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Text animation in after effects

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

Text animation in after effects

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

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16 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Insipiration

    • 3. Where to download free fonts

    • 4. Creative text animation

    • 5. Neon text animation

    • 6. Text animator 2

    • 7. Animator 3

    • 8. Text animator 4

    • 9. Write on text animation

    • 10. Stroke text animation

    • 11. Adding video in text

    • 12. Revealing text animation

    • 13. Text animator 5

    • 14. Camera Zoom text animation

    • 15. 3D camera text tracker 1

    • 16. 3D Camera Text tracker 2

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About This Class

Hi there welcome in this Text animation in  adobe after effects, my name  is Nshuti Paulin and i am Motion graphics designer 

in this course i am going to be teaching you the way you can create text animation in After effects like 

  • Using text animator to create best text animation
  • using graph editor to make your text look more creativity
  • creating neon text in easy way

this course is for beginner you dont have to know after effects to enroll in the class i will show you how to create text animation step by step ,  

so lets get started

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Nshuti Paulin

Motion Graphics Artist


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1. Trailer: Hi, everyone. We come in the sticks and mission off the fixed cause my name is Tripoli and emotion Graphic design. In this course, I'm going to be teaching here to get the different X and mission like this, I hope elected six of I seen the class. 2. Insipiration: everyone will come in the sticks and mission costs. In this lesson. I want to show if you depressed, you can find inspiration for texting mission and at the motion graphics talk so listed by on this upside out of the title. That home this upset today's many takes sequins. You can find the inspiration for a safe so you can come and sit these many. If he does that, the clinic. Come on, watch and see if you confirmed the text on mission Inspiration. So the deep State is on this upside. A few jobs. That's nature. The subsides? A. There's many title sequence you can find. So this upset a se motion graphics templates and other templates like Premiere Pro under the after Effect template. But there's many data on other inspiration on motion graphics. So I tried to such a takes a mission off their 50 quantities. Many it's C big toe sticks mission. The's motion takes a mission. Next, you have to come and super safe so that upset is on pain. Taste, I think men off. You have yet about this interest on many or few. You used this a social media, so e have to have tried to such ticks and mission off defict you considered as many takes animation. So you have to come and such and see if you can get the You're gonna get the sticks and admission by herself. This is all the text we're going to create in this course. So has to come and see if you can get inspiration allocated per se. If I always come in on this tape interest on city, if I can get there inspiration for the next text I want to create. So this noon text. So I hope you elect this video, see in the next video. 3. Where to download free fonts: So let's find some or some faults we're going to be using in discourse. So or the or the text front will be provided in the excess. Very. But you can. You don't have to see what amusing can find it on December said So the fist on Is this a 1200 for start home? The upside is many fun to come is going to see this. This is nice for Auntie. Connie's can come and download for personal use, not for commercials, but they can use it. So there's many phone to tell download and you can also come on such if you can find it A. On this upset, you can kind of tape a text here and see if you can find the 21 so the other website and like is this the front elect? This upset because every time if we want toe, create some awesome taste. A. I like to come and see if I confront some front 20 off the writing 100. Eating these middle is that. But going to the strong yellow libit, I left this front this one big one. So the other website toe find a free font is on the strips. I phoned school of that home. You can see this many forms, so have to come on Such we say so I liked his phone. You have to come and download and use it. So in the next you're going to start by creating are faced. It takes the mission I see in the next deal. 4. Creative text animation: in this video could discount off a creative and meditate so you can see how it is looking is looking so nice. So at least is that Christie sticks admission. I'm going toe creates a new in composition. So let's call it a creative takes a mission, creative text and mission. So with a 1920 18 80 limits and faith decision position full duration. 10 seconds. So it's quick. Okay, I'm going to add the new background you. So let it's good to be G background. Okay, so let's look this paper ground. I'm going to take the what a tape. Like, let me call it this work look like this. So I'm going to increase the size of this text made skillet. But this way that this. So I'm going to let this text in the center. But isn't this a lend to align horse unwto and vertical American cities in the center? So I'm going to click on this a text and precondition. A trip down icon People on, mate, We're going to add the position you can position. I can see a V on Mitya one so it won't be using the emitters. You can see can at many on meters, like a petition, A capacity so in short, is the person. But you can continue toe crave this a scare and petition because it took the same. So you have to We continue to praise it. So I'm going toe go in this ad And don't just add a day bottom. So on this acorn has to click on the icon property. Now you can see of the properties of this metal on these positions k a rotational post. You have to add the opacity. I want a day. You I'm Struck Inc of a video pastilles I'm stroking. So a position I'm going to go. But one hands later on 160 it's going 100. Just see 160 then a hostility go about Zillow. So it's working. You have tow trucking a month. It's a good boats 15 if t so. Danny has toe click on this lens Sect on Now You can see on the start. Mr. Is admission opinion GSO. It's at the key frames. I'm going toe go boat on this fragment at your friend on on this one. I'm going toe quick on where But 100% on I can see of this admission can go 100%. So I'm going toe a sector these key frames and make it easy ease by clicking on the Left creek. Only amounts good from assistance is or you can click if nine for short cut. So bisecting this you have to click on this a graph editor, my concealer of this a speed growth. So if you'd if you don't see this speedy crasher toe become their list, click on amounts. Michael, This is the edits Pictograph. You don't don't don't a click on this edit. Very grateful at a graph. Want is this dispute graph so you can discern. Then select this Rondo's and make a trick Tous. So that's it. Resiliency. It's a Nikon City start to look nice. Mr This from sent, and it's here related pressure again so I can see on Mission start to look nice, so I'm going toe Elaine it in the center again. Then I have to add the second and meta have to kick on unmet again. They are linked. Are the trucking I consumed? The trucking made Briscoe's and me turn to city admitted toe. It is admitted Toe Creek again. So Americans admitted to its shop. So I'm going toe go late. He, uh So that's it. The fist I have to say. So I'm going toe at the key frame on this tracking amount and at a cue from es O as toe Is this like this? So they sit prescient CIA well, but so into a So I consider this a key from states not looking good. Let me a practice and make it is 18 f 90 electric, autonomous and pecan is so it's it's pretty again. I'm going to go on the graph it make it rictus too. So let's it pressure again. My considered and mission start looking nice. I'm going toe this close when I can see a mission look nice. So this is how you can make this a mission Descriptive and mission. So I I see in the next video 5. Neon text animation: Every day I come back in this listening integrate this kindof neon text and mission. So we're going to be using this A free A plug in from video copilot Quote stable So it is free for a window and mark. You have to download it So on Easter, only a PC. Then you have to go after victim. Let's start by clicking or creating new creating new project in your composition. Let's call it neon text. Leon text So within int intent 18 80 If limited five decisions for addition must be a 1st 2nd American Negro. But you also click. OK, I'm going toe quick on this text and write some text based right neon on increased the size of this text. No text is Elaine. It's in the center. I'm going to create a new So let it's good. It's able They noticed two. Quick. Okay, so a bisecting this a solid countries dick rally on the color doesn't matter. Yes. Oh, you have to strict this early. Don't go in effect. If you took a pretty considered a plug in here. So this is the sabre. You can see this A program have many pre city countries from from the toxicity, energy, even fire. So there's many. But am this we do after True's Neon? Then I'm going to go. They customize co go and choose from cyber toe text layer. Then you know the texture of light. And so a concede it is many glow intensity of to about 75. Still, Nikon City start to look more nice. Then a close preet 0.3 0.3. Okay, so let's a leading this in center thesis in this center like this, so I'm going to increase decisive December Dan Health to click on this A. A car, is it with this and nail in text the sun. So I'm going to go in the window sitting and go from black. You can see in the background is black after a truce, transparent enough that at your own background. So I'm going to add the new background in salad. Let's call it a background. Just a quick OK, so I'm going toe put itchy goingto today, if you need to make it cool, it has to such limit tree car and click on the background. It put it on the background on vignette. Have to go. But my non zero point my No. Zero point points by ah instruct justice like the sun I'm going to add African the this Indian text. Let's go and click on T on a key post at a capacity. I'm going to the kid from here. Another key frame. Ah, 60 or 70. Let's go about 67 Ah Sirti nine c Right full. They know Nance it it's It's brilliant. See? So I'm going to cope with this key frames and pistes based it on this frame. This that this so in May. So let's it's prescient. See what year? So you can make this in Neil Itics late. So I see you in the next video. 6. Text animator 2: If I come back in this pseudocode bucket in this kind of text, a mission like disown solicit preview and see, this is going to be looking. So you can see the scale we have used in text and meter scale and cities getting down, up. So we are going to start by creating new Composition. Let me call late texts and mission. Sticks the emission scare. So with 192885 deletion of f second Greek. Okay, so I'm going to copy the background from this. From the text. On to copy this background. You have to click on the control copy. Then control of it pays this background. Then you have to look this background in order to not move. So I'm going to type it takes the admission. It taste. Mission after effect. But the effect like this. So I'm going to amend this text in the center by using this aligned terrific DON cities Elaine has to come in and window and click on Align to shop here. So I learned by clicking on this and this on horizontal and vertical. So I'm going to click on this drop-down icon and MIT slept scale. Then on scale I'm going to make it 0 length. You have to select this stat on climate like this. So you can see this scaling down, up like this. So I'm going to add keyframe. Keyframe, OnStart, this stream data keyframe. So let's make it 100%. So lets it prevents C. So I'm going to make it, keep it close like this. And I'll select this keyframe and make it easy. Is different mass systems is, is this low-literate previous? So if you want to make this text admissions Morefield to edit in speed graph this, so I'm going to shrink to the shadows and make it like this. It, it preview and see. So now you can see this is how you can make this. It takes the emission from scale. So in the next you don't want to be creating, abusing the opacity on this. It takes a meter, so it is looking good. I see you in the next lesson. 7. Animator 3: If R1, R3 come back in this lesson, I want to show you how to create the takes the mission using opacity. In the last video, I showed you how to use a scale. Then in this video I'll be showing you how to use a pasty. So you have to click on this icon, this drop-down icon as Mick In the last video. Mate, a pasty, Henri. So I'm going to make it Zillow. Then inland selector. To admit this is static densities plus t, like this. So let me add keyframe on this fist and other keyframe. Then I can make this a mission like this quantities opacity. Let me make this is keyframe assistance is, is as you make it to make it look nice. Disappeared. Is it a preview again and see? So your content is looking more nice. So in the next, we don't want to be continue to create different text and mission using these decks that you have seen that the canoes opacity position scale and at a ban mission, you have seen many admitted these many positions care, petition or posted so to be continued to use this rotation. And we will continue to create other texts and mission using districts admitted to make it. To be able to make your own text and mission without using the presets donated by an after effect. It does not look good like Dani created by ACF. So I see in adolescence. 8. Text animator 4: Okay, so in this video we will be getting this takes a mission by using rotation. So in the left, the land out is opacity and a scale. But in this, we demonstrate how to use this rotation constant is rotating from and the Grandin like this. So I'm going to do this, this, this keyframes, this animation and that of ASL. These are, you can see there is nothing, there is none mission. So I'm going to start by adding a scaled rotation on this and Mehta, and I'm gonna add the property of a positive. So I am going to make this opacity 0. Then this rotation to make on Android 180 light and undid 80 at D. So I'm going to gone limp select on, consumes that. So that the keyframe, as done on, on adult ticks and materials used in the last videos. So on to add key frame. This frame and addDoc if you make it 100%. So it can sit is rotating from the sign. So I'm going to make it easy is the same of to make it easier is to make it small. Gift from assistance is. Then on graph editor. Pick this and this one. So you can sit is looking good. So I see in the lecture, in the next lesson. 9. Write on text animation: If Renee come in this video, we're going to get this kind of a writen unwritten takes dimension. You can see it present c. So it is looking so nice. So going to start by creating new project composition. Let's call it two lights on text and mission. Light on text and mission. So in 19281080 is 25 resolution for the tuition FF seconds. So, okay. So I'm going to add the new solid ground again, Vg, above-ground. Click okay. So I'm going to type writing. So I'm using this cream cake font so you have to find it on the plate, should do in the last lesson. I have to go and touch it and download it and install it on your cone Picasso. Or you can choose an add-on, like let me increase this, this text. I'm going to lay it in the center. Line it in the center. So long to trace this text and discipline to basic thing, this writing text. So click on the pin and the command like this. So I'm going to start here. Click once. Click here, continent, just this text. And we have to click on again on writing. You don't want to start again on this one. Clique lawns. Zoom into in order to see the text where you are just sink. Click continent. This. So it can take the time to present and to continue to create this written text. But this is the perfect tool. So you can see a boat to finish. And I'm going to finish and finish here. So I'm going to, I'm going to click on the Section two and then this and put it in this center is then increase the size. So I'm going to continue to trace. This is the just like this one. Click again and you have to click once. Click, click lossy. So now you can see are finished, just text. I'm going to save the bisecting this text. I'm going to add if it got stroke, it can generate a stroke. So I'm going to click on this end, gone on 0. Then I have to original image of the original image. Then I'm going to admit this text. So I'm going to click on Guan disagreement, adequate Fremont, end that keyframe a, a, this n. I'm going to go back to 100, 100%. So let's see how this emission book. So I can see it is on text that is revealed, but you have to Peking this all masks to check this mask. So I can see mask is I don't know why this point is not going to show up. So I'm going to unselect the things out of the trees, going to continue to address it. So you can see on this point, not just where, this point you have to visit, where 1 to another point and another point. They are going to add the effect again. So let's go Effect again, generate a stroke. So I'm going to add the this truck on the, I'm going to go on the end and well, but 0. Then on original image or to go on the original image like this. So I'm going to add the keyframe on the end. Another keyframe. Then you have to go on 100%. So let's preview and see if I can Citizen ticks. That is when I click on this, unmasks the CLD. So you can see the text. This is not perfect, but you have to, you have to click on this brush size to increase about 50, 50% percent. So let's present c. So now you can see the text is good, so, so you can make this a Latin text and mission. I see another one. 10. Stroke text animation: If they come back in this video, we're going to start to create a stroke, takes their mission. So I'm going to start by creating new composition. So lets go. It struck a Texan mission. Then you have to make it for a second. Is ocean for formulate lists, choose 25024. So click okay. So then I'm going to type some text in this composition is fixed. Then delta learn it in the center. So I'm going to change this text to ship this, to increase this as of this date. This, then you have to find a good background for this text. I think we have to create a new layer. Layer. Let's find the perfect ground to limit BG. Then you have to close this broke ground. So now I'm going to start the unmet this examination. If the districts I mentioned, let's agree, Kanien months dinner to go on to create, to create ships from text. Now, well, this text outline, this is shapes. And we want to delete this dx. Then as you can see, I'm going to click on Phil. You don't need to click OK. Then on stroke. And MIT field, I'm going to increase the stroke says like this. Then stoke fear to choose the right on this text. So let me get this moving. So I'm going to add, I have to click on this drop-down icon. And then off to other chimpanzees. Chimpanzees. Then you have to go and then as you can see, this is a start and end. So as you concern, I'm going to take a few more and then another keyframe. So let's increase this is a 100%. Then you have to make it as is. Let's click on a month, give him different resistance. Is going to create the silicon a monarchy. But then you have to go on this graph editor to make it this easy, this and see if you need to make a trip this. So as you can see, this perfect text and mission struct, extent, mission. This is a concrete, this is simply takes a mission. So also you can add the perfect background. I think this is not good enough. Let's let's import some videos to make sure that you have a good background. I think you can take this and put this video. Wait. Then you have to change, debug round. Close it. So I'm going to, I'd love to see, I'm going to click on to bring opacity. And afterwards it 20% oriented increase a little bit. What this, let's increase this due to this text. So as you can see, we can increase the size of this ship. Because now it's ship at C. So this is OK and created. This is imposed to objects that mission. I hope you learned a lot in this video, I seen Adeline. 11. Adding video in text: If I come back in this video, got to create a simple text video interdict. So I'm going to write something on this video. So let's write a video. Then you have to change the font. So you have to use Franklin Gothic Museum. Thank you. Have to select it and change this one. Then you have to make it up to do this. So I'm going to increase the size of this. Then you have to make you clip this. So I'm going to learn it in the center. And we have to increase the size a little bit. So I'm going to add another video right here. Then we have to. So I'm going to make a 5 second and composition sitting of tomake first, second. So I'm going to click on this toggle switch mode. Then you have to transition a to alpha mate. So as you can see, I've added the video in these texts, so as you can print this and see if it is praying in the text. So this is simple, this is simple. Toxic can do to make your text to look massive. Adding this text, this video into text. 12. Revealing text animation: So in this, you don't want to create a live thing takes admission. So I'm going to write it to a, let's find the textbook on, right? So I think we are too late. So let me check. It takes a mission, cups look, text, then you have to change the font. Franklin, ME down. This one to you, click this, then increase the size a little bit. So I'm going to duplicate this control, duplicate enough to move the Sun on this side and want to change it from a text and mission like this. So as you can see of this text, it's a learn it in the center above. Thank you. Should find some bug ground like this. So I'm going to strict discipline. And it's P4 position. Dickey from so make it slipped this. So as you can see, I've created this simple text emission from the sun. They're not strict discipline to P4 position. And you have to give from Valencia lucky frame right here then f two kits like this. So this gives, so let's preview this. So I'm going to make it, or this keyframe is, is keyframe assistance is safe. First. Then I'm going to so if this one decompose, let me call it main text it to occur, then the sun pre compose of two click. Okay. So I'm going to run the main text. Now if the rectangle estimate this mask has to make it, let, let's see a subscript just to make it. And then L2 copy this mask. So copy pasted on this one of this subscript. So let's see. So as you can see, I've created this feeling text and mission is it prevents C. Thank You, have to make it. This. Also subtract. Some have added. Then on this subject subtract. As you can see, you have to make it subtract on this masculine. Then add-on much mask to our main text. Again, as you can see, I have created this. Filling takes a mission. This is task. You have to create two on a mission like this one, opal under load industry, do I seen at dawn? 13. Text animator 5: So in this video, we're going to create a simple text and mission by using the emitter. So I'm going to add is simple text list Floyd, VD0. Then you have to learn it in this center. This center increases little bit. So you have to go on the text and then you have to add scale to make it 0. The nerve to long lens slept. And I'll take you from another keyframe. I see, I have to go back to another percent. So my conserve created these texts and mission. So let's make it easy. Is the fema assistance is to make it a bit close to omit it first. Like this. So as you can see, I've created this emitter. Dinner going to add the amaze us with another scale. Unmet. So now you conserve editor. I'm going to use this led this. So F2 is this as the light again. This then L2 gone limp select, add to frameless here. If lambda t. So let's see. Let's make it is, give them assistance. Is background. We think of created per ground lights here. So it aboveground, it splits it presents. So let's write this a little bit small. So this is how you can create a simple text admission Using takes the meter. So as you can see this big debt, small like this. In this video, I see an add-on. 14. Camera Zoom text animation: So in this, you don't want to create this text and mission. This is some text. So I'm going to be zinc a Camilla and 3D. So let's start. So I'm going to start by the morphing of this 3D camera. Starts off, as you can see of this text. Let's increase a little bit. So I'm going to add the new Camila. First of all, you have to make it to make your take 3D. You have to add a 3D icon. Then you have to add new Camilla. You can choose a 35 millimeter. Then you are going to go on camera. You have to choose comment option. Then you have to, you have to add a keyframe lights. Here. It's at keef limb right here on this number. Then you have to come here and type. Then you have to play tricks to make this number bigger. Then it can cover this text. So as you can see, let's make it, make it look nice. So is it prevents C. So as you can have created, this takes a mission by using Zoom on camera option. So this is how you can make a zoom. A text. And mission like dishonor can use this technique to create a logo and mission. So let me show you another way you can make these things. So up to this. Then you have to con transform. I am going to use position. Then on positioning of two keyframe right here. And going to be using, we're going to be using this. As you can see, this, this piece, I'm going to make a trip. This you may have to disagree formulated and L2 content to frame F to bring book text like this, to continue to print this text right here. So let's make it is, is the fema assistance is, is pretty antsy. So as you can see, this is a concrete, this kind of takes a mission. It is looking more nice. Dan is wrong, but you can choose to use a zoom on common option or position on this space. So I hope you learned a lot in this video, I seen add-on. 15. 3D camera text tracker 1: If I come back in this video, we're going to create this kind of takes a mission. We're going to add a takes in this, in this background video. I have to track this and add some text in this video. If the Islamic, So let's stop this. Gives you then have to gone effect on preset or to find effect on visits to this. So this is the Camelot shock. The camera tracker. I take this one and drag it on the footage. Then you have to wait a little bit. So now you can see the predicament of chakra is going to analyze this. If you do, but cloned DNA when it's done, you can start to track some specific on ad text in this video. So let's do it and see it. Come back when it's done. So now you can see the 3D camera tracker seems to trap this. If you do a after trucking this figure, you can see of some spots where you can add some text. On this point. Click and see different point. I think I need to find some nice text. Thank you. To find, your job is to continue to find the best. Poetry. Can add a text, a think this one is flight, as you can see after scripted. And you see some 3. Then this point you have to left-click on a mass Daniel to create text and camera. As you can see of this texture of Detroit TEA to reengage slides here. So I'm going to select on this text, then L2, this notation to make it, make it flip this. So you can add in text you want and can determine different presses your sin, those point this text. So let's hit preview and see. So as you can see, Alfie do is prevailing that text is late in this space, so L2 stop this preview and also you can continue to add your text wherever you want. This project finish. You can also take this and proceed to a you want this. Then let's take this rotation and set the text. So it's, it's a little bit like this. So let's see the preview again. As you can see the silicon make the cool 3D truck texts on your footage. You can add some text to Lake if you're getting a sort of off the duke and the place you want to show the people. So this is a, you can make this 3D text and mission. So I appeal under load industry, do I see another one? 16. 3D Camera Text tracker 2: So in the last few do land how to create this 3D text tracker on video. So interested in the PCRs learning, so budgets. So then in this video, I want to share with you the preview of the texture of it on this on this video. Also, you can change the text if you want. You can change it the way you want. But as you can see, to look so nice. So they tried to change the text, is to change the text. Let's Lloyd ocean and did the preview again. So this is creating this text, adding this text on this, if you do, it is easier to find a spot. We want to add the text. You can find different spotlight the by using the point you have seen. So I seen at dawn.