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Texturing Terrains using images

Film VFX

Texturing Terrains using images

Film VFX

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5 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. 1. Course introduction

    • 2. 2. Textures and where to find them

    • 3. 3. World Machine Texturing with images part 1

    • 4. 4. World Machine Texturing with images part 2

    • 5. 5. World Machine Texturing with images part 3

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About This Class

welcome in this course you will learn how to texture terrains using images in World Machine.
Because we're after realism, We'll texture a real terrain from the Nasa Satellite images, we'll use images from nature, images of rocks, ground, and grass to texture this terrain.
The part of how to create terrains from Nasa Satellite images is covered in a different course. This course focuses on texturing.
I will show you where to find texture images, what kind of images you need, how to approach them, how to deal with problems in images, and how to apply them in world machine, to different part of your terrain.
No colour nodes, just pure natural images.

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Film VFX


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1. 1. Course introduction: welcome. In this course, you will learn how to take short the rains using images in world machine. Because we're after realism, we will texture a real terrain from the NASA satellite images. We will use images from nature. Images of frogs ground on grass to texture the strain the parts off. How to create that The rain from the NASA satellite image is covered in a different course . Now this course focuses on the extreme balls. I will show you where to find extra images, what kind of images you need, how to approach them, how to deal with problems in images and how to apply them in world machine to different parts off the ordering, no color nodes, just pure natural images. 2. 2. Textures and where to find them: First of all, I need you to organize your workflow, meaning we don't start immediately with world machine. We're going to start a bit earlier with the textures because we're talking about the realistic images for extras. I need you to build your library off textures. What you see in front of you is my folder, where organized under world machine fixtures, I have a few textures, like just spread around here and all sorts of colors and things. I have a folder here called Adobe Stock, and I have a folder here called Textures of Common. Explain to you on. If you have any subscription somewhere, make use of it. If you don't find no problem, just use the free stuff because there's enough free stuff. If you are described in extras dot com, you can get high resolution things. If you're not, guess what That's enough. You are limited to one played by one K. Fine. You can do that. Let me just take you now to textures that come. Okay, now here. Um let's let's go way back. So this is the first page, and then you go down to soil. I mean, you could you could go explore. It could go to different ground on different places. But I starts here in soil. And then here you have sand on. You have Roth mud. So I start with sand and then I get a few colors. If what you need to do is to register right assay user, and you're going to get something like 15 credits per day free. We're talking about free stuff here. You don't need to pay for anything, right? But you're limited in terms off resolution to say, Click on this one, and you get okay. Free one credit. I can't do that. Not because I'm not looked in. I have another browser where I'm looked in. You have 15 credits, basically, which means that you are able to get 15 of these, right? But you're limited. What? One k? Do you need a much higher resolution in weather Machine? I'll be really honest with you. The higher the resolution, the better this stuff. This is why, over time I have made use off my adobe stock. I'm not. It's This is not an invitation to go on subscribing adobe stock. Absolutely not. If you happen to have a subscription somewhere make use off it. I happen to have an adobe stock subscription, which gives me 10 pictures per month. Identify Goodell Halderman's If I if I'm here. Okay, so I say extra ground. And then as part of my subscription, I get then and then I have no limitations whatsoever in terms off. Okay? Not really whatsoever. But in terms of resolution, you get the highest. Um, resolution there is for the image and click on this one was the highest resolution with this one. Uh, is this is This is a video. I mean, sorry, I'm in the wrong. Let's go to images. I'm in the wrong top. All right? That's what I was thinking. What were my textures? Good. Okay, so it stays. Ah, Get them free. Adobe stock images. This is not an advertisement. You don't have it. Don't go buy it. Don't bother. I'm gonna show you have to go the freeway. If you happen to have something like that, then make use of it. I do have it right. Okay, so we go like this. Click on this one, for example. And we see we've got six k by three K four by four k this is pretty cool. Over time, I've started using the high resolution ALS instead of the lower resolution ones. But please start with the lower resolution ones that you get from from from sexual dot com for free 15 per day. That is more than enough. 15th birthday per day is really more than enough, but the resolution is not enough. Okay, so number one, I need you to build this. Okay? I know in texture that come one of the rules is don't spiral stocks are, you know, gonna sell anything. This is for your own experimentation in world machine. You're going to get them and then you think Okay, what should I do? What? Did you just start getting 15 every day off? What, like it started to have to be sound? Does it have to be What color? What? What am I supposed to do? I take these that show stones visible. I see some small stuff in here. But if I If I apply this one too to a mountain, is it not like is it not ridiculous? It is. And it is not because I'll show you how. Okay, now there is a weird thing to this technique, and it requires a little bit off courage actually applied. So let's go back to pictures that common and say I invite you to do a few things. Step number one is okay. We're talking about you. You have already registered right road races. Step noble. One is decide the mood. What kind of families of corners do you want? Tohave? You don't know. Fine. I've got the answer for you. And then later on, you can decide for yourself. Go for light, brown, go for reddish brown and go for dark gray. Okay, so we're going for light Brown light brown like brown. Like brown. Reddish brown readies problem. Damn, this is light gray or dark grey and reddish brown with brownish. Avoid the ones with green. And then Yeah. So when you're going, for example, for your first day, I don't want you to get frustrated If you don't already have Texas common and get all the 15 in light. Brown was like, Okay, a contemplate my technique now. Yes, please spread it. So go get we start with 12. Let's start with 12. So we're gonna get something like three light brown. Sorry. Four light brown. Four from dark grey or light gray and then four reddish brown and then three Barca gray. Something like that makes it please. You have at least four families off colors for similar. Why am I talking about four? It's it's not for because you are going to apply different colors of different parts off your train. A question that you may have in mind You think these pictures are are just for I don't know is like one meter and maybe less than one meter, and you want me to apply this terrain that is in world machine off the size of eight kilometers way it's gonna meet us. The crazy answer is yes, and you are going to employ it, and it's gonna look great. How you do it is a different story, right? So I'm going to show you how to do that. Yes, try to avoid when you can, does where you have very visible stones like this. Try to avoid them. You can you can still keep them. This is this is really great. This stock is really great, especially seamless. One. Do you need only the seamless ones. Limit yourself to seem limit seamless ones? Absolutely not. If you like some color on there's no seamless version of it. Go for the known seamless one. I'll show you how to handle that beautifully, because the objective and I'm going to say that one's and hopefully you're gonna stick to distort the objective. Oh, bringing in image textures like these two World machine. Your objective is no longer to know. Not to know, no longer to know what a detail came from. What image? Okay, you're going to understand what I'm saying now in a little while, we have now finished this part where we introduce our portfolio. More or less are our folder off off textures on. You can organize them by if Family Congress from me, it's fine. I just dropped them in the same place that can very easily, visually see the reddish brown delight brown dog graze the light greys the granny greenish . Once the yellowish it's it's much easier for me to have everything in here, but, um, that's one. You may have noticed that No, I don't think you may have noticed, but I need to draw your attention to that world machine does not work with Jay Peak. Basically, you cannot important thing. Jeff Pachter with machine. Okay, So what do we do with everything you're gonna get Is gonna be Jeff Beck. Most of it. Like it's It's more likely than not that you're going to get Jay back. This is why I have to. Fullers. The first folder here is Adobe Stock. When I opened this one, I get to J packs. And these are the real downloads I have gotten from my subscription. These other J picks their big files in terms off. Okay, this is not really that big stew. Okay, by two k is like four by three. This other J picks, but I need every time to convert them to something readable by word machine, which is tiff or PNG. So I have my test version off Adobe Stock on. I am keeping deliberately the high resolution ones separate from the low resolution ALS. If you happen to have high resolution images, use them. If not, fine stick. Would the crowd stick with this stuff here or everything you see outside here is low resolution. You click. You're gonna find one k by one k. Everywhere is one came by one case and it's absolutely fine. This is fine, but I'm keeping my high resolution will separate. And if you look at that, you can still see gray. Reddish brown, British brown, light brown, Dark gray is one is really dark. Grayish is you can see the same approach I'm taking for the high resolution ones under the lowers ocean. This download happened in what, In the same day? By the way, I don't have all of these at the same day in the same thing. So this is how I invite you to do things like get four off the one family, four of another fourth, another. Okay, now, enough talking about this. Let's move to how we can use them. So let me just quickly open this open weird stuff. Okay? I'm going to repeat. What you see here is quite unusual. This technique is quite unusual. You're going to apply this to a huge terrain of eight kilometers. I've given you a bit of science just to think. Is he serious? Yes. We are serious. I think I'll take you straight to the terrain. Let's do that. Okay. With machine. This is the result. And I've only applied. Let me see. Actually, two families in reality reality reality. I was blind only two families because I didn't really distinguished too much between the reddish brown on D d light brown. So you could say there's one family of round on one family of gray light gray. This is all we have. No, applied on the real terrain. Let me show you how to rebuild this Goodness. Okay. You see the level of detail even here. Down here and on the mountains, there's some white is stuff and dark andan lighter. And this is without using any color node without using just those images You have seen just this stuff in here. How many of these? I'll show you have to do it. I'll show you right now. Okay, so let's move to the next part where we build this from scratch. 3. 3. World Machine Texturing with images part 1: good. Now we moved to world machine and apply the texture because this is not eight toe tutorial about making the terrain were using an existent terrain. Right. So what I have done is simply important A real terrain from the satellite. Okay, Andi, I've just added a bit off erosion. I, um, working, Just so you know, I am working with four K resolution. Amusing the pro version which allows you to have an additional window on. I'm using a four k version building its authority built at four K. I've just added a bit off resolution erosion here. And this is what we have four k so that you're able to see the beauty off the texture in as well. Right. Okay, let's start this. How do we go about sex? Train. Right. We have promised there is not going to be any color note. Normally, he would go something like select our I think this generator there's, um, color generator. Yeah, and then you can change it to some sort of a colorado and all like credit brown or whatever . And then you introduce some noise and all sorts of things. We're gonna do any of that there's select a right thing. There's this one select color. There's Ah, converter, which is the color general polarizer as well. And this one is God. Let me see. It's got some stuff in here and you could buy some process from other, um, applications. I don't know, quite spinner or whatever. I don't know that stuff. I go straight to texture in using images, just images, pure organic images. What you eat here is organic. There's no artificial color and stuff. Okay, so generator on you bring in images just like you have brought to the image initially to show you, this image here was brought in with find input, and I just added erosion to it. I need to do the same thing here and use fine input. I don't think you find good. Okay. Which text Robbie going to Teoh? Important. You said you draw families off colors and thinks well, because we're going to use textures are actually taken off one meter or listen. One meter. Here's the crazy part. Click on file input on the count. Okay, Hold on with me now, cause it's gonna be a big trough. Taking off is gonna be a big trough. 12 34 Don. Ok, move on 1234 Done. Move on 1234 This is the minimum you have three times for 12. 12. Is the minimum number recommended off extra images. No matter what the resolution is, Look, at least the one k free ones from texas dot com. This is the minimum number I recommend for that because there are three parts of the mountain or off the train that you need to cover at least three for things to start showing a little bit more realistic. What if you have one color? It's a little bit to flat. It's going to look good, but three families of colors are going to look even better, right? So you have four is one family. Another four is one family. Another four is one family. And if you really want to go like for a better, um, results, then you go 16 right? We'll see. We'll see if we're gonna do 12 or 16 but I recommend not going lower than 12. Okay, so what am I going to do? Click on file input, click load, and that takes me straight to my lovely folder where I have my pictures. All right, good. Okay. I said it's a matter of choice, Okay? In terms of resolution, you can use one k. You can use less than that. If you happen to have bliss off the one case I'm sorry. Less pictures with high resolution, not that many to use than just makes one of them use one of those. So what you could do is say let me close this. This this this is going to be Shall we start with Lloyd Gray? Yeah. Let's go live a great life. Great. I think I go to other be stock because this is hi Hi. Resolution stuff. I go grab this one light gray on. You need to click on in here This dialog box there are two important things you need to worry about interpret as on TV. Otherwise you could, despite his stuff, interpret as RGB. Now you get the picture. Okay, But the form of the picture the signs of it doesn't fit with the rectangle. Well, do you have a terrible one or not? No, no, no. Don't panic if you don't have a Taliban one. It's not a problem? Absolutely not. You have here blank, which means blank. What? You shouldn't leave it blank. Repeat as values. Never, ever, ever, ever do that when you're texture in, like never, um, you may want to do that in a in a different tutorial. I've showed that you can do that for a different purpose, but not for extreme. Absolutely not for texture. Never do that tile is when it's salable. But when it's not tight herbal, you may end up with an edge here. This is why it's either attainable or my art. If you don't tell, Mayer thinks they go smoother. Yes, you have some sort of a repetition here. This part is repeated from here, but that's fine. Remember what I said? The objective. Now you're heading towards one objective, not forget about the final objective. Off texture in realistically, the terrain. That's that's a by put on standby product. That's gonna happen anyway if you reach one objective that you yourself are not able to recognize which detail comes from which image. That's when you reach this point off not being able to tell what comes from where that's where you have enough purchase to apply your texture, but keep the families together. This is not just a mix. When you want to make a meal, things need to align. It's a bit like Do you need to fit with each other? So that's why four off the same family with another four from the same family with another four from the same family, and then you apply it. You want each family to a part of the mountain. That's what we're going. Okay, let's go. Grey. I don't know which one I pick last, everything's was this one. Let's go. This one. Same story here, Mirer. OK, you get some weird things. Don't worry about that. This is black. And then you get some sort of. Sometimes you get some things that you may think all this is gonna show up. It is not going to show up. It's It is such that you won't be able to tell the difference. I'm gonna make use of my I just checked quickly. Sorry that actually remember which one of you's in the beginning. So this is 946 and this is mine for three. I'm gonna avoid these ones. So nine for six is done mine for three is down. And let's go to this 1 to 65 interpreters RGB on Mirer. Some of them are going to look a bit weird. Like what is this light? Grey? It looks to lights too bright. So Okay, so right. And then let's bring in this dark one interpreters RGB and Mirer, because my stuff is not okay. This one, because myself is not terrible. Um, this one is a bit weird, but if if you think it's gonna cause your problem, you can change it. But for now, let's leave it as it. Okay, Next step is combined. Okay? Because there's a bug in one machine. Please do not try to be too efficient by building the whole structure and only then starting. Teoh, import your files. If you If you If you okay, this is red. Red, Red. Red means there's no file yet. If you connected Combine. Er, um that's just a bug in with machine. The combine our later own. Once you import the file is not gonna work properly. So please import your files and only then, uh, connect him to the complainers. So what are we doing now? When mixing this. We're cooking our cooking The light grey together to have one meal off life. Great. You could have used any. Okay, Now you see. Can you show me that one? That was a bit Were a bit weird. Did you remember this one? Where is it? This one. Can you show me this one? Now? This bit. Can you show it to me? Here? Can you see it when you see something? No. Well, this is exactly the point I was trying to reach. You use at least four per family where you no longer are able to tell which fixture. Sorry. Which detailed comes from which, um, image. All right, So once we do that, we are able then to get something that we can. So this color is This is not for one meter. This can be applied to eight kilometers. But they're not alone. If you do it alone, it's not gonna look very realistic. Let's do that. Let me just show you 4. 4. World Machine Texturing with images part 2: overview. I'm gonna come over, live you on that. I'm gonna bring this alone. It's not see stage by stage how this works. Let's build it. I can do that now because it's haunted. Pre built. The erosion is already there. Coming, coming, coming. Ok, already already. You can tell that there is a lot off richness in the color This stuff like this Good luck getting it quickly. And I'm saying quickly with your polarizer with your nodes. No, polarizer is a mathematical thing that just takes the color and applies it to a certain level. Off off hate in the terrain. So the top gets a color. The middle gets a color. The lower pockets of color. The valley gets a color. Yes. You do have stuff like that in the in nature it does exist. But then have you just noticed that by applying Onley one family This color is This is rich distribution and we have just started. We've got a rather to have to go. All right. Okay. Now enough of the grace Good we're going to use now. Delight life Brown's light brown. Yes, I know, I know. I'm using my my high resolution once I should, for fairness purposes switch as well to our some of the Okay, let me Let me just get one more from here. Okay? Let me go down. Go down to the lower resolution ones. Okay? So that you also feel that it works. Okay, here, this is one K on. Um, this is terrible, but you know, whatever. Please do select something, not leave it blank because you may, at some point in time, increased the rectangle to cover more terrain after having textured, and then you're gonna end up with a gap. So whatever, Never leave it at blank with textures. So just if it's terrible click tile. So when you increase them extendable rectangle to include more terrain, it does follow fun, input hand and get another one wide Grey, me and I don't know, actually which once I select nice like this one. Interpreters hard to be sustainable. Yes. Okay. I may go back now to my high resolutions to mix. If you can make stem, that's going even better. Which one have I not used? This is light ish brown Mirer, because it's not terrible. Okay, I think I use the same one No, they look a bit different today. 775 And this is 107 Okay, cool. Let's do the same thing. We're going to create a new meal from this family. Gonna mix them together in the same bowel, put them in the open and get a nice family, right? This is a color. A family of colors. I'm sorry. Yeah, off light brown, where you have detail on you no longer. Comptel Which one comes from which find Let's now at this goodness torturing truly. We're going to do it slightly differently than usual. Normally you think Well, I'm gonna combine it. Onda. Well, if you combine it, you're gonna lose the whole thing because it's not just about combining right When you prepare a proper meal, you don't mix all the food in the same plate. And even if you do, some things stay separate from each other. So the combine er is the wrong answer for this It is the chooser I want to choose. I want to choose on. Then let me take this. We're just gonna try here were experimenting and then So the chooser works in such a way that you put the 1st 1 The 2nd 1 on, you're going to put the the condition. So 1st 2nd the for the first and second act like the combine er you combine into not really combining, but just telling. Okay, where do you want me to put a and where do you want me to? Could be Because you don't want the mixed You want them in separate places. So tell me, please, where to put them? Okay. How do you tell world machine how to put them? You go to select our top here and you start Please. It's a preference. The my favorite one is roughness. You may think well, generally people go for hate. Yeah, this is the standard way of doing things. This is like that stuff you see everywhere. The beauty you're going to get with roughness is not to be found anywhere else. The only one that's a little bit comparable but gives you really, really ugly results is convexity. I wish Convexity could have works better. It would have given something really great, but it doesn't work. So stay away, please, from Convexity and use on Lee um roughness. Slope on hate. I think you could go with this. But number one always always roughness. Okay, lets go roughness and then you take from You have noticed we're not using to the traditional way offer coloring the main terrain. They made him further than coloring the deposit map, the flow map, the deposit map, the wear map and this stuff. This is how generally have probably seen off other tutorials. How? Okay, we're gonna call her this one this way. Kind of just one that way. Is it really how it is in nature that you see deposits color differently from the mountain ? Is it not coming from the mountain itself? Because what's erosion erosion is part of the mountain is on same melting that's coming down. And that stuff cut kits up, keeps accumulating. So why does it need him in a different color? It's coming from the mountain, so it's, it's it's the mountains. Shape can be, can contrive the color, but the parts. That's why it's resisting the temptation to use those as well. You can do it for beauty purposes like you could You could still do that, but I prefer not to do that. For now, we're going for something organic. So roughness. Okay, what do we see? What roughness? What is with white is going to the A certain color. What's in black is going to be another color. This is different from the erosion flow. This is everywhere in the terrain. The roughness covers much more than erosion. Erosion is just where you find those flows and depends on how, if you've selected standard erosion or channeled erosion where you have those channels, the channel's gonna be color differently. But it's only the channels. This is, as it sees its just literally everywhere on you can still influence it. And I will do that because I like going a little bit off board with this with two, at least. Okay, I'm going to neighborhoods like increasing the neighborhood off the roughness, not just the rough part. Put the neighboring areas as well. Let's have a look at this. This is a mix between the light brown and the light drink. Let's have a look and you may. You may switch them. That's what I generally starts with the combination and are just don't like it and say, Okay, let's switch colors. Switch the Grace and the Browns. Let's build this stuff. It's coming. OK, I cannot see actually much of result here because off the way things are. So what I'm gonna do is I generally do first when things are not the way I want them is I switch the first in the second, just can Just sticking a bit longer. Actually, I'm moving things. And there you notice elated. See, like you notice is a it delay And how with machine operation? Because I'm really I'm bringing the high. Um, I'm gonna so many high resolution pictures, including the tearing itself on the erosion and operating four K. I'm doing this for use that you're able to see stuff. Okay, I'm able to see much more detail here. Maybe I'm gonna go down to one. Maybe that idea of going overboard is is not that great. Now let's go down to one. Let's supplies and see how it goes. I think we're gonna look like this one. Better having the greys at the top on the browns. Something like this. Okay, I want to see more of the gray. So let's used the neighboring That's voted again. Actually, For more contrast, we could have used darker grey instead of like, great. But what we have in here, Let's go back. Yes, we've lost a lot of our gray because it's covered mostly with brown lights brown. Now it's It's a matter of choice in terms off. Where do you want to fit? But the grays are on the top here. Right? Okay, So now let's use something else. I still would like to see more graze. Uh, Strip. I really want to see more grace. Like really? Okay. Starting to show more. That's a lot. That is way too much. I might end up swapping up again. Like changing again. You know what? Let's changed again. Let's bring this one down. Here. Appear. I mean, sorry. And then this one down here, let's see how it goes. But this is the first thing I start with. Where do I want which color to be? Rights. Okay. It seems every time we put one of them, the other one is is impacted severely. Right. So we're going to go really down to one here, but I still insist on using the chooser. Okay, let me go up. 22 here. Right. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I'm starting to see the combination now. Okay, Now there's a combination between the two. So the rough areas are in the color on the Numeroff areas and in different colors. Good. Okay, let's go back. Okay. How much time is he gonna take you to get this with color notes? A lot. Okay, We have just now started the show on. Let's go down to the next family. We're going this time for the reddish ones Rent. Um, let's go. Let's go. Just one k reddish ones. Let's go. This one through us. Minor. Close this one. Results from the satellite for Mars or Venice. Under. Remember? That's pretty cool. Reddish ones. I could go for something less. Mars more earth. This is title. Why? Don't know minors. If you don't know. Just minor it. Uh, yeah. Okay, let's go back to our tiffs. Now, let's get something red. Yeah, some like this. Interpret on Mirer. This could cause a problem. But you know what? Just put it there and see how it goes. Combine. Er, same story. We had that family. Okay, let me see. This is I prefer to swap these two because I've got to from Mars or from Venice and I want to spread them. Like to No, let them to get that right. This is mixed. This is now mixed. And if I bring these two together, it's going to be even more mixed. So now this is like reddish problem. Okay, where do we put this stuff? Let's see. I prefer to use up. Sorry, I just disconnected something by accident to use in this case, a combine. Er not the chooser before to use the chooser. Okay. Going to use a combine? Er and we're going to use one of the remaining methods. So we're going to combine what we have here with. We've gotten from the red family on the combination needs to be driven. Don't combine it like, makes everything we're gonna lose again. Stuff? No, it's what it's actually choosing it, but not using the chooser on. We do that by selector and hate snow, snow, snow, snow We get to terrain and we use it as a mosque for combining. So telling only put the 2nd 1 only combine it only combine it. It's gonna get combined only Combine it in the particular vertical slow. Okay. The richest stuff. I wanted to be somewhere up, but not too high. So let's bring it a little bit up. Number one. I'm gonna kill the full off just to see what I'm doing. Bring it up a little and then probably also from down. I may sound it may sound a little weird, but I'm just adding some gray to the valley to the ground, just for a richness of color. Now I bring it slightly down. Okay, So what have I got? I got something that is not really in the middle of the mountain, but it's not really down. It's not up. Now. I can add a little bit of fall off. Just about enough to avoid having something and realistic. That's it. Okay, this is what is gonna look like. Yeah, This is different on its built. Just added the reddish brown. Okay. See? Yes. I have deliberately, as I've told you have deliberately left some gray down here. I've increased the level, but you can notice that the fall off is not really enough. This is too harsh here. Okay, You can go back to our slope and go a little bit more with fall off. Maybe reduced this a little and let it work with the fall off. Right? Maybe a bit exponential here, whatever noticed in here, you know, actually, explanation is better, but I'm just trying to avoid flooding the rest of the train. Would British mom. Okay, So what do we see her? This is the minimum number off notes you want to use. Okay. I'll leave it up to you, actually to tweak it. If you don't like this great here, you can just float it with the reddest stuff. Like bringing to slope down to zero. It's up to you, but will you get here in terms off level of detail is way more than what you would get with any color notes. It's it's you get richness from riel images for free when we have used one Kate by one cake . Yes, ive you some of my high resolution ones. But still, this is your minimum 12. Now, if you fancy um, some more detail, we'll go with the 16. 16. Let's go with something. Body used. The light gray, light brown, reddish brown. So we're left. With what, Doc Brown? Okay. You could use green for the valley. Whatever you like I didn't download the green ones because I wanted to start with something more rookie. So let's go dark now. This is a bit dark. Oh, this is now. This is greenish. Let's go dark. This is Doc. Would you be? You can tell. This is from the from the From the moon Meyer tile. Minor. Never leave it blank because Okay, we explained that if you need to If you need Teoh stretchable increase the rectangle stuff needs to follow. Let's check. Maybe anytime. A proper brown. I saw a proper dark on. I didn't download enough dark ones, actually. What? I may find something. Some of these in here? No. Enough. Let's go for this one. I have enough of these. But you know what? Focus? I want to get something. What's this on? A stark Sorry, guys. I'm using a It looks absolutely disabled out for now so that you're able to see better. All of a sudden, the colors have changed. Yeah, well, amusing does. This is one of the tricks, the free tricks I'm giving us politics. Editorial is like when you're working up noise. It's some netflix dot looks. It's really wonderful. One Where is it? Is a gun. Yeah, it's here. If dot looks Google this one, this one's gonna make your life much easier. Gonna be able to sleep better if even if you stay late with with, um, your computer cause of the blue light and stuff this if Lexus is a bit like night shift in iPad or in your Michael Stone. Okay, enough of that. Let's go back to dictatorial. Um, it's not good. So it's It's even now I should be doing if look spot and I need to show you the real colors . I think the color is gonna look different now, are they not? I mean, let me let me check. No, that's why it looks good. Never texture would f looks on because this is gonna be orangey look. But Netflix is really life changing in terms of how many hours it could work and how many hours you can see. Even it's amazing, right? We've been what we will work in somewhere. And then we talked about Netflix. Let's go back. Um, you know what? It's not really dark, but it's just use it if you want to conduct waiting for the shopper and gimp. There's no really dark. No, I've used this one before. No, no, I know this one. No, I'm going to use it. Okay, Exceptionally. I'm gonna go for this one. Although it has some stones, small stones. I'm going with this anyway. Right. Good. So same story. Combine the family. Where are we going to put this? Well, at least a have a home on our terrain, but it needs to fit. And a meal. It is to come time. You have a look. Yeah, kind off. One of them has probably is. This wonder has ruined the fund. Let's go fall. Why is this one? Maybe I have maybe not tell you what I think. I have already used it. That's why. Ah, used twice. That's why it's it's so present. Never give more than one a node to the same thing. I really need to get going with this one is OK. Ok, OK. One doctor, one dark, one more dark. One more. Doc, I don't waste your time by going looking for one. Okay, I'm gonna take this one. It's not really dark, but nice. Okay? It's got some brown. Whatever. Okay, Good. Now that we have this. This is a lost four. You can go overboard with this. Like you could add as many fours as you need. I'm trying to have a at least force that you lose the detail. I mean, you lose information of where the teeter comes from. We used combine er again. So we started the chooser and then we continue with combine er's and combine. Ours is they need to be limited started. You need to be defined. So you have a selector. Whatever used roughness, we've used snow. Now we're going to use hate. Okay, let's go. Hate hates I've done combined this one, uh, mosque. Did I come by this? Okay. And this second little one is very slow, but we get in there. We are getting there. Actually, what you could really do is at another family of green and put it completely down with hate . Just go on the ground. I'm just flood the whole ground. Whole value would cream. That's gonna look really cool. We'll leave that to you. Okay, now we have select eight. We need to go. You know, I'm gonna put it atop because this is dark. I wanted to be on Lee at the top. Like the really, really, really, really talked. It's fine. Everything that's high leave it like that. Let me see. Yeah, just just, uh that's gonna look probably cool just at the top. Because it's dark. Something like this. Leave the flow. I'm fine with that. Maybe slightly less. Yeah. Let's take it. Opiate. See? See, We have some on the right. Here we have. Ah, some, some black. That was some dark stuff. That was it. 5. 5. World Machine Texturing with images part 3: So what have he used? We have used images are by default, by definition, unusable for fixtures. Forward machine on. We've managed to get something truly rich, purely organic, very realistic and with a lot of detail. Now it's not very, very visible. But you get the feeling there is something dog here. Right? This is darker than this. This is the beauty off. Combining things like this we have used hate. Fine. Yeah. You know, the traditional way of texture in is like bay hate based. I have used it. I would know saying No, it's bottom. We've used it. We started actually by roughness. And then by slope on, then hate and then hate. And then you could go the third hate with green. You know what we could do? That I could do that. I feel like doing it. Let's do it. I'm gonna cover the this part. Justice. Very small part here with green. It may work to may not work, but guess what. Let's do it. You get the point, right? So now it's just a matter off your wild imagination and what you can do. And from now on, I trust, um you're not going to go waste your time anymore with those color nodes or artificial color code risers used in all sorts of Okay, I'm selecting the greens here, all sorts off some plates and things that ship with. I don't know what spin or whatever you question is not bad, but I actually haven't used it, haven't you? Lastly board, it's It's away. It's a completely different way off doing things now, Mirer. So I'm bringing all the greens that I have. I don't have that many actually really know that much. There's one dark green here. It is absolutely welcome. Oh, so you know, stuff like it's time Mirer. And in the last one, hopefully is gonna be green as well. Do I have something Greenish? Yeah, I think we could go with this one with a little bit off brown. It's not a big problem because he's got some green just matter off. Okay, so how ugly? So ugly it is. That's the beauty. How can you make something beautiful from something completely ugly? This is it. This is abilities. Can you employ this one to your train? No, you can't. Okay, but can you apply it now? Mixed with other 16. Yes, you can on is gonna give you something gorgeous, right? Let's do it. Combine. So the idea is just a little bit of green down in the valley to replace that. Great. So I'm not right. And then I forgot a combine. Er, that's the approach. Families of green. Yeah, I can see a bit more of that. White is thing here. Tell you what, It's no much of a problem, but what I can do is give a little bit more off a say 21 over another one Just a bit. Not too much. Yeah. If you have a problem, you need to hide because this is really, like a big problem. I think this is not usual. This definitely is not usual. It was a cloud or on a no. This is anyway. So we have managed to remove the stuff because you need to not know what detail comes from . What picture? Except for this one, which is a bit weird. I don't have another greens. That's why I'm using this one. I didn't Down and enough. Okay, good. Let me now, go on, get it a bit closer or not. Just leave it there, Gets a combine er and use hated again selector. I'm sorry, The notes are very small. Let me just bring them. Yeah selector hate again because I'm targeting just the ground So is going to be hate on the combine er combine er goes like this down here I personally have you down Bear with me a second. I'm trying to get this to work. Nice. This is your combine er on their let me find Where is it? Erica? This needs to come way down here. And then we combined this here and now I'm going to play much better with the combine. Er, you know, combine. Er, you have noticed that we haven't changed a default, but it comes as default average 50%. You don't need to stick to that. I'll show you. I think even for the blacks, we can make them more invisible. Let me get this here it is going to work. We just need to get this under select hate. Now, the last time of selected to hate, we've taken the upper part. Now we're going down and we want Onley. Okay, I'm gonna kill the fall off just for now, just for now. And I want to have just this parts night. Um, a little bit of fall off, Not sit. You asked a bit. Yeah, that's tributes. Okay, cause this green stuff, right? Can you see we have introduced the green, but we have introduced it using average 50%. You don't need to do that. You can. You could reuse. So you can't see any more green here. You just exaggerate. Or 50%. It's as you like you can add, and there's gonna be a bit weird because you're adding two colors and then it's mathematically ticket as a color wheel stuff. So adding color to a corner is gonna give you another color. The green is gone. This case safer to stay with the average, but then tweak it to your liking. How much of the green do you want? Actually, I don't think I want to have it. That that much is just supposed to be much less yet. Yes, Yes, yes, Yes, much less. Start up something like, Yeah, not should work. Let's go here. Show. What shall we tweak as well? The black stuff. Let's have it. Okay. The black stuff, the block is more black if you make it closer to this. Yeah, let's make it a little more visible, like 80 for 70 something percent. Yeah. Do you come over here and click on built? Okay, here we go. So this is your naturally organically textured terrain. You can reduce the greens. Actually, this is if you want to add more to a TV ticket to view Tooth Energon or even in three DS max. My and you want to add some trees, some ecosystems and stuff, especially in view of religion. The collar is already green, so when you add something to it, it fits beautifully. Now, this is a rocky mountain, and yeah, chances are you're not gonna find much down there terms of vegetation. But if you fancy it out, if you think OK, no, I'm going to add a river. And of course, any moment there is water, there is green stuff. There is vegetation. So if you are going to increase the level of water in view order origin to reach this part , then you go. You already have a green area here around the river where you can add your visitation. Right? So what you see in front of you Here is your final result that we have just used. I consider this being quick. Honestly, we've spent some time. That's because I was explaining to you things. If you're going to do this on your own, trust me is gonna go like, really crazy fast because you're just gonna place for 444 and then you go family one. Go select with your eyes quickly eyeball light ones, then reddish ones and then light green ones and then degree ones and then greenish ones. And then okay, let's apply this their distorted it. 10 12 minutes. You're done with your texture. You know how long it used to take two texture with color notes, color risers and all sorts of stuff on applying the noise and the think No, that doesn't look realistic. Listo all over again. A completely different. So this workflow is what I recommend. And I want you to consider quitting completely the use off color nodes and any artificial color risers. Let's call the lilac. Okay, good. I cannot wait to see what you do with this