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Tell Your Story with a Manga Method

teacher avatar Naomasa Matsuda, Manga Artist, Lecturer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Invitation to the Story World

    • 2. Why Storytelling is Difficult

    • 3. Write the Outline with a 12 Questions

    • 4. Design Your Own Characters

    • 5. Reorder and Turn Into a Story

    • 6. The Most Important Thing to Progress

    • 7. You Made It !!

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About This Class

Curious about storytelling? Join this class and feel a basic structure of the story!

Japanese Manga Artist Naomasa Matsuda welcomes and encourages you, and shows you the entrance to the fun of story creation. You need nothing about any experience or knowledge of it.

In this class, you will learn how to create a short story using a "12 questions method". This method is a simplification of the complex thinking process of professional Manga Artists. You can easily create a story outline by just answering “12 questions”. Now, let's dive into the story world with me and enjoy creating the short story in this way!

Class Outline

  • Video1: Invitation to the Story World.  The famous "5W and H Questions" is good enough for writing reports and diaries, but not enough if you want to draw manga or write scripts. Because it lacks two elements: emotion and growth.  And if you use my "12 Question Method" form, you can easily create a story outline by adding those two. Experience the fun of creating a story with this method I propose!
  • Video2: Why Storytelling is Difficult.  Many of the students I taught in university lamented that storytelling was difficult. In fact, however, it's not that storytelling was difficult, it's just that they didn't know what they should tell or shouldn't tell, and didn’t know the right order to tell. So, to solve them, I came up with "12 Question Methods". By using this method, anyone can easily know what to tell and in what order. But first, think about what kind of event you're going to write about. The class project is to create a story that conveys your joy.
  • Video3: Write the Outline with a “12 Questions”.  l explain what "12 Questions" means. Fill out the answers on the form you downloaded. Write specific answers instead of vague answers. The last three questions are especially important, so think carefully and answer them. Once you've written everything, you're ready to create a story outline.
  • Video4: Design Your Own Characters.  There are various character designs in manga. I explain some of them briefly. If you draw manga, decide your design and upload it to the project gallery. If you write sentences, you can skip this video and go on.
  • Video5: Reorder and Turn Into a Story.  Create a story outline by sorting the answers on the next form you downloaded. If you draw manga, draw it on this form. If you write sentences, add a little more detail.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Naomasa Matsuda

Manga Artist, Lecturer


Hi from Kyoto, Japan! I worked as a Manga Artist for over 20 years and as a lecturer of the Manga Department of "Kyoto University of Art Design" for 7 years, with 2 years as a chief lecturer, also served as a selection committee member of the "Japan Media Arts Festival " organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan from 2017 to 2020. Currently a lecturer at a "L’école Japonaise de Manga" in France and "Kyoto University of The Arts" in Japan.

I have taught more than 300 students face-to-face at that University, some of them have already begun careers as professional Manga Artists. Published 18 manga books in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea. Also, serialized on the web for 10 years.


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1. Invitation to the Story World: want their story. But dont know what to start with. Dave got to create a story. If you think so. This is class right for you. This class is not only the first step to drawing manga, but also the first step to creating and telling stories. Previous experience, No needed at all. All you need is that's it. Hi, I am now Muscle Matsuda, monarchist, basting Kyoto, Japan I have worked as a manga artist over 20 years and as a lecture off university for seven years and discuss you around the basic off storytelling. Maybe you know the five W's and H questions. This may be good enough if you want to write a diary or report, but this is not enough. If you want to draw manga, write a screenplay or a story. What do you need? Writing emotions and growth with emotions Written readers emphasized with the story and such wife to know the hero who has grown up lost. And with my 12 questions metal, you can naturally describe these two enemy. It's This method is a simplification of a complex thinking process off professional manga artist. Write the answers to these 12 questions first these are arranged in the order, you should think. Then fill out. This form is arranged in the order. It should write or draw. Now you're finished making story outline easy, right? By the end of this class you have knowledge or the foundation of storytelling and you will be ready to create your short story. So let's dive into the manga watch with me. It's even the next video. 2. Why Storytelling is Difficult: Hi, I'm so glad to see you again. Before starting to answer my 12 questions, let me explain a little bit more. Many of the students I told at University said the storytelling is difficult. Why is it because they don't know which Exel's to talking? Which order? And they talk about everything that happens in order. But that doesn't convey exactly what they really want to say. Bridget Social Tail and which should not My 12 questions Metal is a way to pick up just the Excel you need to tell the class project is to draw or write a story about your happy moment. So you are the main character. Okay, you might want to write a superhero story. This method works for all fictional stories in creating super hear stories. But if you are a beginner, I recommend you to write about yourself this time because it's easier to understand the main characters emotions, as I said in the video on the most important thing is to write emotions. But it's difficult to know the feelings over super here because he's not you. On the other hand, it's easy to know how you feel. Okay now, explanation needs over. You're gonna jump into the right thing first, decide what it sold you want to write about. You can write a big joy such as a winning a big tournament. All got Murray. And of course, you can write a small joy such as woke up, not jury or job it on Sunday morning. These are also wonderful. Think about it. Why? Decided? OK, then download this fire. Click on the project and resource is top up here and you will feed on the right side of that page. So printed out for your answers, you're gonna stop the next video. 3. Write the Outline with a 12 Questions: did you get this poem and printed? Of course, you can use your computer or smartphone to fill in these blanks. Okay, let's get started. Question A When was a happy moment you have. This is a most important event you should tell in this story I wrote like this question be How did you feel at the moment, this is a most important emotion. You should come bay in this story instead of just riding. I was happy, right? Specifically So that the readers understand how you feel. I won't like question, see, place and time. This is information to help the readers imagine the scene. My example is this question D What was the trigger for the happy moment? This is the beginning off the story. My answer is question E How did you fail? At the trigger moment with the motions written here, readers knows the main characters values and interested in the results Off this story I wrote question, knife place on time. This is also information for the readers to imagine the thing Question d about you. These are basic information about the main character. You should tell the readers. Question H, What did you do it to reach the happy morning. This section helps readers to understand what actions the main character chooses to achieve his goal and to get more involved in the story. Question I right before the happy moment. How was the situation and feelings at this moment here? By writing the main character who is almost certain to achieve his goal? Make readers expect a happy ending. The next three sections are most important parts over the entire story. Okay, question Jay. What unexpected bad thing happened or what? But thing did you imagine might happen. First, you need to write the opposite off Question I a situation that would disappoint the readers . Why read us wanting a happy ending? At the same time, however, they find it boring if things go to mostly, that's why unexpected difficulties need to happen, and this makes readers crave a happy ending, and the main character should overcome them, I wrote. You may not have experienced this opposite situation. If so, imagine a bad thing that could have happened. Question K. How did you feel at this moment? This is a scene to tell the readers the essence off the main character facing the worst. Are you depressed? Laughing or angry? My answer is question l How did you overcome the bad thing? What did you do to get over the worst or what happened? This is the most important part toward the goal off the whole story. In at the same time, in the case of fictional stories, it is a part where the also should use the greatest with. Now you finished preparing the story outline in the next video, I'll explain a little bit about character design. So if you want to draw manga seeing the next video, but you plan to just write a story you can skip to video five, okay? 4. Design Your Own Characters: you want to droll? Mine got right. First you need to decide what type of character design you won't draw. For example, this isn't a joke because the most important thing in manga is not to show your beautiful drawings but whether the content is interesting and accurately conveyed. Of course, beautiful drawings are one of the great tours. But this design works. If you have something to convey, if you want to draw a comedy or kids story, how about these design? If you draw manga for boys and girls, these are typical designs. And if you like superheroes, how about this? I would draw with this design, you don't have to ink drafting with a pencil leaves. Fine. Post your character designs to predict Gary and get feedback screenshot J pic PNG whatever . Can't wait to see your works. Okay, then download this pie and printed 5. Reorder and Turn Into a Story: in this video, rearrange your answers and make them a story. First, write the answer to question F in here. Next, write the answers to the question G in hair the here and do the same for all of the rest of the answers disappearing. All then read from F disorder. You you know that it is already a story outline, so this is a basic structure common to many stories. Then print is paper again. If you want to draw manga, draw a simple pencil draft on it. If you express it in writing, describe a little more. You can start drawing from balloons, composition lines or anywhere I start like this you can draw by hand. Ah usually drove me the Clips studio that is the most common application to draw manga in Japan and is used by many professional man gardist. As you can see, ah, usually drafting Blue then Inc in black. I left the background rough this time, but if studio also has a great function for perspective drawing, if you want to draw manga digitally, you should try it. Now you have a simple draft, then with the whole story again and write the appropriate title. Normally it is completed by thinking and currying or screen on. But this class is the introductory version. So this is the final assignment. Of course, it would be great if you can complete it by thinking I really can't wait to see your Simon . Be sure to post it to the project, Gary. 6. The Most Important Thing to Progress: I want you to follow. Why fit and making a story? But it's not enough. What is the most important thing for you to improve? I fed poster work several times. In fact, that's the most important thing for progress. Do you say, like, well, im not graph drawing or making story right now, So I will show my walks after I become better actuary. Many of the student I taught in university all from say so often, so I have something to tell them every year. It is a passage from the famous essay to read Zaragoza, written by Kinko Horse in 14th century Japan, he said People who want to Lance Hum sing always say it is CO to practise secretly, so it's not to be known by others as much as possible. While I'm not good at and appear in public after I become good at, however, there's no example people who say such a thing becoming first rate when you're still immature, you should interact with well skilled people not ashamed of being ridiculed. Don't stand still, even if you don't have talent and continue to practice eventually you end up being in a position higher than someone with natural talent respected by many and famous. Even the masters over the world have being called incompetent at first and have being deeply embarrassed. This is a sentence written Japan several 100 years ago. Students studying at today's Japanese universities and ancient Japanese people thought the same thing, such as I was shown My work to Oz is when I become good at. But that will not do. Why There are three reasons. First, you can know objectively understand what's good and what's not by being a variegated by others. Many people think they know their strengths and weaknesses. But is it true? In fact, it is often different from others, eh? Variations. What if the weakness you're trying to fix is arbitrary? Your strings? What if the advantage you're trying to emphasize is your weakness? Us your strong points and highlight your weak points. It's a waste of time. Second, if you have a goal of showing your work to summer, it's easy to complete your work. Otherwise, if you couldn't draw a satisfactory work like most of my students, you will continue to modify it or leave it. I'm finished and start drawing the next one that is, you cannot complete the work forever. The first important step to improving is to finish it, even if you are not satisfied with. And the most effective way to do that is to set a goal of showing your work. Some third. Getting feedback from others can add mo mentum to your next creation. Even the work that you don't like very much is often praised more than new expected. When you show it to someone, it makes you happy and encourages to do better next time. Really, you may be criticized. It would be frustrating and painful. You might think I shouldn't have showing it. I know where because I have experienced it many times. But that feeling off regret becomes the driving force to make the next work better. Okay, if you think I'm happy just to draw, I don't need to improve. If I feel frustrated, you don't have to show it to anyone, but you want to improve as quickly as possible. One thing you need to do is complete your work and show it to someone. It is great to show it to your family or school friends at first. After that upload and show it to me or your frayer of health. For the past 700 years, they have being people who say not now but after getting better and don't show their work to others. And on the other hand, they have also being people who show their work to others without hesitation. And this is the one who actor gets better. So which person are you gonna be? 7. You Made It !!: Hey, you made a was hard. I understand where how hard it is to complete one story. But I hope you have fun at the same time. Three things. I have one here too long in this class. First, when you tell something, you need to focus on one of the things you want to tell most. Which means question a off 12 Christians second, express your emotions, which is question B e i n k finally express growth in. Otherwise you go from the state off question G to the state off question A. You've written about happy moment this time. And was this metal you can express sadness, anger, surprise and anything else as well. So try it. But this is an ala a Simon final. Simon is this again? Be sure to post your assignment to the project Gallery. I'm really looking forward to it. This is the end of my first glass. Thank you so much for taking this class. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you like this glass, I'm very happy If you follow me here on scarce here. I'm thinking over next class so gets to meet again