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    • Thai Fresh Flower Art


About This Class

Please join me as I share the most beautiful ways to use fresh flowers artistically in your home or place of work. 

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When are you going to do another class? Your a fantastic teacher a must see video! Bravo!
Sharon Lemay

Certified Art Instructor Follow Me☺

Such a beautiful class.
Another great class and project, Heidi! It's pure joy to see the play between the color of the flowers and the stems. I can't wait to play in my garden and see what develops. :)
Judith Laguerre






Heidi Bransby

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I'm an offline entrepreneur who retired young and financially comfortable in 2008. Since then I've been dedicating my time to helping anyone who I come into contact with, who has a need I can help them with. Despite my limited resources, I use every opportunity to help where I can, and this has pushed me to be more creative than ever before. I am now wanting to serve people online, mostly in the personal branding and coaching niche's.

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