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Teach Me Serbian: Alphabet and Pronunciation

Marina Grujic, Architect

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    • Teach Me Serbian: Aplhabet and Pronunciation


About This Class

So you want to learn how to speak Serbian? Great choice!

Starting a new language can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time trying it outside of a classroom environment. Where to begin?

Serbian is relatively easy to learn, because once you’ve learned how to pronounce the letters, you can sound out any word. There are no complicated pronunciation rules. You write as you speak and read as it is written.

When you finish the lesson, you will be able to read and write any Serbian word in both cyrillic and latin alphabet.





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Marina Grujic


Hey! My name is Marina, and I'm an architect.

I've been modeling in Autodesk Revit for over 3 years. After many years of working for a consulting company, I have gone freelance and now I work from home. I get to use Autodesk Revit every single day for my job.

I speak English, Serbian, Italian, Spanish and a bit of Dutch and French. Feel free to contact me!

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