Ten Top Tips - Be More Creative With Your Camera

Kevin Landwer-Johan, Photo Workshops by Kevin+Pansa

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11 Videos (42m)
    • Welcome to 10 Top Tips - Be More Creative with Your Camera

    • Top Tip # 1 Be Intimate with the Exposure Triangle

    • Top Tip # 2 Keep Your ISO Low

    • Top Tip # 3 Set Your Shutter Speed

    • Top Tip # 4 Open Your Aperture

    • Top Tip # 5 Read The Light

    • Top Tip # 6 Open Your Eyes - See the Light

    • Top Tip #7 Be Aware of High Contrast

    • Top Tip # 8 Shoot in Soft Light

    • Top Tip # 9 Isolate You Subject

    • Top Tip # 10 Practice


About This Class

Welcome to Ten Top Tips - Be More Creative With Your Camera! This is a short course to give you my Ten Top Tips and explain why they will make you a better photographer. With over 25 years experience as a professional photographer I have designed these Top Tips to give you an encouraging start. Learning to use your camera in Manual Mode and freeing yourself from letting your camera making choices for you will allow you to be more creative with your camera. I've kept my language simple and avoided using jargon as much as possible so that if English is not your first language it will be easy enough to understand (and I have had some good feedback from people telling me I am easy to understand.) All the photos and video used to demonstrate my teaching are taken by myself or my wife (I'm not someone who teaches photography by using other peoples photos, except for some special illustrations.)

You will gain a fundamental understanding of your camera and how you can be more creative with your photography. I frequently run photography workshops with people who own modern, high tech, expensive camera equipment and shoot all their photos on auto. In this course I will teach you how to break free from just using your camera's auto modes and how you can be more creative shooting in Manual Mode. Any camera that has a Manual Mode (and that's most cameras) is suitable to sue with this course.

You will learn about the exposure triangle - ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, and how to use the camera's exposure meter to create well exposed photographs in any situation. I will teach you how to start appreciating different lighting conditions and how to take better photos no matter what the light is like. You will also learn how our eyes see differently than our camera and why this is an important concept for photographers to grasp.

People who enjoy photography are usually visual learners so I have designed this course to be as visually stimulating as possible. Ten Top Tips is mostly presented with video, including lots of photographic examples, diagrams and animations to help illustrate the teaching. 

There is no time limit to the course and I would encourage you to take time to complete each lecture and exercise as you feel comfortable to. Even repeat a lecture and exercise if you are not sure that you are understanding the teaching.

It does take time to learn to operate a camera manually, but I encourage you to persevere as it is rewarding. As you study, do the exercises and practice the teaching in this course you will be more creative with your camera.





Kevin Landwer-Johan

Photo Workshops by Kevin+Pansa

Kevin Landwer-Johan – Director & Workshop Tutor

Kevin is a highly experienced editorial and commercial professional photographer with a passion for capturing ‘real life’ in his images. Originally from New Zealand he has chosen to make Chiang Mai his home since 2002.

Kevin started his professional photography career in the late 1980′s working on one of New Zealand’s leading daily papers. Later he moved on as sole photographer for two bi-weekly newspapers. During these years Kevin gained vast experience photographing everything from Prime Ministers, international celebrities, sporting events, spot news, everyday people and much more.

Before moving to Chiang Mai he ran a successful freelance photography business in New Zealand. Since moving to Thailand he has continued to pursue his career in photography and also documentary film making. Kevin enjoys living in Chiang Mai and loves the relaxed northern Thai culture and people.

Kevin’s images have been run in many national and international publications including Time Magazine. His award winning work is also represented by Getty Images, iStock, Alamy and other major stock photo and video agencies. Kevin is the advisory board of TIPS (Thailand International Photography Society.)

Teaching is something Kevin is passionate about. He is a self taught photographer with a depth of experience that he desires to share with others. He has started Chiang Mai Photo Workshops because of his passion for photography and his love for Chiang Mai and northern Thailand.

Pansa Landwer-Johan (Pu) – Workshops Manager & Tutor

Pu loves Chiang Mai and has a substantial knowledge of the city and surrounding regions. She has a bachelor’s degree in tourism from Chiang Mai Ratchapat University and experience in both planning and leading tours.

Photography is also a passion of Pu’s, especially nature and macro images. Her photos have been shown in local group exhibitions and she supplies images to stock photo agencies iStock and Shutterstock .

Pu has a desire to share the beautiful Lanna (northern Thai) culture and lifestyle through the experience of our travel workshops. “Welcome to Thailand, land of smiles!”