think most people when they want to mess out of you if you feel like you want a message, just the simple act of lying down on your back is relaxing in itself. So I like to start the climbs on the back like this. And that way you feel you start to relax immediately rather than having to sit there, especially your hip to tighten. Have to sit down and they start working your back and your neck. Well, you're sitting up. We wrote it was sitting up technique, but that's at the end of massage. We're near the end of the massage and, um, yes, and for that reason you see are starting on the back here. So here, once again, what Ryan is doing here is pushing both thumbs, the thumbs of pressed together next to each other, and he's pressing into the thigh. Now when you're doing these press is by the way you wanted to steal that muscle. You want to make sure you're going to a nice depth time. Message is generally fairly deep massage. It doesn't mean painful, but it is a deep form of massage. So you want to go in there and feel that resistance of the muscle When you do make these presses stretching again, you see here what's Can Ryan gets his body in good position and you start to about the hip and do some rotations. So his body's in good position, nasty balance. You can see where his nears, where his foot is, and you say once again he's using his whole body in doing this. It's not the work coming from. The arms leans forward into a lunge position to stretch her legs there and hip. You can see Ryan's left hand the one closest to the camera here as just holding that leg hip down, stabilizing. You don't want that right leg of your client. They're lifting up. You want to keep that stable once you really nice control. The client always feels safe. This was talking about you before you see rides left hand there on her other income closures to the camera There. He's studying that as he works, Go through the back of her thigh there, on a hamstring, muscles just working along there. Okay, Another look at that car stretch. You see, one way in there, the other. 8. The Side Transition: now from that leg sequence, what we're gonna do is transition there, climb onto this side. You can see Ryan lifts the leg up to nine degrees of the hip there and ended the knee and brings it across her body. Then you see, bring around across is well begin, ovary comfortable. Texaco's gently moved the shoulder across, and then she's in decide position as well. 9. The Side Sequence: So now you see Ryan using his feet here using it. Fate. This is it's going to take some practice with the technique, but it's a fabulous technique to be able to do you. It is to use your feet on the person's body. It's, ah, such a broad area on. The people were realized that you're using your feet just something completely different. A massage. It really is well worth the practice with practicing doing this. The trick to this is obviously balance. If your nature, you could put a chair beside you to keep your balance holding with one hand. But I just the way I do it the way Ryan's doing, I told him just to put your hands behind your back. You'll see his re afford is at 45 degrees or nine degrees, and the nice the foot that's during the massage. It's soft and is using that inner arch as he works along there. Obviously stay off the knee without any pressure on the knee. But you just again just you can see this transfers of white. It really does feel fantastic. As I said, it really is worth doing it and now rise come down beside his client, using his thumbs deep into the center of the calf muscle. Here we're really working right into that calf muscle through their down through the salacious into the killings tendon area, works his way back up and now comes out from the center of the calf. There is he works just a little bit along the lateral edge there on the Peru paranoia muscles here once again using his thumb, using his way the whole time, you can see the arms pretty much straight. It just works right along there, and they're right into the hip there. Now, using the hills of the hand. Work through those muscles, a little bit attraction again. I stretch. Now you see here is working up director spinal muscle spinal masters next to the spine with this thumbed traditionally what? You see people doing palm walking up and down there. I just find you have to bend your respect too far on. It's really nice to get something that they would generate. Do palm walking and then, using thumbs, I find you just use your talons here. It's not too hard on the thumbs on. It's really just save your risk because time s eyes can be hard on the risks with that hard to nine degree angle. But you could be very careful with your wrist. In four. You see rise change position is working on these wrong board muscles about a skeptically mast. All these muscles around there, shoulder blade trapezius, Or, to put it, simply way those muscles away Get over knots in. Did you feel between your shoulder blades? Gently picks up the arm cups. The shoulder leans back. Nice upper trapezius stretch. There. It takes a straight shot gently and just working through the neck. Now during thumb circles and compresses again, just nice and stretching the area once again, you see Ryan's hands rigid making client feel comfortable. You see, his whole body is rotating. It's not him using his arms at all, always just using his other going backwards and forwards. Like I spoke about earlier side decide or rotating the three major movements. Jenny Cristian back and now it just brings that shoulder blade back. There is, but it's thumb just under that shoulder blade. Their work those muscles in this absolute fumes Heavenly office. You need short thumbnails for this and again, you can see his thumb straight. There's no shopping was in the thumb doing. It's really nice. Feels fantastic. Clients will love you. You could do this if you want it to. 25 minutes. No one would complain. Stretch, I notice. Nice stretch. Here. Take the kind down. Bring the arm out. Just press down, just jelly in the shoulder stabilizer shoulder and then take the leg across. You know this stretch, you do it yourself. I'm sure. Have someone else do it for you. Just absolutely fantastic. Be careful pressing on that shoulder. Don't pinch. Go gently what your clients face. Make sure, you know, hurting them here on the side of caution. So just take another look at that stretch, so you get a different. It's perspective from the other side. It brings it back soft hands on the shoulder stabilizer shoulder. They take the leg down. You see, it's a 90 degrees there. You can change that angle of the hip. You could take it further down, so foot closer towards the other foot, making a slightly different angle says a beautiful stretch. Jim, you bring the leg back 10. The side sequence reversed: So now what we're gonna do, turn the person on the other side. So you started the legs sequence with among their back when you turned on to one side, and now you're gonna take him. But because the other side So basically what you're doing is repeating the side sequence again. See, once again, just gently moving across at least that working with feet, getting to sit before you can see there. Ryan's just working with the in a part of the foot there. Of course, you can use your bowl. You can use the he'll obviously be more careful with the hill. But first, our issues the broadest aspect of your foot there. Keep your whole foot nice and relaxed, and as you get more balanced, get better technique. You can start to experiment little more. You see your slowly sinks into the muscle and slowly comes up down. This is no walking posture. It's nice and balanced. Not going onto the side of the May that went so comfortable. Role. Unless you're extremely good balance have softly on there. But I suggested labour alone. You could go right on top of the ankle. Here. You see this on top of the foot there again feels really great. And then I said about a five strike. If you got the balance, come down once again, work those thumbs right through the car. There again, you can see his fingers. There's no tension in the fingers. It's not that you have stiff fingers on this. You wrap your fingers around the limb whenever you do this sort of work. No shop. Andrews in the sound is upset before just leaning into the person. Then again, to them hanging on to them. Slow down, slow up. It's a butterfly struck back into the hamstring you could do to hands here if you want. It launches using one and stabilising the ankle here again and work the hip there. This performance muscle is but muscles here, group minimus radius Maximus. All these masseuse. I don't think there's a bit of massage technique that could really work. These massive like tie in this position the fantastic way really work these muscles just trashing through their gently. As you can see, we're just doing one of two runs up and down along the spine. There are off the spine, obviously, along those muscles if you want to again. Once you get more experience, more confidence you can start. You do two or three lines up and down there again. You're not gonna get any compliance from anyone if you're doing more than your two or three runs up and down the spinal muscles. That one suspect massage that I know of, at least so I would really You just keep working. Very obviously gonna be just time dependent on your client's making sure, you know, running over time we can just about sharp by their super spin artist about the muscle. Craziest Jenna grabbing the elbow, cupping the shoulder. You can see that just his for a little bit attraction. Nice stretch. Jimmy went into that neck. There was well inside there. Remember if I had something I said earlier, If you have someone that's really stressed out, you want to make the message like this sequence is nice and slow. The slower you go, the more relaxed they are. Now, if you will energize someone, you go slightly faster. Pace to get more energetic. Massage for life. The majority of people just want to chill out. Relax, so that's what you're gonna do keep the smoke pace. You can see here again. Rise goes thumbs underneath that short. What's the thumb in there under those masters and then just drops the short by. I see you have the top of his thumb. It's right under that short life. I don't need to tell you that this feels fantastic. It's working right there, working in those trigger points. That is not again. You see the whole message well, has a beautiful flow to a beautiful rhythm in a beautiful place. Again, you can see just Jimmy brings it back there is that picking up and then suddenly bring him across there. As you can see, it's just complete jelly. That's what you are seeing that just given up to the massage, enjoying every minute of it, just letting you do over. Do you see supports behind the knees, he brings her leg back legs going to snap, snap, snap through, straightened out too quickly. Show that again, just for another anguish. They noted a straight jenny. No, no grasping things that too stiff pinching, which is very soft tears the whole time, cupping the show topping, listening to you climb. I was listening just listen to the body is feeling that breath is a greedy in and breathe out. Breathe out, relaxing into the stretch More, better, faster, say, hand behind in a head of the rings effect back to the starting position again. 11. The arms : Okay, so, you know, we're gonna work on the arms here. You just gently 50 on out there distraction ing on the arm, gently pulling the wrist, the other arm stabilizing the shoulder. And now, just working along the arm there against soft hands using body weight again, this feels right back up the arm, gently traveling again. And I just general putting in the outer edge of foot there into the armpit, if you like, and then just gently stretching which one do you make sure you don't have the arm too close to your clients, the clients body. Otherwise it might pinch the skin of their inner r, which is not to be true comfortable. So just be careful of that with the head now, just some circling around some What finger? I change hands there. - Get this feels for testing. You can see here. Just sliding and fingers up Is Thumma each finger. You put your fingers behind the clients finger and just to support them as you go up each one Nice. Little better first right. And place it down 12. The arms reversed: Okay, so now we do, uh, repeat exactly what we've just done. Of course, on the other side. Now, once again, a little bit attraction, keeping your hands soft. You just don't want to pinch their skin there as before. Just leaning gently on coming off. Make slow, rhythmical versions work. Mom, you must be careful when you work along the arm here. Ah, big nerve on the inside of the app. Aram There. You do want to be careful with that. You find during his technique. You're absolutely fine. Nice, but attraction again. Like I said before at the that 30 40 degrees out from the body that you have to close next to her room cage. Your foot can pinch the skin. So you just working the hands you see right here to sitting comfortably. Possibly today is that's count a comfortable position for him. What is the therapist? You need to be comfortable when you're doing massive, so make sure whatever position you choose to sit in, you don't have to be cross later. If you can't do that, he's young, so I could do you do this? It's not flexible. Just make sure that when you're doing your mess. That's you in a comfortable position for yourself. Don't compromise your own posturing. Body mechanics. What is your work? Which is easy to do when you're just starting out You again. You. Cassie's fingers support the back of the hand fingers as he works up through the fingers with the thumb. It slides it up there. You can see that tracks it up with back for his fingers, not from pressure through the hands there, about five stroke in the shop. 13. The transition to a seated position: now I'm gonna put the client decided. Position. You see this transition here, Give the legs across the mother just below the news. Great the wrists. Women and gently bring the person to a safe position. 14. The seated transition reversed: Let's just take another look at this transition sitting at the side here thing that makes up starting across just underneath the news there, bring the plant up. They're nice name, way to bring into a sitting position. 15. The Seated Sequence: now, the person, The seated position. I'm going to really work through those shoulders. This is where we're really gonna get into the shoulders. What he's doing here is nice. Thumb presses just working in and around the shoulder blades on top of the shoulders. Burton. There's knots, so he's rolling before arm for the base. The neck out literally. Don't go too far out to the point of the shoulder so you don't get into buying. That's going to be painful when you roll it for Just make sure you stay on the muscle belly , Ron. Just do one of those four out, Rose. You're gonna depth is to run sequence. So you could just you could do three or four or 5000 men. Is your life you cries? Not going to complain. Now, you see, what we've done here is a really nice move as he brings the arm back behind the back. The day is stabilizing the palm of the hands there on the back. You see it better from do the other side on what he's doing here is just using his thumb underneath that shoulder right there as he pulls back on the shoulder you doing? Both at the same time, you pull back on the shoulder same time again, you see better. Where would you get left? Left shoulder and just working all those knots. All those trigger points you see here bring you back. Hold in place, stabilized with me there just gently and then work all around the shoulder blades back underneath the shoulder, right there. Really opening up the back of that shoulder, right? I just worked away all around there feeling for the time muscles. Obviously, the more you do massage, the better tectonic skills you have to be out of fuel. That Nazi work them or few clients. Obviously, staying off the bony prominence is and just with those muscles, bring the arm back and once again, working Mr Patient's muscles. Now grab the arms. You see changing position gently put the fate on the side of the spine and pull back. So as you work the fate, you're going down by the side of the spine. Gently push forward with fate and stretch the same time through through the arms, holding it the re stairs, you can say and you can see just by looking at this this feels fantastic. Okay, He's on the angle. You can see here what we're doing. Just repeating this with different angle so I could get a better look here, seeing his working work most thumbs through that. Anyone have a back massage chair? You know how good disappears? They could do this, but as long as your thumbs can take it, client would never complain. No around again. Feeling first talking about. So it's about a scapula eight run boards in there for those not between the shoulder blades in the spine. I watch you. Hey, to me. There, Jenny. You Obviously. When you when you put it on the show to here, you're gonna be careful. You're not gripping to her nice soft hand on not digging into the front of the shoulder. When you do it, you see? You see there, that thumb that's underneath the shoulder right there, you pull back, - See when Ryan's doing all these techniques is always looking after its postures. Looking at the lower back, keeping that number could lower back. It's no slouching, always looking out for his body at the same time it needs in the palm. They're holding it in place. It's just doing a bit of work through the base of the neck. There are the side spine. I suggest you spend plenty of time like rise. Doing here really work this Chris, who doesn't need a good back massage, leaving plenty of time. I think I'm really work through here. Based the neck top of the shoulders between the shoulder blades. Gen shoulder back with me on that. You see, I assigned inspired startup time between the shoulder blades. I can't pushing through the feet and pulling gently at the wrist. You can see Just look at that. You don't need me to tell you help with this pills. 16. Laying down: so effective person from the city position that we got from toe. Lie down now in the stomach and you can see we put a pillow underneath. I like to do this but a pillow underneath the chest there, because if it don't person, it could be really uncomfortable for your neck because you're lying flat on the Met and you next to the side, one way or another. So you really don't want the person. I'm comfortable. So by putting the pillow there, you can see that person could have the neck in a more neutral position you're doing here. Just a nice thumb presses through the fleet here, and you can really it's hard to have too much foot message. They're working on a stump, presses going down the outside of the foot down the middle and then the inside three different lines on what you can see here again. Just using that runs, its using his body away, rocking all the time. It's not. Everybody is not static, as we talked about before. He's always using body went there. No shopping was on the thumbs in this first favorites, just using the now is working the fate with his health. Thanks. Big practice. Of course. Anything good does what a little bit after the foot. You give you that? Same with them all the time again. Working on the coffee with the foot you can see as we talked about before. Slow down and coming up. Slowly change the fate. We're going up to the hamstring muscles. Obviously, don't go out of the NATO would generally just Mr Niego from the car. You see, he's No, not actually on the name itself. It works the calf and also the hamstrings, but not no pressure on the knee I can't work with here on the foot. Goodall exercise you can do is to get your balance better if you little bit wobbly. Here's just practiced several times, dies standing on my not in the massage, but just get into a habit of standing on one leg is going to help get your balance back very quickly. It is the nice little training exercise except not see through the front of the foot on gentle stretch. Obviously be careful. You wouldn't probably do this. What you take to the opposite hip now you can see that if someone had made problems. You don't obviously want to be careful, Missy. Client here is nice and flexible. Now it's stabilized down here through the sacred, just lifting up through the ankle. Beautiful stretch in front of the fire in front of the hit opens it up. What you're looking for here is to make sure that the hip doesn't even see his. It is leaving the hip nice and straight. There's no actually the lower back, so you stabilize with another hand on. Then you lift that leg up and slide right in underneath the person here. This is probably my favorite, um, technique. It's slice of up under the thigh there and then start working the bodies, just gently rolling with the old bone for See that she's rolling that for him, working all through the back area and now coming up into the lumber area again. This absolutely was beautiful. It's leaning your body right in rolling. Wouldn't you wear if you got a particularly tall person and you was the therapist not that tall. You might not be able to go away up the back, but you got as far as you can comfortably. It doesn't matter because you've already really worked that upper back area in the state of physician. You could do elbow presses into this lumber area as well, which is doing so before our roles. It's laying down back across the area again. You can see it's always rocking, always using body weight. Detroit about it, for it is vitally important. Slight self back out there. Nice stretch again. Little bit of traction place down. Okay, so him you see the same sequence would repeat it, But we're gonna show you from a different angle. So now you can see working down through the feet there some person cover, the whole flip in time I says they do have pressure points. You could look a type pressure point chart for the fate You get more specific. You can see here using the pill again, just rocking backwards and forwards Work noted on the cast Their change food again You see mrs the knee just above the knee Work through the hamstring muscles, catch down to the car you see rocks backwards and forwards Here You worked my muscle Here, stretch out the quadriceps here as you work through there You can you see him stabilizing the hip so the hip doesn't come up off the ground. That's really important to not overarching back. And this is a Saudi different technique before what Romney is doing. You could do either one before what he was doing was lifting up from the ankle. But this time you see, he lifts up from the knee. There's two different types of techniques that you can use. One you can lift up from the ankle. You grab just around the ankle there or through the day. I actually prefer to use the grip of the Navy just just about today on the side. It's important to that when you do this movement here, you have to come right up high underneath the hips there. And you worked the lumber, obviously, staying off the spine. It's really just feel fantastic. Usually, there's no tension in Ryan's hand there. Keep your hands self. You don't have excessive attention. See, just grabbing just above the knee changing position now into the lunge position here's stabilized. That's a crime there and lift up. There's no over arching of the back there slowing it down, and they have your message sequence