Teach English Online with PalFish - How to Get Started | Trey Caruthers | Skillshare

Teach English Online with PalFish - How to Get Started

Trey Caruthers, Palfish English Teacher

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12 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Overview & Benefits

    • 3. Requirements for Teaching English Online

    • 4. Best Companies

    • 5. Recording Your Demo Interview

    • 6. Creating Your Profile

    • 7. Free Talk vs Official Course

    • 8. Getting Students

    • 9. How to Teach a Great Class

    • 10. Dealing With Parents

    • 11. Pay Scale - Bonuses - Payoneer

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to make money online, but don't think you have a valuable skill?  Well, If you can read this there's a good chance you do.  Teaching English online to Chinese kids is the fastest and most reliable way that I've found to start making up to $25 an hour online.  You don't even need a degree. All you need to get started is a TEFL or TESOL certification and be a native English speaker.  

In this course, I'm going to show you everything I wish I had known before I started teaching online.  You're going to learn:

  • What online English teaching is
  • Why right now is such a great time to get started
  • Why PalFish is the best online platform for teaching English
  • How to get a TEFL or TESOL certificate
  • How to record your demo interview on the PalFish app
  • How to create your teacher profile
  • How to get lots of students and fill your schedule
  • How to teach a great class
  • How to get paid and more

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