Teach Online: How to Create an Effective Course Objective and Avoid a Common Beginner Mistake

Eric John Campbell, Author & Speaker Channeling Spirit

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8 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. One of the Biggest Mistakes I See New Online Instructors Make, And How to Fix It

    • 2. The 3-Gate Test

    • 3. Time to Write Your Own Course Objectives

    • 4. Examples of Good and Bad Course Objectives

    • 5. Time to Rewrite Your Course Objectives

    • 6. Commit Yourself to 1 Course Objective

    • 7. Quick Summary of Everything You Did In This Course

    • 8. BONUS Video: Real-world Examples Here on SkillShare

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About This Class

This is the 2nd course in a series that will help you create your own, profitable online course.

Link to 1st course - Teach Online: Everything You Need to Know Before You Create Your Online Course


In this course you will learn how to create an effective course objective. This is a critical step that you must complete before you start outlining your online course.

One of the biggest mistakes I see new online course instructors make is they take their students on a journey without a clear end goal.

After teaching online courses for 3 years I've come up with a very quick way to create effective course objectives. In this course I show you exactly what I do and then will have you create your own course objectives and submit them for feedback.

See you inside the course!