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Teach to children how to draw step by step

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Drawing a little girl

    • 3. Drawing a cat

    • 4. Drawing a giraf

    • 5. Dessiner un cochon

    • 6. Drawing a donkey

    • 7. Drawing an elephant

    • 8. Drawing a mouse

    • 9. Drawing a chicken

    • 10. Drawing a shark

    • 11. Drawing a crab

    • 12. Drawing a horse

    • 13. Drawing a bat

    • 14. Drawing a little chicken

    • 15. Drawing the tiger

    • 16. Drawing he rabbit

    • 17. Drawing a whale

    • 18. Drawing the Lion

    • 19. Drawing the snake

    • 20. 23 Drawing a little boy

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About This Class

If you want to teach to children how to draw, you can use this course. I'm going to show, step by step, how to draw very funny and simple characters and animals. By following the steps I'm giving you, you will rapidly be able to draw yourself these characters, but your child are also going to learn very fast.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome in this. Coarsely dedicated to the drawing for Children, this course is dedicated to Children and to the parents off people trying to teach Children how to draw. You will see, in this course, all the lines are presented with a digital software. This is done. Fold the clarity of explanations and toe over to for me to shoot my own hand drawing on the paper. Now every lines I'm drawing can be reproduced by yourself or your child with the paper and a normal man. The purpose of this course is to teach you how you can, with very simple lines, draw funny drawings. We will try to draw clowns, animals and many other stuff like that, for instance. And here's the first example I'm going to show you Different lines are You can draw a line than another one and another one to get in the end. The drawing. You can see that with these lines. I'm drawing a here, some hairs, another here, the face I brought the ice to nose and the mouth. This drawing is could be a very easy to draw. And even if you are nuts, good in drawing, I will give you a very simple step by step techniques to troll them. The I D hair is, too. Give the first course to a child about how we can drop and to teach him how to do every night if your parent and want also to learn a few interesting tips about drawing to have your talent to drop, Um, or even if you're in instructing teen care of very young Children are even changers. Why nuts? You can hear. Learn for yourself very simple lines, for instance. It happens very often that apparent are an adult is asked the child to draw a character or a dog or a dolphin in someone. I will give you plenty of drawings on examples about drawing very simple stuff like characters, animals and sore. In the end of this course, if you for every videos you will be able to draw very simple characters, we will even talk about adding colors like here. Of course, you can switch from a video to another. You are not stuck on following every videos one by one 2. Drawing a little girl: the first ring we're going to do is a young girl. This younger is very simple to draw. We are starting with very simple geometrical forms on and we are going to start by something like this. If this form is not perfect, does enough nether you can draw Very simple lines are unfinished line, but the most. If you want some quality, you can train in first place to finish the cycle you droit and this. Then you add another form. Here we have the head, we have the body and we're going to end the leg another league. Then we're going to end two arms here and there, and just a bowl for the left hand and the right hand. Then we add the right fit foot and left foot so you can see that we have now hairs. You get the head with two forms and this, then you add lines that represent the hairs. And then here we're going to add some details on the body. Re an additional stuff on the hairs, the here's and we add some details on the face. We have the eyes nos ended mouth and she's smiling so you can see, just by taking his video and looking at it over and over again, you can reproduce these very simple lines. All the videos of this course are done in that way. You can reproduce over and over again all these drawings and learn in the end to drove in rapidly and improving your drying skill for you or for the channel Children you are and teaching. 3. Drawing a cat: now let's draw cats. They can't is something that seems very difficult to draw because we never know him. He's sit down our world king. And so So we're going to see a very simple technique to draw a sitting cats. We drove the head within rounds. Then the years here not much told just That is enough. You have to position the years like this not too close, not too far from one on the other. Then you draw the body like this. This is probably more difficult part of this drawing. You try to do a kind of battle. It's lots of water, then around it, pal. Here, this is a kind of little and you add ASEAN. Then we add some details on the face. Two black points for the eyes and then you can see the distance between the lines of the ed and end the ice, which should be respected for both sides left and rights. Can you draw a tree and go for the nose? Then the Miss Touch and Despina. So we're almost done. But there is something missing. This is what is missing. It's not good banana floating in the hair of course, you can draw something probably more perfect, but this is the first step. You can respect all the step wandering here, and it could be enough to represent the cats. Then inside here, we can add something else. Wondering, cycle and again, two years again, you have to respect the distance between the two teams, the ice, and we do the same steps than for the first cats. This time, this cat is lying on the ground. We have a how here and in the and we draw little lines here to represent the details of his pals. Then we can draw the shoulder here and another one, another one here to complete the cat messed age. And that's it's We have our two cats, one sitting them and the other lying in the ground. 4. Drawing a giraf: Let's draw a juror. The giraffe is being sitting on the ground. We started running a cycle like this. It's like a neg laying on the ground. Then once we're done with drawing this egg, you drove another off EG. Officials at the side of this off egg is similar to what you see here. Then you draw the techniques of the buffalo. Then when you're done with his bottle, the arms of a giraffe and you can sometimes erase what is unnecessary that like these lines and I'm drain pounds or the legs which are more difficult form. Here's how you can write first line like this, then another one in this and more straight line like this. So try to draw this part only if you have some difficulties to draw his legs. Then I add the final step here and there. Then you control the eyes again represented by black point and a smile. From there we can finish was drawing the years some hairs for maybe, and 10 hours is not sure they have such intense. Yes, they have eso. You can draw them in some hairs. The Internets must not be like you nails anyway. so you can finalize a drawing with some details inside a body. As you know, probably that giraffes of some staying on the skin and to represent this this I'm going to add some color. This covers can be at it was different things. Different tools here. I'm using just my digital tools to add them. Here is our giraffe. 5. Dessiner un cochon: this time we're going to draw a big I'm going to. You can see the says the brush to large from cheating it. Then I'm drink this cycle and I will draw another cycle around the 1st 1 Then this one will probably be changed because it's too much on the left and there will change its for replacing it in the middle off the largest cycle. Then I'm drawing the eyes, lacking the eyes and adding smile. Then a man exists, forms inside the small cycle she knows, and then I'm adding some years that are in that form because the pigs have search. I have such years. Then I'm drinking buddy. I'm drawing a kind off a building like this this far and adding to fit and the form in the end of the foods. It's something like this. You can check the really big. You will see something very similar. Then I'm filling this form with the black color and then complain tings, drawing land. The last legs like this and again. Feelings form with black color and this firm in this form are in fact the legs behind the body, which mean that's this is smaller but the difference is a distance as there more far than the lengths that are in front of us, which are the legs of the left part of the body. 6. Drawing a donkey: Now we're going to draw a donkey. The first step is going to be this cycle for the hands, and I'm trying to do it again because it was not really perfect. What I mean, perfect is very far from perfection because we're still drawing for Children and very simple form and farms leading to a funny drawing is perfect for Children. Then we drove this forms like this one here and the then like this in first place, you probably don't really know where we're going here. Just reproduce every lines and you step by step and you will understand in the end just for my own facility and just changing the position of the train. And we'll continue now, adding this line in supervision between the upper side of the head and signs she's representing the mouth. Then we have years and I'm ending something like this and sign and something like this. Then I'm adding some hairs and blocking this part sometimes and liking some parts of the drain. Give something more interesting when you are adding some black parts on your trying like the inside of the eyes are sometimes pounds of the animals can like them. You could add some intensity. Children, then with the ice, constitute distance between each eye. And then we have this parts, which is a cube of the animal. So we have here donkey that he's lying and waiting. I haven't done any smile on the face because the smile is and the mouth are in fact under the head. So here is our donkey. 7. Drawing an elephant: Now we're dreamed a very funny elephant start drawing is cycle like this nominal of the paper, he said. It's not well done drying this with the Q, and we're going to drove Trump. I think this and probably erasing the line here that is not useful, then one eye and see and I and very big ears like this season innocents. It's like a C drawing. The letter, seen in the end of the Curia, draws some stuff like that some nights, and we have legs. Of course, every drying you're wondering here can be. Then, given some colors, you can do a cookie with a copy machine and on the colors we paintings, pens and soon. It's also very good and interesting. Full Children, too, to draw and give color to their own drawing. The's really parts off what can make drawing very funny activity 8. Drawing a mouse: Let's draw a mouse first. Our mass is going to be draw with at a new level that is turn on his side are its novel, are a neck and then we do a cycle here in a cycle or in mouth cycle here, then redraws something like this. It's like a negative big cuts, two parts the middle. And we raised this propensities better in the drying because there is some lines to erase, and I'm adding a cycle here. Another one here, two black balls inside the eyes, Dennos looking nose like this and adding some legs. Here. We're starting with something run like this, the foot and a raising. Just this line. Then we and another part of this drawing wishes this foot. We should the foot on the right side of the character. We don't see all the leg. We just see this part of the foot, and we add this line to give some more details on these fruits and on the other foot, so the mouse is already almost completed. We can add the Q, which is very important, which is really part of any mouse, and we are now down on the drinking this mouth 9. Drawing a chicken: Let's draw a chicken. The chicken is going to be very funny. We'll draw a chicken from the face. So we start with the cycle with the lining this and we complete with some lines like this. This is the wings of the chicken. Then we have a kind of bottle completed with a small cycle. Then we have some errors and something like this that is really making this animal looking like a chicken. Can you hear some waves? These forms like waves like this, Like you on double youth Our reverted n as you wish. Then you had some fewer here again, it was the same technique of drawing some double use Two small lines here and we finalize. We do fits of the animal. He's like, Look, then you complete the mouth of the chicken and two eyes, which are that point 10. Drawing a shark: Let's draw a shark. The shark is going to have very long teeth and, well, looks like quite dangerous. So we start with the lining this and kind off the absent. Then we have a que and we have something like this, and we, you make sure attacked. Here you have a kind off forms, like looks like a missile. We have the eyes, at least one eye in black and another forming office. Then this where she's backside of the mouth and then another V and another one behind, and you draw this thing. She's probably more complicated in his drain as you have to go back in to join the queue. Then we have three lines year, and we finalize with the teeth of the shock. These lines are just little be. Some are droll website down and the other one of Joan correctly. Then you can draw with a very thin line. These details We can be fine in many fish like sharks and dolphins, and then some bubble to show that the shark is swimming in water 11. Drawing a crab: Now we're going to draw a crowd. The such crowd confined on the leash, in the water, in the sea. So you start with a U. It just draws simple. You've then on this side of the U A huge draw, A line like this. It's like a wave and you have to drive, climb. This part of the wave is in the middle here, then two small lines like this. And in the end of these lines, you have the eyes of the craft Weishar represented by two cycle. And you drove black bulls inside, which are the inside of the eyes, looking at the same direction. In this case, you look at his right hand and we drove these hands by starting with small arms and withdrew crab hand. We are done like this. Then we drove the pounds of the animals and the same on the other side. And we are done with the craft 12. Drawing a horse: we are about to draw ours. Horse easy and much more difficult. Animal to draw This drawing is asking some quote unquote and vents skill in drawing. Don't worry, I'm going to show you ever simple technique. We're going to start visit with very simple genital lines, which are ball string bulls. Think this and by the way, try to draw with a pencil because we have plenty of things to Aires. Afterward, you drove to line like this and we drove then neck of the horse like this. Another part of the neck. Be very aware of the curve of the signs. This is very important. That's another cycle and a small lines like this. With this curve, we should the back of the ours. This is where the cover anything to sit and to make sure make sure to close all the lines. And then this is the back. The horse. You can draw another cycle like this and you complete Billy, have the horse. Then I'm drain the leg here that is going in that direction in the back and then going in that direction this again. This only part can require from you some drilling or some he raising starting again, raising Probably. You will make some mistakes because the leg would be too large to small and so on. Jump anything. This is normal. The horse and horse is always very difficult to draw, he learned for provisional artists. Then we draw this leg and the legs behind and blocking the legs backwards in the drawing, then a raising the unnecessary lines that are used for the construction of the of the horse. You can see all the lines I'm erasing. I'm errands in these lines because now we're going to and some details that will make this form looking like a real horse. You can see that now I'm ending some. There's the ours and same lacking these years in the queue, and we're almost done with ours, as these are is pretty difficult sometimes to draw. You can really take your time to review this video and to rip your reproduce every steps one by one 13. Drawing a bat: I'm going to show you how to draw a bat about flying in the night. This that is going to be very funny. So we start something like this cycle, then another cycle for the eyes. And to increase this funny attitude, we draw very big eyes. This is more of that confined in a courtroom, then very small bulls here and some hairs at the top of this hand. A very small smile that make this bad very cute. And the wings, something going like this and going back up to here and you can see every step of the wing . You can observe here, where every control the same on the other side, the more difficult part of his drain into have wings that are quite similar on the right and on the left, you is not necessary. Needed to have something very similar. Like if it was in mirror bets. Something similar. Not exactly the same, but quite similar. 14. Drawing a little chicken: here is we can draw a young chicken we start with during a cycle. Then another one. She's larger. Then we troll with two twingo, one more big than the other one. A raise this line is, continues his to cycle and we drove a black eye. Then we drew the wing of the young chicken. When she's done with very small waves, you can find this way of thinking in the video. I'm showing you about hard to draw the chicken. This is the same taking chancellor during really This is releasing animal almost. Then I'm during the other ranks like this and impels you show quite similar to this. And we have this little chicken you complete by raising this line and they will 15. Drawing the tiger: Now we're going to draw a tiger restarts the usual farm, which is kind off EG. It's not a cycle and suit, it's an egg and we add the kind off cycle. But she's not totally completed. I tried to do something that looks like for Boeing. Even so, perfect doesn't matter. We're heading to off, though. At that distance, which are the I D. Here's another line kitchen. This going to and we can finally complete this and we are raising this line and we can then at some additional de channels, like the nose. We're doing it again. Okay, the eyes weishar as usual, some black points and balloon detail like this for the years and for the mouth. We do something like this. It's very similar to a cat's that's it's a bit different with this kind of details trying to improve this part of the head. First, you can draw with pencil and erase. If you want to make sure to do something current, then I'm adding NZ's ah forms in black. We'll see that some tigers, things like that's now guitar, so we will also do something that we add the tells, and you can see that you have to be raised again. Here we go. Now you draw first foods and this season, foods and the bag, pulse and defeat. Now watch the main form of the tire. Who will add additional things on this? Then we will be on us. Don't days detail this tiger? Some details on the girls here. Oh, yeah. Q. And other black stuff like that is this. Little black things are making difference between cats and tiger, and here we are. 16. Drawing he rabbit: we're going to draw a rabbit. These cute animals is going to be very easy to draw. First you start with the neg and we're going to draw. Then did Belding. We drew another day like this, the big alone. Then we draw the here with ovals one here and another one here that we're going to erase the unnecessary lines. But before we're going to draw all the elements of the rabbit here, this is the back foot. Whoever did nail details, right? And this smaller arm here and these forms are already the basic one you can draw. Then, when you look at this firm, if you have some difficulties to draw this old or on this cycle of these eggs, no matter how you can call them, you can try to draw them but part of your dream, just to feel more confortable while the jewels is forms. So then I draw one point, which is the I. The other one is the nose. It's not second eyes and nose. And then I draw the rest of the body. And once this is done, you hearings these lines I'm raising here. Don't do the mistake to hear ace the wrong line because it could create some problems. Where is this? And for the Pell? I'm hair raising just this sport, and now we have done a good part of of the rabbits. But we have to to probably work a little bit on the back of the rabbit to give a more natural at position. So I'm completing the drawing by changing this back, increasing a line of a smooth, then on erasing the very rough, the arm and the ref foot. And I'm trying to do something a bit more realistic. If you could say, then you have something that he's looking even more tool for rabbit raising this last line . Am I adding few details on the Yeah, Then I'm adding some shadows to the power that is behind again. A few ads and shadows are backing some parts of the drain. It will give this shadow. Do you create a shadow that could be very good, too. Be to realize that there is a body part behind, and he could give. It's a very small details, but he can really make all the difference. And then I'm raising in just correcting fuel lines just make sure there is no too much visible mistakes. Off course in this rain are in any other drink. You can spend more time than what's ensuring you in the video to complete, finalize, correct. Smooth the lines. Even for this, I I'm creating more realistic I just to give something more, instead resting to see. It's not a big change, but this is a good change anyway. 17. Drawing a whale: Now we're going to draw a well to start. We drove the first line. His first line is going to be here approximately. You have to get enough space to go the full well. And I went through this line. Then I'm during a line that looks like a wave Dan going down with this line and trained to reach the other side of the drive. From there, I try to do the tail with this line. This and like this, this form could be quite difficult. So you can train yourself by trying to draw only this part on another sheet of paper. And I'm doing the second part and fine drawing this line that is getting before him. Two parts this part is Ah, Bill the animal and you could draw them like this. Then there is something on the top with the wish. Ohio. He's breath ing, and we can add some water going out of this area. I'm adding the eye where she's of Black Point, and then we complete with the remaining parts that is used by the well to to screen and then erasing the lines inside this Bard's and adding a few details here and here we are. We have a beautiful whale swimming in the sea 18. Drawing the Lion: Let's draw the lion first. We start with this. It's like a you and I'm adding the here, another one, then enclosing the form here from there I'm adding some psycho insider here and say this one and closing this form with this area that's going to be the area of the news. And then I'm doing the ice. Make sure you have the same. You ever a similar our space between these two eyes and I'm drawing a line than going from the I to the nose from both sides. Kidding the area bill of the face in two parts and in the fewer around the head. You drew this like if you was drink some waves, then we'll drink the polls. Here is the phone closing this form here, here and like this. Then you can completely some details like this. Scientists claim to show the end off dip Els These aren't deposed themselves. And the small details here Kendrell detail with something like this two completes your drawing. We have Brian 19. Drawing the snake: here is a new drawing. We're going to see how to draw a snake. First start with an egg. You will see that most of the drain starts often by the same form. Then when you're done with this egg, you start to draw something. This this is a neck of this steak and you do something like this. It's like a foot. Our suck. You see for l then stuff from there. And you do performing this and another one like this and another one like this and you have the tail, Then we start to draw what is inside the face with a NY than a second I the nose and the tone. We can draw some skills, Uh, because the the serpents or the snake has, um, some details like this on the skin. We have skills. And you drove some of them phones, this king of the snake and wear them with this trying 20. 23 Drawing a little boy: we're going to draw a little boy has This is a human. It's been different that when we drove an animal so it starts with you. Then we drove some hairs like this here, Right one and left a little bit here. And we complete the hairs like this. The air is ongoing from here to another Tries nos didn't matter. He's smiling the mouth wide open of the tongue inside here the next and arrested his T shirts is starting here, here anyway closed the farm. We have shoulders right, one and left in the arm and the other fingers represented by a very simple farm. You have other hands drew in a similar way, and we have do legs and you can see with very simple lines you can drop rapidly a little boy