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Terraform and AWS for Website Hosting

teacher avatar Radzion Chachura, Creator of increaser.org

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Introduction.

    • 2. Domain and Setup.

    • 3. Global Resource: Route

    • 4. Reusable Module: Certificate

    • 5. Reusable Module: Cloudfront

    • 6. Deployment

    • 7. Global Resource: CI Repository

    • 8. Reusable Module: Frontend Pipeline

    • 9. 8

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About This Class

As software developers, we often face a task of providing infrastructure for a web app we are building. There are tons of services to host the web app and provide CI/CD for it. A lot of them only creates abstraction levels above infrastructure as service providers such as AWS. And in reality, it is much easier to learn how to deal with Terraform and AWS, so that you can use those tools not only for hosting and providing CI/CD but for any DevOps-related task, you may encounter.

In this course, we will buy a domain via Route53. Then we create a certificate via the Certificate Manager. After that, we will use CloudFront to deliver web app to the users. Then we will make CI/CD pipeline via CodePipeline so that every time we make a commit in particular branch web app will be updated. And finally, we will provide all this infrastructure for the stage version of the app. To create all this resource we will use Terraform, it means, we will not click buttons and fill forms to create resources but write actual code.

At this course, you will learn how to create and manage AWS resource via Terraform. And next time you will need to provide infrastructure for a web app it will take you just a few minutes.

Source code:

  1. Domain and Setup
  2. Global Resource: Route
  3. Reusable Module: Certificate
  4. Reusable Module: CloudFront
  5. Deployment
  6. Global Resource: CI Repository
  7. Reusable Module: Frontend Pipeline
  8. Stage Resource: Frontend

Meet Your Teacher

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Radzion Chachura

Creator of increaser.org


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1. Introduction.: It's a bill open face does, providing in frustration for But we're busy as there are tons of services, hospital up and provides decides to do for them on Lee great obstruction or infrastructure to service such as this. And in reality, it is much easier toe up video Mr From. And so you can use this tool not only for hosted and provided necessity, but for any divorce related tasks. Human come in discursive by main Iraqi street, then great certificates That certificate manager presented years God from labour, but opted users Zenda makes a city are buying a car Appliances every time Make comedian particle range the date Finally, who provide all this infrastructure from stage traditionals Great oldest resources. At least their firm means we will not collect buttons and feel forms to great resources. But right and shall caught is this crucible that we hope to create and manage investor services factor from. So next time you need to provide for starting forward up. It will take just a few minutes, so let Jim in get stuffed 2. Domain and Setup.: first, they're going to buy the main for all above and weakened. Is this right? In the West? We are Route 53 on this goal there and, um, big video and have an idea of created Cypress Book Skate Concepts in the Future is therefore rival chooses the main name books, concepts that call and let's as this to card. Now we can continue because I already have feet of Maine's bold. We are arrest my form fields so I can clean consider here and delicious. It will take some time before you can start using the demands. So let's go to the page. Is registered domains we just started, but really the way to do registration? It's finishing to consider. Okay, after 50 minutes. Domain herb in Sully's So we have this book concepts that come and now you can start. Is it project? I believe you're going to us. An operation system body can use bus market windows without any problems. First, who created your tree? Who have two folders is rude, one with source code of the application and a nozzle Easter form infrastructure I don't use wrecked for the front end. And as Bella Plate use create correct up that's also creates a directory of force infrastructure and opened project in a vast coat. Now that's been depart from 10 partners up and we can run No this go to the front and directory in this school and b m start in the browser. Weaken sees this picture and let's change the beat so we'll move this text do this place. Analysts removes this leak, so it's fine for us. Let's also builds this absolute have packages will be deployed. Does that ever s? It's the future. It will do this by Ryan and PM Iran builds Saturday Build directory We have a bunch of falls, but we're not Learn from plantings this course and you don't need to know anything about it . If you don't want these react, create build directory with one index html for one side, and it will be enough fingers entire course. Next time we will touch from then director when real work besides the deep apply. Now let's move to the infrastructure parks. First single do performance don't perform is to go do their site and then loves the package so you go to Terra Form and the most rights and I need one for lyrics. Now I can open terminal in the lows and zip form. Uh, is it perform? Zen people move after a form inside of user local being. And now let's try to run it. All right, we have installing the reforms. Four star describing infrastructure. We need to have a s case in our environment, verticals. So let's great file a set and worse sash. Is this following? Specify SARU wearables. It will be of s access. Keep a G very Google's fight. Your key also will have a best secret access key here. You'll satisfy your arrest record. Texas key and arrest followed to go. So the same supplies here and we didn't need to have this spot in our get repository. So less great get ignore. That's right here said and who are specific also, we need to specify as it we don't want to have their form directories in our visit Torrey and the cop files as a to be generated by to reform. Now we're ready to make first get committed before doing this. Let's make get you need and moved is a rude you need No, we can make first chametz. Oh, that's moved to from 10. Delete. Get your true, sir. It's this all right. The sheikh. Our bridge calls his curse. And here we are ready to make for us. Commit it can meet. Sure, that's also creating top repository. That's cause books concepts. Now less copies is. And now we're ready to make get Bush origin curse that checks his own get hub so ever since . Fine. And now we're ready to move to the next part and start raising infrastructure. 3. Global Resource: Route: infrastructure will have foot powers, modelers, global stage brought and see. So that's great. First due Torri. More of us we have models will create resources for stage important violence. Now that's great. Duke to re named Global So Hubble will keep resources it not environment specific and can be used boss in stage and brought environments. Uh, now less great folders, stage and folder abroad and statute brought will use model is too great infrastructure for particular environment and Salah's judiciary will be C I. And here we'll have Dr Image for SAS Deep Pipeline that starts his global resources sense really needs them. First inside of Global directory, we'll create folder name. Route Hero creates REFILES Worse, Full Horrible's main. Here we would describe our resources and file named powerboats. We will have only one wearable in Rod, and it is the domain name. So let's go to Worst F and right and before will you will be our domain name. Bruce constants dot Come now let's moved his main Taft and describe for a source that men just Rod Fifth Street, Husted Zone. First, we're going to specifies it. We will use a street pocket as store for perform State here is despised through use S Trias but can't This is name off our market. This is a key Inside of bucket to our file we stayed ands last brown Inter is a region we can go to Amazon industry and here we have released off pocket already have and I already have infrastructure More stayed. He's different Persians, so he'd create you pocket by using this procedure. It's very simple. You just write name off your bucket infrastructure, mold state and go to the next day. Now that's great on their service that we need to hear This is a restaurant 50 street zone that's called primary. On the name of this, your service will be equal. Teoh the main dismiss five in variables and that's right. Simple ConEd wish despite all resources we need and let's go toe outwards and expert zone I d and name off domain. So that's right out. I d and value will be I was this route 5th 3 zone primary and don't a d but these and also our goods domain and will you will be equal. Teoh our amaze. Now we're ready to create. Our first researchers were at the reforms. But before doing this we need to be sure that we kept our whiskies in environment variables . When we buy a mainland of s hosted zone creates automatically, it means that we only need to import these reserves. So we have all required for future use attributed in the state. And we really use crusted don't I d to improper serves so less copied. No, let's go to infrastructure directory set and worse. Zandi, go Global route and first scene we need to do is strong. Therefore you need He told them though it all required wagons for of s now you can import resource We have common terra for import first it was specified. Here is the researchers. Okay is this is a West were all 50 street zone and his name off the researchers is bribery and are hosted zone 80 Now if we will run for life on this since it be changed is comment Yes. So that's tried to open Yes, we see here this command and now wouldn't give Iran for flight. As you can see here in terminal we have our boots. This is a wearable Swiss specified in outputs toe fr name off the domain and zone, etc. Now if you will go to other S and let's reload human can season, we have a new command despite in our terra forms lessons checked her form state just for purists. Weaken do by going to the street. Here we have bucket named for Start your own state and instead of concepts level. Now we have route to estate and open. So it's simply just some file, this misfired version of Terra Form and more Odalis. So here we have our was domain Nzonzi. Once we have we've seen in our terminal and also resources. So every time basis fire that we want to use Sam Purser's it agreed earlier from will simply go to a strict pocket and reads, Is Jason problem? So it's very simple. Also want to mention that I'm using perform extension universe coat and it have nice features such as syntax highlights in our suggestions. So I recommend you all cities this extension to serve the five process of writing terror forms. Now we're ready to make you commit this. Call it feature level wrote Come in and Bush 4. Reusable Module: Certificate: we want to serve our up their age. Did spaced disputing Have a certificates for the main To get real, use our certificates Mender The four will create a certificated model You folder certificated inside of certificated folder will create the same three files we need the best is this model to wearables, domain and zone, etc. So let's misfires in here now. Let describe resources in Maine file models don't have stayed since they're basically dysfunctions in program we best parameters that this misfired Ian worst ever and receive infrastructure resources. As a result, we usually create all resources in the same region. But we need certificates resources to be in Virginia because two required by service release for what up first So well satisfied provider here. Oh, provider. These of s and we'll specify region. Virginia is your s East Well, and video dismiss Fi Ellis is who references this provider in certificates resources that's called Virginia. Now, that's great required resources. So 1st 1 is certificated itself this college domain Here we expect the experts place misfiring, uh, provide true press your junior the main name. You'll take it from variables. So to beer to our domain and validation method will be Dennis. So since we have validation, medics said, do there s We need awesome grade records in Rod 53. So that's great. Research A West Route 53 record this code certain gradation first prom To ease his name, it's second Bram to real specify his type. Ser Bronn Tory's wreckers. The first problem Toe iso 90 and be trying to take it from variables and thus producto East detail and less great is the last reserves that represent a successful elevation, often ACM certificated. Here we will spy provider and just get that and out real specify Amazon Resource, name of a certificated or simply certificated aren't so. Let's go to our cause. And here Well, right output since vacate, our and value will be equal. Teoh Wes Certificate Domain. Now let's does this mortal by easing made in production resources So we will go Teoh Broad and here will create folder named for intent Inside of content For now will create Onley Main C F. First thing we are going to do is disperse fire remote state. So let's go to route mento f that just couple pays this and here we are going to change ball, so we will have brought and name Will beer for intent for reasons of certificates model, we need to obtain parameters and we can take them from a global rod. So that's right here. The doctor did reform remote state. That's call it wrote. We specifies it can't. Faried is a stream and confused. We can just take from rock itself, So this part will be config. Now let's use certificate more little here we write model and that's called front end. Same name, visit folder and source is it passed to all models. So a relatively each will be like this more to list. And here you have certificated. Now we need the best. Procter's first will be domain and we can take it from remote stayed and it will be domain And same seen his i d. Now we're ready. Teoh, create this resources on us. So let's go to terminal do infrastructure Due to read, I need to set and of our spur. Since this is a new terminal, then we're going do brought for intent and first be doing to reform you need. And now we can talk to her for lying. Oh, we have for your So let's go to certificated checks This Oh, in de specify zero here. So once again and unpleasant moment here is a process Full Dacian can take hours and you can see that now we have certificated validation. Still greed so won't wait till validated and stopping the execution since this resource just a representation off the process, not the next shuttle service. Now let me show you were information involved. Six forget can be found me to go to certificate manager Now we can copes in Virginia And here we have the least off certificates I have also sits cared for my app Inquisitive Arkan personal side kickers undergone And they're all, uh, issued. But but constant that come is CEO He spent invalidation and here are they suggest us too. Create record in robbed 53. But if we go throughout the streets and let's go to posted zones But concepts that come here we have already is his record required for build a ship. Now let's make and you come eat and go to the next park you call for Commit for sure, Morris, since it decayed, get commit on boots 5. Reusable Module: Cloudfront: We will use a lot from liver off to users and let's start the same way we did research cake You're great folder named Cloudfront here. Well, greed through files, a social. Let's start with a horribles for us. Terrible. We will pass will be m so it will be brought off stage In our case, 2nd 1 is certificated arm. Sir Kwan will be domain and zone I D and few wearables with default. Well, for a smart he's back it back Name on less make by default He called to F books concerts, front end and porch I'd seen first Researchers will be back in where we will keep built territory or front end So this folder, veal being sides his bucked and then cloudfront will take those files and serve them asses SDA So that's great reserves. All right away. This is three bucket that Scott from tend first this misfire buck name We'll take, uh, default value from variables and at Boss fix is a form off environment. Since we can have this bucket for death stage brought environment so we can screen their distinguish one from enough next to a specify is off pocket public or not so well, right? Public read and policy. I just couldn't base from one of my project policy for bucket. Thank this. And also let's specify upset grounders. So Index document will be in the HTML in our case. Jeez, this file and year of movement also will be in this HTML next week in specify resources folklore front itself. He have unspecified origin and real past domain name, then origin. I'd see it will be equal. Teoh All right, Default Orjan ese and environment in Post fix the same way as we did Bucket name as the parameters enabled. True, He's all right. You, the six in a boat off the truth. Well, that's fried. Comment from stand distribution. Yeah, specific environment. The fourth would object will be also equal to index html and Ellis is is array off domains ? No oh case. Just the main in the past. This parameter. One of the reasons this model and let's specify cash behavior Levi don't have will not have any other grounders. Only getting head send this distribution for from end up and we can post Anderson as GM actually, and cash it methods will be the same as allowed minutes. We need also to specify target origin. I'd see it will be the same as or I d there. So they just covered basted and OSB rounders Forward. Well, use who that's set. Compress here true Rest here and let or direct user if he goes to waste it to be so. You ever Percoco policy call bullets. See? It'll be or direct Do a TPS We can also specify Tex no cases will be environment. It will be equal Teoh and and costs we need do specifying sense for Cade We'll receive it from from variables will be worse Certificated arm and a self sport. Meditate will be this and I on this and in restrictions. This specifies it. We don't have any. So gear restrictions restriction. Okay, No. And the last two serves will be of s a Road 53 record and really specify Ellis our distribution so name will be in away Scott from distribution from 10 on the main name the phone I d. They will be equal Teoh, where school front stoop Bishan from 10 hostages, sanity and the last scene we need to make in glove from Model East specified Archer's first of all, put his distribution idea and Vinny into our good field back it, since it required for Sy City pipelines that people built in the near fusion. Now let's does this model by in person it inside of broad Man. Here we'll specify model go out front service will be equal. Teoh more of this front Zandl Swiss part and will be equal to brought next problem. Juries certificated are decayed arm, and we'll take it from model content. Such a poor name model and ah will be since Brigade are next. Let's fire domain and some ese Let's go to infrastructure set. And worse said, we are going Teoh uh, roids from Dent. First scene we're going to do is to run, perform you need. Now we're ready to run for my play. Our resources successfully created That's Goto s and checks out. Person has got the glove from here. You can see that I have quite a few distributions and distribution for book concepts that come still in problems. It means that now if we deploy our application off s, it will not work. So we need a way to the bid. Unseal. It's become deployed So if you go there, you can see that the domain name his books concept that come and we have a self certificated If you go there, vehicle appear in certificated manager and this is our certificates that shoot. Also, we can check Rod 53. That's good. Trusted zones and books concept that come have now Z's wreckers. It's created Teoh. We create it in our turf form so it's refer to, uh, go out front and also robbed. Rated for certificates. Will days. Let's go back to this cause we ready to make you come eat. So that's cause for sure, and it is more or less hello from meet on Bush. 6. Deployment: we have ever seen. Required to deploy. Sit up to a s. Now that's right. Screamed that will deploy from 10. We're going to do this inside of front 10 folder, you create folder named Management and script Deploy a sash first we need drawn in common zit veel built. Oh, and Graham Brown deals. Then we're going to cut a deal to into a street market ends Last two comments to tell club problems that we want to see a new version off the up for Running's a script. We need being stars. That s common line interface and we can do it by Houston Deep Python Package Manager So let's cruises by tapping pseudo people Stop off s cli No shags this Yes. Girsh drunk deployed Common. We need to specify various back it where we'll keep our beyond directory and distribution idea off glove from also we need to have in our system of s credential square. So the same way SP did Mr Forms Let's go to infrastructure and first run set and barbs that sash to get back in and distribution idea wearables we need to create outputs pile inside of broad front end he has simply need to propagate outputs from model class front model. So that's opening to decide and blink AIDS. This part is it All the same we need to change is specifies that we want to use motto and cloudfront ends. Name Off the out, Mr Bishan. Eight. Humor bees, Things toe EPPS back replaces his build buck. Now let's go to the broad from 10 and Ron Terror for apply. It will not change our resources, but on the output requiring variables. Now let's experts is variables. Let's open, deploy and okay. Expert got the paste. Name was a wearable and equal to build bucket. Same simply is distribution idea. And what bases? Now let's go back. Let's go for 10. Also, we need to add one more comment on the start and family so we'll get all dependence is now can run management deployed a sash. What we can see as a result of Ryan's is ConEd. We upload ever since inside build directory. So all the files and ever since side of static, do a strip back it and we created new invalidation. It means it. Right now we can go to our domain and we will be able to see our up so that checks out that's open browser and go to books, concepts that come and magic After Ryan's a comment, we have deployed site, so it's very cool. Now let's go and come meet is this part we are going to cause? His feature deployed screamed CA Meat and Bush. 7. Global Resource: CI Repository: in this part was stopped about being caught. That plans it will plus at every time we make a comedian particular brains for start implementing the pipelines self. We need to great docker containers will be used by replying to build up and deployed. Yet, sir, and it sure just storage for docker containers inside infrastructure to Europe. You re going to create folders main. See I And here, Real place Dr Files. We're going based disease. From what my images and first seen whispers far here is that we are going to use the latest not image and not we need to build out front end. Second, Burke is common to do install, always coming night into phrase with same sale I used to deploy from tent manually in previous poor. Now we need to great reserves. This point gets there, and we will do this inside of Global directory. Since Z syrup is durable, will be shared between different environments. Let's call it C. I A repository instead of Serapis drew great fall made. First thing we need to do is disperse If I remote stayed so that's copied from roads and replace these CIA repository and reserved itself best yet. There story. See, I and name I m c A. Also, we need to specify policy for Oppa's during Let's fire was a jury and I'm going to cut pay a policy from one off my existent policies. Okay, this is all we need now can applies its resources. So let's go to the infrastructure in set on variables and send to the global Sarah predatory. Here we can talk for need and for But why? I'm not breast and er since I already have district sirs. So let's just show it to you here we can go to use her. And as you can see, I already have a few visitors and CFC one of them. So I don't need Teoh Run to reform. Applies is already have it. And as you can see, I have a few images Now we need to deploy image to this repairs during so we can see one more image in the least. Now we need the right comes a real push Dr Inch to its air. That's great. Filed named bush. See, I container. First step Here is the surprise euro off his story. Next we need Teoh looking into it, sir Ends us to come to build and Bush Huge. Let's dig closer, Alu Teoh, our script. Here we meet two variables of s account 80 and arrest region. And also we need the best barometer to the script itself. And this will be is a name off image. So, you know, to have a serious account, ese, we need update set, an inverse script. So you need to go away us and get disease accounted Z and specified the same way as we did for region and Secret Access Key, Teoh said. And Hoover's A such so less go now to infrastructure and says it's variables and we are ready to push I containers. But we need to install Ducker in order to start darker. You can go dio official Tucker website find you but firm and execute steps. So in the cover up side we have instructions how to install a doctor for different platforms. So in my case, I selected coupons on went straight to the installation steps and I have recommend you to go and execute optional live next post installation steps to So when we already these Doctor, what can Iran who should I container. Let's go to see I and who's second tenure and rule call? It calls the image books. It's it's, uh, from image. Successfully deport to you, sir. No, let's go and chase out. Yes, you can see we have one more image in TFC I So we are ready to uses a much in court by plans to be a going to make in the next part. That's now make sure. Yeah, I commit on Bush. 8. Reusable Module: Frontend Pipeline: four Star implements in court pipeline We need to upgrade, set and worse, massaged by a few variables. One of this parable, Seville beer is this token required by court pipeline, and we can access it by going Do get a job here we can go to the citizens on developer citizens and personal access. Duggan's here you can generating duck in on ghosts. There's a procedure and then based it here. Cutback. Dina will execute the same diplo Commons that be used when we deploy up manually. So we need to pass a variable, such as rig your own access in secret key to the court by plane. And we're going to do this by experts in here. A few miracles by using T f were perfect before name. We allow perform to use sous variable. So now when we goto broad from 10 and here we can be supply wars to f and then be doing since, like variable region and, uh, not specified well, you it's automatically take it from environment variables. If there's one these F four perfect. So let's do the same for us. Now let's go to some Odalis and create your directory on we'll call it from 10. All right here you create May and Boris Files, then just copy basin struggles. Since Real pass all those credentials from brought from tend to is from 10 Pipeline. Also, we want to receive bearable. And so we've kept different resources, is different. Bostic's fraud brought and stage and deployed pocket on secretion. Now let's start Gracie Resources, and we are opening made ever. His first reserves here is a street back. It's is it will be used by caught applying to store arts. FARC's, it's called Helps frocks. We'll use the deployed pocket name and real disease by plying arts farts and reveal Meg's bucket private. Next, we need to have a role, and let's give it a name like ah, the same as here but her place plan. That's farts. He's my plan simply, and I will cut based URL policy, and I forgot about one thing. So if you go toe cloudfront worse, we have back name for Red Abi's T f are perfect, so we don't need justice. Five here and the reason why Isis fighting of graphics is to distinguish when research was quick, we at their firms and when it was created by hands Manu we have for all. And now we need to create Bolasie here will misfire name, lead just off base disease and we need to refer to roll and to i d and less got based policy itself rights. Yeah, we have oral and policy for court pipeline, but we need also role and policy for codebuild. So let just Corpuz is basted and replace first name That's called codebuild Throw and changed service here in policy in roll. Excuse me. And that's called core build Here we're making sand changes. So could build posted. Let's copies his name he had refer could build role before racing could build project. We need to have a account I'd see and assume I remember in C I common we used a basics accommodate easy, you know, to recreate repository euro but will not use violent variables inter form since we can use a data that was arrest color identity in order to access a competency so less specified here now I have ever seen required to great credibility broke and could build project. It is research needed Teoh run comment that we specified in front end management deploy so inside of credibility project inside of Docker container we will execute. Is this comments? Yes. So let's do this. Researchers over Yes, car feels that's called Cornfield First Beatles Fine name and let's also use the blood pocket. Now we need to spy service robe and we need to specify arts facts. All right, so type no case is quite quite Klein and the next parameters are warm. First rounder East you type and Hugh Mills spy. What? Type off our computer resources you need on Let's use just the cheapest one. We don't get anything crazy to build from 10 up. So the years build General one. You can find all the types off computer Ian, our recommendation. It's really easy to find, but I sure it will be enough for us. Next. We had specified image and in much does one we pushed. We, uh, second in your comment. So we combining by used in Dr Race color are dating seem. And here we can assist Count my tea. Uh, Zambia will use the same stream as he s religious based. This bar and our greed pass through our region, so let's use it here and xem. Let's go over bayous, disease part. It's the end off the euro, we specify Name off the emission and let's barrack rate thesis in worse. So let's open worse and healing. Specify. Very bull named Field. You Much name. This is name we best Teoh. I wish I Container comic books Concepts Front End Now Can says this wearable. Yeah, let's see you This were built image, name and also being into specified type of the image and in our case is really knows. Container. Next, we'll specify environment wearables. So we passed five environment variables to codebuild. Now let's open Diplo script and check that the best ever seen required. So first problem. Ruby's bucket and this is put market and distribution. 80. Uh, we all satisfied and the feel street environment variables required, noted Teoh up Rice and Iran's counts and lost in could be project These sirs and it is also called black scoping raised here now can create line this supply store and this'll is, uh but it be great here. So bagel refer to these street pocket cell location we will be That's thoughts and about and all right, he's as true. Coat plan can have a number off stages. Example. Stage for installing dependencies. Stage for Ryan Test stage for bills and such for deployment. Yet we need only to status one stage real Take So Scott from Get hot and second few years called Built in order to build for intent and deployed to go out front. That's cold. Source. Let's use get help here so status. Communicate my posse art spots from one stage during now and result off this stage. Ease source cooks. Let's be supplied All three parts parts It will be serves Also being does configuration and we'd open worse once again. Here we will add a few verbals. 1st 1 will be our report Owner. Poor older. This'd is your hop name. Actually, the 2nd 1 will be very poor name. You don't need explanations and said one is branch So bridge Thanks is now We will use this vegetables in configuration owner Still be Horner Poor is you are full name and last one branch. Next dish. He's field, uh, for wider FIA is look court field and include parts fox, uh, serves. So we only received. So it's good and here we need only one configuration. TORONTO He's courted plane this old one of time. So to be sure, we meets innocents. So wisps fight court pipeline role in policy is the same for car, field on color. Ride into could big project All right, and, oh, court, by planning role here should be blind rule. And on here we need have a secret key secret key. Oh, I seen. Now our sin is fine. Now let's try to eat Brooks's model inside of broad front end. Let's keep worse so we won't miss Anderson this open main. So same way we're going to create Nuttall right on now. Cast source. Yes. Now let's core over each Grable's first very Billy's region. So here we will receive origin, since key and secret pay fraught environment variables off the system. So our region, Zan says key. So the best credentials now we just despite and next bearable is the blood pocket. And this is our foot from, uh, model Hello throwing and leads Chick. How calls this? It is built box. All right. Next variable is distribution medium. Also, this this is from part from our food secretion 80 Next wearables are bone report name and range. And I think it will be better justice if I zoom in wars first. So in my case s trial, you will be equal to my name. Good. Four name boots on sets and oh, let's make bridge main. Oh, for Maine right now that's best spirit balls to model now can applies us resources. So it's usually be going drinking from structure set and worse, Sammy going to broad front and for first So all resources grated successfully. Now I want to create Branch named Main No to test off replying So down and branch currently discourse, We going to kids Grange Mosque it and that's bullshit must. Now if we commit some sin in master could build will fail because doesn't know what to do. And you know Teoh, understand what to do This our service could we need to provide him instructions. So we're going to create a file named Builds Pick yo already have similar projects so ever just copy and pasted from it. And he was aspirant, we have to face first is installed and van we could style it will want to execute. This is Commons and we have also in deployed a sash. Part is in, parents tell, So let's are removed so we wouldn't do the same work twice. And we'll execute management. Deploy Otis Rush as a build place. No, that's trying to change something in front man and try to commit it in Monster Branch so we can go to index Ono objects and you can specify here to be inside of brought. So just where he is, right, Brooke will be enough. No, let's go there and got feet. Sure, more or less. Stand, commit, and that's pushed. Oh, I just grasps that we sparred Main as as's branch that's changed to muster and run to for flight once again. And important scene is that we need to have built spec as a rude. So it's mode right here and we need Teoh. Move is a front end deal to another front director. That's convenience exists. That's cool Peaks bills back on a way. Yes, we can go to court Pipeline. He had have leased off our blind for different borders. I mean, who's concepts? First stage. We take service from the get help, and in the 2nd 1 we execute Collins. If you go to details, you can see he's to be executed steps. Now let's go to books. Concepts that come and so you can see we have a new version off our front end This brought 9. 8: we successfully made infrastructure for production environment. But what does she do when we also need to have a depth of station of violence in this part ? Will create infrastructure for the stage so that we can access it at Stash Boost Concert that come first we need to create reasonable model for route Inside. A Prague will create the same old tree files that's start with wearables, and first parable will be the main. Since we will use this model to create supplements, the main will look like death books, concepts that come off stage books, concepts dot com Next bearable is M, and the last one is Global Zone idea. This is ah, nitty off Primary May books concepts that come in our case. Now you can go to Maine fell and First Resources Be a grand Agreed will be raw Fifth Street Zone. And we can also add comment disease. So let's make it who are end czar. And also we can specify Pick next, your service will be a rock fifth Street record, and we Bill adds his record through that Brian requested zone, and we'll take records from our quested zone. Is that thing left East satisfy our and it will be all right. No greed, judiciary stage and inside of you to create the same do dress brought named for intend here Raid also street files For now, that just could be based content off worse and our words, which is stage from then And that is the same we made For one thing you want to change East , Boss is that remote state you have stage next ease route it will be is the same Also, we need to great you model for stage route. That's fine. Serves now let's open worse and real pass First domain we can take from route the main and here well type stage does nexus spot and this will be difficult stage and, uh, Global's on a TV Also take from route next Mortal East search of decayed and I don't know why calls from tend it's obviously now the best name. So that's renaming do certificates. We passed do parameters to certificated ease the main kinds of anti we'll register aspired to mean for out so legis cover bases and then I do you will be taken from stay drop not global around so changed, wrote next model. The squad front here, real date after stage and we were named our models. So let's writes its cage domain will use this one. And Zandi is this And thus mortal East Park line this'll spark remains the same. We change and do stage these same distribution in the same way and report name bar owner. But branch changed Do stage will beat em, staged to money times here. So let's move to Verbal. You have a great verbal name and and default will be equal stage. Now let's go back to Maine and replace all occurences offstage, too. You are in crab resources and can grind their form. Apply since we need the greatest certificated for stage boost concept that's going well. Run. Apply once and Zanna once again after certificated shoot one week escape. This is to create one certificates for also domain like wild card dot books. Constant did come yet to be. Choose other ways off restaurant er for imply, we now Hope, Colonel said, and Horrible's Zan rego stage from around for you. How here we need to use model not doctor for remove state models stage proud Crncy on the same way be Scott Front. So here also, we have one more problem to face if you go to from 10 back line a send offs name. We haven't specified environment. So if you're on her from a blind now, it will not be agreed, since this names already reserved and assist resources already exist. So let's add. Plus, it's for all of this. Your services. Now we can run for life, so all resources successfully created. You can see now stage books concept of gum have started the blood, and if we take a close look, who can seize three Also certificated on our demand. We're ready to create a depth range and test how staged environment works. So let's go back to breast cuff and here we will create a bridge. But before dances that smoke don't on get cowed stage. Now let's make a meat. So he made me sure that stage and that's bullshit. Now let's go to stage books, concepts that come and he'll can see that we have our publication working. But let's try to make it different for Broad Parish. Deduce this surreal go front stand and who changed brought on stage. That's make commute date. Yes, you can see. Now we have two versions of up one at stage boot concert that come and 2nd 1 at books Concepts that come. We came to the end of this curse. And I hope you find this curse useful. If you have any questions, please leave it. Come. And if something can be proved, let me know. I will appreciate your feedback a lot. Take care.