Text Effects Master Class in Affinity Designer 2018

IPad Lettering, Illustrator | Designer

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10 Videos (1h 16m)
    • Welcome

    • Multicolored text effect

    • Chocolate text effect

    • Grunge Paper Cut out Text Effect

    • Salt and Lemon Candy Text effect

    • Dual Neon Text Effect

    • Gummy Text Effect

    • Balloon Text effect

    • Cartoon Sticker Text Effect

    • Wrapping up


About This Class

In her Text Effects masterclass, Akanksha Rawat shows how to use Affinity Designer's draw persona to create various smooth text effects. The techniques combine effects such as Inner Shadow, Bevel / Emboss and Gradient Overlay with various blending modes. Akanksha also shows how to adjust your design by scaling, moving, and duplicating the effects.

The concepts are demonstrated on various type treatments, but with these techniques, designers can emboss, highlight, extrude logos, shapes, lettering, and even images.

Topics include:

Coloring Background non destructively
Font Choice
Moving, copying, and removing layer effects
Beveling and embossing type
Working with inner shadow
Blending layer effects


This class is for anyone even if you are new to Affinity Designer. Akanksha goes step by step and shows you exactly what you need to do to create these text effect. Although she we will be using Affinity Designer, but you can very well use any other software to create the same effect.


Music: https://www.bensound.com
"Jazzy Frenchy"
Licensed under Creative Commons






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IPad Lettering

Illustrator | Designer

Akanksha Rawat. Just another young oreo fanatic who loves to design characters, caricatures and Text effects.

My pen name is awire, and I love to design simple stuff. 
I just want to get creativity into the hands of everyone out there!! 

I have spent most of my life observing the way different shapes and layers work.  
I'm am a bona fide Skillshare addict. There are so many talented people out here and I love learning from them as well as sharing my own...

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