TeeSpring Mastery: Capitalize Your Creativity and Wit by Creating and Selling T-shirts Online

Daniel James, Learn From The Best, Become The Best

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10 Videos (1h 26m)
    • Introduction To Profiting With T-Shirts

    • Finding Your Niche & Audience

    • Desiging Your T-Shirts

    • Posting Your T-Shirt Design Online

    • Facebook Campaigns - Part 1

    • Facebook Campaigns - Part 2

    • IMGuru045 TeePostFacebookAd

    • TeeSpring tools and settings

    • Outsourcing Your Designs

    • Similar sites - More profit


About This Class

Discover How To Capitalize On The Hot T-Shirt Marketing Trend, Using These Simple Methods

You can start selling shirts in a few hours! No Technical Skills Needed!

Follow along with me for a moment. You are watching your favorite hit TV Show, and in the middle of the show one of the lead characters says a line that has you doubled over in laughter. It is one of the funniest lines you have ever heard. After the show you go online and put that silly TV show quote onto a t-shirt using a point-and-click web based too.

Within a matter of minutes you show your friends the new shirt you have up for sale. You then utlize social media to get the word out via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You post about this shirt on your favorite TV shows Facebook fan page. In 10 minutes or so you setup a small test campaign using Facebook ads to this shirt. 

You then go to bed.

After waking up you look at your t-shirt website's account balance, and jump with excitment! During the night you sold 12 t-shirts! With a profit of $7.50 per shirt, you have pocketed an extra $90 while you were sleeping! This all happened within 10 hours of you getting this shirt out there! 

After a week has passed sales are still flooding in! After a while you realize you have sold 136 t-shirts in 7 days! That comes to a profit of $1,020! The best part is that after you setup the design and Facebook campaign you didn't have to do anything else. This was hands free, passive income while you went about your daily business. The 136 shirts you sold were packaged and shipped straight to your customers. You didn't even have to touch or feel the shirts!

By leveraging new technologies, and taking swift action when you saw a trend this could be your story.

One of the biggest trends right now is people making money from selling t-shirts! This is your opportunity to cash in on this huge trend while it is still hot! T-shirt sales have always been a huge industry and market, and now with new websites popping up your ability to profit with them is even greater!

Make Money Sell T-Shirts You Love

Another cool part about this business model is that you can choose to only create shirts with sayings that you love! You don't have to sell t-shirts for things you don't like. Some people have made money selling shirts related to players on their favorite sports teams, their favorite TV shows, their professions, etc. Even if you don't like a certain team, TV show, or political standing, but they give you a chance to make good money selling shirts you could do that! If you have a creative mind or know somone with a creative mind you can cash in on this venture!

No Technical Skills Needed

As we will reveal to you inside this Tee Profit Pro course you do not need to be a Photoshop or graphic design expert! You don't even have to be an artist! If you can point and click your mouse, you can create winning t-shirt designs quickly. When you need a more attractive shirt design you could always partner up with a friend, or outsource your deigns for very little money. 

Rest assured if you are able to read this page, than you are able to profit by selling shirts online. You just need to be able to click your mouse to design these simple shirts from scratch.

This course will help you generate solid income selling t-shirts.

Inside this 10 video course you will get in depth training on all of the proven methods to get real income from selling easy to create t-shirts to hungry audiences!

The bottom line is that if you want a fun, simple way to make money from your computer than this course is for you.

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Thank you for making this course because I enjoyed seeing Teespring alternatives without having to sign up for them and seeing a look ahead in Teespring from just getting started!
Jerry Banfield

Teaching 71 Skillshare Classes! New Videos Daily!

Nice for newcomers only.Old but effective.Need to update as teespring made lot of updates.Also make change at facebook ad.
Masnun A.

Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

Great class!





Daniel James

Learn From The Best, Become The Best