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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Setting up cloth basic

    • 3. Cloth Simiulation

    • 4. Final Touch

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About This Class


In this short class we will create a very nice and realistic simulation of a tear cloth sphere in cinema 4d

We will use powerful built in tools of Cinema 4D without any third party plugins you need a little bit knowledge of using Cinema 4D to grab this class and start creating cloth simulation in Cinema 4d .


Features of this class :

  • Easy to follow .
  • Project oriented .
  • Project file.

Let get started :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.


Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, welcome to this class in this class. You'll explode and tear, and it's fewer in cinema 40. I've seen this type of simulation in a lots of motion graphic scene, and I decide to create a name Shark last on a scale chair about distinct need using D simulation. Create a nice look in your emotion graphic projects. To start this class, you need a little bit similarity with cinema 40 although I have explained out close relations work and some basic A staff. But knowing, sitting, afford to use interface and other basic A staff well, help you a lot. Okay, let's get started. 2. Setting up cloth basic: Okay, guys. A rhyme in cinema four d and I'm using CMR 40 are 16 study version that it's very important to have a study version because in other versions you can find clothes simulation, for example, in primitive in broad cost in light version, there is no clots simulation fax inside of Cinema 40 and you have to use it's static. You can download Cinema four D trial version in maxim dot com websites. Okay, let's set our project and the first set, having I'm just going to rain or set up and adjust my rez elation for resolution and just using HD TV 25 for aspic issue. I want aspic reissue off, uh, custom, and also it's my favorite presets. You can change anything you want. You can do a lot of authorization if you want, and also okay, let's talk about clots simulation inside of Cinema 40 to create clot simulation in cinema 40 you need an edit herbal object, for example, Let's Creed and our our object, for example, plane we need. It's fewer, put it in a bath of this ground and make this a little bit bigger than its fear and also in his fewer. I'm just using 15 50 Sorry segments. For that, I'm going to display ground shading. Now you see that these objects are in pragmatic mode, and when you have objects with dramatic mood, you can apply clots, cumulation and clots. Fact inside of cinema four D OK, you can find clock tax when you right click on your object insulation tax below off thes rigid bodies and soft bodies. There is three facts that there is related to clog. The 1st 1 is Clot Belt Clot Collider and Claude. I'm not going to each one of them bad. I'm just talking about a clot built when you apply Colt Flog Belt. You can just fixed a map for influence off your Claude, and you can apply some points to stick your claw in their point that he was selected. It's very complicated. I'm not going to clock belt. You can find out of tutorials for oclock build. Maybe I have some other tutorials, and if you sure on a scale, fear about I'm just talking about a clock quieter Claude. Quieter is is the attack. That means that when you add, distract your object when you add clock climate. One object. It means that your claw object, your main cloth object, is quite with other object in the graph. For example, ground its head the grand, and it must be interact with the grand and for the grand. We have to use clot cli there because this this fear is cool. I'd and interact with this ground. In this case, we have to add a tax of claw the main Claude in hair simulation at two hours. Fear, because when you add a clot, your main object, it means that your main object is the tack off Claude. And it's reacting, deformed by the for example, force that you add an other staffs in your cinema. 40 project Okay and toe assimilation tack. You need to change this pragmatic to the creditable. And for this I'm just licking my object and prissy on the keyboard, and it's now changed to irritable object and I can change. For example, pines and hey, I can changed it faces and also polygons in your object. And also you can right click and choose make creditable on the Now you can adjust different patterns of different things in our it's for your object. Okay, I'm just duplicate disease for your object. Hold control and rag. And it's our inner sphere renamed this inner. It's fewer if that is fewer, that it's inside of this glass elation and let's drag it down a little bit and also was change the color of it okay for color and just own and use a white color for this. And also all the thing is set up for creating a clots from leash in the next Listen, he began. Our simulation works, and we'll create a very nice clot simulation using claw tax into them afford. 3. Cloth Simiulation: creator, clot simulation and tears claw. We need to modify some segments in our s fear for this and just isolate off this. Enter one. And selectors fear this fear and Goto faces in here and right click Choose knife. And what knife does is create a kind of cats between these segments. And when we have cats, Indec mints in the sphere, it makes Horace Fury tear with the clots and it's create a till look for this. Okay, let's drag in here and also just draw a random lines and click track and this side and also make a lot of friends. Um, it looks so fancy, but it will work while we apply our quad tax and do a bunch of other things. You see that our helpful and as you create this kind of things and maybe a little better in hearing the sides and also create some fears. And also it's very nice. Yeah, Now it's good, and they'll it's like them like that and off this, and, uh, I need a clot surface because clot surface is something vision surface on. If you don't apply this, you can think any good results from secure and drag this into cloth. It's few. And let's go to, uh, this Lee and Graham cheating off for ground. I'm just using simulation clot Clyde er, because this is furious. Cool. I interact with this ground also for interest. Fear I'm just using simulation cloth collider as well, because this cloth is also interact with this interest fear also. And for this fear itself, I'm just using claw. Okay, let's add a forces, for example, and just using at a tractor and put it a bath and go to a clot in here and enforces. The first thing I want to do is zero down their gravity, and we don't want gravity because its gravity, if graphics on but later well, just any made this gravity to achieve a good result and also intact. I have something in hair just used to your chick box. And if you want tears, you have to check on this used here. Otherwise you can get there. Two options in here. In here you can just adjust their the value of your tour, how much tear you want for your object, for example, and just change base to 115. Also, the other things I want to do is go to a tractor in objects. I'm just increased it. Strains of that maybe 750 also in fall off go to fall off and choose this fear and go to our view port and also scale it down and put it in this area because our segments and our knife are cats in segment or really are exist in this area. And we want to have explosion. You want to start our explosion from this area And once you dance this good your claw and an expert more drag your a tractor two club to have some interaction with which will clog Otherwise this a tractor is not affected to your clock. Okay, if I had to play bad and you see that I have a very nice explosion in here and it's very good, but the main thing that we want to do is just adjusted gravity and keep from the gravity. For example, in this area, in these areas we don't want gravity. We just want to detect these explosion. But in this Syria, we we want disclosed to fall off in the ground and hit the ground. Okay? for this. I'm just going to claw and in forces. Let's create ab key for this for claw animation and at a key. Frame me the in this area and go to this frame and good clod. Make this minus 90 z rolled to. And now if I hit the play baton, you see that when it's come in this area, the gravity is affected too. Dishcloth and this claw is falling down to the ground, and it makes other project very, very realistic and very, very nice. You see that it's completely react with this ground because we add a Claude quieter in this plane. And also it's quiet with this address feeling here, and it makes a very nice effect. We don't want to. Just some other problems include. If you want, you can do a bunch of other parameters. For example, you can adjust it, bouncing it off this Claude how much mountainous you want, you can jazz diffraction and also flexibility. Maybe a little bit rubber nous to that, maybe 15 and now let's take a look. Yeah, it's very nice. And also the other things I want to do is cached dissimulation. File this simulation because you see that when I had the play batter, it's very, very slow. And if you don't want to reseal it again and again at when you set up your assimilation, you have to cash it out to have a faster playback option for this. I'm just going to clothes and in cash used this. Calculate cash and wait until this cash process. What? Damn and, uh, or a file is completed, and they make sure that this cash Morris on on. When I play this simulation, you see that how much fast is there on its Very nice. It's makes our project very, very easy to grab into different frames, and it's very useful. You can save your cash also, whenever you just changing the project, this nation you can load there cash file also. Okay, the other things I want to do as make a little better thickness for that you see that it's very completely flat and that the rial close is not flat like this. And for this I'm just going to clap surface and a little bit subdivision and also in thickness a little bit. Thickness is very nice for this, and maybe this matches. Good. Okay, in next. Listen, we want to set up our rendering options. We add some material for this clothes and create ever a reflection environment with HDR I maps. 4. Final Touch: Okay, let's add some materials and polish this simulation to look very next. Okay for this, the first thing out I want to do is create a background for background. I'm just creating new mattress all on. I won't a white collar for background and also at this to playing. And we want to create an infinite background when I had it in a render Batam. You see that this sell this ground is appealing here and we don't want to see this ground. We just want to see the shadows that we will achieve later on. When we add some lights and foot this I'm just going to setting and in effect at a Munich lotion and also global elimination for realistic result and in Arabians cache file, I'm just changes to at low and also you see that it's completely black, but we will fix that lets at some material for our sphere. For Claude, I'm just using a great type material in here and also maybe a little bit reflection for that lower down the reflection and maybe just add a original for that and grab it to this. It's few, and also for our interests here I want to use at different collars to a kind of different shade between thes clots and at this inner surface. Okay, for this, I'm just using a red color on also a little bit reflectivity this match and go to hair and personal ability a bit adjustment off a speculator Byington strain like this and rabbit Judah's interest feel okay? Once you grab, we have to change this color to off to see our exact same materials. And when I hit the render baton, you should. It's completely black. We need some lights and hear Ariel lights and just create at the top of that and located 19 degrees. And let's suggested in from different Report and skill it up and put it in this area and go to line at area shadows and also difficult. This light and, uh, put it in this side, this side, and maybe zero down this just 19 degrees. Or maybe you were down this just time in degrees in this axes. But also it's good. Maybe a little bad. Put it in this side in the lift hand side and lighting I've ever seen and create a beautiful results. Okay, let's add another copy of that and put it in this direction. Maybe put this in this direction, to have some so light in hand in the this area. Also, let's create our HDR. I've reflection map, maybe lower down these intensity, and it's a bit higher for a reflection map way we have to add in the sky. And for this guy I'm just creating and you might feel off the reflectivity go to limn INTs and Adah HDR. I'm ab available for download, and you can download it from the class project area. Miss at this and put it in this guy on the Let's at their render baton to see outs. Look OK, you see, it's very nice, and that reflection off our environment is very good and very nice and also all the things set up. But just we don't want to see this environment. We just want to see a white background with some shadows. Yes, I'm just using some thick knees for compositing, Guti Sky and Assam on a compositing fag. And let's and trick this scene by camera. It's it's already affected, but we don't see it on our Bagram and also the other things I want to do is go to plain and add a compositing pack and for composing tank and just composite this with my background on when I hit the Render baton. Or maybe just this area, you see that there was no playing. There's no thing, is just an infinite background. And in Flint ground, that looks very nice. Very good. Okay, let's create another camera for that and that Put into camera mood adjusted in. Decide on Okay, our scene is completed and you have all the things set up. And for rendering option, let's talk about some rendering options and altitude. You can just test your isolation and your frame. And for animation, you have to changes to all frames for animation. And the 1st 2 friends here just need Teoh changes to Karen frame and also and save. You have to define away. You want to see if you have some compositing works and compositing task that you want to do it. For example, in nuke are other compositing. Software is like a terrific you can just defying the location of your multi pass in here, but we don't want to use multi pass. We just want to use a regular image And for a regular Amex you have to define your file location here and also you have to form us. For example. Maybe PNG is good for this and also your color or channel. And in here you're Utkan adjust your compositing project file And also if you want some project files that are come with this project if you want. If you had to render could receive there Perfect project file in here and also a terrific with other Softwares Okay, hoping from this class. And don't forget to put review and your class project in the class project area on duh check other polygon motion at classes in the scale Sheer My name is you to shade from polygon motion We will see next sign.