Teaching Healthiness: Eradicating Diabetes | Toby E. | Skillshare

Teaching Healthiness: Eradicating Diabetes

Toby E.

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2 Videos (18m)
    • What Is Diabetes?

    • 5 Ways To Improve Your Health


About This Class

Diabetes is a problem. A big one. Why should you care? Because it's a growing problem. The percentage of the population with diabetes is increasing, as obesity increases.

T1D is scary, but nothing is being done about it quickly. Why? T1D is not as lethal as other diseases like cancer, so people don't hear about it as much even though it effects many people. Another reason is money, pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money selling insulin, they don't want a cure for diabetes because it would take away a huge portion off their profits.

As healthy food is becoming more expensive, wages decreasing and people spending more time sat down. T2D is increasing rapidly, even though it is completely avoidable with a little dieting and exercise.

So with some help from all of you we will spread the word about living well so we can change the world.

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Toby Everist started his Circuit WIzard career in secondary school at the age of 11. He was top of his class in Systems and Control and now is at university studying aeronautical engineering.

He wants to share his knowledge of Circuit Wizard after having to sort out his friends' mistakes when making circuits.

His annoyance in bad graphic design made him want to learn how to make good designs. Which he uses in his portfolios.

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