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Teach English Online

teacher avatar Joe Madrid

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

54 Lessons (1h 36m)
    • 1. Course Intro

    • 2. What Intro

    • 3. Virtual Classroom

    • 4. Biggs 2

    • 5. What (Mod Solo)

    • 6. What (Mod Mix)

    • 7. Why 2

    • 8. Who Edited

    • 9. Requirements Edited

    • 10. SpeedTest

    • 11. Process Intro

    • 12. Application

    • 13. Intro

    • 14. Interview Edit

    • 15. Demo Lesson 2

    • 16. Intro to Tips

    • 17. Jitters

    • 18. Energy

    • 19. Praise

    • 20. Friend versus Teacher

    • 21. Speak Slowly

    • 22. TPR

    • 23. TTT

    • 24. Comprehension Intro

    • 25. Comprehension Questions

    • 26. Time MGMT

    • 27. Time Mgmt (jump jump)

    • 28. Extending a Topic

    • 29. Manycam Inro

    • 30. ManyCam Edit

    • 31. Akward

    • 32. Be You

    • 33. Going Solo

    • 34. Pros & Cons Edited 1

    • 35. Marketing Intro

    • 36. Only One

    • 37. WeChat to Comm

    • 38. Class Structure

    • 39. Know your Prices

    • 40. Price Sheet

    • 41. Negotiation

    • 42. Tech Intro

    • 43. WeChat & QQ

    • 44. Zoom

    • 45. Zoom&Zhumu

    • 46. Solo Demo

    • 47. Receiving Payment

    • 48. Citcon

    • 49. Invoice

    • 50. Materials Intro

    • 51. Off2Class1

    • 52. Engoo1

    • 53. ESLLib

    • 54. Thank You

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn why you should seriously consider teaching English online. You will be introduced to the most lucrative online market, and I will walk you through the step-by-step process of finding, applying, and landing a job at one of the major online companies. Once you started, I will provide you will some tips and tricks to keep your students engaged and ratings up!

Additionally, I'm a recruiter for one of the major companies, so I will make sure you get an interview after you complete the course.

Now, if you're already an online teacher, I will show you how I created my own online business teaching Chinese students. You will see how I managed to recruit students, the software and lesson materials I use, how I set my prices and handling potential negotiations.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joe Madrid


Joe Madrid graduated from the University of North Texas in 2005 with a Bachelor of Business Economics.


He proceeded to work in the financial services industry in various capacities, including Credit Risk Analyst and Vice President of Operations.


In 2015, Joe moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to volunteer with an international organization aimed at helping underserved youth.


His online teaching career started in 2017 with a top-tier Chinese company.  Today, Joe is a recruiter for an international online teaching company and is in the process of building his own online business.

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1. Course Intro: In this course, you will learn why you should seriously consider teaching online. You will be introduced to the most lucrative market, and I will walk you through a step by step process on how to find, apply, interview and land your first online job. You will learn some tips and tricks to keep your ratings up, the students coming back, which means more money for you. Additionally, I'm a recruiter for one of the major online companies. So after the completion of this course, if you meet the qualifications, I'll make sure that you get an interview. Now, if you're already an online teacher, I will show you how I created my own business on the side. Teaching Chinese students. You will see how I recruit students, the software and materials I use, how I set my prices and how I handle potential negotiations. I hope that you find this course valuable 2. What Intro: We're gonna talk about what online teaching is and what a virtual classroom is. So we have a virtual classroom and you have a regular classroom on the left side. Regular classroom coming in at five. Desk. Five students. One angry teacher on the right side. The virtual classroom coming in at one student, one teacher to headsets. One camera. All right, that was fun. So, yes, online teaching is what it sounds like teaching online. So you're teaching with a laptop, a phone, a computer, whatever. We don't need to go into too much detail in that. I'm sure you got it. With world becoming more and more connected, guys, there is a lot of potential here. There are tremendous opportunities now to share your knowledge with someone completely on the other side of the globe. There has been extreme growth in the online teaching space, and we'll get more into it. But I have three words for you. China, China, China. So in the next module, I'm gonna show you an actual virtual classroom. It's the classroom that I use with the company I teach with now I tutor group. So guys, check it out now 3. Virtual Classroom: Alright, guys, I'm gonna talk to real quick about the virtual classroom. So this is the virtual classroom that I use when I teach at I Judah Group. But that said all virtual classrooms are gonna look pretty similar to this. So I'm gonna go over a few things that you could do with it just to kind of give you an idea. All right, so we will start here at the top, So here you'll see the different pages, Right? So on page one of nine, so usually there will be a lesson that's pre uploaded for you, so it may be nine pages, 10 pages. Whatever. So this is how you had switched pages here. Go through your pages. Alright. So, back to the toolbar. Here. Uh, yes. So you go to the pages here. Uh, this little arrow here, you can add images, So if you want to pull your own image into the lesson, you can download it at it here, Search for different photos. This is actually pretty cool. So let's say I was teaching a lesson about animals, the animals, something like that. And I want Teoh show the student Check this out. Guys It's kind of funny. Uh, yes. You could bring different pictures that are preloaded on. So look at this. This monkeys actually smoking a cigarette. Can you imagine teaching this in class? Mommy, Mommy, look. The monkey smoking. Yeah, Probably be good. So, yeah, let's keep moving on. So you could bring different pictures here. Here's an audio files of some pages. Some lessons, actually have audio or songs. That's where you click that. Zoom in, zoom out. Uh, clap here. You could do something Emojis like, Oh, how do you feel about having tons of homework today? All right, Good. On the left side, we have your cursor kind of. That's the default. Uh, this thing shared pointer. I know some teachers use this. I don't know why. You know, you could just kind of highlight things. You can barely see it. I don't like it. Uh, here. This sounds very important. Tech strike. So let's say you want to write something. So what is this? Uh, you can click here. Oh, wow. It's an apple. Uh, yes. So that Texas, very important. You're always going to use that, um, cool thing. You can move it around here to apple. What's the What is this? Another important one is gonna be your pin. You could drawl circle different things. Oh, do you feel sad? Uh, yeah. What is this? What is this? Ah, highlighter. I don't use it too much. This sounds actually, uh, pretty important. So this is just a line tool. So during your lesson, you might have a matching exercise where the students will have to draw a line. So a lot of them like to use the line tool. It's pretty self explanatory, right? It creates a line from point A. Yeah, Another one circle. You could do different shapes, right? Squares, triangles. I like using the circle because sometimes I'm lazy and I just want to circle something. So what is this? What is this? You kind of see, uh, identifying objects. Erase getting race, which you did. Whoa. My goodness. I just erased everything but guys. So you get the You get the point. I'm not gonna go in too much detail. By the way, your student will be right under you, so they'll be right year. Normally, when they enter the classroom, sometimes they won't have their camera on some students don't ever turn the camera on. Most students will turn the camera on, but anyway, they will be right under you. And that way you can kind of see them kind of read them. See how the lessons you guys. This is what the virtual classroom looks like. So if you have any questions, let me know down below. 4. Biggs 2: in the next few modules, I'm gonna talk about three categories. So category number one, the bigs, the bigs are the main players in the online English industry. These are the companies that employ thousands of teachers and educate millions of students across the globe. All right, about the name drop. These are the primary Biggs VIP kids or V I. P. Kids. I don't know. Some people say VIP. Some people say V I p whatever. 51 talk, which I have done it I tutor group, which I teach at, say ABC and I don't say it. That's the name of the company data or Dead Ed. I'm not sure. I think it's dot data, who knows? And the list goes on and on, So these are gonna be your bigs, the main players. But that said, I see new companies starting up every day, but these ones that I just mentioned, these are gonna be your big players, so they're gonna be a lot more structure than some of the new guys now, each one of the bigs. They have their own virtual classrooms, and they have their own requirements on what you need to have to get hired 5. What (Mod Solo): category number two going solo. I'm sure you put it together by now. But if you have it, going solo means that you're doing everything on your own. You're not working for one of these companies, so basically, you're finding your own students. You're finding your own teaching materials. You're doing your own marketing. You're creating your own contracts. Yet the list goes on and on. It's basically your own business. You control everything personally. Guys, you want to be in this category. So I will dedicate a section of this course all about going solo later. So make sure that you complete the entire course. Alright, Watch everything, watch it. There's good stuff. 6. What (Mod Mix): and the last category or category number three. This category actually doesn't have a name, but it's a mix of the two, right, so you are working for one of the bigs and you have your own company or your own students on the side. If you're a current teacher or thinking about becoming a teacher, this is the category that I recommend you jump into. So, Joe, why do you recommend this category and not the other two? I recommend this category because if you're a new teacher or your current teacher, that is just teaching at one of the bigs and you want to transition over to being your own teacher, running your own show. You have to do it in a transition. You can't just leave the company or just start and find your own students is that people are going to say you can. It's a lot more difficult than you think. So what I recommend is that you work for one of the bigs because they're more structured. They have a lot of students will have a kind of a consistent schedule. So while you're working with the bigs on the side onside, don't let them know about it. Try to build your own business, find your own students. And that way you don't have all this pressure. You're not. Oh, my gosh. I need to find students today. What about going so, guys? Yeah, to sum it up. Remember when your bigs big companies going solo doing your own thing and a mix of the two mixing it. Oh! 7. Why 2: So now we're gonna talk about why you want to teach English online. So the very first reason is extra money. There are two types of teachers. They are part time teachers, and there are full time teachers. So why do some people choose to work part time? There are various reasons, but the top reasons are basically to pay down student debt to raise money for holidays trips, things like that buy a new car. I know some part time teachers who make between probably about 400 to maybe 67 $800 a month teaching part time. So now let's talk about full time teachers so full time teachers can pull in anywhere from maybe 15,000 to $30,000 a year now. That said, there are a small percentage of full time teachers who make a lot of money, and I'm talking about 50 to $60,000 a year. The's teachers are teaching a lot of our so they're working maybe 67 days a week, teaching 8 to 10 hours a day. That's something I personally do not want to do. So your annual salary depends on many variables, right? If you're part time. If you're full time what your pay rate is, how many hours that you choose to work. That said, guys, if you are a native English speaker, meaning that you come from the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, you will make an average between $12 an hour up to about $26 an hour. Reason number two schedule flexibility. So teaching online is not gonna be your normal 9 to 5 job. So the company you work for will give you specific hours. They call peak time, which you will choose from. These hours are normally about 55 30 to about 88 30 Beijing Standard Time, which is Chinese time. So this is when most of your students will take your classes because most of the students are out of school. But some companies offer classes 24 7 So it's something that you want to look into. So, guys, if you want to convert your time to Beijing Standard Time or Chinese time, just Google time converter, put in your time and puppet right out. Most of these companies are very flexible with time off example. Last week I emailed the company which I said, Hey, I need to take out four days. I want to take a trip with my wife and boom, No problem. I message my company and I took the last few days off and, you know, this is something I couldn't do Ah, a couple of years ago. All they ask from you is that you give them proper notice that you will be leaving. This is something that I really love because when I was working my 9 to 5 job, you get two weeks vacation a year, you know, that's it. After the two weeks, your slave to the company you are going into the office, you come in next reason, Location, location, location. So check this out. You are working online so you can work anywhere that you choose to work from. All you need to do is have a good WiFi connection and boom, you can work there. So I'm currently working here in Thailand, But check this out next month. I'm actually thinking about going to Malaysia for about two weeks and, you know, maybe Vietnam Korea. That's amazing. Like I can literally do all this stuff I can work from wherever I want. I don't have to worry about it. And the last reason which is very, very important to me is starting your own business. We will go over this a little more in a later module. But I want you to know that if you choose the teach online building, a business should be your number one priority. 8. Who Edited: So it's time now to answer the question. Who will I teach now, guys? As the world is becoming more more connected, you'll find opportunities to teach people in countries all over the world. But we're gonna talk about the most lucrative market. China, China, China. Alright, guys, I'm gonna drop a statistic rule quick. I want you to listen to the train. So this year, Morgan Stanley analysts predict that the online touring market for kindergarten to 12th grade will grow 23 times in the next 12 years to $160 billion revenue. Now that you're talking about China here, all right, so let's put that amount in perspective. If you get $100 bills, Benjamin Franklin's and you stack them together like this, you can make a line 12.8 miles long of ah, $100 bills stacked together. That's a lot of money. Alright, guys. So let's think about this. If you can get three inches of that almost 13 mile wide, stack that $60,000. We're just talking about three inches. So what's up with all this China stuff? Well, first, China has almost 1.5 billion people Chinese education is highly competitive. Basically, guys, they only have a few positions open at universities. They have tons of kids. Therefore, parents are shelling out money to give their kids the best opportunity that they can to get into school. All right, so let's talk about salary. I am gonna talk about native speakers because that's what I know. So right now the market is anywhere from about $12 an hour to about $26 an hour. When I started a few years back, I started at a job that was paying me $15 an hour. And now I'm at a company that's paying me $20 an hour. Now, guys, I have my own business on the side. So with my personal students, I'm making an average between $30 to $45 an hour. It's a lot of money. Basically, guys, you eventually want to start your own business on the side because it's a benefit for both parties. The parents will pay less, You will get paid more. You're cutting out the middleman now. There's a lot of other stuff that you will need to do and we'll go. We'll talk about that later lesson. Okay, So like I mentioned earlier, China is not the only market. It's the most lucrative market. So you can teach students in Europe, South America. That's fun. But I'll tell you, you will not make anywhere close as much money as you will teaching Chinese students. 9. Requirements Edited: Now we're gonna talk about some of the requirements that you will need in order to work at one of these big companies. So, first, most of these big companies guys will want to hire someone from a native speaking country. So countries like America, the U. K. Australia and most companies will consider South Africa a native English speaking country. A lot of companies will also hire non native speaking English. Speakers say that three times fast. What this means is, as long as you can speak English that you will be able to teach at one of these companies. Now, that said, you will probably receive a lower pay rate than the native speakers. But that's just the business model, so I can't say much about that. The second requirement. If you want to teach students in China, you will need to have a bachelors degree. Now it doesn't matter what your degree is. In another thing, if you want to teach online specifically in China, you will need to get a temple certificate. A temple certificate is a teaching English foreign language certificate that you can get online. You can get it on Groupon's or Google Group on T E f l certificate bone. It'll pull up a lot of certificates. You need to get the 120 hour certificate so this temple course will give you some pretty good tips on how to manage your classroom. How to teach students. It will give you a lot of good information. Next important requirement. The equipment you will need to have a decent laptop or computer, probably an I five processor. If you don't know what that is. Google I five processor. Next, you'll need to have a headset with a microphone. You will also need either a webcam or a decent camera on your laptop. Now one of the most important things is gonna be your Internet speed. So I'm gonna put a video after this course where you could test your Internet speed. But it's important that you have at least 10 megabytes upload and download. Some companies may let you get away with the slower connections, but I think personally you need to have at least 10 Upton down another requirement. You need to have good lighting, right? You can't work in a dark room. You need to have good lighting where the student can see. Most companies do not want you to teach in your bedroom. They don't want to see a bunch of crap in the background clothes everywhere, so have a clean background like this. Your space will also need to be quiet. It needs to be a quiet space where there's no background noise. So remember good lighting and a quiet space. Most of these companies will require you to work peak time hours. Peak time hours are the hours in China where students will take your classes. They run from usually 5 p.m. Beijing Standard time China time to around 8 30 tonight. So what you will need to do to adjust the time is you'll need to go to a time convert once again, guys. Google's your best French time converter. Put in a 5 30 Beijing standard time. See what time it is your time. So most companies will require you to work probably at least 10 hours a week. All right, so they're gonna want you to pick 10 hours throughout the week where you can work during peak time hours. 10. SpeedTest: Alright, guys. So this is how you're gonna test your speeds. We're gonna go, Teoh speed test dot Net Right here. Good. And click on this. Uh, here we go. So, yeah, this will pull up and right here where you see change server. So we want to click on change server. So we want to change this to Hong Kong. Right? And the reason we want to do this, guys, is most these companies you're gonna teach with, we'll have a server in Hong Kong. So, you know, it's it's just better to check the speeds going through their server. All right, So pretty simple. Hit. Go bam! Right here and let's check it out on suit. We have connecting. It's gonna go a little bit slow down. There we go. All right, So remember, guys, you're aimin for 10. Upload 10 download, as you can see. Whoa, We're doing pretty good here. We're Maxim this thing out. That 120 122 123. Look at that guy's 1 20 to download for all you guys in the United States. I bet you can't even match this. I'm here in Thailand. Look at these speeds. So Here we go. Check this out. Upload. Rolling at about about 101 05 So, as you guys can see, this is clearly, you know, my connections completely. Okay, so remember we're aiming for 10. Download Tyne upload. As you can see, I have 1 22 down, Almost 100 upload. So check it out, guys. 11. Process Intro: in this section, you will learn the process and some tips to land your first online job. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have while completing this section. Enjoy. 12. Application : so the first part of the process is the application process, or whether you will fill out an application online. You will get online and answer some questions like, What is your nationality? Do you have any online teaching experience? Do you have any experience teaching in a classroom? Where do you live? Unlike a normal job application, these applications are gonna be pretty specific and not many questions, right? Sometimes companies will ask you to upload documents to verify what you're saying, but usually they will do that once you have been offered a position. Another thing they may ask you to upload a 32nd to 1 minute demo video kind of talking about yourself, so this is very important. What you want to do is make a demo video basically answering the following questions. Who you are, Why you want to teach English where you live? Maybe your favorite hobby, Hobby's whatever. Now it's very important when you make this video that you have a lot of energy. You're very charismatic because one the company will look at your video to make sure you're a good fit. Remember, you're gonna be teaching Children so they do not want you to be boring example off boring. Hi. My name is Joe Madrid and I want to teach English online. I come from America and I am very great with grammar. Thank you. Big. No, no, guys, no, no, no, no, no, no. So you want to do something like this? Hey, guys. My name is Joe Madrid and I come from the United States of America. I want to teach English because I love Children and I love learning about new cultures across the world. I can't wait to become your next favorite English teacher. I hope to see you soon. Bye. OK, guys, can you see the difference? The 1st 1 to the 2nd 1 So my next module, I'll actually upload my demo video that I did for my tutor group. This video was filmed about a year ago and I think if I re filmed the video, I could do much better. But I want you guys to take a look. And that way you can see basically how my demo video went 13. Intro: Hey, guys. My name is Joe Madrid and I live in the United States of America. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor's and business economics. After graduation, I worked for many big companies, including the United States government. But now I am your new English teacher. I have a temple certificate and have been teaching English for over three years now. I live in the state of Texas, which is in the south of the United States. So I have a beautiful and charming exit. I can't wait to meet you and become your new teacher. Have a good day, bye. 14. Interview Edit: our guys. The next step in the process is the interview. That's very important to remember that they are going to be looking once again at your energy levels, your animation, how you move. They're gonna be paying attention to all this stuff. So make sure you're not boring. Be like the Joker and keep a smile on your face. So, guys, I'm actually a recruiter for I Tutor group. So I'm going to go over some of the questions that I ask applicants. Alright, guys, I have written down. So bear with me here. First question. Could you tell me a bit more regarding your experience and teaching English online or offline in a school city? So this is where obviously you want to talk about your experience so somebody you guys may have taught or b teaching at other companies. This is where you name drop right now. Talk about how great you are. Your ratings. So those of you that do not have experience This is where you want to talk about any interactions that you have or had in the past with Children and Leah playing games with, um you had a baby sit something, guys dig deep, you'll find something. All right. It's not important that you haven't taught before, but find something. It'll definitely help. All right, Number two. Why are you interested in teaching online? Hi, guys. This is where you talk about why you're interested. All right, Let's be honest. Some of us are just doing it for the money. Some people actually love the job, but, you know, we might have to do a little acting here, So if you're just in it for the money, you know, let's let's Let's still pretend here. I'd love Children. I love being around Children. They make me laugh, They make me smile. I'm so excited to teach Children from another culture I can't wait to learn about their culture and share my culture. Blah, blah, blah. You get it? So question number three right here. If the candidate has taught online before, what are the things you like and don't like about the platform? So this is where you're gonna talk about for those of you that teacher any, right. So you're gonna talk about the platform you currently teach on. You want to tell them you know some good things about it. Oh, the lessons were great. I loved animation. Blah, blah, blah. Alright, guys. So if you want to share something that you don't like about the platform, make sure it's very light. You know, something like, um, I wish the materials were a little bit better. This isn't the time to stick a knife in your current employer, because think about it. Would you want to hire someone that is just bashing their old employer? Because that's probably what they're gonna do to you next. Right. Go easy. Go easy. So next question. Why are you interested in teaching with I Tutor group? So this could be any company, right? So why are you interested in teaching with this company? So this is where you will need to have done some research about the company you're interviewing with Drop a few things that you like about the company, you know, make it sound that you're very excited to start with them. Eccentric central. So next question. Are you interested in teaching both adults and Children? So depending on where you work, there may be an option to teach adults. So this is an opportunity to tell the interviewer that you enjoy teaching adults or you think you will enjoy teaching adults. I personally like teaching adults because there's just a different dynamic, right? I enjoyed teaching the kids, but at the same time, I do enjoy that fresh breath of air. When I do have an adult class, some people don't like adult classes. I don't know. But for me, I like him. Be honest with the interviewer because they may put you in adult classes, and if you don't want to be there, it's gonna be an awkward. So next question. What would you do when your student is having a hard time focusing on the material? So, guys, there will be times during the lesson where the child does not want to be there? They're bored to death. They hate school. The last thing they want to do is to be taken another lesson. This is where your energy comes into play and other tips that you learn later on in the course. So it's very important that you are able to explain how you will keep the student engaged to go further into this in a future lesson. So the last question What would you do when your student cannot understand the vocabulary you're introducing. This is where you want to use TP. Our total physical response will talk about this a little bit later in the course and you want to be able to use props or pictures. Thes things are very good at explaining vocabulary. The student does not understand. 15. Demo Lesson 2: all right, so the last step in the application process is the demo lesson. A dim a lesson is a 10 to 15 minute class that you will need to teach. However, instead of teaching an actual student, you will be teaching a person that works for the company Now. Awkward warning. This person that you're teaching will pretend to be a kid, so you're going to see someone that's probably in their mid twenties. However, they're gonna act like they're five years old. But again, I think that's normal these days. So before your demo lesson, you will be provided the materials to prepare. It's usually a pretty simple lesson. May be something like It will have a face. You will be teaching eyes, ears, nose, things like that. It's not gonna be very difficult, but like I said, you will have time to prepare. So no worries. So these air some tips for passing your demo class. Tip number one. I keep saying it over and over again, but energy, energy, energy. Keep your energy levels high. Tip number to smile. Always keep a smile on your face, no matter what. Smile, smile, smile. Tip number three. Make sure that you have some type of introduction example. Oh, hi. How are you? Happy. Happy. Normally the interview or the student in this case will play long. I'm okay. I'm happy. Next tip. Make sure you correct the students mystics. So the person that you're interviewing with or doing the demo lesson with they will intentionally make some pronunciation mistakes to see how you will correct them. So make sure you listen for these mistakes on example Would be if I was teaching. Uh knows. Right nose, nose, nose. Yeah. Knows. And the student says, bows, bows. They're doing that on purpose. So you want to correct him? Oh. Oh, good. Good, But knows no. Nose, nose, nose, nose. Good job. Mixed it. Don't spend too much time trying to correct one single mistake. They probably won't do this during the demo class, but if a student ever keeps making the same mistake example Boz Boz knows, knows bows. Most don't spend the next five or 10 minutes trying to correct them, just like oh, good try. We need to practice. Let's keep moving. Move it along. Next tip, Guys Praise, praise, praise. Every time the students says something correctly. You want to make sure you give them praise. Uh, good job, Bob. Yes, Perfect. Lily. Nice. Jimmy. Also awarded advice. Please change things up a little bit, so don't always say great job. Great job. Great job. Try to change it. Oh, great job. Fantastic. You're awesome. Next use props. So you will know what you will be teaching before you teach it. Right. So you have to practice. So example, I have this water bottle. So if I was teaching something about water right, I would get this water bottle. Oh, water, All water, water. So try to find something around your house that you can use that will help explain the definition. Another very important tip. They will be checking to see if you are using T p R. I know I mentioned this before and we will go into a lot more detail later. But total physical response. So make sure that you are acting things out like happy or sad. Good, bad T p r. And lastly, make sure that you say good bye. Example. Great job today. Woo, I can't wait to see you again. Bye bye. Something like that, you can probably do better, but you get the point. After you finish the whole application process and you are offered a teaching position, the company will provide you with additional training. So don't worry. They'll train you a little bit further on the systems, the platform, any materials that they deem that you need enough. So don't worry too much about it. 16. Intro to Tips: Now that you are hired and have started teaching, I'm gonna teach you some tips that will keep your ratings up and the students coming back, which means mawr money for you. 17. Jitters: So first we're gonna talk about the first class jitters. I don't care who you are during your first class. You will have some anxiety. So what I recommend that you do is on your first day on Lee. Schedule one class by scheduling one class. It'll give you time to review the class afterward to see what she liked about the class. What you didn't like about the class What you want to do differently next time so you'll have some time and not be rushed to figure out what you can do to improve. Now, if you schedule like tin classes back to back on your first day because you're overly excited, Yeah. If you bomb the 1st 1 you're gonna feel terrible on the 2nd 1 and it's just gonna snowball down you and you're gonna have a terrible first day. So what? I recommend one class first day. Also, make sure that you reviewed the lesson Before you start, all these companies will provide you with lesson before you teach it on a side note. Guys, I promise you, after you teach for maybe a month or two, you're gonna be on autopilot. There's will be no anxiety if everything's gonna be fun, so don't worry about it. At the end of the day, guys, the person on the other side of the video is just a kid, right? So don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just have fun with it. I like to pretend that I'm an actor and getting paid right. 18. Energy: the next tip. Energy, energy, energy. I know we have talked about this many times, and we'll keep talking about it. But this is one of the most important things that you need to do. You need to have energy. The quickest way to lose the students interest is to be boring in Dole. Hey, guys, What did you do today? Yeah. Are you ready for class? All right. Did you do your homework? Okay, let's go, guys. Keep your energy up. Raise your voice. Lower your voice. Raise your voice. Change your voice, Do different things, but energy, energy, energy. So get your coffee. Drink your coffee. Get up, make it happen. 19. Praise: next tip. Praise, praise, praise. It's very important to praise your student to boost their confidence and keep them participating in class. This is very simple, guys. So you know. Good job, Johnny. Fantastic. Amy, keep up the good work, Peter. You get the idea. So what I do want to mention is it's easy to kind of use the same praise phrase. I get stuck saying Good job. Good job. Good job. So you wanna just be cognizant of that? Make sure you change it up a little bit, right? Good job. Fantastic. Keep up the good work. You're awesome. Now you want to be, like, pretty crazy with the praise with the little Children. But obviously, if you're teaching a teenager, don't go all nuts on them. Just, you know, an at a boy. Good job. Will do fine. 20. Friend versus Teacher: next tip that I have is may sound strange, but be a friend and not a teacher. The best way I can describe this is think about the way that you would communicate with your best friend, right? And then on the other side, think about how you would communicate with someone that you don't know that you just met at a coffee shop. So example, you and your best friend. Oh, Jimmy. Hey, man. What did you do today? Ah, cool. Tell me about it. And you know what I did on the other side. Hey, uh, how are you, Joe? Uh, yeah. How's that weather today, huh? It's nice. See? Big difference. The 2nd 1 is very awkward, so I like to go into class with the mentality of their my friend. There's nothing more about this that I can talk to you about. You'll eventually get it. You'll understand once you get into the classroom, you understand? The friend versus the teacher 21. Speak Slowly: next tip. Speak slowly. This is the number one complaint. But students at all cos that the teacher is speaking to best when you are new. It's very easy to start speaking to fast during the lesson because that's just a normal reaction. When we're a little bit nervous, we tend to speak faster. Make sure that you are speaking slow. Remember, this is not their first language. They probably don't know what you're saying. So if you're speaking fast, they really have no idea what you're saying. Hey, Jimmy, how are you? We're gonna learn about the beach today. Have you been to the beach? We have the sun. We got the beach. We got the sand. We got the water, old man. It's gonna be a grazing. So tell me a little bit about your last trip to the beach. Slow it down. Slow down. 22. TPR: All right, so next and very important tip is T p r or total physical response. Now, guys, I have the definition right here, so I'm going to read it to you because this is important. E T p. R. Or total physical response is a method of teaching language or vocabulary concepts by using physical movement to react to verbal input. The process mimics the way that infants learn their first language, and it reduces student inhibitions and lower stress. So I'm gonna use my definition of what I think T p r is. I'm gonna make it easy for you. So T PR to me is basically using hand movements and gestures to get your point across. Elsa, how are you? Are you happy, happy or said said happy. So, Craig, do you have a car? The car. The best, best best Best slow, slow, fast, fast, slow, slow. Who's hot? Drink water, drink water. Who? It's hot in here. All right, so you get the point. Guys, if you want to know more about T. P. R, go to YouTube search TP our total physical response. You'll find plenty of great videos on it. They will be checking your T P R during the interview. And, of course, during your classes so you want to use it helps the students learn. 23. TTT: next tip is T, T T or teacher talking time. So overall throughout the lesson, the teacher should talk approximately between 20 and 30% of the time. Which means that your students should be speaking between 70 and 80% of the time. So with younger level learners, it's gonna be difficult to get them to speak 70 to 80% of time. That's fine. You're gonna have to do more than talking to explain certain things. But for the more advance learners, Thistle's a little bit easier because you can ask questions. Like why? How? What? When, where? You know, just start asking questions and let them talk. Don't be a talkative Teddy. Hey, Billy, let me tell you what I did today. I went to the grocery store and then I saw this person over there. They drops of money and you know what I did? I grabbed their money and then I give it back to them. And Oh, by the way, Billy, did you see this word right here? Up, jump, jump. So, yeah, let me tell you. And I was jumping and then I jumped because I saw that $20 bill and I wanted to give it back to her. And I was like jumping. I was so excited. Let's keep going, Billy, you get the point. 24. Comprehension Intro: next tip is to ask comprehension questions. So you want to ask follow up questions about the text or about the lesson to make sure the student actually understands what they're learning. So let's check out this short video. 25. Comprehension Questions: All right, So let's say and teaching this slide here. So if I'm teaching this slide, I'll probably start out by asking the student. Oh, what do you see? You know, they'll say, uh, water, sand, whatever, Whatever. And then eventually we'll get to the actual sentence. You're right. So here Jane goes to the beach every summer. So have the student read this. Jane goes to the beach every summer bubble. Then I want to ask them some questions to make sure they actually comprehend what they just read. So I may ask something like this. Uh, where does James go each summer? Something simple like this, Right. Where does Jane go each summer? Uh who? Windows, windows. Jane, go. Sorry. My typing. So terrible. Go to the beach. Yeah. So I might start off with these two. Right? Where does Jane go each summer? When does Jane go to the beach? And then they will answer this. Obviously, I will fix their grammar or pronunciation or whatnot. And then ah, if they go to this pretty quick, you can also extend o. Do you like going to the beach? When was the last time you went to the beach. So Ah, yeah, These are just some good ideas on how to extend the topic and to ask comprehension questions. 26. Time MGMT: so the next tip is time management, so your class will more than likely be 25 minutes. So it's very important that you don't go too fast and you don't go too slow. It's very important that you learn how to extend the topic if the lessons going too fast. Some of these lessons are light on content so the student could just breeze through them, so you're gonna have to extend now on the other end. You may find yourself in a situation where you have too much information, the students struggling, and there's no way you're gonna finish. So in the next two videos, I'll show you how I extend topics and how I make sure I get through the entire lesson when I'm running out of time. 27. Time Mgmt (jump jump): Alright, guys, let's use this example. So let's say I have to teach this slide right. The dog can jump very hot and jump is the vocabulary word that we're introducing. So if you're trying to teach this and the students like the God and hi, so let's assume that's how the students reading. All right, So you don't want to spend minutes on this page like No, no, no. Uh, in circumstances like this, which you want to do is just make sure that they understand the vocabulary word, right? So which is jump? So instead of trying to get them to read the sentence properly, I will just say, Oh, jump, Look, job, jump, jump. Or maybe if I have something like this. John John John. Yeah, say jump dog jump, stop jumps there. Dog jumps. Eventually, they'll say it. So you get the point. You don't need to sit there and just struggle, teaching them to read the whole sentence correctly. If it's not gonna happen, just make sure that you focus on the vocabulary. Word that you're introducing and tried to use TP are what you'll learn about, but make sure they know jump, jump So 28. Extending a Topic: So we're gonna pretend that this is a slide in one of the lessons that you'll be teaching. So as you can see, it's pretty plain right there. The only texts that you could see his cat. And there's a picture of a cat. So let's say that you will need to spend an average of 2 to 4 minutes on each slide. So we're gonna talk about how to extend this slide 22 or four minutes, Right. I usually start out by asking the students, What do you see, right? What do you see? And, uh, they'll answer the question. Right, Ket? So then I want to help them form a full sentence right now. Ah, yeah. Good job, cat. Then you could say something like this. It's, uh, ket, right? Or they can say, I can see. Uh, all right, See the ones fun and then we can fall up with another question. Oh, do you like cats, right? Do you like I just like cats? Uh, yea. All right. Good. So then you could have them former sentence again. So let o se se Yes, I do. Or you could say yes. I lie. Kents. Yeah, so either one's fun. Another question you can ask. Let's see. Oh, what about this one? Right. Do you have Ah, pet. Right. So they might think pet was that pit so I might do something like this. Let's see. I might, uh, teach them this word here. Right, So we'll say. Oh, pet pet. So dog dog pen can't. Hey, pit. Don't don't. They might start laughing. Who eventually. Guys. They'll get it, pet. Doc. Doc. Oh, yeah. So once they figure out what a pet is, then you could do something like this, you know? Yes, I have a pet or No, I don't. About Buck. Yeah, you can also kind of start looking at different, uh, like facial parts. Right. So what are these? Strangle? What are these? Uh, yeah, you can teach them this eyes. Um, yeah. You can just go eyes. You can teach them ears, right? Yeah. Years. So, guys. Yeah, there's just Ah, many, many things you can do. So what I'm getting at or what the whole point of this is, Whenever you have a slide that is very light of material, you will need to extend right, So don't make it awkward, asked some questions. It's not that difficult. You will learn how to do it like a pro after the first few weeks of teaching. But yeah, I just want to give you an example of Ah, you know, some of the ways that I extend. Alright, guys, let's keep moving. 29. Manycam Inro: So now I want to talk about a software that I use, and I think it's very important is minicams. Mini cam is an application. Last time I checked, they had a free version and a paid version. Basically, minicam lets you had different filters to the background. Different face mass, different objects. Yeah, it's amazing. I'm gonna put a video right after this to just kind of show you, but I recommend that you download minicam. Like I said, there's a free version. There's a paid version. I'm on the paid version because I use a green screen. So in my other room that I teach in, I can actually just change it to any background. Right? But you don't need that. If they still have the free version, which I think they do, you can just go with the free version, and you could do all kinds of cool things with it. Check it out, download it and check out this video 30. ManyCam Edit: so Hey, guys, I want to briefly talk about minicam and how I use it. Uh, if you want to learn mawr, let me fix my face. If you want to learn more, go to YouTube and search for minicam. You'll see tons of videos that will help you out, but I'm gonna show you how I use it real quick. So, guys, before I start class every time I always use a mask because think about it, guys, these kids are in school all day. There. You're doing homework all day. The last thing they want to do is another class with the teacher. They have no idea who your total stranger to them. And it's more work. They don't want to do it right. So what you want to do is you want to create a create ends or create an environment for them where they want to learn all right, or just want to be in class, right? They might not learn, but they at least if you're gonna have to be in class, at least have fun. But so, guys, what I usually do is depending on who the student is, right? If it's a girl Let's say it's a young girl I throw in the Elsa face. So this is the first thing they see when they come to class right there expecting some grumpy teacher. But when they turn on the camera, you're like, Hey, what's Ah, Boehm Immediately there, smiling. They're happy. Uh, you know, they don't think class is gonna be so terrible, right? Eso you want to do this? Guys, you want to utilize this tool? Uh, I'm gonna show you a few things that they love. Girls love pink hats. They love the glasses. Yes. Usually when I'm teaching, I'll throw on something like this. Uh, I usually uncover my eyes after a while because you are teaching English. You kind of want to make that connection. Um, but yeah. So let's say, for instance, guys, I have a lesson on food, right? And I'm teaching about hamburgers, so boom, you drop the hamburger. Oh, what is it? Yes, it's Ah, hamburger. You know, guys, just play around with it. Another thing that's quite fun. His noodles, right. Uh, most of my students are in china, so they love noodles. They eat noodles, though the noodle face on and bam They are smiling. They're engaged. Uh, yes. Oh, guys, just have fun with it. You know, it's supposed to be fun. Look at this, Dude. Come on. This is fun, Right? In Macau. Look at me. Uh, yeah. So just have fun with it, Trying to tie whatever you're putting on with the lesson. Right? So maybe this lessons about jumping. Right? Jump! Look at him. Jump! Oh, who jumps, jump, jump, Spiderman Jump. Yeah. So, guys, just play with it. By the way, if you want to find more effects hit, get more. Uh, it will take you to the many campsite eventually. All right, Here we go. Yeah, you can just search, right? So there are tons of effects. Let's say you're searching. Let's say you have a class on. I don't know. Snakes, snakes. Sounds fun. Snakes. Right. You have a class on snakes. You want to find some props with snakes? Uh, she is. There's only one. Are you kidding me? That's not good. They need throw some more snake stuff. All right, here we go. Snake. Yes. So you can just download something that has to do with the snake and yeah, So, guys, if you need a search for more props. Search here. One last thing, guys. Real quick. I'm gonna show you that chroma key. By the way, guys, the chroma key. You have to have a green screen like this and you have to pay for the mini camp subscriptions. It's not free, but you can throw up a background like this. Check it out. I'm at the beach. I'm at the beach. Where did you go this weekend? I don't care. I'm at the beach. You should be here. Uh, yes, I teach with the I tutor, So, yeah, if I'm feeling lazy, I can just throw up the I tuner background instead of putting the full background up. So yeah, guys, you can download pictures. Do it. It's kind of cool, But anyways, guys don't want to drag this on. Just downloaded. It's free. Play with it. Have fun and tie it into your lesson. 31. Akward: all right, so I want to talk about awkward situations. So guys, you'll be teaching students from a different culture that is totally opposite from what we're used to. So that said, you will experience some funny things that if you are teaching online at some point, your student will take you into the restroom with them that this is pretty funny. So they will be taking the class and you will hear the door open. You can hear the water going into the toilet or other things. Other noises. So here's an actual Facebook post. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Today? I had an adult student. She got into the bathroom and started peeing. After that, she farted very loudly and then continue with the lesson in the bathroom like nothing happened. But you know, you have to continue smiling and keep the professionalism all the time. And it's totally normal for them because they're paying for the course, and they don't think of it like we would think of it as kind of odd. Number two. You may see some type of nudity, so it might be grandma walking in the background or mom or dad or someone might have their shirt off or even the student might have their shirt off, so you won't see it all the time. But it's something that it will happen if you're teaching online to prepare to see some skin. 32. Be You: So the last tip guys I have is just find your own style. There are plenty of great teachers out there, and I watch their videos and, you know, maybe I would do things differently. Everyone has their style. Find your style. Don't try to copy someone because you know that's not who you are. What I would suggest is, you know, check out different videos, find something that you like from each person, and just kind of, you know, fit it into your style. Right? So just, you know, do what you do and find yourself, and you will be fun. 33. Going Solo: Now I'm going to talk to you about how I started my own business online For me. I'm more of a business man by nature. So there's something about creating a business that really excites me now complete transparency. Guys, my business is in the beginning stage, so it's not a huge business. So don't think that I have this big business. That's not what I'm talking about here. But that said, I'm gonna provide you with a lot of good information that you could use if you decide to go this route, which I personally think you should. 34. Pros & Cons Edited 1: So now let's talk about some pros and some cons of starting your own online teaching business, So the first Pro is that you will have a higher hourly rate. So by cutting out the middleman, you will make more money hourly, and your students will pay less money for lessons. So it's a win win for everybody. Second pro. You have complete control on who your students are. So if you are working with one of the big companies, they will provide you students, so you really don't get a choose who you teach. You have good apples. You have bad apples. You know, it's just the luck of the draw. Next, you have complete control on what you teach and when you teach. So even though working online in general, you have a lot of flexibility with the big companies. But if you have your own business, you have 100% control. Obviously, there will be no minimum requirement of ours that you have to work certain times. All that goes out the window, it's up to you Next pro. There is no Mawr rating system, so all these big companies they'll have a rating system so After each class, the student will provide feedback and give you a rating. Now, some of these systems can be unfair on how they're set up. And we're not gonna go into detail on that. That said, if you're bad teacher, they're probably not going to continue to learn with you. So 12. So now let's look at some cons. Probably the biggest one is you will need to find your own students. So unlike the big companies that are, given your students your completely on your own, so you will need to find your own students. Also, when you're starting out, you will have an inconsistent schedule. So once again, if you're teaching with the big companies, you'll have maybe 2 to 3 hours completely field. But if you're teaching on your own, you may have, you know, 25 minutes here on this day in another hour on this date. So you're gonna have an inconsistent schedule, another con tech issues, so you will need to handle all your tech issues if there's connection issues, which will probably be the case now, most the time The connection issues are on the students side, and the parents are fully aware that it's their Internet and there's not much that can be done. But there is some stress involved. Whenever you're trying to teach a class and you know things just aren't going right, the next Khan is the transfer of payment. So right now, I teach only Chinese students, and the way China's system is set up, it's a little difficult to transfer money outside of China. If you're not using certain platforms or whatnot, we'll talk about it a little bit later. But this is definitely a con and the last Khan guys, which you know it's just, you know, it's what you would expect if you own a business. So it's admin stuffs of setting schedules, falling up with clients, those kind of things. This is your business. Don't be lazy. 35. Marketing Intro: So now we're gonna talk about marketing now their traditional ways of marketing, like building a website, running Facebook, ads, Google AdWords, things like that. Now, I personally haven't done any of those things. So I'm not going to sit here and preach to you about build this website. Run these Facebook ads. I haven't done any of those things, so I would be speaking out of inexperience. I'm gonna tell you how I landed my students. All right. So, Joe, how did you find your students? So I was provided a golden opportunity. I live in Thailand, which happens to be the number one Chinese tourist destination. Not on Lee. Are there a lot of tourists? They're coming to Thailand. There are a lot of Chinese nationals that are actually moving here to Thailand to enroll their Children into international schools. Now, these people that are visiting and moving here they are what I would call more the affluent Chinese people. So they have some extra money on hand. So through the years, I have been fortunate enough to build some amazing relationships with some Chinese nationals that live here in Thailand. So what happens is they will introduce me to their friends, who in turn introduced me to their friends who are visiting during the holidays. And they all have Children. So you can see where I'm going with this. So basically, I will tell him what I do where I teach and I will talk to their Children. Maybe do a little demo lesson with, um face to face boat. When they go back to China, it's set up. They want to learn English with me. Additionally, when I started teaching with 51 talk, they originally allowed you to exchange contact information with the students or the students parents. Now, obviously, I was taking advantage of that because, you know, come on, this is a potential customer later down the road I always viewed it is that some people didn't see that I was like Yes, of course I'm gonna get this information because eventually I will leave the company and they will leave the company and we can come together. And that I will be honest. I have some students today that I used to teach at 51 talk that I still teach personally. And you know what? I'm getting paid mawr. They're paying less. It's a win win situation. All right. That said, guys, these companies have closed the communication loophole, so I doubt any of them will allow you to exchange information with any of the students due to this kind of reason. But if you ever seen opportunity, that may arise to exchange information, do it, and I'm gonna tell you why. 36. Only One: it on. Lee takes one student. So what does this mean? This means the hardest part is landing that first student. Now I'm specifically talking about Chinese students here. Chinese culture is very community driven, So information about news products, services all that travels very quickly throughout their community. This means if your student likes you or the parent likes you, that they are going to recommend you to their friends which in turn, if they like you will recommend you to their friends. So it only takes one. And this is exactly how I started. In fact, I met a Chinese lady here in Thailand a few months back. She agreed to sign up for my lessons. She went back to Shin Jin, China. Two days later, she introduced me to two more parents which in turn signed up their Children. Which one of those parents introduced me to another parent which signed up their child. This all happened in about a week to to expand. So I went from zero students to literally haven't four students with doing no marketing on my own. There's no cost. None of that. Just word of mouth. Now, if you want you could also provide incentives for your student to refer you out. Maybe a free cores or discount whatever. That's up to you. But what I'm getting at, guys is you can see it only takes one. And once that fire starts, it starts. Now you will need to keep it going, so, you know 37. WeChat to Comm: So how do I communicate with my students now? I'm specifically talking about just messaging back and forth. I'm not talking about teaching just yet, So if your students are specifically Chinese students, which I'm talking about here is you'll need to set up a wee chat account. We chat is the Chinese version of Facebook WhatsApp kind of mixed together. It's pretty cool. App does a lot of things, but you will need to have we checked in order to communicate back and forth with potential students or students because Facebook and all these other platforms are not allowed in China. This is also another reason why I don't have a website or do Facebook ads because I specifically want to target Chinese students. And those things just aren't gonna help me. So in order for you to open up a wee chat account, you will need to have your account verified by someone who already has an account. So I will leave my information in the comments section and probably add something here. That way you can see it, and once you download, we chat, you can add me. I can verify you and then boot your good 38. Class Structure: All right, So now let's talk about services and fees. Now that you have potential students, you'll need to structure your service that you're providing and how much you're gonna charge. Right your feet. Now, once again, this is your business. You can do it however you want. I'm just gonna provide how I set up my fees and services. So first I'm gonna talk about the class structure. So when you start, I recommend that you have one on one classes between you and the student, and you want to keep the class timed at 25 minutes. Why 25 minutes? Well, firstly, you are teaching Children more than likely, and their attention span doesn't go much further than 25 minutes. Secondly, Chinese students, they're very, very, very busy. They have tons of homework. They're always working there, always at school. So they probably really don't even have enough time to do a lesson. That's more than 25 minutes. Lastly, once your schedule starts to fill up, you will need a five minute break in between classes to kind of get take a break, go to the restroom, get some water, and prepare for your next class. So example you would teach, Let's say, 8 to 8 25 Then you'll have a five minute break. Then you will potentially have another student at 8 30 to 8 55 which you could have another five minute break and start another class at nine. So you get what I'm talking about here. When I first started, I started with doing 30 minute lessons, but it was a mess. I had one student coming in the classroom and then another student coming in, and it was just a complete disaster. 25 minutes. Now, somebody you may be thinking about doing group classes, which I get it. There's a lot of money to be made in group classes, but starting at it's going to be very difficult for you to find two students actually want to take a class together. At the same time, you're gonna have tech issues. You're gonna have a lot of things that you're gonna have to deal with. I personally teach one group class, not because I want to teach group classes at this time, but because I had one of the students parents approach me and say, Hey, her best friend wants to take the class with their The mothers know each other. So in that circumstance, I was okay with it. So if any issues would arise in the group class, I know they're best friends. I know the mothers know each other. I know we can resolve it. It's not gonna be a mess where they don't know each other. This parents mad and they want money back. You get what I'm saying, so I would recommend staying away from group classes right now. But if you get forced into it, go ahead and rock n roll. 39. Know your Prices: All right, So let's talk about my favorite part, the fees. So this is the exciting part about going solo or having your own business is that you control the fees you control what you want to make. This is where it's very important to know how much your competitors are charging. Now, when I'm talking about your competitors, I'm talking about these big companies that have thousands and thousands of students. Now I have this information because most of my students have at one time studied at one of these big companies before. So here it is, these companies air charging anywhere from 130 armed, be to 160 r and B for a 25 minute class. They will also make the students sign up for a big package. That's usually Ah, 100 classes, 200 classes, 300 classes. So we're talking about a lot of money here, By the way, guys, it translates into about 18 to 22 U. S. Dollars per 25 minute class. So now that we have that information, we can strategically set our prices 40. Price Sheet: All right, guys, this is a copy of the price sheet that I send all my potential students. Now, if you want to make a price sheet, I recommend that you go to Canada dot com. They have a lot of amazing templates that you can use and it's free. These are my prices. So remember, this is your business, so you get to determine what you charge. So right here I structure my pricing around three tiers. So 10 lessons, 25 lessons in 50 lessons. These prices are in R and B, which I will convert in just a little bit to US dollars. Now, here I recommend that you let the students know how long the classes are. So here I tell them my classes are 25 minutes and weak here. I decided to add a few bullet points to give him a little bit more information about my background and this specific bullet point. I wanted to let them know that Mike lessons are gonna be a lot more affordable than if they went with one of these big companies like 51 talk. Ervik it. Now I think this one's important. No long term contract. These big companies guys are pushing these parents to sign these big contracts for maybe 200 to 300 classes, which in turn costs anywhere from like 4000 to $6000. It's very, very expensive, so you can imagine a lot of parents kind of struggle with making that decision. That's a big commitment. So I want them to know that I have no problem with them signing up for 10 lessons at a time . I think this is a positive. So once again it's up to you. But I would go with no long term contract. In fact, guys, actually, all my students keep signing up for 10 lessons, so I'm retaining my students. But they're just paying 10 lessons at a time, which is completely fine with me because they're paying a higher amount per class. If they only do that. 10 lessons so quickly. Here at the top, we have lessons, total hours, price in U. S. Dollars, the hourly rate and the lesson rate. Now remember, my classes are 25 minutes so you can do to classes per hour, which is 50 minutes. So that's why the hourly rate will be a little bit more than to lessen rates. So now if you do 25 minutes times 10 lessons and you divide that by 60 you are working 4.17 hours. And if you convert the R and B $2 it's $156. So this basically makes your hourly rate $37.41. Now, another way to measure it is basically you have 10 lessons and you have $156. You can just divide 1 56 bite 10 and you get the lesson rate. So let's look at the second role we have 25 lessons with equals a total of 10.42 hours. The total price once converted from R and B is $355 which makes the hourly rate $34.6 or the lesson rate $14.20. And once again we have 50 lessons. 20.83 hour, $640. So we have the hourly rate $30.73 have a lesson rate of $12.86. So basically you are taking in less money for a bigger commitment. So it's a win win for both. So as you can see, guys, this is pretty decent money here. This is the money that I'm actually earning. I'm not saying I could earn. This is the money that I'm actually earning teaching students right now. And if I can do it, you can definitely do it. So let me know if you have any questions about my pressure. 41. Negotiation: potential negotiations. Now this one's fun. Once you provide your student a price sheet, some parents will come back to you to try to negotiate the price. In fact, this is quite common when dealing with Chinese parents, so I would be prepared to negotiate. I personally will not lower my fees because once you lower your fees, if they refer, other people out there gonna know that you lower your fees and also you can never raise a fee when she lower it. So whatever you bring him in at, that's what they're in it. So what I do is instead of negotiating the price, I usually negotiate the amount of lessons they get, so I may throw in one or two free lessons. You know, it just depends on what they're asking. I rather give up some of my time than my leverage on my pricing. You can also push them into a bigger class commitment. So if they want a lower price that hey, instead of 10 classes, you have to do 50 classes or instead of 50 classes you need to do 100 classes. There's different ways that you can approach it, so this is completely on you, but I personally will do free lessons 42. Tech Intro: So now we're to talk about technology. This is one of the most important factors because without a platform to teach on, you can't have a class. So it doesn't matter if you have students who don't have students. You know, I'm a classroom to actually teach them. So this is important. Now I need to provide you with some background information. Most of you or somebody. You may already know this, but for those of you that don't know this, I'm about the drops of info. China is somewhat closed up, so information that travels in and out of China's difficult at times. Most websites that we use in the West, most platforms like YouTube, Facebook. Those things don't work when you're inside of China. Now we're gonna talk about a few platforms, but I want to stress this. It's very important that you're consistently and constantly looking for new platforms that work within China. That way, if something happens to the platform you're teaching on, you have a backup, so let's get into it. 43. WeChat & QQ: All right. So I'm gonna talk about two of the most common platforms in China. The 1st 1 we chat and the 2nd 1 Q Q. These two are equivalent to kind of what I said earlier, that kind of a mix of Facebook and WhatsApp. So with these platforms, you could do video calls where the student can see you. You could see the student now. There were almost never be a problem with these two platforms because thes two platforms air actually Chinese platform. So there will never be a issue with them being banned or something like that. Now that said, I do not use these two platforms to teach because I think it's very important that you and the student are able to look at the same thing. So I need to be able to share my screen. And with these two platforms, you are not allowed to share your screen. Now I know other teachers that will teach on we chat. They have no problem with it. I assume they send the student a pdf of the lesson, and the student can look at the lesson and they can still have a video call. That's fine, but I prefer not to do that. 44. Zoom: So I'm gonna talk about the platform that I use, and it is Zoom. I know a lot of teachers that you zoom to teach online classes because you know, it's a great platform. Now you may hear that zoom is banned in China, which is technically not true. The students will need to go to the Chinese version of Zoom and download the APP from that site. Now they do that. The application we'll work. I will leave the information in the comments section below. Another amazing thing about Zoom is it's free. So you are free to have unlimited one on one conference calls for however long that you want. Amazing. Now, if you find yourself where you are teaching a group class, you can teach a group class up to 40 minutes for free. It's amazing, so I recommend that you zoom to teach. If you want to know more about Zoom, I recommend that you visit their website where you go to YouTube and you search Zoom. I tried to make a video, but it got pretty Harry because I'm recording a screen recording of me recording a screen, and it just went crazy. So I wasn't able to actually show you first hand on the screen what Zoom does. But yeah, it's easy. Go to YouTube. Search it. You'll get all the information that you need. 45. Zoom&Zhumu: Alright, guys. So now I want to show you where your students can download the Chinese version of Zoom. So what I suggest is to copy this Web address and send it to your student and we chat. They can click on the link. They won't have any issues opening it because it's actually hosted on a Chinese server. Now, once the page opens, they can download the windows version or the Apple version of Zoom. Now, guys on occasion, even the Chinese version of Zoom will have some connection issues. It doesn't work 100% of time. It works most the time, but there still might be some issues. Now if you have some issues, I suggest that you have the students download zu me. So Zoo me is basically a copycat version of Zoom. But it's the Chinese copycat version, so it looks exactly the same. Everything's the same, I think even the websites the same. But it's all in Chinese, so yeah, you could have the page translated with Google translator. I mean, you can see it doesn't look normal, but basically guys come down to this part right here and you want to choose the free version. So you click on this, you download the link. Now the students don't have any issues using this version at all because it's a Chinese application and it's hosted in China. So, guys, I recommend you have your students download both of these and yeah, if you have any questions, let me know. 46. Solo Demo: All right. Now I want to talk about my demo lesson. So whenever I find a potential student, I offer them a dem a lesson. So this is a 15 to 25 minute free lesson where they can check out the platform, check out some lessons and most importantly, I use this demo lesson to check out the connection. All right, I'm not talking about the connection between the student and I. I I am doing that, too, but I'm talking about their their Internet connection here. Some students will have terrible WiFi connections. So I use the demo lesson to figure out if this student has a good connection or bad connection. Because what you don't want to do is receive money from the student, and then you're constantly having connection issues. It's just just bad. You don't want to do that. You can also send the student to speed test on net before the class to see how fast their Internet speed is. Just so you know that there may be potential problems and you can can communicate that with the student. So my experience says they will need a minimum of five MBPs up and down I don't know what the MBPs actually stands for. I think it's megabytes, I don't know, but they'll need at least five up and five down. Anything short of that, there could be some connection problems. It may still work, but it's not gonna be, You know, you could have some issues, so once again, use the demo class to show them the platforms. Show them some lessons. Ask them some questions. You know, be friendly. You want them to have a great experience. Now, I recommend immediately after the demo lesson that you reach out to the parent, give them some feedback about their child's. Tell them. Oh, yeah, they're gonna do great. These lessons will work perfectly for them blah, blah, blah. You could do this cell, but yeah, make sure you fault with them immediately. So my experiences if you do that, they'll usually sign up. Alright, guys, I'm gonna be honest if someone has referred the student to me so they know someone that's already taking my class, and I go to the demo with them. Usually at that point, I would say almost 90 to 95% of the students will sign up. So that's the power of the referral. That's the power of the community 47. Receiving Payment: all right, Bam, You landed your first student. So now let's talk about how base and you money. So receiving money from inside of China can be a pain in the most Chinese people will use we chat or alley pay. These platforms allow people to transfer money through them electronically. So due to various factors outside of our control, it's kind of difficult to accept payments through we chatter. Alipay. It's very difficult. Unless you have a Chinese bank account, which I don't you obviously probably don't. But, you know, hey, May maybe somebody you do. But if you don't have a Chinese bank account, we will not be able to accept payment through these two platforms. I hate to say it, but your best option will be using PayPal. Now. Almost no Chinese people actually use PayPal, but paper? How does work in China? So you will need to run them through the steps of how to set that up, but they will be able to pay you through PayPal. I don't like PayPal because the fees they charge and the exchange rate, but if that's the only thing that's gonna work, we will just have to use it. Now, if you happen to live in Asia and you have some Chinese friends, I would talk to them because they will probably have some ways to receive money that we don't know about. In fact, I actually was introduced in a lady who can receive transfers through these two platforms and she can transfer that money right into my bank account. It literally takes, like, two minutes. I don't know how she does it, but she does it. It works. So what? I'm telling you guys, if you don't want to use PayPal and you happen to be blessed by living here or know someone that's Chinese, use them, they know how to get money. 48. Citcon: Alright, guys, I just had a conference call with a lady from sit con this company here. Now this is specifically for people living in the United States. So sitcom is very similar to pay Paulus faras. The fees go. The biggest difference is with sit con. They actually enable you to take payments from Ali, pay or reach yet. So how it works is basically, once you sign up, you will be on a platform where you congenital Wait a Q R code. And then with that Q R code, you can put an amount that obviously the student needs to send you. And then you can send that Q R code to the student. Now the student will stand that using their we chat or Ali pay, and it will take about 2 to 3 business days for once they scan it for it to be deposited. The money to be deposited into your bank account now, Like I said earlier, the fees air real similar. It's, ah, 2.85% in a 30 cent charge for each transaction. So whatever you're sending now charged 2.85% and then 30 cents on top of that. The benefit that I see of using sit con is basically it just It's easier for your students . As I mentioned earlier, People don't use PayPal in China. You can. It's not blocked, but it's just a process. They have to set it up, and it's It's a hassle, and you don't want to lose any customers or students do the hassle, right? So if you go through sit con, it kind of gets rid of that extra step, and it makes it really simple. Now you will need to sign up for an account, So basically what you do is go to this website Sit con dot com, which after that you'll need to hit contact. You will need to fill out a form. Actually, I have a blocker on, so you can't see the form. But the form will be right here in the middle, and you fill out that form, you'll have someone contact you, and they will basically go through all the steps with you. But anyway, guys, I just wanted to make a brief video talking to you about this company. Once again, it's for Americans. Uh, they may be able to help other countries, but you'll just have to email them. Are fill out the contact form on your own. Yeah. I think this is a good option to get around PayPal and make it very easy for your students to pay you. Let me know if you have any questions. 49. Invoice: Now, I suggest you create an invoice for all of your transactions. It will make you look more professional, and I'll help you keep track of things. Alright, guys, this is an invoice I put together real quick at invoice generator dot com. Yeah, it's pretty simple. You just fill in the blanks, you can add a picture and yeah, it makes you look a lot more professional than just quoting them a price and having them send it somewhere. 50. Materials Intro: So now we're gonna talk about the lesson materials. Now, when you teach on your own, you will need to find the materials that you will teach. Now, if you go online and you search their batons and tons and tons of materials, some of the materials Okay, some of the materials not okay. Now I'm gonna show you the materials that I used to teach. Trust me. I searched and searched and searched, and I looked everywhere. And these happen to be the best platforms or materials I personally was able to find. 51. Off2Class1: Alright, guys. So here we're gonna talk about off the class first. So they break down all the lessons by broad categories. So you have, Ah, step by step curriculum for beginners elementary, pre intermediate intermediate. And then they break it down here. You have eyelets, islets reading, writing, speaking, total speaking, listening, writing, etcetera, etcetera. Right. We're not gonna go through each of these. This is another good one. If you have adult students business English idioms of people like idioms speaking activities reading. So, as you can see, there are quiet a few categories. So just to break down one category. So this is beginner, right? So these air all the lessons, uh, that you have under beginner right here, Right? Elementary? Yes. You can see there are quite a few lessons. So let's just take a look at one of the lessons here. So we'll look at What's he all about? People. All right, so here you go. This is the first page, so you'll see on the left. You have teacher notes over here. You'll have the objective. What thestreet Dinant should be able to do at the end of the lesson. If you click this button here. It will basically make the lesson full size so the student can see it. So basically what I do, guys, I will go to Zoom and I will share my screen. I will open off the class and boom. They can see everything that I see here. You can draw type. You can change the size of the typing. So let's do Maybe white here, so, yeah, we could do something like, Oh, what do you see? Yeah. You can move this around like this. Another cool thing. Here you have the canvas, you click on the canvas. You can basically same thing. You can draw your type. Whatever. Here, you can add images. Let's see, This is my price sheet. I just started this to show you what you can do because I don't have another image. Yes, you can add a image. You can move it around, you draw on it, whatever their cool thing is. Yeah, at a YouTube video. So yeah, let's add this YouTube video here on. Then you can click on the YouTube video and play the YouTube video. That's gonna cool. Yeah. So this is what you can do. That canvas closed the canvas? Yeah. You'll switch the pages here and basically go to the lesson. Yes. So the next important thing, guys, obviously is pricing. Let's check out pricing. All right. So here you have the enterprise level pricing, which you're not going to use now we have Ah, standard and premium. Uh, teacher. Now I recommend using the premium teacher account because you will have access to all the lessons. Right? You true standard, Teacher, you only you will only have access to certain lessons, so I would go all lessons. Now they give you the option to pay a monthly subscription that $16 or yearly I would go with monthly now here, student capacity to. So that means that you have the ability to add two people or two students to the platform. Meaning that you can send them home work, have group classes together. What? Not that you can see five students, 10 students. You can see the pricing goes up. 20 students. Yeah, you're blessed. If you have 20 students, I would recommend going with two students with two students. It doesn't matter. You have access to all the lessons. So I would just share my screen And you know, you can teach us many students is you have. It doesn't matter. But yeah, that's your decision. And yeah, if you have any questions, let me know. 52. Engoo1: All right, so I want to look at bingo dot com Now this site is actually really cool, and the best thing about it is it's free. So if you're just starting out and you want to save money ingo dot com free. So just click here, go to materials and Walla pulls up all the lesson materials. So this is pretty cool. This little dial thing here, you can move it around, and it will filter out the lessons for you. So let's say you know the level of your students you can kind of feel throughout the lessons makes it easier for you to choose. What I really like about this site is the Daily News. So I think this is very cool. This site will put together some lessons that revolve around some type of news happening in the world. So you can, ah, kind of see, let's take a look at a few here. Yeah, this one's kind of cool, right? Facebook developing Mind reading technology posted seven days ago, advanced. Let's click on this now, guys, all the lessons and bingo will follow the same format so they'll have the title tohave the date that it was uploaded. They'll have the level, and then it'll skip to the vocabulary word, right? So then you'll have the vocabulary they're introducing. You'll have the definition here. You'll have it used in the sentence. If you click this down arrow, it will bring up another sentence. Now, after they finished the vocabulary, you will have them read the article, which will use the vocabulary words that they just learned. So here you ask them questions to see if they understand what they just read. Teoh, you know, helped them formulate a sentence. Fix their grammar. What? Not at. There's another section called further discussions. It's just some more questions. Yeah, so this is pretty cool, guys. So you know, they're learning English and they're actually getting a piece of the news. So I think it's cool. Yeah, guys. So I don't want to go on and on about this, but yeah, you'll see the broad categories here. If you click on them, it'll pull up a subset of lessons that are associated with these categories. So yeah, pretty cool. Best part. It's free. And yet do you have any questions? Let me know. 53. ESLLib: Alright, guys. So now we're gonna look at es el library dot com Now, this is a platform that I use. But to be honest guys, I will probably not renew once my subscription expires. I believe next month. Now you can see here they have the broad topics, discussion and debates. Then you'll have your sub topic, discussion starters, many debates, and then here you'll see how many lessons there are. Actually, in this sub topic here, you will see the level. So you have the levels go from little all the way to advanced. So let's just dive into one of these. So I like teaching about famous people or famous places. These are actually pretty cool, and you can see there quite a few lessons. So let's look at famous people. So here are some examples of the lessons they have regarding interesting people. Greta Thornburg. That one should be pretty interesting. Uh, yeah, I'm just gonna go through here real quickly, so you could just get a quick view of some of the people, and then we'll click on one to kind of take a look at it, but yeah, look at this list. It's a huge list. So, yeah, let's go here on Greta Thornburg. It's a new one that's just been uploaded by the way they do upload new lessons quite often . Once you click on the lesson you'll get, you'll go to this page. Here you'll see the teacher, Pdf and the student media. Basically the teacher. Pdf has the answers You can change between Canadian or American spelling. So let's just look at the teacher. Pdf. So now, guys, all the lessons are gonna follow the same structure, so you will have a picture here on the right. That's not a flattering picture. All right, so here we have the pre readings. You have your warm up questions that you can ask the student, and then the next section here will be the vocabulary preview. So the student can read the vocabulary word and then find the correct definition. So what I usually do is I'll send them the lesson in advance. That way, we're not spending a lot of time here, and we could just go to this real quick. I may have the student. Once they show me the definition, I will have them make a sentence with the vocabulary were next. You can go down to the reading, so you will have an article, and yet so they can read this and use the vocabulary. So here we have a riding section. Some of these sections don't have a writing section, but most of them will have a comprehension section. So these ones happen to be true or false so they could read the sentence and search your false vocabulary review so they can fill in the blanks here using the vocabulary. Yes, so you can see this lesson. It's pretty detailed. Yeah, this lesson. Honestly, guys could probably take 2 to 3 classes, depending on how long your teacher. If it's a 25 minute class, it could easily go 234 classes. Yeah, there's tons of lessons here. Two guys and another interesting thing. Halloween is coming up, so they'll actually do specific lessons regarding holidays that are happening. All right, so let's take a look at the pricing here, so they just recently changed this, but you'll see they have a yearly plan in a monthly plan. I would probably go with the monthly plan to you determine that you really like it, and you have enough students anyways. Guys, this is E s l library dot com. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section and check out the website. 54. Thank You: Congratulations. You have completed the course. Now you have all the necessary tools at your disposal to land your first online teaching job. Or who knows, maybe a new career. I know your time is valuable. So I genuinely appreciate the time that you took to complete this course. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the course, and please make sure that you leave a rating. And once again, thank you.