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12 Lessons (1h 34m)
    • 1. Introduction to textile fibers

    • 2. Textile Fibers

    • 3. Vegetal Fibers

    • 4. Animal Fibers

    • 5. Man made Fibers

    • 6. Synthetic Fibers

    • 7. Synthetic Fibers Part Two

    • 8. Textile Fiber Properties

    • 9. Textile Fiber Properties Part Two

    • 10. Care of Textiles

    • 11. Fiber Identification

    • 12. Assignment and conclusion

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About This Class


If you want to know everything about textile and fabrics, this is where you start.

All textiles for fashion, home and healthcare products are made of fibers. Fibers are the smallest parts that defines the composition of a fabric. The fiber quality, how it is spun and knitted or woven defines the characteristics, look, feel, attributes and the and use of the final product. Different fibers need different agents to bind the pigments of the dyes and prints. They have different sensibility to sunlight, sweat and other substances and strain.


In this course you will be introduced to fibers and how they are spun. You will learn how they are classified and the basic characteristics of the different fibers and how to distinguish them from each other by burn test. You will know the different aspects of quality and how to use wash and care symbols.


This class is for textile and fashion design students, textile agents, designers who want a repetition of what the learnt and salespeople within fashion and textile products. But much of the knowledge is useful to everyone. 

Who finish the class project with at least 90% correct answers will receive a course diploma

 Let us get started to know more about fibers for yarns and textiles.