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Teespring: Start Selling T-Shirts Online in 30 Minutes

teacher avatar Daniel Fayette, Learn, create, share.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. What You Will Learn

    • 2. Make a Teespring Account and a T-Shirt

    • 3. Setting Up Your Storefront

    • 4. How to Create a Basic, Custom Logo for Your Store

    • 5. Create a Custom Banner Image for Your Store

    • 6. DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design an Ugly Christmas Sweater

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About This Class

If you have ever wanted to sell your t-shirt designs online, now's your chance! In this video series, I will show you how to set-up a TeeSpring store from start to finish. From creating an account, designing a shirt using the built-in designer, creating a logo in Canva, and creating a background in Canva, you will be up in no time selling your designs.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniel Fayette

Learn, create, share.


After getting my Master’s Degree in Digital Storytelling and my Bachelor’s Degree in Video/Audio Production, I began working full-time with businesses consulting them on digital strategies and implementing solutions.

Previously, I worked as a video producer intern in New York City creating educational content for students. Throughout college, I produced videos, websites, and designs for businesses. I also served as a Graduate Assistant, teaching undergraduate students Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, video production, and audio production.

Now, I am eager to work with businesses with a passion to think big and a story to tell. I also hope to share some tips and collaborate with you guys to help you all learn somethin... See full profile

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1. What You Will Learn: If you have ever wanted to design and sell your own teachers online and you've come to the right place in this course, I'm gonna show you from beginning to end How to design your first T shirt. Open your first door, customize the logo for that store and get that page ready for people to visit and purchase your designs. The best part is you don't need to first, any of these T shirts up front. You'll sell them all online, using websites that are available to you for free and design software that's available to you for free as well. So if you're ready that I'm ready, let's dive in. 2. Make a Teespring Account and a T-Shirt: The first step to creating our online teacher store is going to t spring dot com. Once we're there at t spring dot com, then want to click the log in button? If you already have an account at T spring, you can go ahead and log in. I'm gonna go ahead and sign up for a new account here. So type in my information, create a password. And no, I am not a robot. And click sign up. Okay, so there we go. My account has been created, and now I want to click the button, start designing, and here we see we have a lot of campuses we can choose from a canvas print beach towel. I'm gonna go ahead and scroll down and click t shirt because we're gonna be creating a T shirt store. Okay, so on this screen, let me give you an overview of what we're looking at. On the far left side, we have a text and art panel. So this is where we get at our own custom text our own custom artwork in the middle. Here we have our T shirt canvas. So this is where we'll actually be designing on and then on the far right. We have style and design. This is where we can choose what kind of teacher we want or a sweat short or long sleeve shirt and what color we want. So for this one, I'm gonna choose a premium tea, and then I'm gonna choose a darker kind of black T shirt because I like lying on black for this T shirt. I'm gonna create a very simple design just to get us up and running. Feel free to take a long as you want in this step. I'm gonna move a little bit quickly so that we can go on to the sexed up and get you up and running as soon as possible. So here we go. I'm gonna choose make creativity happen as my text for this T shirt because that's my slogan for you. T w d. I'm gonna change the font here too. The bus. I like how thin and bold this type faces. So choose this and make and the creativity drag this up here and align it with make above. And then finally, I'm gonna choose and type in happen. Sort of make it make everything a line up here. Okay, so there we go really quickly. I've created a make creativity happen. T shirt. Like I said, feel free to take it as long as you want. Here, have some fun with it. Makes him cool. Designs. Once you're done, you want to take note of this. How much this base cost is because it will be important on this next step. So this one's 15 25 and I'm gonna click the button. Sell this cause this one we're going to sell, you could buy this and just buy directly and just buy one of those or our men you want. But for this purpose, since we're starting an online T shirt store when you click, sell this. So at the top here there's a profit estimator. So this really doesn't have any purpose besides letting you know sort of set your own goal and let you know how much profit you'll make If you do the sell that many. So this one I just put 10 causes a nice round number, and if I sell 10 of them, then I will make about $107 which is really cool to see below that, you can actually donate some of or part of your profit to charity, so you can choose a lot of charities here. So this could be cool. If you want to create a T shirt on your T shirt store to benefit another, cause that really cool off him and something to definitely take advantage of. And here for the apparel options, you can choose your own price. So T Spring has a recommendation of 25 99 here. And, like I said to take note of that sort of that base costs before that's 15 25. And then if we sell it for 25 99 then we'll be making about $10 profit so you can make your own price. You can make this as expensive or as cheap as you want. Just kind of keep in mind. Sort of what sort of T shirt store you want to be known? As for this particular T shirt? I'm gonna make it $20 and below this T shirt. Aiken add colors as well, so if I want O at a gray option or a green option than I can do that here so This is really great for people that, like a little bit of variety in their choice, and we can also add different styles. We're gonna add a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt. We came at some accessories, like stickers or even coffee mugs. In this case, we're just making a T shirt. So I'm going to go into the next step. So I'm gonna click next and for the campaign title. I'm gonna go ahead and make this campaign title make creativity happen, Tiu. And for the description, if you by this T shirt you will for sure have well for sure make creativity. Let's see, How can I say this? You will. I promise you that you will have creativity happen and then maybe a little disclaimer below that disclaimer. Creativity may not happen. I mean, creative is a hard thing to promise, right? So there we go. We have a nice little description here for our T shirt. They want to choose our categories so we can categorize this a little bit. And I'm just going to choose apparel and then apparel again. There's something else that fits your T shirt a little bit better than good. Choose that there and for the campaign length, I'm going to make it always available. If you want to have a short run or sort of an exclusive run, then you can do that here. Maybe you want to just have a one week run of Christmas ugly Christmas sweaters. And that could be a good idea to use this here. Or if you wanted to say, Hey, make sure you buy this soon because it's on Lee available for three days. You can do that as well, and I'm going to We can adjust the URL here. So if we wanted to make it a custom, your well, this one make ready, make creativity happen. T works perfectly here, so I'm gonna leave it. And if I wanted to show the back side by default, could do that. But my designs in the front. So I'm gonna leave that unchecked and once again, I promise I'm not a robot. So check that and then I'm gonna click launch. It's gonna save my design and began to publish it on the T Spring website. So it's exciting. So after that, it gives you a little quick question here to customize your experience. So which of the following best describes you? I guess I'm a content creator. And then what platform do you primarily use? I'll use Facebook. Okay. And done. So now we have our T shirt created and all of its glory right here. Make creativity happen. We could choose the different colors. And you see that $20 that we chose also displays there. And we could copy this link here and send that to people that they can go ahead and purchase this T shirt, which is really cool. So we've completed our first steps of creating online teacher store. We've created our account and we've created our very first T shirt. The next thing that we need to do is set up a storefront and actual online store so that we can display more of our products for other people to come visit in purchase. I'll see you there 3. Setting Up Your Storefront: Hello and welcome back. Now that we've created our account in our very first T shirt design, we're gonna need to create a storefront to put all of our designs O R. One design and so that people can start visiting that page and buying our products. So let's do that. The first step is clicking our name appear our email account and then choosing storefront. There's a lot of options here, and we'll dive into those later. But for right now we're gonna go to storefronts and create a storefront. So here says you store for us to group elated campaigns together, you have a single page show customers, and we'll even help you cross promote to encourage multiple persons. Okay, so in short, a storefront is a page, a webpage that shows all of your products from your store. So if you name your store Daniels store Daniels T shirts, then you could put all of your teachers that you've created on there so everyone can just visit one central location and look at all the things you've created. So let's go and get started and create that storefront. So for this one, I'm just going to try to get up and running as soon as possible. You can create your own name. Maybe you want to choose. You know, Nike, Adidas, Puma. I think those haven't been taken yet, so you could probably use those. But for this one, I'm just gonna choose Daniel store and click create store. All right, so let me give you an overview of what we're looking at here. So on this left side, we have a lot of different options. We can choose header banner products about settings. So that's where we're gonna just those individual parameters. We'll get to that in a second. And on the right side, we have a preview of what it's gonna look like for our customers. All right, so let's start at the top here and click on header. So this location, we can change our store title. So if you change your mind eventually and you don't want to be daniel store, maybe you want to be something else. Maybe you want it to be you t w d or Nike. Maybe not like, right now, I'm just gonna leave it at Daniel store, But you can change it. Your decision of the very beginning doesn't have to be. You have to stick with that forever so you could change it underneath that we can choose a logo or just use the store title. So if we had our own logo that we could put up there to represent our teacher story, we can do that for this one. We're gonna leave it right at the basics, use a store title just so we could get up and running. Underneath that, we can choose our store theme color. So if we wanted to choose a teal color or a blue color or red color or any of those colors and we can change it here and choose that So for this one, I'm just gonna make it a black background and this often extending extend branding to products. I'm gonna go ahead and leave that on for now. And I want to click save the next one. Underneath Header is banner. So what? A banner images Is this going to show? Basically right underneath the home and about text links here underneath these two words is going to show a banner image that can display whatever you want. You could show maybe some of your T shirts or show a picture of yourself or just some kind of image that shows and tells about your store once again for this video, we're trying to get up and running, so I'm gonna click, Save and Weaken had a banner image at a later time for products. We don't have any products right now. So this is where we're gonna add our products to the people, can look at them and hopefully purchase them. So I'm gonna click add products and I'm gonna add that make creativity happen t that we created before and click done. So there we go. Now, this has been created. We can click this star button and that will feature it at the top of the store. So right now, we only have one product, So this isn't going to do anything but it once we have, you know, 10 products, and we just launched our newest one, and we want that to show up at the top. Then we can click this button and we'll show up there. So I'm gonna go get done here, and as you see it updates over here. So now we have Daniel store. Great name, by the way. And then we have our first T shirt. I'm gonna click the about and what that is here. There's nothing here right now, But if I want to tell the story behind the branded products, maybe someone jumps into my store in the late. Why should I buy this teacher from this guy? I make creative. I make designs for people who are creative. So here you can really tell your story. Maybe you want to dive into why you're creating the T shirts. Or maybe they have a specific purpose. Maybe they're created for, you know, to benefit a certain cause or a certain nonprofit. Then you can tell that story here so that people will be more willing or want to buy your T shirt. So that's a good place to sort of sell your T shirts underneath that if you have your own personal website, you could put that there so they can visit your T shirt store and then hopefully go to your website. And there's a bunch of social media options here, so you can include those as well. If you have those, I'm gonna leave it all blank because I already have my own T shirt store. You can fill those out as much as you want, and that's Ah, that's totally cool. Someone clicks save. And now we're onto the settings. Abortion. So here the Euro Perma link. This is where people will actually go to visit your store so we can make this whatever you want a zoo, long as it's not taken by someone else already. So for this one, it's Daniel Store Daniels Dash Store Dash floor. So that's OK with me right now. I might change this later when I sort of revamped this and make it look a little bit cleaner, a little bit nicer for this T shirt store. But right now it's totally cool, and I can enable cross selling. So if there is a campaign from another store than weaken, kind of from from the store but another product on the sore, then we can choose to cross promote it there, and finally we can delete the store. So this store, maybe you with a trial, and we didn't want it to actually publish. Then we can delete it here. Or maybe we want to create no story. We just don't want to be there at all anymore that we can do that. So I'm gonna click save. Okay, So we went through all of these options here. I'm gonna go ahead and click this the bottom. Here, this is go to store and see what it looks like in all of its glory. Our very first online T shirt store. So it's really simple, but the coolest thing is, you got all of this up and running, using just t spring dot com and the designer so you don't have to buy anything. You did this all on your own, using this website, which is really cool. So you see, we have this first product here. You can go to the about page and I made. I picked designs for people who are creative, very good description. And there you are. You basically went from nothing to a T shirt store really quickly. So at this point, you can start creating mawr T shirts. You can create some more products in future lessons. I'm gonna dive into how to make this T shirt store look better. So we're gonna meet making our custom logo. Gonna be adding that banner image and just doing some or ground work to make this teacher store really shine. So I hope that this lesson, this lesson serious I'm creating your first online teacher store has been helpful to you. I hope you create some awesome designs. If you do create some designs, send me a link. I would love to see what you're creating, and I loved to even be one of the first people to purchase your T shirt store. But I think it's your T shirt, not your whole store. That be expensive. But I would be I would love to be one of those people that buys your T shirt, so send me a link. I would love to see it. And, uh, you know, I hope that you can make creativity happen. And I hope to see you in some future lessons. Thanks. 4. How to Create a Basic, Custom Logo for Your Store: Now that we've created our first product in our store front is time to customize a store a little bit more, and today we're going to be uploading a custom logo that we create using some free software available online. So let's jump in. So the first thing we need to do is go to t spring dot com and navigate to the storefronts page. Once we're there, we want to click at its store, and it's gonna take us to the editing store front page, and then we'll click header And here we get upload our new logo, but before we do that, we will not come up with a name. So instead of Daniel store, I'm gonna rename the store to level up. And in my mind, level up is going to be the brand that I can sell these T shirts on. That helps make creativity happen for people, so if they wear the one of the shirts, I hope that inspires them to be more creative. So that's basically my idea here. And if you already have a logo, maybe you work for business or you have a lovely you've been using before. Then you can upload that here. I'm going to assume that you don't have one, as I don't have the love love logo. So we're gonna create one ourselves using campus. So let's jump over to camera, and you can do that by going to www dot camera dot com. All right, so here we are on the camp, a home page, basically can. Va is for people that maybe aren't designers or, if you're a designer, is too little too. But the tools are really easy to help you create designs without having to know Aton about designing. Okay, so and it's free. You can do a lot of the stuff on camera for free. They do have a paid subscription option, but we're going to stick with the free one to create this logo today. All right, so new to camera, sign up. I'm gonna be signing up for a new account today. So personal and I will send up with email, and my full name is Day fe yet who spell my own name wrong. All right. And then email is the DF media dot com steve media at gmail dot com, and then set myself a password and I promised them that I'm not a robot. Promise I'm not and clicks up. Okay, so let's start creating beautiful designs. All right, So let us help you find the right ones. What do I do? Let's say I do graphic design, and today I want to create a logo. And what type of logo? Um, it's hard to say. So all of these is trying, Teoh, you know, narrow it down to something that's really gonna work for me. So there's a lot of options here because I feel like level up is more for the digital side of things. I'm gonna try the computer logo and see if that comes up with something that I can use. I also kind of like this logo. So at this step, what we're trying to do is create a design from a template that they're supplying. Okay, so let's click the computer logo on and see what it can come up with for us. All right, so here we are. We have some interesting things going on, says start by clicking on a layout would do that just a second, and then it's kind of guiding me through some stuff. You click on the Texan right on message. Okay. And then search images could do that and then download up here. All right, great. Thank you for that. It's actually really useful. So let's see what we can come up with. So I'm just looking through here and trying to see one that is resonating with me. I'm thinking, Yes, that is the one that I need to be using. All right, so the one that I'm going to go with, it's gonna be maybe this one, the tech box one. So I'm not gonna be using tech box for me. I'm going to be using level up. So I'm just going to swap out the text year to be level, uh, and a space here and it looks like it rolled to the next line. So I'm going to resize this. So it's sort of centered here, and it's given me this little this box, and I don't know how well that relates to my brand, but I'm gonna kind of play it off as being, you know, maybe level up, think outside the box, that kind of thing. So I'm just trying to get up and running as soon as possible. So I'm going to be using a lot of the default template stuff. Feel free to take your time, go through here, go to the layouts, change it up. So really fits with your brand. But I'm gonna be using this so we can get on to the next step. Okay, So I'm gonna change this to a different color. I don't want to use the default dream here. Maybe a yellow would be good. And the next thing I want to do is I'm gonna make this a bit. Let's see that we have Ali a light. What is a Leo look like? See if we change it or if we can even make it Boulder. So that's kind of this Looking a bit bolder. I kind of like the boulder. Look, in this case, the the thinner one. And now I'm going to resize this That went to the next line again. Drag this out until it pops it all into one live, and then I'm gonna center it in the middle, clicking on this spring it over. Okay, so that looks like it will work. And now I'm just gonna resize this box here, so it's a little bit bigger. A lot bigger, Not hoping there. Ah, lot bigger. And I'm going to put these elements somewhere in the middle here. Okay, so here we go. We have this level up, Icahn, this box icon with this level of logo, and I wonder if I should just go ahead and make this one yellow two. So that's another thing we can consider. Okay, So I'm going to run with this idea for now. Like I said, take as much time as you need. You can make your logo is customize you want this is gonna work for me right now. And another thing that I'm keeping in mind is there's a black background here, so I'm gonna also make my locus background black so that there's no it's not like a square inside of, ah, black background. If my book background was like blue, for example, then maybe I would consider making it blew here. But blacks only make it black on black, so it's kind of seamless in that in that design. So next I need to. Now that I'm done with this design, I'm gonna click the download button and actually, before I do that I want to change his name to yellow level up, done. And then I'm going to click the download button in PNG that works for me and download Hold tight, preparing your design switches, downloading that design for me and it prompts me, says I could bring my designs with you. There is a camera app for your phone. It's really good. Highly recommend it. Maybe I'll talk about some other time, but let's get this store up and running. So I'm gonna jump back to this store page and click that upload logo button. And now I'm gonna click that yellow level up PNG. So there we go. We got the thinking outside the box level up here have changed my store title the level up level up here and click Save. The last thing I want to do is go into settings and make sure that my Perma link updated. So the Perma link was the link that people go to to visit my store. Another thing you should check while you're at this stage. If you've posted your link somewhere else, maybe it was Daniel store before in my case now changed the level up. If you change your name here, make sure you're changing it. If you posted on your website or on your Facebook update those links because otherwise we're going to go to a blank page is going to say there's an air or something, so make sure you take that, All right, So in this episode, we went from using that store title to using this custom logo. In the next episode, we're gonna tackle how to create a banner for your storefront so stated. 5. Create a Custom Banner Image for Your Store: Now that we've created our custom logo and uploaded it to our storefront is time to add that banner image. So let's dive in. The first thing we need to do is go to the editing store front page and then click on banner here we can upload an image. If we already have an image available, we can go ahead and upload that here. In this case, I do not have an image. We're gonna create that today using Canada. And one thing that we need to take note before we jump over the camera is that the ideal banner image is 1600 pixels by 200 pixels, so that's gonna be very important for when we go to campus. So let's jump over to Campbell and type that in. So here we are at the camera home page once you've logged in. So once you log in, this is what you're going to see, and I wanna click this more. But just so you can kind of get a glimpse of what camera is and what you can do with it if you need to create posters, postcards, really anything in the design world, maybe not anything but a lot of things in the design world. From Facebook posts to Facebook cover images, they have a ton of things in. The best thing about it is that they have the dimensions ready for you. So you don't really have to worry about that. It's already gonna be optimized. In this case. I don't think that they have a t spring one just yet, so we're gonna need to use the custom dimensions. So I already forgot what it was 1600 by 200. So I'm gonna type in 1600 by 200 making sure it's pixels and then click design. So here we are. We're gonna create that banner image to add a little possess to our page. So let me give you a quick overview of what we're looking at here. So here's kind of giving me another little guided tour. Find our free images. So there's photos and illustrations for camera for work use, which is their pay subscription. But there's also free only ones if you have the free option. So here on the left side, we can search for photos and illustrations. We want o type something in there for layouts We wanted to create a grid. So here is like 2/3 and 1/3 half and half that we can create something to make a cool design. If you want to drag photos and to fill it up here under elements, we can get to get some more of those free photos. We can add some grids here. Some frames, lines, shapes, charts. There's a lot of things we can do here with element text. We can add her own text year. They even have some interesting design texts. So if you needed to create employee of the month certificates, you could do that. Or, you know we're having a baby girl bear organic. There's a ton of interesting and useful designs that can really help jump start your creativity here, which is awesome for background. We can even just put a yellow background in here, and we can imagine the yellow background right here, and that could be sort of a cool background. It doesn't have to be overly complex. It could just add a little bit of flavor to the page. And that might be enough, depending on what you want to do and upload. So if you have your own images, you can upload them here, and that's where they will store them all on camera. So for this design, I'm gonna look through some of these backgrounds because they're free. And I think that they can add some style to the page without, you know, doing a lot of work, which not to say that work is bad. But when you want to get up and running, then this might be a great option to get from a to B in the fastest way. When you have, when you're doing this on your own, feel free to, you know, jump around, tries in different backgrounds, use some different layouts you some elements, find some pictures, have fun with it and make something that really makes your brand stand out. In this case, I'm gonna get up and running as soon as possible. So I'm going to click on this was kind of interesting, like some cheese or something. These air lemons. I don't know how well that blends in with what I'm going for. Um, let's see what else is available here. This one is just another. These costs money. So they also offer that So if you wanted to do some of those and you could pay to get some or custom designs, which is also a pretty cool option, let's go toe photos and let's see if we can maybe a desk, something like a desk could be kind of cool, since it's all about creativity. Maybe that would be sort of useful. And this one looks kind of cool. If I just click, it's gonna insert it. So actually want to delete that, and I'm gonna use a layout here. What if I choose this layout and I'm going to go ahead and replace the content? And now that this is here, I'm gonna go back to my search, grab this image and then drag it right here, and that's just gonna fill it up for me. I want to put it back there and let's see if I can. And this might just add some texture to the page. It doesn't have to be, you know, super complex. This is just trying to add a little bit of flavor I'm not really liking because the aspect ratio is so short. There's only a little bit as being shown, so I'm gonna test out some of these other pictures and see if it's see if one of these is gonna be a little bit better suited for what I'm doing. So that was kind of cool. Let's see what this desk looks like. That's also kind of cool, actually, kind of like this because it shows a little bit of personality here. This bamboo looking stylist tablet thing looks kind of cool. So I'm gonna go ahead and roll with this design. Like I said, feel free to go through any photos you can use. The photos, three illustrations, anything. Have fun with it. I'm gonna use this for now. So I'm gonna rename this to level up banner. Quick. Done. And then I'm gonna click the download button and downloaded as a PNG. That's cool. And what a whole tight. It's preparing my design. And as soon as it's done downloading, I'm gonna jump over to the other page and upload that banner image. So now it looks like it's done downloading. Go back to this click upload image level up banner. And there we go. So really quickly. I want to click save here. And when a hide this I can sort of see what I'm doing, and I'm gonna click. Go to store. All right, so there we go. Slowly but surely this page is getting some mawr possess added to it. We created this logo. Now we've added this banner image. At this point, you could add a different matter image, this one. I'm not sure if it completely meshes well with the level up, but this is something that you can kind of take into account. You can always replace it later, experiment and find something that works for your brand. So, so far, we've created our products. We create an account, create our first design. And now we've added a custom logo and a custom banner. It's time for you to jump in, Be creative after new T shirts, get some products out there and launch your first online store. Stay tuned for some more tutorials on this page, and I hope to see you in class. And I hope to see that creativity happening. Thanks 6. DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design an Ugly Christmas Sweater: Hello, everybody. Today's video is a challenge video. So I'm going to challenge you to create this design or a design using this design brief. So today we're gonna be making an ugly Christmas sweater. I'm gonna be making my life for you right now. Let's get into it and I can't wait to see what you come up with. So first I'm going to t spring dot com and I'm clicking the start designing button at the top and a lot of things that we could create. But we're going to be creating ugly Christmas sweater for all of those ugly Christmas sweater parties and the like. So let's dive right in. We're gonna change it from basic teas to hoodies and sweatshirts, and then we're going to change it to the Haines Unisex Crew neck sweatshirt. And for this one, I'm gonna be using black for this challenge I want to use. I want you to use these three words to create a sweatshirt. Ugly. It's the 1st 1 Christmas. It's the 2nd 1 and then the last one is sweatshirt. So what I want you to do is create your own design using these three and this is going to be my version of this design for you right now. So for this, I'm trying to think ugly Christmas sweatshirts usually have some interesting design from the Texas, usually kind of faded a little bit, and there's usually some repeating patterns of some sort. So I'm trying to think about this, and I'm trying to use on Lee the text panel here. So I'm not using any outside designs, not using illustrator photo shop anything I'm just using once built in here already. So let's kind of have a little bit of fun. This is supposed to be fun, and let's see what we come up with, what I can come up with. So first things first, I'm going to start experimenting with the different font because, you know, this is pretty much the clothing that my words are wearing. So let's see what we can do. So there's a lot of popular ones here. Um, that's kind of hard to read, so probably uses. I'm going to separate these a little bit so I could see them independently. Ugly. That was a little Trawniki. The distant galaxy looks like something from Tron. The movie. Okay, so I'm not really feeling any of these. Maybe this permanent marker. Okay, I'm definite not feeling that one. I'm gonna change popular to. Maybe there's a script futuristic with a lot of things. Let's see what This Maybe this could be kind of cool. And all I'm doing is I'm just trying to come up with some ideas. I'm really just jumping to a playground and seeing what's out there and seeing if I can come up with something and I'm gonna I think this a little bit bigger. So I'm not a huge fan of that for what I want to do when I go back to digital and let's see what else we have here, this one looks kind of digitally. Okay, so that I think there's some potential here. This one is kind of a digital design. So it could be the premise of this design Could be an ugly Christmas sweater digitized. So I would have run with this for a little bit and see if I can come up with something. Maybe not, but, uh, let's see, what could dio So I've been using the visitor for it. Make this Bigler Bigler make this bigger a little bit bigger. Just everything went together. They're so ugly Christmas and let's choose digital. And a scrolling game is off and change that. They're so cool. We got this ugly Christmas sweatshirt that looks very digitally. So now I want to add some possess I don't know if this possesses gonna work or not, but so what? Something that you can do if you want to add some designs or some icons or some shapes is you can use some of the special characters that you know are included on your keyboard. So I just typed out a number of them and I wanted to see if any of these would kind of work with the design. So this one, the little Asterix asterisk, might work. So I'm gonna type out some of these conceive that all could be a little design that I could use. So maybe I could use this asterisk as a repeating design here. And when I bring this up and resize this here, it looks like the other one has fewer of these. Uh, this kind of this kind of looks a little bit like a snowflake, which is kind of cool. I think that might work. So cool. We got something going here. I'm liking where this direction is sort of going, I think the biggest the most important word here for me isn't sweatshirt, but it's Christmas. So I'm gonna see if I could put these snowflake looking things around Christmas instead of around sweatshirt. And I'm just kind of rearranging this using my arrow keys on my keyboard here. Now, what kind of like a Christmas sandwich? Um, not intentional, but, uh, I see. Okay, so we got something going here. I'm liking this. Let's see what other possessions we can add. I feel like what this design is doing right now is a big emphasis on ugly, and everything's kind of meshing together. So I wonder if I could change the color actually, of some of these elements to take the emphasis off of all of its kind of blending almost too much. So I want to see if I can help the person looking at this sort of navigate through this design. So what happens if I change this to green? These two things secreting, um, is that the same one that's a little darker. There we go. Okay, so that's kind of changing it up a little bit now. Now the things instead look like the I don't even know what they're called. But those things that even a Christmas tree, I guess it kind of looks like a tree with a tree branch thing that comes off the tree. Um, and see what happens if I change this to Green as well, because I can actually make this sort of a red and green design, and that could be sort of cool. So let me see you. What's the I don't know if I want to make this one yellow, but all I'm trying to do now is try to figure out how. Now it's worries. Ugly Christmas sweatshirt, which I like that a little bit better, and it's just really ugly. It's really out there is really bold, but I sort of like it's kind of kind of interesting. Might be good, is why. What about Gray? I think says it's not white. It's not as it doesn't pop as much right now, it ugly really is emphasized and Christmas within sweatshirt, so that's kind of cool. The last thing I want to do is Maybe there's some element I could put the very bottom here to sort of clean up the design, and actually that works for me. So there we go. So I've created my ugly Christmas sweatshirt, and I used on Lee the tools that were on T spring. So I hope that I could see what you can create using these tools. I was uglier or better than this. I don't know what's better in this case, but I would love to see whatever you're creating. And now what I want to do is I'm actually gonna purchase it because I wanna see what this is gonna be no looking like in person. So if you wanted to sell us on your store than you totally could just click to sell this button or you can click the buy this button And actually, I want to show you one other thing. If you want to click, save up here, then you can save this design and it tells you where it is right here. So if you want to work on it later than you could totally do that, it's totally cool. All right, So this is my ugly Christmas sweatshirt. digitized. I'm gonna click by this, and it's gonna take me to the page where I can publish or not publish where I can purchase the T shirt, the sweatshirt in this case that I have created. So here we go, my ugly Christmas sweatshirt. But next and I guess I wear a medium in this case, and then I'm gonna click. Check out now and there's the estimated delivery there. That gives me an idea when I should be receiving this lowly Christmas sweater. So I'll fill out all this information. I could do that, you know, outside of this video. But yet the challenge in this video is create your own ugly Christmas sweater. Using those three words, I like Christmas sweater. You don't have to, but this is sort of a challenge if you want to take it on and use on Lee the available tools given to you on T spring. So no outside designing is try to use. Some of the funds may be creative with some of the special characters and make yourself a cool design, and once you're done, you can comment it down below with the picture or just a link to it so I can kind of take a look at it. I love to see where you're designing. And if you bought one, take a picture of yourself wearing and I love to see that too. So I hope you can take this challenge on and make creativity happen. And I hope to see you have some other courses. Thanks.