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Teespring First Campaign and Storefront!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Enroll in Teespring First Campaign Creation and Storefront Launch

    • 2. Teespring introduction and purpose

    • 3. Creating the first design

    • 4. Setting the goal and choosing additional design styles

    • 5. Adding a description and launching the campaign

    • 6. Setting up a storefront with all campaigns

    • 7. Project for Teespring First Campaign

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About This Class

Enroll in this class to see how I make my first campaign live on Teespring for my new shirts and setup my storefront to sell multiple design styles at once while having many colors available on each!

Start with seeing the passion I have for the design itself and see what a great opportunity Teespring is to give your creative work a try in the community!  Continue with seeing how I make the design, how I select additional colors and fonts, what I do to make a powerful description, and why I am happy to see the final product ready for sale!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in Teespring First Campaign Creation and Storefront Launch: enrolling this course to see how I start from scratch in t spring for the very first time. I have no shirts up. I have nothing done so far. I'm going to walk you along as I take one step at a time for making my first design to launching my first campaign here in T spring. If you enjoy this class, please let me know in the discussions and I will make follow up classes showing how things go from there. This is a class for quickly seeing how to get your storefront started. Get your first campaign launched and give yourself a chance to sell some shirts on T spring . Thank you very much for watching this. And I'm honored to have the chance to serve your eyes. Your instructor in this class as soon as you enroll. 2. Teespring introduction and purpose: thank you very much for enrolling in my first T spring course, explaining and showing exactly how I set up and launch my first campaign and my storefront on T spring. I'm grateful to be here with you if you haven't heard much about T Spring. In the simplest terms, it's a website where you go through and make a T shirt idea you'd like to sell. It's kind of like a crowd funded T shirt store you go through like this one here. I like the design on this. You go make a design and then it's available up. As you can see here this they have several different formats here, and you have to have a certain number of orders to print. And that's a cool thing with T spring that you have to essentially get, ah, critical Momenta Miff, enough people don't order. They won't even print it. And then once enough people order, then as many more orders come in, you can make your profit there. I like tea spring because you can see here there's different types of designs. You can have all available in one campaign, so this, as you can see, this just a random one. I found there's these different products that you can go get different colors differ on a hoody on a shirt. So that's what I want to do is be able to set up different possibilities for buying the same basic thing. So to start, what you really need is a design to put on a shirt. So this is cool. This is just kind of, ah, pair of eyes and a mouth, and you can make a whole business out of doing this right here. So what I've got is an idea. Does it mean it's a good idea? Not necessarily at all. I was on the gym at an elliptical yesterday, and I just was thinking about life and people. And I got this smashing idea. He got a smashing idea that came into your head. Yes, I got us mission idea that came into my head. I thought, What if I've made a shirt that said, Would you like a hug on it? I feel like hugs or something that the whole world could use a lot more of people, especially at the GMR, So keep your distance from me. I'm in here working on my own. I've got my headphones. And don't talk to me and you can't even hardly approach someone. I thought What if I wore a shirt that just said Would you like a hug? I see people come in looking like they're in the middle of a bad dad. Just like to give them a hug and say, I love you. Everything's okay. And this idea just came out of nowhere in my head. I didn't walk towards it. It just blasted into my head like a massive symphony might come on all of a sudden, randomly and I Oh, my God. Yes. Okay, I will go ahead and do this to me. The key for getting started on T Spring is toe. Have something you're passionate about and something you are willing to go where yourself. I've seen lots of tea, spring videos, talking about businesses. Get it set up in Facebook ads and you sell all these shirts. I don't think that's a way to proceed. That's not how I'm proceeding. I'm making stuff that I want to wear that I want to buy my friends for Christmas gifts that I want to put on my daughter. If you go over here as a kids and babies, I want to put a kids premium tea or one of these rabbit skins. Ones ease air. I hope it's not actual rabbit skin guessing it's not or one of these. Whatever. I want to put a shirt on my daughter that says the same thing. So this to me that is an opportunity to make something you love and share it with others. My idea is not unique or special. It's a variation on the free hugs sing. The difference is I want Shourd's that I can go wear out in the course of my normal day and then just give someone a hug that needs it somewhere at the right time. I'm not intending to go stand on a corner and just get free hugs. I'm intending to where? Something that helps me share the love I have with the world. So it's idea is to be useful and to make myself available to people who need love around me and my normal everyday life, so that, to me, is the key. First step you're going to start on T spring. You want to have an idea that you're willing to stand behind toast, at least based on the data I've seen. You don't want a T spring business unless you love making the designs yourself. I'm not considering outsourcing or having anyone make designs for me. I just want to put one simple design, one design on this T shirt and then do variations of it like on these different teas or different styles. Premium teas are hoody. I want just the words, just the exact idea I have. I want to put that on and see what happens. 3. Creating the first design: Once you've got your purpose, you've got your message you want to share on T spring. Here is how I'm going to communicate it. And I hope this useful for you to watch and do the same. So I gave this a quick test before I actually started to teach it. So what I'm going to do is show you how to add the text in the printable area. So I'm starting on a basic t here. And I asked my wife which color and she recommends this color. So that's what we're going to go with. And then I'm putting my message here based on what I did before, would you like a? And then it's hug. So I go over to here. Now there's popular fund choices. So first I put the message in here and there's no size box for some reason. So you just do it that way and you put the text in. You want the printable area means the only place you can print words on the shirt is right here. You have to have the box actually selected to. If you select off the box, you can put new text him, but make sure you've got the actual box of text, Select him and then what I'm going to do is choose a fun. I looked through the fonts, and what I like is the bold Helvetica black kind. So it's up to you to pick your own thought based on what you like. Now what I'll do over here is scare Lis up until it gives me red air and then scale it right back from there. So there's my design on my shirt, and then it actually needs a question mark as well. Would you like a hug? Question mark? A very clear purpose to the T shirt. Someone may be standing in line at the grocery store. Who's on edge is having a bad day, and I realized this particular message takes a bit of a leap of faith in people. I wholeheartedly believe in this, and that's why I'm doing it right now. So T spring I'm happy makes it very easy. It has this selection off colors down here, and then you can see how it looks on all these different options, which is nice. Everything except the white. It comes out great. Now you can add an outline. I don't know if that's necessary that much. Those saw him. I'm skipping the outline. Then over here, the second part is to pick a style and design. So I started this on the basic Haines tag list T, which is the lowest cost of all the shirts. So if you click over here, then you'll see the base cost goes up, and that means when the base cost goes up, then the customer's going after pay more. So I'm thinking every campaign should at least include a base level. Tagle is T shirt like this, and then what you can do is put different versions of these together. So I've got this basic T shirt right here, and then I should be able to add different versions of it. Now. I think this is just my opinion, along with all the other stuff I share that you your back of your shirt is just great riel estate. So put the same text on the back, and if I go over to here and I click on the text, I'm not sure if there's a duplicate option right away on it. So what I'll do is just show you what I did again. Same thing. Would you like a hug? Capitalized over here in the text. It has the fun chosen already. I'll slide it out over here, right until it gets red. Cut it back in there. So now I've got on the front and the back of the shirt. You'll notice that adds an additional cost. And if I picked these more expensive ones, that makes even more of an additional cost. So I've got this on the shirt. Now I've got it on the front and I've got it on the back. So this is a shirt intended for functionality. If I'm at Disney, I want people to be able to read it on the front or back. So I then have the chance to fully spread my message. So this is a key. First step here, you get this done. And then once you've got that, you click. Sell this to move forward. Now, this has everything then to make the next step of the campaign. So what I'll do is break the class here for a minute and we'll cover this particular page 4. Setting the goal and choosing additional design styles: Now that I've got my original design here, it's put up and ready to go. There's a lot more work on the set, a goal page here. So what I'll do is show you how I set up thesis at a gold page. Now there's first the sales goal, so you can start at the sales goal on just set a goal of one, and then you can go up from there. If you have high quality artwork, it says, then you can adjust the goal up from here to try and sell. So if you notice, it's then gives you an estimated profit down here, and I guess I move my head over to the right for this. That gives you the estimated profit down here for selling various units so it won. It says it thinks you'll make 4 to $6 and you can then just type in whatever you want. A specific goal. 10 for 20. If you've never done a campaign before, it says it recommends something a lower goal. You could easily dual Orgel, I say, if you read the text on it and this might be knew, they might have done a different way it says Your goal is the number of unit dreaming the cell, but will print your campaign as long as you sell enough to generate a profit. So I'm thinking, Why not just shoot for 1000? Why not just try and see if it will let you make it to 1000? I say, Why not set a high goal and try and sell 1000? So I'm going to set 1000 as my goal for my first campaign. And if I don't reach it, so what? We're going to try and get up there. It's just before holiday season, everyone these Christmas presents. So let's go. I'm gonna try 1000 and it estimates my profit is 4000 of 14,000. So I'm not doing this as much for the profit as to try and teach this and see if people like it. So the estimated profit That's nice, and it's good motivation to go follow through and give it a try. But all of the profit I might have to spend money on ads to sell the shirts, too, so we'll see what happens. The next thing down here is the apparel option. So you see the design I created up here on the right and then on the back. So what t spring does it pulls it down here and automatically suggests that I make a mug. So each one of these apparel options I'm selecting these. So the default should I created selected. Now I go over here and pick a mug out. So I've got a mug that set up here and then a T spring will allow me to add 13 mawr apparel options. So apparel options include colors. One thing I can do is make different color options available for this shirt. So, for example, I can set black Aiken set purple. I can set this crazy orange over here if I want to. Also, I could set this blue or purple, and I could pick as many of these I want to see. You see, I could literally go through and check my way into doing all the different colors on the Basic T, and then I still have two more peril options. Since this is my first campaign, I want to do a little bit of a test, so I'm going to air on less colors and instead I'm gonna try and test a few different types of products alongside this, so I'll just try one mug on here just to see if anyone buys Monk's. I remember from selling on Cafe Press that people like to buy all kinds of different things . Everyone's not up for buying a T shirt, but some people might buy different item. So all I have to do to de select these, I'll go down here and de select a lot of these because I don't need all of these colors. So what I'll do is just put a couple of colors I think are essential. I think Ah, black is good with this. A purples. Good. I would go for all these, a nice red and then maybe something like, Ah, pink on here might be good or something like an orange. So I'll put those on for now and then I have eight more options, plus the mug. So the mug has so many different colors. I could do a mug campaign all by itself. I'll just do a blue mug and just test one mug out. And then it also gives me an additional sticker I can put on is an accessory. So maybe if someone wanted to stick this in their workplace or in their office or something like that, so you get a sticker with it, and then what I can do is add styles down here, and the recommended product is ah, Hoody. So I'll add this hoodie on and you'll notice it says what my profit estimate per sale is. So this is a $14 profit, and I can set the price here. Self T Spring recommends 2199. I probably want to stick with that. I don't see any reason to deviate from what they're expecting. However, I could put the price way higher, and then now it's $91 for a sale on here, and that's just crazy. So we'll put it back to what t spring recommended here with 2199 we'll leave all the price that the T Spring recommended. That said, I could put it lower if I wanted to. I could put it down to say 15 99 and actually, it won't let me do that, so you have to have accessories. So let's say I could put it at 17 99 and then it's $10 profit for sale. Why might as well just put it at the recommended price. And that's $14 in profit, a sale that's better than my course margin. So I've got different of the basics up here. So on the Hoody, Aiken do the same type of thing with adding colors. Now the question is for a hoody. What kinds of colors of hoodies air people going toe want? Well, with this exact message is hard to say in it's obvious. There's no exact clear formula you can use up front. I could make a campaign just four hoodies, but so I could make different campaigns with the same exact text on it. The problem is, if I split my energy into a bunch of different campaigns with different text than I end up having to essentially funnel everyone to my store page. So I'm thinking now that maybe I will go ahead and try a couple of different campaigns to see if I contest different products out so I could just send people who wanted hoodies all over. And then there's all these different colors hoodies, so I could run a couple different hoodies at the exact same time and then just send everyone in my storefront. So for now, it makes sense to try and do some separate campaigns, and that way I can put all these hoodies. Then, in one individual campaign, I could just put an entire campaign in my store front of hoodies. So then I won't go ahead and include the hoodies here, and I can see if I add all the different color options on this basic one. Then I could go ahead and fill it up and just fill it all up with the colors here and then just have this be for a T shirt. And then I can delete this here, even though I could add two more peril options. I've got all the colors except White selected, so I could just then do this campaign with just a shirt, and then I can essentially make the exact same thing again and do it just with the Hoody. I just showed you browsing some other campaigns before, and some of them have different ways of doing it. I think it's easiest to make them all at once and send people to the storefront then the storefront runs all your campaigns together. So if I've got a ho d one shirt, one, ah, women's one, for example, then I can put all these together. And since it says you can just do as many units as you want, I might as well put 1000 on all of them. I know that's crazy, ambitious or however you want to put it A If I fail one of my losing, I'm not losing anything. Riel. So I go through here and click next. And then it takes me to this last page to add a description where I then have the chance to go through and choose how long I want to run my campaigns for. So I've got all these different options now and then. I've got the advanced options to set the Facebook conversion pixel. I can then pick my storefront down here so I will save this for next lecture. As I go in and look more at this page and then we'll dive in and go through the last part of making a campaign here on T Spring 5. Adding a description and launching the campaign: Here's how I've completed this. Add a description page and I'll show you it now so that you can see the process. This took me about 10 or so minutes of writing and description here, and I'll explain to you how I did it. I think this might be pretty powerful because I feel large to cry after writing this. So I hope I feel like you. That's what you should get. You should have really good passion if you're going to do something like this is you really mean something to you and to help the other people. So first in this, the campaign title, you call it whatever you want to have it called. And what I've done is I first put the name of the text here. Would you like a hug? And then I've specified the type of campaign and the end of its shirt. So then what I can do is make another campaign called Would you like a hug mug? And then I can make another campaign called Would you like a hug? A hoody? And then I direct everyone in the description to go to my store to get different styles of the same. So I've written this in the campaign title here, just a simple description of what the shirt says and then in the description I've written this out so that it starts with. I like to start things I've after sending tens of thousands of messages online, writing all kinds of sales pages, I'd like to start people out with a feeling because while most of us think were rational, when I want people to do is feel good and contacts to seeing this. I'm asking in the very first recall. I want to get people to immediately grab ahold of the feeling I hope them toe have in regard to my product. So I've asked a question here. How do you feel when giving a hug? The purpose of this shirt is to reproduce that feeling over and over and over again. That's the point of the shirt. So I start off with a question that attempts to reproduce the point of the shirt. How do you feel when giving a hug? That's the point of this. So I start with the question, How do you feel? And then the end of it here? I relate to the specific shirt. So since the shirts about hugging, I asked, How do you feel when giving a hug now, immediately before people read anything else that the brain in the mind automatically remembering recalling feelings of getting hugged and hopefully they're good feelings. And then when very now, hopefully are applying that to this individual campaign, then what? I've done next year's write a story Because I love stories. The story provides context. So what I've got is specific context in this story. It starts out in a way I hope anyone can relate to. It says when I go to Publix for groceries, I see people every day that looked like they need a hug. And this was a realization I had in the gym other day, like everyone or most of people in here look like they need a hug, but without me tapping them on the shoulders. No good way to ask. This shirt solves a problem. It gives me the ability to silently ask everyone. So I mentioned that quickly in the set up here. This is the set up, so I've got a feeling cued up. Then, right here next. I've essentially got the context. I'm hoping this shirt to be warning, So the feeling the shirt provides the context. It's intended to be used and then clearly explained right here. I hope this shirt helps people feel safe asking me. I'm intending to wear it. I'm not selling something I'm open to make money off of. I'm selling something that I want toe wear myself and use, and by my friends and family members, who will then just pass it off to good will. Probably half of or use it to wife stuff up that's OK and pass it and given on is a gift of friends and family members who may do the same thing. I hope this shirt helps people safe asking me just for a simple hug, because then I will have the honor of helping them feel loved. And I don't know where I came up with all this except out of like, the depth of my heart. This I think this is much better in the usual stuff I write, Your opinion may differ, so I've got the set up here. I've got the line, the feeling, the context and then the exact purpose of the shirt. I use the word because because it's it tends to be very influential in explaining things. I hope the shirt helps people feel safe asking me for a hug, and then I say, Why? Then I'll have the honor of helping them feel loved. And then I explain that the big purpose of this my purpose for living, is to learn out of love. And this is the best way today I can think of to work actively on that wherever I go and then the key thing here ask. I'm asking if you've seen this. I'm asking, Would you help me by buying one of these shirts? I'm That's my call. The action by this shirt help me by the shirt and then being available when you wear it to help another person feel loved by. And then I could extend by giving them a hug. So they're now. I've clearly explained the hug element in it. Would you help me by buying on the shirts and being available when you were to help another person feel loved by giving or being willing by being willing to or now see, there's no point over editing this, so it's not gonna be perfect no matter what you do, I think this is good enough. Would you help me by buying one of these shirts and being available when you weren't help? Another person feel loved by giving them a hug? And then I like to put sincerely Jerry Banfield toe. Give a sense that I'm really invested in this. I've got everything tied up in it essentially that I'm whole heartedly doing this. And then I got a PS down here. If you would prefer a hoody, then I direct them to my shop to let them know. Hey, if you're not up for a T shirt right now, just go check out one of the other campaigns in the categories in here. I think these air used for the marketplace on T Spring. So what I've got I've got awareness up here and then I've got community down here because I feel like that's the most relevant category. I think it's just a pretty straightforward nature or a mission. Go through, pick your category. Whatever your category is on here, you go ahead and put it in. And then I don't think you need toe be too over the top about picking an exact one. So I just put the first thing in that made sense. Now the campaign length you can have different lengths of campaign. I'm going to pick 21 days on this because I would like time for word of mouth toe happen for people to share this and talk about it. And then it takes a couple weeks, get the shirts printed. So hopefully with 21 days, it should be easily there before Christmas. So what I'm doing, I would like to run Ah, bunch of these all at the same time and then promote the entire storefront with all my campaigns on it. So I've got this one and then I essentially did you just do the exact same thing, put this on a hoody, then put this on a mug and then off 21 days. So if the word of mouth gets going, I can have time to go through and make some ads. I have time to go through and make several videos after this, share this over and over and over again, and that should have the chance. 21 days, then 1000 seems like a pretty strong goal for this. But if you think I really Onley need to sell 50 of these a day to get to 1000 and 21 days, if it's really something that people enjoy, then I think that's perfectly possible. So now, down to the u. R L I like the shortest. You are all possible. I'm thinking, if I want to do Google ads or Facebook ads, I'd like to have the very shortest you are all possible. So I've got t spring dot com slash i hug. The minimum is four characters. It's easily memorable. Someone says you Have you seen that? T spring dot com slash i hug. It's a nice short share a ball girl. So I've got the t spring dot com slash i hug, and I'll leave that in the u R L there. So I've got 21 days t spring and then for additional ones of these, I can just go. I hug one. I hug too, etcetera. So if someone just remembers the basic you Earl, they can pretty easily find their way in tow. Other other ones. I'm not using either of these options, and I'm not showing the back side by default. I'm not using a custom pixel just for this campaign because T spring gives me the ability to set one up for my entire store. What I have done down here is I've added the Jerry Banfield store, so I very quickly it only takes a few clicks to set up your store. What you can do is add this campaign of the storefront and then when you go to my store, you'll see this campaign, and then you can put all the other ones up there with it. And now I don't have any groups right now. So I hit launch right here, and I've never done this before, so I'm interested. A little nervous, little afraid it won't go through all kinds of things like that. I'm doing this right here with, you know, So it says we're setting up your campaign, and now I am able to get the word out, so to speak. I can share it on Facebook. So then I can start sharing my campaign already, and then the next thing to do is just to essentially do another campaign just like this 6. Setting up a storefront with all campaigns: I'm really excited because now my campaign is available on T spring. It's got the exact you are l up t spring dot com slash i hug. It's live right now, and you'll see that people have the opportunity now to buy it down here. So what I've got is all these different colors up that the shirt can be purchased on. And then if you see up here, it says, Would you like og T shirt from the Jiri Banfield store? Now it's got a link to my store, so I'll show you in my account. Over here, my storefronts page storefronts group all these related campaigns together so I can do. Would you like a hug on a bunch of different types of merchandise all in one storefront, then promote the whole storefront together to get the maximum amount of sales? If you're in your account, you just goto dashboard t spring dot com slash dashboard slash stores, or if you go up to your name and account in the upper right. Then you go to storefronts down here and you'll get this page. You can create a new storefront, and then once you're in a storefront, you can click at its store over here. Then when I've got I have of my head or up here, which I haven't bothered with you, then this is how my store shows up and I can edit the campaigns in, and I can remove one particular campaign if I want. And then if I go up to settings on the very top here I have the name and I have the URL I think you are. All that's really nice toe have is the one I've got with my name and as short of format is possible. This allows me, as you've seen in the banner, up above, to easily point you straight to my store so that you can go to t spring dot com slash stores. Last jury Banfield It's not completely overwhelming. I don't think to type in directly, or you could search for Jury Banfield t Spring, and then you can. You'll see this familiar you, Earl and probably goto the nice thing T spring as cross selling on here also, so you can suggest other campaigns from the store after the customer's initial purchase. So if someone buys a shirt, then T spring can suggest a hoodie to that person. So the nice thing is with the store, it groups everything all up together here. When I go to put another campaign in this storm, then I will have the storefront to promote all the campaigns together. So now it's just a matter off putting the rest of the campaigns in the store and then promoting the entire store out from there. I appreciate you watching this, and I value your feedback on this class. 7. Project for Teespring First Campaign: thank you very much from making it to the end of this class. Would you please post a picture of your first or next T spring campaign you've created using this class? I will go ahead and do it right now and you can also alternatively, if you would prefer to post a screenshot of your entire store, just go ahead and do a screenshot of your store instead. So I will go through right now and just select this screen shop, and then I'll take that screenshot. And now I've got this in here for my class project. So I'm going to post this up. Is my class project showing exactly what I've done through this class? And then I would love to see what you've done doing this class. And that gives me a much better idea of what else I should do. If you would like me to do another class on T spring, if you like me to review the results that I get doing this, would you please let me know that in a reviewer say, Hey, I love this class. Would you please keep making more of these? I found this one helpful. That will is a great way to help me know exactly how to keep helping you. Thank you very much for watching this. I hope you have a great day. And if you make a T spring campaign, I wish you the best of luck with it. If you share your project, I might even buy one of your shirt.