Technical Analysis Made Simple: Live Step-by-Step Stock Chart Analysis | James Nguyen | Skillshare

Technical Analysis Made Simple: Live Step-by-Step Stock Chart Analysis

James Nguyen, Professional Money and Lifestyle Manager

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12 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Stacking System Overview

    • 3. Step-by-Step 3 C's Walkthrough

    • 4. When to Buy and When to Sell: 2 Examples

    • 5. Bullish Trade: Twitter Daily Chart

    • 6. Bitcoin: Secrets of Trading the Top

    • 7. Day Trading Analysis: How to Apply the 3 C'ss

    • 8. The Importance of Trade Management

    • 9. Over My Shoulder Trade Management and Exit

    • 10. The Right Trading Psychology

    • 11. Six Final Trading Tips

    • 12. Bonus: The Next Level

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About This Class

Do you want to make smarter investing and trading decisions?

Imagine looking at any stock, commodity or crypto chart and knowing how to analyze it and knowing exactly if you want to buy or sell? 

What if you knew a proven, SIMPLE process to make smart, confident trading decisions?

Picture yourself having more winning investments and knowing how to manage your risk and cut your losses when you’re wrong?


Live Step-by-Step Stock Chart Analysis is an end-to-end guide to the most important tools in reading a stock chart.

This class is the FIFTH in a series that will teach you the essentials of technical analysis and stock trading to help you make smart, profitable investing decisions. You’ll focus on the most important technical indicators and put it all together into a process that I actually use as a professional hedge fund manager. 

My classes are built around my Stacking System, a step-by-step process to analyze any price chart using simple, classic technical analysis.

If you can follow a recipe, you can learn my system. 

Technical analysis will give you an edge in trading, day trading and investing in anything from stocks and penny stocks to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


I'm James and I've been a professional trader and hedge fund manager for over 20 years, trading billions of dollars. I'm active on Twitter using @marketmind3 and on my website I post trading and market analysis live, where I can't hide and fake my results.

My teaching style is focused on being simple and easy-to-follow. I'm also a big believer in using visual aids and live, video walkthroughs as often as I can, so you can look over my shoulder as I apply my concepts. 


This class will put everything we covered in previous classes together with live walkthroughs of the key aspects of technical analysis and how to use them to trade smarter:

  • Lesson #1: Introduction
  • Lesson #2: The Stacking System Overview
  • Lesson #3: Step-by-Step 3 Cs Walkthrough
  • Lesson #4: When to Buy and When to Sell - 2 Examples
  • Lesson #5: Bullish Trade - Twitter Daily Chart
  • Lesson #6: Bullish Trade - Twitter Weekly Chart
  • Lesson #7: Bitcoin: Secrets of Trading the Top
  • Lesson #8: Bitcoin: Tips on Buying the Dip
  • Lesson #9:  Day Trading Analysis – How to Apply the 3 C's
  • Lesson #10:  The Importance of Trade Management
  • Lesson #11:  Over My Shoulder Trade Management and Exit
  • Lesson #12:  The Right Trading Psychology
  • Lesson #13:  Six Final Trading Tips
  • Bonus: The Next Level


Understanding technical analysis will change the way you trade and give you control and confidence over your investments. My course will transform you from a “close-your-eyes-and-hope” beginner to a smart, consistent trader. If you want to learn how to read a stock chart, understand technical analysis and trade with confidence, you’re in the right place.