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10 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Welcome Remarks and Course Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started to Teach Online on Zoom

    • 3. Class Interaction and Engagement on Zoom

    • 4. Class Management on Zoom

    • 5. Chinese Online Tools (Zhumu and CCtalk)

    • 6. Wrap Up Part 1

    • 7. Lesson Plan Structure

    • 8. Design Learning and Design Samples

    • 9. Final Wrap Up (C)

    • 10. Hyperlinking Slides in PPT

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About This Class

---- March 20, 2020 UPDATE ----

Check out this Zoom link for the "Breakout Room" function.

Zoom Breakout Room Link

Zoom Breakout Room YouTube Link


1. It allows you to group your big class into smaller groups so these groups can work together on a project-based task.

2. This is very helpful if you want to create a very interactive and exciting group activity session.

3. You can have your students do group presentation and share it in the larger group if possible towards the end of your online class.


E-learning in China is growing. The demand for convenient and cost-efficient methods of studying has led to further development of online learning tools here in China. ESL (English as Second Language) is one of the most commonly sought subjects being studied online. The need for online teachers here is getting higher.

This course will give you the overview on how to get started teaching ESL online. If you're planning on teaching online or you're an offline teacher considering the move to online teaching, then this course will give you the idea on how you can begin your career in online ESL teaching.

I do my best here to answer some of the questions asked by teachers when they decide to teach online. These are:

1. What online tools can I use to teach online?

2. How can I make my classes engaging?

3. What activities can make my students interact with each other online?

4. What kind of PowerPoint presentation do I need to use?

5. How can I make a good PowerPoint presentation to teach ESL online?

Find out the answers here and welcome to the exciting world of online ESL teaching.

Later, I will upload and share a downloadable PowerPoint containing some slide activities which can be helpful in designing your online PowerPoint classes.

About me:

I'm Roland Adriano, I've been teaching ESL online for over 10 years. I'm also a curriculum developer for some of the educational institutions here in China. I create online courses using PowerPoint and believe me, it's really challenging! I'm a TESOL certified teacher and have undergone trainings on teaching and design learning for online classes. I'm very glad to share my experience and knowledge to help those who are interested in this career.

Welcome to my class and hope you get all what you need to get started in teaching ESL online to Chinese students.



Part 1: Introduction of online tools for teaching

1 - Course introduction and overview of online teaching and learning landscape in China

2 - Using Zoom for teaching online

3 - Using Zoom tools to make your online classes interactive and engaging

4 - Managing your Zoom class

5 - Introduction of Chinese online tools (Zhumu and CCtalk)

Part 2: Overview of Design Principles for Creating Online PowerPoint Classes

1 - Design Principles used for designing PowerPoint classes

2 - Application of these design principles and PPT design samples 

NOTE: In this section, we will cover the basics to give you an idea how to start designing your own PowerPoint classes for teaching online. We will not go into details on how to do it. I show my PowerPoint classes I designed in the PPT Design Sample video along with some notes how and why I design it like that.

If you're working for a training centre or an educational institution, most likely, they have their prescribed courses or curriculum for you to follow or use. Part 2 will give you the logic behind the design of the PPT courses you currently teach and help you improve the way you teach online.

Feel free to read these articles I wrote on LinkedIn regarding designing PowerPoint classes and teaching online.

The PPT I Got Stuck With talks about how I ended up having 10 revisions for just one single PPT I created and what I learnt from it.

Picture Telling in ESL Teaching is about how online/offline ESL teachers can make full use of images or photographs as visual aids for ESL teaching. I also mentioned about CLIL briefly in this article.

Meet Your Teacher

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Roland Adriano

Storyteller, photographer and daydreamer


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1. Welcome Remarks and Course Introduction: Ni Hao. That's hello in Chinese washy Roland. I am rolling. It's been great to be back again doing online courses. And this time what I'm going to share is my experience in teaching. Yes, l online Chinese students. This course was built upon the idea that I want to reach out to people who want to get started in teaching your cell or teaching English a second language. All line the Chinese is to this. I have taught SL for over 10 years and I started developing all in curriculum in 2014. That said, I like to share my experience, the Furies principles that I've learned in turning our only classes into something very exciting, very interactive and very engaging. Okay, let me convince you even further why you should think this course first. If you're interested in teaching SL online Chinese students, whether this is your first time or you are offline years old teacher and you want to try teaching online, then this course will give you a lot of ideas. But I have to get started in teaching user online. Second, if you want to know what a light tools are in the over all my teaching. This course will introduce some online tools that we commonly use here in teaching online in China. And finally, if you want to know how to use these online tools gray, engaging class, this course will provide you some ideas on how you can fully utilize the stools. Maker. Last very fun and very exciting. Or Part one. We're going to have an overview off the mold bile and a light teaching and learning landscape in China is going to give you a basic understanding of the alerting situation here in China. Second, we're going to learn to use ooh germane and says You talk for only teaching and forced online activities. And finally, I hope that this will give you an idea for your teaching needs. Let's take a look at the online learning landscape in China. More 1,000,000 only teaching has continuously growing. Here in China is a matter of fact. There was a 300% increase in online indication market from 2012 to 2019. That means there's a huge market here and the number is still growing. It's a promising career that you might want to consider later on. Second students who are learning on line or studying online goes from the age of four. Well, of course, with sparing supervision to 60 years old. Imagine there's a very, very wide range off students here. That means when you teach online, there are possibilities that you're going to teach a kid, a teenager, an adult or even late adults. Finally, even learning has been growing continuously. Here in China, we still see lack of effective usage, well structured curriculum in strategies. So that goes down. Tow US teachers on how we can make full use of the tools, especially the online tools, to create a effective, engaging and off course, very fun online classes. So that's all about the mobile and online teaching and learning landscape here in China. Now let's take a look into what we can possibly do to address that issue. First, we teachers must have the ability to transfer practical knowledge. It all depends on how we communicate our students. So that's why it is very good that we regularly update or upgrade our skills. Well, when we say update, we have to keep up with a trend and a great we have to improve our know how Also, we need to understand how we can make the students perform well online. It is totally different from teaching offline. Teaching online as a lot of restrictions has allowed limitations. Now we have to break through this limitations in order for us to effectively going back to the 1st 1 transferred practical knowledge and finally even we have the resources and even the right tools. It still goes down. Tow us on how we could make full use of this on how we can be created and innovative and using this tools to perform well and deliver Rick classes in a very fun and engaging way online. I hope that got you modified it to start teaching online Chinese students. This time, we're going to look into one of those tools that we use in teaching online in China. 2. Getting Started to Teach Online on Zoom: getting started to teach online. We assume it's very easy. You only have to do is go to the main interface. Then click on new beating. What you click on you meeting it will automatically take you to the video screen like this now for you to be ableto have your students enter your room. All you have to do is to pay attention to the zoo meeting I D which can be seen on the top part the screen. Copy this I d and send it to your students. It's again for you to be able to have your students enter your room. All you have to do is to give them you're zoom meeting idea, which can be seen other top part of the screen. Now take know that every time you create a new class zoom with automatically generate a new and different meeting idea. Now, as we draw our attention to the bottom part, this screen we will see here our tools that we can use when it comes to teaching online. First, let's take a look at the mute and stop video options which can be seen at the left side off the bottom menu These are your personal tools, and you can use this if you want to do your personal stuff. Let's say you want to talk to someone and you don't want students to see you talking to that person. Or let's say you want to go to the bathroom and you don't want students looking at an empty space there so you could stop the video and then mute it. And once you're back and ready, you could a mute and turn on the video again. So again, the meat and stop video, which can be seen in the left side off the bottom panel, are your personal to us. Now let's take a look at the record bottom. The record bottom here allows you to record your classes to the students, get access your videos after the class and they can review it. This is a very helpful way for the students to take note of what they missed or what they really want to remember during the class. Okay, so next we're going to take a look at the two kinds of BDO views or video layout views you have on Zoo First View is called the Gallery View right now you're looking at the gallery view and you notice that the beetle layout is equally sized. If you take a look at the top right corner over here, you will see the speaker view. Now, the speaker view is the second kind of view that you have a zoom. So first we have the gallery view which is like this, and this is the speaker viewed the speaker views very useful. If you want your students to do individual present patients now, let me take you back to the gallery view. You notice that there is another option that you see within the video which is the mute button and the three dot button these bodies are present in every video layout only have to do is to roll over the mouse pointer to that video and the mute bottom and three dot baden will appear. Once you click this three dot button, you will see the following options and I like it to pay attention to one interesting auction here, which is the pin video. The pin video actually takes you back to the speaker view. Now, if you want a student to do a presentation or Let's say you want this particular student to answer your question and the rest of the students on Li listen, then go to that students video. Click the three dot button and you spin video. Once you choose the pin video on that student that's do that will be in the middle just like you're putting That's do that in the spotlight. Now. Another thing that you could do with the spin video ISS having yourself in the middle off the zoom screen. This is very useful. Let's say you want to share something very, very important and you want everybody's attention. Now remember, you can only have the pin video if you and the students videos are turned off if you order students. Videos are not turned on and you're just Onley using a profile photo or a profile picture than the PIN video option will not appear just like what you see right now. My video is not turned on here. I only have a profile picture. Once I click on the three dot button, you notice that there's no pain video option. Well, simply because I don't have my video turned on. I only have my profile picture. And one more thing. You can actually put your profile picture instead of showing your video if you like it that way, you can also do that once you play the three dot body. All right, let's quickly summarize the been video function. First, you can use the big video function if you want your students to do individual presentations or if you want once do them to answer your question and the rest of the class focused on that student. Ask the speaker also, if you want a teacher to be a spotlight and do this focus but you, then you have to use the being video function. Just remember, been video function is not available when video is turned off. 3. Class Interaction and Engagement on Zoom: interaction and engagement are keys to fund an effective teaching. And these are also one of those things that many teachers struggle with, especially when it comes to teaching online because it's totally different. Unlike and teaching offline or teaching face to face, you have more interaction by just using your body gestures or non verbal communication. But in an online platform, it is a totally different story. So we're going to find out on how we can use what we've learned, especially when it comes to using the zoom tools in teaching on engaging, interactive and, of course, fun class. Okay, so now we're gonna dive into the main part, this course, which is about learning how to use zoom tools for fun, online teaching and learning. Here, we're going to find out how we could make full use of the zoom tools to make our classes very fun, very interactive and very engaging. First, we're gonna look into using power point on zoo. Usually, all my teachers use Power Point do percent. Their ideas and zoom actually allows us to share power points by using the share screen function, and that's what we're going to find out next sheer screen function can be accessed at the bottom menu. Once you hit that bottom, you would see a few more options. Here. We're going to share a Power Point presentation for teaching online, so let's go find out how we could do that. So let's choose by herself. Power point. There you go and click share. Now you can begin with your power point Presentation is due. That's can also see would you slide your on? So this is the power point sharing function that you can have a zoo, which is very, very useful when teaching online. Okay, this time we're going to learn how we could share our iPhone screen by a cable on zoo. But before you start sharing your iPhone screen, make sure that your iPhone is already connected to your laptop and make sure that your iPhone is already set to the screen, which you want to show to your students. Otherwise, they're going to see everything that's on your iPhone. So once you play share screen, Botton just choose iPhone slash iPad via cable. Don't choose the airplane unless you have the plug it. So once you choose iPhone iPad by cable, you will see this trust and there you go. Now I actually set my screen to this particular place so students won't be able to see anything else. And this is a very useful tool when you want your students to do picture storytelling. So, for instance, I want my students to describe what they see in the picture. I could share some images of my phone and then have them talk about it. Chat function tool can be found also at the bottom menu. It's just right next to the share screen between the share screen bind and the record. But it is a very, very useful tool or anything with the students. Now let's say you're talking about something very, very technical, and students cannot really understands home the words here. Then you could use the chat function. For example. I'm talking about photography, and they're not familiar with the term DSLR. So I can type in and spell out DSLR for them in the chat box so they can find out what DSL our means, and they can take note. If it so. There's a very good way for you to make the students understand what you're saying. again use the chat tool to make students catch up with you. Now you notice that there is again three dot but in that you could see in the chat box right over here. When you click that three dot button, who will take you to another set of options. And these are No. One posts on Lee every publicly and ever, publicly and privately. If you choose no one, that means only you can send messages if you choose host only that means a student getting only sand to the hosts. Evram publicly means do. That's can send to all participants and finally, student's consent to all participants and privately at the same time. Other option that you would like to look into its the file that it's just right next to the three. That body. You click that, and you could send your power. Point your documents for even images. So that is how useful chap to list on zoo allows you to be more interactive and makes this dude that's understand you better. And this time we're going to take a look at one more tool, which makes your classes even more exciting. In fact, you could even do some games online as you teach SL and that is, we call it the white work function. You can access the white board also in the share screen, so once you click on the share screen bun, you will see. There you go whiteboard. Choose white board and click share. Adam, Welcome to the white board. Here you can be more creative, and you can have more fun to your online class. I can even use the decks function to write down words. Chest welcome to zoom wide worked Along with that, I can use the draw function where I can draw shapes but say I'm going to draw on image of the sun. Yeah, just part of my drawing here again. This is very, very helpful when it comes to describing things, and you don't want your students to use their native language, let's say Chinese instead of having them do translation. What you can do is to simply draw pictures. If you're the kind of person who likes drawing during the class, then this white bird function will be your best friends. Now here, I'd like to talk about shapes and call her, so I'm now drawing shapes I have here a yellow square, a pink circle and a blue rectangle. And we'll have to do is ask the students what these are. So imagine if you're teaching young learners, this white board will be a very, very interesting thing for them because they can see what you're teaching there, Mark. Like a visual learners. Next, we're going to play tic tac toe, and we're going to use the white board to play this game, some going to draw the tic tac toe table. There you go. Grid lines, and let me begin with a circle. Then the student here can actually interact with the wipers well, by writing down or droving an image. So let's see where he or she is gonna put the X mark. There you go. So this student placed the X mark right next to the circle. Then it's my turn. Let's see who's gonna win here. L a student also changed the collar. Now it's red and there you go. So this is how you can use the white board to interact with the students, and you can also have the students interact with the white Board. They also have this function. If you want to clear the drawings here, you have three options in the clear menu. First clear old drawings, meaning to say everything that you see here in the white board will be erased. Clear my drawings, which means anything that you draw as the host or teacher will be erased when you click clear viewers, drawings, anything that the students drew or wrote here will be erased again. This is a very fun way to make use of the zoom whiteboard. You could turn your class not only into a PPT or picture sharing class, but also you could come up with games just this or have them draw. Using the whiteboard isn't interesting. 4. Class Management on Zoom: manager class is also possible on zoo. All we have to do is to choose manage participant, which you could see at the bottom menu between invite and share screen buttons. Once you click manage participants, you will see another panel on the right side off zoom screen. In this panel, you will see yourself and your students. So in this case that it's me rolling Andriano and they stood that name iPhone. Okay, well, here's the thing. If this to then or the user does not put his or her screen name, then zoom automatically used the device name. Asked the name itself for the screen name, so you could ask your students to rename their screen names to their English names. Now, looking towards the right side of the names here, you will see to Aikins, my Krefeld and video. These are the mute and stop video buns. Cesaire. Very useful tools when managing your class and keeping the class in order. For example, a student is studying in a very noisy background, and it's distracting the whole class. So what you could do here is you could asked the student to mute his or her microphone or you could do that yourself by clicking on the mute button corresponding to that student. But be sure that you need to tell the students first so that the students will be aware that his or her microphone is turned off now for the video function. Like what I mentioned in one of my previous slides. If the Internet connection is really bad and it's slowing down the class, you could turn up your video, and you can also turn off your students videos by clicking on the video. But now let's say you don't want to them talking to each other. You don't want them using the microphone because you are sharing something very important. You're the speaker, So what you could do here is click mute all. Don't worry, you won't be muted, and when you want them to talk to each other, then just simply click unusable. This is a good way for you to keep the order of the class and to remind them to behave online again. Don't forget to very useful tools here. The mute button and be stopped video about it, okay, and finally, there's one useful tool that you could failure students to do. Let's say you have them on mute so everybody cannot talk. Then you want some students to answer your question. Remember those times when we are in an offline classrooms and we want to answer. What we normally do is we raise our hand and zoom also has that function called the race hand function. You could tell this Do the institute's that option or to click race hand if they want to answer And all you have to do is to pay attention to that blue I can the blue hen I can that you see next to does microphone and video Aikin So now you could see that Miss Banda is raising her hand. So what we're gonna do here is this Since she's on mute, I'm going to first lower hand in a mute and now she can talk. Then meet her again. So this is a good way for you to manage and discipline your students. If you're in a real classroom, you can have them keep quiet for a while. Listen to you when you ask and if they want to answer, they can raise their hand. And after the answer, they go back to their seats. So that's all about visit, planning and maintaining order and soon classroom again. Make full use of it is that you have there so that you can understand how to manage your classes. Okay, Part of the classroom management is giving rewards to students who perform very well in the class. Unfortunately, we cannot really hand over rewards, such as giving them trophies or medals. But Zoom has two kinds off ICANN's that we can show to the students if they perform very well. So let's have a look and find out where we can access damp and how to use them for you to command or give them recognition. You could go to the reactions to the referent tools has two options. First is the clap Well, there you go, good job, and the other one is thumps up. The student can see that, and you could use those when they perform very well. Okay, so that's all about getting started with Zoom, and so far we've covered video ley abuse, share screen function, the chat function and, of course, classroom management. Up next, we're going to take a little the Chinese version of Zoom, which is 5. Chinese Online Tools (Zhumu and CCtalk): This is what Jim O interface looks like. And you know, it is that it is almost similar to zoom again. Like when I mentioned before. Zoom in June. You almost have the same tools and functionalities, so I don't really need to go deep her in talking about how to use Juma. Because if you're familiar with Zoom, Juno is just the exact the same thing. No, notice that I'm using Juno free account, and it has only a limit of 100 people. I don't know if you could actually have over 50 or 70 or even close to 100 student class. But then again, who knows if your friend stands doing a webinar, which requires probably 17 to over 100 people, then you might consider using zoo because June only has a capacity off 100 people, and that is for the free account. If you want to go more than 100 then you have to pay for it. Honestly speaking, I haven't used to pay account yet. All right. Anyway, going back, let's get started with using Jew. I'm gonna click, start with video here. So you know it is that it is almost the same as how zoom starts up. So looking at the bottom menu, you will see familiar tools there so chest immune and stop video tools. We share your personal tools, manage parties, events, share, screen, cat record and, of course, the end meeting. Now there are a few more options. There's a chest closed caption in breakout rooms. Honestly, I haven't used those self. I cannot really tell you more about these. But again, those basic tools that I introduce back into the zoo course artful suppressing here and these air, I would say your main tools for online DJ. So what you're looking at right now is the season top interface, and any glass here requires a few steps. Unfortunately, most of the steps here are written in Chinese, so I'm going to guide you and show you how you can actually eight in all eight class and hopefully get started on teaching with ZZ Top. Okay, so the first thing that you have to do here is to create a new group before you begin teaching or before he started all in class. Unlike Zuber, to move, all you have to do in Zoomer Jr is to click New Mitic. It's totally different on Sisi Top. The first thing is a new group Now. You could do that by clicking on the Blust bun that you see on the chat group page or two chakra box, and you will see the Great a new group notice. Now there are three kinds of group here on CC top. There's Public Group A group and private group. We're not gonna pay attention to a group in private group, so no, probably you're wondering. Hey, students need to pay me, so I need to choose spake group. Well, you may do so if you're Chinese is very, very good, because setting up a pig group requires understanding off the Chinese language as you set up your payment method. Everything there is written in Chinese, so I don't really suggest people, especially those whose Chinese it's not that good enough do set up a big group. You can have other alternatives for payments such as bank transfer or using we check pay or alipay. You could ask some of your Chinese friends and have to set up one for you. So for now, let's make a public group. So all you have to do is choose public group and plate create, and it will take you to this great page where you have to feel in pieces of information required. Now take now that in the Avatar field here, you need toe float, a group profile photo. Otherwise it won't take you to the next page, then move on to the name. Then let's pay attention to the category now for the category you will see here. Options. Just choose the 1st 1 These Chinese characters mean language learning, since we're doing DSL or English. A second language teaching moving on to the next option way. Choose again. The 1st 1 thes characters mean English since we're teaching English. So once you have chosen these two options, we can move on to the next part in a joint. Bart, you have two options. Anyone can join and join after verification. When you choose anyone. Conjoined NDCC talk users can join this roof or this group and take your classes, and this is something that you don't actually want. If you want to create a class exclusively for your students, then all we have to do is to choose join after verification. Once you choose this option, anyone who wishes to join your group needs your approval. So once you have already set up, this group shared this group. Their students tell your students to write down their English names so that you can easily recognize them and find out for actually your students and who are not. Now, once you're old down, you have your avatar or a group profile photo name the category and you have already said the kind of joined method. Then click next. Then we're on the last page only have to do here is again flowed a photo. Here you can use the photo that you have on your group profile. It doesn't really matter then complete or write something about the group description just like this. And once you're done, click confirm and your CC top group is set. Now where you going to do next is after you have already set up a group, you could create your class. All we have to do is to click great class. But now, once you click the great class but and you will see two options announcement, which is setting up a class which is to be held in the future. And if you want to go live right now, we want to teach right now. Then choose broadcast. Let's find out where the staff that we have to take it, We choose announcement. Okay, So here all you have to do is to write down the class name. So the class name could be the subject that you're going to teach or the topic. Then complete the date. This the day when you're going to actually teach the class in the future. Skip that called her photo and write something about your class. Then this is for delight. Broadcast information page again for the name. Just write down the topic for the subject that you're going to teach. You can skip the picture part there and juice go life when it's already active. Then finally, then upload your power point by clicking the Power point. Aiken over there. There you go. Now, if you want to check your slight or review your power point, slide juice or click tryouts lights. Otherwise, skip that part and click finish and now you can start teaching online. Take know that you will see familiar tools at the top part of the screen. You always have the record button share. People do well. Apparently, you have already uploaded your PPT, so there's no need for you to choose that unless you have a different power point to show that you could use that and upload another power point. You also have here camera, which is the video share Screen Media board and quiz. Well, I normally use here are camera and immediate. The media is a very fun tool because you can actually play some video clips or even lay some songs. If you want to train your students there listening skills, then you can play an audio clip or play a song and then have them listen to it. This is a very fun tool that you have on Sisi Top Classroom Management and City talk is almost the same when using Zoom or Junior. You also have this option, such as mute, which is represented by Mike. I can stop video the video. I can and, of course, chap, make full use of this. Understand how to use these tools to manage your class and how to visit playing your students if they're misbehaving. Okay, up next, we're going to find out what kind of after class online activities and student engagement we can have one season top here. We're going to talk about what kind of activities students can do after Dick Less. Let's say you have already finished your city top classes and you still want them to be engaged, just like what you're looking at right now in the screen. This is an after class activity where I have this too dense do online chatting or online interaction. You're gonna find out more about this in the next video. The first question that came to my mind. Waas How consistent top be engaging. Okay, so CC talk has a live class function, a check function, comment, function and share function. I'm going to show you guys how each of this function actually works. So let's start off with the life class function. Sesay Talk allows users and teachers to create a class here, and I can show or I could do slide presentation and at the same time students can listen to my presentation or to my lecture, and there will be also a chat box that will appear here, which allows the students to interact British, other or of course, with a teacher. And as a teacher, I can use this check box function to write down the words that they cannot understand. So it becomes very convenient for them to go through my lesson. So that is for the life glass function ups. Easy talk. Now there's also a chat function where students can actually talk to each other, share their ideas and even help each other. Here you can see here that students are writing down their summaries and at the same time you could see here students discussing about a subject matter and very engaged by sharing their thoughts about the subject matter. So they checked functions, allow the students and even the teacher to interact with each other. Also, the check function also provided me the opportunity to offer online consultation. For instance, students here are asking about writing a resume and since I cannot talk to them face to face, I asked them to use the CC top function are in the CC top checked function to consult with me now here I used the comment function, which I mentioned earlier to interact with the students as they give or us they write their summary or their homework assignments, I will have to make sure that they are using the language properly, So I give them some evaluation. So I used the comment section to give feedback or I could even evaluate their assignments. Now there is a particular section off cc tougher. I can actually post references. And as I post them, I could actually share them on another platform, which we call it. We check. So this is a screenshot off a wee chuck group. So what? Its reach up, By the way, So we chat is a very popular instant messaging app used in China, and most Chinese use this app for communication. The only use easy talk if their advice to use dio. But in their daily lives there, they use we chap, I post something on Cissy Top and then I share it on. We chat so that students will be reminded off my post and their activities are assignments during the course, and that will help them be more engaged. So to conclude having them engaged is by utilising. Since the talks, chat and blood function allow students to interact with each other and at the same time establish an online community of learners. Also, I use we checked, which is the main communication platform in China, to remind the students and have them regularly engaged throughout the course. 6. Wrap Up Part 1: Okay, so let's wrap this up. Here are my key takeaways for part one of this course, choose the right online tools for learning and engagement. It is very important that we beside which one works well for our beaching needs and at the same time how we can con furtively deliver our classes online with these tools. Second, after we have chosen the right tool, then we have to understand how to use this in order to create a very creative and fun online environment as we teach online. And finally, no your students. It should be learner centered, approved, that sums up our first part of this course. Hopefully, you already have an idea what kind of tools you're going to use when it comes to teaching online in the next part, we're going to look into some of the principles furies and even strategies or techniques that people, especially curriculum developers, consider before they start for aiding online power point classes. 7. Lesson Plan Structure: welcome back. So here I'm going to share some of those that mix some of those things that usually consider when I design online Power Point classes. Let's find out what we're going to learn in the second part of this video course. First, we're going to learn common principles used for creating online Power Point classes, and we're going to understand how these principles are applied when it comes to creating on our point classes and finally, towards the end of the scores, hopefully, you can get started with rating your old power point. And next, we're going to understand some principles and designing power coin courses or online yourself. Teaching now here is very important that we know our framework. What exactly our foundation? What is our base? How can we begin with our online course designed? So let's take a look at some of the principles that personally I use, and most online curriculum developers use first is the pre prop rope for presentation, practice and produce. This is a kind of lesson plan. The structure, another kind of lesson planning structure that most people or most curriculum developers observed is the T T T, which means best for task than teach and then passed or cuts. The 3rd 1 is mixed. It's a combination of pre properly and TV, too. So these are the three kinds of lesson planning structures that we observe as we design online Power point classes. Another principle. ISS cli l or content and language integrated learning. Then there is learner centred approach and finally, interaction grouping. We're going to go into details in the next fuse lights. First, let's find out what it's free proper. Just like what I said earlier is presentation, practice and produce. So let's take a look at presentation. This is the stage where you introduce the key ideas, the language forms or even the keywords port cable Kambli, words in the class. So you have to make sure that in your courses there is the presentations page. And then this is also the stage where we build up the understanding of the context, especially how the language is used in the particular context. We're gonna find this out later on now, in the practice stage, we actually give them some practice or drills to find out whether they have understood the ideas presented in the presentation stage. So that is why we have drills told practice. During this stage, there might be cases that you have to do a lot of repetitively activities just to make sure that the ideas are well up sort. And now we move on to the producers stage in the producer stage way allow the students to use alert language in a more realistic situation. For example, you're teaching them present perfect tense. In the presentation stage, you introduced the language porn along with the context and assuming that they have understood the usage and the context, then you give them practice. And then now what you gonna do? It's for them or Kurdish students to produce what they have blurred by themselves, either by talking to each other or doing some project or having some past based activities . That said, we have to make sure that there is an application of four aspects of communication and these are listening, reading, writing and speaking. And of course, there is free or practice. Now the tea tea tea is another kind of lesson plan structure. Here the students take the test informal quizzes or past based activities at the beginning , and then the teacher evaluates during the class, meaning to say after he or she has gone in the results, he or she will think what is very important to cover, just to make sure that the students will improve after the beaches stage, or to fill in the gaps. And finally, another passport. Cats given to evaluate the understanding of the lesson given during the beach face so either the pp pp or dip repre pro or the TT can be your foundation or your base for your framework. When it comes to designing all my power point classes, make sure that you have a soldier structure of either of beats. Necks approach is the cli l or content and language integrated learning. Here we use English, asked main medium instruction and, of course, students. Textbooks, handouts. Past materials are all written in English. Even academic subjects are taught in English, so they're learning everything in English. And that is the essence off cli l again. This is also useful when it comes to designing your power point classes because if you want to come up with something for eight, if that say some of you are teaching tempers team, then it is very important that you have to understand the concept off the subject matter. For instance, you want to talk about programming. Then we have to make your slides very elaborate, very vivid so that the students can understand the concept. A programming in English? No. Let's talk about the learner centred approach. Learner centred approach is when the course or the curriculum design is targeted to specific group learners. Always ask herself who your students are when you're designing online. Power Point classes also pay attention to the age group, their English level. Probably your creating courses, which are too difficult or do easy. Or perhaps you're adding images which are not suitable for this particular age group. So make sure that your course is your only power. Points are targeted specific learners. Also in this approach, students and take control of the learning. We have to make them do things, not just the featured clocking or giving lecture. Here we act, ask facilitators or guides way, provide them the environment to interact with each other or event, interact with us. Also, in the letter centred approach, we focused on how the students learned by applying the skills or knowledge. It's more on giving them ask based activities or even project based learning. And as they move on to this task as they work together or as they work individually, they will discover some learning points and apply this in the rial lives, which we call it Discovery. Learning the whole essence off learner centred approach is basically learn by doing the thing about how you can design our point slides in a way that is learner centered. This'll life's their show, what the students can do and how they can apply what they learned in a practical situation event. If it's just online now, interaction grouping is also important. Let me show you the three kinds of grouping that we could have either offline or online. First, there is the teacher of the whole class, meaning to say teacher interacts, too the whole class. Next, there's Group two Group here. The interaction ships from teacher to the full class do group the group. There will be more talk time among the groups as they discussed, and there is fair by pair. Pair by pair is a good interaction grouping. If you want to evaluate the students performance on an individual basis because for group Two group, it is gonna be difficult for you, especially online, to monitor their performance. But if you do it pair by pair, then you can find out which person or which is student is performing and which is do that needs to have further improvement. So these are the three kinds of groupings. And again, this is very important when it comes to designing your power point classes because you need to find out whether this particular activity that you put on this slide this work. He took the whole class four nearby here. 8. Design Learning and Design Samples: Now we have learned some of the principles and we're going to apply these principles in designing online Power point horses. First, we're going to take a look at a lower point class. I'm not going to show you the entire power point, but I'm just gonna give an idea on how I designed this particular lesson about numbers. And here I used Nat Geo, our world, the empty pot boots and the students are 6 to 8 years old. Okay, First, let's take a look at the present patients light again. Take Now The students are 6 to 8 years old, so you could use pictures or images for storytelling. Why want here is for the teachers to tell a story very short story that makes use of the numbers in sentences. Now, when you're using images, you just have to pay attention to the copyright because you don't want to be in trouble or copyright infringement. In this particular slide, I have to make sure that the target language or the skill is presented in the story to move on and help the students understand the context. There are going to be doubly, each questions. This is very helpful for us to check your comprehension and elicit key ideas. For example, how many people are there in the story? Students will say three, and then we helped them form a sentence using the word three. There are three people in the story, so the presentation stage can be really long, depending on how the students understand first the context and then how the language is using the conflicts. So make sure that if you're going to do a storytelling here, first key ideas are presented in your story, and then the images that you put there are actually helpful for the students to understand how to use the language in that particular context. Now let's take a look at another presentation. You can actually add those questions on your power point in the present patients life so the teachers will instantly know what they're going to do. So, upon seeing this, I would think, Oh, I need to ask the students these questions Or are they so there's nothing wrong having all those questions in your slide below that is the picture again. Make your courses make your powerful. It's like straight forward and explicit. Don't make it too hard for teachers to understand what they're supposed to do for the practice activity slides. Here are some of my suggestions filling the blanks matching type multiple choice flashcards for role play. There are so many samples off armor points lights showing this particular kind of activity , so you just have to search it on the Internet. Okay, this is another example off a practice life. See, it's very simple. So here the teacher can just at the students. This is a very good example off doing teacher to hold class interaction. Now let's move on to the production activity slides in the production of sympathy slides. Make sure that there's a lot of interaction going on. You're slight, design allows. The teacher was teaching online to come up with engaging activities like picture description, storytelling, discussion or even debate. So it depends on how you actually designed this. You could probably put a picture there. And then there's an instruction on the other side Ellie needs to do. Now let's take a look at designed for adults. Resigning for kids and designing for adults are totally different. So or low English proficiency learners we have to use pre prop pro. It is going to be difficult for them to use the TT team method. We have to do the presentation practice introduce, make the practice activities easy to begin with, and then production activity should include controlled practice. There should be a controlled practice, followed by fear activities, not just jumping into clear activities. Because here their English proficiency, it's not high enough to move on and become more independent. They still need some guidance. So in your instructions, make sure that on your slide their instructions that will help the teacher guide the students asked. They perform or as the students are poor, the activities and most importantly, please add word graphics. They're still visual learners or high English proficiency learners. You can do T, D T or mixed use control practice at the beginning. That is, when you're doing that, cast or task, stage the 1st 1 and then make sure that there's gonna be less teacher student interaction forwards the middle. Instead, mortgage group and pair activities. As you move on to the second part of the passport test here, make sure on your slides it is clear for the teacher that he or she is just a facilitator. You might want to include some scenario or critical thinking activities in the second part off the passport test. This is very helpful for the students fully utilize what they've learned in the age of stage again having a solely lesson planning structure letter. It is a PP P or T. T. T allows you to continuously move from one activity to another and help the students learn effectively. And for the feature side, you're actually helping them teach. The class is smoothly. Even. There just are tine futures or first time features. Now I'm going to show you some of my power points like samples, and hopefully you can learn something out of this. Unfortunately, these air not downloadable since has copyright from the schools that I work with. So let's take a look at some of the Power point slides samples that I did. So let me start out with the kids. It was training center, and this is a Power Point class on online PowerPoint class I designed for them. I started off with a song and is there prescribed format. I have to start with a song because this is an end of war 5 to 6 years old Bander is the World review Now the thing here is this online class is on extended learning environment. Everything that is covered here has already been part during their offline class. So this is like heart to off the whole lesson. So I have to make sure that it doesn't overlap and at the same time, everything here is something that they have already learned. I did not introduce new ideas here. Otherwise the students who are just five or six years old will be so confused and they will get stock and the teacher will force against up. So I move on with word review. These are the things that they learned here. Then flash answered. This is do that the teacher, teacher, dissident. Then there is the patter review which is actually a group activity and they could do role play here and finally conversation practice, for it has to be a pair work very simple in total. There only this is for angles and their English proficiency level is low and the topic is about holiday. So let's so let's go to the very first light. Okay, here I include that the class objectives and then this is the warm up, slight reviews. Light review is also part off the presentation because here we are establishing their prior knowledge something that they learn or that they knew. Probably they just forgot it, and we're just helping them establish that particular knowledge. So the review goes into the presentation stage, and known is that it is very straightforward, and it's heavy on visuals or graphics. Then there is the introduction of the stand in Spanish. Again, we're still in the presentation stage. So here, there to stand its patterns that are being introduced. I like to and I don't like to is the practice part. Then we move on to the production or produce a stage So this, when they get, extend their knowledge by looking at other contexts such as Valentine's Day or G C, which is actually a Chinese festival. And finally we move on to the freer practice, which holiday do enjoy best. Then there's the rep. Now let's move on to another slide, the last one, and is actually for a high English proficiency level adults. The topic is about branding. My warm up is already a challenging one for them. So I'm using the TT t part here and take note that I also included an answer page because probably some teachers are not familiar with this term, so it's gonna be helpful for them to move on to the next activities with. So I included an answer page here. Then again, it's more unlike asking them about their knowledge and visits the teaching face or the teaching stage where the teacher discusses their explained how AH brand is created and then moving on to the freer practice or another test for task stage. So again, let's take a look at some of the key highlights here. First, I add that Ansar bayt here, which is very important. If you have some activities, make sure to include some as her page, especially if you feel like business do technical, and this is what we call it as critical thinking activity, which is well suited for advanced or high level English learners. 9. Final Wrap Up (C): that concludes the second part of this course, and I hope that this time you have already an idea how to get started creating Power Point classes for teaching yourself online Before I say goodbye and discourse, let me just share my final thoughts first. Teaching online can be really fun if you know what you're doing, and you know how to use these tools to make your classes fun, engaging and, of course, exciting. Second, it's not just about the tools and the power point thistles about your teaching ability. So it is very good that you refine your skills, your teaching skills at the same time, how you communicate your thoughts. Tears do this. And third, if you struggle or you get stuck, please feel free to turn to us. That's why we're here and also research online. Find some groups or find some communities which can inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to become a much better online teacher. So again, thank you so much for watching if you have some questions or if you have some concerns or issues when it comes to teaching online, are creating online power point presentations. Please feel free to drop your questions here and I'll be happy to help. Hope to see you again in the future. Classes have a wonderful day idea. 10. Hyperlinking Slides in PPT: in this video course we're going to learn hyper linking hyper linking is when you link once lied to a nurse lied within the same power point file that you're working on. And this is when we assign action to some objects, which acts like bun, as if you're navigating a Web page. And this is very good when you want to make your power point slides more interactive, and you like to add some excitement onto your presentations. So let's learn how to hyperlink slides in this Power point video tutorial. Let's begin creating hyperlinks on Power Point. It's not really that complicated. Well, we have to do is to assign binds on objects. Now, I have already prepared this power point slides a while ago and you notice that I have here three Aikins and these Aiken such as the umbrella, the sunglasses and be pair of gloves are something that I created on photo shop while the squares here Okay, we're here are on power point. But this one thing that you have to remember all objects here are treated separately. Now, if I am going to group them, for example this one okay, then leak on group. You notice here that when I go to the insert menu and then the link option or the concert hyperlink option is great out Meaning to say that there's no way for me to add a hyperlink here. The same thing goes, if I go over the other way here, insert the action settings option is actually great out. So that means I couldn't do anything all to add a link to this object. So I'm gonna do here is I am going to on group it and treat each object separately. Now I am just going to assign an action bind on the object. So I click on this umbrella and then go to the insert menu right here. If I click on the link option, which is insert hyperlink, I choose hyperlink to. Then I have this a scroll down option. Choose this light. Now, if you don't see these options here, you have an alternative way of doing that. So don't worry. We could do it this way and later I will show you the other way. So So again, I click on this umbrella. Okay, right, But it back in place, then go to the link button, which you could see in the insert menu right here with hyperlink. Choose this slide this one. Then it will show me the number or the slight numbers. So I just have to choose. Reach a slight number. I wish to connect or link this umbrella. Aiken too. So that's gonna be slight. Six Jesus 96 Okay, lace out. You may wish not to play sound. It's all up to you. But I want to make it more interactive. So I'm gonna click this one and then choose what kind of sound I want. So let's go for chime then. I want to highlight the object as I click it. So I have to check this one then for the mouse over settings. You don't need to add hyperlink because you only want the action to take place when you collect it. Not when you rolled the mouse over the I can again. You don't need to add hyperlink Action to the mouse over top here. But what I'm gonna do is I'm going to click highlight when mouse over, then review it. Okay, There you go. So I have already assigned on action to this object that will act like a bun in as if I am navigating on a web page. So what I did here was click on the object choose Link option, which can be found in the insert menu over here late, Then click hyperlink to choose its light. And then I chose the slide number that I wish to link this umbrella Aiken to when she is a slight six. Okay, now I'm going to show the other way. Okay, so I'm gonna click on the sunglasses. I can. This time I'm gonna go right on the top. Very go. So the insert option a lonely? The other options here appeared when I rolled the mouse over. No, I'm not quite sure what's gonna look like when you're using windows, because I am using power point on a Mac system. And this is Power Point version 2019. Again, I'm not quite sure if it's gonna appear differently or not. So then again, I have here another insert option, and I say click of that one. I will go to the action settings over here. Action settings. As a matter of fact, you can also choose some buttons prepared by power point so you could go through this. But then again, these are just objects. For instance, if I click right here, then it will ask me to assign on action. So once you choose that particular option, that's like this one over right here. Insert action buttons. It will give you some prepared buttons and only have produced a sign actions on it. But this time I did the bottoms myself. I did the Aikens myself, and I want to assign actions in it. So let's go back and hit the sunglasses. I can just insert action settings. That is where you're going to assign the action. Then the same thing. Choose hyperlink to go over dislike game. Now let's choose which is slide. That's gonna be slide number five. OK, lay sound mouse over. There you go, then the same thing we're gonna do to the spare of gloves. I can insert action settings proper linked to choose the slide number. That's gonna be slight. Number seven. Okay, All right. So I have already assigned actions that will link to their respective slides, and all I have to do is to copy these and based it on the other slights. Very. You go. All right, Now, these are the slight dancers. So I'm for aiding a multiple choice slide here. And I'm going to demonstrate how I'm gonna use the actions here or the icons that you see on the right side. Okay, let's go to the answer page. Now I want to assign this button to the very first life, which is just like number one. So you know how to do it, right? Click on this one. Insert action settings. Hyperlink to versus light. It's just the same when you go through this one. Yes, it's the first light. Okay, save it Lumps. Before I say Mitt, I want to copy this one. And then based on the other answer slides. Okay, man, save now we're going to test the buttons. Let's play. No, let's say I'm asking. The students want to beware on a sunny day and say, Once do then use the umbrella. Whoops. It jumps right to this page. Then I explained that we take an umbrella on a rainy day, not in the sunny day. Then let's go hit. Let's try again. Obviously, it's going to go back to the very first light if the sunglasses. So again, I'm gonna ask a question. Right? So what do we wear on a sunny day than we hit the sunglasses? I can. Oh, yeah. We wear sunglasses on a sunny day. Let's try again. Then it jumps back to the first slide. So let's see how it works for the other one. Okay, Black, Back, back, back. Okay. On a rainy day. There you go. So is, isn't it now, one more thing that you might want to look into is this gal. It's clean or highlight this one. Go to insert action settings. Now, as you look at the other options here, you will see that you can actually link this object to a Web page. Let's say you want to link it to W W dot linked in dot com, for instance, and it went up, and once you click that button, it goes to the Lincoln Page. Or you might also want to link into another power point presentation. But remember, if you're going to link it to another power point president, they should make sure that the other Power point file is within the same folder or the same storage. OKay, so that's all about Linking slides in Power Point recalling hyper linking I hope that you get to learn something more fun year, and you can add more excitement to your all night presentations or even online.