Teach a Skillshare Class: Screencasting

Gabriel Noguez, Filmmaker

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9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Assignment

    • 3. Your Class Outline

    • 4. Prepping Your Desktop and Aspect Ratio

    • 5. Setting Up Your Audio

    • 6. Capturing Overview

    • 7. Capturing with Quicktime

    • 8. Capturing with Camtasia

    • 9. Uploading to Skillshare


Project Description

Create a 1-min Introduction video for your very own Skillshare classes.


The project for this class is to create a 1-min Introduction video for your very own Skillshare classes. If you haven't created a draft of your class listing yet, start here www.skillshare.com/teach. Introduction videos should include the following:

  • An opener - a simple salutation or possibly a "hook" to get the attention of viewers
  • Brief biography - let people know who you are and why you are qualified to teach this subject
  • Clear statement about what will be taught
  • Explanation of the project assignment deliverable

Keep in mind the qualities of a good introduction video. It should be engaging, but above all understandable. Clarity is the key.


Completed videos should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, and a link should be posted in the project gallery for feedback.


Check out these examples of screencapture Introduction Videos: Example 1 Example 2.

If you have general questions about teaching on Skillshare, visit the Teacher Help Center

If you are utilizing slides, this class can help you with your slide design and creation: Presentations: Slide Deck Design for Non-Designers

Below are helpful links for the applications we use in the class:

Get Quicktime for Windows

Quicktime Tutorial from Apple

Camtasia Free Trial