Teespring First Campaign and Storefront!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Enroll in Teespring First Campaign Creation and Storefront Launch

    • 2. Teespring introduction and purpose

    • 3. Creating the first design

    • 4. Setting the goal and choosing additional design styles

    • 5. Adding a description and launching the campaign

    • 6. Setting up a storefront with all campaigns

    • 7. Project for Teespring First Campaign


About This Class

Enroll in this class to see how I make my first campaign live on Teespring for my new shirts and setup my storefront to sell multiple design styles at once while having many colors available on each!

Start with seeing the passion I have for the design itself and see what a great opportunity Teespring is to give your creative work a try in the community!  Continue with seeing how I make the design, how I select additional colors and fonts, what I do to make a powerful description, and why I am happy to see the final product ready for sale!