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Thai Foot Reflexology Certificate Course

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

Thai Foot Reflexology Certificate Course

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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21 Lessons (2h 15m)
    • 1. Welcome to my course!

    • 2. The sen lines

    • 3. The equipment that you will need

    • 4. Download the materials

    • 5. How to wrap the towels

    • 6. Technique-Rocking With Bodyweight And To Your Heartbeat

    • 7. Foot thai start VO (1)

    • 8. Practice Time! Here Is The Sequence Again And I Explain The Reflex Areas

    • 9. Now We add The Cream To the Foot

    • 10. Practice Time! Here Is The Sequence Again And I Explain The Reflex Areas

    • 11. How To Hold The Massage Stick

    • 12. Working the foot with the massage stick

    • 13. Foot stim stick pts

    • 14. Foot Massage Techniques

    • 15. Thai Leg Massage Techniques

    • 16. Congratulations! You have done the entire sequence!

    • 17. Doing thumb and finger walking techniques from traditional reflexology

    • 18. The full sequence to practice to

    • 19. Working as a reflexologist. a great way to earn money!

    • 20. The key factors you will need to work for yourself

    • 21. Congratulations!

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About This Class

Learn Thai foot reflexology massage to treat your friends, family, partner or your massage clients. It is easy, simple and a joy to do. You will have them begging for more!

There is a very good reason that Thai foot reflexologists are employed in the best spas throughout the world-the Thai foot reflexology treatments are simply world class!

"I've been doing traditional reflexology for 19 years as a massage professional and wanted to compare Thai reflexology with what I'd learned. Mark's course is excellent, both for the professional practitioner and for a person interested in offering a session to friends and family. His explanations are clear, as are the video shots of the work. He's enthusiastic about Thai reflexology and offers helpful explanations of what the practitioner is doing and why. I also appreciate that he's teaching this course without a teleprompter. The "pointers" included about setting up a favorable environment for the client are also excellent, as are the explanations on body mechanics (how to use the body without wearing yourself out), useful tools, and the way the Thai practice reflexology." K.M.  5 STARS


Mark studied traditional foot reflexology but then studied the Thai foot reflexology system and saw that not only was their system way more complete but it also made more sense as a form of treatment over traditional foot reflexology.

Now, you can learn this unique system of treating the feet and the legs which in turn is treating the whole body.

By taking this online Thai foot reflexology massage course you will :

  • increase your client base in your massage clinic or spa by offering something many other places do not offer. There are very very people offering Thai foot reflexology massage outside of Thailand. 
  • You will be able to use Thai foot reflexology on your friends, your partner or your family and have them begging for you to continue.They will absolutely love this form of foot massage!
  • You will not get tired doing Thai foot reflexology because they do not overuse their thumbs like it is taught in the traditional foot reflexology system so you will not get injured.
  • You will learn all about the energy lines and how to stimulate the specific reflexology points.
  • You will know how to correctly use your bodyweight and treat with their way of gently rocking back and forwards in time to your heartbeat.

In this Thai foot reflexology massage course, Mark guides you step by step through the movements, techniques, mobilizations, reflex points and energy lines. He explains why, when it comes to foot reflexology, the Thai foot reflexology system is second to none.

Thai foot reflexology massage has been performed in Thailand for thousands of years as a complete holistic treatment for body, mind, and spirit. It is seen as a way to remain healthy and not simply an indulgence. Not only do they treat the reflex points on the feet but also they massage the energy lines(called sen)on the legs to balance and stimulate the movement of energy throughout the body.

If you are already treating people with traditional foot reflexology as a massage therapist or would just like to offer foot reflexology to your clients then I urge you to try this course. 

This will be a fabulous treatment that you can offer your clients and have them begging for more!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my course!: my next Mark Jones, And welcome to my tie foot reflexology cause by the end of this course, you are going to be out to give someone an amazing tie foot reflexology session. Now I'm gonna show you step by step. Everything you need to do teach you all about six and then you're gonna be out of finished this course and you'll be out of given. Absolutely, I guarantee amazing type foot reflexology session. Now, what is the difference between if you don't know between type foot, reflexology and say normal reflexology? Well, because there's a reason that the best spas in the world have tired foot reflexology in their spars because it feels so much better in my opinion and the houses of other papers opinions so much better than just normal reflexology. Now, as I explained you in the course, if you do do what I'll call traditional reflexology that is absolutely fine. Okay, you can actually use some of that technique in there if you don't know how to do the traditional thumb walking, that sort of thing I teach you, so don't worry about that either. So traditional reflexology, if you don't already know, uses what's called dumb walking and finger walking. It's very hard on the hands. Okay, so it really, really starts to tear. Retire out Two fingers and your thumbs type reflexology. Yes, they used it thumbs in their and their fingers and that sort of thing. But they will also use the Thai stick. And this is the major difference in the reflexology. Now, don't worry. I doubt whether you probably got a type message stick lying around the house Doesn't matter . I'm gonna show you so many alternatives. You can buy them on Amazon for about a dollar $52. And so they work the points through the and it's so much debate and feels so, so much better as you're about to find out as you work through the points using the stick. And it saves your thumbs, of course, but don't advertised. It doesn't matter. As I said, anything with around in works Fine. So here's a pen. What, and once again around it into the pain will absolutely work perfectly all right. And you can order that my name is unlike say, what about a Shabi? Shabi works great too. So for the strip now, by the way. If you've got a spire, you probably want to order one of these. At some stage, you probably don't want to just go in there and charge some of $80 for the session and bring out the Sharpie. Well, I don't have a shopping. What about a whisk? Here you go. Here's a whisk. And I kid, you know, I'm not joking around. This rounded edge here absolutely works a treat. So if you don't have a stick, you don't have a shopping down up in bringing out the whisk. And there you go, and it is absolutely, continually feels amazing. So there you go. So let's get started. 2. The sen lines: All right. So before we get started, I just want to give you a bit of background on type tradition, time, medicine and how it differs between traditional Chinese medicine. As I studied traditional Chinese medicine as an acupuncturist for 25 years and they're quite different. So hold on to your shop. We were gonna get there. All right. Now, the beauty of Thai foot reflexology is we start off by working the legs now, and what we're gonna do is work and stimulate water called the send lines, now the Chinese equivalent called meridians. Now the meridians are the things if you don't already other things that the energy goes through. So they're like invisible lines, rivers, if you like, and the energy going through. So Tony's medicine, you've got meridians and the energy that goes through them. It's called G. Now, in time medicine, you've got the meridians are called sin. Now they are not mapped out the same way as the Chinese air. Completely different. It's not like they got Rudy in here and that I have exactly the same line. It's not that at all. So their lines are not called meridians. They call them sin and the energy is not called G the title it lum. All right, so we're going to stimulate this through if you've ever had a time massage through palm walking and then thumb walking. So that worked the lower legs as you're about to find out. And then after that, we start working the feet without cream, and then we use cream after that. So it is real. It's a real system, as you're about to see now, where do you see with reflexology tire? If it's off the charts now, just to give you, you'll be obviously on the charts. But just to give you a very quick sort of idea if you don't know how reflexology chart has set out, its very simple on the foot is just like looking at the foot. The big toe is the head, so if you put them together, the two things together your big toads are either side of the head but split down the center. So one side of the body that foot is this side of the body that put is this sort about if you'd spit it down and you put them together and so the big toe ahead. The further you go out with little toys that's going up further laterally, like what you showed it would be. And then the further down the body you go, the further and further down the butcher go is the further you go down the body. So let's say the ball of your foot is roughly the chest, a long area, that sort of thing back area, upper back, and the further down you go, the stomach, intestines, that sort of thing, going down towards the hell and that sort of thing. So it's just going tracking down the foot, the head of the top and the base. Your heel is going down through the body like that, all right, and then they use top of the foot inside of foot. We're gonna use knuckles. We're gonna use their sharpies or whisks if we want, or even a tar sticks if you're lucky enough to have one, By the way, I used one that was just manufacturing. A woodshop cost me like $34 so you could also get some of their gotta lave to just man effect to that as well. So that's easy done as well. All right, so that's a little bit of a background, and let's keep going 3. The equipment that you will need: So let's look at what you're going to actually need. Now. I've kept this course so that it's really a simple Aziz. Possible. Now, I'll tell you what I did now. I treated my son through this course on a bed. All right? You just need to stool. And I treated him on a bed. So you conduced. You could treat someone on a bed. It is that simple. So you'll need a couple of towns as we go through. We're gonna wrap one of the legs in a tower, foot and leg in a town, and you need not on underneath the feet as you're about to see. So you need to grab yourself a couple of towels because you want underneath the think you, like, Say, if you're in bed, then you don't put on the do know that sort of thing. Okay, now, so you've got that. All right, So you got a couple towels, you can put a person on the bed. Just haven't lied down like I do throughout the course. Why? Don't write down my sunrise down. I'm doing treatment. And so you want to sit on a stool or something like that? Now, you want the fate around about? You should around about this heart right in front of you. You don't him up too high, nor do you want to have them doubts. You don't want to be slouching down like that. So you want them If you can have a lie down on the bed, a chair like this is perfect. So if you go a little stool for them but a stew out on a little pillow on this like that, fade up perfect. Absolutely perfect. So just make sure for yourself that you're not down here. That's really important that you're comfortable in any message form. It's priority number one that you're comfortable and that you're gonna hurt yourself by doing it. Okay, so what you don't want to have the person is sitting up in a hard dining room chair, but sitting up really straight because that's how kind of you want these people. They could learn a sofa like here and put their feet up under something. Now, make sure if you're gonna put up onto it like a table, for example, that you've got a pillow underneath. Um, could you don't with their heels on a hard surface. All right, so couple towels in a nice chair or on the bed, that sort of thing. After your message therapist, you've got them in a top of a massage table. Absolutely perfect. If you, something might have those really nice chairs for pedicures. Perfect, you have to think there they were meant to work on the sit in Thailand. They'll use that reclining chairs. So if you got a reclining chair, by the way, absolutely the bee's knees, that's a technical message to. So you're going to use any sort of comfortable chair if you need to put a stool down with a pillow on top. Okay, No worries at all. Bed? No. Where is it? A couple of towels and you need some sort of lubricant for the feet. Now I prefer to use cream. In fact, through the course, I just use a moisturizer. So I just just simple moisturizers. Absolutely perfect. It's better than oils to your truth. So if you got some sort of cream, some sort of face cream, if you've got something lying around, any sort of moisturizes, those sorts of things, any things, a bit of a lubricant, then that's absolutely perfect. Okay, so we got to tells you got your, uh, lubricant. You've got somewhere to put the person, and you need your say, if you don't have a tire stick, which I'm guessing you don't have already covered it, anything that would could be used. As for the Thai stick. And like I said before a shopping, anything without rounded in that will work beautifully. And away you go. You don't have to say if you want to order one on Amazon or something like that, By all means do that. But for the time being, you can use anything, So let's just go to the kitchen drawer. 4. Download the materials: so in your resource is in this lecture, you've got a download that you can download and what you do, you'll see everything that's covered in the section. So what I suggest go to your resource is down murdered so that if you can't remember something, then you've got it in your notes so you can download a pdf document and away you go. 5. How to wrap the towels: do you need to learn how to Rotfeld the tower? So you bring it up, You take it across there. The media alleged Tuck it down there and then you bring the risk the tower and tuck that into the inside under the leg it and then you simply just bring the tower across and you fell the top down. That should be nice and tight. So that's what you want to do at this start when you're the foot that you're not working on , you're gonna wrap it like that and then once you finished with the other with the foot you are working on, you were then wrap that one. Okay, so the foot you're not using, you're gonna wrap it up first. So take a little bit practices to do this, but is very simple. And then you just fold it down and stays in place, and then you would work the foot the opposite side, which is exactly what we're going to do now. 6. Technique-Rocking With Bodyweight And To Your Heartbeat: Now I know you're champing at the bit, as they say in horse racing. Horse technology, I think. Anyway, anyway, point is, before we get going, I want to teach you how to use your body. Right now, if you've done any of my massage courses at all, using your body weight is absolutely vital, as opposed to using muscular effort. So let me just show, you know, you can't do it throughout the whole treatment, but certainly when you doing presence and that sort of thing. So let me just tell you what I can't side on for you. So I want to show you what I'm talking about. Here's what not to do. So you got the foot persons foot here. I'll use my hand and you're sitting here aesthetically doing this. All right. There's no movement, no body like it's tiring for you and feels no one here is good for the client. Okay, so here's what you do now you're laying in. I see your body rocks so you're rocking. It's much less tiring for us to say and feels miles better. So you rock forward as you press, OK, that's what you want to get the feeling up now. Sometimes when you started work, you know, between the toes and that sort of thing, you might be able to do so much. But whenever you can get, we were doing the point work and that sort of thing. I feel like you're rocking. Okay, Now, if you really want to get do you get what the Thai people do They the real purist to such will check your heart bait and in the rock in and out on heartbeats, I'll show you so hoppy. 1234 12 341234 Do that and also use your breath as well. So it rocking and work with your breath as well. So whether you exhale, you might wanna exile on every two, depending on your heartbeat. How fast or how slow it is or every three. But these are some things you really get into, and you could do that. Just makes it more of a meditative Um, it makes a lot more special for us. We're just getting into it. You're doing this as opposed to just any message for, you know, just mechanically working like this, using your muscles I think. About what? I'm gonna cook for dinner. All right. You started. Get your heartbeat into the rhythm. You're rocking, your breath becomes included. And that's what I watched the think about when you start to do it and try It would just make it so much more special not only for your client, but for you as the practitioner as well. 7. Foot thai start VO (1): All right. So let's get started. So you can see my son's legs there, Attallah, jury each of them. So they're course would wrap one leg first to start off with on. Then we work on the one leg we look working the one like the whole sequence, and then we change legs. Now you can see this. This slows down for you. This isn't the ankle rub or ankle mobilization. My hands are not sliding. My hills of my hands are underneath the ankle. This side of the ankle, okay. And him into the foot. Memorization. Again. I'm slow this down for you. What you need is an ankle mobilisation. You are not, um, sliding on the skin. Really nice to loosen up the ankle loose of the foot. All right, so now we're starting palm pressing along this same line, which is so the hill of my hand is working along the tip. Aeolus anterior muscle, which is there's a thick muscle on this side of the bone camera side of the boat. And then So this is where my heels working. Now we're working with the thumbs and you see my body leaning forward the same time I lean forward. I'm also breathing out so each press I breathe Now there's the fibula head. You're above that. So when you feel that bone little bony lumping that's a fibula head. So you could just won't work along this muscle belly, right way to the front of the bank of it. Now you also know that my right hand has turned that foot inwards. And that's what you do when you first start off. Okay, Now I work about an inch apart each each time. Eight thumbprints Now I could do it faster. I could do it slower. And depending on the amount of time you would treat the person I know Thailand, they do on air and 1/2 treatment that they might do five repetitions of that or even 10. So again, it's up to you. Now I'm behind the ankle doing another centerline again. You see my body leading. And each time I lean in, I breathe out, Huh? Huh? As a breather. Actually, make that sound. Just do it for you guys. So now this time when I come up, I'm underneath that fibula head so before, above it now below it if you work along. So what we're doing, we're stimulating energy. The llama in these sent as we go along. So remember, when it comes to massage any type of massage, the slower you do it I get. This is a nice, brisk pace because it's for video purposes, for course, but you might like to do it. You're slower. This much slower than this. And like I say, more repetitions. Now we worked the inner sent line that would change hands. You see, Now my right hand has come off the foot. My left hand is holding the foot down and we're going between the ankle and Achilles tendon up this medial side of the belly of the car. You see that? Now, in your resource of resource notes, you will see these are very, very relaxing treatments. As we work these energy lines along the legs ties a very big into working the legs and their massages. And, um, it's just such a beautiful way to start the massage with people. You bathed the feet, you repped the leg a town, and now you're just working the legs. And my son's nine. He was just totally blissed out with this and you can see I'm not sure doing skin polish here. I'm just showing you where that line is going up that side there. But I hear you say I'm using good pressure on him. It's absolutely fine with it. So this is just such a much beautiful start to a massage to a foot math reflexology massage . It's just so nice to get this work done. So we just work along this line here that left hand supporting the foot that inside of the foot, they're just holding it out there nicely. You see my body weight just working there a long time now we're gonna with the top of the foot. Now, you could see my fingers underneath the sole of the foot there, and my thumbs are usually reflects on my thumbs. And they're going up the channel, which is the channels between the tenders between the first and second toe and the fourth and fifth. See that? So we just and then you come to a point at the front of the ankle there, See, that is a little hollow at the front of the ankle. You're working these lines now. We do. Between the second and third and the third and fourth. So you see that city that my hands grasping just gently the foot of a total control the whole time, always fully in control of the techniques. Now I just gently you see that how dishes my left hand to gently turn the foot. So I opened up that electoral edge off the foot there and again. You see, we're working right along the edge of the electro side of the little toe. You see that? So I'm holding it up, put there. And did you see how my fingers of the working hand my right hand, I also just underneath the foot of a complete control over this movement. So, as I said before, in any message for not just Thai foot massage, if you want to relax someone more, more, more you do you slow down the massage techniques? Now this is finger circling around the ankle. I'll show you a closer view of this, But so what we're doing? I'm doing four different spots. I'm doing both ankles and I started the top of the ankle 12 o'clock. Then do a few finger circles, both sides coming in the side the bottom of the front, the new four aspects of the ankle to cover it all. Now we don't finger circles with around both sides of the heels. The media electoral side of the hill Never palm squeezes. You see, I interrupt my fingers and you could see what I do with my elbows. Elbows up the squeeze and you're bringing your elbows together. This is where you get the squeeze from, which makes it very simple, very energy efficient. So the squeeze comes from euro. But Europe. And then when you squeeze you bring elbows together. That's what makes this movement. It's not like just gripping your head. You can see that there, you see. I mean, quite a bit of pressure. It's beautiful, beautiful thing to have done as well. Now double thumbs along the medial aspect of media arch. This is the spinal area of the foot. And again say how my hand still grasping all the time around the foot of a complete control , the thumbs and pressed together you're side by side and again you're using your But don't forget to use a one time every single time you're using your body weight lane for you see that? A city before, I generally used my breath as well. So when I pressed, I breathe out breathing. When I come up, breathe out. When I threw the pressure, it becomes a real dance like any message should be. You can see there with my thumbs as I worked closer angle there. So what we're doing, we are literally just loosening up the joints and really warming up the foot. This is, um, eventually a 10 minute warmup of the foot to start before we start to get it or other techniques using cream and using the type put stick. This is one heck of a warm up, the only techniques and without Ramos, you see. And now I'm gonna work the center line of the foot next in my hands, off the top of the foot and now both thumbs working up that center line of the foot. So I start around around the hell area. I get up to the bowl of the foot, See that up the center line of the foot and down, leaning in and out a lot of time using your body weight. So there you have it. That's a getting started warm up of the foot. For now, we're going to get the crane, and we're gonna start using a hate techniques about to show you this time and using your cream or your oils. 8. Practice Time! Here Is The Sequence Again And I Explain The Reflex Areas: Alright, So I've shown you how to do the strokes now and the work on the feet of the legs. So as you practice this time, I'm just gonna give you an understanding of more about the reflex point as you work through them So again here, we're gonna, uh, just open up this ankle here. And, um so this year work more on the hip joint, the uterus, prostate sexual organs. As you work this area here and once again with the use a foot there, you see, were my obliging that this here is you start to work history. This is actually working the parathyroid, your all your vertebrae cervical with risk that Lambo Coptic Sacred method things shoulder your arm over on your knee the whole time. Now, as we work along this sin here, this send line and see our palm pressing, um, working along the same line. The whole purpose of this energy of the said line is really calming the client down emotional and physical level. It also connects with the hearts and lungs and as well has a very relaxing effect on the limbs. Um, also you were working the reflex points of the upper lymphatic system. A swell while you're doing that. And it also is helping work the hip area as well. So it's very We're doing a lot of stuff. You're right into a long justice here itself. So as you worked there, you can see that, um, get a better understanding of what you're actually stimulating. As you work here, make sure you're using your body weight. Like I talked about the whole time you see me. And as it said, you just to remind you work up with the out breath as I go out, it's a press, a big bud. Okay, now it works. Send the goes on behind the ankle and go behind the fibula there. So you can see here just working along here along this line here, Um, when you're working this line here, this is really good feel. Our back area abdominal area on this same line also is very good for head, neck, head, neck and shoulder attention. She's working that area there so reluctant. It's such a lovely way to start a master of your foot message. Work those legs there working along those same lines. People are already putty in your hands. Okay. So never gonna work his media or send line again. This is very this. Sent lines very good for calming at the heart. Lungs also very relaxing for the your limbs. You also started with reflex points of the uterus. A prostate gland. Um, it's very good for relax and in relaxing client to let go of emotional tensions. The center line then is working up a long day up and down there, another angle. So just take time, work with you, breath as you go along this I just work along there again as you're practising. You might wanna do it five or 10 times just to remind you this goes behind the between the ankle and the Achilles tendon There, that's where we start from. And they were going up that media border of the calf about roughly about an inch away from the boat. You're going to that side of the belly of the of the car muscle, just laying your body weight into it. I feel that muscle just starting to give is it just is suffering up those muscles there. Okay, so now we're working on the top of the foot now this area here relates to lymph nodes in the chest. Uh, the ribs, the dia fram in the track, your vocal cords, the hip joint. And also you're even working the shoulder knee on the arm as well. And this when you're working on the they send, uh, these were also very, very common emotional level. This is what the intention this is well and physically coming. The hearts along the hearts. There's not hearts, little hearts, the heart, the lungs in the chest opens it up and really, let's say, let's put together emotionally, really relaxing So you might find that person as it relieves the tension in the chest. Just finding that breath becomes easier. It's just opens up that energy of the chest and really makes them relax. So with that, the limbs relax. So it's very, very powerful. His work along the electro line there you should never have good support as you work along there. Okay, so now we're in the finger circles around the, uh, your ankle, and then they get extended in the ankle around that he'll area. So this again relates to cock sick sexual organs, um, uterus, prostate. So this could be good for lower back pain. Very good points there for lower back pain. Relaxing the lower back. Now, as we stepped in palm squeezes here we started again Work that all of the very bright, the whole the whole vertebrae in the shoulder, the army over the knee. So this is very good just to really relax the spine. But as we go along that medial arch of the foot there So you're really working the spine, right? The whole spine. Cervical thoracic lumber, Seagram cops six. Also work down to the uterus prostate area and also you You actually worked the nose as well. So this once again is really helping in, um, we're leaving the back, relieving back any back pain, helping with the chest and releasing it breathing. So the more you doing this, the more you relax person spine that back that shit on. So they're relaxing more, they say, the person who just as I said, putty in the hands, putting in your hands, that is, I feel so good to get that it's working along there and again. You can use a good deep pressure now working the center line of the sole of the foot there . So here you go, to the insomnia point down at the heel. You know, it's more intestines, colon, solar plexus right there. Your kidneys, lungs. So what you're really doing here is getting good energy flow through the whole body. And when you work in this center line, it really releases that the energy. So really, really nice wayto get the energy flowing here on this line. All right, there you have it. 9. Now We add The Cream To the Foot: Okay, so we've got cream on her hands. Cream or oil doesn't really matter. If you do, you take cream. Make sure its one for, like, dry skin. So that more of oily moisturizer or something like that. So I'm just going through here, really applying it. They're lifting the leg and working through the leg there. Just getting it right The way through this again feels really, really lovely as we just just getting the oil warming foot there. So now what we do, we're going to use that thumbs right up that central line and off the first and fifth. You're kind of flick off the top and then 2nd 4th And then you go up to the middle one with both thumbs, and you can repeat this several times again. And then I generally will go off the center, come back through the second and fourth on her first and fit. So just so that it doesn't matter if you know where to go the first and 5th 2nd 4th center , and then just repeat, it doesn't matter. Obviously, that's what we're going all the way through. Dollars and then down and out to variations are down and straight out we're going down and across the So a couple different methods. You could do both. Of course, as we just work down through there and now just alternated thumbs going across each way As we work through. You see that my fingers supported the top of the foot. This I've got really good control still. Now, you see, the way I cook my thumb in my right thumb between the 1st 2nd toe gives me a good grasp. And then you see that my left thumb is on the bottom of the foot, especially a pivot point. And now we use the knuckles to make an arc along that medial arch. As you can see that there and then slightly Are you gonna do the medial side off the hill as we're just doing that now? So we started the arch, then do the media side of the hill. And now we go up the Achilles tendon. You see, I've still got my left thumb. There are under the solo foot. First I get good control. This could be sensitive along these points here. So just what your clients face on once we get to go back again, The hell and the arch. I was just working there again. This feels beautiful coming up through here, back up through the Achilles tendon again. I just do some nice trucks along the top of the foot there. And now what's basically what we used to his kids? A Chinese burn we are now doing ah, ringing effect right along. You can imagine how this just beautifully loose and supple the joints and should work along it that way. And now we just turned a foot over. Do some nice. It'll work on the hill here, just a squeezing. And now we're gonna do it electoral side of the foot as we use the knuckles again. Just work that along There. You see, my left hand is gripping. Now do the electoral side of the hill. This is that Basically, what you're doing is the same as you were doing on the media aside. Now you do on electoral side, it's just repeating it. You come about sides and of course, we've got to chill extended. And once again, we go ringing through the lateral side off the foot and just work up and down along the side of the foot. And now I'm just doing finger circles around the ankle here. So you go gonna work around the ankle and the same on both sides of the heels. So both ends on around the ankle, and then we're using F fingers to work both sides of the heel. And now use that now hold across the top of the foot. You see, my left hand is holding the foot there. He's gonna work across the top of the foot, your civil igniting thumbs at top of the foot there. And now we're gonna use both knuckle circles down both both up and down both sides of the foot game in all these different techniques you don't have to use. All of them are gonna show you a lot of techniques. But I suggest what you do at the start is follow along when I show you on that, if you are changed things and you can. But this will give you a basis. Now, here I'm using my fingers between the channels on the top of the feet foot. I just do impresses. You see that between the four channels between now between the 2nd 3rd and fourth toe between those tendons and just doing nice presses. We were just working the fingers. They obviously have short fingernails, and now the thumbs were going to thumb pressures and then work up those same channels. It's nice to do depression. Start if you want. You just pressed them with the thumbs. Can you see my hands just around the foot? There's a really good control. I didn't do the other ones here. We just need thumbs across the top of the foot. Very much similar to what we did in the bottom of the foot. The sole of the foot, His work across alternating hand circles on the foot. Now you spread out like that. It was great. I know. No. Go straight down the foot and now for the stick. 10. Practice Time! Here Is The Sequence Again And I Explain The Reflex Areas: all right. So because there was a lot of things that we have to go through here, This is your area where you can practice and I'll just go along and talk to even out. Your resource is areas where your stimulating so you can listen to it as you watch it. Okay, so we just go along here now, after work along here. We're working here along the back of that Achilles. This relates to your uterus. Prostate, rectum, six, your organs, lower abdomen, stimulating Just pretty superficially there as well. That's more than warm up things. Okay, so now what we do is go up the center line as we talked about before. Now this stimulated an enormous matter reflex point. Your lungs, your adrenal gland. You saw the plexus, kidneys transfers, Coghlan's more intestines, urine tract, bladder. It's, uh, it really, because it's working that whole foot on what this Jimmy does. It's just stimulates the flow of energy throughout the whole body on your way. Talk about before getting an accumulation of stagnant energy on, and you really just energizes that the that the energy off the body as we really work through all of these so this is so very complete. Now, as we come down across here once again, we're doing a lot of the food here was talking and go down to the insomnia point. Intestines, kidney, adrenal glands, pancreas, stomach, their own written in your notes. So don't worry. We also showed a long pieces here. Hot, uh, a whole plethora of Asian. So So this is really something. Stimulate the organs as we do both of these. So as we just don't both this which produced just sits hitting the whole sole of the foot. So that's it. You you should be practicing as you watch this. And you could just listen to my voice in the background just to get a little bit A little, You know, I thought nicer. Um that to read it. It's been dry when you read it for the resource is that you could go back. All right, So now we're gonna start along that spine line. So now you're hitting Thor asic the lumber. The sake from the cox it sexual organs, Bladder, parathyroid gland. Um, so again, it's really And this is a really good one. Just a really Relax the spine. You know, I just wouldn't hold spinal area. And now, maybe one side of the heel. Okay, so now we have to do bladder. Your Yuri tha you refer. Just working these, uh, the organs right through here. Such a sacred maycock six even on. Um, yeah, just just working through there and this again. Just really working those energies. So you see this working along the spine there. Okay, so now we're gonna work up behind the ankle there. This this does to hit your uterus, Prostate gland, highness, Rectum or long bears work through there. All right, so once again, we're stimulating that spine here, as you can see, So we go right up to the survivors by the neck. Your Jurassic in lumber, Your sacred cox six parathyroid. Where the bladder. So again, it's a really, really good stroke on a course a minute minute leading really loosening its great loosening treatment for the spine. So now we're good on the outside of the foot there. So we were the arms and legs. It's really relaxing the limbs along here at this point here. Um, it starts working. Shoulder your arm elbow, Knee again. It's in your notes. but it's nice to hear here. Once again, we hit in the knee here, the sexual organs and once again here, lower abdomen sexual organs. We go behind the back of the ankle there. It's a very good point. And here we go once again, working right along, pushing up through the shoulder, elbow, knee area. And this is really doing currents that flow of energy through these areas we loosen up. Of course, we're mobilizing joint, so authorities would mobilize the joints of those areas were stimulating. You see, going around the ankles here once again, we're sent sexual organs, your hip, joint prostate, uterus only at the energies of those. And now well, just sliding enough was across the top there. This issue lymphatic system, ribs, die fram throat, um, vocal chords. And again that this guy cracked up the foot there. Yeah, so that helps you be breathing with the diaphragm. Helps with links. Static systems have a body area clearing the energy up around that area. And once again, we just working down that, uh, killers area. So now, as we work for these areas here with their fingers, wished out to hit the lymph system began the throat. The vote cords were just sayings before, we're really working a little deeper. We're very cleansing because it's hitting the lymphatic system. And once again, we're going through those channels there. So same thing, limb system, vocal cords, this sort of thing against a very, very cleansing and all the same points they were getting him every which way you can. They really work, knows areas. It was beautiful. And now the knuckle slide down. Of course, it's been like before. You are getting all of the foot. So, you know, stop solar plexus kidneys. Dream was stomach, you name it. We're getting all of those points on there right down to the insomnia point and look at your charts and see that we just really work all of those points to really stimulate all the way along here. Okay, so hopefully that will help you to keep practicing that sequence 11. How To Hold The Massage Stick: all right, So it's time to start using at Thai Stick or if it is a Sharpie. Now, I just want to show you how there are several ways you can hold it by armies. Hold it the way you you prefer. You can have, like, a pen grip here, especially to get into your little areas, that sort of thing you can also hold. It seemed like that as well. And so when we started work between the toes, that sort of thing as well, you might find that another way is holding in the but like this and working through there as well. So just play around. I find you when you're doing small areas to have this sort of pen grip. It is great to work in that sort of area like this here working larger areas and that sort of thing. And it's a deep when you doing so depressors have this into the into your palm here. That but of that So it's in there like that. So it'll come natural as you start working. But just remember, So I wouldn't want to use this grip to do your little things like that. I'd much prefer to have. You know, this sort of thing said nice and close. That you say is we've worked through them. So I say you get used to it very quickly. What you want toe do For what? Parts of the foot. So there have a little play with that? The secret scripture like for which Which parts of the foot? 12. Working the foot with the massage stick: Okay, so then I'll get the stick going. All right, So we stand off with just a nice little so broad strokes along the medial arch there along with spot area. You're sitting too nice. Broad strokes. They could see my finger right at the end there for good control and holding on the foot at the front of the toes there. And we just working along there. Now that the letter aside. So we're really warming up the foot with the stick here. She just turned the foot over like that Again. This feels really lovely to do, but to have done Let's let me to do is well, I guess. Okay, so now you can see I'm just working along those channels helping a lymphatic system. Chester, we're just working between the chance I don't go all the way up to the ankle stopped before the bone. You feel the bones. So here's another angle. Slow it down. So the first ones are a little soup. More superficial. Notice Dick. Now I'm Senator. Pressure put work and slower. So we're getting a better debt. So you see how far I go up there? I'm not going up banging onto the bone just along there. By the way, these points in this channel here the liver points for Chinese medicine. Super powerful points liver to over three. Very, very powerful points. Great for headaches. So then we move on and you see, I've just been toes down slightly, opens it up area, got my fingers underneath the balls of the toes there and just pressed down instead of lifting up there and just open those channels up nicely to get to get good access. You're just doing pressure points. You could do bitch point of right along the channels. You just see that they're working along there, slowing down, doing pressure point work have been on the fourth channel between the fourth and fifth toe . And there's a really strong Goldblatt a point right at the end of that channel. There another great spot, the head eggs, just working backers affords. You see, I've got my finger right at the tip of the stick there, so it gives you really great control. And then what? You work that Just a nice broad strokes again after you finished that work. Now this is a press and a flick. You see, that flicking across to my finger. You see that now? I figured on on the electoral side of the toe and I press and inflict press flip as we go along. Press flick, Press Flick. These are your frontal Sinus points and again press flick as you work along there. So affliction hits into your finger. It's nice. A little stimulating a little That's nice with the flick tour. Could just a little stimulate, like a little, you know, a different sensation. Now start the duties of nice little turds. Really working to the board of those toes. There depends. You see, I'm grabbing Ah, the top of the foot there and supporting with my finger my left hand behind the total. You see, he's got good control. You see, I'm right at the end of the stick with my hand. I said we're not going to slip off. You said everything is always really well supported. And now on the top and pressed down now, of course, Like I said before, you could make these repeat them. You could do, uh, longer presses, etcetera. Now you see this? I've hooked my finger around on the right. We just finished that. But you can see that I'm using as a pivot. See my finger there, that forefinger with the stick and then come down and around. Now we have some nice date pressure points between the bones here of the toes. You see, I also just pulled the toes back to get better access each time. And down we go through here. You see, my left thumb gives support there. You see that sliding down there? Three different lines. Natural central radio. It's really nice to get this done. You see that? Really good control. And then we're doing crisscross Chris costs, um, across the foot. Then we're just going to work down. Now you see here are working across the top of the hill there and down you. Can you see? I've got my finger hook. This has really good control, stabilizing the top. And now you do the same thing down the total. You see, I've hooked to my right finger. My four figure on the right hand between the Tosi have a hook in there with the toe and then my other hand helps guide it. You pull it, pull the toes back just a bit to give you better access. See that we're going down the toilet now. Remind you these this is a little foot of my nine year old son. So it's a little a little compass in a little tricky, especially my handmade stick. Normal. Be a little bit finer, but way managed to do it. Okay, it's a my apologies for having such tiny toes, but that's what had nine year old son has a bit, uh, in a way. And so we just pressing along these now against see how I'm supporting. There's no way anything is gonna be slipping off anywhere. Um, but it is a good challenge to have to do, you know, smaller feet like I'm doing here because it really makes you work with You're having to, you know, work with smaller feet. You have Teoh, you really have to concentrate. And by the way, he loved it. Or you'll see how deep I'm working with a lot of these strokes. So here we go across the base of the toes here. So I hooked my finger in, come across very much like the flick across the top. You work the neck area there. It's quite little flicked slightly on the top of their toes going back and we keep working through there. All right, now, here's as we were just another angle as we gotta work down again through the feet and again , you see the thumbs together. They're holding it down. All right, so now the pencil grip, I'm just working into that. It's just behind that bone that you feel on the outside there and also around here around the ankle Achilles tendon. So the areas where we work with their fingers and knuckles and that sort of thing, we're really now getting much deeper stimulation with stick here again really feels lovely again. I'm just working up here, stimulating along the lateral border there, and it's a little hard. I'm just doing basically exactly the opposite on this medial side here, working around the neck. Oh, sorry about the angle of the camera on this one, but it's the same as we were doing before now. Nice deep work with the spinal region is here along that media large again with the pencil grip just working down there. And now we're gonna work deeper and deeper now, is the foot sole softened up We've been working it for a long time now with about the hands and knuckles and that stick just pushing through using my thumb. You see that? Change the grip and then just push it, Push it, push it. It's work or three Solar plexus. This is fantastic. That solid luxury for breathing just really love it. Now just work all the way up through through these between these bones come out of this treatment floating on air like you're saying before you could see. You know, I'm not doing lightweight treatment here. This is, say, on my nine year old son. Hey, absolutely loved it. It was completely happy. All right, Now, what's this? Carefully going down Electra border of the big toe. And then I put it against my fingers, See that coming up on the second toe there and then twist in the webbing. All right, let's watch this again. See, my finger goes between the toes down on the second toe now and now I'm coming on the third toe working on the side of the third toe, then twisted in the wedding at the end. There, here we go. Get I'm working on the third toe electoral edge of the photo. And then come, president, get my where my finger is, the toes getting wedged in between the finger in the stick, that's it. And then twist. It's gonna take a little bit of practice to get this again. This is super tricky with my little son of my kind of oversized made Thai stick, but again it took good practice. They're just going backwards again. Give you a good look at this side of the toe side of that toe and twist the wedding. President gets my finger there so much my fingers and what you did then want to the then up , down on the other side of the big toe now and twist and just stuff them up. Give a little bit of mass side you see there, All right, so there's some nice dig twists working down the foot here on the lateral border of the natural line of the foot there. So, as I said to you in the course when we first started, you can see nothing's getting missed here. This is you know, we are really worried that there's not a spot on that foot. That's, uh, that's going? Hey, I missed out here. So nice little drilling. Yeah. It's so nice to get done and then finish. Those are a really nice broad stroke with the side of the stick. It just worked out there just after that. Deep, deep work. Just nice. Really Stimulate everything and then across Well, you can see how I got my finger just goes. We go across there a little bit a message of the foot, and now I'm just working those channels again. This type before I pulled the stick through. Now I'm like a pen. I'm pushing it through. So if you understand, you go back through this video, I'm actually almost like writing, using a penance of things like there's a push, push, push through the channels And now, working those points on their side of the big toe through the neck area really working those points on the big toe there. And we work down and see that just working down through here again, given that he'll a real workout again. This is a We did it before pulling sort of pushing through there now. Okay, we're doing some crisscross action here, doing a crisscross through the foot. You can see both. My thumb to my left thumb is pushing it across there. You see that? You see, my left foot is helping. It comes across. What's going on? The left I'm pushes it across. It was again. This takes a little bit of, uh, a little bit of practice. And then we just down there was using that down through the hell there and across. It s a You don't have to do all of this. I'm showing you a whole lot of different techniques. You see a little flick, their frickin cross the hell there. If you want to assure the treatment, you wouldn't have to put a morning. But I wanted to give you a lot of techniques that are used in Thailand. So if you want to an hour or now and 1/2 you've got a whole heap of, uh, took next in your toolbox. All right, once again, we're pushing up, pushing up, pushing up. You see that there, my little boys. Bottom of his foot, baby. Soft as a marshmallow after this treatment, Uh, we're just doing little squiggles on the top of the toes there. Just wasting working the base of toast. The same flick technique is we used to talk. You see, I tucked the finger in the same flick technique as we used in the top. I just working through these toys here. And there we go. I love getting this one done down through that big toe there. Just It's just rotating there, rotating under the peds. Okay, so now go stimulate the foot. So I'm using the side off the stick here. So you just stimulate the whole foot there and now use the large and the butt of the stick . The larger end. I just work through the host foot again. I don't need to tell you this feels fantastic. And then I use the small red, so we got to soften it up with the side. Then we use the blunter in Never use a sharper and on uh, I just stimulative, get, get everything innovative. Everything's excited and stimulated and gets that energy moving. You sure you had a message when someone does the department, as I call it, the whether it says karate chopping or just palms or soft fists. Whatever you feel, it just really stimulates. And there's no different in the feet, so I'm really just working all around there. Stimulate all of these reflex points. If they weren't already woken up, they will be now. Now, I changed my group sightly. You're gonna book a backhand grip now just to get down to the hell there. So just change a group for whatever you need you for whatever about you doing now. This isn't the stuff. The soft area here, eso going in. And I'm missing that bone on the side of the foot. So you see here these air in the soft, fleshy areas That's why I'm using quite a bit of fort now. See how that Okay, that's in the bone of the ankle with red. The hell They're here with my ankle, so back it off on the bike. All right. Do you see that? Where? Its fleshy. Plenty of pressure, but, uh, where's bone? Plus the skin. You want to back it off? Definitely. It's just gonna be uncomfortable. Go into those channels. Plenty of any pressure. Soft, fleshy part up there that's soft and fleshy underneath the ankle. And same thing on the medial side. A little bit of massage there to finish off. You know, give my little boy but a message. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you use the time massage stick. 13. Foot stim stick pts: All right, so now it's time we need to do the reflex points. This specifically each point. So what? You need to do this lecture. As you can see, I'm just work through. You can see my hand to supporting the foot so doesn't slip off. Also, if there's excess cream, I wipe that off so it doesn't get too slippery. You could see with my opposite hand. I'm always giving really good support. So what you need to do here is heaven. Look at your resource is you'll see the the the point and the related organs and part of the body. And simply it might look a bit daunting when you first out with it, but it's very easy to remember them. Especially. I should go along the tops here or the top of the toes of frontal Sinuses so you'll work out where they are. It looks a lot more difficult than it is. So, yeah, what I'm doing here is again. I'm leaning in, and then I'm holding for a couple of seconds and then come back out again. So if you want to give more stimulation, you can either hold for longer repeat that I press repeatedly. So you go in and out in and out, pressing on the point or twist the stick backwards and forwards, as usual, rotated all of these methods will give you more stimulation. Obviously, more pressure will as well. Now again, this is my nine year old son. So hey, actually loves this You can see is not flinching and no, and I'm working a pretty deep level. Hey, actually loved it, so it doesn't. This should not be a painful process. Your people said things are getting this stick work, you know, because what happens is people like, like, normal matter, Sergeant. Deep tissue is people get too gung ho. Now, this should be always Ah, wonderfully uh, wonderful experience. You see, I'm not, you know, giving a skin policy. I'm working these points a good death. And Liam loved it. Absolutely loved it, totally blissed him out. So again, it's a Oh, I'm swapping hands when I need to do at the side. Andi. Hey, Go. OK, so swap hands to get this point and again support the foot. Very simple. Rocking all the time. Working with the breath, working with the heart base. You? Of course, you could repeat the whole sequence again, depending on your time. You know how long the person wants a treatment for on this really, really does feel heavenly. They say there's nothing ticklish about this because deep, slow presses as you were H and everyone of those points 34 points in total. As you see on your on your guide, just lift the heel up here to get to the hill at any grip you want to use. When you hold. The stick is fine. Use whatever's easiest for you. You see that? My finger on that like a knife but more control right on those points there. Absolute heaven. 14. Foot Massage Techniques: okay said now that you've just thoroughly worked there per that your your client, you off partner, Whoever you're treating, you've worked in thoroughly with the foot massage stick. Now it's time to do some beautiful massage techniques. So remember rocking now, look, I'm what I'm doing. Going up and down the center line with both thumbs. I rock forward rock back rough forward wrote back, Look forward, rock back. So he was working that center line. So now we're gonna really bliss out the person. Same with the crisscrossed forward back Rock forward back all the time. Working with breath. Do you see my hands on the top of the foot headed work Beautiful crisscross Work through here now doing some hill squeezes just left foot out and squeezing that he'll there now I just showing in my knuckles c that going on the Achilles tendon. It's a great technique to get both sides of the Achilles tendon and now some nice little finger circles around the ankle. So we're really just after all that intense work with the stick were just blessing and put a client off call. Implying out was a beautiful massage. Now, yeah, both thumbs working down there. Obviously, this is with cream, by the way, cream or oil. So Version four, Channel 2nd 3rd Channel Right to that point, that little hollow at the front of the ankle There should some circling it that hello is, well, cancel. My began in the way they did, but it makes him crisscross again across stop foot. That's better. Now this is a little difficult. My big fat fingers with Liam's time, Littlefoot. But we did manage to do it. What you're doing, you're putting your fingers between each toe in the webbing there, and then you see the thumb going around the ball of the big toe there. Now, this one, you're going into the webbing between the toes, squeezing for a moment at that flick up. So between the toes you're squeezing on these wonderful pressure points. They flick off. That's it. OK, please inflict between the toes the Asian flank, that little flicks really stimulate the area that stimulate the points committed person. And again, it's just a different sensation. Um, you know, it's it's one of those things you just don't see in some circles here. We just wipe down through the side there now. Okay, See this? My thumbs on top by four finger and I hold and give it a good in the squares and then click off. So holding the toe between my forefinger, you see, you see that Vega and I pressed down with my thumb to give it a good little squeeze. You can see that clearly. Press down with your thumb to squeeze them to give it a little bit of Sue's and then click off. 15. Thai Leg Massage Techniques: Now we're going to really work the center lines. Get that energy going through the legs here. So we're working out very first send line. We started going up that muscle. That, to be honest, anterior, there you see my two fingers working up through there and then I did the same line with a soft fist coming up and down. You push up. So of course, we're rocking backwards and forwards as always. And now I'm coming to that more electoral when the one comes down behind the back of the fibula. So first with fingers, then I use soxfest. So we're really getting the energy would now work the feet so much. And now a stimulating the energy up the river up the sin. So say meridians, Chinese minutes up the scent and some national fish circles there. Now we're doing just circling around lateral medial going around that kneecaps around the top of the naked. And now we're gonna buy work the medial aspect of the lake. The lower leg. So again, we wouldn't get Cymbeline that at the very start we pressed way back. Then, if you're gonna remember that back that for when we pressed along that that some pressed along there. We worked along that so long along that same line, the same thing. I start with my hands and then do soft fists, and now I'm going around the kneecap. This time, millions electoral happen around the top team that that energy all around the naked and once again just in circles were in the kneecap. Gently lift the leg. There's a really lovely just drawing hands along towards you again, leaning back on it, leaning forward, coming forward back. And now some gentle stretches you see of the heel of the palm just pushing. They're doing little count stretch. So it really is waking up the legs and feet now and then. I'm just stretching the toast. But you say that personal ankle circles both directions and now to wake him up even further , we got a bit apartment, which is basically you're tapping with a soft fist. The name Tempe. Most energy lines. The send on all the reflex points and there you have it. That is one side completed 16. Congratulations! You have done the entire sequence!: All right. Fantastic. So that is the complete sequence. One leg and one foot. So how did you get on there? All right, now you have to do is remember what you did, and you go through here and then just do exactly the same on the opposite leg. All right? Just take your time. But on tonight's music, go through what you've done now I just on the other leg and the other foot. 17. Doing thumb and finger walking techniques from traditional reflexology: Now I want to talk about how to do traditional thumb walking and finger walking if you don't already know and said the focus is using and knuckles and at times and that sort of thing. But as I said instead, of course, there's nothing wrong with I don't want you to be relied on. You're doing re physiologist or thumb walking because it really does tire at reported or bounces Tiny George. But does it say there is nothing wrong with adding that adding that to your your reflexology? So you're working this work. There's this sort of thing and there's nothing to stop you also working this. So how do you do it? So it's all done at this top joint here. Okay, so here and you never been to to bar that sort of thing. So it really kind of 45 degrees. You see that? As we just walked through, I said, the problem with doing this for an hour or 45 minutes, your thumbs raking and which is why I got out of doing traditional reflexology After I studied it for years, I went, Oh, so this I'm not doing this for now. But the minutes went by like ours. So that's why I got into the tie reflexology. So Okay, so that's how you do it. You press that you probably already like May. I'm already feeling that pain there. You know? Nothing. Double up with your fingers like that. And do you think of walking again? It's like that. Okay. So you can put this into it. Just little bits here and there, as you work through it will mix it up. It'll make it interesting. Phil. Scrap. Don't get me wrong. Reflexology in itself, traditional reflexology is very powerful. It feels great. I love to get it. I shouldn't want to do it, so Yeah, that's it. Okay, so mix it in if you want to. That's how you do it like this. Or like this or next to each other. You do three. Whatever you like. You needn't do one. Whatever you want to do. All right. Not for that. But now at least you know that you could do that. If you want to leave it out. If you want to have a play around with it 18. The full sequence to practice to: 19. Working as a reflexologist. a great way to earn money!: military looking doing reflexology to actually earn money. So maybe you wanted its full time. Maybe you would like to just was part time to earn a bit of extra cash. Maybe don't like your boss. And you'd like to sort of phase into doing a reflexology to build up enough money so work for yourself and not have to work for a boss. What? Every reasons. Re facilities, such a one feet inexpensive way to be able to do therapies to get more money to earn more money. So and one of the beauties of reflexology is that in many states in the United States you don't need to be a licensed massage therapist to do reflexology. Now, I don't know what country you live in on dinner. What Lord you are so you need to check with the massage Association. But I do know reflexology. Most countries you need to be registered the message therapist Andi have a certain level of qualification and associated with association and so on and so forth. I'm not all, of course, but most countries do. But reflexology doesn't come into that in a lot of states on a lot of countries, so It's a great, inexpensive way to set yourself up to start earning money. It's a great way to earn money. It's such a relaxing, beautiful industry to be in. So they're a couple things that you need to be where we're not gonna go through this. First of all, do you wanna work for someone or do you wanna work for yourself and intimate? I'll go through the attributes that you need to work for yourself because they're completely different ball game, But so So let's just have a look Working for someone. Let's say you get a job as a reflex are just Well, that's great. And you could do that if you work for someone to be on a fixed salary, which is terrific. But you're not gonna have your own hours if you're gonna work for yourself. So you have to go 95. Whatever is 11 do whatever, and so you would be working for someone and get to do what they say. But it's very secure. You don't have to think, My God, I'm gonna be out of pay the bill. Just wait because you're getting a fixed salary. So if that's sort of something you think that it really suit May, you know, just to turn up for work, I But if someone great, I get my own hours, but that's fine. And you got a job. So that sounds like you. Then that's great. Try and find some employment as a za reflexology. You wanna work for yourself? There are several ways you could do this, and again, it's very, very inexpensive to set up your unlike something where you need to get something in Venturi inventory, you know, cupboards and, you know, selling products, that sort of thing. Cash registers. You don't need any of that to do this now. I started off doing home visits, and that's how it started off as a massage therapist. So I was 68. Volkswagen Beetle driving around people terms All I have is a message table in my back in the back seat, and that's it. So if you would So let's look at doing home visits, all right, because this is, uh, what incredibly, all you need's a car in a message table. OK, so you go to people's places. Now let's have a look at the pros and cons this 1st 1st with the pros. Well, one. You're now working for yourself, so you don't have to answer to anyone. You got your own hours. You could spend more time kids. So for your family. So that's the beauty of that. And you go to people's places. So you set up a table in whatever room they've got and what I always do. I wouldn't just give them Teoh. Supply the linen, a sheep of the massage table and maybe a towel and a pillow menu. Two pillows, one for the head, one underneath the the knees. Now the beauty of doing reflex argues not like message. There's no big wash up after. It's not like a full body message, whether they're so it's so did simple. You just did a little bit of cream and away you go. So it really is that simple, and you can charge more because you're doing home visits and people really love your coming to their home. So this is a big bonus for a lot of people, you know, that worked all day, and it spreads like wildfire, by the way, because oh, my God reflexology treatment tonight, maybe we get once a week treatment from you. They're looking forward. Toa Oh, yeah. Where do you go with personal last time? Honor. They come to May They come to my home? Yeah, fabulous. That comes to my home. It's awesome, you know. So then I just go to sleep. After that, I have to drive out the traffic, so that's a really big bonus for people. If you do a home village Onda course you can charge more. So because you're gonna have to spend some time in your car. There's gas, your petrol for the car, Onda. Time to go there and back those sorts of things. But you don't have any electricity costs because using their house, you don't you know, linen laundry costs that have their own music. So I have to set up anything like that. Think about having a stereo system. You know, there's something small, but to supply music, lighting, any of that you don't have to worry about. OK, so it's a super easy way to get yourself started. Now if you've got a part time, if you've got a full time, don't you wanna do reflexology power time This against Beautiful for the fact that you're after I finish work may be finished work of five oclock. Most your clients will be working people so you could finish the job and then go and do some reflexology treatments in the evening. Okay, so then you're You don't have to worry about him working for myself about half stupid. My job security. I'm doing my 9 to 5 job, and I'm getting extra money by going and doing reflexology. And you could build up like that and then start doing more on the weekends and summers, whatever you desire. But that is a really safe way, low stress way. Keep the job at, boot up your business. Do it after you after the hours of your regular job. OK, so that's one way. Now, the second way is work from your home. Oh, sorry. Let me get back. So the only risk that you carry is that if what one? If the car breaks down, you gotta get it fixed. Okay. Could you need your car? But to you want to make sure you're in someone's home. So you want to make sure that you know who these people are, so you don't want to go to something. It's not as bad as I say. Bad. You know, it's not as risky as people getting doing full body massages, because reflexology you just treating their feet. So you know it's a lot higher risk when people getting undressed, getting full body massage, much more risk. That therapist So reflexology is, you know, there. Now it's Jerry on the feet, maybe their hands. So it's not so much of a risk factor, but you just have to be aware of it. You know, Small is is be aware of the fact that you're going to someone time they wanted to be someone either you know, or girl for someone you know, or something like that. Okay, just because of the fact you go into their homes. Okay, so the 2nd 1 is to tell you about is working from your home now, By the way, I would do both. Okay, If you can do both, do both because some people they might have space in their place to get a home visit. They might have flatmates, you know, it's on its way out, and they just rather come to you. So that's another really easy way to set up. So you got a room in your house or just an area of your house Way puts himself music on you . See, table up here and away you go. You start, treat that people come to you. So now you don't have to get into the reign of the traffic and that sort of thing, they're coming to you. And so you know, you're doing a treatment and you don't. Okay, You would have some very small washing casts. You know, laundry costs. You make some heating bills, that sort of thing or air conditioning have separate of music and have a nice looking environment. But again, you don't need to go buy expensive furniture. It's absolutely necessary. You can make it, place it really simple longer. That's clean on. Do you know a really lovely little environment? You could do very, very cheaply. So then you've got people coming to you. Now let's tell you don't have to go out, and then you can do both or so Then you do your home visits and people come to you and then you can give the the option. Do you want to go to you? Yeah. Teoh X dollars extra for me to go to you. A lot of people will pay that. No problems, because they just go. Yeah, in my home. Great. I don't have to go out in the evening and get back in my car to To zonked out up to reflexology. Anyway, I could just slide it into bed, but make sure you charge more for home visits. Okay? Because your guess your extra time doing one hour session will probably take you. Maybe two hours happen, get their set up. It's quick set up, but a means to it's gonna take time. And then what? Time to come home. Okay, so they had to really easy ways to get yourself started. You can rent out a shop. You know what a room work for someone like someone might have area in the clinical that you could use that sort of thing. But to May for May, I would just do home visits. But you don't want to go out. One of the big problems with message service reflex is having having to be given, not hang up their heads. You know what? You have read something and they got all the stress you don't want to be in this position because this is such a lovely thing to be able to do to give to people. You don't be stressed about God. I need to get 12 briefings on your dreams just to pay the rent this week, right? You don't want that, trust me. So start off small start of smoke. I've seen so many people crashing room and go broken in the back to the job. And it's so unfortunate just because they overhead with too much, you know? So keep it small. Whether it's going to have doing house visits, can people come to you or ideally, both. So you got that option. That is why I would stop. If you want to be an employee. I got a full time. Absolutely. They got that safety day. But you don't have your own hours. All right, so these are the things you need to weigh up now. One thing that's really important if you're going to work yourself, is what's involved when it comes to working for yourself. 20. The key factors you will need to work for yourself: All right. So let me talk to you about the qualities needed. If you're going to work for yourself and one of these, you're gonna be basically entrepreneur, and so you need to have a positive outlook. You need to find solutions where their problems, and you need to have perseverance and grit and determination to make anything succeed. And I know this only too well. I'll tell you a story. When I was working in Panama, I worked for a spot in this small country town. And so I work for the front seventies and having shoulder problems and raising my son by myself is at five years old. And but I just couldn't keep work. I couldn't keep doing a little mess. I was really, really popular in the community as far as doing treatments. So I wasn't burning myself out. And I just said, I'm gonna work. I can't think for the next two years I'm gonna think about the next 20 years on. I'm just wrecking my body so I can work for you guys anymore. I'm really grateful, but I just got myself into a hope because, of course I was working for them and I was getting commission for massage a 50 50 or 40 60 I think, waas. But I had to do a lot of turnover to do that. I gotta work myself. If I could do to make the same amount of money by work myself, get 100% of the money, then I'll do that. And then my body could get more of a restaurant. There was one massive problem. They had a clause in my contract that I couldn't treat any of the clients that I mess as through the spire for one year after I leave, which meant basically the whole town I had treated at this seven year period. I mean, I treated just about everyone in the whole town anymore. It's getting messages coming to May. So admit I couldn't work in this town and I said, Rate my Sanli's five years old, So Okay, all right. What I do. I've got to try to find work. And with this country town, the mountains. So the closest city was a Narraway, so I tried it out for a while, working in a little shop there, that your little health food store room at the back but it just wasn't working. People were coming. They didn't know it was hard to advertise. So I'm gonna go to Panama City. It was a seven hour drive. I did this per year every Friday. Now leave Lee in my some of the nanny for the weekend so he would sleep there Friday night . Saturday, Sunday. I get back Monday, lunchtime on, pick him up on, Bennett said Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And it brought a driver again. So what I would do Friday morning, I drove up my son. I would then drive seven hours to Panama City Friday not, and I would. I managed to get it. I do home visits, and I also work out of there. So Spidey in the city. And so I would work there and to save money, I would sleep in my car in the underground car park, which is just high rise building that had aspiring. So I parked my car parking and I sleep there later, seat back. I'd sleep there and then I go to the spire in the morning before anyone came in and I had a shower, that shower, get dressed and now a new any anything about it and damsels changed, admitted to do my work and go out and do house visits and that sort of thing. So what do that that would be Saturday it's and Sunday. And in Sunday night, I drive half the weight back and stay in a really, really crummy motel for $40. Had best no money if the car broke down at any stage. I had, like, $150 in the bank. If they can, I was just like, you know, making my enough to get back for Liam and I to survive. And I do this every weekend. They don't go back seven hours Saturday, Sunday, Drive all around Panama City doing houses, drive half for four hours back. And then I understand this crummy motel toe, half way back toe this town that I lived in and then Monday morning get up early and Dr B. There, back in the Monday I did for a year, every single, any time. If that car had broken down, I would have been out of money. All right? So thankfully had never, ever broke down. And I did this essay for basically a year, and we survived And then things changed and the rest is really history. So that is what you've got to do. If you're gonna work for you, doesn't have to be that drastic. That was just the only option I had. But the point is, I was to tell what I couldn't fail. All right, so this scripture is just no fail to survive. I have. My son had to survive, so there's just No, no, I am attitude and determination, Michael Grit of just I am going to make this work. And this is what I want to instill in you. What is so important when you work yourself and just in life is just and never give up attitude, I'm gonna find the positive in the situation. And what am I gonna do from this situation? It doesn't have to be extremely minor. Believe for you. But the point is, when you work for yourself, it's not like a 9 to 5 job where you just you come home, you switch on the box and what have you now when you work yourself, you're going to have to think about marketing. You have to think about promotions. I'm not talking about spending is not. In fact, I've got, of course, on this one. Had a you could do this with reflexology. It's called about how to have a successful massage business. And I think you all these things that cost you no money, everything from making business cards work brilliantly. If you want to look at that, you can see that's another one of my courses. But it's all you need to do is really thinking okay, I don't work for myself. So I've got to be driven. I've gotta be determined. I've got a If there's a problem, I'm going to find a solution. All right? So these things and you're gonna be a leader now if this doesn't sound like you at the moment and I'm not saying quick to job Like I said in the last picture, you can still have your job and just build up slowly. But if you want to take it to the next level and you gotto as you move along, just build up, build up, keep thinking these qualities ago, Basic makes no successful business, but successful in life. All right, So these things do you know, maybe you don't ready for that maybe just want usually keep it just a few extra dollars, but it still wouldn't be so. But if you want to go and do this full time, I don't want to work my butt anymore. I don't want to do this crummy job that I hate. So then you would go right? We got to step it up. I've got a, you know, because I have to know stop thinking about all these other things. Like, how did I make a flyer? You know, do you know how to do those business cards? And the beautiful thing is these days, you could just have so much on the Internet for free, All right? It's absolutely everything could do really for free. All right, so have a bit of a think about that. If that doesn't sound like you and you think now I really want to put myself I don't need that stress. I don't need Teoh. Then that's absolutely fine. Go work for someone else to say Maybe just gonna do two or three Teoh supplement your weekly income, and that's fine as well. But if there's no work, you have to start to think, you know Okay. How do I do that? What, am I gonna generate? More work? All right. So that's what I want to just make you aware. If you're not already that if you're gonna go full time doing this, that it's awesome. It's the best thing I've ever done. They're working for myself. And if that sounds like you just remember you're going toe. Need those qualities in. You have that perseverance that Dr find those outers when problems arise, which they will like anything in life and start thinking. Okay. When I finished, Mother, I've got continue thinking. I'm gonna generate work. What I do for promotions have set up a Facebook page and so on and so forth. So they sent. If you wanna become successful doing anything, these are the qualities you're going to name. 21. Congratulations!: And there we have it. That is the course. I sincerely hope you enjoyed my course. A little bit of fireworks going on there. So you have completed the course Now again, I sincerely thank you for watching my course to completion, If you haven't already, I would love it if you would write a review for my course. It's important. As an instructor, we get reviews again. Thank you so much. And I hope that you enjoyed my course.