Ten Most Profitable and Effective Rules of Successful Trading | Luca Moschini | Skillshare

Ten Most Profitable and Effective Rules of Successful Trading

Luca Moschini, Learn effective trading strategies and techniques

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32 Videos (1h 9m)
    • Promo Video Ten Rules

    • 1 Ten Rules Welcome!

    • No One Knows the Future

    • Discipline and Comfort Zone

    • Ten Rules of Successful Traders

    • Rule No. 1 – Making a Profit is More Important Than Being Right

    • Rule No. 2 – Never Add to a Losing Trade

    • Rule No. 3 – Be Patient With Winning Trades

    • Rule No. 4 – Have a Trading Plan

    • 4.1 Trading Style

    • 4.2 Risk Reward Ratio

    • 4.3 Entry Exit

    • 4.4 Account Size

    • 4.4 Major Indices

    • Correct Position Size

    • 4.5 Sector & Industry Performance

    • 4.6 Watch Out for Earnings

    • 4.7 Three Strikes and You're Out

    • 4.8. Keep a Trading Journal

    • Rule No. 5 – Know What To Trade and What Not To Trade

    • 5.1 Guidelines for Tradable Stocks

    • 5.2 Don't Trade Famous Stocks

    • 5.3 Avoid Expensive Stocks

    • 5.4 Don't Trade Stocks with Insufficient or Excessive Trading Volume 

    • 5.5 Avoid Stocks with a Large Bid-Ask Spread

    • 5.6 Additional Scanning for Finding Winning Stocks

    • 5.7 Trade Trending Stocks

    • No 6 Do not chase trades

    • No 7 Don't Look Back: The What If Syndrome

    • No 8 Do Not Pick Tops and Bottoms

    • Rule No. 9 – Read the Chart Not the News

    • Rule No. 10 – Keep Your Chart Clean and Simple

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About This Class

Learn everything you need to know to start Trading in the Stock Market today! 

Whether you are trading stocks, forex, commodities, options, ETFs... this course will give you the competitive edge you need to increase your trading success!


In this course you are going to learn the ten most powerful rules that distinguish successful traders from average traders.

Along with candlestick analysis, good money management and healthy risk/reward ratio, these rules will help you increase your probabilities of being on right side of the trade before bigger price movements occur.

This course offers an in-depth view of the ten most profitable and effective rules used by successful traders all over the world:

  1. Making a Profit is More Important Than Being Right
  2. Never Add to a Losing Trade
  3. Be Patient with Your Winning Trades
  4. Have a Trading Plan
  5. Know What To Trade and What Not To Trade
  6. Do Not Chase Trades: The Market Will Be There Tomorrow
  7. Do Not Look Back: The What-If-Syndrome
  8. Do Not Try to Pick Tops and Bottoms
  9. Read the Chart Not the News
  10. Keep Your Chart Clean and Simple


This course will give you key information how to use these rules to successfully trade in the market.

New lectures will be added to the course constantly - at no extra cost to you! This is a course that will continue to grow. 

Take this course now and learn from my 5+ years of experience. Avoid the most common pitfalls that catch 90% of traders! 

Too often beginner traders enter the market without the necessary knowledge and practice needed. As a result they take excessive, expensive and unnecessary risks hoping for higher returns. This course will teach you a very effective way to trade in the market successfully and with confidence.

This course is for all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced traders! All you need is an open mind and a passion to be successful!

Enroll in this course now and start trading the market successfully!


All our Sharper Trades courses come with:

  • Unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs
  • All future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this course are always free
  • Our Sharper Trades team is always available to answer any question you might have regarding this course. Answers are given in less than 24 hours!
  • Your trading success is our goal!


Over 30,000 students have already joined Sharper Trades courses. Join a large community of successful traders.

Click "Take This Course" and Start Trading Successfully TODAY!





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Luca Moschini

Learn effective trading strategies and techniques

Luca Moschini is the founder of Sharper Trades, an online trading education site offering a comprehensive training program based on candlestick and technical analysis for both investors and traders.

We teach effective trading strategies and techniques used by experienced traders all over the world.

Luca is a swing trader with his main focus on commodities, forex and individual stocks. He trades US markets, predominantly NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Chicago Mercanti...

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