Teach Art To Others | David Miller | Skillshare
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8 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro to Teaching Art To Others

    • 2. Pleasure of the Process

    • 3. Rationale

    • 4. Historical Prescedent

    • 5. Materials

    • 6. Class Structure

    • 7. Evaluation

    • 8. Project


About This Class

I've been both a working artist and educator in the 10+ years since graduating art school, and it's a wonderfully symbiotic relationship- helping others learn about your passions makes the world brighter, your own art better, and can help a non-commercial artist survive in their field.  In Teach Art To OthersI'll teach you what tools I believe are essential for creating your own classes involving any medium of art, be it visual or audio or motion. 

We cover:

  • how to get students passionate about your subject

  • tying in historical precedent,

  • getting the right materials

  • creating a class structure

  • and evaluating student's work

Whether you are teaching art online or in person, this course covers the basics on how to design a course that meets your students' needs!