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Teaching Music with Screencasting

Gary Hiebner, Sound Designer and Composer

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9 Videos (55m)
    • Introduction

    • Screencasting Software Options

    • Microphone Choices and setup

    • Live Demo

    • More Engaging Screencasting

    • Tips and Tricks for Making Great Screencasts

    • Audio Tips and Tricks

    • Export Settings

    • Action Steps


About This Class

Teaching Music with Screencasting What is Screencasting and how can you use this as a musician? In this course composer/sound designer/online trainer Gary Hiebner will guide you through how to use screen casting software and create your own music tutorial videos. It could also be an extra revenue stream for your music career. We will cover the different types of screencasting software you can use, and how to get setup and ready to record your first video. Then we will show you how you can take your screencast tutorials further with some great tips and tricks on how to make them more visually interesting and appealing. Plus, we’ll also go over how to record great voice audio for your tutorials which is a super important part of the process. Finally, we’ll show you how you can export out and share your tutorial video/s with others Course Content includes: What is Screencasting Screencasting Software Options Getting Setup to Screencast Recording Screencasts Editing with video, screen, mouse and text actions Tips and Tricks on making them more interesting and engaging Exporting out your Screencast Video What You'll Get From This Course: A walkthrough on how to produce great quality tutorial screencast videos Get extra tips and tricks on how to make them more interesting and engaging You’ll learn how to record and edit your own screencast Course Goals: At the end of this course you’ll have a good understanding of how to use screen casting software to produce top notch music tutorials. This could be on music theory, a music instrument, or music production tutorials. We all have our own tips and tricks on how we do music. And why note better than learn how to capture these and share with other like-minded musicians. This class is geared towards musicians who like to share and teach others their tips and tricks. and you can do this through screen casting and possible earn extra revenue as a musician this way.





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Gary Hiebner

Sound Designer and Composer

Gary Hiebner is a sound designer and music composer who was been working in new media such as music and sound for TV and online games for the last 15 years. In these years Gary has worked through a multitude of different audio software, and through this found a passion for teaching how to use the different type of audio software that is available on the market. He is a firm believer that audio software has its place in the creative field and using them as tools you can get different results w...

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